40 Posing Hacks to Improve Your Selfies

We’ve all taken bad pictures. Some of them end up in our phone gallery and never see the light of day. Others just get deleted immediately as we can’t risk anyone finding them on our phones. But what if you’re the one ruining your pictures?

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Of course, it’s not every day that we feel photogenic. But there are a few tricks to spice up your photos. With a few adjustments to regular poses, you can appear more comfortable and confident. Now take a close look at some of them. You’ll be surprised. Say cheese!

Make Moves with Your Waist

One of the most intimidating poses is taking pictures wearing a bathing suit. Sometimes, we don’t feel confident, and the pictures don’t always meet our expectations. If this sounds like you, the best thing to do is to change your posture, and it will make a big difference.

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In the left picture, she shows what it looks like to sit hunched forward without showing off her waist. In the other picture, she is sitting up straighter while her hands are above her head. This clearly shows off her waist features even while sitting. It looks better, doesn’t it?

Straighten Out While Sitting

It goes without saying that most of us can feel really awkward taking pictures while sitting because we tend to slouch, and some outfits just don’t look their best while sitting. However, adjusting your leg positions can change the situation and make your pictures appear much better.

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Just by putting one leg forward, she shows more of her outfit, and opening up her jacket makes her body appear longer. Instead of covering up, we can give people a better look at what we are wearing, just like she is showing off her shoes and tights.

Flaunt Your Swimsuit with Confidence

When you buy a new swimsuit that makes you appear hotter, you are more likely to want to show it off. We all do. The swimsuit she is rocking has big graphics, but when she sits normally, all the cool geometric shapes are not almost completely hidden.

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When she is on her knees, you can see all the different shapes and how the bathing suit hugs her body tighter showing off more curves. Also, in the second photo, she appears firmer, and you can see confidence written all over her after she changed her pose.

Flaunt Your Curves and All Your Edges

Many people feel more comfortable standing straight toward the camera, while some people feel it shows their facial patterns more clearly but it doesn’t do anything for their bodies. You can try this pose if you are trying to spice up your mirror selfies and show off your curves.

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When you are taking a mirror selfie, you can turn about 45 degrees and put your hand on your hip instead of standing straight. Even if you are not exactly curvy, this pose gives the eye a path to follow that creates the impression that you are curvy.

Squatting Can Be Wonderful

Though squatting for a photo might seem strange, there are a couple of ways to make it look flattering. While this means you are folding your body up, it can also give you a cool shape and also make your photos appear more intentional than just standing to pose.

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Instead of squatting straight towards the camera, you can try leaning on one knee and moving onto your toes with the other leg. It appears casual but still relaxed without seeming too obvious about it. In the picture, the lady’s sneakers stand out well because of the way she squatted.

Get More Romantic with Your Pictures

Couple photos can appear forced or may sometimes just feel awkward to take. However, you need to feel comfortable beside your partner, and there are ways to show that in a picture. One way to do this is by lying down on the couch and staring into each other’s eyes.

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One rule of thumb that Bonnie recommends is to form triangles with your body. In the picture, the model is making a triangle with her legs which makes her body appear longer even while lying down. The second photo also shows how intimate they are.

Call Attention to Your Waist Using Your Hand

Wearing oversized blazers wasn’t trendy for a while until it made a big comeback last year into fashion trends. However, rocking an oversized blazer may look weird when we look like we are being swallowed. There is a smart way to take pictures in blazers without looking funny.

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When you stand facing the camera, you are likely to put your hands forward. Instead, place one hand on your hip underneath the blazer to show off your waist. In the picture, it no longer looks like the blazer is swallowing her, while you can see more of the outfit.

Pushing Your Leg Forward Gives More Shape

What we are sure of is that everyone will take another look at this Cher-inspired outfit from Clueless. It actually looks much more flattering in the second photo. The first photo makes her look serious and pretty conscious of herself, and her legs are also shortened.

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Instead of standing with your legs locked, put one leg in front of the other because it not only creates a curve in your body but also elongates your legs to make you seem taller. You can immediately see the change in how much longer her leg looks.

One Step Forward Can Make a Big Change

While some people are not exactly fond of pictures and care less, some slight movements can completely change the vibe in any picture. Looking at the first photo, it looks flat with no activity, and our eyes tend to look at the strange hand placement first.

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In the second photo, she makes a move in the picture by taking a step forward and a step back. She creates a perfect impression that she is walking because she is also slightly off-center. She actually appears more confident in the second picture. A great picture!

Make Magic with Your Dress

Maxi dresses are right for different events and seasons. However, they are elaborate and can make you feel like you are drowning in the fabric when you take a shot. You can fix this by simply taking advantage of your dress as she did in the photo.

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You can tell the dress is nice, but it is not exactly remarkable. If you are wearing a maxi dress that has a slit, show off a bit of your leg to give more definition to your body. Apparently, showing off some skin also makes the picture more appealing.

Flamingo Pose Helps to Flaunt Your Outfit

When you stand straight facing the camera, you might miss some really cute details in your outfit. You can do the flamingo pose instead. Try this by popping one leg up and turning slightly to the side. You also get to show off your footwear too.

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Stepping your foot up while taking photos gives a playful sense to the pictures and makes you appear like you are having fun while taking those pictures rather than feeling shy or uncomfortable looking at the lens. It also creates the triangle that should be in well-posed photos.

A Move Can Get You on Track

The first picture is not terrible. In fact, she is stunning as well. But doesn’t she appear a bit lost and bored? It probably feels more natural to stand like that in the first photo, but her pose in the second photo makes her elongated and bolder.

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In the second picture, she stands on her toes and throws the shall behind her, which makes it look like she is floating. This is a simple pose that anyone can copy because it is just standing on your tippy toes and turning sideways from the camera.

How to Be Like Wonder Woman?

You probably weren’t expecting a superhero in this. One thing everyone can learn from Wonder Woman is her pure sense of confidence and girl power. So, if you can’t think of a cute pose while taking pictures, just stand like Wonder Woman, and you will instantly get more confident.

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Judging by the pictures, do you notice how she lifted her chin to make her seem more confident? Even though she isn’t showing off more skin or tilting her body to a side, she still defines her waist with her hands, and she looks like a boss babe.

Getting Creative with Group Photographs

It is not obvious they are spelling out “Love,” but it does show a different twist on the typical group picture. The first picture looks nice but ordinary, and the bottom picture takes us back to the late 2000s when we were all about peace, love, and happiness.

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If you intend to recreate this exact shot with your friends, you should make sure the letters look correct when you snap the photograph. The only thing you will lose out on is the chance to see your friends’ faces when looking back on these memories.

From Your Camera Roll to Lime Light

Imagine when your boyfriend takes a picture of you and when your friend takes the picture. In the first picture, the lighting and pose seem off because her eyes are shut and her face isn’t showing. The light simply draws your eye to the dock instead of her face.

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The second photo looks really improved. You can see her cute bathing suit and her body curves, and the light brings more focus to her and not the boat. When taking pictures, adequate lighting is absolutely necessary because it can make a picture so much better.

Get Your Body in Shapes

Another complicated feat when taking a shot is finding the right angle to capture an outfit. If you are confused about what to do, an easy thing to do is to turn 45 degrees, putting your hand on your hip and placing one leg in front of the other.

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What you can instantly notice in the other picture is how her face looks more relaxed and bolder and the shift in her posture once she makes those slight changes. You don’t have to be a professional model to learn a simple pose like this one.

Don’t Cover Up Your Body

Taking a picture while sitting means you need to strike a nice pose. It is better not to cover up yourself because it makes you look all scrunched up. Although it is a triangular pose, her body language gives a feeling of insecurity and shyness.

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In the second photo, her face looks bolder, and she is generally more confident. She also created a more open pose with a double triangle shape. It also appears more relaxed than in the first pose, like she is cool and aware that her picture is being taken.

Get Out of Your Comfort Poses

Most people have a regular pose when we are trying to take a quick shot, but it starts to get boring. Sometimes, it’s fun to spice up your photos. Instead of posing with your hand on your hip, you can try out this one when it feels right.

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In the second picture, she chose to lean against the railing while putting her foot up as well. The angle makes her legs look longer and the picture looks more natural as if she wasn’t aware of the shot rather than it feeling too posed.

Get More Confident with Your Leg

Sitting for pictures makes us more concerned with all of our flaws. First, we look at how we are sitting, if we are sitting up straight enough and how our body looks in this position. Overthinking always sucks out the fun! However, there is a simple trick to change these.

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Try putting your arms on the inside of your thighs instead of leaving them at your sides. Also, go on your tippy toes to give your legs an instant toned look. This might make you feel weird because you are sitting, but the photo will definitely look much better.

Soap Can Help You Create a Steamy Effect

Have you tried taking a random selfie in the shower, but it just didn’t give the vibe you wanted? You may have no intention to share, but it feels good just to be able to admire how pretty your face is or how lovely your body is.

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Well, here is a trick to get that steamy effect on the shower door. Gently rub a bar of soap on the glass, and it will help keep drops of water on the glass. It adds that subtle detail to the photo to give it a sultrier look.

Play Around as a Couple

Standing next to your partner for a photo is actually a default pose but sometimes it can look boring or unnatural. So instead of just wrapping your arms around each other to create an intimate feeling, try playing with different poses in photos like this one.

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Sitting while your partner stands can make your shots more interesting. It gives the photo different levels and makes the regular picture more exciting to look at. You can also spice things up and try different variations. Don’t worry too much about optic if you are trying this.

Pretend to Be Unaware

To be fair, standing in front of a camera to take pictures isn’t the most natural thing to do for lots of people. Your consciousness level goes up. Unless you are a natural or a gifted model, it can sometimes feel awkward taking pictures, especially with your partner.

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Try unnerving but feeling more candid. It’s actually okay not to pose at all in between shots because the photos may turn out cuter because you are just having fun. It also helps to make each other laugh because capturing those moments makes a special kind of memory.

Show Off More Using a Belted Coat

There are a few seasonal trends we love to try out, but they don’t always look good in photographs. One of these is the classic trench coat for spring and fall. However, there is a way to show off your curves and the coat just by wearing a belt.

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When you belt the coat, your curves are more visible because your body shape is more defined. When you actually wear it open in a picture, it makes anyone appear broader. Which do you prefer? So, grab a coat, belt it and show off those lovely curves.

Get Some Additional Lights

Have you ever seen a professional photographer during a photo shoot? Photographers have devices to make the lighting look perfect all the time, whether they are taking shots outside or in the studio. This is necessary because everyone knows bad lighting can ruin a “good” photo.

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Anytime you want to take a picture or have yours taken, always remember to check the lighting because shadows can make you look different. The perfect time to take photos is during the “golden hour” because the sun is going down, and the ray makes you look like you are glowing.

Don’t Stop Being Goofy

Taking pictures for your social media accounts or just for yourself is supposed to be fun. Whenever you start snapping those mirror selfies, don’t forget to add a little bit of attitude. If you are really goofy, don’t try to hide that from the camera.

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Try different positions instead of just hunching over. You can turn your body in different ways and change up your leg positions. Here, she switched up by trying another pose. You don’t have to look straight at the camera. Well, she still looks natural doing her thing.

The Perfect Weekend Pose

Have you tried to show off your cute weekend lounge outfit, but none of the shots does justice to it? Well, we are showing you the perfect weekend pose that you have been missing. Something like this is bound to give off those weekend relaxation vibes.

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Don’t just sit upright. Instead, try propping your legs up on the railing on a balcony and sitting back in your chair. All you need is a glass of wine in your hand, and you are absolutely set to share this weekend’s highlights with all your followers.

Let Your Accessories Do Their Job

Have you ever felt like you always repeat the same pose(s) in every picture? Most people rely on their normal poses because they feel comfortable and appear great in previous shots. Regardless, you know you have to try different things to really spice up your media.

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If you are wearing accessories like a scarf, try playing with movement in your pictures. For instance, you can throw the scarf over your shoulder to create a light effect and make it look like a more exciting picture. Think about it. You are also showing off those cute accessories.

Shining Bright and Flawless

Have you taken a cute selfie, but the lighting is bad? We bet it hurts deeply. A great selfie will always have good lighting and the best you can get is natural light. Try snapping yourself in front of a window where those rays of sunshine are on your face.

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Another technique influencers use to get good lighting on their face is a ring light. It makes you look flawless no matter what time it is. Also, you can always have control over the amount of light you want and have perfect lighting with one of those.

Create Unlimited Styles for Yourself

Wearing blacks is a default style for most people, but the fall season is a great time to try out different fashion styles. Even though nothing is wrong with the first outfit, the second one looks better in the frame and they are things that already sit in your closet.

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Try combining and layering things you never try to put together. Stop limiting yourself, irrespective of the season, and don’t be afraid to try out outfits in your closet. As long as you feel confident wearing an outfit, it is bound to look good on you.

Get Into Different Levels

When taking pictures with one person or a couple of people, it is usually hard to strike a pose where you both feel comfortable and natural. Instead of just standing side by side, you can try playing with different levels to make the photos appear more different.

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The duo in both pictures look like they are straight out of a fashion magazine. In the second picture, they are also making better use of the space around them. This adds a different feel to the photo, and it makes it appear more professional.

Get a Better Shape While Squatting

Just like she did in the other photos, squatting is a cool way to switch things up from your regular posing style. However, it is important to know how to squat. In the left photo, she shows how most people would get low because it seems the most natural.

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You really don’t have to do like ”most people.” To switch up, try putting one leg in front of the other like she is doing in the second picture. This makes her legs appear longer, and her posture straightens out her torso instead of being folded into a ball.

Explore Every Space Around You

In the first photo, her legs are tucked into her body which makes her look shy and uncomfortable. She appears less appealing simply because her body language is off. She looks nervous, and it hides her whole outfit. Striking a nice pose actually requires every inch of our body.

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The second photo looks completely different because she has loosened up. Her dress and her whole body are longer and more well-defined. She also looks more confident. When you take a picture, you have to stay calm and open up instead of tucking into a ball.

Getting Your Elbow More Jobs

These two photos are actually different, but it is not obvious. She made a little switch that made her look more natural. Placing a hand on our hip can be an easy way to keep our hands busy, and there are better ways to do it without looking weird.

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By moving her elbow behind her, she forms a better shape with her body without compromising her figure. She also placed her other hand on her head to show different angles, and it drew the eye to a certain point. A slight turn of our hand can make a big difference.

Create Levels with One Leg

A tip that has been consistently hammered is that you should create different levels and angles to make your photos look better. This isn’t overemphasized. In the left photo, the lady looks uncomfortable, and her body language is muted. However, some minor adjustments made the second photo better.

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By putting one leg in front of the other, she created different levels for the eye to look at. Her legs also look longer, and anyone can try this. By opening up her body, she appears longer, and her body becomes the center of attention.

Relax Your Shoulders When Sitting

Most times, while taking pictures, our arms get left out because they are harder to pose. So, when we are not comfortable, we put more pressure on our arms. We stick them at our sides or place them in an uncomfortable position which makes the picture look forced.

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What do we do? First, take a deep breath and relax. Smile and don’t forget it is just a picture. By getting rid of the pressure in our arms, we look more elegant and bolder. Merely doing this goes a pretty long way to make the photo look even better.

Don’t Look at the Camera if You Don’t Want To

Exploring while taking photos helps with confidence, and it’s always fun to play with different angles, especially when taking a photo in a bathing suit. People who are camera shy need to be comfortable to get a good shot, and there are ways to make you feel less uncomfortable.

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If you get awkward in front of the camera, try turning away from the lens so it doesn’t feel like the camera, and the cameraman is looking you dead in the eyes. She also changed the angle, and it now shows more of the background as well.

Go Back to Your School Days

Do you remember that awkward first day of school pictures? You are either really excited to be there or not. You can try to recreate that moment as an adult. It can be when you are just headed to your first day at a new job or a back-to-school season.

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In the first photo, she isn’t flaunting her backpack or her outfits. However, you can sense movements in the second pose, which gives out the details of her look. She also appears to be at the center of attention instead of being outshone by the background.

Put Your Curves Out for All to See

One of the aims of posing for pictures is to make curves with your body that give you a more attractive and different appeal. It’s best to relax your body instead of staying locked in. Avoid locking your legs together and holding your arms tight to your side.

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The lady formed a more defined curve by popping one knee forward and moving her arm forward. She appears calmer and more comfortable in the second picture, and her pose shows that the presence of the camera doesn’t bother her. A pose like this also makes you look confident.

Create Lines with Your Body by Moving Sideways

You could be feeling bloated, and this is a pretty awful feeling, especially if you find yourself in front of the lens. We understand, and there are ways to make you feel better. It is best to avoid facing the camera directly and turn sideways instead.

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When you create angles with your body, you create lines, and this is much more appealing than standing straight or sitting upright. Of course, she looks good in both pictures, but she clearly appears calm and oozes confidence in the second picture. Striking a pose always shows confidence.

Your Smile Is Your Best Makeup

Wearing anything baggy tends to make you look swallowed up in pictures. This becomes more obvious if you are wearing a robe. This yellow robe looks comfortable, but in the left photo, she looks like a ball of fabric because her shape is completely covered.

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Moving your body helps create a curve people can follow. She moved her elbow back and made her hip shoot out so that you could follow the line from her head to her toes. In the second picture, she is smiling confidently, and the robe is no longer swallowing her.