Birds Eye View Images Captured Owing to the Technology of Drones

You might have heard of drone cameras, which are just what their name indicates. They are truly purposeful as they allow us to capture images of any place, no matter the altitude or difficult pathway. There are some overwhelmingly impressive shots out there that are captured with the help of said drone cameras and that is our highlight of the day. Acrophobia is the fear of heights and if you have that, then you might have some trouble looking at this image that was captured by a drone. Tianmen Mountain is located in the Wuhan Province of China and it is famous for not only its mighty height but because of the temple present at the top of the mountain.

Mother of Heights; Tianmen Mountain
Source: Imgur

There is a very long flight of stairs that starts at the foot of it and goes right to the entrance of the temple. It is not easy to climb all those stairs as the mountain is of 5, 0000 feet. For people who are not that physically fit, they can take a cable car, but that option is not any less terrifying as you can see from the image above.

Look Into the Depths of a Mighty Sea

It was a normal day when a drone camera was flying above an ocean, just taking amazing shots of the depth when it came upon a majestic scene. A man and woman were floating in the water just serenely present there while a couple of spotted whales swam around them.

Be at One with the Ocean and Its Life Forms
Source: Pinterest

Now, most people would have freaked out and swum away as fast as possible upon seeing such big creatures, but the truth is that spotted whales are not dangerous at all. Perhaps this is the reason that these two people look so much at peace and we got to see a beautiful view.

Dare to Surf With Hammerhead Sharks

It was our lucky day when this exhilarating shot was captured by a drone camera as it shows predators and prey in extremely close contact. A surfer calmly lies on her surfboard while the number of hammerhead sharks swims below and around her but the surfer looks so calm as if they are not sharks but cute little pets.

Shark Surfboard against Blue Waves as Predators Lurk Around
Source: Twitter

It is said about hammerhead sharks that their diet is mostly dependent upon fishes, but we are sure that if some accident happens or if they are in a playful mood, they would be curious to know what a human tastes like. It was the lucky day of the surfer that they did not choose that day to experiment and use her during their chow time.

Thrill Is What Some Live for

We all like a little exhilaration in our lives, but for some people, it is the only thing that matters; they live for the adrenaline rush and would do just about anything to get it. Like this man in the picture which was captured with a drone camera, is climbing what seems to be an impossible mountain, but for him, the difficulty makes it all more fun.

Thrill Seeker Bets His Life during Mountain Climbing
Source: Pinterest

This is a mountain that can be found in Europe, Denmark, to be precise. Many adrenaline junkies and mountain climbers go to this particular cliff all the time to get their dosage of a rush of emotions and a great view when they reach the top. It is only for people who are in love with heights because that is the only thing that can prompt this madness.

Accident Discovered After 22 Years

If you look at the image closely, you will see that there is something at the edge of the lake completely submerged. You will be shocked to know that that particular something is a car that was driven off the road and into the lake where it got submerged.

Tragic Loss Discovered with the Help of Drone Footage
Source: Twitter

With the help of this drone image, a case that remained open since 1997 was finally closed. A man disappeared around 22 years ago after he called his girlfriend. He never made it home, and everyone gave up hope of ever finding the body but then this image was captured and the sad mystery was solved.

The truth is that drone cameras are valuable and useful tools that can be used for different purposes and have surely given us a lot since the time of their invention.