When People Do the Tackiest Things in Public

We meet different people every day of our lives, and everyone has a distinct character and behavior. It’s no secret that we meet good people with wonderful characters. Unfortunately, we also meet those who are so irritating that you wonder if they had any home training. Maybe they did.

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But they chose to grow into despicable humans. Some of them do things that make you wonder why they’re so rude. Many of these people have no problem behaving trashy without caring who they inconvenience. Here are people who annoyed onlookers just as much as they would irritate you.

Do You Have Enough Weights?

The gym is one of the places we meet strange people. Unfortunately, these people ignore the positive gym culture we’re trying so hard to imbibe. But there are some things you should simply never take all of. For example, the weights in the gym are for everyone to share.

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Your workout isn’t more important than the person next to you. It seems this guy had other ideas. He decided to seize all the weights at once rather than take them one at a time. And he isn’t even using them; he’s just piling them up under the bench.

That’s a Long List, Wedding Planner

Although they can be fun events, weddings tend to be stressful too. They usually take months to plan and need lots of coordination on the day for everything to come together. So instead of planning, many would-be couples commission a wedding planner to take the brunt of the wedding stress.

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So a list of wedding day rules could be helpful. These rules, however, cross the line and become downright offensive obligations. This email not only outlines outrageous ideas like strictly controlling appearances and having monetary minimums on gifts, but it’s also extremely strange that no one can address the bride.

Why Would You Do That?

Pregnancy is a thing of joy (well, usually). It can be really special when someone discovers they’ll be having a baby, especially after having trouble doing so. That’s a similar back story to what happened here. This person had tried to get pregnant for years and finally got her wish!

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Her co-worker knew how special this was and decided to celebrate. She even went out of her way to get some cakes to celebrate with. But someone else in the office had other ideas—unfortunate ideas. And the idea was to take a bite from each cake.

No Candies on Halloween

Halloween is clearly one of our favorite holidays ever, and we’ll always relish the chance to celebrate. It is also a fantastic opportunity to get some free candy. But with that said, you must understand that not everyone celebrates the holiday. And it’s their choice.

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One trick-or-treater’s parents weren’t happy that this couple chose to opt out that year. The note sometimes sounds overwhelmingly passive-aggressive. But once you see that it is addressed to “unkind couple,” you’ll admit it’s plainly aggressive. We wonder if they did this to all houses that didn’t answer the doorbell.

You Could Have Done That at Home

There are some things you may do when you’re running late. For example, you may decide to get breakfast from a fast-food restaurant or do your makeup in the car. In other cases, the things on your to-do list are better off done inside your own house.

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Otherwise, stuff like this can happen. While the person who did this is no longer there, we can tell what happened based on the number of nail clippings on the floor. We are curious. What would it cost to wait until they got to their house?

Why Not Get Mom a Different Gift?

Gardeners take great delight in what they grow. Most people would be extremely upset at this. This Facebook user claims that they were forced to immediately remove these flowers from someone’s property. What could they have done since all the grocery stores ran out of flowers on Mother’s Day?

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It’s quite trashy that they’re asking the people to consider their situation before judging. Did they consider the effort and resources the owners put into growing the flowers? Why not get your mom something else? Or perhaps plan ahead better so you don’t have to behave like this!

DIY Cushions in the Store

Doing things yourself at home and finding ingenious ways to solve problems are wonderful things. They show how smart you are. But not every time. We understand that kneeling on a hard, linoleum floor is never comfortable. So this person decided to use loaves of bread as a cushion.

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They just wanted to find a way to escape the hard floor. It might work, but in the end, a couple loaves of bread are practically flattened. Also, you’ll be kneeling on what could possibly be someone else’s food, and not everyone wants that kind of groceries.

Showing No Class at All

When you go out to a bar or restaurant, it’s polite in most places to leave a tip for the server or waiter. Most times, the waiter helps you a lot throughout the night, and they usually don’t get paid enough for their efforts. So they rely on tips.

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It’s appalling that someone decided to leave a tip this way. There is no justification for this, and maybe it would’ve been better to not leave a tip at all. What could they possibly get from leaving behind such a problem that could create a mess for the waiter?

Since It’s a Rental . . .

Every company wants you to take good care of their rental cars. In the end, you’ll find that leaving a mess isn’t worth the extra fees you may have to pay. But as we mentioned, trashy people are everywhere, and you could, unfortunately, loan your car to one.

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Sometimes people don’t give their rental car as much thought. When this truck was returned, the interior was messy. We can’t really blame this person for being annoyed because they work for the rental company and must now deal with the mess. Shame on the renter.

A Time for Everything

This person posted this picture asking whether their McDonald’s drink looked like a large. There’s no problem with that, right? The problem is the background of the photo. This person was driving 52 miles per hour and still decided to take the picture and post it on Facebook!

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It might have been wiser to wait until you were at your destination or to ask before leaving the parking lot. Considering distracted driving is a common cause of fatal road accidents today, this is poor judgment and behavior that could ruin someone else’s life.

You Could Wait a Few Seconds

You should probably move out of the way if an emergency vehicle such as a fire truck or an ambulance is coming. They are inevitably trying to reach an emergency. Of course, there’s always the option to go with the trashy option, as this pedestrian did.

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They could have waited a few seconds before crossing. These few seconds could make all the difference where the emergency responder is headed, but we bet it won’t change anything for the passer-by. Instead, they kept on going. The fire engine was even turned off for their inconvenience.

Selling Used Items Is Okay, Until . . .

Selling your used stuff is a good way to boost your income and cut down on waste. There are a few things you can sell as second-hand products such as furniture and clothing. But there are some things that are one-time-use items and should never be sold after use.

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One such thing is a pregnancy test. Once you’ve used one, then that’s the end of the item’s entire life span. Not to mention that it’s not a good idea to lie to your partner that you’re pregnant. You’re not getting anywhere with that. This person needs to look at themselves.

Using Birthdays to Crowdfund

Technically, you’re free to ask for anything you want for your birthday. After all, it’s your special day, and if someone wants to get you a gift, why not? But that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to it. This person asked for money for their birthday.

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And they specifically targeted those who couldn’t come to the party. They even tagged everyone. Unsurprisingly, their request went completely ignored, but it didn’t stop them from trying once again to demand money from their Facebook friends. Crowdfunding and being entitled because of your birthday is trashy.

No Respect for Other People

Flying is usually uncomfortable unless you spend some money for the good seats and the VIP treatments. So why decide to add to someone else’s traveling misery by making them even more uncomfortable? This self-centered person certainly didn’t care about the other people behind them.

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We bet that getting all their hair draped over their seat would’ve taken more time and effort than sitting and keeping it in their own seat. This also puts the hair in the other passenger’s face, which isn’t the best thing to experience on a flight.

That’s Not Good Behavior

Some behaviors are utterly trashy. These actions serve no purpose other than to offend or hurt people. This student might have easily procrastinated or even finished the assignment even if they didn’t want to use the typewriter that day. Anything would have been better than this.

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Sticking chewed gum into the typewriter to prevent it from working is just bad. This is why schools and other academic organizations add “in knowledge and character” to the certificates to imply the student has been tested in both categories. It doesn’t look like this student has good character.

A Pound of Beef on the Shelf

Sometimes when you go to the grocery store, you pick something up, and later you decide you don’t need it or want it. So you end up just putting it back before checking out. That’s normal, and we’re sure it has happened to everyone in the past.

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People can usually just place items back on a shelf, but you might not want to do so with an item that needs to be refrigerated. Unfortunately, this pound of beef will most likely just rot. Not to mention, leaving something for someone else to handle is quite impolite.

Who Would Do This?!

There are some actions that are simply so immoral that you have to question the rationale behind them. One such scenario is this one. This image tells a disturbing story. According to the person who posted the picture, these are the grave markers for their grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-grandmother.

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There isn’t anything much trashier than destroying someone’s family graves without any reason whatsoever. Not all cemeteries have security cameras, but we hope this cemetery has some kind of security to spot the horrible person who perpetrated such acts of vandalism, so they’ll be arrested.

Everything Has to Go

An excellent way to ensure that you get rid of anything you don’t need without simply throwing it away is to hold a yard sale. The additional pocket money is also beneficial. People who buy these products also benefit significantly because the items have great prices.

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It didn’t take long for the problem with this sale to come to light. It seems this seller was selling someone else’s property without their permission and knowledge. This garage sale feels like it could become ugly. We don’t know the back story, but we don’t think anything justifies this behavior.

Having Fun in the Park

Parents being thrilled to welcome a new life into their family makes sense. We have nothing against celebrating a new birth. However, over the years, we’ve witnessed some rather careless gender reveals. This one is certainly not the worst, but it is trashy enough to be included on the list.

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The couple hosted their celebration in a nearby park. They were even so considerate that they gave the park some party flavors—in the form of litter People need to understand that in the end, someone has to clean up that mess.

Just Clean Up Your Trash

Some restaurants expect you to leave your trash on the table. However, not every restaurant offers that service, so you’ll have to clean up after yourself in some cases. You should, at the very least, tidy up before you leave. But this McDonald’s customer felt it wasn’t their problem.

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This is even worse considering there was probably a trash can just a few feet from the table or by the exit. It’s clear that they just didn’t want to be helpful despite passing by those trash cans on their way out. That’s quite a mess on that table.

What a Beautiful Car

We understand that when buying a car, the technical specs are important, especially if it is a used one. But that doesn’t mean the aesthetic aspects shouldn’t be taken into account. In fact, they are also an important part of buying a car and one that many people consider.

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Unfortunately, this car fails in both areas. Not only is it rusted, and you know there’s nothing good underneath, but it also has a “send nudes” message that shows everything about this car is trashy. And with only 300 miles on it, we’re not sure this seller is honest.

It’s Clearly Not a Parking Spot

We get it. Looking for a parking spot can be a pain. You can go around and around looking for free space before finding one eventually. But there are some areas in the parking lot that aren’t meant for parking. And you shouldn’t park there because they’re reserved for something else.

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This area is reserved for shopping carts. But not everyone abides by the rules that are laid out in front of them. The fact that this space was already occupied or that they didn’t fit in the spot didn’t appear to deter this person.

This Is a Disgusting Story

It’s clear that since there’s a note like this in the elevator, it didn’t come out of nowhere. This happened after many events that just couldn’t be overlooked anymore. And we wonder how many people were letting their dogs pee in a public place like the elevator!

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We understand that some dogs are untrained and would do this, but why would the owner not clean this mess up? Leaving the mess is a trashy decision, even if it was gross for the dog owner to clean it up. We hope they review the camera.

Everyone Can See You, Sir

Flying on a plane can be quite stressful and uncomfortable. It’s no wonder people look for flying hacks to ease their stress. On the bright side, you can always get a snack during the flight if you ever crave one.

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It seems this guy thought the food also came with extra floor space. They just threw away whatever piece of trash they were done with in the aisle. He even dropped a full sandwich on the floor! This is a terrible use of space. We’re baffled that people behave this way.

Just Throw It Away!

If you thought the person above leaving their trash was terrible, wait until you see this one. Although it’s rude to leave trash behind, they aren’t necessarily gross. For example, a discarded empty box or to-do list isn’t gross, but they’re still trash that should have been properly disposed of.

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Other times, the neglected trash is quite disgusting. Given that this trash contains human waste, this soiled diaper is an excellent example of rubbish that would make someone throw up. This is also clearly a public restroom. We want to believe this happened due to forgetfulness and not disregard.

A Need to Improvise

Using household things to solve problems is a creative way to live. Ultimately, you’ll save money by not buying new items and also find a solution to the problem. While some things are called “trashy,” they can also be seen as problem-solving. This is an example of such.

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Sure, it seems odd that this person uses a microwave as a mailbox, and it may cause the mailman to do a double take. However, it holds the mail, and their house number is prominently visible. It enters our list because the mailman may not appreciate it.

Leaving the Cinema Messy

Have you ever gone to the cinema and found debris or other items on your seat? We all have, right? Finding popcorn on your seat or feeling a sticky beverage slip under your feet when you go to the movies is never nice. However, these things do happen.

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It’s usually up to the staff to clean the theater in preparation for the next movie. However, you can help by being a normal human being and not leaving the theater the way these teens did after watching the movie. We wonder what their rooms look like.

There’s a Time and a Place

There’s a time and a place for everything. When it comes to nail clipping, it’s probably best if you do it at home. Apparently, this was a serious problem that this doctor’s office had to deal with. We’re appalled that a sign like this needs to be put up.

Source: Twitter

It happened so frequently that they had to put the sign up with a visual demonstration to get people’s attention. This behavior had gotten so irritating that they had to let people know they shouldn’t be clipping their nails while they waited. This should be common sense.

When the Cleaning Is Long Overdue

Everyone occasionally wants to put off doing the dishes or other cleaning chores. Even so, there are situations when you simply must act, particularly if you have a roommate. If someone opened the cupboard and saw this inside, they would be justified in asking questions like this roommate did.

Source: Reddit

Although it appears that the potato is well past its expiration date, if they keep it inside long enough, they might end up with new potatoes to choose from in a few weeks. And we’re sure their roommate’s disgust over the unmistakably sour odor won’t bother them.

What a Weird Message

Copywriting is important, and we understand the importance of capturing the user’s interest before selling the product. Marketing teams usually test-run and thoroughly consider their advertisements. Obviously, that doesn’t always work, and some businesses have run dubious advertising campaigns. Reebok really went all out in the trashy category here.

Source: Reddit

Although we have heard the advice to stick to a fitness routine, we haven’t really seen anything that encourages people to cheat on their partners. That is until we saw this ad that Reebok deemed appropriate. How did they ever approve this ad to go live?

When the Brat Goes Shopping

Kids can act out occasionally, and it’s not always the parents’ fault. Everyone has witnessed parents trying to soothe a crying child in a supermarket or on a plane. On the other hand, some parenting techniques are downright unpleasant. Why did they let this happen?

Source: Reddit

These parents shouldn’t have let their kids leave a previously tidy toy aisle in such a mess. Now, the thrift store employee will be forced to clean up the mess. That could’ve been avoided if the kids were well-mannered.

Keeping the Community Clean

In an ideal world, everyone would strive to keep their environment clean. Unfortunately, it’s not like that. It’s actually more difficult to encourage everyone to do this than you may imagine. It appears that many of the visitors to this building’s roof weren’t overly concerned about cleanliness.

Source: Facebook

It looks like people no longer mind leaving their trash behind. The place has literally turned into a refuse dump. Now, there’s no way anyone can enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air that comes with sitting on the rooftop when some people can’t clean up.

Good Manners at Home and on the Road

It appears like we are constantly needing to point out that flying has some downsides that aren’t necessarily caused by space. A flight can be improved greatly with a little common decency. This person was not prepared to do that. No matter how uncomfortable it made the others around them . . .

Source: Facebook

. . . they made sure to make themselves comfy by stretching out with their bare feet. Their feet are in another person’s foot space! We can’t imagine the foul smell that could possibly be coming from the feet. Guys, it doesn’t take much to be considerate.

That Isn’t a Good Sign

This is another example of signs that shouldn’t need to be put up in the first place. You would think people would have common sense. It can be difficult to predict how much mess you’ll find when entering a public restroom. And seeing this isn’t very promising.

Source: Facebook

First, we have to question how serious of an issue this is that a sign was eventually put up to let everyone know the rules. We’re also concerned that many of the adult clients in this building appear to have been involved in this behavior. How disgusting!

It’s Called an Armrest for a Reason

Certain things shouldn’t need to be explained. For instance, as the name implies, an armrest is for your arms. There is no way the person sitting behind you should use the armrests of their plane seat as a footrest. This person has just closed the other passenger in.

Source: Facebook

They put their bare feet up on either side of them! This is really distressing and disgusting. We are curious as to how long the torture lasted. Hopefully, this person notified the airplane staff to ask the inconsiderate person to move their feet. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

Humans Shouldn’t Need a Sign for This

It looks like we’ll keep seeing these signs on the lists—signs that should never exist in the first place. You’ll probably find many signs while walking through the park. For instance, the signs might tell you to clean up after your pet or the time the park closes.

Source: Facebook

But this is a particularly unusual sign. It tells us that certain humans have used this park as a bathroom more than once—at least enough for the park staff to put up a sign. We don’t want to imagine the moment when the staff discovered human poop. Ugh!

A Terrible Way to Advertise

We’ve already seen one advertising gaffe from Reebok, and here is another one. There are some things that’ll always be trashy. For instance, littering just for the sake of it is one of them. We understand that you need to market yourself, but littering is a terrible idea.

Source: Facebook

However, one struggling YouTuber thought that littering the beach with their username would be the ideal way to draw in more viewers. We’re not sure if it brought them the attention they desired. But they definitely need to be called out for this irresponsible behavior.

Keeping the Toenails for a Special Occasion

Moving heavy furniture can sometimes be a pain. As a result, you may not always clean behind and underneath your furniture. But the downside is that you must be ready for some truly horrific finds when it’s time to finally move that furniture. This person certainly got a horror show.

Source: Facebook

When they decided to move their couch, this person was disgusted by what they found. Apparently, their roommate had been storing their toenails in that spot. They probably thought no one would ever find them. We know we said you should clip your toenails at home, but not this way!

Why Would You Do That?

We’ve seen many trashy things on this list, and this certainly ranks close to the top. People shouldn’t actively look to hurt other people for the fun of it. And there’s no justification for such behavior. This Snapchat oozes all the bad energy we want to avoid.

Source: Twitter

Cheating in a romantic relationship can hurt the other person. The worst thing about this is that these two aren’t just boasting about their potential relationship with a married person. They are pleased with themselves for succeeding in front of their family. The man’s behavior was also trashy!

When You’re Obsessed with Snapchat

Nothing compares to escaping for a few hours to savor the tranquility of nature’s glory. Walking through an environment that is entirely natural is incredibly beneficial to our physical and emotional wellness. Simply put, it’s wonderful to take a brief break from others and the many daily activities.

Source: Twitter

Too bad some idiot decided to tag a rock and ruin everyone’s experience of this lovely nature walk. What use is this type of advertisement? After seeing this, all we want to do is report this guy’s profile. It’d fill us with much joy if someone did.

Bare Feet in the Open

At this point, we wonder what the thrill is in not wearing shoes in public places and obviously inconveniencing other people. We’ve seen it quite often on this list, and it’s unsettling that people behave in such trashy ways. This is one such instance.

Source: Facebook

Quite frankly, taking your shoes off during a game wouldn’t be a problem if you kept your feet where they’re supposed to be. Nobody would notice them while you’re sitting. But people will notice if you put your feet up next to someone else’s face while watching the game.

What It Means to Be Put on Ice

We understand that summers can be unbearably hot. Since it costs too much to run the air conditioning all day, people must come up with inventive ways to stay cool and enjoy the warm weather. The solution, though, isn’t to ruin all that ice for everyone else.

Source: Reddit

Next time, invest in a huge fan, and don’t sit on the ice in this box. Instead, take some ice out, put the ice in a bowl in front of the fan, and enjoy the cool breeze. It’s sad that we have to tell people certain things.

The Proposal Went Down the Drain

Every couple is special. This means that while some choose to propose using more traditional methods—flowers, balloons, rings, the works—others go for a more . . . personal approach. We’ve seen many types of proposals over the years, and this one is undoubtedly one of the most surprising ones.

Source: Reddit

We don’t know why they chose to propose this way, but we have a feeling that these port-a-potties have a deep and emotional meaning to the couple. If we knew what meaning it held for them, we might actually like it. But right now, it’s a gross proposal. Ew!

All These Damages in Five Months

Landlords are constantly accused of being horrible people, and some of them most certainly are! We’ve heard how some of them treat their tenants, and it’s terrifying. But this doesn’t mean all tenants are great people either. In fact, they may just be more horrifying.

Source: Reddit

For example, we don’t understand how these ex-tenants managed to create this much trash and do this much damage to the property in just five months! It looks like it took years. It’s almost like this was their goal before renting the place. They are certainly the worst tenants we’ve seen.

How Unhygienic Could You Possibly Be?

As recognized food sellers, supermarkets take great pride in maintaining the greatest levels of cleanliness and hygienic conditions. However, some of them could care less about all those annoying germs. At the very least, this employee doesn’t seem to! If those had been closed boxes or cans . . .

Source: Reddit

. . . it would have been one thing—still unpleasant but doable. But the fact that it clearly looks like the meat section just makes it worse! This is so repulsive, and there’s no justification for this. And no, we’ll never to shop here again. This is stuck in our heads now.

Mom Makes the Rules

Halloween is undoubtedly every kid’s favorite holiday. What could kids possibly not like about fun costumes, ample amounts of free candy, and staying up well past their bedtime? But we’re sure this child will hate this holiday for the rest of her life, especially after what her mom did.

Source: Reddit

Honestly, her costume looks quite impressive and expensive. But this doesn’t matter when the child looks so miserable wearing it. Hopefully, she gets to choose what she wants to wear next Halloween. With a mom like that, we won’t expect that to happen though. Poor child.

This Is Absolutely Nuts!

When we travel, we all enjoy having snacks, right? Sometimes all we need is something to keep our hands (and mouths) busy as we travel by car, bus, or plane. Nuts and seeds are ideal for that, unless, of course, you’re a horrible person.

Source: Reddit

Snacking is just a convenient way for evil people to put their garbage in someone else’s hands. There’s nothing hard about having an extra bag with you for trash you can throw away later. We feel bad for the person who had to clean up this mess.

A Little Ink on the Bird

Tattoos are really cool! Humans somehow found a way to put different kinds of inks and metals into our bodies and create art! And we’ve actually seen some impressive art on people. But one place we don’t want to see these works of art is on our fancy holiday dinner.

Source: Twitter

We really hope this is just one of those temporary tattoos we had as kids. Don’t get us wrong, that would also be weird and gross, but at least it might be rescuable. We have no idea what’s going on here, but it’s going to be a memorable dinner.

Not the Best Spanish

Did you know there are more native Spanish speakers in the world than native English speakers? So why would you disrespect an entire language because you’re a lazy, ignorant fool? We understand that you don’t speak Spanish, but this person deserves all the stick they get.

Source: Twitter

And remember, we can all whip out our phones and do a quick search to find the right translation. The Spanish translation would be “no entrar aquí.” It’s not only shorter and more respectful, but it also has a better chance of deterring people from entering here.

Getting the Party Started!

It’s not every day that you forget everything and just party like there’s no tomorrow. So if the opportunity comes knocking, you should certainly make the most of it. And if you’re in the party capital of the world, you just need to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Source: Twitter

Sure, but there must still be a limit of some kind. It’s a pretty good sign that you might have overdone it if you’re being carried to the elevator with a huge bucket over your head. Although Las Vegas might never sleep, this woman ought to have a nice long nap.

What’s the Racoon for, Dude?

Shopping at the grocery store is not always enjoyable. It can be a very challenging and overwhelming experience for some people. However, most people figure out simple ways to calm down and get through the experience. But we don’t know about a coping mechanism that involves hugging a raccoon . . .

Source: Twitter

. . . especially so close to your chest when you’re shirtless. Beyond the fact that having a trash raccoon so close to so much food is actually not very hygienic, this is just odd. It begs the question, “what happened to the ‘no shirt, no service’ policy?” It needs to be enforced now.

Keep Your Area Clean in the Airplane

We know that sitting still for a long time while traveling on long flights is difficult. However, it still isn’t okay for someone to treat the plane like their own personal trash can. Adults shouldn’t find it so difficult to keep their space at least somewhat tidy and organized.

Source: Reddit

Considering the staff frequently goes by with trash bags, this shouldn’t be so hard. We wonder whether they treat their own homes this way. If so, we would never want to go there. Just look at all that mess they made in their area alone. Disgusting.

I’ve Got My Eyes on You

A person’s choice of a tattoo to get permanently inscribed on their skin can often reveal a lot about them. Some people’s tattoos show that they are survivors; others may have tattoos with their kids’ names or faces, and we know they deeply love their family.

Source: Reddit

You may also find someone with a flower tattoo. They just like flowers. We’re not sure what this guy’s impossible-to-miss tattoo says about him. It’s quite uncomfortable to continue staring into both sets of eyes. We also definitely wouldn’t want to be in a staring contest with him.

Cleaning Your Table Is Common Decency

No one who’s ever worked in the food service industry will ever make this kind of a mess. In fact, you don’t have to work in the food industry to have some basic human decency. Only a jerk who has never cleaned up after people would leave such a terrible mess.

Source: Reddit

People, pick up your gross trash and put it in the trash can. It only takes a minute. You have no idea how much easier you would make someone else’s shift if you simply did the bare minimum. Be kind, be a human being, and throw your trash away before leaving.

This Is the Worst Person Ever

Have you ever been incredibly excited about a new movie you have been anticipating for a long time? You’ve even avoided all the many spoilers posted online by being extremely cautious on social media. Then, when you arrive at the movie theater, someone spoils the ending for you!

Source: Reddit

The honor of the Worst Person to Ever Exist officially goes to this person! This is the epitome of everything wrong with the world today! Maybe we’re exaggerating, but come on. What did they aim to achieve by doing this? It must have killed the excitement.

Sitting Comfortably on the Apples

Given how exhausting grocery shopping can be, it makes sense that you might sometimes need a break. However, you shouldn’t be careless about where you take that break. Don’t sit on the products. That’s a basic rule to follow. Better still, stay away from anything that will eventually be consumed.

Source: Reddit

It’s best to just steer clear because most people won’t want to eat apples that a stranger sat on. It’s disgusting that this person just casually sat on apples like it’s nothing. We don’t think they checked where they wanted to sit before sitting down.

It Used to Be a Free Library

A free library is an excellent way to provide a low-cost reading solution. It’s also a great way to ensure the community continues reading. This free library used to be beneficial to the neighborhood until it met a fiery end at the hands of some psychopath.

Source: Reddit

It’s even more messed up that the person who burned this down did it on purpose. Yes, you read that right—it wasn’t an accident. What on earth could have been so appealing about destroying a free service that only offered reading material? We hope this person is caught.

They Can’t Find the Shoes They Want

We always hear that “customers are always right,” but behavior like this shouldn’t be excused. No customer is right to mess up a store like this. The store aisle doesn’t miraculously rearrange itself if you leave it in disorder. Restoring order to the aisle takes work.

Source: Reddit

This implies that while you’re looking for the perfect item and discarding everything else, you’re significantly extending the workday for some employees. Simply putting the shoes back where you found them would have taken only a few seconds. Now you’ve added possibly an hour to someone else’s shift.

Hello, You Have a Delivery

Littering is, as we’ve said earlier, a trashy behavior. Going out of your way to litter on someone else’s property is especially disrespectful. The person who littered the neighborhood farm field with their trash should have double-checked their trash before behaving like an uncultured human.

Source: Reddit

Since they were mostly shipping packages, the owner of the farm could easily find their name and address. So the farmer did the right thing—they put all the trash back on that person’s perfectly mowed lawn at their home. Hopefully, that teaches them a lesson about where to dump trash next time.

A Kind Way to Leave Your Autograph

This customer was annoyed because the wait staff didn’t bring their check as quickly as they had hoped. Most people would simply wait a short while or even proceed to the counter to make their payment. Reacting by signing the table in ketchup is a disgusting and inappropriate response.

Source: Reddit

Not to mention that nothing about this behavior resolves the issue that upset them in the first place! In the end, the waiter who served them may not be the one who has to clean the table. We genuinely hope people will become better humans and have common decency.