Hilarious Things Mechanics Found in Cars

The thought of a clean car in the best shape at all times is everyone’s dream, but we are not the Kardashians, and the maintenance costs might not be easy to keep up with. Nevertheless, finding loose napkins and pennies in our messy cars is a given until you meet these extremists.

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These car owners have taken things way too far, from not just pennies but mounds of money left in their car to a trunk full of sheep, which makes us all wonder how these people can drive their vehicles! Just take a look at these…

The Transmission Pan of Metal

Have you ever heard of the fuzzy spiky squishy Koosh Balls of the 1990s? This transmission pan should give you an idea. The transmission pan is to help keep the oil clean, but this driver had a magnet fall into it, and I cannot explain how.

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The magnet in the transmission pan attracts metal, making it look like a metal Koosh ball stuck in the transmission oil pan and causing a metallic overflow. What the heck happened here?

Rags, Repairman, and Refunds

I am pleased to announce this wasn’t the customer’s fault at all. The auto shop repairman unintentionally left the shop rags he used while working on the intake gasket inside the engine valley.

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It resulted in an expensive mess that the entire engine had to be replaced. Not a single repairman wishes to be in this situation; I wonder what happened to him after.

Headlight with Wings

The first question is, how did it get there? Well, this butterfly is wrapped in the headlight of this vehicle; if you look closely, you’ll see a butterfly sitting pretty as always in the headlight.

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We guess that the light, like most insects, attracted its caterpillar, and maybe it had an escape plan and a backup escape plan that both failed.

Changing Oil is Highly Important

Refueling your vehicle is important; do you know what else it is? Replacing and refilling every single part necessary for the functioning of your vehicle. This driver forgot this essential information.

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It was so bad it was hard to tell if the oil filter was the oil filter; its function of filtering waste and ensuring the oil flows into the right place was overridden by old and excessive oil flow.

To Be Forewarned…

Facing your fears, reminding yourself of your fears, and warning yourself of your fears to avoid error might not be a bad idea after all, but could it be excessive? Yes, especially if you’re afraid of black ice like this driver is.

Source: Imgur

Black ice is dangerous, and it is one of the leading causes of accidents. This driver thought not only to announce that but to remind themselves of this danger.

I Need a Doctor… Not!

Do you know that scene when a bloody person runs into a hospital screaming, “I need a doctor!”? Well, this is the same story but for a van.

Source: Imgur

This surveillance van crashed right into the shop garage’s door like it couldn’t wait to get there, or could it have been an impatient driver? Either way, I am pretty sure the van owner was at the shop to have the van’s brakes checked.

The Lamb Who Drives

The accuracy of the famous nursery rhyme about Mary and her little lamb is more accurate than we thought! “Everywhere that Mary goes, her little lamb did follow.” And guess who’s driving in this Mary and her little lamb reality? The fuzzy ball of love.

Source: Imgur

There is also a dog chilling on the sheep’s lap. This shows that Mary is a true lover of animals and that she owns a farm.

Insurance Might Help Get It Right

Public announcement; there is a difference between driving range, shooting range, and race track, but didn’t the car owner get this information? And is that the story behind this disaster of a vehicle?

Source: Imgur

The car was returned to a rental company by the police in this state with the bullet holes and the horrible state of the tires. I hope whoever will be working on that has a good day.

Guess Its Wool Wasn’t Enough for the Cold

Take one glance, and you think all you’re staring at is the car’s engine. And a second look is an animal trying to warm up by the engine.

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It’s not a cat or a dog but a sheep. Only if animals could hold a quick conversation on how it got there would it be appreciated, am I right?

Wanna Play Hide ‘N’ Seek?

It seems there must be more to a car engine than our human eyes can see because animals seem to enjoy its company, and it is a good spot to hide, but how do big animals get in there? Impressive.

Source: Imgur

Look how disappointed this cutie is because he was spotted; he could even camouflage with his fur and the rusty engine.

Not a Moose in Sight

This Car vs. Moose battle will cost this car owner a fortune to get back in shape without insurance. Cars colliding with animals occur more often than you would think.

Source: Imgur

I hope both the moose and the passengers are okay, but as we can see, the moose doesn’t look good, and for the passengers, I have no idea what happened to them.

Is There a Problem, Officer?

The story behind this is ridiculous, totally unbelievable, and very true. Why is there a car filled with oranges? Why not use a trunk? Because they were stolen oranges.

Source: Imgur

The cops chased a suspicious vehicle after they refused to slow down, and when they caught up to them, it was realized that they had filled the car with stolen oranges from their fruit heist.

Animals and Weird Spaces

From my knowledge, pets are always put inside the car, not inside the trunk, right? But this pet owner didn’t think so. Their pup was put in the trunk, and the poor animal wanted the feeling of an open window.

Source: Imgur

Riding the ignorance in his bliss train, it stuck its head out the little space it could find; I guess it thought it was its little window.

Maybe I’ll Take a Bath, Too

Maybe this racecar rat was searching for food, but it meant business and maybe pleasure after it was found doing this.

Source: Imgur

It mustn’t have been expecting the car’s location to change into the wet and soapy place it found itself, or maybe it did and decided to catch a bath.

We Might as Well Call This Home

A tree, a warm and protected part of the forest, and a hidden place in their field are all places squirrels naturally hibernate until this car came along and changed their world.

Source: Imgur

These critters were found hibernating in his vehicle, and they are super cute; it is hard to get mad at them. Just look at these guys.

A Pile of Cigarette Butts

Wait, I am thinking of a logical explanation for this; I’ll have it anytime soon. While we wait, how does one have this many cigarette butts, and how many days, months, and years have they been piling up?

Source: Imgur

Did someone miss the “Smokers are Liable to Die Young” warning? I guess they aren’t a litterer who throws or flicks their cigarettes out the window, or could it be that they are just hoarders?

Your Car is Not a Dump

I don’t want to understand the logic behind this because the stench oozing out of this car is not interested in finding out.

Source: Imgur

It is not a safe and healthy idea to accumulate this much garbage, transport it with your vehicle and leave it in your car all night.

I Use What I have to Get What I Want

A Reddit user posted this image as a meme with the caption, “While you were stocking up on T.P.P., I was stocking on more essential things,” which makes us ask the question, why? And wonder what the owner was probably thinking.

Source: Imgur

But with each person and their own set of priorities, delivering this was the car owners’ priority, and I hope it all went well.

Why’s Your Tire about to Pop?

This looks like an alien burrowed into the tire and laid eggs. It looks scary and uncomfortable to stare at, and I have nothing to add with no information on how the bubbles came about.

Source: Imgur

Besides this, please change your tires and visit your mechanic to have this taken care of at once, since the solution is not very difficult.

Breaking News: Yeah, I Quit

Mechanic quits after suspiciously finding possum in a weird location. He slams the hood back down and walks away as soon as he sees it.

Source: Imgur

I am most curious about how many days it took the possum to arrange this unusual location into a comfy place to rest its head.

Your Trash, My Treasure

This genius driver is taking trash collection to the next level by recycling them into several sections of his vehicle. It is indeed creative and resourceful thinking!

Source: Imgur

It doesn’t stop there; it was made into a “garbage cover” and was created to hide their tools and supplies.

A Cool Death for a Rodent

Pretty sure this car owner has spent a fortune trying to get rid of a foreign smell wreaking havoc in his vehicle, and the cause of this problem was found in his air conditioner vent.

Source: Imgur

I wonder how long that has been there and how long he has been breathing the rodent’s stench. At least the mouse had a cool death.

Too Hot to Handle

Nature in Australia is very different and unpredictable, like how hot their weather can be. It sometimes gets so hot that tires and tar melt in the heat.

Source: Imgur

The idea of walking out and seeing your tire already melted or melting is an unfortunate sight no one wants.

These Rodents Are Guilty as Charged

There doesn’t seem to be any presence of any animals, but the evidence says otherwise. The leather and wool of the hood had been eaten through by, of course, a rodent.

Source: Imgur

The wiring in the engine was luckily untouched. Now, this car owner knows they are battling with a rodent infestation.

The Snake That Needed a Ride

I highly do not recommend doing this at home! But it is a fact that the man tugging and pulling this snake is one brave hero.

Source: Imgur

On the other hand, the snake wants to continue its ride as it strongly refuses to let go. In truth, the snake was stuck to the tire.

Cozy and Warm in the Backseat

This driver isn’t very pleased with their sheep snuggling up in the backseat and the trunk of his car, and I doubt they are feeling sheepish either.

Source: Imgur

I know not how they got there, but they look so comfortable and seem to be having the best time; I hope they weren’t disturbed.

Storing Up in the Wrong Place

It seems like animals like the engine of a vehicle and would sleep, hide, live, and even store food right there.

Source: Imgur

I have no idea what emotion to feel for the driver and the poor squirrel who’s about to lose all the food it has stored up.

Unidentified Sitting Object

This weird-looking spider, octopus, pasta, French fries? I have no idea what that is, but it got pulled out of a car at the mechanics.

Source: Imgur

Again, I have no idea what it is; am I curious to know? Not really, because the more I stare at it, the more it looks like the monster in “Stranger Things” but with more color.

A Warm Home for Mice

Animals do know living in a car is a part of survival, and we have seen that in squirrels hoarding pine cones under the hood of cars. Now it’s the little mice in the warm cabin filter.

Source: Imgur

These little blind mice were either left or given birth to in this warm cabin filter, and no one wants mice in their car.

Flying Low Cost Me My Life

It looks like the Bald Eagle couldn’t ride the current of the wind and thought flying low was a better idea, but it wasn’t.

Source: Imgur

It was mounted to the Chevy. A sad sight, but a lesson from the hawk’s eye type of vision could have saved it, wouldn’t it?

Brakes Broken Because My Car Roasted a Frog

It’s not a baby alien; it’s not going to jump out and eat your brain. Why? Because it’s a roasted frog. The frog was caught up in the car.

Source: Imgur

It must have been a hell of a painful death. The car owner took the vehicle to the mechanics to check the brakes and found the frog.

Not a Thief, Just an Alligator

Thieves are known to break into anything, so what happens when an alligator is doing the break-in? Or did the driver try to escape and smartly trap the gator in their car?

Source: Imgur

Or did the gator think sheep will be in the trunk like they usually are? Who knows? I just hope no one was hurt.

Squirrel Finds a Storage, and It’s Your Car

This is beginning to seem like a natural occurrence; I mean squirrels using cars as storage for storing up food for winter and hibernation.

Source: Imgur

So, it’s probably a good idea to check your hood during autumn and winter if your car has been converted to a squirrel’s storage.

A Green Grass Under the Red Car?

There’s no need to beat around the bush here; all we need to see is right there glaring at us in this red car. It looks like the owner had it stuffed with fresh grass.

Source: Imgur

Whatever reason it might be, it does add a fresh mix to the car. I do hope it is not stolen like the oranges thief or for anything illegal.

I Might Just Be Rich

If you found this in your car, this might be your thought, but hold up. Did you put it in there? Is it your company money? You don’t want to steal someone else’s money, and what of it is drug money?

Source: Imgur

No one wants to be involved in money wars. It will be bloody and scary and enough of a reason not to claim ownership of a huge unknown amount of money and just report it to the police.

Your Car’s Got Blue Balls

I guess you can tell the gender of this car by the presence and color of its balls. Damn! The pain the car must be going through; I do not wish to switch places.

Source: Imgur

It does look like an ornament, but who would hang an ornament under the car? But it seems like it was tagged like a wall or underpass with graffiti.

Pulling a Car Out of the River is a Disgusting Sight

This is no exaggeration; this car is entirely covered with aqua snakes, normally called eel, and a whitish slimy liquid. This is not the pretty and clean picture we were expecting.

Source: Imgur

All I’ll say is both events are traumatic; losing the car to the water and eels claiming ownership of the car.

Not the Usual Red Danger

This should be screaming danger in all languages, but this sky-blue seafoam color looks like something fun to touch.

Source: Imgur

But I kid you not that touching that will probably send you to the E.R. This bluish fluffy-looking foam is battery corrosion, so don’t touch it.

A Wrench, a Tire, and a Bad Job

How can all three things be wrong in one picture; the wrench, the tire, and whoever worked on this car? I do hope a refund was made and the tire replaced.

Source: Imgur

This is so bad it’s giving the “I hope you crash” vibe. Could this be an act of revenge in the making? Or is it just terrible mechanic work, or just an error?

Riding In My Personal Batmobile

Every kid’s dream is to be like their favorite hero, at least this kid agrees, and their parent was supportive of this decision and got a batman child car seat for them.

Source: Imgur

We are used to cute patterns and animals for the child car seat, but batman? That’s on a whole new level, and we love it!

Not the Tree in a Weird Position

The angle at which the tree is in the vehicle is weird, with so many unanswered questions. Like is this a result of a storm or tornado?

Source: Imgur

Another guess is it could be a crazy ex, but with a closer look, it looks like a head-on crash into a huge tree branch, but what tree branch faces that direction? And it doesn’t look like any other part of the car suffered a head-on impact.

Who in the Peter Rabbit Do We Have Here?

In the act, we finally caught a squirrel—the popular storage spot for squirrels with a live one hiding between the engine parts.

Source: Imgur

This precious fuzzy ball looks super cute caught between this tight space and was pulled out safe and sound. Could it have wanted to warm up for winter, or was it planned to begin storing for winter and hibernation?

Super Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Juice

This neon green jungle juice is giving me the super mutant ninja turtles’ juice vibe, and I might not be familiar with the technicalities involving cars, but this liquid should not be coming out of anyone’s car.

Source: Imgur

Is mountain dew that green? Or is it a toxic waste? And why is it being poured into a can under the car? Or maybe it’s the mechanic working on it? I do hope the car is back in good shape.

Not Your Usual Tire

We’ve seen bubbles trapped in a tire, melted tire, and now here’s one with an abnormal growth: one big air bubble that makes it look like there’s a tire within a tire.

Source: Imgur

Driving a car with this issue could be dangerous, and it should be taken care of immediately. A tire replacement would solve this issue.

Does Your Car Have a Hidden Ice Machine?

This car owner doesn’t have to worry about getting a cooler or mini-fridge for their car when they have a car with a hidden ice machine.

Source: Imgur

The location of this ice is probably unhealthy, and a tire with ice in it is dangerous. So, how did the water get trapped in there, and how did it become frozen? It’s still pretty cool, though—no pun intended, of course.

Mechanics Can Make Jokes, Too

This is what happens when you mix mechanics with humor. A pair of work boots were added to the pipes’ end, making the engine look like a person straddling the engine.

Source: Imgur

This is a very good one, and kudos to the mechanics on this. It seems they are not only creative with car knowledge, but they are also hilarious.

Mind Your Beesness

A truck with a huge beehive was seen down the road, and we are the curious flies wondering why it is still there. We know it’s not our bees’ nest, but this is a pretty scary sight.

Source: Imgur

Doesn’t it place the car owner out of business? Because who wants to hire a handyperson with a beehive stuck to his truck? Or maybe the car owner is a bee farmer? We will be buzzing out of these bees’ nest.

I Will Just Be Historically Creative

Decking the exterior of a car is quite popular, and when it comes to decking, the interior seat or steering wheel covers are the most popular to buy, but this car owner thought to be more creative.

Source: Imgur

They went down the history lane and decked out their car’s passenger door and glove compartment with a pterodactyl skeleton design. He/she must love dinosaurs or is a paleontologist.

Maybe You are Addicted to Whipped Cream?

My first thought after this was, “did you get them for free?” If they worked at a café or an ice cream shop where whipped cream is served. But still, how do you get this many whippets and not dispose of them after use?

Source: Imgur

Could this have been a prank, a whipped cream heist, or a clean-up? It doesn’t look like a clean-up, more like a hoard, and doesn’t the car want passengers? It seems they prefer the company of their whipped cream.

Finding a New Home for the Turtle

Unfortunately, this little guy had been living inside a car, and it doesn’t look like it was even the clean part of the car, probably under the car, and that is no place for a sweet baby turtle.

Source: Imgur

It is amazingly small, and yet its glaring eyes feel like its staring into your soul. A new home for this mister is due, and I hope they found a good one.

A Temporary Fix with a Lot of Creativity

The knot at the extreme left suggests a boy scout or a sailor or just someone with creative hands. The design and the thought of creating a temporary fix to the bumper of this car…

Source: Imgur

I don’t know if this keeps the bumper together, but I agree that this is a unique and creative idea. But getting a permanent solution is safer; we don’t want our bumpers causing an accident, right?

Lightening it Up with 4 Packs

This hilarious Do It Yourself fix up of the headlight covers makes me ask how all four covers originally put there got removed? Was it just one, and the car owner thought it would be better to replace all, so they look the same?

Source: Imgur

The “I do not give up” energy of the owner of this Volkswagen car in the replacement of their headlight covers with four water bottles should be studied.

Red Means Stop, or Does It?

The labeling of the number 13 makes this a bit scary, and fortunately, the fact that no one was hurt takes off the fear. I guess the driver didn’t see the red light bright enough to be seen 12 feet away?

Source: Imgur

The only explanation is a faulty brake caused the train to crash right into the closed doors. Insurance should have this settled already.

Again, An Animal Finds Its Way into the Engine

Animals’ love for Hide ‘N’ Seek seems to be increasing, and a Racoon is joining these groups of animals. How long did it take you to find the little mister between the engines?

Source: Imgur

With its fur that serves as a good camouflage with the engine, hiding its huge black eyes would have made it a bit hard to find, but such beauties can not be hidden. It does look comfy there. Getting it safely out should be a priority.

When a Moose is the Driver, You Call the Cops

So your app says your uber is right in front of your door; what will your reaction be? This Mother Nature edition ride is as hilarious as it is unsafe and a moose as the driver? A huge No.

Source: Imgur

With already shattered glass, I hope no one was injured, and the moose was carefully taken out with no injury, and I hope the car owner’s insurance is very much active.

“I Cat’ya!” Says the Cat

We know cats can fit into anything and anywhere, but why would an obsessively clean little kitty choose an oily and dirty place as its chilling spot? Well, cats like the heat, the burning sun, and maybe the warm engine too?

Source: Imgur

Who knows? It sure looks like it doesn’t want to be disturbed, and I can not imagine how uncomfortable cuddling up in that spot would feel like; come on, kitty, it’s time for a bath.

Not an Anaconda on the Engine!

This snake takes home the award for animals hiding in the engine because how does an anaconda this large get into the car’s engine? I’ll pay whatever amount to have seen the car owner’s face when they found the snake, wouldn’t you too?

Source: Imgur

I do not want to have anything to do with this, just simply curious, and since I am no cat, I am free to explore, are we not?

My Car is Cooler Than Yours

This car seems to have a whole Winter Wonderland as a part of the car. My fair take is the snow on top of the car is from the garage roof; it looks like it anyways. Why? Because the snow on the road isn’t even as much as the snow on top of the car.

Source: Imgur

How does this driver reverse? They might as well start a snow delivery service and drop off the snow at the homes of whoever ordered for some since clearing the snow off their car isn’t a priority.

Great Rim of Fire

The good news about this is that it is not the engine or battery that is the cause of this. So does this mean the car’s brake is causing this much heat, maybe?

Source: Imgur

The brake is the cause of this issue. It looks like fire being conjured in the rim, like a giant ball of flame. You do not want to touch that with your bare hands.

The Perfect Present is a Wrapped Tire

Before we focus on the tire, this car owner’s reaction is what makes this all so funny. How excited can one be about wrapping one’s tire with duct tape? Is that even a good idea? Her pride and smile make it all so sweet.

Source: Imgur

Duct tape always comes in handy in all situations, and it is referred to as one of the most useful and magical tools in the world. But I am not certain this is a very good idea; I fear the brakes the most.

Wish Upon an Ice Star

These cool-looking ice crystals look so heavenly, and seeing them on the car makes it super attractive. It looks like the gigantic picture of what a wishing star should look like, and I do not mind making a wish if I come across this.

Source: Imgur

How fun will it be to see it spinning live, it is sure mesmerizing to imagine. This ice star deserves all the praises for breaking the trend of dirty ice being the ugliest thing.

How to Callout a Cheap Person Without Saying Cheap

Yes, I am getting serious because this is one scary joke. How do you use zip-ties to attach your car wheels to the axel? Even if you do not prioritize your life, what of the life of other road users?

Source: Imgur

It looks like a creative, low-budget way of fixing a hole in a dam, and you know what happens when that hole widens; that is not very different from this. The repair team has their work cut out for them with this one.

How Many Touch Lights Make a Headlight?

Is a bunch of flashlights the most effective means of replacing the headlight of a vehicle? The driver is trying to adhere to driving rules but doing the wrong way.

Source: Imgur

It might hurt your pocket, but getting the right part, having a well-experienced person go through your vehicle, is a smarter and safer decision to make for your life and the lives of other drivers. This car is still very creepy and gives memories of the old doll with its eyes popped out

Not a Big Bad Wolf Afterall

You know, when you watch street performers and magicians contort their whole body to fit a very small box, and you think it is impossible and they cannot fit into the box, and then they do it, and they all fit.

Source: Imgur

This big bad wolf gives off the same vibe. It looks exhausted and wants out. It keeps you wondering how it got in there in the first instance and why it got in there.

Not the Beach Chair Too

Yes, it is indeed a beach chair in place of the driver’s seat. And no, I am just as lost as you are and don’t understand what’s happening here; in my speechlessness, I will add that this cheap replacement is unsafe and very dangerous.

Source: Imgur

Where is the seat belt, by the way? I cannot count the crazy number of dangers this chair is about to cause if not replaced at once, the owner could be arrested for endangering the lives of other drivers, and I do not want to be involved when the cops arrive.

Pirate Themed, Aiye?

Not going to lie, but this is fire. This pirate-themed car looks cool; no matter how old we become, playing pretend will always be fun, and you get to be like a pirate sailing in the town’s sea.

Source: Imgur

The stick shift should be called a glass shift since it has an empty rum bottle as the stick shift, but it is not called a stick shift because it’s not made of stick—a quick reminder to not drink and drive.

Mirror, Mirror on the Car?

I didn’t know finding ridiculously cheap ways to fix and change parts of your car is quite a popular fit. I understand creating a much more efficient and cost-effective solution is the next thing to do.

Source: Imgur

So, why is your side view mirror normal? I hope this owner knows the mirrors are two different kinds of mirrors. Just always remember, mirror objects might be farther or closer than they appear!

When You’re an Airhead…

There is no way this is someone’s reality; it has to be a prank because if it is, then it is crazy funny, but if it isn’t, I fear for the owner of this car. They not only have us slamming our palms into our faces, but they are also causing us to question their reasoning.

Source: Imgur

Are they replacing airbags with plastic bags filled with air? Did they think airbags are the same as plastic bags filled with air? I get the pun, but please, they are not, and I understand airbags are pricey, but your safety should be prioritized that high again if this was a prank, kudos to the creator.

Cheapest Way to Fix the Door Handle

This is a brilliant and cheap D.I.Y. way to get your car handle fixed, and maybe a beer bottle opened too? But you shouldn’t drink and drive.

Source: Imgur

Opening soft drinks like the vintage glass bottles of the forever classic Coke Cola or whichever your favorite might be is a smarter and safer decision, and I hope you know and agree too.