Entitled Woman Learns a Lesson From Fellow Passengers

Somebody loudly suggested from the rear of the train that there would be more open seats if we took out the seated woman. The woman screamed back that she was entitled to her personal space. Things were only continuing to escalate on the train.

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Jessica was one of the witnesses who saw what unfolded that day and would have a tough time forgetting it. The police officer aboard the train was starting to look like his patience for this woman had run out. That woman was about to learn a big lesson.

Unspoken Travel Rules of Public Transportation

When you’re driving a vehicle, you pay attention to what’s happening around you so that nobody gets hurt. If everyone on the road did this, the odds of accidents significantly go down. Nevertheless, a lot changes if you don’t drive your own car and you only use public transportation.

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Most people are dependent on public transportation to get to and from work every single day. These passengers are already tired after a long day of work, and we wouldn’t test their patience. This lady, however, had to learn the harsh way.

Not a Regular Commute Home

It all began as Jessica Huit was rushing to catch her train after a long tiring day at work. It was right at the height of rush hour, and we all know just how congested New York’s public train is at that time.

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Despite being used to getting home via public transportation, she had never seen anything close to what she was about to see that commute home. The overcrowded platform had become normal for Jessica. Just like every day, she boarded the train and started searching for an open spot to sit.

First Come First Serve Rule

Choosing to take the train in New York comes with completely full stations. It’s the luck of the draw if you can retain any personal space for more than ten seconds. It can be incredibly difficult to locate a vacant seat.

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The ‘first come, first serve’ rule is upheld pretty rigorously, and you’re forced to remain standing if you arrive on the later side. Additionally, it’s an unspoken rule to only use one seat when the train is crowded. This etiquette is something that all daily commuters are well aware of.

Always Searching for a Spot

Before she even got onto the train, Jessica was exhausted from her long day at work. Even the mere sight of a packed train station in New York can drain anyone’s energy and patience. She never gave up on her search for an available spot to sit as she continued throughout the train.

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Her commute home was well over an hour, and though she was physically able to stand until her stop, Jessica wanted nothing more than to sit for the rest of the way home. Her search finally ended when she spotted an empty seat.

Why Hadn’t Someone Taken the Seat Already?

Jessica’s hunt ended at the last section of the train when she spotted an empty seat next to a random woman. Although she was happy to have found it, she was surprised that someone hadn’t taken it before her. The woman’s purse was on the vacant seat that Jessica spotted.

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She was totally prepared to sit down next to this woman and politely asked her to move her purse. A seemingly innocent question with unprecedented results. Jessica was completely taken aback by this woman’s response.

Taking Anger Out on Others

Passengers are always doing their own stuff on public transit. From checking social media to taking a phone call, from taking a nap to eating some snacks. The stress of a long workday also makes people do questionable things.

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We understand that the mental burden from work is no joke, but that is no excuse to take it out on other people. The answer that the woman already seated gave to Jessica could’ve been the result of her workday, but it was still unjustified.

A Storm Was Brewing

Jessica approached the woman and politely asked if she would mind moving her bag so that she could sit. Keep in mind how she respectfully asked the woman rather than demand that she move her purse. Taking up two seats at once, the woman appeared annoyed at the thought of moving her things.

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It was obvious that this lady was in no mood to agree with Jessica’s request. Her facial expression and body language sent a very clear message before she even opened her mouth to answer Jessica.

Security Officers Enter the Train

The seated woman had headphones on as she was listening to something on her phone. Her gaze was fixed on her phone screen. Unsurprisingly, she initially pretended that she did not hear Jessica’s question and continued using her phone.

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Jessica waited for the woman’s answer but didn’t receive a response. The train aggressively lurched at that moment as it pulled up to another stop. Security officials got onto the train, and one paused next to Jessica as she saw the woman getting visibly annoyed by Jessica.

Refusal to Acknowledge Security Officers

It was obvious that Jessica was not the first passenger to ask this woman whether she could take the seat taken by a Luis Vuitton purse. Maybe the woman refused to give in to someone else before Jessica, and they contacted the train security.

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That would explain why the officers boarded the train. Jessica figured that it’d be a good idea to back up and let the security personnel figure everything out. At the same time, the woman still hadn’t acknowledged that the officers were in the train car to see her.

An Explosion of Anger

The security officer approached the woman and told her that she had to move her bag off of the seat. She aggressively yelled that the officer wasn’t allowed to touch her belongings, and she pushed his hand away from her. Jessica stood next to the officer as the lady exploded with anger.

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The minute it became physical, the officer knew the woman’s behavior could not be ignored. So, he confronted her a second time about her bag and even threatened to have her kicked off of the train if she didn’t comply.

One Final Attempt at Politeness

The officer reached for the purse again and was swatted away by the lady. She yelled at him for trying to touch her belongings a second time while she took out her earphones. Both Jessica and the officer were met with an expression filled with rage coming from the seated woman’s face.

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The officer tried once last time to get her to comply by politely asking her if any of the standing passengers could take the seat next to her. She screamed back that she didn’t want to sit next to anyone and that there were more vacant seats.

She Kept Others From Getting Home

At this point, everyone was paying attention to the woman’s disrespectful behavior. It was obvious that this woman wasn’t going to change her mind about the purse. The whole train was stopped because of one rude woman who was just being straight-up mean.

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The man seated behind the woman was fed up with her behavior and decided to get involved. He told the woman that the train was already running late and that she was keeping everyone from getting home. The woman glanced back at him but made no moves to change her mind.

Increasingly Hostile Train Environment

People on the train had run out of patience. They began shouting at her so she would just move her bag and the train could finally start moving again. The vibe throughout this particular train car was starting to get more hostile as the passengers were yelling at the woman for wasting their time.

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They kept telling her that everyone was standing because there weren’t any open spaces. Jessica began realizing that the woman had likely refused similar questions from other people on the train before her.

Move the Purse or Get Removed

The passengers were close to taking care of things on their own, and it’s understandable. Imagine you had a tough day at work and got stuck on a late train because one woman wouldn’t move her bag from an empty seat. Luckily, the officer had arrived at that time.

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The officer told the woman that she could either move her purse or he would remove her from the train. Another passenger yelled that if the officer removed her, they’d be left with another empty seat.

Entitlement to New Heights

After hearing that, the woman launched insults claiming that the passengers smelled bad or didn’t need the seat because they weren’t disabled. These rude comments can upset even the most warmhearted people.

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This lady truly thought so little of the other passengers; it showed just how desperately some people need a refresher in courteous behavior. Jessica was in disbelief at how entitled this woman was. She believed that she was better than the other passengers, yet she wasn’t so above it all that she could travel by car.

Completely Drained of Patience

The seated woman yelled that it was her personal space, and she had the right to keep her bag on the chair if she wanted it. Nevertheless, the rest of the people were dedicated to proving her wrong. At the center of these intense verbal insults, Jessica saw that the officer was about to blow his fuse.

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The seated woman started making statements that no matter how much she weighed, it was her personal space. At this point, the officer had completely run out of patience.

Plenty of Personal Space Outside

It should come as no surprise that the passengers were excited to watch the officer unleash on this woman. After surveying the situation, the officer decided that it was this woman’s time to leave the train. He put in order for her to be removed from the train.

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Aloud, the officer said he wanted her off of the train. The entitled woman was surprised the officer would say something like that about her. One of the passengers who had attempted to get her out of the train told her that she’d get plenty of personal space outside.

Left at a Standstill

Sadly, the passengers weren’t done dealing with this woman’s outrageous stubbornness. When she started hearing the instructions of the angry officer, she looked at him, completely shocked. She gave no indications that she planned to give up her seat so easily and chose to disregard the security officer.

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At this point, nearly thirty minutes had been spent trying to get this woman to move her bag. The train was getting later and later, while the woman and officer refused to budge on their respective positions.

Backup Gets Her to Back Down

It would’ve been problematic if the officer had put his hands on the woman to forcibly move her. Instead, when he realized that she wouldn’t comply, he called in some help. Shortly thereafter, a few other officers made their way towards the section with the disputed seat.

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As they got closer, the woman gave the officer a glare and then finally chose to give up her position. She stood up and was walked off of the train. The other passengers genuinely rejoiced, and Jessica was still in disbelief that this woman was so entitled.

Incident Recording Goes Viral

This entire situation was recorded and stored on a passenger’s phone. They ended up posting it on the internet, and soon, the video was everywhere. The public’s reaction to the woman’s behavior in the viral video was basically the same as the passengers’ reaction.

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In the video, the passengers clapped for the officers who helped do the right thing, and the woman’s selfish entitlement went viral. People even commented that if people are asking you to leave, it’s a sign that you should listen to them.

The Overwhelming Public Reaction

It makes sense that one passenger would only occupy one seat when a train is packed with people. The response of people who saw the video was supportive of everyone except for the entitled woman. Not one person defended her and even pointed out several issues they saw in the video.

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One viewer made a comment on the video about how the woman should just invest in getting herself a car. Another person posted a comment calling the woman out for disregarding people with invisible disabilities.

New Jersey Transit Releases a Statement

After the recording went viral, New Jersey Transit released an official statement about their position when it came to seating on their trains. They encouraged customers to put any of their belongings that they brought with them on the train in their laps or the overhead storage space.

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The passenger who had posted the original video commented on the statement and assured them that they weren’t blaming NJJ Transit for what happened. The only person who deserved anger directed at them was the woman who felt entitled to two seats.

Finally Getting to Sit Down

From the woman’s initial entitlement to the ending we all wanted, Jessica was glad that the woman got what she deserved. After the situation had been dealt with, the officers gave the train permission to continue on its route.

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The passenger who had stood next to Jessica during the entire ordeal gave Jessica a signal to sit in the now-empty seat. This small gesture really moved Jessica and made her feel better. It was a reminder that kind people still exist, even on public transportation.

Price of Living in a Big City

Luckily, Jessica never witnessed another ordeal like the one she experienced. However, she does get minor flashbacks whenever she is searching for a seat on her commute home from work. But that’s something that she has come to terms with.

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The way that she sees the world now has shifted a little bit, and her appreciation of kind strangers is even higher than it used to be. Jessica says that is the price of living in a large city, that you’re going to encounter the good, the bad, and the ugly of humankind.

The Risk of Taking Public Transit

Daily public transit commutes are tough, which is why having a car is such a blessing. You never know who you’re going to cross paths with when you use public transportation. Sadly, not all passengers who use the public buses or trains have basic kind manners.

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That’s why most regulars have to deal with disrespectful behavior from other people, which leads us to our next story. This time, it involved a child that frequented public transit who had to learn a lesson through his own experience.

Taking Away Spots By Manspreading

The life of a commuter is tough. You have to go a long way daily to get to your destination. Furthermore, you have the stress of looking for an empty seat where you can relax. As mentioned in the last story, it is common courtesy to only take up one spot.

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When there it’s pretty empty, or everyone else already has a seat, then it makes more sense to spread out. This child, however, assumed that everyone would be fine if he spread his legs across two seats.

Sharing Public Transit With the Public

We all know that every single person isn’t able to afford their own vehicle. That is one of the main reasons that public transportation is a thing. It reduces the amount of traffic, and it also gives commuters a cheaper option for them to get around.

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But many people forget that public transportation includes sharing the space with other people. This means that you can’t make yourself completely comfortable if it impedes on other people’s ability to take a load off and sit in a seat.

On Their Worst Behavior

Public transportation is cheaper than a private vehicle, but you have to ride with a bunch of strangers. It’s important to remember that some view public transportation as a place to be on their worst behavior. There are passengers that think they’re competing for most misbehaved.

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The level of manners has taken a deep dive, and you’ll meet people doing the wildest, embarrassing, repulsive, questionable things in buses and trains. If you’re a person who regularly uses public transportation, you totally understand what we’re talking about here.

Mannerless Is the New Normal

Crossing paths with people who completely lack any basic manners is the new normal. More often than not, you’ll see people care less and less about how their actions will affect the other passengers. All they pay attention is themselves, and that’s the root of the problem.

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Sure, you bought a ticket to ride, but that doesn’t mean that you have the right to impede into the personal space of other people or to vape inside of the sealed carriage. These types of passengers also tend to disregard the fact that there are child passengers as well.

Unfortunate Passenger Behaviors

It’s unheard of to see passengers fight over a vacant seat. Some assume it’s alright to pile their belongings on a chair while they sit near it, while others think commuting in just their underwear is fine. The list of questionable behaviors continues.

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Passengers were blaring music, snoring loudly, or even drooling all over the chair while napping during the journey. Keep in mind that a majority of these behaviors are done by grown-ups. Not only is that absurd, but it also highlights just how intensely we need to make improvements to our society.

Manspreading and Blocking Vacancies

People who think they deserve two seats in a crowded carriage really need to check their privilege at the door. It’s not unheard of to see bags taking up seats while elderly passengers have to stand throughout the commute.

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The people who do this need to seriously reevaluate their priorities. But do you know what the most selfish behavior of all is? To sit with your legs so far spread out that it takes up to three spots. This is just simply unacceptable behavior for any passenger.

Teach a Lesson While Keeping the Peace

When passengers show how disrespectful they are in public spaces, not everyone reacts to them in exactly the same way. Some are enthusiastic about improving the situation in a peaceful way, while others see no rules when it comes to teaching someone a lesson.

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Many of us would agree that there are plenty of passengers that need manner lessons but keeping it respectful should be a leading factor. Belittling, swearing, or fighting won’t put anyone in a strong position to be teaching another person a lesson.

Wide Leg Spread for Video Games

Isabel witnessed some troubling behavior when she was commuting via the train. She made a post on Twitter and shared with the world what occurred. The tweet obviously went viral. The tweet was supported by users all over the world and racked up 140,000+ likes and 50,000 retweets.

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What type of tweet pulls those numbers? Well, Isabel had summarized what happened when a child riding the train was playing video games on his cell phone and had to keep his legs spread to maximum capacity.

Literally Giving Us Life

The comments on Isabel’s tweet were all praising one person in particular. The internet seemed smitten and in love with the champion of the tweet, which wasn’t even Isabel! Some of those comments went as far as claiming that their faith in humanity had been completely restored by the tweet.

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Another user commented that it was the only way the child was going to learn his lesson. We’ll get to who the hero of the tweet was soon, but first, let’s give Isabel the credit she deserves.

Quite a Following on Twitter

Without people like Isabel, most of the drama that occurs on public transportation wouldn’t be acknowledged by the world. So, here’s to Isabel for capturing the incident at the right moment and rebuilding our faith in humanity.

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Isabel has many followers on Twitter and shares amusing tweets. This particular tweet, though, likely got her even more widespread attention. You’ve waited long enough for the answer to the big question: what happened with the kid who just had to keep his legs spread?

Snapping a Photo and Uploading to the Internet

Just like Jessica, Isabel’s story took place on what felt like a typical day. But that day, Isabel’s attention caught on something out of the ordinary on the train. Because of what she was seeing, Isabel figured it would be a good idea to take a picture and show the internet what she saw.

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Isabel was most likely not the only passenger to notice this event, but she was the sole person to snap photos and put them on the internet. Only because of her did we learn about this story.

Seat Separation Was Drawn On

It’s crucial to give you some background first. Metro trains have come equipped with individual, separated chairs. Instead, they have bench seats that have lines drawn on them to signal how many seats are counted there.

Source: Reddit

The visual is used to tell passengers to only sit in a single section of the bench. The sections are equal, and the lines aren’t made with handlebars or something 3-D. The main thing that should be understood is that the spot meant for one person is clearly drawn out.

Another Reckless & Disrespectful Preteen

Now that you understand the kind of benches these trains use, we hope you have some kind of picture in your head about what we’re referring to. That’s correct; a young kid, likely a preteen, was spotted by Isabel taking up more space than was appropriate.

Source: Twitter

The boy had stretched his legs on the bench and was occupying space meant for three people. As annoying as that might sound, there’s no denying that children doing stuff like this is even more annoying than when a grown-up does something similar.

Getting a Little Too Comfortable

People who typically travel by public trains and buses are very familiar with the passengers who get too comfortable on the ride. We don’t need to delve into what this type of person is known for, but they are always there in every conceivable form.

Source: Tumblr

In this situation, it was a child whose attention was dedicated to his phone screen. This preteen thought his own comfort was more important than the other passengers on the train. What made it worse was that his mom appeared to see nothing wrong with her son’s behavior.

Unaware of His Surroundings

The boy was preoccupied with games on his mom’s phone. We’re not completely sure if it was his or his mom’s phone, but he was certainly borderline too young to have his own cell phone.

Photo by Steven Robinson Pictures/Getty Images

Deep down, we have a sinking feeling that his mom didn’t take the time to teach him public transportation manners before bringing him on a train. He seemed totally oblivious to what was happening around him to the point where if the train crashed, it would be unlikely that this kid would budge.

Simply the Right Thing to Do

There’s agreement across the board when it comes to the idea that the disabled, the elderly, and the pregnant women should get first dibs on a chair more than someone who doesn’t fall in those categories.

Source: Reddit

It’s a general responsibility that all of us should share, even when we want the seats for ourselves. Additionally, not going along with these norms just makes you look like a bad person. We’re not saying that you always need to go with the crowd, but this is one of those times where it’s the right thing to do.

When a Parent Doesn’t Intervene

The boy was asked three separate times to move and decided to ignore each request. His mom didn’t make him move either. He just sat there and continued staring at his phone screen as if the virtual universe was more important than what was actually happening.

Source: Reddit

The mother not doing anything about her son was infuriating. A child who is old enough to play on a cell phone should be well aware of the public transportation rules. The other passengers were staring at both the mother and her son in pure frustration.

Two People Ignoring Requests

If you think the kid was the only person immersed in his own world, you’d be incorrect. As much as it’s tough to believe, the mother was just as dismissive as her son. She had both earbuds in and wasn’t paying attention to anything that was going on around her.

Source: Wikimedia

We’re sure many people went and asked her to make her son move, but the mom was too preoccupied listening to music. So, it was a duo lacking some serious manners and pissing people off in the process.

Getting Worse Before it Gets Better

Things started to get worse because these two obviously didn’t respond well to up people who used kind tones. The mom and preteen were just waiting for the situation to get worse, and it eventually did. Passengers were beginning to get frustrated, and we can understand why.

Source: Reddit

It’s difficult to watch an undisciplined boy do whatever he feels like since there’s an unwarranted entitlement piece to it. But it’s not so crazy to think that sometimes things need to get really bad before coming out the other side.

A Passenger Steps Up

After being asked by passengers to scooch over, the boy realized he was being watched. So, he chose to shift his legs just a little so that there was enough space for one person. This wasn’t what the crowd had hoped his reaction would be and did next to nothing to cool down the situation.

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No one wants to sit in a spot where they’re next to someone’s gross shoes. Everyone assumed that convincing this boy was pointless since his mother wasn’t doing anything about him, but one person stepped up.

Stylish Stranger to the Rescue

A passenger with messy blonde hair and a cool pair of sunglasses approached the preteen and his mom. He gave the boy a harsh stare from over his dark sunglasses lenses. It was clear to everyone watching that this man was going to get involved in the situation.

Source: Wikimedia

He gave off a mysterious vibe thanks to his peculiar outfit and just overall strange demeanor. Many of the other passengers noted that his clothes combined with his whole style reminded them of Elton John.

Elton John’s Flair for the Dramatic

It’s not often that a famous person is spotted using public transportation, which is what the leading argument disproving that this man was Elton John was. Where would Elton John have possibly been going if he was getting there by a common train?

Source: Pinterest

Seems almost beneath him since his steep rise to a music icon. Even if this man wasn’t the real Elton John, he shared the singer’s flair for the dramatic as he risked everything to try and teach this boy a harsh life lesson.

Looming Next to the Bench

The man who resembled Elton John stood next to the bench where the preteen was too busy playing his video game. The guy standing hoped that the kid would notice and scoot over to make room for him to sit. Unfortunately, the man wasn’t so lucky and ended up being completely disregarded.

Source: Facebook

Although, this man was different as he wasn’t giving up anytime soon. He was in it for the long haul. He was not hiding his annoyance with the kid and was only getting angrier the longer he stood there.

Disrespected by the Boy’s Behavior

The boy’s lack of awareness, eyes drawn to the screen, and general unresponsiveness was fueling a big fire in this man. He felt disrespected because of the boy’s behavior and unwillingness to give him a seat. Just like with the other people who asked, the mom was too distracted to even step in.

Source: YouTube

Our hero, who appeared without his cape, chose to teach the boy a lesson. The man figured that was this boy lacked was discipline, so why not help with that hands-on lesson?

Open Spot on the Kid’s Legs

After being completely ignored by the kid, the man figured action would be louder than words. He turned and sat on the boy’s legs. How long can a person be patient in a circumstance like this? This was a surprise for the other people on the train, but we’re sure they found the humor in it.

Source: Pinterest

The guy obviously saw the ridiculousness of the situation. He had waited for too much time for a seat that should’ve been open. The kid’s legs don’t need their own spot on the train.

Capturing the Exact Moment

Luckily, Isabel caught the exact second our guy sat on the kid’s legs with her camera. His reaction was priceless. The kid’s mouth hung open, and he couldn’t understand what had just occurred. He hadn’t expected anyone to stand up to his arrogance.

Source: Twitter

The kid’s genuine surprise was certainly the highlight of Isabel’s tweet. We share our appreciation for Isabel’s photography skills and for capturing the photo at the right time. As for the kid, well, let’s just say he learned his lesson the hilariously uncomfortable way.

Teach Children Some Manners

Just because a kid who was using more seats than he’s entitled to refuse to move doesn’t mean that other passengers don’t have a right to those spots, our hero wanted to show the preteen that his choices have consequences.

Source: Wikimedia

Although these things should be modeled by the parents, there’s no reason to be mad at the people who do end up teaching the kid first. Rather, it is encouraged to teach children manners, even if they aren’t your kids. The kicker is that the kid’s mom didn’t notice a man sitting on her child’s legs.

Completely Missed Their Stop

After the man-made himself comfortable in his new spot and the kid folded his legs, the mom realized what was going on. Oh no, not that a man was sitting on her son, but that they had missed their stop.

Photo by Halfpoint Images/Getty Images

Apparently, her son was supposed to be paying attention to the stops so that they wouldn’t miss it. The boy didn’t do his job because he was sucked into his screen. We think it is a bit strange that the mom put that job on her kid.

Reevaluate Your Parenting Style

Isabel didn’t stop her camera as she captured what was happening with the mom and her son. The mom was scolding her son for not paying attention to their stop, which they had missed while being distracted by music herself. Talk about hypocritical.

Photo by Wes Hicks/Unsplash

It’s as if she doesn’t understand how absurd she sounded. Truly, if you’re anything like this woman, we think that you need to reevaluate who you parent. This planet has its fair share of ridiculous people. We don’t need more of this kind of behavior on the train.

A Dramatic Scene Unfolding

The entire scene became a funny mess as the other passengers saw the mother just really lay into her kid as she picked up her bags. They were about to leave the train as quickly as possible.

Source: Facebook

As for the man who sat on the boy’s legs, he sat calmly and comfortably in the seat that he deserved from the beginning. Meanwhile, the kid was having a difficult time getting berated by his mom, and the other passengers were enjoying this dramatic scene unfold. But this wasn’t the end.

Cursed Out a Stranger

When the mom and preteen were getting ready to leave, the kid approached the man who sat on his legs and spewed something at him. This wasn’t a word that you’d be proud to hear your own child say to a stranger, but the boy swore at the man.

Photo by John Sommer/Getty Images

You are probably wondering why the man didn’t teach the boy another lesson. It likely had something to do with the fact that the boy and his mother were leaving anyways. The ending was surprising, but we genuinely hope this boy’s manners have since improved.

The Silliest Response to Entitlement

The mysterious stranger will be remembered as a hero of the subway carriage for a good amount of time. He’s the guy who revived our faith in public decency and showed us a strategy for dealing with arrogant teenagers on public transportation.

Source: Reddit

Granted, the man’s choice to sit on the preteen’s legs was largely applauded; some people said that it was an inappropriate response. We wouldn’t say it was the MOST appropriate response, but it was certainly the silliest. The boy had his chance and chose to be a brat about it.

Spread All Over the Internet

A small minority seemed to miss the part where the boy’s mother made no moves to help the situation after several patrons asked politely. Some even thought that what the guy did to the boy counted as assault. We think that’s a bit of a stretch.

Source: Reddit

They’re probably not people who frequent public transportation and have known the feeling of standing while someone arrogantly takes up more than one seat. The story and exchange were posted to Twitter and soon spread all over the internet.

Was What He Did Appropriate?

Anyhow, most people appreciated what the mysterious man did, and that’s most important. Although we still aren’t sure who the stranger is or anything about him, the man received a standing ovation from internet users. We hope he saw the reactions. Do you believe that what happened was appropriate?

Source: Twitter

There were probably a million possibilities of how the situation could’ve gone down, but this man chose to teach subway etiquette through nonverbal action rather than speaking. We’re not sure that it was the perfect thing to do, but it worked.

Being Way Too Chill

People tend to over-plan or go with the flow. They are opposites, and you probably met people who are perfect examples of these archetypes. We’re here to discuss the latter. Did you ever meet a person who is so chill that they go with the flow throughout even the most stressful situations?

Source: Imgur

The story we’re about to delve into is about a person who personifies these traits. We’ll let you choose if they should be considered clever or just irresponsible. But before you jump to conclusions, read through the entire story.

Woman Refuses to Move Her Car

This next story begins with a worker who had a difficult task to complete. His work transported construction materials for buildings in the construction stages, houses, among others. Still, one day, his work came stopped due to an obstacle.

Source: Pinterest

The obstacle that we’re talking about was a woman who had left her vehicle where the man was supposed to park his truck. After figuring out who the owner of the car was, the man approached her with a request to park somewhere else. Unsurprisingly, the woman adamantly refused to move her vehicle.

Why Not Call the Police?

Despite the woman’s refusal to move her vehicle, the worker didn’t stop trying to convince her that it was the right thing to do. Even though he asked really politely, the woman refused, and the man was getting irritated. Why didn’t he call the police?

Source: Pinterest

Truthfully, he couldn’t afford the time that the police would take to arrive. Plus, the police typically come late to low-risk scenarios like this. However, the man suddenly had an idea on how to get this disagreeable woman to move.

Delivering Construction Materials

The man was in such a hurry because he was a foreman. His job wasn’t that difficult since he had years of experience, but this situation was different. He was working on a house project that was situated on a hill. Hills have one type of road on them.

Source: Reddit

You typically have to make it work with a single road that leads to the summit of the hill. The foreman’s job was to bring construction materials to the construction site located on the hill, and this woman’s parked vehicle was blocking the road.

Working Despite the Obstacles

Unlike other professionals, this foreman never backed down easily. Even though he failed to make the woman listen to him, he had a job to do and kept his promise. How? By getting his team together and bringing the materials to the house site on foot.

Photo by boonchai wedmakawand/Getty Images

Picture having to carry heavy construction materials up a 250 foot long, inclined road. Not everyone has is brave enough to do that since they’re not only walking to the top of the hill, but they’re doing it with large amounts of building materials—the epitome of dedication.

Reserved Parking Spots for Construction Team

There is some important background information for you to know. The trucks that the construction workers used to transport construction materials and supplies had their own parking spots on the hill.

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This was meant to make it easier for the construction workers so that the place is more easily accessible. They even placed signs on the parking spots to reserve them and tell locals that they weren’t for public use. This woman obviously ignored the signs and caused the construction team to fall behind schedule.

Locals Internally Justified Parking in Reserved Spots

The disregard of the drivers, who parked in the reserved spots and then wouldn’t move their cars, cost the construction team precious time. These no parking signs were mostly ignored by neighbors. There was a reason why these violations took place.

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It was reported that a majority of these locals were parents who left their cars in the reserved spots. These parents thought that short-term parking in the reserved spots wouldn’t be a big deal since they were just picking up their kids from school.

Reserved Parking is ‘Reserved’

Most of the construction workers weren’t happy with the fact that people disregarded the signs they put and continued to park their vehicles in reserved parking spots. The people who parked next to the area didn’t annoy the foreman in the slightest.

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He was well aware that most of them were parents just waiting to pick their kids up from school. They were respectful of the signage. But people who parked in the designated spots for the construction workers were careless and should be held accountable for their actions.

Continuously Refusing to Move

In most situations, the reserved parking spots were taken by locals. They would outright ignore the no parking signage and leave their vehicle where the trucks were meant to park. This wasn’t a huge issue, though, because the foreman would ask these drivers to move their cars, and they’d comply.

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This time, things didn’t go as smoothly. The woman confronted by the foreman wouldn’t move and just kept refusing to park somewhere else. What was her reason for saying no? Did she have an actual reason, or was it just entitlement?

Reserved Spot Taken By a Car

It was supposed to be a normal day for the foreman. He was driving to the uphill construction site, where he had to unload supplies for the project. He found out that his truck’s reserved parking had been occupied by an unknown car. Just like other times before, the foreman walked up to the car.

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He got all the way up to the window and saw a woman sitting in the driver’s seat. Until now, there were no indications that anything bad was going to happen. The foreman was feeling confident that he’d be parking his truck in no time.

Placing a Simple Request

For starters, the foreman tried to get the woman to look at him by waving his arms in the air. After he finally got the lady’s attention, he followed proper etiquette. He politely asked her to park her car somewhere else since his truck needed to be in the spot.

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Despite his simple and respectful request, the woman refused to comply. This was shocking for the foreman since drivers had typically respected his request. People would move pretty quickly because it was technically his spot.

Desperately Trying to Get Her Attention

After they didn’t see the truck, the other members of the construction team came down to meet the foreman. Once he saw his workers walking towards him, the foreman tried to convince the woman to move her vehicle.

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Just like the first time, the foreman started waving his hands around to grab her attention. When she noticed him, she rolled her window down and spewed an annoyed “WHAT?!” at the foreman. It was as if she was annoyed with the foreman for continuing to try and get her attention.

An Audacious Suggestion

Even though he was treated rudely by the disrespectful woman, the foreman did not allow for his anger to get the better of him. Rather, he stayed cool, calm, and collected. He tried asking the woman another time to move but tried elaborating the reasons in a much clearer way.

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The foreman explained that his work was backed up solely because of where she had parked her car. The woman didn’t care about his explanation and continued refusing. She even had the audacity to suggest that they unload around her car.

Concocting a Revenge Plan

The foreman was running out of patience, and he was almost going to go off on her. It’s really impressive that he managed to control his temper for so long. But he didn’t let his emotions get the best of him.

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Instead, he started concocting a revenge plan for all the issues that the woman caused the construction team. The final plan was put in motion when the team member driving the truck was given instructions from the foreman to park the truck as close to the woman’s car as possible.

Trying to Get Even

The worker driving the truck followed his foreman’s orders and started to put the truck in reverse. This would surely teach this disagreeable woman a lesson! He backed the truck all the back until it was right against the woman’s car.

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It was in the spot directly next to the lady’s vehicle so that she would have no way to leave. The foreman had a mischievous grin on his face as everything fell into place. If she was irritable when the foreman was being nice, what would her reaction be when he was trying to get even.

Boxed In With Nowhere to Go

We think that everything would make much more sense if you got some insider information about the foreman’s plan. Because of where the woman had illegally parked paired with the foreman’s instructions of where to park the truck, her vehicle was completely boxed in.

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The cherry on top was the fact that the woman was doing everything in her power to not look at the construction workers. This meant that she hadn’t yet realized that she was trapped. If she was annoyed before, she’d surely be angry when she saw what was happening.

Updating the Police About the Situation

Technically, the foreman was breaking the law by leaving the truck right next to a car. If a cop car had passed by, the foreman would have definitely been given a ticket. He wanted to make sure that he didn’t get in trouble with the police.

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So, the foreman called the sheriff’s department to catch them up to speed on the whole story. At this point in the story, the foreman’s goal wasn’t to get the woman arrested or anything; he just wanted to make sure that his retaliation wouldn’t come back to burn him.

The Boy Approaches the Car

The police said that they’d eventually get to the parking spot. Until then, the plan was going as planned by the foreman, and he was excited to finally get his issue solved. But things took an unprecedented turn when he spotted a young boy in a school uniform walking towards the woman’s car.

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It was clear that this child was the woman’s son. After seeing her son walking towards the car, she attempted to open the door. She couldn’t open it her door because the foreman’s truck was stopping it.

Epic Fail and Instant Regret

The foreman didn’t realize that this woman was waiting for her child. His plan was clever but didn’t go the way he envisioned. It would’ve been different if the woman had been clear about why she didn’t want to move her car and said that to the foreman.

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The woman quickly realized what had happened and what the foreman had orchestrated. Do you believe that the foreman’s reaction was warranted, or did he go a little overboard? Who was really in the wrong in this situation?

Entitlement Leads to Trouble

Clearly, the lady was angry at the fact that the construction truck had blocked her car. She attempted to get out through the door, but it wouldn’t move because of the truck. So, she figured out a way to exit the car through the door on the passenger side.

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The whole construction team felt her anger directed at them as she was getting her child into the car. This entire spectacle wouldn’t have happened if she would’ve listened to the foreman. Entitlement is a road that leads straight to trouble!