Then and Now: Recreating Childhood Photos in Genius Ways

There is nothing like the nostalgic feeling when you start flipping through old family photo albums. It reminds us of a simpler time in life and makes childhood memories flash through our minds. You have probably laughed at outdated hairstyles and the hilarious poses your parents made you do, but have you ever thought of recreating those photos?

a side-by-side recreated childhood photo
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Looking through family photos reminds us how time has flown by and how much has changed in our lives. Instead of letting the photos collect dust in a closet, these people hilariously recreated their old childhood photos, and the results are amazing. You have to appreciate their incredible attention to detail.

Still Best Friends

As we get older, it becomes harder to maintain a busy social life. People go through different stages of life, and friendships that were once important fade into the background of life. However, certain friends will stick with you through thick and thin. Those are the people that you have to cherish.

a side-by-side recreated childhood photo
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These two boys have been best friends since they were little kids. They decided to recreate their hilarious photo 30 years later, which perfectly demonstrates their different personalities. No matter what life has thrown at these two, they have remained friends for three decades. It’s rare to find friends like that.

A Little Bookworm

With her bandaged knees and giant glasses, this little girl didn’t let anything stop her from cracking open a good book. Most children her age were reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar or The Berenstain Bears, but she was ahead of her time. She was reading chapter books before anyone in her class.

a side by side of a girl recreating her childhood photo
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The picture wasn’t hard to recreate now that she’s all grown up. All she had to do was find some band-aids, glasses, and a book. It looks like she dressed up as her younger self for Halloween, even though no one would understand the reference without seeing her childhood picture.

Mom Kept the Costumes

As we grow up, our Halloween costumes change drastically. One year you might want to be a dinosaur, and the next, you ask to be a police officer. Although these boys have grown up, their love for Halloween has remained. Their mom even held onto their childhood costumes.

Three brothers recreating their childhood photo
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The dinosaur costume may no longer fit, but he is still rocking the outfit. Meanwhile, we don’t know what the middle brother was dressing up as, and the third brother didn’t understand cultural appropriation at such a young age. Luckily, they still had the costumes to recreate their memorable photo.

A Day in the Park

As kids, we loved spending time at the local park running around with our friends and siblings. We ran around till our little legs were too tired to climb the jungle gym anymore. These siblings took a walk down memory lane to the park they used to play at as children.

Four siblings recreating their childhood photo
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Back in the day, their parents made them stop playing to pose for a photo, and they recreated it years later. It’s funny to see how much they have changed over the years. Their oldest sister is just as sassy, but the brother in the middle took on an alternative style.

Bring in the Googly Eyes

As kids, we always had googly eyes lying around the house for arts and crafts projects. They make a normal drawing funnier or creepier, depending on how you feel about googly eyes. Instead of using them for arts and crafts, these siblings used them for a funny photo.

Two brothers recreating their childhood photo
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Now that they are all grown up, they realize how scary the original photo was. However, that made it all the more fun to recreate. What other things do these two do to show off their sense of humor? Hopefully, they only used googly eyes for this picture.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

The holidays are a great time for people to get together with their families and create new memories. As children, it is one of the best times of the year because you get presents and have a break from school.

A family recreating their Christmas tree childhood photo

It became a tradition in this family to pose in front of the Christmas tree with one sibling stacked on top of the next. However, now that they are adults, it’s hard to recreate this photo. The youngest sibling, who was once a baby, is no longer as light as he once was.

Birthday Party Fun

Kids’ birthday parties tend to follow the same itinerary: your friends come over, you play games, eat way too much candy and cake, and everyone leaves right before the sugar crash. It was always fun to celebrate when getting older didn’t come with more responsibilities.

Two people recreating their kids’ birthday party photo
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Several years (and birthday parties) later, these siblings created their iconic photo from one of their birthdays. They even found similar outfits to what they wore so that it would be spot on. The commitment to the perfect recreation is commendable.

Some Small Changes

When you were a child, did you ever play house? You may have had a baby doll that you carried everywhere, which was much easier to take care of than a real child. When these siblings were younger, they loved playing with their toys, but things have changed over the years.

Brother and Sister recreating their childhood photo
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The older sibling might have replaced her baby doll for a real baby, but one thing hasn’t changed since the original photo was taken; this brother-sister duo is just as goofy as when they were kids. Adding the baby was much funnier than finding the old toy.

No One’s Going Bald

Pictures like this show how attached people are to their siblings throughout their lives. These brothers are just a few years apart and are still close. While they have grown up and started their own lives, one thing remains the same; they all have full heads of hair.

Three brothers recreating their childhood photo
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Brotherhood is a bond that can’t be broken even if one of them is clearly losing the beard-growing contest. No one ever imagined that the youngest brother would have the biggest beard. At least they don’t have to worry about going bald anytime soon.

Forever and Always Messy

If there is one thing we know about children, it’s that they are usually messy and have something on their faces. Children are messy eaters because they don’t know any better, and sometimes, it results in a hilarious photo like this one.

Two brothers recreating their childhood photo
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These brothers found an old candid photo and couldn’t resist recreating it. One brother was camera-ready, while his sibling was too distracted by the chocolate ice cream to smile. It might be strange for an adult to have chocolate ice cream all over his face, but he did it for the picture.

All Grown Up

Many things have changed since the original photo was taken. For one, the youngest is no longer a baby, and his mom can’t carry him. She gave it her best effort for the photo, but her son is too big to pick up these days.

Mother and her three kids recreating their childhood photo
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Meanwhile, the mom has to look up at her son because he is much taller than he once was. Years have passed since the original picture, but their mom loves them just as much as she did in the original photo.

Some Things Never Change

Children have wild imaginations and can use something as simple as a t-shirt to pretend they are a T-Rex. These silly siblings posed with their T-Rex arms so their mom could remember the funny memory years later. While going through the family albums, they stumbled upon this gem.

Brother and Sister recreating their childhood photo
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It was too hilarious not to recreate, and we are glad these siblings still have their playful sense of humor. Some things never change, including the urge to turn into a T-Rex whenever you wear a t-shirt. Luckily, their T-Rex arms haven’t grown that much.

School Picture Day

Picture day was always fun because we got a new outfit and missed class. These siblings posed for a school picture together, and they look like the younger versions of Molly and Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter. With their red hair and freckles, they fit right in with the Weasleys.

Brother and sister recreating their childhood photo
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The hardest part of recreating this picture was finding the right outfits from the original photo. How often do you find a brown and white striped turtle neck in stores? It looks like his red hair turned blonde as the years passed.

Not So Light Anymore

For anyone with younger siblings, there is a high chance that your parents took pictures of you holding them with a big smile on your face. This pair was no different. When his parents brought his little brother home from the hospital, he couldn’t wait to hold him.

Two brothers recreating their childhood photo
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Their parents cherished this sweet memory, so they decided to remake the photo as adults. The only problem was his younger brother grew too big to hold. Things were much easier when his little brother was only 22 inches long.

Cracking Open a Cold One

Having a beer with your dad is a rite of passage. You wait 21 long years to crack open a cold one, and it’s a special moment to share with your dad. This guy was eager to have a beer with his dad years before he knew what beer was.

Father and son recreating their childhood photo
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Now that he is old enough, he can share a beer with his dad and remember this funny memory that someone caught on camera. This dad showed his son how to drink responsibly: in the backyard with his shirt off.

Where’s the Camera

Trying to take a picture with multiple people is usually a mess. No one is ready at the same time, and one person always thinks they blinked. It’s even harder to get the perfect group photo when kids are involved. This family photo is the perfect example.

A family of eight recreating their childhood photo
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They went to the photo studio to get a family portrait, but no one knew where to look. Either there were multiple cameras, or something more interesting was happening in the other directions. Even though they are all grown up, they still don’t know how to look at the camera.

Family Album Gold

If your parents ever forced you to dress up in certain albums and do a family photoshoot, then you probably have some hilarious pictures stashed away in the albums. Whoever came up with the concept for this sibling photo has a whole vision in mind.

A family recreating their family photo
Source: Imgur

This picture is the perfect example of ‘90s children’s fashion. Luckily, they had a white ladder and the same outfits ready to recreate this amazing picture. They might be all grown up, but they are still down to pose for pictures.

Bath Time Upgrade

As kids, our parents always made us take baths with our siblings because it made their lives easier. Our parents always had the camera on hand to capture those adorable bath time moments. Although we no longer take baths with our siblings, it’s fun to take a walk down memory lane.

Two brothers recreating their childhood photo
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Instead of drinking their bath water, these brothers upgraded their bath time beverage to beer. They said it tastes much better than dirty water with a hint of soap. The brothers still love playing but prefer to drink together instead of sharing a bath.

Too Many Kids in the Bath

It’s pretty common for siblings to have bath time photos in their family albums. You probably have several in your childhood albums. These parents must have wanted to save on water by having all five children bathe at once. It must have saved them plenty of time too.

Four kids recreating their childhood photo
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As you can see, these kids didn’t love sharing the shower with their siblings back then and don’t like it now either. Luckily, they only had to share the bath to recreate the picture. Now they each shower on their own without interruptions.

They Need a Bigger Bucket

Summer was always the best time of the year as children because we didn’t have to go to school and could enjoy fun in the sun. However, if you didn’t have a pool, you had to be creative to beat the heat.

Two brothers recreating their childhood photo
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The brothers were small enough to use buckets as kiddy pools. When they tried to recreate the adorable photo, they had to find much bigger buckets to sit in. Despite the struggle to get in the bucket, they still had fun using their imaginations.

Do We Have to Keep Him?

If you have a younger sibling, you probably didn’t understand you were getting a little brother or sister until the baby came home from the hospital. Suddenly, you go from having all the attention to sharing the spotlight with a crying baby.

Two brothers recreating their childhood photo
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When this boy met his baby brother for the first time, his parents captured the moment. It looked like he was unsure about keeping the baby. He eventually learned to love his younger brother even though he looked ready to pass gas. Maybe that’s why he was making that face.

Bride and Groom Glow Up

As a treat for their guests, the bride and groom found funny pictures from their childhoods to recreate. The pictures perfectly describe their personalities. The bride is just as sassy as she was as a kid, and the groom still takes home special awards.

A bride and a Groom recreating their childhood photo
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It’s an unconventional recreation, but there aren’t rules to remaking childhood photos. These two were adorable children, and these pictures are something they can share with their kids one day. It’s a tradition that can be passed down for many generations.

A Present for Mom

These brothers know how much their mom adores this picture, so they had to recreate it for her birthday. Many things have changed since the original picture, but the brothers still enjoy being silly. Their updated photo looks just like the cover of Step-Brothers.

Two brothers recreating their childhood photo
Source: Facebook

The older brother might have a lot less hair than he once had as a child, but his sense of humor hasn’t changed. Their mom must have been in tears when she saw this picture because she was probably laughing so hard.

The Tables Have Turned

When her older brother graduated from high school, she admired him for achieving an incredible accomplishment. It seemed like it would be years before she graduated too. However, the years flew by, and suddenly, it was her time to shine.

A brother and sister recreating their childhood photo
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To commemorate the momentous occasion, the two recreated their special photo. He was just as proud of his sister as she was of him. It might have been a little harder to hold him, but they found the strength to capture the perfect picture. It was totally worth it!

Still Sassy

Little kids are hilarious without trying. They are like tiny drunk humans who have no filters because they don’t care what people think. This little girl posed in her white t-shirt and dad’s boots with a sassy face, which made her parents crack up.

A girl recreating her childhood photo
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As she grew up, she got her own pair of boots (that fit) and recreated the hilarious picture. It doesn’t have the same effect, but she tried to bring the sass back. It’s a nice way for her family to look back on this precious memory for years to come.

Not a Newborn Anymore

Being a new parent is not easy because you have to adjust to a new sleep schedule with a crying baby. Most new parents are constantly exhausted, so they try to sleep whenever their baby sleeps. This dad took the first opportunity he had to doze off while his son napped.

A father and son recreating their childhood photo
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Fast forward 25 years and his son is no longer a sleepy newborn. Now he is a sleepy adult who still lives at home and eats all their food. It’s too bad his dad can no longer hold him with one arm. It’s adorable to see how much he has grown up.

Santa Hasn’t Changed

No matter how old you are, it’s always exciting to meet Santa and tell him everything you want for Christmas. Whether it’s a toy car, clothes, or a pony, you are never too old to sit on Santa’s lap at your local mall. Ok, maybe there is an age limit for sitting on Santa’s lap.

Four kids recreating their Santa childhood photo
Source: Facebook

These photos are proof that Santa is a magical person. In 1999, the siblings took their annual holiday photo with Saint Nick, and years later, they recreated it. The siblings grew up, but Santa looks exactly the same. Bringing people Christmas cheer must keep him young and glowing.

Updated Family Portrait

It’s always hard to figure out what to buy your parents for holidays unless they give a specific request. When these brothers started brainstorming present ideas, they came across their mom’s favorite picture of them as kids. They knew she would love a new picture of her three sons.

Three brothers recreating their childhood photo
Source: Imgur

Instead of taking a regular picture, they decided to recreate her favorite picture in the same outfits. They went all out by going to a photo studio and sitting in the same poses. Their mom couldn’t believe her sons would do something so silly to make her smile.

A Grown-Up Bottle

This family was always on-trend. You can tell by their floral curtains and the dad’s luscious mustache that were all the rage in the ‘80s. He might have shaved his mustache and removed the outdated curtains, but their love for each other hasn’t faded.

A family recreating their daughter’s childhood photo
Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, their daughter has a great sense of humor and found the perfect way to recreate this classic photo. Instead of a milk bottle, she posed with what we like to call an adult bottle. Wine and milk make you fall asleep, so there’s not much of a difference.

A Nice Family Photo

While many of these recreations are of friends or siblings, we love seeing the whole family get involved. The picture on the left is of a proud dad and his three sons in their Sunday best. It was the perfect picture to recreate because they still lived near the building in the background.

A family recreating their childhood photo outside a church
Source: Imgur

Everything from their clothes to their poses is exactly the same. Their mom probably picked their outfits in the original photo and helped do the same in the second picture. She’s the mastermind behind it all.

Her Favorite Spot

The top of the fridge is usually where parents hide the best treats, so this little girl climbed up there to get the hidden cookies. Before taking her down, they captured a hilarious photo of her caught in the act.

A girl recreating her childhood photo
Source: Imgur

Years later, she is the master of climbing on top of the fridge. Her parents had to find a new spot to hide the candy because climbing got easier as she got older. Maybe she was practicing to become Spider-Woman one day. It looks like she hasn’t achieved that goal yet.

A Lot More Ink and Holes

As a child, this girl had chubby cheeks that made everyone want to squeeze them. She looked so sweet in her teddy bear dress, but now she is all grown up. Although she found an identical dress with the same pattern, many things have changed.

A girl recreating her childhood photo
Source: Facebook

Her sense of style has changed greatly over time. She added lots of ink and piercings, but you can still see the same little girl under it all. She found a unique way to express herself, and her parents loved this tribute to her younger self.

Weather-Proof Siblings

One of the best parts of recreating old photos is seeing how much everyone has grown up. In this case, the two smallest siblings were once the shortest of the group. But as years passed, they grew quite a lot. The one in the red has at least 12 inches on his sisters.

Four kids recreating their childhood photo
Source: Facebook

Although their heights might have changed, they didn’t lose their playful nature. The jackets that were once too big on them now barely fit, which makes this picture even better. No one imagined the brother on the right would be so tall.

A Historical Difference

Some family photos show how much people have grown or how fashion has evolved, but this picture shows how history progressed. In the first picture, the boy posed with the Berlin Wall, which split East and West Germany. In 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, and Germany was reunified.

A kid recreating his childhood photo in front of the Berlin Wall
Source: Imgur

Although the wall is no longer there, this boy returned to the spot of the original photo to recreate it. This recreation is incredible because it shows how much Germany has progressed since the 1980s. He has grown, and so has the city.

Still Confused

The firstborn child is usually more responsible than their younger siblings. They typically have more pressure to do well in school and set an example for their younger siblings. The older sibling also has to take care of their little siblings because they’re a built-in babysitter.

Two brothers recreating their childhood photo
Source: Imgur

Something tells us the dynamic between these two brothers hasn’t changed. The older brother has his life together with his dapper outfit, while his younger brother is still shirtless and confused. They balance each other out in the best way possible.

Still Washing Cars

Some chores don’t seem like chores when you can turn them into fun activities. Washing the car is one of those chores because it can turn into a water fight when your siblings are involved. Although this boy was the only one helping wash the car, he looked like he was having a blast.

A man recreating his childhood photo washing a car
Source: Imgur

Now that he is an adult, he enjoys saving money by washing his car at home. Normally he wears more than a t-shirt and diaper to clean the car, but the outfit was much more breathable than his regular attire. He might make this his signature car-washing outfit.

Mom’s Laundry Nightmare

The first thing we thought of when looking at this photo was how the moms had to do the laundry for these boys. And then we thought about how the grown-up boys must do their own laundry now. A win for the moms!

Four friends recreating their muddy childhood photo
Source: Imgur

Youth is full of sweet moments and memories. What’s even sweeter is that these boys grew up and remained good friends. And kudos to the one that initiated this remake. They may be at a different location, but the sentiment remains the same.

Back to the Future

This photo recreation has an awesome story behind it. Irina Werning is an international photographer and has a popular series called “Back to the Future,” where she helps people recreate their favorite childhood memories. Not only does she shoot the photographs, but she also matches the props, costumes, and locations.

A girl recreating her childhood photo
Source: Imgur

“I go crazy with detail,” she told The Daily Mail. “Every detail, every button, everything. I bought the fabrics making sure they were the right texture and able to create as they do in the picture, and then I make them.”

Overalls Are Out

Overalls with no t-shirt under? Ok, maybe kids can get away with that. But adults wearing overalls with no shirt under is a bit strange. This might be one of the funniest photos on this list. The original was already hilarious, but the recreation with the same outfits and hair is even better.

Two brothers recreating their childhood photo
Source: Imgur

Fun family fact: A study showed that siblings who are between three and seven years old are involved in fights 3.5 times more per hour. The frequency gets even worse with toddlers who reportedly fight every 10 minutes.

Time Machine

This is a wonderful keepsake for siblings to have forever. It makes you want to get your cameras out and snap photos with your brothers and sisters. The best part of this one is seeing all the slight changes in their appearances and personalities.

four siblings recreating their childhood photo over the years
Source: Imgur

This photo and the remake are so moving. They will for sure cherish it forever. Surprisingly, siblings share bad habits. Siblings who don’t have much of an age difference may behave differently compared to their siblings. Younger siblings with a large age gap are more likely to copy their older siblings’ bad behavior.

Hold My Feet!

You give someone an inch, and they take a mile. Is that how the saying goes? The little boy in the back seat knew his feet didn’t smell great, but he didn’t care. His brother and sister didn’t want to say anything at the time.

Three kids recreating their childhood photo inside a car
Source: Imgur

This was a good photo to remake. He still has a mischievous smile. And this time, his brother and sister are even braver because his feet are bigger, hairier, and extra smelly. Let’s hope he clipped his toenails. They might be siblings, but no one likes feet.