Even Car Fanatics Missed These Secret Car Features

Since their introduction in 1886, cars have transcended the needs of transportation to become a symbol of power, elegance, and, more recently, comfort. You’ve probably spent a lot of time in your car if you’re like most of us. It doesn’t matter what make, model, or year your car is; there are a few hidden features that can make your life and next drive a lot easier.

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The world’s love with automobiles has resulted in some of the most beautiful and ingenious uses of man’s creative potential, with the end result being as luxury as it is desirable. Many cars now possess amazing features that can be difficult to locate in some circumstances, but in others, they are there in front of you and you simply haven’t been using them properly.

Information Encoded Under the Hood

While most car parts are quite complicated, you still don’t necessarily need a mechanic to figure out what’s going on under the hood at all times. Most current car engines now come with color-coded information that isn’t just for design purposes but makes it easier for users to figure out where everything is.

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When you need to change your oil, refill your washer fluid, or inspect your brake fluid, look for hues other than black metal or gray iron. The crucial things you can deal with on your own are usually coded yellow or blue in most cars, but some models have red or green sections as well.

The Hidden Details in Jeep Design

Cars are much more than just a mode of transportation; they are also now works of art in motion and are coming with some well-hidden details that are simply for fun and have no practical application. Jeep, for example, incorporates some of these well-hidden etchings into the models of their vehicles.

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Car & Driver says they have been able to discover more than thirty hidden jewels in the Jeep Renegade, including several that pay homage to the 1945 Willys Jeep, one of Jeep’s most iconic models. You should keep your eyes peeled for little outlines buried throughout the interior the next time you’re in one of these vehicles. We’ve heard they’re well hidden! Of course, we are yet to discover them ourselves.

Flower Vase or a Pen Holder

Cars contain some of the tiniest of details, and sometimes it might never occur that they even exist. The Volkswagen Beetle, as an example, had a tiny, mostly inconspicuous flower vase for a long time, maybe in honor of the legendary car’s role in the “Flower Power” era of the 1960s and 1970s.

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A “blumenvasen” was a type of vase that was frequently mounted to the dashboard. Even if you don’t want a flower in your car, you could use it to carry pens, toothpicks, lipstick, or other tiny objects. The blumenvasen is no longer a part of the Beetle design, but there are still lots of products like the Kaferfach glovebox that reproduce iconic design aspects.

The Transformational Wonder of the Honda Seats

Automobile manufacturers are incorporating more complexities into their designs, which occasionally provides comfort, as they should. Many smaller cars lack either sufficient storage space or sufficient legroom. Normally, it’s either one or the other, but Honda has figured out a solution to address the dilemma.

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The Honda Civic and Honda Jazz models come with a “magic seat” technology that allows you to fold the back seats to increase cargo space. You can transfer your larger stuff and then fold the seats back up to carry your family once you’re done relocating. If there are more than two rows of seats, the seats in the middle frequently fold down as well, allowing you to spread out in the rear.

Wet Weather Doesn’t Always Have to Be Dangerous

Wet seasons are usually a cause for worry, not just for drivers but for automobile manufacturers as well. Wet roads can be quite dangerous, and this has made car designers continually look for new methods to make vehicles safer and more capable in any situation. As a result, BMW developed the Brake Drying system, which is activated by the rain sensor on the windshield wipers.

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When it’s raining, snowing, or you’re driving through puddles, the sensor pulls the brake pads closer to the rotors to keep them dry and boost stopping power. This may not sound like much, but it is an innovative solution developed to keep you safe. If you have a car with this feature, you may not even be aware of it, but you’ll be glad to have it when things get wet.

Nissan’s Tire Pressure Standard

Some of the most insignificant of details can save much more than imagined. For instance, having the proper tire pressure can help you avoid flat tires, increase driving safety, and even save money on gas. A whole lot of drivers are unaware that a tire pressure monitoring device has been standard equipment on all cars since 2008.

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While every corporation has its own tire pressure system, Nissan’s is particularly intriguing. Its cars are preinstalled with what it calls The Easy-Fill Tire Alert, and it works like this: When you add air to your tires, the car’s horn will sound to indicate that the pressure is correct. If you over-inflate, the hazard lights on your automobile will flash three times, signaling that you need to let some air out.

New Height, All-Year Vehicle

Automobiles will continue to remain adored due to the massive innovations manufacturers introduce regularly. While heated seats aren’t exactly new, some manufacturers constantly keep innovating and pushing them to new heights. BMW, in particular, is demonstrating their commitment to passenger comfort by including neck warmers in several of their models.

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These neck warmers are integrated into the seats and have a variety of settings for maximum comfort, including independently controlled air outputs. They even have an Airscarf system that distributes warm air around your neck and shoulders. It’s intended to extend the convertible season beyond the summer, according to the manufacturer. There are various heat settings, and each seat has its own heating system, ensuring that everyone is comfortable.

An Extra Pair of Eyes

Waiting at traffic light stops can be pretty irritating and a lot of people tend to glance down at their phones or do something else in the car. Subaru understands this and has developed EyeSight Driver Assist Technology to keep you from sitting still even when the light is green.

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When traffic begins to move again, this system will produce a small beeping sound that will alert you. It can also identify objects that are too close for comfort, and it will automatically modify speed to keep you in a pre-selected space between your car and the one in front of you: less stress, greater safety, and better control.

Drowsiness Detecting Systems

Driving across the country can be pretty tiring, and as a driver, there’s always the possibility of getting drowsy. Even with plenty of coffee and a co-pilot, staying awake can be difficult. Drowsiness detecting systems have been developed by companies such as Nissan, Honda, Toyota, and others to prevent drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel.

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Mercedes, for one, takes drowsiness detection a bit more seriously and has developed highly sophisticated solutions. When the Mercedes Attention Assist system detects a driver drifting, the wheel vibrates and gently pulls the vehicle back into the lane. A drowsy driver is indeed really harmful and these devices are doing us all a huge favor by keeping us safe.

A Personal Vacuum Cleaner on the Go

It’s always a pain to get rid of the mess in your automobile. Food crumbs and dirt can hide in unreachable parts, and only devices like the vacuum cleaner can help reach those points. It’s even possible that you don’t have the right vacuum cleaner, or that the cord isn’t long enough, or that the vacuum’s hose isn’t stretching properly.

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There are so many factors that add up to make getting leaves, dust, and other debris out of the nooks and crannies of your car difficult. The Honda Odyssey is pretty easy to clean as it includes a built-in vacuum with a lengthy hose. It’s called the HondaVac, and to empty it, simply click the button on the vacuum’s face, pull out the canister, and pop the lid’s tab.

Behind the Sturdy Look

There is more that goes on in car manufacturing than the sturdy look and elegant body. Car manufacturers know this and ensure that they take note of every detail. For instance, the weight of your car is the most important indicator of its efficiency, and this is mostly due to the materials it is made of. As a result, making a car lighter is the simplest method to make it faster and more efficient, which is why many automakers are opting for forged aluminum over steel.

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It’s just as strong as steel, but it’s significantly lighter, allowing for superior maneuverability and fuel efficiency. Ford’s 2015 pickup truck line is an excellent example; the previous line was 700 pounds heavier than this one, and according to Ford, they were roughly 29% more fuel efficient, depending on the engine.

Hands-Free Trunk

The days where it would be almost impossible to pop up the trunk without a spare hand are almost over. You don’t necessarily have to find yourself arranging those bags in one hand or having to drop them on the floor just to locate those keys in your pocket.

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Even if you have only a few bags at hand, you can now easily open the trunk by simply waving your hand or foot over a sensor beneath the back bumper that has been developed by several automobile manufacturers as a better way to achieve this. As long as it recognizes the smart key in your pocket, it will open the trunk.

Left or Right

Just like many other drivers, you’ve undoubtedly had to check your car’s fuel gauge a million times already, whether to see how much time you have till you need to refuel or to make sure it’s not leaking. This is actually normal and one of the many conveniences the fuel indicator offers.

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On the other hand, you may have missed the small arrow next to the conventional pump sign, pointing to the left or right. It indicates which side of the car the gas cap is on, and while it may not be necessary if you’re driving a car you’ve had for years, pulling up on the wrong side when driving a new car, a rental, or a friend’s vehicle and wanting to gas up might be embarrassing.

Snowflake Indicators

Technological advancements are revolutionizing everything, including the automobile industry. In today’s cars, everything from getting an oil change to tire pressure to miles per gallon is now being tracked by a computer. Some automobiles even provide information on the state of the road beneath your wheels.

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Rain, ice, and even fog can make driving hazardous, and modifying your driving properly can save you a lot of time and money by preventing accidents. When the temperature sensor on the front bumper senses it’s cold enough for the road to freeze, the road condition indicator will light up as a snowflake on your dashboard.

Assisted Driving

Automobiles have transformed over the years and are becoming increasingly technologically advanced even as systems become more useful. The Computer Driving Assistance technologies found in self-driving cars and many modern models are likely to appeal to you. Some of them turn on automatically, while others need to be activated by the driver.

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One of these driving assistance technologies is downhill assisted, which prevents the car from speeding up as it descends a hill. There are also detection tools for people and other obstructions, as well as parking help. They can be in the form of warning alarms, cameras that show how close you are, or automatic course adjustment, among other things.

Hidden Compartments

Modern day cars feature storage compartments that are so cleverly disguised that you’d have to know they’re there to use them. For example, the Dodge Journey has a hidden compartment beneath the passenger seat, two pockets and removable bins beneath the floor behind the first row, and a storage compartment that runs the length of the back cargo floor.

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The Land Rover Discovery also includes a hidden compartment under the climate control panel, of all places, where you may hide your most important belongings. Even the most determined burglars would not consider looking back there. All of these areas provide not just additional security for your belongings, but also more legroom on long excursions when you have a lot to carry.

Conversational Mirrors

Although we all use the rearview mirror for different functions, its primary purpose is to help you see what’s behind you, not to provide you with an excellent view of the backseat. To this end, some larger vehicles, such as minivans and SUVs, are now including small, convex “conversation mirrors” that allow you to see what’s going on in the backseat without taking your eyes off the road.

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It allows parents to keep an eye on their children, friends to communicate, and everyone in the car to be safer by focusing the driver’s attention on what’s coming up on the road rather than what’s behind them. This feature is available in vehicles such as the Kia Sedona, Hyundai Palisade, and Toyota Highlander, among others.

Ambient Illumination

Automobile interiors come with some pleasant surprises these days. Ambient interior illumination, for instance, is now currently available as an option or even as a standard feature in many cars. The center console, as well as the door handles, cup holders, dashboard, and even the footwells, can all light up depending on the model. High-end automakers even allow new car buyers to select their preferred lighting hue.

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Although it may not make the road more visible at night, some studies have shown that it can improve a driver’s impression of safety. According to a recent study, ambient lighting inside a car can help emphasize space perception, heighten the perceived quality of materials and design, and help drivers discover and hold controls.

Extra Storage for Stormy Weather

Cars can be a perfect place to be during rain. They are equipped with anti-lock brakes and windshield wipers in the event of rain, but what about when the journey is over and you’re ready to enter your destination? Even if you have an umbrella in the back seat or trunk, going around the car to retrieve it can get you wet, and it can take up valuable space.

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To make it easier to retrieve a vital item during a storm, several car manufacturers are now beginning to design an umbrella storage space in the door panel. Rolls-Royce and skoda are among the automakers leading the way, and we expect others to follow suit in the future.

Noise Cancellation Technology

The sound tech giant, Bose, does more than simply make headphones. Their proprietary QuietComfort Road Noise Control technology, or RNC, is helping to reduce noise in automobiles. The technology monitors vibrations and motions using accelerometers installed in the vehicle, which emit constant noise in the vehicle.

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The RNC tech then sends an acoustic cancellation signal into the vehicle’s sound system using the data from the accelerometers. It sounds opulent, and it makes for a more peaceful, soothing journey. You won’t have to turn up the volume on your music or podcasts, and it will be easier to hear what’s being spoken.

Glare Reduction in a Button

If you have been having a problem driving at night due to bright headlights from other cars in your rearview mirror, take a look at the little tab at the bottom of your rearview mirror. This useful feature has been existing in cars for a long time, yet many people fail to know it’s there or use it. Some people may not even be aware of what the little button does.

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By simply pressing the tab, you change the mirror’s settings from “day” to “night,” which reduces glare when it’s dark outside, making it easier to stay safe while driving. In low-light settings, such as driving at night, some manufacturers, such as Seat, produce mirrors that dim automatically.

Driving In Icy Conditions

If you’ve ever had to drive in snowy or icy conditions, then you’ve definitely seen a car being chased by winding patterns. Since 2011, the stability control system has been required in all new cars sold in the United States. To control a turn, this system controls and engages the car’s brakes on one or more wheels.

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This safety function may prevent you from going off the road or colliding with something if you’re driving on roads with fast corners or lose grip in wet or slippery conditions. You can turn the system on or off whenever you choose, and it’s usually as simple as pressing a button.

Keeping to Lane

If you’ve ever tried to count how many times a vehicle strayed into the next lane or into the shoulder, you know how difficult it is to calculate. As a result, automakers are beginning to include both land-departure warning systems and lane-keep assistance systems into their vehicles to alert drivers.

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The systems are similar in that they both rely on cameras installed on the windshield to scan the lane lines ahead of the vehicle and guarantee it stays in the lane. LDW systems alert the driver with audible sounds or steering wheel vibrations, while a LKAS corrects the vehicle’s course automatically. Check to determine if your new vehicle includes these technologies, as they frequently require manual activation via buttons on the dash.

Important Little Hooks

Technological enhancements do not necessarily have to include only the conspicuous details, but the tiniest parts also matter. A little plastic, for example, can be more useful than you may expect. If you look around your car right now, you’ll undoubtedly notice a few hooks built into the headrests, above the rear doors, and elsewhere. They are sometimes so well disguised that you don’t even notice them.

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When you’re out doing errands, these hooks can be the ideal spots to put your shopping bags and othe items. You may also wish to hang your takeout, which will limit the amount of dampness or oil that gets on the upholstery and, if you don’t like it, the lingering takeaway fragrance.

Conservative Braking

Most drivers have certainly seen or heard of the term “Anti-Lock Brake,” but only a fraction know what it exactly implies. ABS is a mechanism introduced by car manufacturers that prevents you from “locking” your brakes or putting too much pressure on them to the point that the axle and wheels stop rotating altogether.

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The wheel’s braking is then limited by a set of hydraulic valves. This technology avoids sliding and is meant to keep the driver in control, allowing you to keep the automobile oriented in the proper direction, which may seem counterintuitive. From September 1, 2013, every automobile manufactured in the United States has been obliged to include this technology.

Perfect Spot for Parking Tickets

Parking tickets can be annoying, but most of the time we have no choice but to collect them. If you’re one of those that like collecting parking tickets, then you’re surely aware that those fragile pieces of paper tend to fly away with the wind or the first time you open the door. That’s no longer the case. You can now acquire a lot of tickets with this function since they won’t go anywhere with this handy holder.

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To assist, several automobile manufacturers have begun to provide a plastic ticket holder that is mounted to the inside side of the windshield. For years, Skoda has included this modest, beneficial feature in its vehicles, and we wouldn’t be shocked if more businesses followed suit — it’s a small, inexpensive, and essential service.

Handful Features

Isn’t it true that automobile makers can be one of the most thoughtful fellows? You’ll find a handy tiny device if you open the gas cap on some contemporary vehicles. Skoda and a number of other businesses are putting products on the market that will make your life easier.

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Skoda has an item that not only serves as an ice scraper on frigid mornings, but also as a tire tread-depth measure, indicating when it’s time to replace your tires for maximum safety and fuel economy. The cap for the washer fluid on a new Scala model car can also flip out to become a funnel, making pouring any of your car’s fluids easier and cleaner.

Hidden Shark Trend

It’s worth noting that some of the hidden car components aren’t that useful, but they’re always worth mentioning. It’s a bit of a thrill to discover that your car has certain features you were unaware of. If you drive an Adam, Corsa, Astra, Insignia, Crossland X, or Grandland X, you may have seen the shark designs that Opel and Vauxhall have been incorporating into their interiors since 2004.

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Even more astonishing is how it all began. Dietmar Finger, an Opel designer, was working on a glovebox sketch that needed ribs to keep it stable, and his son suggested drawing a shark. The minor alteration somehow made it into the final design, and a trend was born.

Watch Your Steps

We’ve all had to get out of the car and walk right into a puddle. If it’s a dark and stormy night, you or your date are likely to open the door only to step into a puddle. That’s not the case when you have a puddle light from a company like Lincoln or Hyundai.

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A light beam down to the ground when the door opens, giving you a good view of where your foot is about to land. This feature is available on a number of the high-end Tesla models, which is another another high-end feature they bring to the car-making table. This is unquestionably a luxury feature, but you could find it useful.

From Zero to Eleven

Why should this be of a concern when every automobile has a volume control? A volume control may not be particularly interesting, but not one that goes from zero to eleven! Yes, it exists, and the Tesla Model S includes this intriguing feature. This volume feature comes from the iconic mockumentary “This Is Spinal Tap”.

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In this, the guitarist Nigel Tufnel of the namesake band claims that his amps don’t just stop at ten, but go all the way to eleven. Of course, Tufnel is a jerk, but the hysterical incident has influenced pop culture in a variety of ways, including this amazing car from Tesla.

Not Meant For Underwater

Still on the subject of Tesla. Here’s another Tesla Model S secret. A setting called “Lotus Esprit submarine setting” is tucked away in the menus of the Model S. Any self-respecting James Bond fan knows that his Lotus Esprit, featured in “The Spy Who Loved Me,” can leave the road and transform into a submarine when it hits the water.

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Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, may have owned the car featured in the movie, but if you’re planning on driving your new Tesla to the local lake, you’d better slow down. The option you see simply transforms the on-screen display into James’ famed changing automobile, not into a submarine.

Fiat’s Little Secret

We wouldn’t say it adds value to the vehicle’s purchase price, but automakers certainly know how to delight in small ways. The Fiat Panda has a quick design, yet there are plenty of minor things to notice. The squircles (square circles) that are all over the automobile are well-known, but there is a less well-known detail to discover if you look at the door cards.

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On the interior, there is an inscription with hundreds of small letters if you look closely enough. What exactly does it say? That’s something we can’t tell you; you’ll have to look for yourself. It’s a great, subtle touch that adds to the car’s uniqueness and specialness every time you ride inside.

Rippled Ceiling

Car interiors should be a source of concern, and this can refer to any component of the inside, of course. Although this isn’t strictly an Easter Egg, you’re unlikely to notice it unless you’ve ever sat inside a Nissan Cube. Even if you have, you may not be aware of the Cube’s peculiar ripple ceiling, which could be owing to your fear of putting your legs inside the compact car.

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It appears as if the inner light has been thrown into a pond as the ripples radiate out from the center. It’s an odd choice for a car’s interior because it’s entirely meaningless, but it does look beautiful. Nissan might have more than a few lines of explanation for this, but it is certainly a feature to look out for next time.

Well Hidden In the Light

Even when pointed out, it will take some putting together to realize this nicely disguised feature. What would you notice if you took a good look at the back of this gorgeous Aston Martin Vanquish? Above the license plate, you can see the company’s emblem. It’s a unique shape.

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Consider the two rear lights coming together to meet in the middle. The logo’s exact shape is created by the negative space between them. It’s a nice little addition that doesn’t draw attention to itself, but those in the know will appreciate it. On this one, Aston Martin deserves a pat on the back.

Discrete Logos

We all know that money may be a stumbling block when it comes to buying that perfect dream car. Although the MG3 is a less expensive alternative to the Ford Fiesta, it performs admirably in tests and even has a few secrets to reveal if you work hard enough. Despite the fact that the car is rather dull in general, the company wanted to give it some personality and individuality.

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That’s why they included a few small details, such as the MG logos in the car’s headlights. You won’t notice them unless you’re looking for them or working on the headlights, but they’re there, and they’re fine with staying unnoticed for the time being.

Complementary Car Keynobs

A great car is incomplete without a matching great keyfob.Tesla knows this and its Model S has a Car keyfob that looks just like the automobile it’s linked with, and it also has all of the car’s elegant elegance. You’ll be alright as long as you don’t try to link this unique keyfob to your keychain.

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It’s a little bigger than most other keyfobs, but it still fits in your pocket and looks good on the counter or on the coffee table. It also includes a tiny bag to store it in when not in use. It appears to be a child’s toy automobile, but it performs all of the functions of a standard fob.

A Different Branding Approach

Who can blame vehicle manufacturers for wanting to promote their products however they want? If you had a fantastic product on the market, you would be proud to show it off. The art of branding on the sides of vehicles is fascinating. If you’ve ever seen a new BMW Z4 while driving or parked somewhere, you’ve certainly noticed all of the excellent detailing and athletic aspects, but there’s a chance you missed something.

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A capital Z is integrated right into the paneling on the side of the BMW Z4. It’s subtle, but like the FedEx arrow: once you see it, you’ll never be able to unsee it. We’re not sure how many chances you’ll get to view this luxurious vehicle, but whichever and whenever you get a chance, the Z will always be there.

Right Amount of Light

Every driver understands how wonderful it is to be in a flawless vehicle. The Lexus IS 300h is one of those ideal cars, but it’s also extremely luxurious and packed with features. Here’s one you might not be aware of. If you approach it in the dark, it will detect not only the amount of light but also your approaching keyfob and turn on an internal light.

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Not only will you be able to find your car faster, but it will also be easier to get in and get driving. You won’t even have to open the door to accomplish it, giving you a higher level of security before approaching. It could be a minor point, but it makes a difference.

Additional pair of Eyes

Car manufacturing is at an all-time high standard. Subarus, for example, are built to the highest engineering standards in Japan. Subaru has added another useful feature to make driving their vehicles more enjoyable. Since the beginning of 2019, all Subaru vehicles have been fitted with the Eyesight system.

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The Eyesight Driver Assist system combines a number of sensors to monitor the car’s surroundings, resulting in adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, pre-collision braking, and other useful safety features. It has achieved a top-class rating from the IIHS for frontal crash prevention and can minimize rear-end collisions by up to 85%.

Great Interior Starts with a Great Scent

BMW has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to developing entertaining new features for its vehicles, and they started with a unique one for their high-end 7 series in 2016. The Ambient Air Package is one of the options available for this luxury car.

Photo by Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

The kit comes with a variety of smells (eight to be exact) that can be selected from the climate control panel. Each fragrance can be purchased in three different intensity levels, so if you simply want a delicate aroma, that’s OK, but if you need something powerful to cover up a stench from the backseat or trunk, that’s also fine.

Users Safety is Paramount

Mercedes-Benz is undoubtedly one of the leading automobile brands, and it takes pride in being a pioneer in the field of automobile safety. The company’s Pre-Safe Sound System is a one-of-a-kind piece of technology that is designed to protect you not just during accidents, but also to safeguard a part of you that has been mostly disregarded.

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When the system determines that a collision is undetectable, it emits a “pink noise” of about 80 decibels. Pink noise is intended to lessen the startling contrast between regular noise and the sound of your automobile crashing by tricking the ear into preparing for and limiting damage, protecting the eardrums, and keeping you safe.

A Prove of its Name

The Volkswagen Golf is arguably one of the most popular small cars, and it offers a number of unique characteristics. It’s simple to drive, athletic, and focused on performance. The Volkswagen Golf GTI is considerably more performance-oriented, and its moniker contains a humorous hidden detail.

Photo by National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images

The GTI’s gear knob contains little golf ball impact craters and has existed in this version of the Golf for numerous years, including in the 2021 Golf GTI. Even if you’re not much of a golf fan, it’s a simple approach to build something that not only fits the name but is also easy to grab.

Emergency Trunk Release

Modern cars come with a lot of details that we mostly think we don’t need, but some of them have been shown to save lives more than once. An everlasting trunk release is one of the most sensible additions on the list. It allows you to open the trunk even if you’re stuck within, whether it’s after a crash and you don’t have many other options, or you’ve locked yourself inside by accident.

Photo by Neil Godwin/T3 Magazine/Future/Getty Images

This feature has been required in the United States since 2001, and automakers all over the world have followed suit by installing their own versions of the emergency release. It may not be much of an upgrade, but you’ll be pleased that it’s there even if you never have to use it.

Oddly Strange Feature

Not all hidden features are amazing, some are simply laughable but also laudable. The Citroen Picasso may be the oddest car on our list. It hidden feature isn’t a hands-free trunk, a concealed vacuum cleaner, or even a merely decorative element such as hidden decals. This French automobile, on the other hand, comes with its own grocery cart.

Photo by National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images

Yes, the same type you fill with food or other necessities when you go to the supermarket. The cart is kept in the trunk of the automobile. While it appears to be a handy function, Citroen ceased incorporating the cart with the 2005 model and beyond, indicating that it was not a popular feature.

Epitome of Class and Luxury

When it comes to vehicles, the Rolls Royce Phantom is indeed the epitome of luxury. They offer a ton of amazing features, and while most of us will just stare at the photographs and sigh, we’re here to make sure you know how to get the most out of one if you do have an opportunity to ride inside.

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For example, you can take the Champagne cooler positioned between the back seats. The Champagne chiller is a result of a partnership between the vehicle business and the Court of Master Sommeliers. They may work in two modes, with vintage or non-vintage sparkling wine.

Hazard Lights You Can’t Miss

Cars are getting safer, and auto makers are always making sure of that. People who drive or ride in some specific car models these days can be happy and rest assured that they are in safe hands. According to studies, a large number of accidents occur when people haven’t noticed that the vehicle in front of them has come to a stop or decelerated.

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A lot of cars on the market today have come up with a clever solution. They came up with a system that calculates the brake force to determine if it’s “emergency braking.” If yes, then hazard lights are automatically enabled, making it easier for drivers behind the car to see that the car is slowing down.

Car Keys Hidden Abilities

Do you believe you know what each of your vehicle’s keys does? Well, you can never be too certain. We are aware you’re probably very confident in your keyfob’s ability to lock or unlock doors, pop the trunk, start the horn blaring to warn others, and maybe start the engine. Have you ever tried pressing and holding your fob’s unlock button for a few seconds?

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Try it the next time you’re near your car — if the car is new enough, the windows may open after five seconds. If you’re one of the lucky automobile owners, all you have to do is hold the lock button for the same length of time to shut them. To check if you can do this, consult your owner’s handbook.

Built for Adventures

If you’re the type that likes a bit of an adventure, then your car should give room for that as often as possible. For instance, if you enjoy biking or cycling, you’ll want to be sure you have the correct vehicle. With an integrated Bike Rack from the German carmaker, the Opel Corsa is built for adventure.

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Corsa owners may pull it out and lay their bicycles on top. It’s big enough for a couple of bikes, so you’ll be ready to hit the trails with the family and enjoy the great outdoors. When you’re done with your excursion, fold the rack back into the trunk and no one will know.