This is What Happens When Customers Act Badly

Yes, we are all subject to having the least pleasant days, and we can easily get frustrated on such days. However, having a bad day does not give us any right to ruin it for others by taking it out on innocent shopkeepers or respondents. While it may just be a silly mistake sometimes, we sometimes do it on purpose.

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Whichever it is, ruining the day for shopkeepers and vendors is never the right way to make up yours. Here is a list of times when people were terrible customers and how they could have avoided such distasteful practices.

Pick What You Buy Carefully

The image below signifies why it is crucial to observe before selecting what you want to buy. This customer was asking for a refund after returning a mango that has been sliced and taped back together. Perhaps, if he had observed, he would have spotted that the mango was overripe before buying.

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Shocking, right? The fact that someone can even come up with something like this and expect to get a refund. This is proof that some customers like this are rude and inclined to be terrible, while others care less than they should.

Pay with Clean Money

Money is a generally an accepted means of payment, regardless of where it is coming from. However, this is not enough of a reason to keep money in unpleasant places, particularly money brought out of

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The shopkeeper from the above image took out the time to take a firm stance against this awful behavior, and rightly so. It would be best to carry a purse around, rather than being disrespectful with your money.

You Do Not Have to Make a Mess

If you are not obligated to clean after yourself, that gives you no right whatsoever to make a mess of the place. The image below shows how a customer made a huge mess by completely ruining his table with tissues and spilled coke.

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This kind of behavior is totally uncalled for and should not be encouraged. You should never be comfortable with making a mess because there are no consequences, as it will take the shopkeeper a whole lot of time and energy to clean up after.

The Chicken Defrosting Mess

It takes close to nothing to return something to its shelf if you decide you no longer need it after picking it up. The customer from the picture below just damaged many goods by dropping frozen chicken on a random shelf and letting it defrost over other products.

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Whether it is intentional or not, this terrible act is both careless and costly for the customer. It is also very inconsiderate, as it doesn’t affect the shopkeepers alone, but everyone in the store too.

The Tip Jar Thief

While it may not be possible to apprehend every thief, one thing we can do is identify them and tag them accordingly. This tip jar thief must have thought she got away with it, but the shop owners made sure she won’t be coming in again by attaching her photo to the new tip jar.

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Stealing is bad enough but stealing a tip jar is just unimaginable. This act is as cruel as it is terrible and should not be heard of even. She just made away with all the money that the employees labored for.

It Takes Nothing to Put Things Back

Stacking up shopping carts correctly is no rocket science, and you will get it right if you just sacrifice the very few seconds it takes to try. However, it will take a whole lot to get them rearranged if you pile them up wrongly.

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From the image, it is evident that one customer initiated this wrong arrangement, and the others followed suit. Yes, you should learn from example, but only when the example is right. You can still make efforts to place things correctly even if others before you did it wrong.

Be Kind to Servers

Waiters and waitresses already find it challenging to get by daily, considering they must work really hard all day. This poor waitress just got assaulted by customers who poured drinks and threw their food at her. I can’t even imagine what she is going through because of their petty acts.

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The best way to air your complaint, if you have any, is by speaking respectfully and not by acting shamelessly. We sure hope she sues them because barbaric behaviors like this deserve to be punished, and the people responsible should be put behind bars.

Caught in the Act

Kudos to this shopkeeper for taking the time to identify and publicly shame this thief. How can someone even think of stealing a poster from a store? Well, this mister got unlucky, and now his face is everywhere on the wall of shame.

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He was named and shamed! The image showed that the culprit was caught on camera while he was still in the act. There is no running away from this one, is there? Embarrassing for him, though, and now he gets to live with the shame.

Being Rude is Not Fun!

As earlier stated, servers and restaurant waiters and waitresses already have to struggle to get through each day, considering that they have to work hard. You do not have to add to their troubles by calling them names and leaving demeaning statements for them.

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The image above shows a rude line left on the bill by an ungrateful customer. It would have been more acceptable not to leave a tip if they didn’t like the service rather than the careless comment. Such acts are not remarkable and can easily ruin the entire shift for the server.

This Is Just Unbelievable

While it is true that some restaurants’ services are not the best, it doesn’t give you the right to act unfairly. The customer from the picture below attempted to deduct a significant amount from the bill in the name of ‘poor service.’ Well, good luck getting away with that one, as it isn’t only rude but also illegal.

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First off, the food price and the kind of service you got are totally unrelated, and you definitely can not get a discount that way. Yes, you can lay a complaint about bad service, but what you can’t do is pay less for a meal because of poor service.

Why Make an Unnecessary Mess?

It is often surprising that some people are willing to cause mischief or create a problem for others. This customer took the time to fill a glass with water and turn it upside-down. And as if that’s not enough, they went ahead to spray ketchup around it to compound the mess further.

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Considering the amount of work put into this, the customer obviously just wants to be mean to the server. Going through the hassle of doing something this gross and childish is very uncalled for.

Stealing Keyboard Keys

We have seen many instances where thieves camouflage themselves as customers, and we have also seen customers that steal. But this customer took it to a whole different level by stealing selected keys from a keyboard in an electronic store. Sounds strange.

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The type of customers that shop keepers dread the most are customers who steal, and this act should not be condoned. Stealing from stores is a terrible customer trait that almost always puts the employee in trouble.

The Chicken-Throwing Customer

This restaurant has a ‘wall of shame’ where waiters can write unpleasant experiences they faced from a customer. The picture below was eye-catching and attracted lots of viewers. Apparently, a customer felt it was right to air their complaint by throwing a chicken at an innocent employee.

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As frustrated as you may be, throwing a chicken at a person is not the best response and definitely not the right way to communicate your grievances. The best approach is to talk things out and politely make your dissatisfaction known.

No Tip, No Guilt!

Tipping is a choice and has never been compulsory. There is no cause for creating a scene if you do not feel like dropping a tip. The person in the picture may not be the worst customer, but there is no need to feel guilty about not tipping.

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Being on a budget is not a good enough reason for making this scene; aren’t we all on a budget? And the customer may mean well, but they certainly sound terrible when they put it this way. The best thing to do is at least drop a little tip or just leave if they cannot give any.

The Nasty Nail Polish Trick

It is an often-displeasing scene when people go out of their way to hurt others or make them uncomfortable. The culprit in this picture is a customer who felt like making a mess with nail polish is cool. I am sorry but littering the place with nail polish and turning the bottles upside down is a nasty trick.

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It is very difficult to imagine how a sane customer finds this the slightest bit funny. Wasting several bottles of such nice nail polish is already bad enough but leaving this mess for the shop attendant to clean after is just unbearable. There are many sane ways to play a prank that doesn’t involve others getting hurt.

Dumping Carts on The Handicap Spot

Sometimes, you just can’t help but wonder how far bad people can go to prove how terrible they are. The image below is quite disturbing. It shows how some customers stacked their shopping carts in the spot set aside for disabled people to park their vehicles.

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Apparently, terrible customers who can’t get away with picking on employees feel they can make up for it by making other innocent customers uncomfortable. Some even go to the extent of bullying defenseless people, which is just a total shame.

Being Insulting with Your Tip

Again, a tip is not obligatory, and if you are going to be petty with your tip, it’s better not to even go to the restaurant at all. This customer was not only rude by tipping a few pennies but went ahead to leave a demeaning note that read, “you are worthless,” which is very much uncalled for.

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You should be appreciative of the service you are getting, but if you don’t feel impressed, you can just get up and leave rather than weakening the morale of the server and discouraging them.

The Very Unreasonable Customer

As earlier stated, you having a bad day is not an excuse to go around ruining the day for other people that are just doing their jobs. As a matter of fact, the attendant in the image was only trying to be friendly by telling her customer to have a blessed day. The customer, being very unreasonable took offense and left a $0 tip along with a terribly rude note.

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Not sure what is going on with this customer, but “I’m tired of people like you shoving religion down my throat by telling me to have a blessed day” is certainly not the best response anyone would expect for such a polite comment.

A Case of Transferred Aggression

This is another case of an insulating tip and a mean note to go with. Some customers obviously just need somewhere or someone to transfer their frustration onto. Again, why leave a tip at all if you will be this dramatic with it.

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The customer in the image just left a close-to-nothing tip of $0.02 while demanding the waitperson to get faster cooks. It’s not like the server has any power over that, but note taken, can you leave a better tip next time?

A Barbaric Behavior on Display

It just beats the imagination how when you think you have seen the worst of terrible customers, they go extra to prove you wrong. The customer in this slide felt it was really cool to urinate in a display jar. Unbelievable!

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Not only did the customer act very foolishly, but they also found a way to take the definition of disgusting to a whole new level. This culprit deserves to pay a huge fine to compensate the poor staff for cleaning up after.

Kindly Dispose of Your Diapers Properly

Diapers are meant to be disposed of properly after use, and I am sure most of us didn’t think anyone would need to be told so before. However, the customer in the image chose to leave a dirty diaper on their plate after eating. You wonder who they might have expected to dispose it for them.

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Whether it is born out of total rudeness or carelessness, acts like this are not acceptable by any means. It’s your baby! You should dispose the diaper by yourself without leaving it for the poor servers.

Be Respectful with Your Tip

I don’t know who else needs to hear this, but this customer obviously does. No waiter or waitress will be happy to get a $1 tip after serving an $84 meal to a customer. Maybe the customer felt better after leaving this note saying they had no cash, but the waitperson certainly did not.

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Someone needs to tell this customer that you can tip with your card if you do not have sufficient cash. Leaving a note does not make up for a $1 tip as it can easily be considered next to nothing.

That’s An Inappropriate Place to Sit!

We understand that you can sometimes get tired from walking around a big store and feel like sitting for a bit, but you should also know to sit in appropriate places. It is either that the man in this picture does not understand the concept of a chair or he just does not care.

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We certainly do not know what is going through his mind, but there are better and more comfortable places to sit than on raw chicken. If he considered other customers enough, he would know that nobody wants to buy a chicken that has been sat on.

Again with the Pointless Tips?

The series of worthless tips is growing to become a trend. It really doesn’t matter whether the customer here was trying to prove a point, but the only point here is that a $0.01 tip proves how terrible the customer is.

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There is no call for this level of rudeness, and if this is a joke, it is certainly not a very funny one. Whatever the reason is for tipping a single cent, it would have been better not to tip at all. This is not only a rude act to the waitperson but an insulting one.

The Ice-cream Licking Customers

Another very disgusting customer behavior that is in no way acceptable; This store had to take extra steps in locking up the fridge to keep ice-cream thieves away. Apparently, some customers have made a habit of licking ice cream and putting it back in the fridge.

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This is a gross thing to do, and the fact that it was reoccurring proves how inconsiderate some people can be. The culprits, if caught, should not only be forced to pay for damages, but they should also serve a significant punishment for their crime.

Making a Mess from Clothes

Messing up a room by leaving a pile of clothes is unacceptable behavior in the house, let alone a store. A group of customers felt it was ok to leave this shop in such a mess after trying out several clothes and leaving them scattered around the store.

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It is unbelievable that adults can feel fine to leave a store after disorganizing it so terribly. Perhaps, it is because they know someone is going to clean the mess. But it is very unfair to the shopkeeper who now has to do it instead.

The Ultimate Wall of Shame

As much as our previous walls of shame have been beneficial in identifying store thieves, this gas station took a step further by pasting pictures of previous store criminals on their windows. The culprits were caught on CCTV cameras and tagged as the criminals they are.

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Thinking about it, it doesn’t make any sense why people would walk into stores to steal. These identified criminals are not coming back any time soon. They will also not find it easy to steal from other stores.

Wasting Items You Did Not Pay For

The scene in this slide is not an encouraging one at all. If you want a sample product, you can easily ask the shopkeeper for one rather than going ahead to waste commodities put up for sale. These customers just littered the whole store floor with spray paints they did not pay for.

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Not only have they caused a significant loss of income for the shop owner, but they have also succeeded in making the day a hectic one for the shopkeeper, who will now have to clean up this mess.

Your Feet are not Meant to be on the Table

It is already bad enough when people take their shoes off in public and expose others to the smell of their feet. But if that is not enough, this customer found it very comforting to place his feet on the table where food is served.

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This is a careless act from the customer, and it is very much unacceptable. Your bare feet should not be displayed publicly, let alone be placed on the table. You should leave your feet in your shoes where they are supposed to be.

The Extremely Religious Customer

If you are a religious person, you are free to practice your religion and give the charity donations that follow. But it is not cool when you use it as an excuse to be petty to others. The customer in this picture refused to give any tip, and their excuse was that they already gave 10% to God.

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The least you could have done was leave a tip as the server only asked for 18% of the meal price and not your entire salary. Leaving a religious note is certainly uncalled for, and it is not like the waiter had a share in the 10%.

Do Not Leave Products Scattered After Testing

We saw the scene of the clothing mess from before and how unpleasant it looked. This time, it is a case of shoes but a similar story and result. The customers allegedly left the store unbearable after trying on several shoes and dumping them rather carelessly around the store.

Source: Reddit

It would have been best to put back each shoe on the correct pile after testing and finding out it is not a fit rather than make a huge mess that could have easily been avoided. Our hearts go out to the shopkeeper who had to sort this all out.

The Unnecessary Vegetable Mess

While it is very advisable to go through vegetables before buying, it is only required of you to not make a mess while doing it. The lady in the picture took it upon herself to remove layers of lettuce that she found unpleasant and dumping them on to the store floor.

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We know you are on a hunt to find the best vegetables from the bunch, but you certainly do not need to leave a trail of veggies behind. She should be made accountable for the damages and mess as well.

You Should Have Just Left a Tip

We have a long list of customers leaving notes behind instead of reasonable tips, but this is easily the pick of the bunch. Our villain in this story is a guy who felt the waitress would prefer to get his number over a tip. No sir, if she wanted your number, I’m sure she would have asked.

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The customer dared to ask for a call after failing to leave any tip for the waitress. Can someone please tell him the only digits required of him are dollars on the tipping section?

You Can’t Control How the Waitress Looks

More outrageous reasons why people choose not to tip, and you are just left to wonder how some customer’s reason. How on earth does this customer think it is reasonable to deny the poor waitress a tip just because he does not like the color of her hair?

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The customer even went ahead to leave a note that read, “Tips are only for normal people.” Firstly, they clearly do not understand the meaning of “normal people,” and they also need to be reminded that they can’t control how other people look.

The Artifact Stealing Customer

We are no longer new to the concept of customers stealing from grocery stores, but the idea of stealing religious artifacts is new. This artifact store had to place a sign reminding people why it is wrong to steal Buddha.

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The write-up was clear, “Buddha won’t bless you if you steal him,” and we can’t really argue with that. The best way to obtain something as respected as a religious artifact is by paying for it.

The Unacceptable Way to Tip

A tip is given to show appreciation to the waiter or waitress for their services. If you decide to tip, it is crucial that you do it the right way as the goal is to brighten your server’s day. This customer made a disgusting lemon concussion and hid the tip in it.

Source: Reddit

Again, we do not know what this customer had going on in his head to prompt such mean behavior. But the whole concept of the tip has been defeated by this singular action as the server would only be agitated by it. Just leave your tip the right way. It costs nothing.

The Underwear Thief/Fraud

They say there is no honor among thieves, and this customer just proved it to be true. What is worse than stealing? Stealing underwear. And what could be worst than stealing underwear? Stealing underwear from an underwear store and replacing it with your old ones.

Source: Facebook

This customer stole a bra from an underwear store and hung her old bra in its place because they look similar. Either this customer is a thief with a conscience or just a fraud; But she is a criminal and deserves to be treated as such.

The Unbelievably Terrible Customer

Some terrible customers are just rude while others are rude and ignorant, which can be a tad worse. After enjoying the meal, he was served, this unappreciative customer refused to tip the server. He then went ahead to leave an unbelievable note asking the server to get a real job.

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Firstly, the job of a restaurant attendant is as real as it gets, and they should not be discouraged or belittled. Secondly, if all servers had to get another job, who will be left to do the serving?

Thrashing The Local Thrift Store

As cute as thrift stores are, no one could ever imagine anyone going in to cause a disaster. It doesn’t apply to whichever customer did this. This was undoubtedly the result of bringing a child along, but it is expected that the parent will know better than leave this messy scene.

Source: Twitter

Leaving a store in this state is not cool and doing it to a thrift store is certainly not acceptable. The least the parent of the guilty child could have done was clean up after their child’s mess.

Leaving A Note Is Very Unnecessary

Many of us are probably getting tired of the unnecessary notes already, but it seems you can’t really see it all with these customers. Our final mention of tip-less note writers features a customer whose note read ‘#singlemomlife, #diaperstobuy.

Source: Twitter

We acknowledge that some customers struggle to get by, but many of these servers are not exactly billionaires. That said, as little as a $3 tip would have been much more appreciated from this customer, rather than the emotional hashtags. And there is no use in leaving a note if she knows she can’t afford a tip.