When Attention Seeking Just Doesn’t Work!

We live in a social media-controlled world. Likes are more important than face-to-face interactions, followers are more vital than building in-person connections. All of this causes us to be further away from those close to us. For some, the obsession with social media causes them to seek validation from others to make them feel good – how sad! These people did just that, but they forget to realize that other users are free to post their opinions on their attention-seeking behavior, too – that’s how freedom of speech works.

Source: Reddit

From claiming a supermodel is their girlfriend to all-out ‘please like this image’ snaps, claiming credit for a gourmet dinner that was cooked by a restaurant to posts that scream ‘I’m needy,’ you’ll see it all on social media. Let’s check out some of the best attention-seeking posts on social media and see how other users responded to it – prepare to cringe!

She’s My Girlfriend, Honest!

Whether this guy was having a spot of trouble in the love department or wanted to show off to his friends, perhaps he should have done a wider online search before choosing a picture of a model that could easily be found by someone else.

Source: Twitter

The next time you make up an imaginary girlfriend, make sure she’s not a famous supermodel! He was quickly called out by a guy called ‘Sam’ who busted his actions in front of everyone. Awkward!

A Bolt Out of The Blue

If you like a photograph, it’s probably best to just come out and give credit to the photographer, rather than pretending that you’re the one who took the photo! This beautiful lightning bolt shot drew plenty of positive remarks until the truth came out.

Source: Facebook

It turns out this is a copyrighted photograph that can be bought online and even turned into a pillowcase! It’s a great photo, for sure, and perhaps the perfect timing was what called the poster out – you would need a seriously impressive kit to catch a snap like that one.

Please Like My Photo, My Dog Took it

Nothing screams ‘look at me’ like a photo that you claim was taken by your dog’s nose but is, in fact, a posed selfie that was probably taken four or five times before you got the angle right. Let’s hope nobody believed her story.

Source: Imgur

If the fake dog photo wasn’t bad enough, she then had to go on about how bad she looked and that she’d just been diagnosed with asthma. Attention-seeking, much? Was there any need for the message below? We don’t think so!

One Good Deed Deserves Another … or Not

The whole point of a good deed is that it’s supposed to be selfless, not plastered all over social media. However, when it’s fake for attention and likes, that’s ten times worse! This user claims to have given a $100 tip to the waiter but look a little closer.

Source: Reddit

You’ll see that they scribbled the message on the guest’s copy of the bill, which means the bill had been paid and cleared already. They probably didn’t even tip a dime at all. Show off? Totally!

A Cry For Attention if Ever There Was One

If you want to post a selfie for the sake of it, just do it. Don’t lie about it, don’t try and hide the fact you want comments and likes to make yourself feel better. This user tried to pretend that someone had hacked into their Facebook and left random comments on their behalf.

Source: Facebook

They claimed they’d left themselves logged in at the library, but when you look a little closer, they posted the fake message from their cell phone. All for the sake of a fancy selfie? You look, good hun, leave it at that.

A Case of Journalistic Integrity Gone Wrong

Even journalists are getting in on the fake social media action! This magazine decided to post an image of a guy training for a triathlon, claiming that health benefits would come from anyone who copied him. They should have got his permission first.

Source: Twitter

The actual man in the photograph decided to come forward and show them up in front of the world. His advice isn’t to train for a triathlon, and he isn’t too pleased that his face was used with fake words attached!

Somebody Just Wish Him Happy Birthday

It’s your birthday, we get it, best wishes and all that. Seriously, some people will do anything for attention, even pretending that they hate birthday attention when in fact, they’re crying out for it instead.

Source: Facebook

This guy is trying to make you think that he doesn’t want to be the center of attention, but his post tells you something very different. Perhaps he was inundated with texts and posts wishing him a happy birthday, or maybe everyone ignored his attention-seeking behavior.

When Playing the Hero, Beware of Lies

When you lose your job, it’s a horrible feeling. You’re embarrassed. You’re not sure how to explain it to those around you. This guy decided to make up a story that placed him as the hero, saving a female colleague from harassment. Well done to him, right?

Source: Reddit

Or not. It turns out he didn’t lose his job for being the hero. After all, he lost it because he was always late and a terrible employee. Perhaps it’s wise to check your friends’ list before posting something which someone in the know could call out!

We Aren’t Beliebers!

Justin Bieber is working on music in the kitchen in this photo. He may well be, but the fact his earphones are unplugged makes it looks like he’s just seeking music-making attention instead. Perhaps he should have checked the small details before posting?

Source: Twitter

Okay, he could just be listening to something aloud and forgot to take his earphones out, but let’s be honest, it looks pretty obvious what he’s doing, right? Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s very unlikely that a star like him would be making music in his kitchen.

Cut Out The Hard Sell

While we would like to believe that this guy managed to buy his dream car in cash because he became so successful at work, the fact the car’s photo is taken from the Internet spins a different story completely.

Source: Facebook

It’s more likely to be an advert for Amway, trying to make people join up and earn enough cash to buy their dream car. Scam? Probably so, but if that his car, we can only congratulate him!

If You’re Going to Lie, Check For Witnesses!

Wow, we can just feel the warm sun on our faces and the sea lapping at our toes. That vision looks idyllic, right? It would be if it was the beach this guy was at and not a field in the middle of nowhere.

Source: Imgur

Trying to dupe everyone into thinking he was at the beach, he forgot to check for witnesses to his social media crime. He was lying on the grass with some cows not too far away from him. The scene is still pretty, though!

Mom Knows Best!

If you’re going to claim that you lived your childhood in poverty, it’s probably best to hide the comment from your mother first. This girl was called out most embarrassingly by her mother of all people!

Source: Twitter

She claims that she had nothing when she was growing up, but she had swing sets, food, and everything she could have wanted, according to her mom. Maybe she needs to see what real poverty looks like before she starts posting insensitive comments.

Always Reverse Search Before Posting

Fishing for compliments has become an art form by society today. This girl decided to do exactly that when she claimed she went to Starbucks with no makeup and received this flirty compliment from the barista. If it were true, it would be cute indeed, but she was soon called out.

Source: Reddit

One of her friends did a reverse search on the image and found that it cropped up all over the World Wide Web. Next time, just stick to a no-makeup selfie and let everyone tells you how beautiful you are.

You Should Keep Your Results to Yourself

Firstly, if you’re going to share your IQ test results, make sure you get the test result right. She claims she got 125, but the shared picture clearly shows another story and a below-average IQ at that. Embarrassing.

Source: Facebook

We wouldn’t want to speculate, but the fact she failed to see the picture she’d shared as completely going against her comment probably adds fuel to the ‘below-average IQ’ claim the test made.

No Makeup, No Filter – Honest

Firstly, this photograph is filtered to within an inch of its life, and secondly, if she did wake up like that, we want to know what her secret is. It’s far more likely that she spent hours beforehand perfectly her look and her pose.

Source: Imgur

On a more serious note, isn’t it sad that somebody feels the need to get this made up and then lie about it for likes? There’s no-one on this earth that looks that perfect and uncrumpled after a night’s sleep!

Always Pay Attention to The Small Details

He nearly got away with it, but this user forgot to remove the watermark on this rather stunning photo that he tried to pass off as his own. You have to admit. He was doing quite well until another user caught him out.

Source: Twitter

There is no coming back from that. You clearly state that you took the photo, only for someone to notice that you didn’t. If that wasn’t bad enough, you’ve probably breached copyright rules too—bad form, very bad form.

She’s “Supposed” to Be Sad

Losing a dog is a terrible and upsetting thing. Your fur baby becomes your loyal companion and follows you through life. When their days are over, you mourn their loss as a member of the family.

Source: Reddit

This is why it’s very strange that this woman is smiling and posing so confidently after sharing the news that she was newly dog-less. Is this how she looks when she’s sad? Or, more likely, is she trying to get comments and likes instead?

My Imaginary Girlfriend Won’t Leave Me Alone

Oh, the embarrassment! Before you take a photo claiming to be by your girlfriend who can’t get enough of taking your photograph, make sure that nobody can see your reflection behind you. One wrong move, and you could embarrass yourself for weeks.

Source: Facebook

Perhaps this guy was so desperate for people to think he was in a relationship that he couldn’t think of what else to do. The next time, he should probably avoid car window reflections, just to be on the safe side.

A Photoshop Pro, For Sure

This girl took this photograph as she got out of the shower. She was “apparently” wearing no makeup, and she used no filter. Do you believe her? We don’t. It’s not possible to look that flawless and put together after you’ve been in a steamy shower room.

Source: Twitter

Her eyes are too bright, her lashes are too straight, her blush is too perfect, and her hair is completely in place. Who looks like this when they’re out of the shower? Even Beyonce doesn’t look that perfect!

You’re so Handsome. Oh Wait

If you’re going to use a line that you’ve heard somewhere before, at least check out where you heard it before you plaster it all over social media. The chances of someone else hearing it too are pretty high, and it could come back to haunt you.

Source: Reddit

This user decided to share their real-life “story” online, only to find out that the story had already happened to someone else, none other than Robert Downey Jr. Yes, that would be a little embarrassing now, wouldn’t it?

They’re Quite The Explorer

If you’re going to wake up at 4 am and go hiking, the chances of you doing so in Chamonix, France, are pretty remote. Firstly, capturing that picture would require more than a hike and more akin to a mountain climb. Secondly, that photo is famous.

Source: Facebook

If you do a Pinterest search, you’ll find this very photo of beautiful Chamonix quite easily. Now, the user could have taken the very same photo, at the same angle, with the same conditions, but let’s be honest, they’re probably lying, right?

A True Case of Naivety

If you’re going to believe a story you read, you should probably check for tiny details before you believe it and post it all over social media. The likelihood of the story being false is strong, and you could find yourself in all sorts of public embarrassment.

Source: Imgur

This user truly believed this woman had been pushed into the ocean by her husband, left to die. But if you look closely, she’s wearing a scuba diving mask. Could it be that she’s scuba diving instead? It seems more likely.

I’m Still Famous. Honestly, I Am

‘Lil Bow Wow was famous, and some could argue that he still is, but if he feels he needs to make fake publicity to show that he’s bigger than he is, surely that means he’s heading more towards the ‘washed up’ side of the show?

Source: Twitter

Heading to NYC, Bow Wow claimed he was off on a private jet, but one of his followers snapped him on a commercial flight instead. Why the lies Bow Wow? Surely being called out like that must dent the ego a little?

I’m Being Robbed, Call Facebook Immediately!

If you were being robbed and you were in the house, what would you do? Call the police? Try and alert the neighbors? These are all sensible options – reaching for your phone to update your Facebook status is not.

Source: Facebook

Then, we see that she says she couldn’t get to the phone, which is strange considering she’s updating her phone status. To do so, surely it has to be in your hand? Attention-seeking at its finest!

Where Are All The Boys?

If you’re going to upload a video to TikTok claiming that you can’t get any work done because the boys are always hassling you, it’s probably best to check that nobody is going to call you out as nothing more than a liar.

Source: Reddit

Her classmate shared a snap to show that there were indeed no boys to be seen. Had they all run away? Did they explode into thin air? Where are the boys, or did the girl just want to look like a femme fatale?

The Lowest of The Low

If you’re going to post a photo, make sure the person who the photo is of isn’t going to see it and call you out as nothing more than a liar. Also, make sure that you don’t make up a story about that person having cancer when in fact, they don’t.

Source: Twitter

Stefania, the woman with the beautiful shaved head, doesn’t have cancer, yet the poster claimed she did. Surely it’s the lowest possible thing to make up such a story just for likes and attention? Thankfully, Stefania called them out.

A Mirror Image?

Many fun apps exist these days, including apps that compare you to your ancestors to see how similar you look. The idea is to have fun with it, not to add filters and create lies to make people think you look exactly like your grandma back in the day.

Source: Facebook

Apart from the glasses, this photo is identical. The only motivation we can think of behind this stunt is likes and attention. What sort of world do we live in that someone would sink that low? Embarrassing isn’t the word.

Making a Drama Out of Nothing

HuffPost got the wrong end of the stick with this story. They tried to make everyone believe that Jimmy Kimmel had upset Megan Fox by discussing her pregnancy. Of course, for a huge star like Kimmel, that would be a saga he wouldn’t want to face.

Source: Reddit

The truth is rather different. It turns out that all topics of conversation are cleared with guests before the show begins. So, HuffPost, it’s probably best that you get your facts straight before someone calls you out on Twitter.

A Case of Mistaken Location

If you’re going to rave about your relationship, you should probably get your facts straight first. Not everyone wants to read about your love life, how wonderful your boyfriend is, and that he’s far better than everyone else’s.

Source: Imgur

This user claimed this lock was being attached to a Paris bridge as a symbol of their love. However, if you look closely, that’s the Sydney Opera House in the distance. Perhaps she should go back to school and learn about geography again.

Left With Egg on Your Face

We all know that discovering a double yolk egg is meant to be a rare thing. That’s what makes it so exciting when you get one, whether you believe it’s good luck or not.

Source: Facebook

This user claimed that she had a full pack of double yolk eggs from one carton. That would be good luck indeed until she was called out because there were two lots of egg whites in those muffin cups. Cheating!

Those Words Did Not Come out of My Mouth

If you’re going to reference a celebrity, you should probably check that you’ve got your facts straight. According to the Irish Mirror, Chris O’Dowd only wanted to play Irish characters. Considering O’Dowd is Irish, you would think it’s a fairy story.

Source: Twitter

Until the celebrity in question heads onto Twitter and clarifies that he did not say those things and therefore had no problem playing roles that are not Irish. Embarrassing for the newspaper, don’t you think?

Check Out, My Girlfriend. She’s So Pretty

Some people are so desperate to look like they’re coupled up and happy that they will do anything to fulfill the role, even if that means stealing a photo from the Internet and creating a pretend girlfriend.

Source: Reddit

The problem is, the Internet is a very big space that anyone can access. So, when a suspicious user decided to search for this guy’s girlfriend, they weren’t surprised to find that she was a model and not his true love after all.

Look at The Hot Selfie I Didn’t Mean to Post

If you want to upload a photograph to Instagram, you have to go through a process. At any point in that process, you can press ‘cancel’ and change your mind. Even if you post it, you can delete it and start again.

Source: Imgur

Perhaps that’s why nobody believed this girl when she ‘accidentally’ uploaded this pouting selfie along with a caption. It’s far more likely that she meant to do so, and she wanted attention as a result. Just admit it!

Look, I Stumbled Upon a Box of Puppies

What are the chances of finding an adorable box of smiling puppies in a parking lot? Probably close to zero. This is why suspicions were raised when this woman found just that. Of course, a quick Google search shows you the same image.

Source: Facebook

Did she just want to act the hero? Did she just want attention? You have to be pretty unintelligent to think a photo as cute as this hasn’t been seen before. You’ve just embarrassed yourself. It’s time to move on.

Look at Me. I’m Attractive!

This guy is taking the classic car selfie, stuck in traffic and seemingly going nowhere. Oh, look at his handsome, frustrated face. You think that until you look a little closer and see the reflection in his sunglasses. There is no traffic.

Source: Twitter

Just an attention seeker, then? It would appear so. Of course, driving while taking selfies is also breaking the law, so not only is he an attention-seeker but a dangerous driver too. Probably best to steer clear of this one, ladies.

Saving For a Rainy Day

If math isn’t your strong point, it’s probably best to avoid posting about it on social media. Gaffs can be extremely embarrassing. However, it seems that whoever owns this water bottle also owns a magical portal to financial freedom too.

Source: Reddit

They should certainly check their adding up because it would take around $25 put into that water bottle daily for that amount of cash to be saved. More likely, they were looking for attention and received the wrong kind.

No Filter Here, Except There is

Firstly, this image is obviously sepia filtered. If not, she has a serious health condition that needs to be checked out, or her lighting is very odd. Secondly, nobody has eyes that blue without adding a filter of some kind.

Source: Imgur

So, the only thing we can deduce from all of this is that she is a big liar, and she wants people to post and tell her how beautiful she is and how amazing her eyes are. We admit those eyes are pretty, but did you have to shout about it?

Never Ask The Internet for Medical Advice

If you have a medical question, just go to the doctor and ask. Do not Google it, and do not ask your question on a message board. Reliable medical advice cannot be found from random strangers online. Ask at your peril.

Source: Facebook

Take this almost-doctor, for instance. Sure, they’re studying to be a doctor, but they’ve yet to graduate despite the fact they claim they have done so. They’re then called out because the first medical class to graduate from this new university hasn’t done so yet.

She’s Ahead of Her Time

We’ve already talked about apps that can compare you to your ancestors and look at how similar you appear. This girl is attempting to prove that she looks like her mother. Sure, she changes her pose a little, but look closely.

Source: Reddit

On her wrist is a Fitbit. Now, we’re not mistaken in assuming that Fitbit didn’t exist in the 1970s and were only an addition to our lives very recently. This is a woman who was a little head of her time!

Look at The Cute Sleeping Couple

This photograph is concerning on many levels. Firstly, who is taking a photograph? It’s not possible to picture yourselves asleep unless you set the timer on the camera (slightly worrying) or you’re lying, and you’re not asleep.

Source: Twitter

Secondly, who posts a picture of themselves sleeping anyway? Who wants to see this? Nobody! This couple need to rein it in and focus on their love lives, nobody else cares, and we certainly don’t want to see them snoring.

When Sarcasm Gets You Nowhere

If you’re going to make a clever and sarcastic remark on social media, always be prepared to do battle with someone who thinks they’re a little cleverer and more sarcastic. If not, you will certainly crash and burn.

Source: Imgur

This guy was trying to be clever, yet someone else was more informed about the Great Gatsby. In the end, the guy has to admit that he didn’t read it either, therefore completely calling himself out!

Check Out “My” Amazing Artwork

Claiming credit for something that you didn’t draw is always going to land you in hot water. It’s even worse when you choose an image that is quite famous, considering it’s related to one of the most famous books in history.

Source: Reddit

This girl decided to pass this Alice in Wonderland image off as her own. The plaudits would have been deserved except for the fact that it had nothing to do with her, as the whole online world found out.

An Egg Flip Gone Very Wrong

Snowboarding pictures certainly look impressive, and those flips are something that takes the breath away. It seems this guy wanted to get in on the action and prove to his followers that he could make the famous egg flip move.

Source: Facebook

That would be great, except to illustrate the skills, he chose one of the most common images from snowboarding calendars, which could easily be found with a quick online search. Maybe he didn’t snowboard at all and simply stayed in and drank hot cocoa.

An Embarrassing Trip to The Hospital

Firstly, why check yourself in at the hospital hooked up to a morphine drip unless you’re after sympathy comments? Surely that just screams attention-seeking at its highest level? Secondly, make sure that your mom isn’t going around telling everyone the real reason you’re in the hospital.

Source: Twitter

It seems the reason this guy is in hospital is that he had a rather bad case of diarrhea, and that’s not morphine, but saline. Not something he would want people to know about. Unfortunately, it’s now all over social media!

His Favourite Selfie Gone Wrong

If you’re looking at the sun, your shadow will be behind you. That’s a common truth. So, when this guy says that the sun was in his eyes and he loves the photo, you need to check his shadow’s position for the true story.

Source: Reddit

The likely truth here is that he just posted the picture because he thought he looked good, and he wanted to share it and get some likes for attention. Why not just admit it? He wouldn’t be the first or last to do so!

Part-Time Vegan

Many people choose to follow a vegan lifestyle, and that’s great for them. However, if you’re going to do so, make sure you don’t announce it and then get called out for eating chicken and steak the same day.

Source: Twitter

This guy’s credibility was ruined with just one comment. While others talked about him being an inspiration, he was busy chowing down meat, and his friends were ready to drop him in it! Let this be a lesson – you can’t be a part-time vegan.

When Your Lies Come Back to Haunt You

This user wanted to make their point about being pro-life. We’re all entitled to our opinions, after all, but pushing your thoughts and beliefs onto someone else falsely isn’t big or clever. Wanting to show a measure of support for anti-abortion laws, they posted this picture.

Source: Reddit

However, when you look closely, this photo isn’t from a pro-life rally at all but President Obama’s inauguration. Of course, this photo has been seen widely, leaving the user feeling a little foolish at their lies.

He Just Wanted to Feel Loved

When posting something on social media, you need to be very careful of many different things. If you’re going to post something about yourself, you need to remember to switch accounts. The fallout could be embarrassing.

Source: Reddit

This guy wanted to post an anonymous message proclaiming love for himself. He forgot to switch accounts, so now it just looks like he’s completely in love with himself. We can only assume he wanted the ground to open up and swallow him whole.

We’re on Randy’s Side

Changing your relationship status on social media is a big deal. People are always going to comment and try and find out what happened. That’s what happened to Carmen, but she didn’t expect her ex, Randy, to tell the world exactly what caused the change.

Source: Reddit

It turns out that Carmen had been fooling around with several others behind Randy’s back. Rather than holding his tongue, Randy just had to let the world of social media know what had been going on. Go, Randy!

Giving Your Cause a False Image

Using an image to back up your cause is fine, but make sure you choose a legitimate image. If you don’t, you’re casting doubt on the one thing you’re trying to draw more attention to. That’s exactly what happened here.

Source: Facebook

This image is nothing to do with pesticides at all. It’s a protest by Greenpeace. The suits are because they’re spraying paint. If you want to highlight an issue, at least do it truthfully and show it some credibility.