Everyday Items That Can Be Surprisingly Valuable!

Have you ever heard a story about someone who’s found an old item in their dusty attic and then managed to sell it for a small fortune online? Have you ever wondered why that person wasn’t you?! Well, now it could be – there is, in fact, a plethora of everyday items that can be sold for some serious cash.

Tina Brettnacher, a Barbie doll collector, poses next to the first Barbie doll created in 1959 during an exhibition dedicated to the Barbie doll at “la Nef des jouets” on March 7, 2019, in Soultz, France. Photo By Chesnot/Getty Images

Of course, there are some of the obvious ones: limited edition books, comic books, and collectors’ items. But there will definitely be some items in this list that you weren’t expecting – from unexpected treasures to old pieces of popular culture. Here, we’ve outlined pretty much everything that could make you an extra buck or two (or a lot more!).

Retro Lunchboxes

As high as $400

Lunch boxes, which often feature pictures of celebrities, TV shows, movies, and bands, can provide an interesting snapshot of popular culture at the time of production. As such, they are sought after by many collectors and can be worth a decent amount if in good condition.

Source: domesticatedcompanion.com

A vintage Bonanza lunch box, for example, can get you $130, and even an old, battered Beatles one can fetch up to $400. So it might be worth keeping some of your children’s lunch boxes in storage for the future – you never know what they’ll be worth!

Old Microphones

As high as $9,999

While it’s unlikely to be lying around the average home, if you happen to have an old microphone, you could earn yourself a small fortune. Rare pieces, such as the 1940s Neumann U-47, can be worth thousands of dollars.

Photo By Getty Images/Peter Dazeley

In fact, a Neumann sold on eBay not too long ago for a whopping $9,999! Granted, it was in good condition – and a battered one won’t get you nearly as much – but it’s worth keeping an eye out for them in garage sales.

Old Cell Phones

Between $500 and $10,000

In modern society, the majority of us are used to replacing our cell phones every few years, thanks to the contracts we enter into and the upgrades that come at the end. But did you know that vintage cell phones can earn you some serious money?

Source: lori.ru

The original mobile phone, the Motorola DynaTAC, has been seen on eBay for up to $500 – and that was without the packaging. If the original packaging had been included, it would’ve been worth a lot more – think five figures! If you happen to have a huge, old cell phone lying around, it’s worth looking into selling it.

1980s Boom Boxes

As high as $1,600

In the 1980s, boom boxes were all the rage – and they’re synonymous with the era to this day. So much so that there’s been an increase in demand for them, which in turn, of course, boosts their value and turns them into somewhat of a collector’s item.

Rapper LL Cool J holds a boombox outside a concert, circa 1986. Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

According to Metro, a retro Boombox Ghetto Blaster can sell for up to an impressive $1,600. So if you were around back in the ‘80s and have one stored somewhere, go and find it! You never know – if it’s still in good condition, you might be able to make a decent amount of money from it.

Retro Boogie Boards

As high as $10,000

It’s likely that you’ve played with a boogie board at the beach before, but did you ever think that one could make you thousands of dollars?! Well, only if they’re retro – and, of course, in decent condition. The market has been growing in recent years, especially in Australia!

Source: domesticatedcompanion.com

It’s no joke: these vintage boards can get incredibly expensive. Some individual boards are going for upward of a staggering $10,000. So you never know your luck – if you’ve got one to hand, then get down under and get selling!

Polaroid Cameras

As high as $420

Polaroid cameras have been around for a long time now, but in recent years, they seem to be more in fashion than ever before. This means that vintage Polaroids in good condition are worth a fair amount of money these days – so you could be in the money if you’ve got one lying around!

Actor Alan Cumming gathers the press photographers for a group photo after the opening night of the Roundabout Theatre Company’s Broadway production of “The Threepenny Opera” at Studio 54 April 20, 2006, in New York City. Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

Some have gone for a couple of hundred dollars, and a Polaroid 120 from way back in 1960 recently sold for $420. Despite the digital age moving on to bigger and better things all the time, sometimes a printed picture that you can keep forever is worth more to people.

Barbie Dolls

As high as $23,999

Barbie dolls may not be an obvious big collector’s item, but these plastic girls can get you quite a bit of money – if you’ve got certain ones. A Midnight Tuxedo Barbie tends to start at around $1,000, and if you’ve got the original Blonde Barbie that was released in 1959, you could get $23,999.

Source: domesticatedcompanion.com

This means that your own collection of Barbies might be worth digging out. Barbie superfan Bettina Dorfman in German owns more than 17,000 dolls – the largest collection in the world by far. It’s valued at over $220,000!

An Antique Chest

As high as $20,000

Depending on the rarity, design, and condition, an old chest could be worth a lot of money. One of the most expensive types is a French-made chest (for example, Louis Vuitton) from around the 1800s, which can fetch as much as $20,000.

Source: domesticatedcompanion.com

Others still, whether they are restored or in their original state, can fetch anything from $500 to $5,000. It’s certainly worth looking into if you’ve got an old chest stored somewhere in an attic! Especially if it’s French …

CorningWare Dishes

Many households still have ’70s CorningWare dishes. The Porcelain CorningWare dishes fetch up to $10,000 on eBay. So, if you own some currently, you could be investing in a fortune! Collectors are on the hunt for these dishes and are willing to pay big for them!

CorningWare Dishe

Source: Pinterest

Dean Six, a glass expert, says, “One piece of CorningWare, in a pattern not widely produced, sold on eBay recently for $US7,000 (AUD$9.8k). It was a 1970s product that fizzled.” He continued, “Collecting is often what you remember, which is why this is big now because baby boomers are buying back what they grew up with. Boomers are decorating with these pieces in their homes.”

Rare Cookie Jars

As high as $1,200

Although cookie jars used to be a very common sight in a traditional American kitchen, it’s clear to see that their time has passed. However, a lot of us still have memories of reaching in and finding a fresh cookie for a delicious snack.

Photo by Golding/Fairfax Media via Getty Images

If you still have one of these lying around, you may be in luck. According to Reader’s Digest, cookie jars from the 1950s can sell for approximately $1,200 (such as an “Uncle Mistletoe Marshall Fields” jar). Others, especially those featuring a widely recognized character in the design, can fetch several hundred dollars.

Action Comics No. 1

As high as $2.16 million

This one probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Building contractor David Gonzalez learned about the worth of old comic books first-hand when he stumbled upon copies of Moon Knight by accident while renovating a house in Elbow Lake, Minnesota.

Cover illustration of the comic book Action Comics No. 1 featuring the first appearance of the character Superman (here lifting a car) June 1938. Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Unfortunately, they were graded just 1.5 out of 10 due to a detached front cover. Even so, they still sold for an incredible $175,000. So, if you happen to have a copy in good condition, such as one of the 9 out of 10 issues sold in 2011, you could rake in an incredible $2.16 million!

Original Tamagotchis

As high as $4,000

These were huge back in the day, with millions of children around the world owning one – even if they probably got bored with it after a few days. Tamagotchis launched in the US in 1997 and sold for, on average, between $15 and $18 at retail.

Source: theverge.com

Now, however, an original red and white Tamagotchi has an average listing price of around $4,000 on eBay, which is pretty impressive.

A few others (white and green) have sold for approximately $2,000, and another is currently listed at $1,629.99. That may seem like completely exorbitant prices for a digital pet, but we promise we’re not lying!


As high as $60,000

From the Olympic Games to Sports, to Disney, and almost everything in between, there are millions of pins that you can buy to attach to your outfit – and, as it turns out, some of them are worth a lot of money. While the Steamboat Willie pin goes for as much as $5,000, the most expensive pins are, more often than not, sports-related.

Source: domesticatedcompanion.com

For example, the 1912 World Series Press Pin, between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Giants, went for a comfortable $57,000. This particular pin is especially valuable to Boston fans, as it was the first year Fenway Park opened, which is where the Sox still play.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

As high as $10,000

If you were lucky enough to have parents that treated you to a McDonald’s every now and then when you were a child, then you’ll remember the Happy Meal toys that were dished out with every kid-sized meal.

Source: domesticatedcompanion.com

Well, if you’ve got enough of them, you may just find that you’re sitting on a small fortune. Take a look at some of the listings currently on eBay, for example – a set of Disney Happy Meal Toys went for around $10,000 in April 2019!

David Bowie’s ‘Diamond Dogs’ Vinyl

Between $2,500 and $7,500

Most listings in this article are collections or genres of items, but here’s one that’s a little different. It’s just one single item: David Bowie’s ‘Diamond Dogs’ LP vinyl, which, featuring a picture of a cartoon-like Bowie with a dog’s bottom half, created quite a stir when it was released.

For illustration purposes: A ‘Stereo 8’ 8 track cartridge of David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs album, United Kingdom, circa 1975. Photo by Martyn Goodacre/Getty Images

As a result, the record label retracted it before too long, which means copies now go for anywhere between $2,500 and $7,500! Unfortunately, however, most Bowie fans will find it extremely difficult to part with such a tangible piece of history.

Vintage Pyrex

As high as $4,000

This may come as a huge surprise – but no, we didn’t make a mistake in the title. Yes, vintage pyrex – glassware that you can put in the microwave and keep your leftovers in – has been around for a long time now (since 1915, in fact) and can actually fetch a pretty penny.

Source: mentalfloss.com

The special piece in this picture is called the ‘Lucky in Love’ pattern and sold on eBay for thousands of dollars. It was only available for a short time in 1959 as a promotional piece; therefore, extremely rare.

Retro Air Jordans

As high as $25,000

A collaboration between arguably the best basketball player the world has ever seen, Michael Jordan and sports giant Nike produced one of the best-selling and most popular sneakers of all time: Air Jordans.

A close-up shot of Air Jordan’s as they appear on the court during the game between the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Photo By Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel/Allsport

They’ve had a cult following since the 1990s, with people waiting in line for hours to be the first to purchase the new releases. However, if you bought some a while ago and kept them pristine in their packaging, they could be worth some serious money. A pair of Air Jordan 1’s black and gold colorways sold for an incredible $25,000 recently!

Vintage Levi’s jeans

As high as $8,000

Levi’s jeans have been popular for decades – and they don’t come particularly cheap either, so it’s probably not too much of a surprise that a pair of vintage Levi’s can be worth a decent amount of money. If you’ve got a pair that was manufactured before 1980, especially a pair of 501s, you could be in the money.

Source: ignored-europe.cf

For example, a pair of 1950 Anniversary Levi’s jeans sold on eBay recently for $8,000. While the jeans were old, fairly brittle, and likely to be uncomfortable, they’re a classic piece of American style that’s worth a high price.

Old Magazines

As high as $156,000

This is a great piece of news for hoarders who have kept piles of old magazines stacked up, as now they could really be worth something – if they’re in good condition, of course. ‘Ordinary’ copies that only cost a dollar or two when they were released could now be worth $20 or more!

Customer reading an old magazine in a bookstore in Paris, France. Photo by François ANCELLET / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Even better, rarer copies have been known to sell for staggering prices. For example, a copy of Beeton’s Christmas Annual 1887 went for a massive $156,000 during a 2007 auction. Part of the reason that there’s such a market for old magazines is that designers love to use them for inspiration!

Old Air Yeezys

As high as $7,500

Whether you like him or not, Kanye West is arguably one of the most influential and famous celebrities of this century, and he’s produced a lot of merchandise and product lines in recent years. One of these lines is his collaboration with Nike to produce the Nike Air Yeezy sneaker – although it’s worth noting that they have now moved to Adidas.

Source: domesticatedcompanion.com

Most Yeezys aren’t considered to be vintage just yet, but if you can keep them in pristine condition, they’ll fetch a high price. For example, the Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers hit shelves back in 2012, costing $245. Now, less than 10 years later, they can resell at $7,500.

Old Beer Cans

Between $35 and $1000

A beer can is probably the last thing you’d think of to make some extra cash, but this may surprise you. Maybe think twice before crushing and throwing away your next empty can, as in a few years, they could be vintage and worth more than a dollar or two! For example, a flat-top beer can from between 1935 and 1941 can be worth anything between $35 and $1,000.

Source: domesticatedcompanion.com

A man named Jeff Lebo has been collecting beer cans for 40 years in his vacation house in Pennsylvania, which he plans to convert into a resort. His collection includes an incredible 87,000 empties, worth an estimated $1.6 million dollars!

Vintage China Cups

As high as $36 million

Now we’re getting into really serious territory here – if you’ve got one of these china cups lying around, you could be sitting on a fortune that’s big enough to change the lives of you and your loved ones! However, it has to be a one-of-a-kind Ming Dynasty tea cup, used by an emperor around the 15th century.

Source: Imgur

Most vintage china teacups, on the other hand, go for much more reasonable prices – usually not much more than around $100. But you never know – you might have one of the ultra-special types lying around, so get looking!

VHS tapes

Varies, but as high as $1,500 (as of April 2019)

VHS went out of fashion years ago now – as soon as DVDs became big, really. Since then, those black boxes have been stored in attics, basements, and garages around the world – with fewer and fewer people having the equipment to even play them now. However, it’s apparent that some can be quite valuable.

Source: ziatetsa.space

In April 2019, a set of Disney Black Diamond VHS tapes was listed on eBay for $1,000. There was another listing for a single tape of ‘Aladdin’ for $1,300, and a sealed “Beauty and the Beast” tape was priced at $1,500. Not bad for something you’re unlikely to ever watch again, right?!

Old Stamps

As high as $200,000 (for entire collections)

Stamps may not surprise you, but we couldn’t leave them off this list. The American Philatelic Society (which is essentially a society for stamp and stamp collectors) says that expert collectors look for certain stamps from other countries, specific regions, and for special events. Worldwide, more than 10,000 new stamps are issued each year.

Postage stamps, 1895, digital improved reproduction of an original print from the year 1895. Photo by: Bildagentur-online/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Of course, stamps that have never been used (so are in absolute mint condition) sell the best, but used ones can still bring in some cash. Opportunities for reselling are pretty good, and the investment is pretty low, with some people making hundreds of thousands of dollars for their entire collections.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

As high as $1,000

Christmas trees are decorated with all kinds of different ornaments, a lot of which are often collected from various places over the years. Some could have been dirt cheap, while others could be a little fancier.

An assortment of vintage Christmas tree lights and ornaments for sale in a Santa Fe, New Mexico, antique shop. Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Well, it might be worth having a look at their prices online, as some vintage sleds can be worth several hundred dollars. Moreover, if you manage to find an 1880s blown-glass ornament, such as a cluster of grapes, you could be getting up to $1,000!

Vintage Wooden Soda Crates

As high as $199

Old wooden soda crates were a common sight back in the day, but now they’re mainly used or vintage-style decoration around the home or garden. But did you know that there are some people that are willing to pay over the odds for certain styles?

Source: countryliving.com

Some old Coca-Cola crates are listed at just under $2000, with another 1920s crate selling for $125! It may not be enough to change your life, but if you’ve got a few of them lying around and you don’t mind getting rid of them, you could receive a nice cash injection.

Steiff Teddy Bears

As high as $182,550

Everyone had at least one teddy bear when they were young – and maybe you still have it (or them!) stored somewhere in your house. If so, you could be in luck, as some have been sold recently for absolutely staggering prices.

Teddy bears at the Steiff stuffed toy factory in Giengen an der Brenz, Germany. Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images

It has to be a particular brand, unfortunately. Steiff bears are known as the ‘original teddy,’ which in turn means that many of them are now officially classed as ‘vintage’ – and we all know by now that that means cash! For example, a Louis Vuitton-clad Steiff Bear sold for a record $182,550 at a charity auction.

Vintage handbags

As high as $15,995

As always, whether you’re going to make a lot of money from your vintage handbag is dependent on the brand, material, and design. For instance, a rare, vintage black Chanel alligator evening handbag is listed on eBay for $15,995!

Source: domesticatedcompanion.com

The bag was pre-owned and made at some point between 1984 and 1986. Coming in slightly cheaper (although only slightly!) was an authentic vintage Gucci handbag that was listed for $12,000. The money is really in the name (isn’t it always?!).

Special Auto Parts

As high as $200,000

Having an old car isn’t that unlikely (not like having some of the items on this list, anyway!), so you may just be in luck. All kinds of auto parts, from car vases and hood ornaments to other decorative parts, have been known to be snapped up by collectors.

Source: Pinterest

Whether re-purposing for future industrial design or just because they spark a collector’s interest, certain pieces can be worth a decent amount of cash, as long as they’re in good condition. The most expensive hood ornament in the world, a diamond-encrusted Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy, was estimated to be worth $200,000.

Old Mason Jars

As high as $1,000

A mason jar couldn’t possibly sell for much money, could it? Well, you’d be surprised. Although they were traditionally used to preserve fruits and other perishables before fridges and freezers were common household appliances, plenty of cool and trendy restaurants now use them as drinking glasses, and event venues often use them as shabby chic decorations.

Rows of dried fruits and nuts in Mason jar arranged neatly on wooden shelves for sale in local healthy living store. Fruit and nuts in canisters include dried orange peel, figs, cinnamon, wolfberries, almonds, barley, and assorted grains etc. Photo By Getty Images/Calvin Chan Wai Meng

Brands like Cork-Top Jar, E-Z Seal by Atlas, the Self-Sealing jar by Kerr, and other specific models are worth a surprising amount. Take a peek in your cupboards and see if you’ve struck gold! Country Living says the most valuable jars come from between 1840 to 1920.

Vintage Advertising Signs

As high as $117,000

Huge signs were used for advertising new products, services, deals, and sales in a range of locations – bars, restaurants, along the roadside, gas stations … you name it. Well, now they’re making a comeback, with many being sold on eBay and other platforms for pretty impressive prices.

Vintage soda pop tin advertisement sign with lot’s of texture. Photo By Getty Images/JDawnInk

For example, an old AAA Root Beer advertisement sold on eBay for over $1,200, which isn’t bad at all – but a vintage Coca-Cola went for a whopping $117,000! Retro signs for beers such as Old Milwaukee and Pabst can also reach four figures.

Old Typewriters

As high as $100,000

Typewriters – once the only way of printing words onto paper – were relegated to dusty attics and dark basements a long time ago. Since then, technology has raced ahead, with all kinds of products and software available for us to use. But if you’ve still got an old typewriter, make sure you don’t throw it out.

Old typewriter. Photo By Getty Images/di4kadi4kova

Branford House Antiques sells items old typewriters and has noticed that demand has gone up recently. One sold for almost $7,500 not too long ago, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! The Malling-Hansen Writing Ball, which is often called the “Rolls Royce of typewriters,” can be worth up to a staggering $100,000!

Vintage Postcards

As high as $4,400 (depending on what it is!)

“Never walk past the box of postcards at an estate sale,” says Good Housekeeping. Christmas postcards, according to the magazine, can be a fairly valuable currency. Terry Kovel, who co-wrote Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide, says holiday (especially Christmas) items are most desired. Most vintage postcards go for between $10 and $50, but some have reached four figures.

Source: pixabay.com

The most expensive was a Christmas card signed by Prince Charles and Princess Diana, which was auctioned for $4,400. Obviously, not all of them will be signed by royalty, but have a look in some local thrift stores, and you never know – you may find something fabulous.

Old, Rare, or Misprinted Coins

As high as $200,000

Of course, coins are always worth money – after all, that’s the whole point of them! But some are worth way more than others, as a few lucky people have found out. If they’re old, rare, or misprints, you could be in for a treat.

Source: wikimedia.org

In 2007, antique dealer Jeff Bidelman of “Rare Collectibles” was asked to look through an abandoned house by the late owner’s daughter and found a fortune hidden in a hole in a wall: a collection of 200-year-old coins that ended up being worth more than $200,000.

Vintage Band T-Shirts

As high as $7,000

Vintage band T-shirts are valuable to a lot of collectors out there – and, as such, their value can be impressive. Take a 1970s T-shirt featuring The Beatles’ 1966 “Butcher” album cover, which was immediately withdrawn – eventually, years later, it sold on eBay for $595.

Source: hiveminer.com

An original 1987 Guns N’ Roses t-shirt from their Appetite for Destruction European tour sold for more than $1,000, but the most impressive overall was a Nirvana In Utero tour shirt originally given to the crew, which sold for almost $7,000.

Original Posters

As high as $61,000

You might think that kind of money is crazy for an old poster, but when a Wisconsin police officer found an original Cracker Jack baseball poster while going through his barn, he knew he was in luck. Printed way back in 1915, something so old and historical – and in good condition – would surely be worth a few bucks.

Source: howlingpixel.com

The officer wasn’t wrong: the Mile High Card Company eventually sold the poster for an eye-watering $61,000. So if you think you might have some original posters stored away somewhere, we advise you to go and find them ASAP!

A rare edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Between $40,000 and $55,000

The Harry Potter series has captivated readers – both children and adults – around the world, with most of us at least familiar with the storyline and characters. In fact, millions of us have our very own copies of the book on our shelves. However, it turns out that original copies of the first book can be worth a lot of money!

A collection of Harry Potter books are pictured at the home of Caitlin Moore in Washington, DC. Photo by Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Hardcover first edition printings of the 1997 book have become the biggest prize to Harry Potter collectors, worth anywhere between $40,000 and $55,000. Look for a print line that reads “1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1,” with credit given to one “Joanne Rowling,” not J.K. Rowling, and you’re in luck!

Original Apple Computers

As high as $200,000

Apple is one of the biggest – if not the biggest – tech companies in the world, and if you haven’t heard of them, it’s likely you’ve been hiding away for the last decade or so. But some people don’t realize that Apple has been around since the 1970s – and some of the original computers are worth a hell of a lot of money now.

Apple’s Lisa was the first computer to use a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Shown with ProFile 5Mb hard disk unit. Photo by SSPL/Getty Images

But you need to make sure that you know how much your old technology is worth it. Take this example of one poor woman who donated a rare Apple 1 computer to a Silicon Valley recycling firm, not knowing it was worth an incredible $200,000!

Fender & Gibson Guitars

As high as $2,266,970

If, as a kid, you used to dream about making it big in a rock-and-roll band and used to practice for hours in your garage on your guitar, then you could be in luck now. Well, if it’s a vintage guitar made by Fender and Gibson, and it’s in good condition. But really, any vintage guitar could be worth a few bucks, to say the least.

Source: wikimedia.org

For example, a 1950s Gibson Les Paul can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Famous guitars are worth even more, like John Lennon’s Gibson J-160 Acoustic-Electric guitar, which sold in 2014 for the biggest figure in this entire list: a crazy $2,266,970.

1990s CDs

As high as $1,500

CDs have pretty much gone out the window now, with an entire generation of young people who don’t even know how they work and have never even used a CD player. But while they may now seem outdated, you may want to check their selling prices before getting rid of them.

Source: domesticatedcompanion.com

Although the prices haven’t reached anywhere near vinyl levels, some famous CDs have sold for lofty prices in recent years. For instance, Michael Jackson’s signature series disc from 1993 sold for around $1,400, and Coldplay’s first public release, the Safety EP from 1998, has sold for prices between $1,000 and $1,500.


As high as $1,000

Anyone remember these furry little guys? They were the walking, talking, slightly weird-looking friends that a lot of kids had back in the 1990s. You probably won’t know where yours is now – or you may have even thrown it out – but if you have an original 1998 edition in its original packaging, you could be in luck.

Source: Twitter

As recently as May 2019, these Furbies were listed on eBay for up to $1,000, which isn’t bad for a toy that probably spent more time annoying your parents than it did entertaining you! Demand has been increasing since 2012, when the toys were revamped, thereby generating renewed interest.

Perfume bottles

As high as $80,000

According to YouTube’s Dr. Lori, there are multiple ways of ensuring that you get the best bang for your old perfume bottle. A 1940s bottle with its full stopper and in good condition could sell for up to $75, while a 1960s crystal bottle can fetch anything from $25 to $35 dollars, as long as it’s real crystal.

Source: pixabay.com

However, early 20th-century bottles are worth a whole lot more than that. For example, a Rene Lalique bottle recently sold for a staggering $80,000. Be sure to pay attention to the brands of those old bottles – as always, they make a great deal of difference to the price.

Game Boy

As high as $8,000

It’s probably not a great surprise to hear that the original Game Boy, which quickly became the must-have toy when it was released in 1989, is worth a fair amount of money now, but you have to ensure that it’s still in the original packaging. If it’s not, but it was only available as a limited edition, then you still might be in luck.

Source: ebay.com

For example, the Nintendo Game Boy Color Pokemon Center Hong Kong Limited Edition Pikachu was on sale on eBay in May 2019 for an impressive $8,000 – in the unopened packaging, of course.

Cereal boxes

As high as $1,003

We’ve all heard the phrase “one man’s trash is another’s treasure,” but we didn’t think that would necessarily apply to cereal boxes! It’s likely that you’ve thrown out hundreds of them in your lifetime, but now you might want to think again in case they’re worth something.

Corn Flakes Cereal Boxes. Photo by William Gottlieb/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

You may think it’s the older boxes that fetch the highest prices, but that’s not always the case. A 2009 Kellogg’s Sugar Pops box collected a cool $161, but the highest earner is an unopened box of Nabisco Shredded Wheat from 1966, which sold for just over $1,000.

Garbage Pail Cards

As high as $4,000

Back in the 1980s, Garbage Pail cards were extremely popular with kids. Although they’re not available on the market now, the old cards are worth a decent amount of money. So if you’ve got any lying around, then go and find them quickly.

“Garbage Pail Kids” cards are shown on March 31, 2004, in New York City. Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Some can sell for hundreds – sometimes even thousands – of dollars (although this, of course, depends on the condition and specific kind of card!). One Garbage Pail Kids card recently sold for $300, and an entire 1985 series went for $4,000 on websites such as Amazon and eBay!

1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure

As high as $25,000

Who isn’t a fan of the Star Wars trilogy?! You’ll be hard pushed to find one, with plenty of people having seen all the movies time and time again. But did you know that finding any of the original characters’ action figures could be like striking gold?!

Source: ebay.com

Well, there are some hardcore collectors around who are willing to spend a lot of money to get their hands on rare star wars toys. For example, in 2015, the Luke Skywalker Action figure released in 1978 sold for a staggering $25,000!

PEZ Dispensers

As high as $32,000

A childhood favorite for many people around the world, the Pez dispenser was something that kids seemed to love to keep once it ran empty. It’s more than likely that your parents through them out eventually, but if you’ve still got some, you may be in luck.

Still life of PEZ dispensers featuring the heads of popular cartoon characters: (left to right) Daffy Duck, Fred Flintstone, Batman, Mickey Mouse, Stormtrooper, and Peter Pez Clown, 1980s. Photo by Blank Archives/Getty Images

Some Pez dispensers are so rare that they can sell for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. For example, a 1982 PEZ dispenser known as ‘Astronaut B’ was sold on eBay for a whopping $32,000. Imagine if you found a whole stack of them …

The Original Monopoly

As high as $146,000

Monopoly is, undoubtedly, the most well-known board game around the world. In fact, there are so many versions of it now that it’s almost impossible to keep track. You can now be the proud owner of not only location-specific versions but also Pokémon Monopoly, Star Wars Monopoly, Game of Thrones Monopoly, or even Monopoly for Millennials! Still, nothing beats the original.

A Monopoly game is seen during the Monopoly U.S. National Championship tournament at Union Station on April 15, 2009, in Washington, DC. Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Actually, nothing beats the original of all originals. The hand-drawn version, which was made by Charles Darrow all the way back in 1933, sold for a staggering $146,500 in 2011. So, if you’re in possession of the vintage versions from the 1930s – or any other limited edition versions – you could be sitting on a gold mine!

Original or Prototype Hot Wheels Cars

As high as $125,000

Hot Wheels was another childhood favorite for many, with memories of cars whizzing around the tracks at top speed. There are still many versions of Hot Wheels cars made today, but if you want to make some serious money, you’ll need the originals that were made in the 1960s (fun fact: since 1968, more than 4 billion Hot Wheel toys have been produced!).

Source: domesticatedcompanion.com

Some of them were only made as a prototype, however – such as the 1969 “Volkswagen Beach Bomb.” It never made it to production, thereby making it one of a kind, with a value of a very impressive $125,000!

First Edition Pound Puppies Plush

As high as $5,000

Pound Puppies were sold by Tonka in the 1980s and were extremely popular. In fact, they were so popular that they later inspired two animated TV shows, a TV special, and a feature film. Usually, they were plush stuffed dog dolls with cute droopy eyes and floppy ears.

Source: pennlive.com

When they were first made and released, kids started going crazy for them. But today, a first edition version is so rare that you can sell it for $5,000 – or possibly even more – on platforms like eBay. Bet you never thought a stuffed toy dog could be worth so much cash!

Original Sega Genesis Console

As high as $2,000

If you were into Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog when you were younger, then you’ll definitely remember the Sega Genesis console. It was a huge hit with the kids – and although it wasn’t the first console to ever be released, it was certainly one of the most popular early models.

For illustration purposes. A vintage Pioneer LaserActive Sega PAC-S1 module and controller, taken on March 12, 2019. Photo by Olly Curtis/Future Publishing via Getty Images

If you happen to have an original version lying around in your home, you could end up with a few hundred dollars in your pocket — or even more, if you’re lucky. If it’s still in pristine condition and working without any glitches, you could sell it online for up to $2,000!

Fisher-Price Push Cart Pete

As high as $3,000

This item might have been more likely to have been spotted in our grandparents’ toy boxes rather than our own. Back in 1936, which is when this toy was all the rage, you could buy one for as little as 50 cents! It’s a whole other story now, though …

Source: Pinterest

If you happen to have one of these in your possession, you should get online and start having a look at how much it’s worth. If it’s still in mint condition, it could be worth up to $3,000 on eBay!

1982 Skeletor Action Figure

As high as $2,000

Back in the 1980s, there were millions of kids who were obsessed with Skeletor and He-Man. As a result, parents everywhere had to go out and buy them an action figure! If this sounds like you and you’ve still got one (or both) of the original figures lying around somewhere, then well done!

Source: Twitter

You could actually make a decent amount of money by selling it online. For example, a 1982 Skeletor action figure in pristine condition – and that is still inside its box – could earn you up to $2,000 on platforms such as eBay.

Beanie Babies

As high as $12,000

Who remembers Beanie Babies? If you were born in the late 1980s or 1990s, you probably can. There was a huge craze during the ‘90s, with hundreds of different versions of bears available to collect. Some were worth more than others, even back then.

Source: tiahome.ml

Although the fad has most certainly died down since then, there are still vintage collectors that are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a rare edition Beanie Baby. Depending on the item – and, of course, its condition – it could be worth hundreds, even thousands, of dollars online. And if you have a 1997 first edition, you’re in luck, as it can go for a huge $12,000!

Lionel’s Pennsylvania “Trail Blazer” Train Set

As high as $250,000

Model trains have been popular since they first came out, with many people’s grandparents having proudly played with a set of their own way back in the day. They’re still incredibly sought-after, with worldwide communities dedicated to finding rare and limited edition sets.

Source: menshealth.com

The Lionel’s Pennsylvania “Trail Blazer” set is perhaps the most wanted – and although there are plenty of modern versions, the real money lies in the vintage sets (of course!). For example, a 1934 Standard Gauge version could get you a serious $250,000. We think you should start looking in the attic – pronto!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

As high as $5,000

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a staple part of the 1980s and 1990s, with millions of kids around the world watching their adventures religiously. As you may remember, there was a lot of merchandise to go with the cartoon, including action figures and lunch boxes.

Source: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles attend Nickelodeon And Chicagoland Speedway Team Up With Danica Patrick To Announce Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 400 Race On Sept. 18 at Wrigley Square at Millenium Park on April 26, 2016, in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

If you still have some of the original merchandise lying around somewhere, then go and dig it out immediately! If you sell them online, you could make a few hundred dollars – and if it’s a rare or limited edition model, the price could be as high as $5,000!

Jurassic Park Figurines

As high as $1,200

There can’t be many people who haven’t seen “Jurassic Park.” The first film came out in 1993 and gained a huge following, and there have been multiple sequels released since. Due to its worldwide popularity, there was a lot of merchandise made to accompany the movie itself – and now, some of that is worth a pretty penny.

Source: Reddit

If you have an original version of the dinosaur figurines, you could earn yourself upward of $1,000. Of course, like everything, this is dependent on the condition and the rarity of the figurine – and if it’s still in the original packaging, then even better!

Vintage Super Soaker Water Gun

As high as $1,000

Owning a water gun back in the day meant one thing: fun. It was many kids’ favorite activity on a hot summer’s day, whether it was a full-on water fight with everyone on the street or just sneaking up on your siblings or parents.

Source: Pinterest

This Super Soaker is a Lonnie Johnson’s recreational water gun – and now, it’s considered to be a rare vintage piece. Many of the models currently sold on the market are imitations of the original, but if you’ve still got the first edition, it can fetch up to $1,000!

G.I. Joe (Circa 1964)

As high as $10,000

G.I. Joe was the original action man, with the majority of kids having one back in the day. Due to it being so iconic, it still hasn’t totally phased out, with more modern versions including new-and-improved gadgets and capabilities.

Source: uni-watch.com

However, it’s the original 1964 G.I. Joe that is worth the most nowadays. If you still have one of these, it could get you up to $10,000! That is if it’s in pristine condition and in the original packaging, of course – which is quite unlikely, but you never know!

First Edition of Where the Wild Things Are

As high as $25,000

This book brings back a lot of memories for us – and we’re sure it does for you, too. It seems as though everyone was read this classic book, written by Maurice Sendak, when they were a child, so it’s no surprise that some hardcore collectors are willing to pay a lot of money for it.

First edition of ‘Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak inscribed with a drawing at the Rare Titanic Artifacts from Lifeboat No. 1 & Other Historic Autographs – Auction Sneak Peak at Lion Heart Autographs on September 28, 2015, in New York City. Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

In 2012, a signed 1963 first edition (which was in extremely good condition, we hasten to add) was sold on Abebooks.com for a huge $25,000. So depending on what your old copy looks like now, you could also be in the money – don’t waste time; go and dig it out!

Masters of the Universe Eternia Playset

As high as $1,900

We mentioned before how popular He-Man and Skeletor were back in the day … Well, here’s another Masters of the Universe toy that’s just as popular. Once described by an eBay seller as the “Holy Grail” of all the Masters of the Universe toys. This playset was used as the battleground for both He-Man and Skeletor.

Source: ebay.com

If you have one like the one pictured above lying around somewhere – all boxed up and untouched – it could earn you around $1,900! Not bad for an old playset that you thought you’d never use again, right?

She-Ra, Princess of Power, and Her Horse Swift Wind

As high as $4,000

She-Ra was He-Man’s twin sister – and, if you remember, she was pretty cool. There weren’t many female superheroes back in the day, so She-Ra made a welcome change and proved to be extremely popular with the kids. Luckily, some collectors are still looking for dolls in mint condition – and, even better, they’re willing to pay a fair amount of money for them.

Source: Amazon

An original She-Ra action figure that is still packaged along with her horse can sell online for up to an impressive $4,000. But don’t worry, if there are no accessories included, it can sell for anywhere between $150 and $600, which is still pretty decent.

Old Lego Trains

As high as $3,000

Do you remember what it was like to build your own toy entirely out of Lego? The hours of entertainment that it provided was pretty much unmatched at the time, and as it’s based on creativity and imagination, it’s still very popular around the world today.

A model of playwright William Shakespeare is seen inside a large-scale model of a London underground train carriage during an opening party event at the new flagship Lego store on November 16, 2016, in London, England. Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

Well, we already know that trains are extremely popular too, so add them both together, and you’ve got yourself a winner! The Steam Cargo Trains, High-Speed City Express Trains, and Diesel Freight Trains can all sell for anything between $1,500 and $3,000!

American Girl Molly

As high as $1,200

Molly McIntire from the American Girl doll series has a whole life story attached to her, having grown up during World War II and moved to America. Molly dolls first found their way into American toy stores in 1986, and, after being discontinued in 2013, they made a comeback a few years later in 2018.

Source: ebay.com

However, an original Molly McIntire doll from 1986 is considered a valuable collector’s edition, and one sold for a cool $1,200 in 2018. If you haven’t got one that’s that old, though, don’t worry – Molly dolls from different years can still be worth more than their original value, just not as much as the 1986 versions.


As high as $1,000,000

The words ‘pogs’ and ‘slammers’ used to be on every kid’s lips, but no-one’s really heard much about them for the last couple of decades (at least!). But if you’ve still got some stored somewhere, then get looking for them because, as it turns out, they could be worth a staggering amount of money,

Product shot of “pogs, “pogtainers,” and “slammers” photographed June 1, 1995, in New York City. Photo by Yvonne Hemsey/Getty Images

For example, in 2016, a six-piece set of holographic Jurassic Park pogs (including a slammer) was sold for an almost-unbelievable 1 million dollars! Although it’s unlikely you’ve got any worth quite this much, a full set of other versions could still be worth a couple of thousand dollars, even without a hologram and a slammer.

When it comes to selling your valuables online, the best way to go about it is to find the sites that target the audience you’re looking to sell to. For example, if you’re looking to sell electronics and gadgets, sites like Gazelle, Swappa, and Decluttr are perfect choices. If you’re interested in offering your vintage clothes and crafts, look at Poshmark, Ruby Lane, or Etsy. For large, general websites that offer a free platform to sell all sorts of goods, your best bet would be either Ebay, Amazon, Bonanza, and Facebook’s Marketplace.