There’s Clueless and Then There’s This…

Syntax Error

Let’s be honest, math isn’t the easiest of subjects. You’re either a natural or you’re not. However, this student really did take a situation and run with it towards a total “she didn’t just do that, did she?” territory.

Source: Reddit

Look at the teacher’s face – it’s clear that he even can’t believe his student thinks ‘syntax error’ is an actual answer to a mathematical equation and not an error on the calculator screen. It’s time to go back a grade or two!

Top Marks for Effort

We can’t roll our eyes at this one too much because there is some actual sense in there somewhere. This person is trying to be green and charge their phone with a solar powered battery pack. However, to charge the solar pack, you need some kind of light.

Source: Facebook

That light comes from the flashlight on the phone. Now, correct us if we’re wrong, but doesn’t the flashlight use a huge amount of your battery charger to begin with? Whatever they’re charging, they’re losing anyway!

Keeping it in the Family

It takes some real thought to come up with a great Halloween costume. This couple decided to go in matching costumes to add a little cuteness to the occasion. However, it’s obvious that neither really know that much about Superman and Supergirl.

Source: Twitter

The two are not dating, mainly because they’re related! Marvel fans will know that Supergirl and Superman are family members and not romantic lovers. Maybe they should have done their research first?

Are They Bluffing?

When you see a great deal on a secondhand item, it’s normal to try and offer whatever you can to secure the sale. However, this person was a little too eager. The item was actually sold before the message was sent, so no amount of bartering was going to make a difference!

Source: Facebook

No matter how many times the seller told them the item had already been sold, the potential buyer just kept offering more. They obviously wanted it very bad, but surely there isn’t a shortage of 30” TVs around?

There Really are no Words

We know that if there is a question over a child’s paternity, a DNA test can be taken to give you the answer to who the daddy really is. However, this person seems very confused as to why women don’t do the same thing.

Source: Twitter

The reason? Because if that child grew in their womb and came out of their body, it’s probably a pretty sure bet that it’s theirs, right? Sometimes there really are no words for the blunders people make!

Didn’t She Like the Design?

Most houses have tea, coffee, and sugar pots in their kitchen. The pots are labelled clearly so you never mix up any of the three. It makes grabbing a drink so much easier and that’s literally what it’s designed to do.

Source: Reddit

Now, someone please explain to us why this person didn’t just put their tea and coffee in the correct pots? Why did they feel the need to switch them for no reason? Was it the font on the pots they didn’t like?

Where’s my Phone? Oh, Hang on…

If we’re honest, we’ve all had that moment of madness where we think we’ve lost our phone, only to realize that we’re actually talking on our phone or texting on it at that very moment. The same can be said for thinking you’ve lost your glasses when you’re actually wearing them.

Source: Twitter

This person was pretty sure that they’d lost their friend’s phone, so they obviously decided to text them to tell them the news. When they replied, surely that would have triggered the idea that they had the phone in their hand? Moment of madness!

He’s Very Untrusting

Some people are very paranoid about people collecting information about them. This guy seems convinced that if you use facial recognition software on your phone, the government has a new piece of information on you. But just wait a minute…

Source: Reddit

Your photograph is on your driving license and that’s your face too, right? So, if the government wanted your face, they’ve already got it! Perhaps we should just lighten up and stop with the conspiracy theories.

We Don’t Think That’s What She Means

If you’ve ever tried to use a translation app before, you’ll know that it really comes down to small details to change the entire meaning of a sentence. Lost in translation is a very real thing! It seems that’s exactly what happened with this girl, who was somehow looking for a ‘diabetic father’.

Source: Pinterest

We hope she meant ‘sugar daddy’ and that the translation app just went a little too literal on that occasion. If she’s really looking for a diabetic father, we must wonder what she actually wants from him!

Not a Case for the Fraud Team

Thankfully, we’re able to track spending online these days so we can see if someone has stolen our card or bank details. Any odd-looking transactions simply trigger a quick cancellation of the card, and no extra damage is done.

Source: Twitter

When this girl saw transactions from Europe popping up on her banking screen, she panicked and immediately cancelled her card – as you should. However, she then realized that she’s the one using it because she’s in Europe. Oops!

A Growing Family

This girl is obviously very excited about her sister becoming pregnant and expecting a child. She’s so excited that she seems to have forgotten to turn her brain on. Rather than wondering whether the child will be a girl or a boy, she’s more concerned about whether she’s going to be an aunt or an uncle.

Source: Reddit

Who is going to tell her? She’s an aunt regardless of the sex of the baby. That would definitely be an interesting gender reveal party – can you imagine the things she might say? Maybe she’s got second-degree baby brain on behalf of her sister?

When Deep Thinking Goes Wrong

Sometimes, we have the weirdest thoughts and they turn into real deep thinking episodes. You know, things like the meaning of life and what happens after we die. It turns out this person is pondering about someone listening to the same music as them.

Source: Reddit

Of course, when a song is playing on the radio, countless people are listening to the same lyric at the very same moment! It’s not coincidence or fate, it’s just the radio!

A Case of Quadruplets or Just Stupidity?

When a woman thinks she might be pregnant, it’s very common to take a few pregnancy tests, just to be sure. Sometimes the results are wrong and you want to be certain before making any decisions.

Source: Reddit

However, if you take four pregnancy tests to be sure, that doesn’t mean you’re having four babies. It means you’ve checked four times. Thank goodness for that! The poor woman can take a sigh of relief.

Umbrellas are Out of Fashion

Umbrellas have been around for a long time and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. They keep us dry during those downpours we all hate. However, this person is questioning why people still use umbrellas. For some reason, they went out of fashion?

Source: Facebook

Now, we hope that is what they meant because the other option tells us that they think you turn waterproof when you become an adult. Wouldn’t that be useful? No need to run into the nearest bus shelter when the heavens open!

Libraries are Wonderful Things

This person has clearly never been to a library before in their life, and that’s pretty sad. It’s great that they’re looking for ways to encourage their children to learn, but a library is the first thing you think of?

Source: Facebook

We’ve come so used to technology that we assume subscription services are where it’s at for everything. Sometimes the old-fashioned route is the best, and in this case, they need a library!

Family Guy Speaks Spanish

Technology is a wonderful thing. We can watch films in all different languages, making them accessible for all and helping people to learn other languages. However, this person didn’t expect Family Guy to start speaking Spanish.

Source: Twitter

It turns out they had accidentally pressed the language button on their remote control and sat there watching the Spanish version before realizing what they had done. Maybe they picked up a few words from the language?

Double Check Your Digits

Just one wrong digit can send a message to the completely wrong person. That’s why it’s a good idea to check you have the right number before you hit ‘send’. This person obviously thought they had done that.

Source: Pinterest

Rather than realizing their mistake, they decided to berate the person they had accidentally texted and blame the problem on them. Perhaps next time they should pay more attention!

You’re Speaking Korean

Anyone who has seen the film Parasite will know how great it is and exactly why it has won so many awards. Of course, at awards ceremonies there is the obligatory red carpet and interview section. This interviewer asked what can only be described as a stupid question.

Source: Twitter

She asked why they made the film in Korean. Well perhaps watch the film and realize what it’s about and who you’re speaking to and then think again! Some people really need to do their research before they speak.

Alright Mr. Clever!

At first glance this t-shirt looks like it’s missing the second part. However, when you read it again, or perhaps a few times, you start to realize that the joke’s on you! It takes a few tries, we’ll admit.

Source: Pinterest

Is he missing a second part, or is he the kind of person that can’t deal with incomplete data? This one, we’ll admit, takes some thinking about at first, but it’s clever, that’s for sure!

The Pink Lion

Sometimes, everything you need to know is in a name. For instance, the Pink Panther. He’s pink and he’s a panther, right? Well, this person obviously couldn’t figure that out from the name and needed extra clarification.

Source: Tumblr

We have to wonder what types of lions this person has seen to assume that the Pink Panther could be a lion if he’s pink. Maybe they’ve been watching the show with their eyes half closed?

Get With the Times!

Having met on the set of Orange is The New Black, Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli fell in love and got married. What a story! However, this person obviously didn’t understand the fact that women can fall in love with women and marry them. Why does there have to be a man involved?

Source: Twitter

They assumed the couple were friends and marrying their new husbands on the same day. No! They were marrying one another, and we think they look fantastic in this photo.

The Clue is in The Title

American Independence Day, is, as the name suggests, an American national celebration. July 4th signifies the day the USA become an independent nation. However, some people still don’t quite understand the theory behind the name.

Source: Reddit

It’s really not that difficult. American Independence Day. American. So why would anyone outside of America, unless they’re American, need to celebrate it? They might want to, but there’s no actual need, right?

You Know it Wasn’t a Gift from the President, Right?

The stimulus check was a lifeline for many Americans during 2020. The COVID pandemic ruined people’s livelihoods and left many struggling.

Source: Twitter

However, this person seems to think that the President himself paid for the checks out of his own pocket. Pretty unlikely, don’t you think? A nice idea though…

It’s Raining Avocados

If you have an avocado tree in your garden, you wouldn’t be that surprised to find the odd avocado falling off and landing on your lawn occasionally, right? Apparently, not at this house!

Source: Twitter

This person can’t quite figure out how these rogue avocados are finding their way onto their garden. They must think there’s some mystical force going on behind the scenes. No, it’s just the tree of actual avocados that you have!

You Need to go Back to School

Upon doing a poll, asking whether Arabic numerals should be taught in US schools, some people said ‘no’. However, these people might not be aware that they’re already used very widely!

Source: Twitter

When you count from 0 to 9, you’re using Arabic numerals. So, if you don’t want them to be taught in schools, what exactly do you want to use? That really would create a bit of a problem if we suddenly changed our system!

It’s not all About Technology

X-ray machines are wonderful things. They allow doctors to diagnose broken bones and initiate treatment to fix the problem. However, this problem obviously forgot that a skeleton can’t only be seen with the aid of technology.

Source: Facebook

People in the Middle Ages probably found out firsthand what skeletons look like by seeing a decomposed dead body. They didn’t need x-ray machines for that!

It’s all About Sharing

When you have a birthday cake, in fact any type of cake at all, you’re supposed to cut a piece and give it to your nearest and dearest. You’re not supposed to eat the whole thing yourself – unless you want to, of course.

Source: Twitter

This person decided that Bernie Sanders should be giving his birthday cake away, but if he has friends, he’d be doing that anyway. Maybe this person just doesn’t have friends and therefore doesn’t share?

Check Before You Accuse

Firstly, well done to this person for being on the lookout for potentially racist comments and calling them out. However, sometimes all is not what it seems. Maybelline was not labelling their eyeliner as ‘negro’, they were simply writing the color in Spanish.

Source: Pinterest

If anything, they were doing a good thing and being inclusive. That means people of several different languages could read the color and choose the right one for themselves.

Fractions are Confusing!

For most people, math is a problematic subject. Fractions are just a part of that. Not only do we become confused when we have to think in fractions, but we make wrong assumptions too. That was the case when a third of a pound burger was mistakenly considered smaller than a quarter pounder.

Source: Pinterest

For those that don’t know, 1/3 is larger than 1/4, so going for the third pounder would have given you more meat for your dollars!

Even More Confused Fractions!

It seems that the whole 1/3 and 1/4 subject is a major issue for many. A third is bigger than a quarter! When following a recipe, it’s important to use the measurements as stated.

Source: Pinterest

This couple decided that they didn’t want their dessert to be quite so sweet, so they substituted the 1/4 cups of sugar for a third of a cup instead. Hmm, they definitely got a sweeter treat than they bargained for!

Forget Fake, Stick to the Real Thing

Many people have tried to get a fake ID, so they can buy alcohol, get into clubs and other age-restricted activities. However, the ID actually working hinges on it being quite convincing and not something altogether false.

Source: Facebook

What do you think of this ID? Firstly, isn’t the photo supposed to be only of the person it pertains to? This photo has his girlfriend in it, and it’s obviously not at all official or passed by the authorities. We wonder whether it worked.

Some People Like Stirring the Pot

There are people out there who just like to cause trouble for no real reason. There are also people who love to believe conspiracy theories. It turns out this person thought they’d found a website hiring fake protestors. They shared this to their friends, to “prove” their point.

Source: Facebook

What he failed to check is the meta description underneath the shared link. It seems like the joke really was on them as the fake protesters were not at all fake, but the website completely was!

An Unhelpful Landlord

If you’re renting a house and something goes wrong, the landlord is supposed to fix it, right? Sure, if it’s your property that’s not the case, but if your hot water is broken, your landlord is the first person you should call.

Source: Reddit

This landlord seems to want to go out of their way to be difficult – probably because it will cost them to fix the problem! Sending a photograph of broken hot water is downright impossible, or did they not realize that?

We’re Not Convinced

TV programs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. They’re supposed to be convincing and true to life, but a lot of the time, they do the bare minimum and hope their viewers won’t notice. Take this hospital drama, for instance. Do you see anything strange?

Source: Facebook

The equipment is hooked up to all manner of odd places and what are those clips on his nose? If you look at a real set of hospital equipment compared to this, you’ll see major flaws in their research process!

It’s all an Illusion

Sometimes you’re so focused on doing something that you don’t realize you’re actually wasting your time or making the process ten times harder. Anyone who has ever tried to take the last pickle out of the jar will tell you how hard it is.

Source: Tumblr

However, this person made the job even harder, downright impossible in fact, by trying to remove a pickle that wasn’t even there. It turned out to be their finger, showing through the glass jar! They’d have spent forever trying to get that one!

Someone Buy Them an Atlas

Travel is a wonderful and exciting thing. It’s normal to get a little giddy when you head off to somewhere new. However, do make sure that you know exactly where you’re going and what country it’s actually in.

Source: Twitter

This person falsely believed they were leaving the USA on a trip to New York. Now, the last time we consulted a world map, NYC was firmly in the USA and one of the most famous cities in the world. Didn’t they wonder why they didn’t need their passport?

Educate Yourself!

Many people are against vaccinations and it’s a personal view. However, if you’re going to be against something like vaccines, you need to know how they work in order to create a solid and firm argument in your defense.

Source: Facebook

This person clearly doesn’t know how vaccines work as they’re suggesting someone should invent what is already a vaccine. Doesn’t that mean they’re ‘for’ vaccines when they think they’re against them?

Check the Solar System

The solar system is huge and seriously interesting, but it consists of more than just Earth. This person obviously had no clue about the planets when they searched this Google term. Do you want to tell them or should we?

Source: Tumblr

Obviously, the biggest planet on Earth is Earth itself, because it’s a planet! Do you think they meant to search for the biggest planet in the solar system? That would have made far more sense.

To Sponsor or Own?

When you sponsor an endangered animal, you’re doing a wonderful thing. The money you spend goes towards ensuring it is looked after and it continues to thrive. It does not mean you actually get to own the animal. Many other people sponsor the same animal!

Source: Twitter

This girl was very upset when she realized that her sponsorship was not going to get her a pet koala bear. We’re not sure how she thought she was actually going to get the koala or look after it, but we appreciate her enthusiasm!

It’s all About Choice

Babies do not suddenly appear in the womb without something happening to cause that pregnancy. That means a woman chooses to have sex with a man and there is always a risk of a pregnancy as a result. This is common knowledge, right?

Source: Twitter

Clearly not! This girl pondered why women can’t choose their baby fathers. Well, you can! You just choose who you sleep with beforehand! You can’t help but wonder how many people commented on that.

Choose Your Username Carefully

When you set up a Twitter account or any other social media account, you should choose the username you opt for very carefully indeed. This person not only made a very stupid comment but was pulled apart because of their username – they asked for it!

Source: Facebook

Comparing 9/11 and an era of slavery is controversial at best and ridiculous at its worst. However, the fact that they called themselves ‘Leaves of Cabbage’ really does set them up for a savage set of comments back their way.

Corona isn’t in the Beer!

The Coronavirus is a scary thing. The pandemic has changed all of our lives and thrown worry and fear across the world. However, discarding the idea of ever drinking Corona beer again is a little extreme, don’t you think?

Source: Reddit

The word ‘corona’ was around way before the virus and the beer was. Let’s feel sorry for the beer company here, who have obviously lost a huge amount of income as a result of the pandemic’s unfortunate name.

Don’t Fall for the Scam

There are some very unscrupulous folks out there, trying to rob innocent people of their cash. Most of these tricks appear online and try to rob private information which can then be used to siphon cash way from innocent victims.

Source: Twitter

This such trick is a classic one, so be warned. By appearing to be like a game, e.g. how much money would you have if …, they’re actually trying to get your social security number out of you, which they can then use to commit identity fraud.

Double Check Your Snacks

It’s normal to get peckish on a long journey and to want a few snacks to tide you over. Watermelon is certainly a delicious and healthy option to go for, but it’s always best to go for chunks, or at worst, slices.

Source: Reddit

This guy thought he was doing a good thing by buying a watermelon, only to realize that a) there wasn’t enough room on the train to hold it, and b) how was he supposed to cut it up and eat it? Always think before you buy!

A Very Obvious Mistake

This guy was obviously trying to be funny, but he really dropped a clanger in hindsight. Firstly, if you’re taking a photograph of your own fists, you can’t do that without help – who is going to take the photo if your hands are posing?

Source: Pinterest

Secondly, don’t post the photograph and then try and get away with it. People have brains y’know! They will figure out and then you’ll be the laughingstock of the Internet. That’s exactly what happened to this guy.

Not the Best Deal

There are many things wrong with this ‘for sale’ listing. First, who wants to buy a TV that has a huge crack in the middle? You can’t watch the central part, what’s the point in buying it? You’d be better off buying a new one and actually enjoying watching it!

Source: Facebook

Second, always spell check your listings before posting. We think they meant that the TV is ‘watchable’, but instead it’s ‘watch a bowl’. Who wants to watch a bowl?

Don’t Fall For it Twice!

It’s easy to fall for something when you’re younger and falsely believe it. Mischief-laden siblings often do this for a laugh. However, when you fall for the same trick in adulthood, surely that’s just stupidity of the highest order?

Source: Pinterest

This person not only laid bare their childhood belief for everyone to read, but they gullibly fell for it again! Surely, they should know better now that they’re grown.

Check Your History Facts!

You don’t have to be too clever to know that the Titanic was a real ship that sank on its maiden journey from the UK to New York, having hit an iceberg. The film was a retelling of the story, with a little extra detail for embellishment.

Source: Reddit

This person not only shows their naivety and stupidity for all the world to see, but they drag the whole of Canada into it for good measure. Check your history, the film is based on a true story!

A Solar Reflection of its Own

Sometimes the sun can look pretty strange, especially when the weather is funky and it’s setting in the evening. However, this person decided to show their weird sunset picture to the world, only to realize that it was just a reflection of their living room light!

Source: Facebook

Always double check your reflections before posting! Not only are you running the risk of appearing a little foolish, but someone it’s sure to clap back and shame you in front of the world!

A Once in a Lifetime Event?

If we’re honest with ourselves, we all like to believe in the mystical side of things. It makes us feel all shivery and interested, so it’s no surprise this guy felt the same way upon realizing that the time and date read the same. He foolishly assumed it would only ever happen once.

Source: Reddit

He failed to realize that in fact, the same date and time would appear every single day at that time, for the whole year. He may have been trying to look smart in front of a bunch of girls he liked, but let’s be honest, it kind of backfired.

Bought in Error?

Sometimes we all have those moments when we don’t think clearly, and we say or do stupid things. You can only hope that you don’t advertise your stupid moment on the internet, for everyone to see and make fun of. Just like this person!

Source: Reddit

Upon buying loose house numbers to put outside, they realized that they had purchased 54 instead of 45. They’re loose, can’t they just turn them around? Apparently, it’s too much hassle. Hmm, okay then!

The Older Generation and Technology ….

We don’t want to generalize, but some older people really don’t get technology and up to date newfangled things that well. Some do, but overall, there are some humorous moments. Take this mom who couldn’t figure out why a gif didn’t have noise.

Source: Facebook

Her son jokingly sent her the gif in response to her message, but upon opening it, she assumed it was a video that would tell her something. When no noise came, she was not only confused, but she expressed it to her son. We wonder what his response was?

You Called the WRONG Number!

When you call the wrong number, just accept that you made a mistake, apologize for disturbing them, and right your problem by finding the right digits. Don’t push the person and be sure that you’ve dialed the right number!

Source: Tumblr

This person obviously texted the wrong number and rather than thanking the person for letting them know their blunder, they basically accused them of lying and asking why they were replying from the number they knew to be right. Confused? So are we!

Back to Parenting School!

Parenting isn’t easy. There are countless things you’re supposed to know but you have to learn as you go along. This parent had no clue that the overalls they dressed their little girl in were supposed to have a shirt underneath them.

Source: Facebook

They sent their daughter to daycare basically half dressed. But we can’t help but wonder why the teachers didn’t say something? Either way, it’s at least a lesson learned for the future!