Couple’s Anniversary Photo Becomes a Viral Sensation

Dan and Wendy are prime examples of couple goals. It’s clear to the public how much love is present between the two of them. But it wasn’t until they uploaded a photo for their anniversary that they realized just exactly what kind of couple they actually are.

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Thanks to their jobs, they already had a sizable online presence, but the reaction due to the photo was beyond anything they had ever imagined. It took some time to understand their fans’ responses, but they couldn’t have been more appreciative to find out what people think.

Building a Healthy, Sustainable Relationship

Dan and Wendy’s relationship has spanned for about ten years. Both of them are huge advocates for the importance of health and fitness. The couple is big believers in living life in healthy and positive ways for your body, mind, and soul.

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And by taking the time to care for themselves, they’ve gathered the skills to care for each other as a team. But, after freshly posting a 10-year-anniversary photo to the internet, the two of them noticed something that they hadn’t seen before other people pointed it out.

Wendy’s Journey to a Healthier Life

Dan and Wendy didn’t start off being famous on Instagram. They actually met long before social media made a cultural reset. But health and wellness were always part of their lives, even before they got together. Wendy actually chose to get a master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration in health care.

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She decided on this master’s program when she came to the realization that diets and weight loss trends weren’t sustainable as lifestyles. It was important for her to find ways to make herself feel good inside and out.

Dan’s Journey to a Healthier Life

While Wendy was in her master’s degree program, Dan was forging his own path to find the best health and wellness regimen for himself. It began when he became a college athlete. From there, he spent years playing basketball, learning all aspects of health and fitness firsthand.

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After learning that this was something he was passionate about, he decided to get his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. He enjoyed how wonderful it felt to be happy with his lifestyle. This later inspired him to assist others in reaching their fitness and weight loss goals in the most beneficial way possible.

The Heyday of Facebook Meet Cutes

The two discovered a passion for the same subject but still in their own lanes. So how did their paths ever cross? Well, back in 2006, Facebook was widely used on college campuses as a platform for university students to network with students from other schools.

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Dan and Wendy were no different. They both had Facebook accounts to connect with friends and meet new people from nearby colleges. One night Dan was scrolling on his Facebook, going through friends of friends to try and find an interesting-looking girl to talk to.

The Couple’s First Contact

During his deep Facebook search, he found Wendy. He thought she looked gorgeous and fun, so he decided to send her a direct message on Facebook. Her immediate reaction to the message was cautious since she didn’t know who he was but still thought he was pretty cute.

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Dan and Wendy later explained in their “STORY TIME: HOW WE MET” video how it was still considered pretty unthinkable in those first years of Facebook. So, she chose to confide in her friend, Daphne. But Daphne’s response about Dan was quite the surprising answer.

When Double Texting Actually Works Out

When Wendy told her friend Daphne that someone named “Dan Hennessey” sent her a Facebook message, Daphne was in disbelief when she saw his photos. It seems like that same night; he had also messaged Daphne – yikes! At that point, Wendy decided she wouldn’t answer his message.

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But Dan was dedicated to his mission. He ended up sending her another message a few weeks later. And after doing some Facebook stalking of his profile, Wendy concluded that he looked like a normal person since he connections with some of her high school friends.

Ultimate Transition to Talking in Person

The two began texting and really got along. Then came time for the ultimate transition from “online” to “in person” interaction. So, what was Dan’s big plan? Being on the college basketball team, he figured that a party in his building would be a great first meeting.

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Years later, Dan revealed in a YouTube video that there wasn’t any party planned. His plan was that if she agreed to come, he would create one. And that is exactly how things played out. Wendy said yes to the party, and Dan began to put party plans together.

Who Said Chivalry Was Dead?

Dan planned an entire party for one girl that he had never spoken to in real life. Additionally, he prepped all of his buddies on the situation between Wendy and him. Dan made sure that everyone knew who was showing up and what the situation was. He assumed Wendy did the same with her friends.

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Wendy brought a few friends as backup and was happily surprised when she arrived at the party. Upon her arrival, Dan greeted Wendy with a big smile at the front door. They locked eyes, and she instantly felt more comfortable knowing that he was someone special.

Enjoying Each Other’s Company

Their first in-person meeting was magical. Dan’s had all of his expectations exceeded when he saw how beautiful she was in person. This really meant something since there weren’t filters at that time. Dan was taken by Wendy’s beauty, and she was drawn to his genuine smile.

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The two spent the whole night talking, continuing after the party had finished. When they were the only ones left, they danced to a Chris Brown song, and Dan sang the words “I’m gonna make you say you love me.” She didn’t know she would say that a couple of months later!

Moving Their Bond From the Bench to the Court

Timing is crucial when it comes to relationships and serious dating. Though Wendy had a wonderful time with Dan at his party, that didn’t take away from the fact that she was newly single after a long-term relationship. Luckily, though, both Wendy and Dan’s friends got along really well, too.

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So, even though she wasn’t interested in jumping into a relationship with Dan at that time, the two of them would hang out a lot during big group activities. It wasn’t until one important text message that would change everything and move their bond from the bench to the court.

Trying to Keep Close College Friendships

Whether it’s from cramming for exams or just constantly meeting new people on the weekends, staying in touch with friends in college can sometimes be tough. Keeping a close friendship throughout the school year isn’t a certainty. Wendy and Dan had mutual friends, so they were able to see each other a lot.

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During that time, they started forming a close friendship. But, during the second semester, Wendy and Dan didn’t end up seeing each other for several weeks. But when Wendy learned that it was Dan’s birthday, she sent him a “Happy Birthday” message right away.

The Dinner That Changed Their Friendship

He immediately replied and said that they should hang out. Wendy happily jumped on the idea and planned to meet for dinner. Throughout the past several months of their friendship was underlying romantic tension between the two of them.

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And this dinner ended up as more than a simple catch-up. Dan ambitiously took the risk and officially asked Wendy on a date during the meal. Wendy was a little surprised since she wasn’t in a place to jump back into dating when they first met. But now, was she ready for a relationship?

What Dan Really Thought of Wendy

They met that first night at Dan’s party, and over the months that came afterward, they both took the opportunity to learn about each other without dating pressures. During this time, the two of them continued to go out partying and to meet new people like any college student.

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But Dan stands firm that he always had a distinctively special connection with Wendy compared to anyone else. He stands by that position years later as well, admitting in a YouTube video that he sees her as a hilarious supermodel and that he could always just sit and chat with her.

High Risk, High Reward

One thing had led to another during that first dinner, and Dan dove headfirst into the deep end when he asked Wendy to go out with him on an official date. Their connection was so unique and strong, and she always enjoyed herself with him, and he felt the same about her.

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Without a second thought, she decided to be a risk-taker as well. While talking about that night together in a video, she recalled thinking that she was intrigued and excited to see where it could go. She agreed, and their love was revived for seven consecutive years!

Big Changes on the Horizon

Wendy and Dan dated for the next seven years. And while they were absolutely smitten and in love with each other, it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Keep in mind; they were only teenagers when they first met, barely done with their first year of college.

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They essentially grew up and developed into young adults together. Through everything, they were there for each other, whether it was dealing with the stress of college or job hunting after graduation. But the bad started to outweigh the good in their mid-20s, and a large shift in their relationship was on the horizon.

Losing the Individuals Within the Couple

A connection with someone has times when the relationship is going to require some extra work. Dan appeared in a video on Wendy’s YouTube channel to delve into that hard work. He talked about how people go through so much personal growth between ages 18,19, and 25.

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And even that growth is with someone else, and it’s still easy to lose the individual within the couple. Despite their relationship having been really wonderful for a while, both Dan and Wendy found themselves lost in who they actually were as individuals along the way.

Feelings About the Relationship Shift

After dating during such a transitional period of their life, it felt like they were each caught in a harsh fog, making their view of the world and their own self-identity tough to capture. Dan explained how he was dealing with depression for a while due to many different factors.

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That all contributed to his depression and affected him in ways that were unlike him. Dan fell into and got stuck in a slump, and Wendy’s feelings about their relationship began to shift. She cared about him deeply, but she thought that splitting up was best at that time.

Going Their Separate Ways

It’s so wild to think that they’ve spent nearly a third of their lives together, and then all of a sudden were not in each other’s lives anymore. Wendy and Dan still had a lot of love for each other, but neither of them was feeling good with their own lives at that time.

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Regardless of whether or not their lives would overlap again in the future or not, Wendy had given Dan one final present. Little did she know that this present would be one of the most touching gifts that Dan ever received.

A Thoughtful “Break-Up” Present

Wendy and Dan’s split came from a loving place. Wendy didn’t decide to break up with Dan due to something he had done wrong; she painfully understood that now was not the right timing. Both of them needed some time apart to work on themselves and figure out what they want for their lives.

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As a small parting piece of advice, Wendy gave Dan a book called “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. His connection and reaction to this present were unexpected from all parties, but especially Dan, because he wasn’t a huge reader in his spare time.

Ten Hours With No Breaks

Dan wasn’t a big bookworm, and anything with “God” in the title or anything related to religion seemed less than appealing. But because he believed Wendy to be the most incredible person and trusted her with every cell in his body, he figured it was worth a shot.

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It’s not as if this book could make his situation any worse, right? So, one night, he laid down and listened to the audio version of his new book. The entire night. Straight through, from beginning to end, for around ten hours with no breaks.

The Shock That Dan Needed

Dan generally thought of himself as an open-minded person. But pushing himself to give this book a chance moved him in the right direction. He stayed up all night listening to the book and spent the following days reevaluating everything in his life and how he saw it.

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After being in a relationship for seven years and then ending up trapped in the maze of adulthood, the split was the shock Dan needed to look around and modify his life. It didn’t happen instantaneously, but their breakup and this book helped him come to his biggest realization.

Rediscovering Themselves, by Themselves

When Wendy broke it off with Dan, she didn’t know if they would stay in each other’s lives. In the beginning, Dan desperately attempted to get back together with her, but obviously, that didn’t work.

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She had so much love for him that she wanted for him a chance to be his best self, even if that meant she wasn’t a part of that. After their breakup, Wendy and Dan were on their individual journeys of rediscovering who they were out of a relationship. It wasn’t until nearly a year later that their lives naturally overlapped again.

Like Magnets, They Were Drawn to Each Other

As tough as it was to break up after a ten-year-long loving relationship, they both came to an important realization about something when their lives intertwined again. As Dan had explained, your twenties are quite the transitional period, especially when it comes to understanding identity.

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But now that they both had experienced more of the “real world” after college and taken the time to rediscover who they were and get comfortable with it, everything else just made sense. And just like magnets, their lives and love drew them back together to each other.

Wendy’s Anniversary Post Goes Viral

When their official anniversary arrived celebrating a decade together, Wendy had uploaded a before-and-after photo to Instagram. The before photo was a picture of the couple around the time they had met, and the after photo was a picture of the happy couple nearly ten years later.

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Though not her first post with him, Wendy wanted to highlight the difference a decade can make for people and how you can never really know how things will end up. Over 60,000 people had responded to the photo, but the comments truly shocked the power couple.

Compliments From the Peanut Gallery

It was truly insane to Wendy and Dan that thousands of people had reacted to her photo, but they were even more stunned by what the comments were saying. Sure, they were well-known on social media, but they didn’t realize followers actually cared about them as people.

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A majority of the comments were complimenting how the couple looked younger today than they did a decade ago! Other people were so inspired by their story that seeing this photo just warmed their hearts. Once the surprise and confusion had passed, they understood precisely why people were going nuts over their picture.

Meet People and Take Risks

To look good, you must first feel good. This is one of the central mantras that are used in the practice of a healthier lifestyle. Their relationship has shown them that for good things to occur, you have to be open to the experience of them actually happening.

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But most importantly, you have to be prepared to fall down before finally making it to the top. Dan’s advice on a happy, healthy lifestyle, specifically when it comes to relationships, is to recognize the importance of taking risks and meeting new people.

Healing the Heart, Mind, and Soul

Wendy and Dan share a strong passion for and understand that health and wellness are critical parts of being a human being. But sometimes, your mind and soul are overlooked in the health and wellness world, and those are the most vital parts of a human.

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The two of them used their “break” to concentrate on and heal their hearts, minds, and souls. They only really discovered who they were through the year of not being together before they reunited. And together, they discovered the secret to their triumph as a couple.

Powerhouse Social Media Couple

Their breakup was between 2014-2015, and their yearlong split was one of the most beneficial things that could’ve ever happened to their relationship. They come to the realization that their time alone helped them come back to each other as more capable individuals.

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This growth allowed them to be a powerhouse couple that the social media world has got their eyes on. So now that we know their real-life story, through the trials and tribulations, how did they manage to become one of the most followed and beloved couples online?

Utilizing Social Media for a Shared Mission

In 2017, the reenergized, lively pair decided to develop their own method to revamp the fitness industry. As the generation that grew up with technological development and the creation of social media, they saw its potential as a tool for their shared mission.

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Wendy’s degree and background in sharing health tips through social media fused with Dan’s degree, experience, knowledge, and training with fitness and nutrition were just the right components for their start-up. But that wasn’t the sole thing that they had as inspiration.

Their Own Wellness Start-Up

Their experience and passion for fitness might be one of the base layers to their start-up, but it’s not the sole inspiration or topic they concentrate on. They named their start-up “True4You Fitness,” fixating on being true to yourself and completing your goals on your journey.

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Inspired by their own personal experience of being apart and growing as individuals and being happy with themselves, Wendy and Dan threw that idea into the mix of their fitness and wellness concept. The most mature and sentimental couple goals, right?

Using Their Platform to Inspire Others

If they’re so successful on social media, how did one photo inspire such an unexpected reaction from their followers? After supporting and encouraging others for years, posting this photo was bigger than just a reminder of what a difference a decade can make.

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They understood that their entire love story, from how they met to their reasons for breaking up to naturally reuniting again, has brought them to become the capable people they are today. Maybe the reason why they look so youthful is that they are in an overall healthier place in life.

And They Lived Healthily Ever After

A few years after the pair got back together, their start-up concept and new attitude towards how to live their lives have gained momentum. They are currently helping people reach their goals of healthier and happier lives through weight and fitness goals or relationship guidance.

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The social media world crowns them as an aspirational relationship and connects to how authentic, loving, and passionate they are for one another. The cherry on top is that they got married and traveling the world together, taking on numerous challenging adventures and vlogging it all in style!