The Most Fortunate People Blessed With Easter Eggs in Real Life

It’s one thing to go about your life by appreciating every moment that you are alive on this beautiful planet. It’s a whole other thing to go about eyes looking at everything with the child-like wonder of a five-year-old. Children tend to believe in miracles, and perhaps that’s the reason they turn out to be so lucky in finding little Easter eggs wherever they go!


What if we, as adults, kept the child in us alive and went about our lives with our eyes peeled for hidden Easter eggs in our daily life? Life would definitely take a surprising and unexpected turn for us. But as these people on our list can attest, these Easter eggs can only serve to bring a huge smile to your face. If you need the inspiration to start looking for the Easter eggs hidden in your own life, take a look at these lucky people who were able to find some peculiar yet heart-warming Easter eggs in some unexpected places!

Beetle in the Haystack

The word “beetles” brings up so many associations in one’s mind. Some may think of the creepy-crawlies and shudder a little bit. Some others may think of the iconic band and go down a road of nostalgia. Yet others might be forced to recall the free-spirited and popular Volkswagen car.

Source: Twitter

The creator of this exhibit thought that it might be amusing to place a Beetle car in a sea of beetles. The person who took this photo must have had some sharp eyes indeed, to be able to notice this!

Only Dark Humored Clothes for Me

The tag on this sweater started like pretty much every other tag on every other piece of clothing you might encounter. Until… you read further and the instructions take a dark turn. We’re not entirely sure whether we should be laughing or crying that this sweater seems to have had us figured out.

Source: Reddit

Thanks, dark-humored sweater tag! We’ll try to follow your instructions to the t, but we can’t promise anything!

Life Is a Roller-Coaster

People who have been walking down this street at all times must have been wondering what exactly this little silhouette in the middle of the street meant. Lucky for this person who captured this photo, they happened to walk by at just the right moment for the silhouette to make sense.

Source: Reddit

This silhouette is transformed into a roller-coaster when combined with the shadow of the railing at a particular time of the day. What a great reminder that life is a roller-coaster and that you just need to wait for the right time to witness the miracles of life!

Story-Telling Plastic Bottle

All plastic bottles are pretty much the same – bad for the environment. This one, however, comes with a snarky little message that forces you to care for the environment. With an end goal as noble as the environment, can we really knock the methods that this company has adopted?


To be honest, this is a really clever and insightful way of getting people to be more aware of recycling benefits. If for nothing else, people might chuck this bottle into a recycling bin just because the bottle gave them a good, long chuckle!

Beware, Dear Readers!

Readers usually find notes of dedication at the beginning of a book. Or perhaps a foreword that acts as an introduction to the book. Not in a million years would you expect to find a warning at the beginning of the book.

Source: Pinterest

The book’s author warns readers not to be alarmed because the book starts on Page 149. He wants to reassure the readers that this is not a mistake but a very intentional writing technique. Ingenious, indeed!

Do the Hokey-Pokey on a Rug

Who would have ever expected such a hilarious message to be written at the bottom of a rug? Most people generally wouldn’t turn over a rug to see the tag. However, this person did and happened to find the quirkiest message ever!

Source: Reddit

We weren’t ready to do the hokey-pokey until now, but this rug has got us up on our feet. Next time onwards, we’ll be sure to turn up all the mats in the house to see what they have to say!

Message to Save the Day

We all know the frustration that comes with opening a bag of chips or cereal upside down. It’s not as if the chips or cereal will go bad because we opened it upside down, though. It’s just the perfectionist in us that gets ticked off when we do this.

Source: Reddit

Doing this, however, with a bag of coffee beans might do more harm than it would for a bag of chips. Since the coffee beans might actually go bad, this handy little message by the company comes to the rescue!

Rickroll Makes a Come-Back

The rickroll is an evergreen prank that took the internet by storm in the late 2000s. The prank involved “rickrolling” people by sending them videos or images with the hidden hyperlink to Rick Astley’s famous song, “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Source: Twitter

This person who wrote this physics paper has taken rickrolling to a whole new level. If you read the first word of each line of the paper, you will realize what he has done. Reader, consider yourself rickrolled!

Bust Out the UV Light

Who would have ever guessed that Canada was such a fun and whimsical country? One look at these passport images, and you’ll realize that if the passports are this cool, then the country must be a hundred times cooler.


While these passports don’t look like much in normal light, they take an entirely different look under UV light. It almost looks like a rave party on paper! Way to go, Canada.

Pacman in the Ventilator

If you don’t look carefully at this ventilator, you might just miss the most ingenious trick a sheet technician has ever pulled. Did you see it? That’s right! It’s Ms. Pacman, and she’s closely followed by a few ghosts that are out to gobble her up.

Source: Pinterest

We really must appreciate the close attention that this person has paid to their ventilator. Or should we? Either way, this Easter Egg is a cause for grins all around. How many characters did you spot? Hint: there’s more than four!

Daily Positive Affirmation, Check!

“You’ve got this, mama” is probably something a new mother would tell herself as she wakes up to look at herself in the mirror. Who would have imagined that she would find this daily affirmation from none other than… her sweater!

Source: Reddit

Hats off to this company for spreading some positivity in this world. It’s such a simple yet powerful message that we can’t help but think that this was perhaps one of the best Easter eggs this woman could have ever found!

The Face Behind the Clothes

Have you ever stopped to think about who actually sewed the shirt that you just bought? Well, if you’re anything like us, you most likely have never given a second thought to the person who was responsible for your shirt.

Source: Reddit

Sure, some companies roll out shirts by the hundreds every day. But some people make this a reality, and Piedad, the expert piñata maker, is one such person. We’re glad to have had our eyes opened!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

This company sends products in intelligent boxes. No, we don’t mean that these boxes can think and speak, but they can certainly deliver a message. And the message is a powerful one indeed.

Source: Reddit

This box tells people to reuse or recycle the box in the cleverest way possible. People are sure to appreciate a great sense of humor, which is perhaps what this company was counting on to help them do the right thing. And did you notice the hashtag? A true Easter egg indeed.

Message in a Baguette

This company decided to use its usual customer queries to run a fun little marketing campaign. They attached a simple instructions sheet on what to do with stale baguette, and the tips are all honestly excellent tips to know if you are a baguette-lover.


What had we rolling on the floor laughing, however, was Step no. 4. Yes, a 4-day old baguette is definitely rock-hard, and this company was not afraid to own up to it. In fact, they even had the cheek to suggest us to add it to our rock-collection!

A Shameful Can of Beer

How many times have you sat at a restaurant and mindlessly tore off the label on a beer can that’s sitting in front of you? For some strange reason, this is so satisfying, especially when you can get the label off in one go.

Source: Pinterest

This can of beer, however, will call you out on this. It coyly says, “Quit undressing me” when you pull off the label. You might want to think twice before “undressing” labels again.

Reverse Psychology Works, After All

Have you ever been susceptible to the “Big red button” concept? That is, have you ever been tempted to do something simply because you were told not to do it?

Source: Twitter

The truth is, we’re all a little rebellious on the inside. And when we are told not to do something, we feel a stronger desire to turn into a regular rebel. That’s exactly what this company counted on when it wrote down its extremely tongue-in-cheek message for its customers.

Marge Grows Her Hair

The Simpsons is an iconic TV show that pretty much everyone in the world is familiar with. And even if you’re not active fans of the show, you are sure to have caught glimpses of the characters as they have been plastered across garbage bins, poles and walls all across the country.

Source: Reddit

Marge, one of the main characters in the show, is known for her distinctive large blue hair. Someone with a hilarious sense of humor has taken her picture and plastered it beneath these vines growing on a utility pole. All that’s missing is the blue color!

Laundry and Life Instructions

This is not the first time we find life instructions in the same tag as the washing instructions of clothes. This one, however, dedicates an entire section to “Life instructions,” as it rightfully says, “Lawyer up, delete Facebook and hit the gym.”

Source: Reddit

Our question is… how did the company know the exact solution to our problems? This message was uncanny, to say the least!

It’s the Little Things

Travelling can be very stressful for some people. Packing, getting the right tickets, checking in, finding the right terminal… ah, the list is never-ending. But there might be some pleasant little things that you might have missed in all the hassles of travel.


One look at this Irish passport is enough to make one smile. This passport has been bound together with threads that are of the same color as the Irish flag!

Let’s Play Tag

Tag is one of the most universally played games by pretty much every kid out there. And the best part about playing tag was when you finally caught hold of someone else, only to yell out, “Tag, you’re it!”

Source: Pinterest

This shirt company has made clever use of word-play to use those very words on the shirt’s tag that this person has bought. So… now that we’re “it,” what exactly do we do?

Plenty of Fish in the Air

How many times have you been to the Seattle Airport? We’re betting, plenty of times. And how many times have you stopped to tie up your shoelaces, only to be greeted with a fish hurrying towards his destination with a suitcase in his hands? We’re betting, zero.

Source: Reddit

This little Easter egg is definitely a delight to find, primarily because of its quirky nature. It almost makes us want to ask, “Where are you off to?” to the little fish.

Down to the Last Detail

All of NASA’s projects are planned right down to the last detail, and so is this Lego version of Saturn V. If you look closely, you will notice that there are 1969 pieces to this Lego set. Kind of an odd number, don’t you think?

Source: Twitter

Well, not really. Space enthusiasts will recall that humans first landed on the moon in the year 1969. This was a really brilliant way of paying tribute by Lego.

Tips for Pet Parents

Ah, no one knows the pain of baths as pet parents do. It really does seem like those beloved pets of ours get some extra doggo strength when he/she is taken for a bath. And this pet shampoo company seems to understand this all too well!

Source: Reddit

With a cheeky little message hidden inside the shampoo bottle’s instructions label, this company has forever endeared itself to us.

Upcycling Is the New “In”

Snail mail is a thing of the past, or so we thought. The truth is, several things in this world still come to us wrapped up in envelopes. True, they may be a waste of paper, but not when they come packed with delightful little messages such as this.


The inside of this particular envelope shows how one can use this envelope as an upcycled paper plane. It’s time to play!

Clever Little Publishing House

Books are fun, no doubt, but who would have ever thought that the covers of books could be fun too? This publishing house knows because they seem to understand that people do judge books by their cover.

Source: Pinterest

As such, they have packed the cover of these books with hilarious messages such as “This book might contain big words which might cause choking.”

Honoring the Right People

Home Brand ice-cream might just become famous for this sweet little gesture that they have shown one of their employees who retired after 53 long years working at the company.

Source: Twitter

When you flip an ice cream over to see the expiry date, you don’t usually expect to see messages for retired company employees on there. But this one sure made us smile. Have a good retirement, Phyllis!

Land of the Lilliputs

At first glance, this picture looks like a birds-eye view of a town, doesn’t it? A closer look, however, will start to make you feel like Gulliver in the land of the Lilliputs. This is actually a great piece of art, and we must appreciate the skills of the artist.

Source: Reddit

The level of detail that went into this piece of graffiti is astounding. It’s no wonder, therefore, that we mistook this little town for an actual town in real life!

An Ancient Sense of Humor

Whenever you visit an old work of architecture that is hundreds of years old, the last thing you would expect is a prank… played on you by the ancient architect.

Source: Reddit

The stairs that were built right outside the Abbey of Sainte Foy are a testament to the fact that the people that lived centuries ago were also human. And that they also enjoyed a quirky sense of humor!

Never Going to Forget

There’s a reason that they call a dog a man’s best friend. Dogs are incredibly loving and faithful creatures that will go anywhere with you, even to the grave.


This tombstone has a beautiful little silhouette of a bulldog on it. Perhaps this was a pet parent who owned a lovely bulldog that is sure to never forget him/her. At least we can take some comfort in the fact that they are reunited now!

The Devil Is in the Details

20th Century Fox is one of those film-production companies that is such a household name now that no one ever pays too much attention to it. But it turns out that this company is actually quite futuristic when it comes to its logo!

Source: Pinterest

If you look closely at the DVDs of “Futurama,” you will notice that the logo of this company actually says “30th Century Fox” instead of “20th Century Fox.”

The Solar System on Earth

The Globe in Stockholm is home to Sweden’s National Hockey Arena. This particular arena has been built in a globe’s shape, but very few people know that several other statues are strewn about in Sweden exactly like this.

Source: Reddit

In fact, all of these artistic wonders put together represent the solar system itself, with the Globe representing the Sun. Who knew?

Most Anticipated Expiration Date

2020 was a monumental year for all of us. But 2020 is also perhaps a year that none of us ever want to revisit. The whole world celebrated as the year came to a close, and we welcomed 2021 with open arms.

Source: Twitter

This milk company knows what’s up, as they have printed our exact sentiments on this bottle of dairy. Buh-bye 2020, we hope never to see you again!

A Jeep Way of Life

Jeep owners will relate when we say that having a jeep is not just owning a vehicle. It’s a way of life that all jeep owners strangely get inducted into the minute they purchase a jeep.

Source: Reddit

For instance, you might have noticed that jeep owners never honk at each other. Here’s another jeep code that was figured out recently. Apparently, the jeep’s footrest reads, “sand, snow, rivers, rocks” in Morse code!

Mini Marvels in London

An artist by the name of Slinkachu makes tiny installations of beloved superheroes such as Antman and the Wasp and leaves them all around London for people to see… or maybe not, since they’re so small that they’re challenging to spot!


Well, these mini marvels are enough to remind us of the size of these superheroes, which we might sometimes forget in the magnitude of the movies.

Purr-fect Marketing Gimmick

This company that sells milk sure knows how to get people to buy more than one carton of milk at a time. It has simply put together several pieces of an adorable cat on different cartons, so customers have to have at least three cartons at a time to complete the piece!

Source: Pinterest

Even though we know that this is just a marketing trick by the company, we can’t help but wish to buy all three of these cartons to complete the picture!

How Long Is It Again?

When you get a piece of cable, you usually look to see how long the cable is to meet your requirements well. You would be expecting the length of the cable to be written in usual units of measurement, such as meters or inches.

Source: Twitter

However, what you least expect is the length of the cable to be written in the wingspan of a large pterodactyl from the Mesozoic period.

A Gargoyle to Match the Times

When ancient buildings are being restored, there are actually contractors hired to refurbish gargoyles. And it looks like the contractor that worked on Scotland’s Paisley Abbey went a little wild in his/her imagination.

Source: Reddit

This gargoyle has been turned into a creepy extra-terrestrial creature that looks nothing like ancient gargoyles did. Times are changing, and so are gargoyles!

Light up the House

This guy is so clever that we’re afraid there’s a strobe going on because of this fantastic physical QR code that he’s created in his bedroom. When scanned, this QR code lights up the lamp next to it.

Source: Reddit

Are you giving it a go? Well, even if you’re not, there’s no telling how many people this guy has tricked into scanning the code. We bet all these Zoom calls have only one topic of conversation, and there are no prizes to guess what it is!

An Auspicious Moment for the Ages

Veteran’s day is celebrated on November 11th every year. And you know what they say about the number 11/11. It’s an auspicious moment, so you need to make a wish.


The Five Armed Services Pillars in Arizona has some pillars that project a very special image on the ground on November 11th at 11:11 am. The rays of the sunshine that passes through the pillars actually create an image of the Great Seal of the United States.

Let’s Get Scientific!

Learning the scientific names of various flora can definitely be a pain, but we know what can make it better. A great sense of humor! This person has given the common utility pole a scientific name.

Source: Pinterest

“Polus utilitatis” is what it’s called. Not only is it amusing, but the polus utilitatis actually has some amazing properties. For instance, it resembles the bark of a tree and stays brown all year round!

Mouse in the House

There you are, casually browsing for a leash for your pet on a relaxed Sunday, when you suddenly happen upon a case of vandalism. But wait, is it really vandalism if America’s favorite rodent is staring out at you from a hole?

Source: Twitter

There’s Jerry, smiling at you from the wall. So now the only question that’s remaining is, “Are you going to go looking for Tom, or what?”

Larger Than Life Legos

This is a bridge built for cyclists and pedestrians in a town called Wuppertal, Germany. This bridge adds a huge splash of color across the city, as some skilled artist has painted this piece of architecture in bright Lego colors.

Source: Reddit

This bridge actually looks like larger-than-life Legos. We’re not too sure if pedestrians will actually want to walk on this bridge, it looks way too painful!

Mother Nature Seems to Be Happy

The Oregon Coast range turns a beautiful orange every fall. But we’re not entirely sure if this happens every single time or whether this was the work of man or Mother Nature.

Source: Reddit

But this perfectly shaped smiley that you can see from an aerial view of the forest range is actually pretty nifty. The wide smile makes us think that this is a brilliant Easter egg to find. Mother Nature never disappoints.

I’m Going on an Adventure!

The Lord of the Rings fans will be thrilled about this little Easter egg (no pun intended) of a door to a hobbit home in a college dorm. This little door actually says “B. Baggins.”


If B. Baggins or even his namesake lives there, we wonder what he’s up to all day—probably doing typical hobbit activities such as having several breakfasts in a day, defeating trolls, and slaying dragons.

Creativity and Luck Go Hand in Hand

Ever heard of the saying, creative people are lucky people? Well, this saying might not actually exist in real life, but it just might become a popular saying after this little Easter egg that this person found.

Source: Pinterest

This company capitalized on the 10% of people who are “creative” who open the box upside down and decided to offer them a 10% discount on their next purchase. Talk about clever marketing tactics!

Harmony and World Peace

Figuring out the meaning behind a song enriches the musical experience for every listener. This is why most people try to glean out the hidden messages, or “Easter eggs,” if you may, behind every song by their favorite artists.

Source: Twitter

But this audio device is here to enrich the musical experience of the listener in an entirely different manner. All it wishes is for the music that passes through it to bring peace to the listener. A calming message indeed.

Stay Humble, Stay Funny

The label on this box of balls is very upfront about its achievements. Or should we say non-achievements? This shiny silver sticker seems to be very proud that this product has won absolutely no awards.

Source: Reddit

And the company doesn’t care! Of course, with such clever marketing gimmicks, there is no need to care about awards.

Believe It or Not!

Did you know that if you looked up Ripley’s Believe It Or Not aquariums worldwide, then you can see some sea creatures swimming around on top of the image?

Source: Reddit

There are actually three Ripley’s aquariums located in Tennessee, Canada, and South Carolina each. The question, of course, is whether all three of these aquariums appear with sharks on the roof, or is it only the one that’s in the picture?

Don’t Be an Angry Cookie

Do you remember those Eat ‘n Park cookies that come with icing and different colored smiles on top? They were delicious, and the smile on the cookies brightened up our day. These cookies, however, are a cause for an alarm.


One look at this angry cookie will have you wondering what happened to the person who put this cookie together. Probably a bad day at work!

A Mixed-Breed Toy

Here’s a clever little surprise that’s been hidden inside your dog’s toy. Everybody knows that dogs love chewing up their toys. But what they don’t know is that this company has capitalized on this to surprise you with a couple of eggs that were hidden inside!

Source: Pinterest

The platypus, usually known as a cross between a duck and a beaver, splits open to reveal the eggs of a duck and a beaver. Forget about finding Easter eggs, this person has found some real eggs in his dog’s toy!