Creative Ideas by Store Owners Who Wanted To Shake Things Up

You would agree that we need more than just basic expositions these days to close deals and make sales in today’s world, right? This is why these store owners went for more than just displaying their wares. How else did this grocery store think to attract customers to their Bananas? By making a sign with the inscription, “Pick me, I’m Single,” that would advertise the lonely plight of each fruit.

Source: Tumblr

The store owner has announced in the cutest of ways that their bananas want to be picked. I wouldn’t walk past it without picking them. Would you? This store owner not only knows his onions when it comes to marketing, but he also owns the entire onion farm!

Do You Want Sweet Dreams?

Of course, you do. Everybody looks forward to sleeping well after a long day of activity or inactivity, and a hallmark of sound sleep is sweet dreams. This cheese section offers their brie as bait for sweet dreams. You had better grab some if you want your dreams filled with bright colors.

Source: Reddit

I agree that they have it all when getting customers hooked. Garlands? Maybe because this is a trendy line from the Eurythmics, a line that would form a loop in your head all day if you are familiar with the tune.

The Dragon Egg Avocado

We don’t know if it’s a thing you have observed, but Millennials seem to prefer avocados that look like dragon eggs. You may not be able to relate to this if you never saw Game of Thrones, but who hasn’t? Do you remember Dragon eggs?

Source: Twitter

This supermarket has observed that the movie is widely watched and well-accepted. It has decided to create a poster for their avocado section that features the Dragon Queen herself, Daenerys, and not without a caption, of course. One that captures the satisfaction that comes with finding your perfect avocado.

Hey, They Are Snowman Noses

This creative marketing idea would bring good memories for customers and make them almost drown in their giggles. Just right under the carrot section in this grocery store is a yellow note with the inscription, “1 lb bag of Snowman Noses.”

Source: Twitter

They are saying that if you are armed with just 88 cents, you get to go back home with a bag of snowman noses. I expect the major customers would be children, dragging their parents to come to get a bag of snowman noses for them at Christmas time.

There Goes the Grumpy Cat

Of all the food store memes there are, this tops the list. This multinational supermarket chain has an affinity for using memes creatively to attract customers to their stores, and this time, they included the grumpy cat. How else to let you know the food is frozen?

Source: Reddit

This is the frozen food section of the supermarket, and there is a welcome sign with the picture of our dearly beloved cat that reads, “Frozen, Like My Heart.” This cat departed from the scenes in 2019 but lived on in the frozen food section of creative supermarkets.

“Education is Important. Coffee is Importanter”

I like to think this coffee shop is situated somewhere around an educational institution, so you can grab some as you study. Or maybe not. This inscription with the chalkboard and chalk also gives the education feel. As it is a busy market, shop owners need to think outside the box to make sales.

Source: Facebook

This coffee shop boldly tells you that you may like to study and see it as a top priority, but some other things are just as important or more important. Take, for example, coffee.

Breaking Bread

This is one brilliant pun that cannot go unnoticed. You must have seen the hit crime drama “Breaking Bad.” If you are a fan, you must be familiar with the squared Br sign, and the threatening rub-down Albuquerque makes with his eyes.

Source: Imgur

Customers who are interested in the French baguettes would experience the luxury of having to look yet again in the cold and dark eyes of Walter White. The creative idea of chalk, mixed with artistic talent, plus a run through the cinema, has made this marketing piece a good reference.

Mega Meat for Sale

You may find this a little scary if you are not a fan of anime characters, but this is precisely how this local Asian supermarket thought to shake things up in their ground beef section. They not only want you to purchase, but they also want you to be entertained.

Source: Reddit

They made characters using the ground beef to get you to look twice; maybe not see minced meat at a second glance but carefully crafted characters with a considerable fanbase waiting for them in your stomach. A closer look at the parchment paper would make you see the Mega written on it.

Pun With Pie and Lattes

This is yet another creative pun we can’t just pass by. In the picture, there is a chalkboard with the inscription, “Pilates? I Thought You Said Pie And Lattes”. The idea is to have you stop by to grab a pie and a coffee.

Source: Twitter

It worked! The marketing idea is not only creative and memorable; it grabs your attention too. The chalkboard idea is always welcomed as friends, and this one has a heart drawn at the bottom.

I Love You

You would need basic Spanish to understand this one. We know it is the widely celebrated Valentine’s day from the sign, and what is Valentine’s without love? There is “I Love you” for Te Amo, and there is Tequila first.

Source: Twitter

As you can choose to love, you can also decide to select Tequila on Valentine’s day. The most beautiful side of this bar ad is the infusion of languages. If not Te Amo, Tequila will do, don’t you think?

Boneless Chicken

This is a creative one taken from the idea of describing something without calling it its actual name; have you ever tried it before? This supermarket gave it a beautiful try and came up with their way of expressing their food.

Source: Imgur

You would walk in looking for eggs and see “Boneless Chicken” because technically, eggs are chicken that never developed to have bones. Get the joke? Instead of expecting to see chicken thighs without bones, you see boiled eggs, and they are a perfect bargain at 35c.

The Cloaks Go Invisible

Harry Potter fans would love this one! Who else wants to pick up their cloaks for going invisible and at a discounted rate? The inscription reads that the invisibility cloak would be going for half its original price.

Source: Twitter

We don’t even know yet if there’s an invisibility cloak on display for real or if it’s the hangers being put up for sale, or if the store owners just want to have a good laugh at the expense of their customers. Whichever way it goes, this is a beautiful marketing idea, and it has the right effect.

The Soup of the Day

It is the daring inscription on the sign that makes this one stand out from so many others. Petty people who have always wondered what their enemy’s tears taste like would have a treat at this restaurant.

Source: Tumblr

I like to think you wouldn’t need to ask what is on the menu when you walk in as it is the soup of the day being served. The chalkboard is a good catch, and the way it is creatively written in an old-fashioned font makes it just the right ad.

I’m Nacho Friend Anymore

This is well scripted for an ad, and it could make it to a T-shirt design or even a tote bag. All information needed to seal your patronage is well represented on the chalkboard. It is a conversational scene being played out that would make you want to get inside for tacos.

Source: Facebook

The chalkboard shows off a cartooned taco on the right, asking his friend, “Why don’t you wanna taco about it.” The reply is, “Cause I’m Nacho friend anymore.” They got to showcase their brand and what’s on the menu in one sitting. How brilliant!

These are Organic Boomerangs

The banana is already on this list, as it is that scapegoat fruit likely to fit into every joke. These bananas sitting pretty in this picture have an inscription that reads, “Organic boomerangs.”

Source: Pinterest

And really, where is the lie here? Bananas are shaped like boomerangs, and they are organic because they grow naturally and are also biodegradable. This isn’t us advocating for you to throw bananas all over your neighborhood because not only do bananas’ lives matter, you could get hurt too.

Pick Your Mushroom

The free nature in every human would fall in love with the ad and the grocery store because if not for anything, this is proof that they have you at heart and want you to make your own choices.

Source: Twitter

The grocery store created a section covered with earth for various mushrooms to grow from the ground. While the dirt might make you hesitate a little, it would excite you if you are a fan of freshly picked mushrooms.

Spooky Chalk Art

This picture will make you agree that the world of chalk art is filled with fantastic imagery. Here, there is a local grocery store that has a spooky piece of art in it. Created for Halloween, the picture features a terrifying wolf and a skull that appears real.

Source: Twitter

The artist behind these amazing designs is a masterpiece himself, and the grocery store that hired him for the job surely knows how to identify and harness talents. There is no better way to remind customers that the air of Halloween is what has filled that atmosphere.

Not the Best, But Still Good

This grocery store is not the only one in town that dedicates a section of their store for putting up stuff that may have exceeded the sell-by dates. The likely difference between this store and the others in this section may be the appealing sign placed above the wares.

Source: Imgur

The sign has an inscription that says, “Not the best, but still good.” We have a lot of wares and packaged foods that last long after their best-buy dates, so this is an inscription almost everyone who walks into a grocery store can relate with.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

We have yet another scenario where ground meat is shaped into a character. This time, it is a teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and it turns out this one’s got some action as this meat turtle is also eating meat pizza. The Turtle and the pizza were shaped from meat, not just meat toppings.

Source: Reddit

These supermarket owners have a lot of ideas we need to see more of because this creativity makes me feel like they have more stories to tell that wouldn’t fit into meat characters meant for customers alone.

When It Is Bulky, It Is Hulky

This is a creative idea for a supermarket that sells food in bulk. I mean, if you sell food in bulk, why not incorporate the giant superhero Hulk for a fantastic word pun? Both words give off a perfect rhyme, and the Hulk can handle something of bulk size.

Source: Facebook

Just right atop the bulk food area here in this supermarket, a big dark board has a sign showing off the incredible Hulk. I hope customers don’t think Hulk is waiting by the corner to help with their bulk items, though.

Grumpy Cat With Allergies

I like to think that the Grumpy cat produces a wealth of inspiration to many store owners as this won’t be the first time Grumpy cat is being featured. This time, our all-time internet favorite is selling allergy medications.

Source: Facebook

The Grumpy Cat is a teeny-weeny cutie with a permanent grumpy expression that also has a bad attitude. The cat cares less about how anybody feels, and so, in this case, it is perfect imagery for this ad. The Grumpy cat here says, ‘You have allergies. Good’. A rude way of getting you to consider taking medications for your allergies.

Who Wants To Have A Spinach Party?

This is attention-grabbing at a glance, and who wouldn’t jump on this offer? The sign in the spinach section of this grocery store reads ‘Spinach for $1.00!’. The exclamation mark at the end comes off as too much, maybe to give it an exciting tone, or are they yelling the prices?

Source: Facebook

The go-ahead includes, ‘Buy ten and have a Spinach Party,’ and the offer has no limits. Wow! When you visit this grocery store for your spinach party items, you wouldn’t be doing well if you didn’t share the good news with all your neighbors, so the party goes around!

Good, Inexpensive Pinot Noir

The label for this wine is handmade, which appears like a creative parody of the usual chalkboard designs. The label from the local wine store reads ‘Good, inexpensive pinot noir,’ they also go ahead to say it is very difficult to come by, like it is tough to find a good song by Nickelback.

Source: Twitter

After the audacious shade of Nickelback and his songs, they include a pairing recommendation to drink the wine with a burger. This label is personal and witty enough to attract customers as it gives a feeling of inclusion and makes you feel like the brand had you in mind while purchasing the wine for sale.

A Three-Dimensional Tinder

This chalkboard, although cheeky, speaks the truth and gives a very understandable internet perspective to our everyday world. The sign in front of a bar reads ‘3D Tinder’ with an arrow that points to the bar’s entrance.

Source: Twitter

One of the ways you know the bar was intentional about the ad design is how they used the correct Tinder font and had it drawn exactly like it is on-screen. This is a seriously creative sign, quite simple, and aptly points you inside as you pass by. You wouldn’t argue with the logic behind the arrow’s direction before entering in for your 3D Tinder, especially if you are a Tinder user.

Nice Drinks, Maybe Bears

The curators of this ad sign chose a different approach. I like to think this one is directed to the curious and exciting humans that make up the populace. Instead of enticing you with their brand name and all the drinks they have on the menu, they go for ‘Nice Drinks, Dunno… Maybe Bears’.

Source: Facebook

The arrow for Nice drinks points inside the bar, while the second arrow points ahead of that perhaps; bears are waiting to devour you. The unwritten question here is, would you rather risk drinks or be eaten by Bears. On second thought, this bar must be located somewhere funny.

Many Yum

There is a candy stand situated at a local Trader Joe’s store in the first of the many dog meme references to come. If you don’t know yet, or can’t recall, this meme came to join other memes here on earth in 2013, where it was first featured as a Shiba Inu dog

Source: Imgur

The meme employs the use of comic font with a blend of short phrases that is a mimicry of the cute dog’s inner monologue. The inscription is much similar to the original context, with multi-colored comic sans text that reads, ‘wow,’ ‘such tempt,’ ‘very taste,’ ‘many yum,’ and ‘amaze,’

Get Your Vampire Repellent

Do you remember the Snowman nose renaming for carrots? Here is yet another naming ceremony happening in the Garlic section of this supermarket. Garlic is arrayed in different types; bulbs, jars, and pastes with the inscription, Vampire repellents above it.

Source: Reddit

Garlic has indeed been known for hundreds of years to be effective at repelling vampires. Although the average human wouldn’t find the scent favorable, it is of great value to human cooks. It is called vampire repellent because the smell is pungent for a vampire. We don’t disagree because we know vampires to have extra sensitive senses, and the scent of garlic would damn their noses when they go hunting. Keep vampire repellents handy, who knows when they would come visiting!


I hope it doesn’t surprise you that this is a grocery store situated in Texas. In the benevolence of their hearts, they decided to place a cooler at the entrance of the store so lucky shoppers can purchase bear while they pace the store in search of what to buy, anything to cool your nerves as you expend energy.

Source: Facebook

This is a creative way to get shoppers to buy more once you get in through the door. Thankfully, the drinks are in different sizes depending on which customers can afford them before you are faced with the heat of walking the store and picking items for the home, sample cool drinks for your drinking pleasure, Cheers!

You Remember Condescending Wonka

At this point, we are grateful to the world of memes, as they have made it pretty easy for store owners to draw ideas for their store ads. Yet again, we have another meme being featured in the world of whole food. This picture shows off the famous Gene Wilder selling chocolate bars; how nice.

Source: Twitter

While fully clad in Wonka gear, this widely known meme features the legendary Wilder, also known as Condescending Wonka. For condescending, Wonka wears a grin on his face that portrays sarcasm and leans on his hand. He thinks of you as a joke, and he wouldn’t hesitate to show it. He asks Customers, ‘Oh, so you like Chocolate?’. The grin says, ‘How nice.’

Cheese Orphans

It can be a hard knock from life for some pieces of cheese, but then, some cheese is lucky as they get a grocery store that cares about them enough to want them in a home. If you are a kind, caring, and compassionate customer, why wouldn’t you consider giving these cheese homes to call their own?

Source: Imgur

They are the leftover cut of cheese, and that’s why whoever came up with this piece of creative ad labeled it ‘Cheese Orphans.’ The store tells us that leftover cheese isn’t entirely useless and can be perfect for a snack. The inscription is accompanied by a picture of a cartoon mouse that is enjoying his piece of cheese. With a grocery store like this, Cheese Orphans don’t have to worry about not having someone to own them

Do You Like Me?

It turns out this grocery store is living in 2030; they have gone ahead of every one of us. They don’t find the digital ‘like buttons’ convincing enough and choose to create real-life buttons for you to click if you want to give alike and get as many cans as you like in this section. As shown in the picture, if you want to have a can or more of homestyle chicken and dumpling soup, you can ‘like’ it via the button to have and even get to see who else ‘likes’ it alongside you.

Source: Imgur

The idea behind this creative marketing infuses social media interaction into a physical grocery store. This ‘Like’ button is a real-life one that makes for interaction and also active engagements with products that other shoppers enjoy. Some shoppers can purchase some because they figured a lot of people had made purchases of the item.

Post-Apocalyptic Looting

You would agree that of all the inscriptions you have read, this one has creativity all over. The picture shows off a box of retractable saws, and if you walk into the store wondering what other thing you could use a saw for apart from the present assignment you have for it, there’s a long list of dos for a retractable saw. The inscription reads ‘Just in Time for Christmas, $9 Retractable Saws, Sells on Amazon for $16, Perfect for Hunters, Campers, Ninjas, Gardeners, anyone who likes to cut stuff up!’.

Source: Reddit

The saws came right in time for Christmas as there is a lot of cutting during Christmas; the ninjas and gardeners would also be super grateful. What else? Underneath the exposition of roles a retractable saw can play, we have another sign that reads ‘perfect for post-apocalyptic looting.’

Not Sure If

Here’s yet another meme feature that showcases Fry from Futurama in a local hi-fi store. Just before you see the wares on display, you would be entertained by the picture of Fry with the inscription that implies him thinking, ‘not sure if dreaming, or if JB’s prices are this low. This one is pretty straightforward, and it doesn’t matter if you are familiar with Fry or not; you would smile at the idea of the prices being low enough for your budget.

Source: Reddit

JB cleverly employs pop culture references to attract customers and get them to purchase from the store. You definitely won’t be dreaming while standing to purchase aware, so I’m certain you are not dreaming; the prices here are low, for real.

The Knights Who Shout ‘Ni!’

Now, this isn’t a joke everyone would get, but the satisfaction of relating is fulfilling. If you are a fan of British comedy, the troupe Monty, you would easily recognize the knights who say ‘Ni!’ from this picture. This scene is one where the knights refuse to let Arthur and his followers pass through the forest without a gift. The knights of Ni want to be gifted some shrubbery, and they run around shouting ‘Ni!’.

Source: Twitter

This sign is placed above the gardening section of this store, which means they demand shrubbery from customers before you can go through, and of course, purchase. Come along with your shrubbery, and be certain you have access to the gardening section, where you get to shop for flowers and plants as you like them. Either that, or you hear ‘Ni!’

Out Of Catnip? Good

It turns out Grumpy cat isn’t out of service yet, as we get to feature this creature yet again in another creative marketing ad. Here, the cat is drawn with a hand on a chalkboard right outside a pet store that sells the medicinal flowering plant, Catnip. What better way to advertise the Catnip if not the melange of the cat for a pun and sarcasm effect?

Source: Pinterest

The Grumpy Cat, in its mean demeanor, as usual, laughs at customers who are out of Catnip and comes to restock. The success of every Grumpy cat’s message is in its mean disposition. Grumpy cat has unrivaled access to make fun of Catnip customers at any time with this ad.

One For The Road

This one is for the road, or maybe it’ll be better put as one for the walk. I mean, shopping in grocery stores can be exhausting. A lot of mental preparation has to be done right from home before walking through the door and starting the mind conflict of deciding which would remain on the list or be bought.

Source: Twitter

This grocery store has you at heart and wouldn’t want you so stressed. A drink would relax you as you get along with shopping in the store. This grocery store displays a cooler at the entrance with a variety of drinks at 99 cents. Maybe you feel so relaxed and exhaust all the penny in your pocket, who knows?

The Play-Offs

This one gets me intrigued, and I can’t help but wonder how some people think so creatively. This picture shows off crates of beers arranged to form a stadium, with some bottles in the would-be field waiting for the whistle, indicating the beginning of the game to be blown.

Source: Reddit

You can’t just stand by and watch a game without grabbing a bottle of drink which means you would need to purchase as many as you need to pass the time while you get entertained by the game. This store didn’t stop at advertising their drinks; they went ahead to remind you of the perfect event for grabbing a couple of drinks

It’s A Princess Dress Y’all

Some stores would go the whole nine yards just to make sure they get their customers entertained as they shop. A dummy is donned in toilet paper and on parade for a special toilet paper sale in this store. There is a surrounding closed-off stage set just for the toilet paper model; how nice!

Source: Facebook

If you saw this picture from afar, you may just think it’s an expensive costume on display; alas, all this grandeur is just for toilet paper sale. I wouldn’t go anywhere else with my money if I wanted to get toilet paper; I’ll go for a toilet paper that doesn’t just wipe off dirt but can serve as a princess dress on a mannequin. This ad just gives off the right effect!

The Original Version

Have you stopped to think about how iPads would appear if the models were created in the Victorian era? You wouldn’t have to think too far as this store has given us perfect imagery of what they looked like. This is the creative style where you rename items on display instead of inscribing their real names on them.

Source: Reddit

This store has small blackboards on display with an inscription, ‘Victorian i-Pads.’ We just need to be official and figure out who they pay the Royalties to and if the Victorians registered the trademark. Also, wouldn’t Apple consider this worthy of their investment? Maybe, it’ll probably get owned by outdated technology. Whichever way it goes, get your mini-sized blackboards, that used to be the iPads in the Victorian era

What Are You Saying?

Are you also like me wondering what these people are trying to communicate with their coffee mugs with letters? I don’t want to think this supermarket acknowledges the Father of lies and thought it something to dedicate a mug set to him, but then again, the coffee mug is being sold for 6.66; wow!

Source: Twitter

A superstitious person would probably do the sign of the cross, repeat the creed, and maybe some responsorial psalms toppings, that’s if they haven’t attracted enough attention to themselves before coming to the reality that they’ll go home with one or two mugs and not the devil himself. This store surely has naughty creatives working behind the scenes to make sure they have a good laugh at customers.

A Serious Conundrum

You would surely have a good laugh on taking in the whole scene from this picture. There is a display of contraceptives and baby diapers on the shelf with a cardboard paper writing ‘Which one do you want to buy?’ Do you get it? As it would play out, you would have to choose which one you want from both. If you don’t go for one, you will eventually be buying the other.

Source: Twitter

I wouldn’t know if they want you to feel threatened, but the message being passed here is simple. If you don’t buy contraceptives, you will eventually be settling for baby diapers nine months later. It’s a question to consider, which one would you go for?

What You See Is What You Get

The ad may be straightforward and immediately make you see that it’s a dragon selling dragon fruits at a local grocery store, but a closer look at the fruit, its shape, and skin could give you ideas that you are buying a dragon offspring. I mean, dragon eggs.

Source: Twitter

Do you also have questions? Are you like me wondering if these are from Game of Thrones? The dragon fruit is expensive, and it has tough skin with soft flesh on the inside. If you don’t know there is dragon fruit, you would think it’s a dragon egg.

It Is Game Time, Everybody!

Everybody is expected to get into the game time mood once it is announced, and this store isn’t an exception. The drinks section of this store has been upturned into a games arena, and we are here for all of it. Two teams are rivaling on display, and they have the Coca-cola on the ground to remind gamers of the next games.

Source: Tumblr

As you get entertained with the games, you would pick a bottle or two to relax at the store. If you want to view the real game, you can also consider lifting drinks packs from this store to the venue. This way, we can say everyone who supported the game got their drinks here, especially at a ‘Free’ end.