Captivating, Unique, and Questionable Wedding Cakes

The wedding day is one of the most memorable nights for a couple. It makes sense that everything will have to be perfect, as everything has to be just right. Most wedding guests love a piece of cake, and wedding cakes are always the most elaborate.

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Still, sometimes the wedding cake can go a bit awry, making it equally funny and heartbreaking for the bride and groom. Other times the loving couple may choose to add a wedding topper as special as their love, leaving their guests confused and laughing.

Dating Apps Bringing People Together

What type of wedding cake do you get when the couple meets through an app? Obviously, a phone-themed cake! This couple chose to celebrate how they met instead of hiding it, and their cake topper was proved it.

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While some of us might think it’s a bit unusual, the bride and groom chose an iPhone as the ideal theme for their chocolate wedding cake. At least they met through a mobile app and not on the internet because gravity wouldn’t have worked with a laptop cake.

Wahoo! Wedding Time!

When you’re late ’80s early ’90s kids who love each other and classic video games, a themed wedding cake is expected. And that is exactly what this couple decided to do as an ode to Super Mario. This retro cake has an adorable cake topper with Mario and Princess Peach cake topper.

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The base layers of the cake are decorated with spot-on Super Mushrooms and video game scenery. While their guests may not have thought too much of this quirky wedding cake and topper, the happy couple definitely loved it.

For the Love of Daleks

Love is expressed differently, and wedding cake toppers should reflect that. For those super nerdy couples who love watching sci-fi series like Dr. Who together, it only makes right to have a sci-fi-themed cake. This couple was inspired by Daleks for their cake, so they ordered this one-of-a-kind cake topper for the reception.

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While we may not fully understand how this topper goes with the ornate wedding cake, the newlyweds were ecstatic with how it turned out. We wonder how they explained the cake to their grandparents.

Living in a Fantasy World

Any dedicated librarian would love this fantasy novel-inspired cake. This cake features odes to ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Game of Thrones.’ Unlike traditional wedding cakes, this cake doesn’t exactly give off vibes of marriage and love.

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But for the bride and groom that met at a cosplay convention, this was the ideal cake to celebrate their love, and they even chose each tier’s theme. If this much detail went into the cake, we can’t help but wonder how fantasy-inspired the wedding ceremony was.

Everyone Grab Their Apocalypse Buddy

Nothing screams “Til death do you part” quite like a zombie apocalypse cake. While many couples say vows that promise to love each other until death separates them, this couple is committed to the afterlife as well. Not a bad strategy since dating in the afterlife sounds difficult.

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It’s always heartwarming to know that if the zombie apocalypse happens during our lifetime, this couple will fight together and stay united until the very end. You know it’s true love when your significant other accepts you and your brain maggots.

Legendary Commitment to Zelda

When this couple got hitched, it was the perfect place to share their love for the Legend of Zelda. They chose to top their cake with some Zelda-inspired figurines that left their in-laws incredibly confused. At least the inside was traditional, with lemon and vanilla cake topped with white frosting.

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After the reception, they got to add the figurines to their Zelda collection. While the bride and groom thought their cake and cake topper was a smash hit, the bride’s mother-in-law still hasn’t fully wrapped her head around it.

Pulling Out All the Stops and Bell Whistles

Most brides get really stressed while planning their wedding but oftentimes have support systems to provide advice. This bride’s vision of a steampunk-themed wedding was very niche and incredibly specific, which can be tricky if the parameters are too narrow.

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But the bridge and the groom met each other at a bar with the same theme, so it seemed like a no-brainer. While we assume it was a whole conversation with her entourage about wearing a steampunk wedding dress; the cake took an understated approach to make everyone happy.

For the Love of Dragons

If we’re completely honest, we aren’t totally sure if this dragon cake topper was inspired by a shared obsession with Pokémon or the fantasy genre. Regardless of the reason, this bride and groom opted for the fictional creature in place of a traditional cake topper.

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They enlisted the help of an artist they found on the internet to make this impressive dragon specially made for their wedding cake. While some may think this untraditional figurine undermined the cake, no one can dispute that it was well made.

High Hopes But Disappointing Execution

Armed with a photo of an aquarium embedded into a cake, this couple went to their baker to discuss the cake. Their baker was confident she could perfectly recreate the picture. On the wedding day, the couple rushed to see the cake as soon as it arrived at the venue.

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In place of the cake they wanted, the couple got a cake that was obviously a typical wedding cake with actual added between the tiers. What made it was worse was when it started leaking during the toasts!

Hauntingly On-Brand Cake

This couple loved living their American Gothic lifestyle, and their dark sense of style was something they shared. As they began wedding preparations, they agreed that the whole affair would be gothic themed, from the reception to the black wedding dress to the skull cake.

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They found a baker who said that they could execute the gothic, nontraditional vision. When the cake arrived, the newlyweds saw their gothic dreams come to life! From the roses to the hand-painted skulls to the skeleton cake toppers, they were happy to have another aspect tie into the theme.

Turning Childhood Plans Into a Reality

You know what they say that every girl starts planning her wedding as a child. It looks like this bride even stuck with the same plans she had when she was young. Lucky for her, her groom didn’t seem to mind the fantastical concept of a unicorn cake and went along with the idea.

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The bride took her unicorn idea and found a way to combine it with a typical wedding cake with descending flowers. If they removed the unicorn horn and closed eyes, it would just look like a normal cake.

Batter and Frosting Facial

Weddings have plenty of traditions, and one of the most consistent is the bride and groom feeding each other the first slice of wedding cake. It’s also a custom that the bride or groom try to smash some cake on the face of their significant other.

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Thankfully this doesn’t lead to a massive food fight in the reception hall. Unfortunately, this groom didn’t get the memo, and instead of calmly feeding his wife the cake, he grabbed a chunk from a tier and smashed it in her face.

Hits a Little Too Close to Home

When this bride began planning her wedding, she knew she’d need help from her fiancé. With her job and other commitments, planning a wedding alone would be impossible. The overworked bride delegated some of the tasks to her fiancé, including the cake.

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He took his responsibilities very seriously but decided to have a bit of fun with the wedding cake toppers. He opted for a less traditional setup, with the bride dragging the groom away from his video games. Thankfully, his bride had a good sense of humor and thought it was funny.

She’s Got Some Cake on Her Dress

In place of a cake, this bride figured it would be a neat idea to have a wedding dress that doubled as the wedding cake. She managed to get a dress designer and a baker to agree to her vision and work together. This photo was the result of her vision.

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While the bodice of the dress is covered with some delicate beading, the skirt looks like a solid cake. This bride isn’t going anywhere close to the dance floor at this wedding, or at least until her guests eat all of the cake.

Bella, Where the H*ll Have You Been, Loca?

When this bride asked her neighborhood baker to make her the wedding cake from the movie Eclipse from the Twilight series, she obviously assumed that the baker would know what she meant. Well, obviously, he did not read the books or see the movies!

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Instead of the gorgeous wedding cake that was in the movie, this bride got a different type of Twilight-inspired cake. To be fair, she should’ve been more specific or provided a photo example so that everyone was on the same page.

Poutine This Cake in the Garbage

This bride decided that she wanted a cake of her favorite food in place of a traditional wedding cake. Since there are plenty of cakes made from pastries or donuts, naturally, the groom assumed that this was what she was alluding to.

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He was shocked to find on his wedding day a cake made out of potato, cheese curds, and gravy. It turned out that the bride wanted to honor her favorite savory dish on the big day, Poutine. If the cake was savory, does that mean they served sweets for dinner?

Sheet Cake Spelling Mishap

Overall, the cake turned out great. They managed to frost and decorate it to perfection. Just look at those white frosting roses; they’re worthy of some high praise. Although, it seems that their talent ran out after that.

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When it came to putting the words on the sheet cake, it looked like they just didn’t remember how to properly spell the word “wedding.” Maybe they were making a garden-themed cake at the same time? Oh well, guests won’t notice once they start cutting the cake.

A Wedding Sponsored by Firestone Tires

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to how to put on a wedding. Although it seems this couple might have pushed the boundaries of wedding aesthetics a little too far. Our best guess for the reasoning behind this particular theme is that they met while switching tires on the side of the highway.

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Or maybe they worked together at a car mechanic store. Whatever the origins of their tire fetish are, they definitely didn’t ask for a crooked and cracking cake.

World’s Most Chaotic Cake

We’re looking at this end product and can’t even imagine what the original description was that the couple gave their baker. Maybe it was an overly ambitious concept, or the baker overestimated their skills that would explain this tower of terror.

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The whole cake looks like it could fall at any moment since it was delicately assembled like a game of Jenga. Where will the bride and groom cut the first slice from? Is that tradition even possible in this situation? Hopefully, they have no cake-related injuries.

Congratulations to the Broom & Bride

The best cakes can be ruined with one wrong letter. Well, we’re unsure as to what happened here, maybe the baker started writing ‘bride and groom,’ but was interrupted while writing the ‘b.’ Then they came back and finished writing ‘groom’ without noticing their mistake.

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The couple was likely pretty surprised when they discovered that the bride was marrying a broom. All the other aspects of the cake look as they should, and they even managed to make the photo work well. It’s all about the small things in life!

Expecting the Best and Getting the Worst

One of the things this bride was most excited about was featuring her quirky cake at the wedding reception. Her design choice was a big risk, and she wanted it to pay off. Unfortunately, the only person who paid was her, a whopping $300, and it was not what she asked for.

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After she provided a picture of a peacock-inspired wedding cake with a “tail” made of cupcakes, the bride received this disgraceful dessert that was “a turkey with leprosy,” according to her description.

Too Down to Earth for Us

When we look at this cake, the last thing we want to do is eat it…Which is an absurd thing to say since we love cake. Although, it seems that this couple wanted something earthy, and what they got instead was a tower of dirty mud.

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We’re unsure if this is actually how they wanted it to look, but the brown hue doesn’t quite give off delicious chocolate vibes. We’d be surprised to meet someone who thought this mud tower looked appetizing. It’s going to be a hard no for us.

Nothing Like the Reference Photo

Another miscommunication between the baker and the bride’s mother. All the mother wanted to do was take some stress off of her daughter and use it as another gift for the couple’s big day. But nothing prepared her for the cake that she received.

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The only thing that matched the mother’s reference picture that she gave to the baker was that both cakes had layers. The one that they received had messy frosting work and tilting layers. Plus, who wouldn’t be angry about the random colors they chose?

Grab Your Bags; We’re Leaving

It is so heartbreaking when couples take an adorable risk with their wedding only to have it start to crumble before their eyes, literally like this cake. The couple had a cute idea to honor their love of traveling together with a wedding cake made of suitcases.

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However, it looks like this concept was a bit too intricate for the baker, and it might’ve even been dropped on the way to the venue based on the state of the back corner. Here’s to hoping that it tastes better than it looks.

Too Much Thrust in the Baker

This cake looks absolutely exquisite! The icing is so precise and exactly how you’d expect a professional cake to look. The adorable baby pink ribbon trim with the bows adds an extra beautiful decoration to it.

Source: Reddit

However, it looks like this couple put a little too much trust in their baker with the writing across the bottom tier. It was supposed to be “Love, faith, hope, trust,” but the baker added in extra ‘h’ to make it just slightly uncomfortable with Grandma. Or they added this inside joke to lighten the mood.

Unable to Hold On Much Longer

If we had to take our best guess, we’d bet that this couple has some type of connection with rock climbing, as we’re assuming that’s what the cake is supposed to look like. Although, it does look more like the baker of the cake just threw colored Fruity Pebbles at it with no pattern or thought.

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Not to mention the groom definitely isn’t going to make it through the reception like this. It certainly doesn’t have the looks of a wedding cake, more like an awful birthday cake.

Sometimes Less is More

This bride and groom were aiming for the largest possible cake they could afford, something that would combine all of their ideas in an intricate design packed with a ‘wow’ factor for people to gawk at. It would have been quite the sight to behold.

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However, the couple didn’t think about the logistics of gravity, and the cake was so big that it started to sink and collapse into itself. Maybe if we scramble the assorted words, we would find a solution to save the cake.

A Sad Excuse for a Cake

This truly is quite a sad excuse for a cake. The worst part is that it was probably as close to a traditional masterpiece as you could get. But it looks like this cake got absolutely wrecked on the ride to the venue.

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We’re assuming that it didn’t happen before it was picked up, or we’re positive they would’ve thrown a fit. There’s no reviving this cake back, it’s basically gone, and there’s nothing they could do to save it. Surely, the bride and groom were given some type of replacement cake.

A Bright, Messy Mound

Obviously, this couple really wanted something that was memorable, with bold and bright colors. Although it looks like this cake doesn’t have layers, it’s just one strange, solid mound that was put together.

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There isn’t even a pattern to how the flowers were placed, just randomly dropped on the yellow frosting. The one positive is the awesome cake toppers. We hope they were even better in person to take people’s attention away from the rest of the cake. We’re curious if the flavor was as bold as the yellow color.

Literally, Just Write “Wedding Cake”

Were the bakers playing some type of joke on whoever ordered this cake, or do we think they had to follow the instructions ‘literally’ as they were written? We have to believe that they would have thought to double-check with the bride and groom.

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The cake itself is pretty basic, so it’s not like they had to do anything intricate and adventurous with the piping art. It was most likely an order through their online service… but that doesn’t mean it should be taken any less seriously than an in-person order.

The Cake or the Bride?

When this couple asked for a cake inspired by the bride’s wedding dress, she did not expect a cake like this. Not only is the veil precariously balanced on the headless mannequin cake, but the dress looks nothing like the reference picture that the bride gave to the baker.

Source: Tumblr

Because the cake weighed a lot, it didn’t take long before the cake began sinking into itself. It was also incredibly difficult to cut; as soon as the newlyweds cut the first piece, the cake completely fell apart and onto the real wedding dress.

A Bloody Mess on a Cake

When a couple decides to get married on a holiday, there’s always the chance that they’ll lean into the holiday theme. This bride and groom were actually trying to do the opposite and just have a traditional, quiet wedding. They spoke to their local baker about making a simple white cake with ribbon trim.

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And that is certainly not what they got! Talk about a big mess; this bloody dessert played more to the holiday of Halloween, which happened to be the same day as the wedding. This cake quickly went from treat to trick.

Worst Bouquet of Roses Ever

When planning a wedding, many couples pull inspiration from what they see in magazines, on the internet, and from other ceremonies they’ve attended. Picking a wedding cake can be stressful, especially with all of the cool ideas out there.

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To play it safe, find a simple cake and use roses as decorations. We thought this plan was foolproof until we saw whatever this thing was. What was meant to be a delicate design of rose petals turned out to look like strawberries on a glob of whipped cream.

Blue, Strawberries, and Swans All Over

Speaking of strawberries, this cake is actually covered in them! This couple chose a strawberry-flavored cake for their big day. When they placed the order, the worker on the phone asked what the wedding color scheme was, and assuming it was just a general question, the couple said their theme was blue.

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For some odd reason, the worker decided to incorporate the color scheme into the cake in addition to sticking strawberries all over the sides of the cake. It wasn’t even the right shade of blue!

Fruit in Place of Cake

Fruit can be found in many desserts, so why not incorporate them into your wedding reception? If you have a guest list riddled with food allergies, having plenty of fruit on hand might keep everyone happy.

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That was this couple’s thought process when they placed an order for “fruit & cake” but were shocked when they received a fruit “cake,” just a mountain of various fruits. Not only was there zero cake, but it was built in a strange shape. We wonder how much was left at the end of the night.

Taller Than the Human Guests

While some of these brides and grooms want to have these wedding cakes that are as large or as tall as possible, we hope they’re also thinking about how many people are actually coming to their wedding.

Source: Reddit

Whether that was a thought when they placed the order, this couple was insistent about getting the largest wedding cake they could afford, and they received nearly fourteen or fifteen layers. The odds are pretty good that this insanely giant cake was the tallest guest at the wedding celebrations.

Sushi with Sashimi Over Cake with Frosting

Healthy foods and sushi certainly earned themselves a spot in our diets; many of you reading this are surely big sushi fans. But we think it’s a bit of a stretch to call this fishy tower a wedding cake. Sure, the colors are vibrant, and it’s set up really nicely.

Source: Reddit

This couple obviously loves sushi to the point where they’re willing to replace their dessert with it. We can only hope that their wedding guests feel the same way or they’ll be ordering some sweets to their hotel rooms.

An Ode to the Bride

Technically, there’s no official wedding rule that says someone can’t have a wedding cake that is made in their likeness. However, based on the bride’s look, she seems pretty hesitant to cut into food that looks like her.

Source: Pinterest

Maybe the groom thought he was being funny by ordering a cake modeled after his bride, but in reality, it got pretty weird. Every single wedding guest will have a tough time remembering this cake. It’d be shocking to see another dessert like this one at another wedding.

A Cake Fit for a Hippie Fairy

The newlyweds are supposed to be the center of attention at the wedding, but this cake might steal the spotlight. These cakes are a strange combination of woodland fairy and hippie tie-dye aesthetics. Despite the cakes being structurally sound, the colors almost undermine all of the good things about them.

Source: Reddit

It must have had a big price tag since the couple also has three additional cakes at the bottom and several interesting accessories surrounding them. Maybe instead of throwing the bouquet, the bride is planning on throwing that beanie bear!

More Shocking Than Darth Vader’s Identity Reveal

We’ve already seen several cakes that pay homage to a couple’s shared likes and interests. But at least those cakes looked somewhat delicious and not like a giant turd on top of the cake. This couple is huge Star Wars fans and wanted to honor the franchise on their big day.

Source: Tumblr

They told their baker that they wanted a character from the movies on their cake and assumed they’d end up with Luke Skywalker or Yoda. Much to their surprise, they received a giant attempt at Jabba the Hut mixed with Garfield, the cat.

We Could Not Tell You What This Is

We have seen lots of interesting wedding cakes, but this one leaves us questioning everything. For starters, what is this cake even made out of? The pink bits look like raw sandwich meat, and the green circles look like pickles.

Source: Tumblr

Could this cake actually be sandwich-themed? Maybe the couple met in a sub sandwich shop! The brown layer and the cake topper bring us no closer to figuring out what it actually is or what it was made out of. We’ll pass on dessert this time.

Dr. Seuss Themed Wedding

At the very least, we’re hoping that this cake makes sense instead of being a survivor of mishandling. If it was done on purpose, then color us thoroughly impressed because this cake is literally defying gravity. The curve of the cakes reminds us of something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.

Source: Reddit

So, if that was the goal, the baker totally nailed it and even included the cake topper directly on the table. Although we’re curious if this is what the couple had in mind when they said they wanted a mind-bending dessert.

Just a Casual Hovering Beehive

This cake is basically two totally separate ones put together, so this couple got a real deal! Well, at least they would have if both cakes were high quality. On the bottom layer, there’s a cake covered in icing vines, and clusters of color that we can only assume are meant to be flowers.

Source: Reddit

The top later is even more perplexing, with brown markings made to look like a dirty beehive. Perhaps the bride and groom couldn’t decide which theme to go with and decided to each choose one.

Wonky and Plain Awful

Hopefully, this wedding cake isn’t a metaphor for the newlyweds’ relationship because it’s not looking good. It just looks like the baking team thought that a ribbon might help, but it only made things worse by having things randomly pop out of the icing.

Source: Reddit

That’s ignoring the fact that these tiers are completely wonky, and if that was a conscious choice, we don’t get it. This definitely isn’t the show-stopping wedding cake the couple wanted. Even the fallen blueberries are trying to distance themselves from this baking disaster.

Pure Insanity on a Table

This bride and groom wanted their wedding cake to commemorate how and where their story began. Five years after both meeting through working at a local theme park, they were looking forward to getting married with all of their family, friends, and former co-workers.

Source: Tumblr

The theme park had a water park, a fairground, and a zoo, so obviously, this was what they had for their vision. When the cake got to the venue, it was pure insanity on a table. It was a mess of many colors with plastic figurines sprinkled on top.

Trust Fall of Cake

One of the most critical things when it comes to wedding cakes with multiple tiers is that all of the layers are resting perfectly on top of one another and stay stable during transport as well as the whole reception.

Source: Facebook

When this newly married couple started to cut their cake to hand out to their guests, they never expected it to fall over. Luckily for them, they invited quick friends who were close enough to catch the toppling layers and add some laughs to the mishap.

What You Bought vs. What You Got

For those couples who are unsure of what they want to do about their cake, the internet can be a great source of inspiration. Wanting something simple and understated, this couple decided on this white cake with blue icing swirls.

Source: Reddit

Regarding the cake as a pretty simple one, they never thought to double-check with the baker. However, when they received the cake, they were shocked. What was supposed to be a shortcut turned out to be an over-priced mistake for the frustrated bride and groom.

The Details Got Lost in the Woods

These newlyweds were fans of the outdoors, and they actually met at a shooting range. Their shared hobby infiltrated their entire lives, from their everyday wardrobe to the furniture and decorations in their home. So why would their wedding be any different?

Source: Reddit

They sent a reference photo of a hunting-themed cake that they absolutely loved and couldn’t wait to see the finished product. The baker seemed self-assured about the project, but the cake that arrived at the reception was a sad pile of mush and dull colors.

Clock Strikes Amateur Hour

To engaged couples out there, if you’re going in to physically pick up your wedding cake, please check your cake before you get home. The last thing you want is to discover that your precious wedding cake turned out to be this mess on your wedding day with no way of fixing the situation.

Source: Tumblr

Anyone with an oven could have created this thing, and that is just not what kind of service they paid for. Always check the online reviews before blindly trusting a baker.

Tough Start to Marriage

Unlike other couples on this list, the bride and groom in this photo actually arrived at their wedding reception with the exact cake that they ordered for their big day. They were so excited to cut it in front of all of their loved ones who attended the celebration.

Source: Facebook

Made by her closest friend, the bride was especially giddy about it. But as soon as the couple moved towards the table to cut a piece of cake, one of the table legs detached itself and sent the cake careening to the ground.

Giant Risks Result in Giant Fails

On their big day, some couples like to “go big” with their ideas. Many don’t want to be just another traditional couple doing the same thing that they’ve seen at other weddings. This couple had that exact attitude when it came to their reception cake.

Source: Facebook

The newlyweds agreed that for the dessert, they wanted something that paid tribute to their first date, a profiterole cake. But gravity wasn’t on their side when the bride went to cut the cake and sent it tumbling to the ground.

Not a Very Cohesive Design

The bride at this wedding wanted to incorporate her wedding colors into every aspect of the wedding, including the dessert! She described an ombre color scheme on the layers and a tasteful piping design to the baker. They said that it would be exactly as she described.

Source: Twitter

However, everyone in the bridal party was left disappointed when they arrived at the venue and saw this cake. With the wrong shades of blue and green, lazy piping designs, and no ombre aspects, the baker really dropped the ball on this one.

We Have So Many Questions

Wedding cakes are supposed to exude happiness and celebrate the newlyweds. But this cake only leaves us feeling confused. The cake is four uneven layers with a pattern that’s better suited for a couch. Apparently, it was supposed to be white and pink but ended up looking more like a brown color.

Source: Reddit

The color doesn’t help with the leaning of the entire cake. The least the baker could have done was make this cake a little less disappointing with some stability. Hopefully, it stayed on the table when the couple cut the first piece.