The Price Social Media Forces Parents to Pay

Parents can be tricky to deal with, and we can only deduce that they find it equally as tricky to deal with their kids as well. However, some children take it upon themselves to right whatever wrongs they felt their parents had done them.

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Trust kids, though; they fight back in the only way they know how to; via social media. The context is mostly missing, but there are more than a few examples of kids (and some strangers) publicly shaming their parents. Read on and be amazed.

When She Just Doesn’t Get It…or Does She?

This is the hilarious short tale of a mom that deserves a degree in trolling. The reason for her actions is unknown, but when this mother asked her daughter when she’d be getting back and received a simple response, it triggered an unusual reaction.

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Rather than take the simple response, mom asks the same question three more times for a bit of drama. Well, we can’t blame the daughter for blurting out an emphatic “STOP,” but mom had the final laugh here.

Waaaay Too Health-Conscious

Parents want their kids to be in peak health, but sometimes they might take things a little too far. This daughter had to drag her mom out on Twitter for digging through her trash.

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This overbearing mom crashed her daughter’s trash to know how healthy her diet is. The best part of this is that the daughter doesn’t even live with her mom. Her mother made the commute from her home to her daughters just to ensure she’s eating right.

What’s Worse Than a Forgetful Mommy?

It isn’t much fun when friends leave you behind, but it hits even harder when a parent does it. That’s how this daughter felt when her mom replied to a location check by telling her that she was on her way from Wal-Mart.

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One slight problem, though; her mom brought her to Wal-Mart with her. How do you manage to forget a child at the store? If you ever achieve this, you deserve a little online popularity as well.

Keep the Explorations Offline Next Time

School is fun, partly because you are away from your parents most of the time and majorly because that’s where most of our teenage and early adult evolutions take place. However, when your evolution involves teasing a lover, keep it offline.

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This daughter didn’t get the memo, though. Otherwise, how did a revealing photo meant for a lover find its way onto daddy’s cell? We can’t blame dad for being angry though, and school should have taught her that Zaddy is a better contact name for such a person.

Her Expectations Took an Even Bigger Hit

This mom hoped to get some support from fellow parents when her daughter disappointed her by getting 93% on a test. You read that right; punishment for a 93% score on a test.

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She got the reaction she deserved, though but not the one she expected. A particularly savage reply, telling mom “having her as a parent was punishment enough,” was precisely what she needed to see. It’s okay to want the best for your kids but being overbearing is a no-no.

Hello, My Daughter Isn’t in Bed

We get that there must be no liberties taken with ensuring the security of our kids, but this mother took things a little too far. Her daughter wasn’t in bed during the middle of the night, and mom decided to call the cops first.

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Well, the cops arrived to discover that the “missing” daughter was downstairs helping herself to some midnight cereal. The fact that she hadn’t snuck out must have been embarrassing, but here’s the punch line; this daughter was 22 years old.

How Would You Like New Names?

Imagine if your parent told you that the time has come for you to have a new name. That’s what these two kids found out in a message from their mom, saying that she wanted them renamed after her two favorite trees.

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This was most definitely a joke, but the reaction from the second kid was just wondrous. While the first seemed civil and inquisitive, the other threw a little tantrum at the idea and made an even more epic announcement.

It’s All Your Fault Mom

This is one of the funniest of the bunch. This young man had received a lot of attention from his parents for his perceived morning sicknesses back in his youth. They even questioned whether he was on drugs.

Source: Pixabay

Well, time for some enlightenment; this loving and rightly irate son had to call out his parents on Twitter for serving him milk every morning, even though he was lactose intolerant. Should we call this forgetfulness or just plain ignorance?

A Little Privacy Is Necessary

A fascinating post from a young man, accompanied by pictures, shows a phone smashed with an axe. That’s what the man got for refusing to give his dad access to the phone and his texts with a girl.

Source: Reddit

Trust today’s young people to hit back; the post was to inform the dad and the rest of the world that he was now living with the girl from the texts. We can deduce that the relationship with his dad is not as good.

You Should Not Use That Excuse

There’s a common theme from some people who misuse power; they claim that they hadn’t done as much damage as was done to them when they occupied your position. Parents use this justification just as well as anyone wielding power over others.

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This lady on Twitter was not taking it and she called out all parents using how their parents treated them as justification for doing some tricky things. She has a point; what happened to two wrongs not making a right?

Please, My Mom Sold My Snake

When they say parents teach children how to love, the lessons do not extend to loving your pet snakes. This daughter learned it the hard way when she got back home to find that her mom had sold her pet snake online.

Source: Reddit

She immediately used FaceBook in her fight back, attaching a picture of her and her snake for friends to help her locate the reptile. It seems like mom didn’t want snakes around her kid but had no problem doing some slithering around to achieve that.

A Little Patience Would Do

Not all the lessons of patience being a virtue apply to this dad, by the looks of things. The father texted his son, looking to find out when he should go pick him up. Twenty minutes of no reply prompted another text.

Photo by NeONBRAND, Unsplash / Source: Reddit

However, five minutes later, the father lost it and threatened to drive down right then and pull his son out of class. Maybe dad was having a rough day, but where did all the complaints about kids spending too much time on phones go?

The Other Side of the Lessons

This is one of those accurate social media posts that are both troubling and relatable. It touches on how strict parents always assume that their lessons and actions train their kids to behave better.

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On the flip side, their lessons teach their kids how to listen for footsteps, feign seriousness, manipulation and the art of creating quick lies. Those are some important lessons to get by in life, but where’s the lie in this Twitter post.

Your Emergency Can Wait a Little

It’s hard to know the whole story or just what happened, but the kid’s perspective doesn’t help the mom’s case. The kid was injured, and the mom decided to do something quite surprising.

Source: Imgur

While this kid might think his situation is an emergency, his mom doesn’t and would rather chat with a neighbor first than take her child to the emergency room immediately. This isn’t funny, and we can only hope the whole truth is different.

Why Are You Tracking Me?

Back to balancing security and privacy. It is clear that parents want the best for their kids, and going astray isn’t on their list of accomplishments, but a little trust is needed if your kid is to develop right.

Photo by Jamie Street/Unsplash

This dad wasn’t buying that though, and after interrogating his son about his whereabouts and receiving good enough replies, he decided to take offense to the fact that his son had turned off his location. There has to be a line.

Your Chores and ‘Payments’ are Late

Depending on the financial situation in a household and the age of a child, they might be required to play their part in ensuring the family’s welfare. However, this conversation takes this to the extreme.

Photo by Annie Spratt/Unsplash

The picture painted by this chat shows a subdued kid and a strict parent. While the correspondence is interesting to digest, it is all a little unsettling. Kids are kids, and this might be taking accountability too far.

“You Should Have a Lot of Money”

Depending on the child’s age, it might not be odd to see a parent ask their offspring for money, but this chat between mother and son is hilarious. The mom asks for a loan to help her and her husband pay for a car.

Photo by Annie Spratt/Unsplash

The best part comes when the son claims not to have as much as they need, and she scolds him for spending, saying he should have a lot of money. Cheers to this mom!

An Honest but Funny Mistake

Parents should recognize that they belong to a different generation from their kids. If they come across any terminology online that they do not understand, a simple question should suffice. Doing this would have saved this mother some embarrassment.

Photo by Caroline Attwood/Unsplash

This mom texted her son that his great aunt had died and ended the text with a LOL. She assumed “LOL” to mean “lots of love” and sent the same message to other family members. This should qualify as dark humor.

Clean-Up or Starve

At one point in their childhood, all kids would be guilty of not cleaning up their rooms. While some of them might clean up with little fuss, others may adopt a more annoying attitude. This kid must have belonged to the latter group.

Source: Pixabay

Before leaving for the weekend, mom decides that this kid should go for a treasure hunt…in his disgusting room. She claims she has left $100 for food, but the room needs cleaning to find it. Interesting tactic, but I think she’s lying.

He Tried to Fight Me

Some of us should be able to relate to this. Mom looks to score a hit, you block it, and what follows are claims that you’re trying to pick a fight with her. Mine was always humorous, and I hope that these guys are too.

Photo by Brooke Lark/Unsplash

Our situations are very similar but his happened on only one occasion. After blocking the hit, his mom informed the whole family that he tried to fight her. On a serious note though, say no to domestic violence.

“You Don’t Run the Google?”

This good one shows how far apart we are from our parents technologically. This is the case with this mom who pleads with her son to stop changing the Google logo. She goes on to claim that she likes the original one.

Photo by Niclas Illg/Unsplash

Like a true gentleman, her son respectfully informs her that Google changes the logo and not him. She then asks how they can do that on her computer, and she’s confused because she has always thought that he ran Google.

Moms Shouldn’t Be So Savage

If this weren’t simply plain old meanness on the part of the mum, I’d love to spend some time with them both; this mom must have a great sense of humor. Here is a chat between her and her son, where she asks him if he has any plans for the night.

Photo by Sincerely Media/Unsplash

The poor guy must have thought it a harmless question, for he replied with a simple no. What followed was a very savage “loser.” This should have brought a smile to both faces, but what a savage mom.

I Didn’t Mean That

I’m going to assume that when this chat happened, deleting chats wasn’t a thing because this is one mom would be embarrassed to see this again. However, how could she have known that informing her son she had packed his lunch could go so wrong?

Photo by Latrach Med Jamil/Unsplash

After informing him of the lunch, she told him to avoid shaking his d**k, or it could explode everywhere. Don’t be dismayed, it was a mistake and she meant to say drink because it was carbonated.

Did You Like Your Dinner?

We can peg the humor from this chat down to intergenerational misunderstandings as well. Regardless, parents would do well to ensure that their kids have some chance at success before passing cooking duties over to them.

Source: Reddit

Mom texted her son about the dinner he had seemingly made and followed it up with some fire emojis. The son misunderstood the message, thinking the dinner went down well, but one look at the picture above should show what she truly meant.

Do You Know What That Means?

This was the question that a daughter asked her mom after she used “YOLO” in a text. I just have to say it, moms make the best victims for some of these misunderstandings. They just seem to try so hard to be hip; they are bound to make these mistakes.

Photo by Adam Stefanca/Unsplash

This daughter found out that her mom had just bought a new car and wondered if she could afford it, hence the YOLO reply. The only problem is that mom didn’t even know what YOLO meant, but thankfully, she used it correctly.

What’s Going on Here?

I hope you have more luck making sense of this than I did, but I’m sure that even if you don’t completely get it, you’d still find this exchange hilarious. Fit mom doesn’t want any disturbances while on the treadmill, and she lets her daughter know this via text.

Source: Pixabay

Perfect setup for a savage reply from the daughter, and she follows through spectacularly. To the text, the daughter responded that she wasn’t planning on texting her mom; ouch. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Devil’s Already at Your House

Here comes another hilarious mom with the impossible to ignore mix of protectiveness and superstition. This mom just found out that her son played with some Yu-Gi-Oh cards while at a friend’s place and, fearing demonic possession, went into super mom mode.

Photo by Markus Spiske/Unsplash

She instantly texted the friend’s older brother and scolded him, informing him that the “devil lives inside those cards.” Well, he had a reply that would have frustrated her, but we can’t help but find it funny. Don’t do Jayden’s mom that way.

From a Haircut to Boot Camp

It would seem that this son went to get a haircut following his dad’s orders, but he didn’t precisely cut it in the way that his dad had hoped. So, following a text from dad asking if he got a short haircut, things went wrong.

Photo by Paul Siewert/Unsplash

The son informed his dad that he got the same haircut that he usually got before; dad told him he did so because he failed to listen. Long story short, this son is going to boot camp.

Hide in Your Closet!

Yet another proof that moms have a better sense of humor than dads do. This kid texted his mom that he feared a thief was in their home, and, like an actual mom that worried for his safety, she directed him to hide in his closet.

Photo by Sophie Dale/Unsplash

The kid went back to feeling safe when the footsteps he had heard disappeared, but he now found that he could get out of the closet. Spoiler alert; mom was the intruder, and she locked her son in the closet for a laugh.

This Would Have Been So Sweet

I can only surmise that either this mom is not on good terms with her daughter, or the daughter doesn’t share her mom’s love for humor. The mom decided that her daughter needed an early morning compliment and texted her.

Photo by Jakob Owens/Unsplash

However, she just couldn’t help but send a little joke along with it. It seems the daughter wasn’t finding it so funny from the response she gave, though. I found it funny, but was the mom funny or was this just mean?

The Joke My Brother Played on Mom

In a text exchange between a mom and her daughter, the mom decided to use an emoticon she thought represented an alien smiley face. In truth, it was an emoticon to represent the male private part. How did mom make such a mistake?

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina/Unsplash

It turns out that her son used this emoticon in texts with his girlfriend, and when she asked what it meant, he gave her the above explanation. Thankfully, her troubled daughter corrected her, but her son did mom dirty.

A Dark but Creative Joke

Here’s a rare dad entry on this list. This dad decided to mess with his daughter a little. The daughter texted her dad from the bathroom to let him know there was a moth outside the bathroom and expected him to be her knight in shining armor.

Photo by Sandy Millar/Unsplash

Instead of coming to her rescue, he played a dark joke informing his tearful daughter that dad was dead courtesy of the moth and she was next. That should have lightened the daughter’s mood …or not.

Yes, Mom, I See It Now

It’s not uncommon to see parents that struggle with modern technology, but this was a funny one. This mom enjoyed the view and wanted her daughter to experience some beauty, so she took a picture and sent it.

Photo by Sonaal Bangera/Unsplash

However, her finger was blocking the lens of the phone camera, and her daughter saw nothing. After correcting her mom twice and failing, the daughter gives up and delivers a beautiful attempt at surrender at the end.

Technology Can Be Confusing

It’s a dad’s turn to make the tech mistake. Christmas is coming, and everyone is in the gift-giving mood, so this dad tries to find out if his kid has gotten his wife anything off her Christmas wish list; the only problem is he sends the text to the family group.

Photo by Kelli McClintock/Unsplash

Rather than simply send a private text when he finds out, dad wants out from the group. He’s confused about what he should do, but we had a good laugh at this anyway.

Say It One More Time Dad

Dads that cook are on an entirely different level and are a whole mood. Imagine the surprise this son felt when his dad texted him that they were having lightly fried fish fillets for dinner…at 1:30 in the morning.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel/Unsplash

The son struggled to come to terms with this, but persistent dad was determined to share his midnight dinner with his son and even revealed that he cooked the meal because he wasn’t too tired to do so. Ewwww, so sweet

Joke Gone Wrong

Ever had a harmless joke go wrong, or at least have you found yourself nervously pulling out of a joke before it has struck its mark. That’s where this dad found himself after making a joke about adopting his son.

Photo by Ante Hamersmit/Unsplash

A while, and no replies later, dad nervously tried to pull out and even tried to get his son to keep the joke from his wife. More time and still no reply, and dad was getting worried, proclaiming that he watched his wife give birth and his son was his!

One Kid Too Many

This mother was hot for some but didn’t want to risk pregnancy, so she tried to remind her husband not to forget the condoms. The wrong move! She ended up texting her son instead.

Photo by Nathaniel Yeo/Unsplash

In the text, though, she claims that they already have too many kids. Well, it turns out they have only one, and he just read that he was one child too many for his parents. Talk about awkward and heartbreaking all at once.

Provided They Are on the Same Page

There’s no problem with jokes between parents and children, provided they are both on the same page. This dad and son exchange is one for the ages, and it all started with the dad notifying his son that dinner was ready.

Photo by Ryan Kwok/Unsplash

The son took it dark, wondering what they had for dinner and whether it would poison him. Lucky for us, dad is no shrinking violet, and he gets a few jabs of his in before the joke runs its course.

She Designed This Setup Herself

Technology and parents do not go together, and this mom is an excellent example of how. Mom was worried that her texts weren’t going through and decided to ‘text’ her daughter about it.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka/Unsplash

The daughter duly responded, informing her mom that they were going through, but she was still skeptical. Mind you, they were communicating via text, so this mom deserves her five minutes of online fame. What else can we say?

What a Cute Mom

Though she falls into the class of parents found guilty of misusing an emoticon, we can give her a pass because she’s just so sweet. This mom wanted to ask her daughter if she wanted ice cream, but ignorance regarding emoticon use stomped her.

Photo by Brooke Lark/Unsplash

However, this innovative mom ended up using a sideways love to represent her ice cream though she didn’t know it. This could be funny to some, but I think it’s just cute.

Mom Is the “Butt” of This Joke

This must have been fun to set up and witness. This mom is having problems with her phone, and she suspects that her daughter had something to do with it. For some reason, every time she tries to type a specific word, it replaces it.

Photo by Juliane Liebermann/Unsplash

She even decides to inquire from her daughter whether this is her doing. As expected, the daughter plays clueless, but if you have a sense of humor, you’d realize from her replies that she’s enjoying this.

Is Twitter Reading This?

Mom is confused, and she’s confusing her son, Andy. In truth, we are confused as well because what is going on here? This mom texted her son to find out who was reading what exactly? From the son’s reply, he is confused.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

It gets worse, though; she thinks Twitter is reading this. I don’t get why she thinks her messages are on Twitter or if she believes that she’s on Twitter, but this is both hilarious and confusing.

Your Mom Knows Better

It’s no secret that parents think they know what’s suitable for their kids, and sometimes that might extend to their relationships or love life as well. This mom took a hilarious approach to interfere in her daughter’s love life.

Photo by Mike Benna/Unsplash

In this chat, she sent her daughter a picture of a guy that she had taken at a dog park. Though the daughter seemed more concerned by whether the guy posed for the photograph, at least she knows why mom goes to the dog park now.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Trying

It doesn’t matter whether you consider it goofy, provided your parent is not overbearing in their efforts or overbearing; any efforts at becoming more technology-inclined has to be cute. The same goes for this mom’s use of text messages.

Photo by Baiq Daling/Unsplash

She texted her daughter with a picture of what dinner would look like and claimed she was trying to be hip. The punch line is they stay in the same house. The daughter’s sarcasm sealed this one for me, though.

Excellent Until It Wasn’t

Moms and their cute attempts at hipness; never disappoint with their fails. This mom must have spent some time figuring out what hashtags meant and how they worked, but her best wasn’t enough for me.

Photo by Jonathan Borba/Unsplash

She was confident, though, excitedly claiming that she was learning how to hashtag, and her son seemed to be excited for her as well. What followed was an epic fail on how to hashtag. Mom has some way to go before bombing social media.

Father’s Day Humor Reversal

A lot of emotions in these texts; they look humorous, but there might also be reasons to be unsettled despite the apparent reasons to smile. In reply to his son’s greeting, this father expresses that he dislikes all his children equally.

Photo by Piron Guillaume/Unsplash

However, the son’s retort raises eyebrows in this case. Are we to take that as a joke or get worried that a child feels this way? I’d say the latter because paying attention to the negatives our kids might be feeling is crucial.

She Wrecked My Car, and Mom Covered It Up

Well, we can’t say the mom didn’t deserve his one. This lady found out that her car underwent a crash makeover while she was away on campus, and she even filed a police report and everything. Trust her loving mom to console her on the issue.

Source: Reddit

Therefore, she could be forgiven for making this post because the person who gave her car its treatment was none other than her sister and her loving mom was there to cover it up with some pseudo-consoling.

A Not So Serious Dad

I have to applaud this dad because he picked a very good topic to trivialize, even in humor. One of the faults we feel parents have is being too overbearing and expectant. This dad is not for that at all.

Photo by Arisa Chattasa/Unsplash

After his son revealed that he was studying, dad called him out for being a nerd and complained that he was ruining his name by not being out drunk with friends. Funny way to lighten the mood!

She Needs More Friends

That was the thought that crossed a father’s mind and found its way onto his phone when his daughter’s presence at home stopped him from having some time alone with his wife. The text was, however, more awkward because of the situation.

Photo by Jason Briscoe/Unsplash

This dad made the mistake of sending this text, meant for his wife, to his daughter and even added the disgusting detail of his wife not needing to pick up condoms, a classic case of a red face from a mistaken text.

What Suffocating Attention Truly Looks Like?

Here is a parent that wants to know what their child is up to all the time and even needs picture evidence to ascertain that lies are not told. If you doubt that I’m telling the truth, look at the time stamp on this series of texts.

Photo by Eric Ward/Unsplash

Yes, that’s a continuous flow of messages. This might not be the daily reality for this particular kid, but you have to agree with me that on a day of such suffocation, this amount of attention would be overwhelming for anyone.

This Is a Thing

Neither a frustrated kid, an amused child, or a concerned stranger put this particular social media post up. The parent herself posted it, and that’s what makes the reasoning behind it suspicious.

Source: Reddit

This mom is worried that she can’t breastfeed her five-year-old child in school. This is a thing, but it is very controversial, and I’m not sure posting online is a reasonable decision. It’s just my take, but such a move would lead to unnecessary mean comments.