Too Edited to Be True: Instagram Editing Fails

Editing apps can be convenient if you want to make minor changes to photos to enhance them. But using them to over-edit pictures is like a punishment to the online audience. A little adjustment is fine and adds beauty but creating a completely different look negates posting photos.

Source: Twitter

People blame social media for creating the “perfect” body shape, but they still want to be among the perfect lot. This article showcases some editing endeavors that have gone to an extreme level of craziness.

Reflection Never Lies

Once there was a girl who tried on a cute dress. And the rest is history. All she did was post a picture in a grey dress from the fitting room, and her reflection in the mirror gave her away.

Source: Reddit

She did some editing to make her body more than what it is. But we could see that her reflection looked nothing less than extraordinary. The question is why she had to make the edits that ruined an otherwise lovely photo.

Real Story of Instagram Models

You are not the only one who got attracted to the clothes of a model. We have all been there only to discover that the clothes looked entirely different on us when tried on.

Source: Pinterest

It is a secret that the models always get perfect garments using the technique shown in the picture. They pin it up at the back to make it a picture-perfect attire. Let us try this the next time we take a picture (of course from the front).

The Problem is Only with the Tennis Court

Have you ever seen a tennis court that has curved lines instead of straight? If not, here is one. When she attempted to make edits to her body, this woman got it all wrong.

Source: Pinterest

Even a kid can say that this is not an actual picture. She has done a lot of hard work to make it look this way, but all in vain. If she didn’t notice how unreal she looked, she could have at least checked the background for clues.

Piercing, Fake or Real?

Did you ever think about how piercing would look on you before you got one? You should have taken a lesson from this lady who didn’t have to go through the pain of piercing at all.

Source: Twitter

What she did was interesting. She took help from an app to make a fake piercing and clicked a picture that she thought was cool. But the dot that was supposed to be a piercing looked more like a black spot above the lips, like a sketch pen mark.

She Literally Chipped Her Face-Off

Looking at this girl’s picture, we strongly felt that someone commented on her face very badly, and she took revenge on that person. Hey girl, after all, it is your face; show some mercy!

Source: Reddit

There is nothing wrong with your face, whatever shape it is. Let us assume this. She chipped (edited) one side of her face and did a lot to balance that, so she chipped the other side. This went on until the face resembled a triangle. Easy to learn trigonometry.

Want to Try Bending Light?

Look closely at the picture to see the light rays from behind the woman bending near her nose. We have always felt that the laws of Physics turn before Instagram posts. This one is the best example.

Source: Twitter

It seems like she did some editing to her nose to make it look better. And the result? The light rays from behind got bent and looked very unnatural. It will be helpful if you think before you post next time.

All Thanks to Snapchat Filter

This picture is proof of how Snapchat filters can turn against you. Did you know that when you move too fast while using a Snapchat filter, it just stops working? Yes, this is true, and the picture shows it.

Source: Tumblr

This woman tried to enhance her picture using a Snapchat filter. And when the pictures before and after applying the filters are compared, one feels that the woman has no resemblance to her original picture. The filtered one looks too edited to be true.

Are These People Real?

Couples often get misled by the infinite editing options available in different apps, which happened in this picture. We like to believe that the people in the picture looked beautiful before the editing was done.

Source: Facebook

There is a limit to being fake, and this is beyond that. Both husband and wife have worn matching Gucci, but did anyone feel like they look a bit alike, too? Or is it because of the editing experiment they dared to do on themselves?

Revisit Editing Lessons

A vital lesson in any editing is maintaining a balance. When you edit one part of a picture, the other side is expected to be edited too, in order not to look weird.

Source: Reddit

In this Instagram photo, the girl has edited her chest. But it is only one side that she tried to adjust. The right side looks enlarged, while the other side looks normal in size. Visibly, she has forgotten to touch up that side resulting in a picture close to a disaster.

Is It You Who Came on TV or Your Twin?

Remember the boy who licked a public toilet seat and called it “coronavirus challenge”? The result – he tested Covid positive. Anyway, he got great publicity when he appeared on TV interviews, but very few recognized him.

Source: Facebook

The poor thing had the habit of overly editing pictures before posting them on social media and elsewhere. Now that people know the real him, he finds it difficult to post edited pictures similar to his original look.

Reflections Speak Again

One thing that people fail to consider while editing pictures is the reflections seen in mirrors and glasses. Here it is, the sunglasses of the man that has revealed the truth to the world. Look at the image in the glasses.

Source: Reddit

The reflection in the sunglasses is that of someone taking a selfie in a car. This does not go with the surroundings of the photo. When editing, the man must have forgotten to check the minute details that could speak volumes.

Presenting Two Types of Hands for the Same Person

Look at the two hands of the woman in the picture. Is it even possible to have one skinny hand and the other a monster hand? The bigger hand even has nails resembling that of a monster.

Source: Twitter

We assume that the girl wanted to have a size-zero figure and did some editing to that end. But the mistake she made was making the hands appear different from each other. Whether it is deliberate or an error is still unknown.

A Magic Mirror in Action

Only a magic mirror can give a different reflection from the person standing in front of it. Look at this girl who is taking a selfie near a mirror. Yes, we know, you too noticed the mismatch in the butt.

Source: Twitter

Either she enlarged the butt in the mirror or made it smaller in her figure. Some kind of editing has happened. Our opinion is that she is pretty enough to show her real body in pictures. No editing, please!

Really?? Is That the Same Person?

Filters can be very compassionate to you if you want to look good. Making an appearance graceful is the duty of editing. This woman has taken full advantage of the possibilities of editing.

Source: Tumblr

The three pictures on the left are the ones she posted on Instagram. Sure, she looks like a model in them. You can see her real face on the right when she looks like a different person on TV. Can’t recognize her? Same here.

Witnessing White Eyeballs for the First Time

Makeup can make you look brighter, but does it help if the eyeballs look brighter too? Take a look at the picture here that shows a face enhanced with makeup and white eyeballs.

Source: Tumblr

The picture looks anything but because of the white eyeballs. We all have visible veins in our eyes, and these are missing here. Please take care to leave the eyeballs at least next time you make edits. You look way more beautiful in the original picture on the right.

Reduce Weight Naturally with Photoshop!

As the saying goes, the camera adds 10 pounds. But fortunately, Photoshop can reduce how much weight you want. Good for any obese people who don’t have to move a muscle to lose weight. This photo confirms this.

Source: Twitter

The woman is on the heavier side in the first picture. And she sure looks awesome. When photoshopped, she lost more than a few kgs. We can’t stress it more. Wake up, people; looks don’t matter at this point. Be comfortable in your skin.

What is Your Online Personality?

In these online dating and friendship days, it is no surprise that a fake online presence cheats many people. Those who look like celebrities in pictures turn out to be people with less than average looks.

Source: Pinterest

This boy here has posted several pictures online, but none of them looks similar to each other. In some, he looks weird and unreal, thanks to all the editing. Is this what some people call catfishing? Never mind, things are out of hand anyway.

Are There Any Organs Inside?

Some people are too obsessed with how they look to do anything to get the perfect figure. Many felt that this picture looked funny, with the girl having little space to accommodate all her organs.

Source: Pinterest

If there was a contest to find out who has the smallest waist, she would win. Surprisingly, her pants stay in place despite the smallest waist ever spotted. There sure has been some editing behind this wonder.

Too Big to be True

Butt stories are always fascinating, and here is another one. I don’t know what people have in mind when they do editing to enlarge their butt. That there are people who would believe that – is this real?

Source: Reddit

If not for the shadow in this picture, we would have fallen for her fake butt. But the shadow shows her real figure where she is seen to have a normal butt. People are warned about shadows and reflections that play against them if they try to fake.

Thanks, We Got the Real Picture

It is disheartening when someone exposes our actual figure when we have edited hard to make it seem real. The picture shows a picture-perfect woman standing near a car most elegantly. But in reality?

Source: Facebook

The second picture someone posted gives us a real picture of the whole environment. She is not as skinny as in the first picture; she is not skinny at all. If only she could catch hold of that person who did this to her.

Snowing Cats and Dogs

How about enjoying a little snow all by yourself? That is what this woman has done in the pictures. There is a train track that looks real, and that is it. There is little else that is natural.

Source: Reddit

Is she driving a car on the tracks? And that snow inside the car? There is not a single thing in the pictures that the editor has not touched. She could have enjoyed the snow even at home, given the talent she has in editing.

The Same Person but Entirely Different

When you badly want to look younger than you are, nobody can stop you. Social media often sees posts that are highly photoshopped to create different appearances of people. The same is true in this case.

Source: Pinterest

Supposedly, the people in the two pictures are the same but with very little or no similarity. Hard work has gone into photoshopping someone else’s face onto his body, and even the body looks fake. Or it could be the same person a few years back. Hard to say.

Too Fake to Believe

This is the photo of one happy family, and we loved seeing it. But there is something unnatural about Shakira’s body that anybody could have noticed at first glance. Yes, we are talking about the lower part of the body.

Source: Facebook

The proportions in this picture are impossible, and it is hard to believe that anyone can be this skinny on the upper part while the lower body is huge. We would have appreciated it if she supported body positivity as a social media influencer.

Let the Mugshots Remain Real

Mugshots are made for a purpose, and it seems like people forget this fact. Who would want to change the way you look in a mugshot? This woman went a little ahead and edited her mugshot to make it look perfect.

Source: Twitter

All she did was smooth her skin and brighten her eyes to get that perfect face. But we doubt whether this photo can be used when she requires a mugshot for some purpose. A little de-editing will probably bring back the real her.

Same Photo, Two Different Posts

How do you feel when you post a stunning picture of yours, and the photographer posts the same picture without any editing? It must be devastating, especially for models who aspire to look the best in every single shot.

Source: Tumblr

The woman has changed her face and made her hair neater. There are also some changes done to her body to make it look top-notch. But the efforts seem fruitless once the audience has a look at the original photo. She is in search of a photographer now.

The Latest Trend is Editing Your Locks

We have seen all types of editing and photoshopping; face, legs, butt, and whatnot. The trend is editing your hair, which surely changes the way you look, for the good or the bad.

Source: Pinterest

In the first picture, the woman has made her hair wavy. In the next, there are bangs, and in yet another, she has colored her hair. We feel sad for hairstylists who make a real effort to make your hair classic. Apps have made them jobless.

The Woman with the Doll

This would have made for a good couple of photos if not for the editing. The woman looks natural and happy. He looks more like a doll with all the extra work done on him.

Source: Pinterest

He has made his teeth whiter, smoothed his face, and even added sparkle to his sleeves. The wax statues came to our mind, but this one here looks a little frightening too.

No Entry to Pores

Once upon a time, pores and blemishes were a big no-no, especially for women. But we thought times have changed, and the hype is all about body positivity. Guess this woman is new to this concept because her picture says so.

Source: Facebook

While in one picture, she has pimples and pores, the other one has none. Editing apps can be very generous if you use their full potential. But we would suggest showing your face as it is because, as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Her Age is a Secret

What do you think her age is? She got many likes when she posted the first picture on Facebook. People thought she was just 40 and not more than that. But is there anything embarrassing if you are in your 70s?

Source: Facebook

Her real age is 71, and even her unedited picture on the right doesn’t reveal her actual age. She is lucky that she has aged gracefully and, in our opinion, there was no need for editing as she looks pretty as it is.

Any Abnormalities with the Door Frame?

Editing pictures and posting them online is in their blood. We are talking about celebrities here. Whether it is Jenner or Kardashian, something is wrong if they post unedited pictures. Take a look at this picture of Kylie Jenner.

Source: Reddit

When she posted this picture wearing a red dress, her fans were busy trying to see it clearer. Want to know what they found? They saw that the door frame was bent a little. Detectives are all over the internet only without any pay.

Barbie Dolls Like These

Barbie dolls have their charm, but only if their faces are on their bodies. See what these girls have done to their picture. They probably wanted to see how good they would look like Barbie dolls. But their humble attempt is not much applauded.

Source: Reddit

Teenage girls are so fascinated by these dolls that they are in for anything to look like them. We assume that these girls looked a lot more beautiful with their original facial features hidden from photoshopping.

Her Feet Are Way Bigger Than Her Waist

We wonder why people have problems with their waist size. There are many pictures posted online that show people with abnormal waist sizes (too small). See one such photo here with the flower lady.

Source: Reddit

She has done so much editing to the picture that her waist has become smaller than her feet. We would like to see her original picture to see how elegant she must have been with her real body parts. And those flowers add to the beauty.

No More Editing Possible

Did you think that there is a limit to editing your pictures? If yes, you are wrong. Photo editing can go from bad to worse to worst, just like the picture seen here. It seems like she is a Bratz doll fan.

Source: Twitter

A lot of editing and face tuning has made her unrecognizable, even to her loved ones. She has changed the color of her hair and eyes, making them look so unreal. We can give a pass to the eyes, but what has she done to her lips?

Editing is Not a Latest Trend; It is Centuries Old

There was this portrait of Isabella De’ Medici, which was restored after several centuries. Back in the 1500s, this painting was done, and the restoration revealed a surprising fact.

Source: Tumblr

During the restoration, the artists found out that someone had edited the painting already centuries back. The first picture is the painting that was painted over by an unknown person. The other one shows the real painting before the editing was done. So editing is not just our cup of tea.

Remove Armpits Using This Deodorant

Deodorants are favored by many as they give this great fragrance and hide the body odor. But we didn’t know that deodorants can be strong enough to remove armpits. This picture says so.

Source: Pinterest

Ads can be attention-seeking but not deceiving. Visibly, the girl has used the deodorant, and her armpit has disappeared! We all have armpits, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. It is common knowledge that armpits are not as smooth as in the picture.

Instagram Posts Are Far From Reality

There is a lot of catfishing happening in the online world. Like this man here, many have a very different online appearance than they have in real life. Isn’t the man in the first picture cool?

Source: Tumblr

Thanks to Instagram filters, he could look like somebody else altogether. He sure has applied filters, eye brightening, skin smoothing, and god knows what else. Anyway, when he came on TV, nobody could say he posted on Instagram with an ear-piercing.

Are the Stairs to Blame?

Have you seen quirky stairs? Take a look at this picture if not. Those curves and deformities of the stairs will never lie. The woman in the picture has worked with some editing apps for sure.

Source: Reddit

The structure of her body also hints that it is not real. We would again like to give a gentle reminder to those who want to appear different in photos. Everyone is unique and beautiful from the inside. It is just a matter of accepting it.

Will People Ever Stop Tagging?

For many, it is not fun to have people tag them in photos. It is unlikely that these people would want to edit the pictures to hide your undesirable features from the world. Here is a girl who took it to the next level.

Source: Reddit

When someone tagged her in a photo, she took the photo only to edit and post it again. It is quite clear that the edited one looks nothing similar to her. With larger eyes and a thinner face, she has become somebody else.

It Is Either a Painting or Animation

Before the advent of apps, people did editing to look better than they are. Now we feel that they want to look like some painting or dolls or someone from another planet.

Source: Reddit

This woman has a wonderful background but ruined it with her editing skills. Her face is edited so much that it looks like a painting. While her parts below the neck seem real, her face became an editing mistake. It is better to post unedited pictures than create unreal ones.

Can We Declare the First Prize for this Editing Queen?

At last, comes the queen of editing with impressive editing skills. After the editing was done, she went back a few years in time to surprise the audience. Compare her pictures to see the magic.

Source: Twitter

Can you see a daughter in the second picture with similar features as her mother in the first one? If yes, you are tricked. Both are the same lady who just did some editing to look like her daughter. Too much, isn’t it?