Android Phone Tricks That Nobody Tells You About

There is a long-running debate concerning which smartphone or operating system is the best. But it really all depends on the user. While there are many operating systems, Android is one of the most popular. If you have one or are considering getting one, you’re in luck.

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We’ve compiled useful and unknown hacks that can enable you to use all the hidden features your phone has to offer. We’ll cover everything from practical shortcuts to fully customizable features, so you might want to grab your phone and take some notes. Let’s go!

Prevent People from Snooping Through Your Smartphone by Pinning the Screen

We usually pass our phones to people around us. Sometimes we want to show them an interesting article, a great game, or a picture. However, some of these people go the extra mile and start exploring our phones beyond what we showed them.

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You can stop people from doing this by pinning your screen. Simply go to your phone’s settings and activate Screen Pinning under Security. Now, you can pin only the screen you wish to share, and the viewer can’t access the rest of your phone.

Change Password Requirements Depending on Your Location

Almost everyone has a password on their smartphone. We have all experienced the frustration of continually entering our passwords or scanning our fingerprints each time. This typically occurs while you cook and your fingers are covered in flour or raw meat. But do you know you can escape this struggle?

Source: Reddit

With this hack, you won’t need to enter your password anytime you’re at home or any chosen location. Head to Security and Location in your phone’s settings. You can input a trusted location in the Smart Lock option. Once you’re in this location, your phone will open automatically without security.

A Simple Way to Split Your Screen

Splitting your screen is common in most computers. Amazingly, this is also possible on your smartphone, thanks to the larger screens on Android devices. You can now simply have two apps open simultaneously rather than switching between them. This is a great way to increase productivity!

Source: YouTube

Simply hold down on the app icon until the split-screen option appears. Next, tap the split-screen button and open a second application on the second screen. You can easily exit the split screen by swiping one of the screens all the way up or down!

Measure Heart Rate with Your Camera

We should all be health-conscious, but some people take it more seriously than others. If you’re quite intentional about your health, here’s one hack you might like. If you love keeping track of your heart rate, you don’t need to buy a special device.

Source: Tumblr

You also don’t always need to do it the old-fashioned way. You can download some apps to help you. These applications use your phone’s features to measure your heart rate. After downloading, most applications will likely use your smartphone’s camera to track your heart rate.

Turn Your Smartphone into a TV Remote

Smartphones are incredible, but you know what would be even more amazing? If we could use them as our TV remotes. Luckily, this is possible for Android users! You only need to find the right app on the Play Store to control your TV, including a PowerPoint presentation at work.

Source: Facebook

We no longer have to deal with large remote controls, nor do we need to smack the remote when the batteries are low. Imagine what you can do with this feature. One thing we’re sure of is that we won’t be looking for a pesky remote between the couch cushions anymore.

Access Maps, Even Without Data or Wi-Fi

We can’t be the only ones who get lost often. Luckily, we can find ourselves again thanks to Wi-Fi and data, but what happens if we get lost without either of those? Thank goodness the team at Google already thought of that. How kind of them. Now you can download the map.

Source: Reddit

Close out the keyboard and tap the download option at the bottom of the screen. This works if you’re going somewhere new and are unsure what you’ll encounter along the way. If you’re unlucky and there’s no service, you won’t have to worry because you already have the map downloaded on your device.

Access Apps Quickly with Customized Swipes

Thanks to smartphone customizations, we can now personalize our mobile experience. For example, the number of fingers you use in swiping your phone’s screen. Most Android phones allow you to direct your device to perform a certain operation depending on the number of fingers you use to swipe or in which direction.

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You can set your phone to open the call log if you swipe to the right with three fingers. Alternatively, swiping to the left with four fingers can open the notification window or any other function you want. Isn’t that incredible? Everything is literally at your fingertips!

Prevent Nosy Guests from Seeing Your Private Files

It’s always fun to have guests over. But sometimes they want to borrow your phone, and there are some things you might not want them to find. You could always say no, but that might be weird if they just need your phone for something harmless.

Source: Imgur

If you want to keep your information private, simply enable your phone’s guest mode feature. To do this, swipe down on the status bar, and select Guest underneath User. This way, anyone can borrow your phone without you worrying about all the secrets and private files you’ve stored away.

Let Google Assistant Hold the Call

We’ve all had to endure waiting on hold for what seemed like an eternity. Sometimes it feels like torture, especially when we have other things to do. But if you have an Android device, you don’t have to sit there for hours – Google Assistant will happily do that for you.

Source: Flickr

Click on the three vertical dots on the right corner of the screen, select Hold for Me, and the AI will monitor the call for a response. It’s like making your secretary wait on hold. Most of us don’t have secretaries to do this, but we’ve got Android devices!

Personalize Your Smartphone’s Icons

Although we love our phone’s many features, sometimes they’re not internally customizable. We often need to swap out the conventional screen savers, widgets, and wallpapers with fun and artsy ones. But the ones we like aren’t always available. Thankfully, you can change your phone’s app icons easily.

Source: Facebook

You can make your phone the coolest device on the block by downloading an icon pack from the Play Store. Then, open it with an app launcher, such as Nova. There are Pokemon-themed icons like the one above. Or you can be inspired by nature. It’s your choice!

Access Your Wi-Fi with a QR Code

For those who never bothered to change their Wi-Fi passwords and still use the 20-character password it came with, this hack is really ingenious. Rather than memorizing a password that’s ideal for state secrets, you can create a QR code to give other people access to your Wi-Fi connection.

Source: Reddit

With this, you won’t have to go through the pain of telling each guest that visits your Wi-Fi password. Simply type “Mobile Readiness Android – QR4 – QRCode” into Google, and enter your Wi-Fi details to create a personalized QR code that people can scan.

Your Personal Android Shazam

While everyone has their preferred genre, we all love music and listen to it. Sometimes we hear an amazing song and fall in love with it immediately, but we don’t know the title or who sang it. Usually, our only option used to be apps like Shazam.

Source: Reddit

But you can now identify music with an Android phone. Simply open Google and ask the search engine what song is playing, and you will get the answer. You can even add it to your playlist! How cool is that? No need to use phone space on additional apps.

Customize Button Shortcuts with Button Mapper

We know that you can take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the power and volume down buttons. But there are more shortcuts. What if we told you that you could change the functions of the buttons on your phone? This is possible with the Button Mapper app.

Source: Twitter

For instance, you can decide that Google will launch when you double-tap the power button or whatever else your heart desires. There are several options available, allowing you to fully customize your phone to meet your needs while making it the most functional smartphone on the block.

A Trick to Typing with One Hand

Although big smartphone screens have been largely accepted, one drawback is that it has become increasingly harder to operate with a single hand. This is something we did in the past, and now, single-handed texting is almost impossible. Fortunately, Android has addressed that problem.

Source: Tumblr

When your keyboard comes up, hold down the return key to move the keyboard to the right-hand side of your smartphone. This way, your thumb can reach the letters on the far side of the keyboard, and you can continue multitasking while texting.

Access the Notification Log to Find Your Missed Notifications

From emails and phone calls to texts and social media apps, we’re constantly flooded with notifications. It can get so overwhelming that you might decide to clear all notifications. Then, you realize there was one notification you needed.

Source: Reddit

Don’t worry. You can access the notification from the notification log. Simply navigate to the Widgets section on your home screen and access the log from there. You can now see all the notifications you blindly swept away, saving you time instead of searching through the app.

Share Your Phone’s Notifications with Your Tablet or Computer

Our phones usually blow up with notifications from social media, email, and SMS. However, we don’t always have our phones in our pockets, especially if we are busy at work. If you don’t want to miss any notifications while working, you can receive them on your tablet or computer.

Source: Facebook

Just download Pushbullet. The free app links all your devices, allowing you to see all your notifications on your computer screen. So, your boss won’t yell at you for checking your phone during office hours because you can keep up to date from your computer. Now who’s smarter?!

Click Links Without Leaving the Original Website

While scrolling through social media or the internet, we’re usually tempted to click on many interesting links. At the same time, we don’t want to go so deep down the rabbit hole that we leave the original page the link is on.

Source: YouTube

Well, there is a way! You can download the Flynx app from the store and forget this problem. The app loads linked pages without leaving the original site. You won’t have to go through the excruciating process of refinding where you were on the timeline.

Connect Your Phone to a Keyboard

While typing an email or text message on your phone, your message might be filled with misspellings that not even autocorrect can fix. You’re not alone, especially with those small screens. Thankfully, there’s a solution. What if the keyboard was bigger? Typing would be so much easier.

Source: Facebook

You don’t have to get a new phone, just buy a cable that allows the connection of USBs to your smartphone. This way, you can connect a computer keyboard to your phone and type properly. You’ll be free from goofy spelling errors forever.

You Can Screen Record on Android

Sometimes we want to save certain videos, but there’s no option to do so. It might not even be a video – you might just want to share a tutorial on how something works with your friend. Well, you can now record your screen by installing an app.

Source: Tumblr

There are many options on the application store, and AZ Screen Recorder is one of them. This app will help you record everything on your screen. You can then edit or trim the video to your preference before saving it to your device’s gallery. Now, you’re ready to share.

Typing Is Old School – Why Not Swipe Instead?

Typing is the conventional way to send texts or emails on our phones. However, some Android users know there is another way to create text messages. And it’s cooler than typing out the message. Why not swipe the text message into existence? Oh, you didn’t know? Now, you do.

Source: YouTube

You can activate the swiping feature under Language and Input in the Keyboard settings. Instead of pressing buttons, you can use your finger to swipe along your screen to spell out the words you intend to type. This will conjure the words, creating your message.

How to Send Certain People to Voicemail

Some people don’t like answering phone calls, especially millennials and other younger generations. If you’re like this, we have a feeling there are specific people you might even want to avoid overall. So, this is the perfect hack for you. You can send some people straight to voicemail.

Source: Reddit

Head to your contacts and either choose to block a contact or send them to voicemail. Depending on your device, you can also find this feature in your phone’s settings. Now, you won’t have to suffer the agony of unwanted phone calls.

Share Your Phone Apps with Friends and Family

Have you ever used an app so amazing that you felt it would be wrong to keep it from those around you? If you have the Google Play version 24.0 and upwards, you can now share it. Now, you won’t be the only one in the family playing Scrabble.

Source: Reddit

What a nice way to peer pressure your friends to play games with you! Click on the app and then hit the three buttons in the Google Play store’s Advanced Settings. You can share it by heading to App and Games. Now, everybody can enjoy good apps together.

Encrypt Your Phone’s Data with This Hack

If you’re big on security and don’t think the usual phone password is enough, you can make your phone and the data extremely secure with encryption. You can be sure that anyone who has your phone won’t have an easy time accessing your data and other files.

Source: Reddit

To encrypt your phone, navigate to the Security section in settings. Here, you can choose a passcode and encrypt your phone and SD card. This is highly useful if you are a spy. But if you are, the government and its agencies will probably get around this encryption.

You Can Customize Your Phone’s Volume

Android developers know we don’t always want our phone’s volume to be all the way up … or completely low, either. Perhaps you want to hear if any texts or calls come in, but you’d prefer everyone in the office doesn’t hear the YouTube video playing under your desk.

Source: YouTube

If that’s you, then your Android device allows you to adjust the volume based on specific functions. While changing your volume, click the drop-down menu to adjust the volume based on the situation. This way, you’ll never be caught off-guard by your volume level again.

Get Help from Google Assistant Anytime

Google Assistant is fantastic, but you can only use it in particular places on your phone. Thankfully, the problem is only a pre-configured one that can be quickly fixed in your phone’s settings. Just select Voice from the settings menu to have Google Assistant activate using voice match.

Source: Reddit

Now, from any place on your phone, you can access Google Assistant by saying, “Hey, Google.” This is a great way to get hands-free help anytime, especially when driving or maybe cooking in the kitchen. We just hope Google Assistant will actually answer when we call.

View Websites in Desktop Mode

Most websites’ displays are tailored for mobile view, and they’re designed to be accessible on your phone and computer. However, some things can disappear from the mobile display. This could be an error from the web developer, or the website’s mobile version could be missing some features.

Source: Facebook

If this happens, you can easily switch your mobile view into desktop mode when you’re on any website. To do this, open the webpage and click on the three vertical dots (the kebab menu) on the top right corner of the screen. Then, select Desktop site to switch.

Find, Lock, or Erase Your Phone with This Hack

This hack is for people who constantly worry about losing their phones. If that’s you, then there’s something you can do. Navigate to settings and scroll down to the Security section. Ensure that Find My Device is enabled under the Security Status.

Source: YouTube

With these settings enabled and a Google account, you can locate your phone and erase all the data on it without even having it in your hands! Simply sign in to your Google account, set up these settings, and you’ll never be afraid of someone stealing your phone.

Connect a Mouse to Your Android Phone

The touchscreen element of smartphones is one of its distinguishing features. This removes the need for a mouse, but you might belong to a generation that strongly prefers using a mouse over a finger. If that’s the case, you’re lucky. There’s a hack for you.

Source: YouTube

A USB on-the-go cable connector allows you to connect a mouse to your phone. The drawback is you might be the only person using a mouse for their smartphone, and this will undoubtedly draw strange looks. But who cares? Don’t let that stop you from doing what you want.

Remove the Annoying Pre-Installed Apps

One thing we don’t like about Android phones is how they’re filled with pre-installed apps that take up precious storage on our brand-new devices. While some are useful, most are just wasted space. Unfortunately, you can’t always uninstall these applications. But we can find a way to limit them.

Source: Reddit

Simply navigate to your settings, and from there, you can disable the apps from running in the background. Now, you won’t have to deal with loads of needless apps taking up storage and operating space. Smartphone companies may think they’re smart, but we’re smarter!

Safely Back Up Your Phone’s Data

We would never want to lose photos, videos, valuable documents, and other data on our phones. However, phones can fall into the toilet or get run over, and then, we lose all the important files. Thankfully, you can back up all your data in your phone’s settings.

Source: Reddit

Head over to System and ensure your phone is connected to your Google account. Now, you can back up your whole phone. So, if you ever lose your phone due to unforeseen circumstances, you can rest assured that your data is safe. It’s like your little insurance.

Record All Calls You Receive with an App

We sometimes wish we had recorded some calls. This could be for many reasons. It could be a heartfelt conversion with a loved one. Or maybe you’re planning for a lawsuit and need to expose the bad guy in the case. Either way, there’s a way to record phone conversations.

Source: Imgur

And you can do this by installing an app. There are many options, and Call Recorder – ACR is one of them. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can easily record to its storage. However, be sure to use it responsibly and in compliance with the laws of your state.

Use Chat Bubbles to Keep Up with Text Messages

Instant messaging is the primary form of communication for most people today. It is how we stay in touch with the world around us and our loved ones. However, it’s not always easy to keep up with the messages. Thankfully, you can make this easier with messaging bubbles.

Source: Reddit

This way, your conversation will be readily accessible on your phone’s screen, and you’ll never forget to reply to a text again. You can enable bubbles when you navigate to Apps and Notification in your phone’s settings. Unfortunately, not all Android devices have this feature.

Prioritize Your Favorite Apps

Our phones are the hub for almost everything we do daily, such as phone calls, social media, and the internet. But some apps are just more important to us than others. While most phones prioritize calls and texts, you can easily change this in your device’s settings.

Source: Reddit

Simply head to Apps and Notifications and go to Default Apps. Here, you can switch the applications’ order. Subsequently, your home screen will prioritize your favorite apps over others, making them the most easily accessed. Well, we don’t like answering phone calls anyway. Great feature!

Stop Being So Dependent on Your Phone

Our phones are an important part of our daily-to-day activities. From work to socialization, we use them for everything. However, it can sometimes get to be too much. If you want to stop using your phone too much, there is a way out. Your Android phone can help you reduce your screen time.

Source: Imgur

The Digital Wellness suite is available on all Android 9 and later smartphones and can help you break your addiction. It shows how you’re using your phone and helps you set limits on activity. That’s a great way to keep your phone usage in control.

Access the Linux Interface Without Rooting Your Android Phone

Also called jailbreaking, rooting your Android phone gives you access to the device’s operating system code. However, this comes with many risks. So rather than risk security issues and other problems, you can download an app instead. The app is called Debian noroot.

Source: YouTUbe

Once downloaded, you can access the complete package and run any program you wish. You can even access the Linux Interface without rooting your phone! These applications significantly reduce stress on our backs! With this app, you can avoid all the risks associated with rooting.