A Single Mom Discovers an Unquestionable Connection Shared by Her Foster Children

Since childhood, Katie Page had always dreamed of someday having a family. Sadly, following her divorce from her husband, her aspirations felt impossible. Katie knew that she needed to move across the country and start over. So, she found a new job and a fresh new town to call home.

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Katie was finally happier about life, yet something was still lacking. Though uncertain about her future, Katie still dreamed of being a mother and decided to foster a child. This choice was a fateful one and led Katie to a life she never imagined, of bringing up two amazing kids.

Broken Dreams

Katie’s life wasn’t where she thought it would be when she reached 30. Still living in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, Katie didn’t have it easy. After the dissolution of her marriage, she felt lost and didn’t know where or who she wanted to be.

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Katie was primarily heartbroken since she had always wanted to start a family young. Because of her divorce at the age of 30, her dream began to seem impossible. She needed to start over and create a new life for herself. Even though she felt lost, Katie knew she just needed a new beginning.

New Surroundings

Katie knew she wouldn’t be able to start over if she stayed in Birmingham. Despite the comfort of old friends and familiar opportunities, Katie knew she had to leave to begin her life anew. Katie didn’t know where she wanted to go; she just knew it was anywhere but Alabama.

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Fate intervened, and Katie was offered a job across the country. This offer was the sign she had waited for; Katie got a job at a commercial construction company called GE Johnson. Low and behold, she followed this new opportunity to Denver, Colorado, working as an integrated service manager.

Clean Slate

Katie trusted her decision and knew that she was going in the right direction to get her life back on track. She found the perfect house, but it needed a lot of work done. Katie was ready for the challenge and didn’t mind getting her hands dirty, DIYing significant parts of the renovation.

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Unsure of the future, Katie kept planning ahead. She discussed the renovation with her friend and spoke about needing a bigger house and wanting ‘more’; she didn’t know how much ‘more’ she would receive. She only knew she needed to work hard to achieve her aspirations.

Problems and Solutions

Katie needed to focus on figuring out what to do with her future. Her house was her focus, and because of its extensive fixes, she had to DIY most of it. She lived on a budget in order to afford everything she needed to make her house a home.

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The new house didn’t repair all Katie’s issues; if anything, its emptiness brought up the void she felt. Katie knew what she needed. She understood that despite her divorce, there were numerous other ways for her to have a family. So, she began to check out her options.

The Adoption Option

At first, she was hesitant even though she knew that she had options. She knew there were many ways to fix the hole in her life. Even so, it wasn’t easy to take the next step. She had to prepare to make such a fateful choice regarding her dream of starting a family.

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Though she didn’t feel completely satisfied, Katie knew that her choices had been intelligent and rewarding. The move to Denver and the new home had taught her to have a fresh outlook. Due to pre-existing fertility issues, Katie had always considered adopting.

A Sign from Above

Katie joined a church in Denver. One morning she got a letter from them. The minute she read the letter, Katie knew what her next move was. The letter was an invitation to a seminar about fostering children in need. It was like a sign. Just like that, Katie understood.

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At the seminar, after learning about foster care, Katie began to feel emotionally connected. She knew in her heart that she was meant to be a foster parent. Though a frightening and intimidating prospect, Katie felt inspired and passionate about fostering a child.

Diving In

For Katie, Mother’s Day 2015 is the day her life changed forever. On that date, she courageously filled out the application to foster a child for the first time. Katie was excited to leave behind her old life once and for all and begin her new adventure.

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Katie didn’t make her decision lightly. She didn’t want to make a rushed choice, especially when single and in a new place. She thought it through, considering the struggles fostering may entail and what the choice would mean for her life, and decided that no matter what, she wanted this without a doubt.

Caring Katie

Katie’s application went through quickly, and just like that, she was a certified foster parent. Foster children began to arrive, and it wasn’t always easy. Some of the kids came from challenging circumstances. Many of them had endured traumatic experiences beforehand. Katie took care of each one of them.

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Katie fostered numerous children over her first year. Finally, she understood that she wanted more. Katie wished to adopt. It wasn’t that she didn’t love fostering; she just wanted motherhood to be forever. Trusting her gut, Katie let her caseworker know, updating her on her plan to adopt.

Right Time, Right Place

Sometimes life happens before we have time to catch on. In Katie’s case, it was without a doubt an intervention of fate. Just a couple of weeks after updating her caseworker, Katie received a call that a mother had abandoned a four-day-old infant at a Colorado hospital.

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Katie knew in her heart that this was her child. Without hesitation, Katie told the caseworker, “I want him!” She feared that her caseworker might reach out to other foster parents and begged her not to. Twenty-four hours afterward, Katie left the hospital with the baby boy, finally a mother.

Home Sweet Home

Katie had fostered babies before, but never a newborn. If that wasn’t challenging enough, after doing some tests, the doctors found out that the baby had been exposed to drugs in utero. The infant desperately needed care, luckily Katie was prepared to do anything for him.

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Katies worries alleviated when she found out that he wasn’t displaying symptoms of withdrawal, and he was otherwise completely healthy. His doctors continued testing to make sure that the drugs wouldn’t affect him long-term. Fortunately for the new family, it was confirmed that the baby wouldn’t suffer any long-term damage.

Name Time

Katie needed to make sure this newborn would have a wonderful life, especially because of the troubling circumstances that he’d been dealt. This baby felt different for her than the many children that she’d cared for before. Katie wanted to give the world to him since he’d suffered so much already.

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Katie needed to give her new foster kid a name. Since he entered the system at birth, his birth parents hadn’t named him. At first, Katie couldn’t choose what to name him, so she called him Baby Boy. Luckily, this didn’t last. Katie finally picked her favorite boy’s name, Grayson.

Love at First Sight

Katie quickly fell in love with Grayson. She had never experienced anything like it, and they bonded at the speed of light. Katie proved to have excellent maternal instincts. Maybe it was the practice she gained fostering, or maybe Katie was just a natural mom.

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The only thing she wanted was to adopt Grayson. Katie became so attached to the newborn boy and wanted to make her feelings official. Katie wasn’t prepared to part for her new son and wanted to create a life for them together. To do so, she needed to go from foster mom to adoptive mom.

Gone Without a Trace

While Katie cared for baby Grayson, the caseworkers had to go through the protocol of looking for his birth parents. Meanwhile, Katie became so attached to Grayson that the thought of parting was heartbreaking. Despite her feelings, Katie wanted what was best for the baby and understood the protocol.

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She and Grayson’s caseworkers searched everywhere for his biological parents. They reached a dead-end quickly since no traces were left behind at the hospital, and all their leads were useless. Even the notices they put in the newspaper and at the hospital went unanswered.

Officially a Family

One month short of a year later, in May 2017, Grayson and Katie officially became a family. Katie couldn’t believe Grayson was finally legally her child. Her dream had come true; she had started a family. They hadn’t seen anything yet; Katie and Grayson’s path forward was full of surprises.

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Grayson needed more TLC because of being exposed to drugs in the womb, so Katie devoted her time to him. Since Grayson had to overcome developmental and physical obstacles, Katie postponed fostering another child until he was at least 18 months old. Despite adopting Grayson, Katie still wanted to foster.

Just the Two of Them

When Katie thought she was ready to foster again, she was overwhelmed by calls about children in need. Most of the calls were for emergency, short-term cases. These weren’t what she’d hoped for, but despite her plans, she couldn’t turn away kids in need, so she took some short-term placements.

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After a few cases, Katie decided that she wanted to adopt another child, but not yet. She still needed to focus primarily on Grayson. Katie knew that in the long run, she wanted to have a bigger family unit. Katie trusted she would feel when the time was right.

Caught off Guard

Katie dreamed of adopting more children in the future. Her house and her heart had room for more kids, and she longed to continue giving her love to those in need. She knew that more children needed homes and felt compelled to open her house to make space for someone new.

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About one month following Grayson’s official adoption, they received a call. Just like the fateful call Katie had gotten before, this call altered her and Grayson’s future. Again, an infant had been abandoned at the hospital and desperately needed a home. This time the girl had a name, Hannah.

Same Story

Hannah’s circumstances were almost identical to Grayson’s. She had also been exposed to drugs in utero and been abandoned at the same local hospital. Everything happened so fast, and despite being overwhelmed, Katie knew she had to help baby Hannah.

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While she spoke to the caseworker, Katie felt like she was seeing double. Hannah’s story sounded like Grayson’s all over again, but after ten minutes on the phone, Katie heard herself saying yes. She knew it sounded crazy, but she felt like it was meant to be. As if it was God’s will.

In the Blink of an Eye

The speed at which everything went forward was mid-boggling for Katie. After a few hours, Hannah was brought to Katie’s house. Her arrival made them a family of three in the blink of an eye. Katie knew that no matter what, she wanted Hannah to join their family.

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Right when Hannah arrived, Katie noticed the mother’s name written on the baby’s hospital bracelet; it was the same unforgettable first name that Grayson’s birth mother had. Later, when reviewing Hannah’s discharge papers, she saw that Hannah’s biological mother had also written down a similar birth date to Grayson’s birth mom.

Was it Possible?

Katie was taken aback by how much alike Grayson and Hannah’s circumstances were. The substances Hannah was exposed to and her physical and developmental condition mirrored Grayson’s story. Katie was intrigued and started to believe that the two babies had the same mother, even though they looked nothing alike.

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Was it possible that despite looking nothing alike, the two kids were siblings? Katie’s Instagram explains that her son has a darker skin tone and brown curly hair and is part African American, while Hannah is a strawberry blond with snow-white skin. All the same, Katie couldn’t let it go.

The Moment of Truth

According to the hospital, Hannah and Grayson’s birth mothers didn’t have the same last name, and the recorded birthdays for each kid’s mother were a day apart. Katie was persistent and continued digging, sure that she would find the facts to back up her theory and uncover Hannah’s birth mother.

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Katie was adamant that two were related, but Hannah’s caseworker was harder to persuade. The baby girl’s caseworker believed that the similarities between the two stories were merely coincidental and that it was nearly impossible for the two children to have the same mother. But Katie didn’t give up.

Don’t Stop Believing

Katie decided to file an official request asking Grayson’s caseworker to take on Hannah’s case as well, hoping it would help Hannah’s case to go through quickly. Meanwhile, Katie kept on searching for the truth. Low and behold, her determination paid off, and Katie finally found Hannah’s biological mother!

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Katie rushed to set up a meeting with Hannah’s birth mom as fast as she could. The second she saw the woman’s face, Katie knew that Hannah’s mom was also the birth mom of her toddler, Grayson. It is hard to envision how crazy that realization must have felt for Katie.

Fact not Fiction

Katie attempted to keep her cool, but during their meeting, the only thing on her mind was that this woman was also Grayson’s mom. Not wanting to get ahead of herself, Katie talked at length with Hannah’s mom. During their conversation, Katie’s suspicions were confirmed by information that the other woman shared.

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Hannah’s mom told Katie that she’d birthed another child before Hannah. Furthermore, the previous child was a boy and had also been abandoned. The woman confirmed that she left the boy with no documents. Also, the woman’s resemblance to the two kids was uncanny, really convincing Katie.

From Missed to Matched

Naturally, Katie needed to know more and bombarded the kid’s birth mom with questions. She found out that the kid’s mom had a couple more children, one of them a newborn boy in need. Katie had to do something, so the minute the woman left, she called the kid’s caseworker.

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After more investigation, the caseworker found that Grayson’s last name matched the name of a family member of Hannah’s birth mom. Just like that, the pieces fell into place, and they got a DNA test. The test confirmed that Hannah and Grayson were a match, siblings, with the same mother.

Blessed and Blissful

The impossible had come true. Katie was shocked that she had fatefully fostered two estranged siblings. She was ecstatic that things had played out as they did. Katie had always wished for a family, but she never thought she would receive such a gift and be able to unite long-lost siblings.

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Katie shared the magical story with her followers. She mused about what may have happened if Hannah had gone to another family or if they hadn’t found the children’s birth mom. Katie knew that what had occurred was nothing short of a miracle. She felt blessed.

Fast Friends

The moment the facts came together, Katie felt she was responsible for making sure that the two kids stayed together. She wasn’t willing to take the chance that Hannah and Grayson would be separated. The fear that they would become estranged again fueled Katie, and she understood what to do.

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Katie also had another motive. She’d already opened her heart to Hannah and wasn’t prepared to give her up. Likewise, Hannah and Grayson immediately bonded, instinctively understanding their connection. Katie began the paperwork to adopt Hannah officially quickly. There was nothing she wanted more than to make Hannah family formally.

Three’s a Crowd

On December 29, 2018, Hannah’s adoption became official. Katie went into family court with a foster daughter and adoptive son and left the court with a legal family of three. Katie was now the adoptive mother of two siblings. Finally, Katie’s dream had come true; she was bringing up children.

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She was thrilled that the children had been brought together and were safe and sound in their new home. No one could believe what had happened; it really was a miracle. Looking back, in Katie’s wildest dreams, she never thought that things would play out the way they had.

The Greatest Gift

Hannah’s adoption officially went through after two years. She was in the foster system for an incredibly long time, considering that Katie, her foster mother, had been willing and eager to adopt her right away. Katie knew that they were meant to be. Hannah fit their little family like a glove.

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Katie had been so excited just to give Grayson a home, and she knew that adoption was a big deal. Even so, Katie felt it wasn’t enough, so when the opportunity came along to reunite him with Hannah, she was overjoyed. Katie’s sentiment paid off. Hannah was the perfect sister.

Meant to Be

Their story went viral, and numerous publications approached Katie. In an interview with People Magazine, she gushed that it was meant to be. Katie said that it was clearly the work of God. She explained that if they weren’t siblings, Hannah would’ve been fostered by someone else.

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Katie was amazed at how quickly she became a mother of two. Despite her shock, it felt right, and she got the hang of motherhood in a flash. Motherhood suited Katie, and she thrived through the love she felt for her children. Little did she know what surprises lay in their future.

Keep ‘Um Coming

It wasn’t over yet. About a year after Katie had first come into their lives, Katie received another fateful call. Katie was in disbelief when she heard the life-changing news that the adoption agency had to bear. There was no investigation to follow or facts to dig up this time.

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They told Katie that her children’s mother had birthed another child. The woman was also unable to care for this infant. Katie was conflicted and hesitant to proceed, unsure she could take on another child. It wasn’t easy raising two kids, but could she leave behind their sibling in need?

The More, the Better

Hannah and Grayson’s mother had given birth to another baby boy. Katie was having a hard time digesting everything. Her dream had always been to have two kids, not more, but this baby was their relation. Katie didn’t want the poor baby estranged from his brother and sister.

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Katie knew she had no other option than to adopt him as well. These siblings had to be reunited. She knew what she must do and began filing the paperwork for adoption. Katie was on her way to be the parent of three exceptional children. She felt too much love for them.

Smooth Sailing

The transition of adopting the newborn boy was as natural as Hannah’s adoption had been. Jackson, the baby boy, fit seamlessly into their family. All three of them fell in love with Jackson in no time. He became one of them before he knew it. The family connection was strong.

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Katie was eager to become Jackson’s mom on a legal level. In June 2019, she let her followers know that they had scheduled a court date, and she was working on making it official. Meanwhile, Katie was happy that Jackson had a safe home with her until his formal adoption.

Discrete Documentation

Katie’s fateful tale is addictive, and she gained many followers. But legally, due to the ongoing adoption of Jackson, Katie has had to protect his privacy online. Katie found a creative solution, deciding to use a heart shape to cover Jackson’s face, that way still able to post their story.

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They can’t wait for Jackson’s adoption to finally go through and for him to be officially family. He and his brother and sister are so connected, and Katie has embraced him as her own. That’s why she’s so private online, making sure to do nothing that will compromise the process.

Living it Up

Though on hold for the adoption to be complete, this united family keeps enjoying life together. Grayson has grown up so fast, three years old already. Katie can’t believe her son is starting preschool. She thinks it’s incredible how friendly Grayson is and how great he is with people.

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Hannah is already two years old. To Katie’s delight, she’s a girly girl. Katie told her followers about the first time Hannah sat with her while did her hair. Katie can’t wait for more mommy and me moments with her daughter, excited to do girl stuff just the two of them.

Secret Suitor

Katie’s followers were blown away when she surprised them with a pic of her family plus a mystery man! She explained that his face was cropped because she’d promised not to post pictures of him. Nevertheless, she felt it was essential to post how happy and appreciative she is.

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Apparently, Katie and her man have been together for more than twelve months. They met at their local church, which means that they were already together when Katie took on Jackson. It’s heartwarming to know that Katie has the emotional support and help she needs to bring up her three children.

Full House

Katie really has it together. She’s managed to adopt three little kids while still working at her full-time position at the construction company. Not only that, she consults independently for Rodan and Fields skincare while also maintaining her own website woodandgrace.net. We don’t know how she does it all!

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Lucky for Katie, she’s had lots of help raising her kids from the very beginning of their adventure together. Her mom, sister, and roomy have been by her side through thick and thin. They’ve all done their share of babysitting, helping Katie to work full-time while still DIYing her home renovation.

Getting Creative

Luckily, Rodan and Fields let Katie work remotely. They are a skincare and makeup company. As a consultant for them, she gets to build her own work schedule. This routine allows her to do everything to work as much as she needs to care for her family.

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Katie has shared her plans to spend more quality time with her kids, hoping that her career choice will give her the freedom she needs. Katie knows that as long as she works for the construction company, she can’t have more kids, so she’s searching for ways to adjust her lifestyle.

Telling her Tale

Katie has learned her way around social media. She’s a self-taught Instagram and Facebook genius. She expertly uses her platform for marketing her own company while also sharing her journey with her children. Her website woodandgrace.net is another platform where she shares her family’s exciting story.

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Katie shares everything with her followers, always honest about her circumstances. At 35 years old, she understands that her life isn’t perfect but is confident that she did the right thing by following her dreams. Her choices brought her to her children, who have fulfilled her and sustained her through good times and bad.

Well Deserved Rest

Katie’s hard work has paid off. She’s reached financial stability, finally able to hire a nanny to help her with the kids. The nanny will allow Katie to have more quality time with her family while also letting her rest. No one deserves some downtime more than her.

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The foster system and adoption process are brutal; Katie shares how little information is communicated with prospective parents with her followers. She’s aware that she would never have gotten as far as she has in this frustrating system without her belief, composure, and endurance.

Telling it Like it Is

Katie has used her platform to help advocate for change in the foster care system. She continues calling for more people to adopt and foster kids in need. On Good Morning America, Katie told the world that she believes in miracles, encouraging more prospective parents to foster needy children.

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Katie’s blog is full of stories about the adoption process, and her followers can’t wait for Jackson to be officially hers. Sometimes Katie feels like she’s reached the end of her rope, impatient for the adoption to be official. Thankfully, her time with the kids makes even the most challenging days worthwhile.

Postponed Proceeding

At the end of 2019, Katie was sure that Jackson would be formally their family member by November. Her followers kept track of every twist and turn of the adoption process. Sadly, Katie and her family reached another road bump, and the proceedings were postponed, making it impossible to finalize by November.

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Katie’s goal was to finalize the adoption by November 22, National Adoption Day. She kept posting about the final negotiation process, bringing them closer to the finish line. Katie can’t wait to move forward past all the bureaucracy as a legal family. Her excitement and enthusiasm are palpable.

Keeping Up Hope

When they didn’t finalize the adoption by their goal date, Katie was sorely disappointed. Thankfully, she understands that she must keep up hope and that fate will help her in the end. Meanwhile, she’s putting all of her energy into raising her three awesome kids. Hopefully, soon they’ll all be legally hers.

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By now, Jackson is a year and three months old. He, his brother, and his sister get along ideally. Katie often uploads pictures of the three siblings spending time together. In some of the posts, you can see them laughing and playing with one another.

Many Achievements

Though biological siblings, each of Katie’s kids are unique in their own way, with their own personality traits and quirks. Even with their differences, all three are polite and well-mannered and get along great. Despite the age gap between the boys, they have fun roughhousing together.

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Katie, just as any parent, shared a photo of Grayson on his first day of preschool. Katie just couldn’t believe how much her son had grown and overcome in his time on earth. She and her family can’t wait to see what tools preschool will give him and what his future holds.

Bonded for Life

Katie loves sharing about the extraordinary bond Grayson and Hannah share. The two siblings can’t get enough of each other and are never apart. They protect each other and make sure to be there for one another. It’s just adorable. Katie knows that they will only grow closer as they age.

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Katie hopes all three of her kids will continue to be there for each other for life. She’s learned how special their bond is first-hand. Katie tells her followers that asking her kids to hold hands makes the whole family smile. Their love fills her heart.

Matching Outfits

Katie likes to dress Grayson and Hannah in similar get-ups like twins. She knows that they aren’t actually twins, but it doesn’t ruin her fun. Sometimes Katie takes it a step further, dressing the whole family in matching outfits, including Jackson herself and her mystery boyfriend as well.

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Sometimes Katie dresses the kids in matching football jerseys. This way, she can also show her support if the Denver Broncos. There is no family outing more fun than going to see football together. Plus, the cute factor of these two toddlers wearing their orange jerseys is too much.

Opening Hearts

Katie’s journey has touched people worldwide with its plot twists and heartwarming happy ending. Katie has tried to use her influence and platform to advocate for foster care and adoption. She never dreamed she would reach so many people and hopes to continue moving people to do the right thing.

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Katie’s inspiring journey even reached Good Housekeeping magazine. She was ecstatic to be featured on such a big platform. Katie wants her family’s emotional story to reach as many people as possible, believing that it will motivate other people to foster children. We are excited to share it too!

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Don’t forget that during all of this, Katie maintained her career and projects as well. For instance, her job as an Independent Consultant for the Rodan and Fields skincare and makeup company. She loves helping people with their skin and their self-confidence, helping others live their best life.

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Katie’s many followers have made her an influencer on social media. She even does promotions now, like for a line of Lily Jade diaper bags. She has been spotting wearing the Lily Jade “Elizabeth” Diaper bag in some pictures and has written about the bag on her blog.

Girl Time

Katie is always sharing her infatuation with her daughter Hannah on social media. They have the best time together. Katie attributes her constant amusement to Hannah’s naughty and sassy attitude. Katie knows she is truly blessed to have her children. She would be bored without them.

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The best part is that Hannah loves doing girly stuff. Like playing dress-up or dressing fancy. She also helps her mommy pick out clothes and always tries on her jewelry. Katie has fun dressing up Hannah, too, even curling her hair to perfection. Katie is a natural at mothering a girly girl.

Doting Daughter

Hannah has also learned a lot from Katie. She’s learned to take care of her brothers. She helps feed Jackson and gets things for him. Hannah likes to pick out clothes for her whole family, and last, but not least, she likes to straighten up and keep their home clean!

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Katie has continued documenting her children’s wholesome childhood as they grow up. Again, genuinely hoping to influence others to foster and adopt. The amount of kids out in the world who are in need is significant. So many would appreciate a warm home, like Grayson, Hannah, and Jackson have.

Festive Fun

Holiday Season was a fantastic time for Katie and her kids. All three siblings decorated the tree, and Katie dressed them all in cute holiday attire. There is no better time to enjoy the magic of Christmas than as a young kid; lucky for them; they get to enjoy it together.

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Sadly, Jackson’s adoption wasn’t finalized before the holidays, but thankfully there was much to celebrate. Katie hasn’t given up hope and knows it’ll all work out. Katie reached out to her followers, thanking them and expressing gratitude for her children and family.