Top Designs to Make You Scratch Your Head in Confusion!

The human brain is a wonderful thing. It comes up with ideas on a daily basis – some amazing, some so-so, some ‘meh,’ and some downright weird. Have you ever looked at a product in a store and squinted at it in confusion because you’re really not sure who would come up with such an idea in the first place? There are many of those such products around, and they really make you scratch your head!


In order to sell a product, you need to come up with a USP – a unique selling point. However, some people missed the point entirely and went so far off the mark that nobody really knows what the product is, what it’s meant to do, or why it was ever designed in the first place! We should give some props to the products that were designed so expertly that they really do blow your mind. Put simply, designs can be wacky, random, or amazing, but all of them deserve equal attention. Let’s check out some of the best.

The Case of the Possessed Swan

When the summer heat is on, everyone loves to jump in the water for a cool down. It’s even better when you can grab a funky float to make your day splashing around more fun. Imagine the horror when you grab this one.


It’s not that the actual idea behind it is wrong. It’s just the design. Firstly, the swan’s head is contorted the wrong way entirely. Secondly, it has a terrifying facial expression. This swan is less fun and more horror!

They Really Didn’t Think This One Through

Denim is a wonderful thing, but there are right ways to wear it and wrong ways. Tow-tone denim, as one example, looks great when it’s done well. When it’s done incorrectly, the results are horrendous.

Source: Pinterest

Take this lady as one example. Not only does the vertical tow-tone line make her look like she has wet herself, but the whole look is so far from the fashion mark that it’s left the area code entirely.

Stand Clear of the Sponges!

It’s hard to get the look perfectly right when you’re trying to record a TV hospital show. This isn’t a real hospital, and these aren’t real doctors. However, sometimes the props leave a little to be desired. Check out these so-called ‘defibrillators.’

Source: Imgur

Of course, they can’t use real ones, but two sponges pushed together to look like defibrillators? That’s pushing the realms of reality a little, and it makes you wonder how intelligent they think their audience is!

We’re Just Testing You

Graphs are confusing at the best of times, but when you go around labeling colors as words and then giving them a completely different color on the actual graph, you’re asking for total confusion.

Source: Pinterest

Perhaps they’re just testing that the people looking at the graph are really paying attention? That’s the only realistic explanation here because otherwise, it means whoever designed it really has no clue what the graph is about in the first place.

Forgetting Your Values

A company’s values are what they stand for. It tells everyone what is important to the company, and it creates the right vibe about the company too. Whoever designed this particular diagram really missed the point entirely.

Source: Imgur

It seems that trust, partnership, innovation, and performance don’t really mean too much to this company judging by the way the diagram was designed. Surely a diagram this badly designed could do some real damage to a company’s image?

Always Read the Label

These days, products are designed to look more enticing than they really are. For instance, these bath bombs look like candies, to the point where they make your mouth water, right? The problem is, if you put it on in your mouth, you’d be frothing within seconds. That would probably be the least of your worries too.

Source: Reddit

It’s also important not to place bath bombs that look like candy on an actual candy aisle! Can you imagine if a child picked these up and didn’t realize what they were? The parent might not read the label, assuming they’re candies.

All Aboard the Magical Mystery Ride

When you get in an elevator, you expect to press the button for the floor you want, and away you go. However, this elevator wants to take you on a journey to the unknown. Trying to figure out your floor is harder than a sudoku puzzle!

Source: Reddit

Surely it would have been easier to just number the floors in numerical order and design the board according to those numbers? What is floor 12A? Surely that’s 12, and the next one is 13? Who knows!

Nothing Comes for Free

When you read the word ‘free,’ you assume that you do not have to pay for whatever is being offered, right? Apparently not in this library. Free means $1, which, when you break it down, isn’t free at all; it’s just cheap coffee.


Considering the fact that libraries are sanctuaries of the written word, you’d assume that they’d know what the word ‘free’ actually means. Perhaps the more likely answer to this mystery is that they’re teaching us that in this world, everything costs at least a dollar.

The Concealed Staircase

We’re all for minimalism, but when it comes to something as important as steps, you really need to make it clear that they’re there. Anyone could fall from top to bottom and really hurt themselves on this invisible set of steps!

Source: Reddit

When you look down, it appears to be a smooth ramp, but it’s a well-spaced out set of steps when you look directly. We wonder how many people have fallen down these and how many insurance claims there have been so far!

A Rude Optical Illusion

When you first looked at this image, what did you see? Be honest. We won’t judge. You saw two people shaking their behinds, right? Wrong! Look again. It’s actually someone holding plants in their open hands. Did the company do this on purpose to grab attention?

Source: Reddit

It’s true that shocking images are ideal for marketing purposes, so you have to wonder whether they really did do it purposely to make people stop and stare, therefore noticing their services. Or, maybe they just didn’t realize how rude the image looks!

Fashion These Days …

At first glance, it looks like this lady has taken a tumble in a pile of mud while wearing a white dress. Your worst nightmare, right? Look again, this dress is actually designed to look like the model has been rolling in mud.


You have to wonder where fashion is going these days. This dress probably wasn’t cheap either, but you could create the same effect yourself for a fraction of the cost by simply rolling around in your garden!

Here Comes the Sun … Oh Wait …

Solar lighting is a great idea, and it’s fantastic for saving the planet too. However, in order for solar lighting to work, it needs to be in direct sunlight to charge the battery. You don’t need to be a genius to figure that out.

Source: Reddit

So, why did the local council think that placing a light under a bridge was a good idea if it needed sunlight to work during evening hours? There’s no sunlight getting under there, and the light is just going to be a decorative piece!

A Piece of Wood or Effective Storage?

If you’re going for a swim in the ocean or you need to leave your belongings somewhere safe, would you ever think to put them inside a piece of wood, carved out like a coffin for your keys and wallet?


On the one hand, it’s a good idea, but you can see the flaws when you delve into it. Firstly, there are many pieces of wood around. You could lose it. Secondly, someone might throw it away, thinking that it’s trash!

Do Not Go to This Salon!

Whoever designed this sign did not give it much thought. Firstly, they cut girls, men, and kids? That’s terrifying! Secondly, the poor child at the bottom looks like they’re having the worst day of their life.

Source: Reddit

When designing a sign, you want to entice people to join you. If anything, this sign makes people want to run away and call the police, stat! At least they’re hygienic, judging by the hygiene declaration at the bottom.

An OCD Sufferer’s Worst Nightmare

Buildings need to be safe, sturdy, and symmetrical. This building may be safe and secure, but it’s definitely not symmetrical. The windows wave at you as you run your eyes down the image, and why is the bottom section of the building a different color from the rest?

Source: Imgur

We do not enjoy looking at this image, and you have to ask who would want to live in a building that was so clearly out of sync? Were the designers trying to be quirky, or were they just in a hurry to get it done?

Good Intentions Gone Wrong

You have to praise this bus company’s attempts at inclusiveness, but they should certainly have put more thought into the correctness of the braille reading and where the signs are placed. ‘Stop,’ and ‘alarm’ definitely do not mean the same thing.

Source: Reddit

We can’t read braille, but those dots look in exactly the same place. Perhaps to this bus company, you raise the alarm to stop the bus, or stop the bus from raising the alarm? We’re confused, and this design is terrible!

Who Graffitied the B-Ball Court?

Even if you don’t watch a lot of basketball, you’ll be aware that certain lines on a court tell the players where to position themselves for certain shots. These lines make up the rules of the game. So, what is going on here?


We can only assume that someone has taken the spray paint and had some fun because that’s like no basketball court we’ve ever seen before! Perhaps this one is for free-playing fun and not serious game?

And Together They Made … a Dog?

A family tree isn’t particularly difficult at its most basic level. Unless you start drawing off-shoots of aunties, uncles, and cousins twice removed, the whole thing is pretty easy to do. However, we’ve never heard of a married couple having a baby dog before.

Source: Reddit

Perhaps they don’t have children, and they view their dog as their fur baby. That’s the only logical explanation we can come up with. Either that or they need to go back to school for some basic biology lessons.

Take Your Pick

The tag on a shirt tells you how to wash the item and what it is made of. Most items are made up of several different materials to create the whole. However, this shirt is very confused, and I have no idea what it is made of.

Source: Reddit

If it’s 100% polyester, how can it be 56% polyester too? Or, how can it be 44% viscose at the same time? It’s probably safest to handwash this shirt, so you’re not running the risk of accidentally shrinking it!

Maybe They Ran Out of Funding?

A walking path in a suburban area is normally paved at the very least. It might not be paved very well, but it’s even and safe to walk on at least. This one has the basic design of a path in place, but they seem to have forgotten to pave it.

Source: Reddit

With budget cuts left, right, and center these days, maybe the local authorities simply ran out of funding and couldn’t afford to pave it? Surely they didn’t intentionally expect residents to walk on mud?

Creative Walkways Are Unnecessary

We’ve gone from one extreme to the other here. The last image showed a path that wasn’t paved. This one is paved to the extreme! Creating the zig-zag heart rate lines leading up to the hospital, visitors get a real workout!


The idea behind the design is cute, but surely this is an unnecessary effort? People will simply walk over the grass to stick to a straight line, and that will make a mess of the grass. Sometimes the simple option is best!

Safety First at All Times!

This massager certainly looks very relaxing, and the girl in the picture looks like she’s enjoying her downtime, but is the message really all that safe? Can you really enjoy a relaxing massage while in the car?

Source: Reddit

If you’re driving, the last thing you need to be is so relaxed that you could fall to sleep. The only place that’s going to lead to is the hospital with multiple injuries or worse. This ad campaign really needs to be rethought out!

The Negative Yogi

When you design an item, you really need to be sure that you’re getting your message across. Take this yoga mat, for example. At first, the idea seems good, but then you see that the mat is actually taking all the positivity out of your day.


Rather than thinking that you can do anything and a little yoga will help, you’re left lamenting the fact that nothing good is coming your way, and you might as well go back to bed. Design is everything!

The Big C is Nothing to Smile About

So far, many of our images have been light-hearted, but this one is pretty offensive. Anyone who has ever been affected by cancer will tell you that it certainly doesn’t make you look as excited as this lady does in the advert.


The advert is actually for a prescription drug, and if you’ve ever seen an ad like this in the US, you’ll know that the person reading out all the terrible side effects has a permanent smile inked on their face. Odd. Very, very odd.

No Secrets Here!

There are certain situations in life that you don’t want to share with anyone, even your nearest and dearest. So, why, oh why, would you want everyone in a public restroom to see what you’re doing while you’re sat on the toilet?

Source: Reddit

Whoever designed this bathroom door seriously didn’t take into account the need for privacy in such situations. Even an exhibitionist would have a problem using this bathroom! We would certainly avoid it. In fact, we’d wait until we got home!

The Hazardous Safety Warning

When your dashboard lights up, you know there’s something you need to attend to. Usually, these lights or messages are designed to be as simple as possible so as not to distract you while driving.


This is why this particular long paragraph of a message is so confusing. A long block of text telling you to concentrate on the road becomes a hazard in itself because it means you take your attention off the road to read it! Go figure.

Less Fort Knox and More Fort Not

We’re living in risky times, and that means security is never a bad thing. However, this particular house decided to go minimum on their security. It’s certainly not a system akin to Fort Knox, that’s for sure.


What is the point of simply putting a gate at the bottom of the garden with nothing else around it? Someone, please explain why this man seems to have so much trouble getting in? Just walk around it!

Dine & Dash

If you’re going to put a sign up in your restaurant instructing customers to do something, you really need to be as clear as possible. This particular sign is extremely ambiguous, depending upon which way you read it!

Source: Reddit

Do they want us to pay before we leave, or, as the sign more clearly says, they want us to sit and then do a runner and not pay at all? If someone did run, you couldn’t blame them; they were only following instructions.

No Guessing Who the Father Is

Airline safety cards often bring a smile to the face. They’re not supposed to, of course, but the illustrations are often comical, despite the serious topic. In this particular drawing, it seems the baby really is the spitting image of his dad.

Source: Twitter

They’ve basically copied the face, made the father’s body smaller, and then put him in a child seat. You don’t need to make it so clear who the dad is. We just need to know that it’s a child and what to do in an emergency!

Do They Hate Cyclists?

Whoever designed this particular bridge clearly isn’t a huge fan of cyclists. The motorists and pedestrians get to use the inner portion of the bridge, with a safe barrier to stop them from falling over the rather high edge.


The poor cyclists are forced to dice with death and hope that a strong gust of wind doesn’t come their way while traveling across the path! We best most cyclists choose to use the road rather than the path, and who can blame them?

Just Go Somewhere Else

This sign is contradictory on many levels. Firstly, it says this particular gate is to be used for entrance only, meaning you can’t use it as an exit. However, then it says that you can’t enter there. Which is it?

Source: Reddit

You wouldn’t blame people visiting this particular establishment for giving up in confusion and going somewhere else entirely. Do we wonder if anyone ever actually managed to make it inside without using the wrong gate?

Why Not Be Unique?

Basketball courts are designed to be rectangular, and they have lines in certain places to allow players to stick to the rules. This particular court decides to be completely unique and out there on its own.


Is there a reason for completely cutting out a whole corner? Does it make it harder to shoot hoops? One thing’s for sure, there are probably very few courts like this one in the world, meaning they got their aim for uniqueness perfectly right!

The Most Terrifying Hospital

Hospitals are supposed to be caring and comfortable places. They’re meant to be designed in a way that feels welcoming and reassuring, simply because people going there are already worried about what may be wrong with them.

Source: Imgur

In that case, why did this hospital think it was appropriate to hang a family from the sign and think it would look welcoming? If we lived in that town, we’d avoid that hospital like the plague and go elsewhere for our healthcare!

A Car With Personality

The Toyota Supra is a fancy-looking car until you look at it head-on, that is. It certainly has a face. In fact, it looks like a terrifying fish you’d drag out of the deepest depths of the ocean!

Source: Reddit

Maybe some people like their car to have a personality of its own and in that case, it needs a face too. Whatever the reason, do you think Toyota actually realized what the car looked like before they released it?

The Worst Kind of Marketing

If you want to market a monthly subscription for your newspaper, the last thing you should do is write an article on why you should stop wasting money on subscriptions in the first place. Surely that’s terrible marketing right there?

Source: Reddit

It’s made even worse by the placement of the advert and the article itself. The article tells you not to waste money, and just below there’s an advert for a subscription for the newspaper itself! Which is it? Make up your minds!

Punctuation is Everything

A simple grammatical error can change the entire meaning of a sentence. A comma in the wrong place, words in the wrong order are all major issues that can create huge misunderstandings when someone reads the text.

Source: Reddit

This particular sign is very problematic and could easily have been solved with a grammar check. Are we eating the kids, or do they eat free? Let’s hope it’s the latter and not the former!

Always Proofread Your Signs

Fancy fonts might seem like a good idea, but they can often create a huge problem when you put them together with the words. Take this sign, for example – fashion farts? How terrible! That doesn’t sound like a store we’d want to visit.


There are other problems with this sign too; it’s too small, and it’s placed precariously close to some power lines, which makes us very nervous indeed. Put simply, we won’t be going to this store, and if you do, you might want to hold your nose.

We Get Our Anxiety for Free. Thanks!

We’re living in stressful times, and most of us have some degree of anxiety in our lives. So, why would you pay $45 for some more? And, how on Earth do you actually buy anxiety? This establishment really needs to think about where they place their advertisement words!

Source: Twitter

We’re assuming that this is a counseling or therapy place, and they help with anxiety, but from the sign, it really does look like they’re selling it off at a bargain price. We’ll stick to the free version. Thanks, we already have enough of it.

What’s Wrong With the Burger?

Healthy food is all the rage these days, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with focusing on your health and wellbeing. However, when your burger needs some healing, you have to wonder what was wrong with it in the first place.

Source: Imgur

When you take a second look, you can see that it should say ‘healthy burgers’ but splitting up the word ‘healthy’ creates all kinds of confusing problems. We’re just pleased the burgers are safe and happy and that they don’t need therapy after all.

They Just Don’t Want You to Apply

Look at the huge link you have to type in to get to the job page on this image. You have to assume that this particular company just doesn’t want any more applicants, but they’re ticking some HR box to cover their backs.


Who would actually sit down and take the time to type all of that into their browser? Especially when you consider that just one wrong number or letter will bring you up an error message, and you have to start all over again.

Motivation Gone Wrong

Let this be a lesson to you – if you’re going to put up a sign, but it doesn’t fit onto one page, make sure you arrange the words correctly. Just one wrong move, and the entire message changes into something else entirely.


This manager was trying to motivate their employees (we hope), but arranging the pages incorrectly has had the completely opposite effect. It seems this manager doesn’t care and wants to tell their employees that they’re not valued at all!

Scale Back Your Family Plans

Sign design matters! When you’re driving through a school zone, you expect to see a sign telling you to slow down because there are likely to be children around. However, this particular sign has decided to lecture us all on the value of birth control.

Source: Imgur

You’re not allowed to have more than 20 children, according to this sign! Who can afford to have 20 children anyway? One is expensive enough! We just hope this is a sign design gone a little wrong and not an attempt to squeeze down the population.

Putting You on a Pedestal

Can you imagine how important you would feel doing your business on this toilet? We’ve never seen one which requires you to walk up a few steps before. You really are looking down on everyone from your porcelain perch!


The problem, however, is that toilets tend to get a little wet, especially when they’ve been cleaned. Those steps do not look like they’d be super-safe. Do we wonder how many people have fallen on their way back down?

They Were Just Testing You

Road signs are supposed to be placed somewhere easily visible for motorists to see. That way, if they fail to do as they’re told, the police can stop them and give them a spot fine, or perhaps worse, depending upon the issue. So, how do you explain this sign?

Source: Reddit

The road looks clear enough for you to just carry on going, but when you look closely, you can see a red stop sign behind a tree! We wonder how many people actually managed to see and stop in time and how many were fined?

What Is the Point of This Quiz?

Multiple choice quizzes are often easier than the ones that you have to write an answer down for. If you’re not sure of the answer, you can just guess, and you’ll have a fair chance of at least getting some right. However, we’re confused about this one.

Source: Reddit

What has being female got to do with liking science or not? Are they assuming that females don’t like or don’t understand science? In that case, this quiz is extremely sexist and needs to be changed ASAP!

Cutting Corners Never Works

Budgets are being cut all over the place in these hard economic times, but you would imagine that some things still need to be paid for, no matter what. For instance, when your infrastructure is starting to fall down, you have to fix it properly, right?

Source: Imgur

It turns out this local authority decided to fix it on the cheap and purchased low-cost flower posts instead of installing a brand new lamp post. It’s a false economy, especially when you consider that the pots aren’t going to last that long at all!

The Peeing Champion!

Some men like to see how far back from the urinal they can stand and actually get the pee in the bowl. Maybe you’re not one of those men, but they’re definitely out there! However, this particular urinal is saved for those who love a challenge.

Source: Reddit

At first, it looks like a random cupboard, but open it up, and you see a concealed urinal inside. How are you supposed to aim and strike it lucky? Very difficult, and that’s why it’s for master pee-ers only!

Suck Your Blood or Take Your Money?

Real estate agents are known for being pretty keen and eager in the business world. They’re working in a cutthroat industry, and they want to make as much cash as possible. However, this guy seems to have taken the ‘cutthroat’ side of things a little too far.

Source: Imgur

Would you trust your house sale with a vampire? Would he take your cash and then drink your blood, or would you get away just in time? Either way, he probably thought have worn something a little less vampy.

What Were His Teeth Like Before?

If you’re going to do a before and after picture for a cosmetic procedure, you really should show the before in all its true glory. If you don’t, how are you supposed to show how good your services are?

Source: Reddit

We have no idea what Brandon’s teeth looked like before his treatment. Maybe they were fantastically straight pearly whites, and the treatment has made them worse? We’ll never get to find out, but at least he’s comfortable smiling for a photograph now!