This is What Happens When Instagrammers Go Extreme!

She Seems to Have Lost Her Nose

Certain features appear regularly on the human face – eyes, ears, nose. However, the smoothing feature on Instagram means that you can smooth out anything you want. It appears this girl didn’t want her nose anymore. It’s so smooth you can’t see it!

Source: Reddit

If she’s trying to persuade us all that she didn’t apply a filter, she must think we’re all blind. Not only does she seem to have no nose, but her lips are completely blurry too. Either that, or she’s the smoothest person in history.

Barbie, is That You?

In the search for so-called perfection, we tend to go a little over the top sometimes. One person’s idea of beauty is the total opposite of another person’s. It seems this girl thinks Barbie is the epitome of beauty.

Source: Tumblr

Filtered to within an inch of its life, this photograph is nowhere near natural. Not only does she seem to have freakishly large eyes and a small face, but her fingers and the size of her phone have been altered. Why do this to yourself?

Just a Little Stretch

One filter on Instagram allows you to stretch out your photograph, and that’s clearly what this girl has chosen to do. Either that or she is the spaghetti woman. With freakishly long and skinny legs, the rest of the image looks completely off-filter.

Source: Twitter

Wanting to get into skinny jeans is one thing, but those jeans aren’t even natural. The wideness of her shoulders and the skinny waist just aren’t in proportion, not to mention that thigh gap. This is a clear example of filtering gone wrong!

Before And After

It’s probably best not to over filter your photos when people can see evidence of the before and after. In the ‘before’ snap, her eyes and lips are much smaller than the altered picture. Her lips have been altered, thanks to the odd line above her cupid’s bow!

Source: Reddit

Let this be a lesson – if you’re going to alter and touch up your photos, make sure that the before and after aren’t so widely different. Also, check for small marks that show for sure that you photo-tuned your snap before uploading it.

The Most Terrifying Collage Ever

We’re stumped. Truly we are. How could this woman think anyone would look at this collage and think, “oh, she looks wonderful”? She seems to be morphing more and more into a zombie with each snap! With the skin smoothing and weird eyes, it’s not a good look.

Source: Reddit

We think she might have been going for the Barbie look, but her eyes look even more vacant than the doll herself. With over-the-top filtering, she’s turned herself from human into something otherworldly – and not in a good way at all.

The Case of the Disappearing Waistline

Firstly, this photograph was taken at the gym. Does she seriously expect us to believe that she has worked out so hard to the point that her waist is that small? It’s not normal to be that skinny! No corset would ever hold you in that much.

Source: Reddit

So, we’re left with the assumption that she has altered her photo to the point where she has an unnaturally skinny waist that is totally out of proportion with the rest of her body. We can’t help but wonder how she thinks this even looks good?

She Loves Food … And Filters

This lady loves food, and who can blame her? She’s regularly snapped with a big smile on her face as she enjoys her favorite dishes and drinks. But, take a look at her eyes. Where has life gone? They’re as blank as a canvas!

Source: Twitter

Her chin is also terrifyingly pointy compared to the rest of her face, with a blurred outlook that makes it seem like her nose is also disappearing. It seems likely that she loves filters just as much as she loves the food she’s regularly snapped with.

Is She Wearing Stilts?

Now, when you’re tall, we know that it’s very likely you’re going to have long legs and probably larger feet. This is very normal because of regular proportions. But, when you’re naturally not tall, and you use a filter to stretch out your body, proportions go out of the window.

Source: Tumblr

Her legs are so long that it’s unlikely those pants would fit her in real life. Her feet wouldn’t even look out of place in a clown’s costume at the circus. She’s stretched out her body with the help of a filter, and it’s a terrible result.

He Can’t be Accused of Being Big-Headed

When you lift weights at the gym, it’s normal to bulk up. Some guys have the appearance of being neckless as their shoulder muscles lift upwards. That’s pretty common to see. But we’ve never seen a gym workout that results in a smaller head.

Source: Reddit

With mammoth shoulders and a tiny neck, it’s a wonder he can even hold his head up. The second photo shows him slightly smaller than the first, so we can only assume that he was trying to show his bulk in the first. We can all agree it went very wrong indeed.

Remember to Say “Cheese”!

Your wedding photographs are snaps you’ll hold onto for the rest of your life and look back on fondly. So, it’s kind of mandatory to smile. Of course, many couples have their snaps touched up these days too. This couple went way over and above on that score.

Source: Reddit

Not only do they look unrecognizable from the original photograph, but the editor has somehow miraculously plastered a smile onto their faces. At least they look happier in the edited versions as opposed to the originals, even though they don’t even look like the same people!

A Case of Cut & Paste

It’s all the rage to want to be pert and large these days, but this image is more altered than anything else. For starters, check out the tiger print lines, which are blurred and out of focus – a key sign that the photograph has been altered or stretched.

Source: Twitter

To add extra pow to the photo, they’ve balanced a glass of wine. Now, check out the wine glass carefully – does that look like it’s been cut and paste to you? It certainly does to us, which leads us to believe that this photograph is nothing more than make-believe!

Smoothed to “Perfection”?

We all want to look our best in photos, and sometimes we tweak them here and there, but there is a point where it becomes extremely obvious. This guy wanted to look his best, but his final image ended up looking a lot more like Ken the doll than he probably intended. Or did it?

Source: Twitter

Check out the baby blue eyes peering seductively back into the photo. If you don’t lose yourself in them, be sure to check out his impossibly smooth skin. Now, correct us if we’re wrong, but even a newborn baby doesn’t have skin as smooth as that!

The Aliens Have Landed

We’re pretty sure that’s not her actual face. She looks more extraterrestrial than anything else. Either that, or she’s had one too many glasses of that wine.

Source: Facebook

With a tweaked nose, impossibly smooth skin, and eyes that look completely lifeless, she’s changed her appearance to the point where she’s unrecognizable to those who do know her. Let’s hope this isn’t for a dating profile because any potential matches wouldn’t recognize her either.

That’s Classic Virtual Reality

Some people love video games so much that they want to be in one. However, it appears this woman didn’t just want to be in a video game; she wanted to become akin to a character in real life. Compare the original snap and the tweaked image.

Source: Reddit

It doesn’t even look like the same person! With smoothed skin, a chiseled face, and eyes that look more robotic than anything else, she wanted to stand out in a crowd – for all the wrong reasons. We think she looks far better in real life!

Clearly Not Human

A carefully painted red lip is a thing of beauty, for sure. However, human beings are not perfect. When you have a photograph that’s as close up like this one, you’re sure to see pores, blemishes, freckles, lines, and basically, anything that resembles real skin.

Source: Reddit

There’s not one sign of real skin on this image, so we can only assume that it’s the red lip painted onto a barbie doll and zoomed in. If this person is trying to kid us that these are her real lips, she must think we’re all pretty stupid!

Let’s Go Back in Time

The aging process isn’t much fun for anyone, but Instagram has created a key tool – filters for those bothered by it. With a few tweaks here and there, you can go back to your former youthful beauty in a few minutes. This woman was missing her youth.

Source: Tumblr

You’d be mistaken for thinking that these are her children, but they’re photographs of her, which have been so digitally altered, they look like another person altogether. Seriously, why not just grow old gracefully?

Rooting to Extremes

This woman was rooting for her favorite sports team and wanted to show her support. All very normal so far. However, when you look at the image, you notice a few things very wrong indeed. Firstly, who has eyes that big?

Source: Tumblr

Not only that, but her lips have been digitally altered, her face shape, and probably everything else as well. We have one question, though – does she think this looks good? And a second question – does she think we all believe she looks like this?

Flashing Those Pearly Whites

For sure, bright white teeth are pretty attractive and show that you have great oral hygiene—major props for that. However, no matter how many times you brush your teeth and go to the dentist for your regular check-ups, you’ll never have teeth this white.

Source: Reddit

So, this guy pressed the ‘whiten’ button on his teeth and decided to try and fool us all. He didn’t realize that his teeth are so blindingly white that you can’t look at anything else in the photograph because of them. Not the best move.

He Wanted to Look His Best

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to share a photo of you looking your very best self, even if it means digitally altering a pimple here and there. However, this guy seems to have gone way beyond the mark of normality. Not only has he smoothed his face, but he’s drawn on his beard!

Source: Pinterest

Check out the before and after. This doesn’t even look like the same person! He wouldn’t look out of place on The Sims, and with that pretty terrible beard drawing, we doubt any of his followers are going to fall for the act.

Growing Old “Gracefully”

If you met the woman in the picture on the left on a dating set and arranged to meet up, what would you think if the woman on the right showed up? Would you question whether she had sent her mother instead?

Source: Reddit

In an attempt to look a little younger, this lady has decided to thin down her face, get rid of all lines and wrinkles, brighten her eyes, and throw away her glasses. She’s gone back in time, and she’s now totally unrecognizable.

Your Own Avatar

This photo wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t think he was trying to pass it off like him. No problem if he’s trying to be cute or create an avatar, but do we believe that? With some of the other images we’ve seen, he probably wants us to believe this is him!

Source: Reddit

We have to admit, it’s a pretty smooth and cute photograph. Smooth skin, perfect nose, great pose, and wonderful background, but who looks that smooth? Even the best blurring powder can’t create a canvas as perfect as that.

Say Hello to Your Dinner Date

If you were meeting the guy on the left for dinner, what would you think if the guy on the right turned up? Would you wonder whether it was the same person? He seems to have given himself a total overhaul, from face to body.

Source: Reddit

In some ways, many of the facial features remain the same, but why did he feel the need to turn himself into someone else? He’s pretty handsome as he is, and there’s no need to become another person entirely!

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Give us a second, as this one made us recoil in horror! Do you think she bears some resemblance to the Wicked Witch from Snow White? Why did she ever think this looked good enough to share with the scarily blurred skin and total lack of a nose?

Source: Reddit

Surely, it’s a joke, right? There isn’t one person on the planet who would believe this is real. If the Casper white blur wasn’t bad enough, how about the stuck-on lips? Or, maybe she is a ghost, and we’ve not been giving her appropriate credit?

Stretching The Truth

Now, we’re going to suggest something shocking – perhaps this photograph has been stretched, and those very long pins are not that lady’s real legs. We know, shocking, right? For starters, she’s so far out of proportion. It’s not even possible.

Source: Facebook

Maybe she’s wearing stilts, but we’re pretty convinced that she’s stretched this photograph to make herself look tall and slender. The problem is, there’s a difference between tall and slender and unrealistic and freakish. She managed to achieve the latter.

Don’t Annoy a Friend Who Loves Filters

When you’ve argued with a friend, and you want to get revenge, what better way than altering a photo and making them look like they’ve gained weight? Of course, you can add extra fuel to the fire by making yourself skinnier and a little bustier.

Source: Pinterest

Let this be a lesson – never fall out with a friend and then expect them to be kind when editing photographs. You could find yourself with two noses or even three heads. Keep your enemies close, people!

She Almost Did It

This photo looks pretty good at first glance. She looks like a very attractive young lady who has had her hair done. This just goes to show that sometimes a little subtle editing can be a good thing. But she didn’t quite manage to do that. Check out her eyes.

Source: Reddit

Yes, it looks like her bangs are growing out from below her eyes. It seems like her editing failed to take into account the fact that it moves everything around the thing you’re trying to change too. Props to her, though; she almost managed!

Less is More

When you edit a photograph that you want to post on Instagram, the idea is to make it better than the original. However, it seems there was nothing at all wrong with the original snap here, and all she’s managed to do is look extremely bizarre.

Source: Tumblr

The sunshine blur could have been a pretty cute addition, but the over smoothing and the lack of a nose have made her look like a different person. If we’re honest, we think she looked way better before, and she shouldn’t have touched the photograph at all.

His Face, His Body, or Neither?

When trying to find a mate on a dating site, you need to put out the best version of yourself in your snaps. After all, we’re all visual creatures at first. But, you should also make sure that you look like yourself. This guy seems to have borrowed elements from someone else.

Source: Tumblr

Firstly, his face has been so edited that he doesn’t even look human. Secondly, it looks like his face has been superimposed onto someone else’s body because that’s a very bad cut-and-paste job right there. Let’s hope his potential dates recognize him!

When The Brows Take Over

Not everyone has the best eyebrows naturally. Most people need to accentuate a few parts here and there to make them look sweeping and beautiful while still being natural. This guy seems to have forgotten those three elements entirely.

Source: Twitter

Rather than drawing an arch with a gradient of color to make it look natural, he’s gone for the two black lines drawn on look instead. You could even argue that they look like slugs crawling over his eyebrows. Not the most natural of looks!

Editing or a Strong Corset?

We’re told that a specific body type is considered the most beautiful. In reality, all body types are beautiful. But, that doesn’t stop many women from chasing the so-called “ideal” of the hourglass figure. Wide hips and a tiny waist aren’t easy to achieve unless you have it naturally.

Source: Twitter

For that reason, this woman decided to squeeze her waist in and pull out her hips thanks to a tuning app. Either that, or she’s discovered the world’s stronger corset, and she clearly can’t breathe because of it.

Emo Vibes Gone Very Wrong

Where do we start with this one? Some people just want to push the boundaries, and this girl wanted to rock the emo look. However, rather than going down the natural route, she chose to turn herself into a cartoon character.

Source: Reddit

The mean and moody look is wasted when you see the pink blush on the cheeks and the end of her nose, not to mention the terrifying eyes. There is no real thing about this image – well, perhaps that hat, but we’re not even sure about that.

They Wanted to Visit Earth For The Day

Looking at this photo, we are slightly concerned that the aliens have landed and wanted to do a sightseeing spot. Surely this can’t be a real photograph that’s been edited that heavily? Surely, they don’t expect us to believe that’s how they look?

Source: Facebook

The eyes wouldn’t be out of place in an anime film, and the skin is smooth; even an airbrush makeup kit would struggle to get close. The only thing that hasn’t been touched up is the background, but hang on, has it?

The Easiest Diet in The World

If you’ve ever tried a diet, you’ll know that they’re not much fun. You can’t eat the things you want, and you try to lose weight. Then, put it all back on again. So, it’s no wonder many women are choosing to try the filter diet instead – you just make yourself skinnier via the app!

Source: Facebook

This photograph highlights a world problem. However – she did not need to edit her body. It was perfectly beautiful as it was. Instead, she has slimmed down her entire body and nipped in her waist – simply because she thought it made her more beautiful? It doesn’t!

Perfect Digital Makeup

Creating makeup looks you’ve seen on Instagram can be a difficult task. The reason? Most of them aren’t real, and you can’t do them with a human hand. They’ve been drawn on by an app and touched up digitally.

Source: Reddit

For sure, this eye look is beautiful, but it’s not possible to draw such a precise and vibrant purple eyeliner as seen in this photo. Also, who has the patience to create black eyeliner so perfectly? And fine lines? She doesn’t have any – or does she?

Her Phone Has Melted!

Photo editing apps have come a long way in the last few years. We can change so many things to make them look however we want. However, they’re not so sophisticated.

Source: Twitter

Check out this photo as a good example. She wanted to be slimmer, but the proportions of the entire photograph have been thrown out of whack, to the point where her phone looks like it’s melted and warped. Did she not notice before she pressed ‘post’?

Plastic Fantastic!

In an attempt to look suave and sophisticated, this guy resorted to editing his perfectly fine, to begin with, photograph. However, he ended up with an unnatural and borderline cheesy outcome instead. Which do you prefer? We know we prefer the one on the right!

Source: Pinterest

With impossibly blue, extremely fake-looking eyes, he’s now got airbrushed hair that looks painted on. Even his tattoos have been edited. How lacking in self-confidence must you be to create this in your photograph?

The Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Having lived in a state of lockdown for quite a while, we’re all now a little cuddlier than we were before due to the pandemic. We’re fine with it; we like the extra insulation! However, for some, it’s a problem. The good news? You can zap that weight away with a few swipes on your phone.

Source: Facebook

The problem is, this lady zapped away so much weight that she doesn’t even look like the same person. When you compare the two photographs, they’re wildly different. Lady – embrace your curves; they’re beautiful as they are!

Is She For Real?

In anime cartoons, many of the female characters have what are called ‘bug eyes.’ They’re huge eyes that have a glassy look and are often downturned in the corners. They’re not meant to look realistic, yet it doesn’t stop some people from trying to fool us.

Source: Reddit

If you look into this woman’s “eyes,” you’re transported somewhere rather weird. We’re not sure what outcome she was going for, and we hope that it’s all nothing more than a rather elaborate joke. But, from some of the extreme Insta-snaps we’ve seen, we fear she thinks it looks good.

A “Real” Beauty?

We all want to post snaps that make people want to stop and say, “wow.” The problem is, sometimes they stop and say “wow” for the wrong reasons. Take this photograph, for example. At first glance, she looks pretty amazing, but look a little closer, and you see something fishy going on.

Source: Reddit

Skin that’s far too smooth and taught, a rather strange and long shape to her face, and weird eyes make her look possessed. Is this a girl you’d want to date? Surely it would have been better if she’d just left the photograph alone? A shocking suggestion, we know.

Challenging Above His Weight

We’re not sure whether it was the girl who decided to make herself look better and leave out her beau or the guy who just wanted his girl to take center stage. Whichever it was, the outcome is rather weird. It almost looks superimposed!

Source: Reddit

For sure, she now looks supermodel-esque, but in the fakest possible way. That tell-tale smooth skin and perfect makeup. Who looks like that in real life? But, her poor boyfriend (we assume) has been left in his natural form. Maybe he’s just really challenging above his weight in the dating category!

The Ultimate Thirst Trap

If you’re going to give yourself a true glam makeover, be sure that no original photographs lurk within proximity. You don’t want to be found out and accused of posting a thirst trap, do you?

Source: Twitter

For sure, if you’re feeling great and you want to show the world, go for it. But, make sure the photo is recognizable, and you’ve not changed yourself into an anime character who is a good 15 years younger than you are in real life. You’ll get caught in the end!

Someone Help Him!

We’re a little concerned for this guy because it seems like he’s been tricked into taking a photograph with an alien or a zombie of some kind. That surely can’t be his girlfriend, for real? With seriously abnormal eyes and weird teeth, that’s some serious filtering going on.

Source: Tumblr

The sad thing is, had this photograph been left untouched; we’re pretty sure it would have been a very cute one. Instead, they chose to filter it to within an inch of its life. Or maybe she did because he looks to have been left alone, apart from a slight blurring to the skin.

Are They Advertising Dental Whitener?

At first glance, this is simply a photograph of a mother, her daughter, and her future son-in-law. However, when you look again, you’ll see that the couple has decided to whiten their teeth to the point where they can be seen in space. But, they decided to leave the mother’s teeth alone!

Source: Facebook

We can only assume that they had some kind of sponsorship deal with a tooth whitening product and their mother didn’t. The blurring of the skin is also a tell-tale sign of photo editing if the teeth didn’t give it away already (obviously!)

The Reflection Never Lies!

One golden rule to taking selfies that you plan to touch up afterward is never taking a photograph anywhere near a mirror. The mirror NEVER lies! This photograph looks like a mother and daughter posing side by side when it’s the same woman in reality.

Source: Tumblr

Having edited the non-mirror side, she couldn’t do anything about her reflection, which shows her what she is. Normal and non-edited! She has smoothed out her skin completely and got rid of all her fine lines and wrinkles. She’s gone back in time.

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

The problem with editing your photographs heavily is that you can’t change your face in reality. That means someone can take a photograph of you as you are and post it. Then, you’re shown up for your love of editing. That’s exactly what happened here.

Source: Reddit

Having edited her selfie to make herself look younger and smoother, she was snapped in real life, looking older and less smooth. She was caught out, and you know what they say – you can run, but you can’t hide from your real self!

We Need Our Eyes Testing

Do we need to go and get our eyes checked, or is that Kathy Griffin? Her face is so blurred that we’re worried we need to go and get a vision check and a new pair of glasses! She seems to have left the rest of her face alone, but what’s with the crazy blur?

Source: Facebook

Most people smooth their face a little because it gets rid of lines, but she seems to have a rather odd glow that has not only eradicated lines but her eyebrows too. Kathy, stay as you are – you don’t need to change a thing!

It’s Not Very Often We’re Left Speechless

They say that beauty is the eye of the beholder, but whoever holds this eye needs to go and get their eyes checked. How could he think this looks good? Does he look like that, or has he joked around with filters? We hope this is a joke.

Source: Reddit

With the drawn-on beard, the crazy bug eyes, and don’t get us started on the lips, this is a look that will not draw attention for the right reasons. We just hope that these are filters and that he hadn’t visited a very bad plastic surgeon for this look in real life.

Even Makeup Isn’t That Good

Makeup can work miracles. It can transform someone into a true glamour-puss with just a little blending and buffing. But, there are things that makeup can’t do, which creates this look from the original picture.

Source: Reddit

Truly perfect skin, a literal facelift, and completely erased eye-bags, even the best MAC makeup can’t achieve that. She’s turned herself into another person entirely, and we wouldn’t be able to recognize her from the original.

That’s Some Contouring Skills

Contouring can indeed take a round face and chisel to make it look more snatched. However, it can’t do what liposuction can. This girl has trimmed a rather large amount off her face and chin, and it has nothing to do with contour makeup.

Source: Reddit

If heaven forbid this lady went missing, and we had to find her based on this photograph, she would probably be lost forever. A word of warning – don’t change yourself so much that you can never be found based on your photograph!