Leave it to Handyman to Bring the Best DIYs

We notice many household issues that need fixing now that we are home a lot, from bent carpet dents to unstable toilets. There is no better time to find fixes for these issues than now. And luckily, we have some easy and cheap solutions to these issues.

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Fixing up a household can be inexpensive, and you can do it DIY-style. The materials required to fix household are readily available at home, like baking soda. The ones unavailable at home are cheap and easy to find in a hardware store. Let’s see!

Wooden Furniture with Scratches

It’s frustrating to find new scratches on that unique or expensive furniture every day. While we encourage our kids’ imagination, scribbling their thoughts on your expensive heirloom is painful. Not being able to find a fix can also be very frustrating. Luckily, we have a simple way to fix this.

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Just buy some walnuts from the local store and rub directly on the scratches. Gently rub your finger over the damaged area. Thanks to your skin’s warmth, the wooden furniture will absorb the oil from the walnuts, leaving your furniture as good as new. Easy, right?

Carpet Dents Caused by Large Furniture

Now, we have a lot of time at home, and it’s pretty refreshing to re-arrange furniture around the house. Moving stuff around can help make the home look more comfortable and also helps one feel good. But this could be an issue when we have dents left on the carpet.

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How then can dents in carpets be fixed? The only required items are a few cubes of ice. Place these cubes on top of the dents; ensure to use as many cubes as possible to fill the dents. Leave the cubes in overnight; this allows the carpet fibers to absorb moisture, swell and regain their original shape.

Keeping Wooden Cutting Boards Perfectly Clean

Kitchen tools and utensils handle foods we consume; hence, we must keep them clean to avoid contamination or consuming harmful substances. But cutting boards are tricky to keep clean due to the cavities they collect and also the porosity of the woods they are made of.

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What then can be done to ensure cleanliness? This simple hack helps to get rid of stains, particles, and odors that cavities may collect. Place some coarse salt over the board and rub the surface with lemon. This mixture acts as an exfoliant and disinfectant. The result is a clean board surface without cavities.

How to Stop Losing Clothing Pieces in the Washing Machine

Losing pieces of clothing down the side of the washing machine can be pretty frustrating. As if the stress of doing chores is not enough, you still have to work through your busy career schedule. Remember that life shouldn’t always be hard because we have a quick fix whenever you lose your clothes.

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Remember all those pool noodles that are left over from summer? Yes! They are still helpful. They can be upcycled and help you from losing your clothes. Put a pool noodle in the gap between the washing machine and the wall; it makes sure nothing falls off.

Gardening Made Extra Fun and Easier

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” -Audrey Hepburn. Gardening is a fun activity that many have found comforting, especially in times like this. It helps one relax and is also suitable for the heart. It also gives a sense of accomplishment. Here’s one for the Gardeners.

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This simple hack does not just make gardening easier; it also helps in recycling used cans. Here is how to go about it: stack empty soda cans at the bottom of the planter before adding in the soil. The air in the cans will keep the soil moist and birthing healthy plants.

Getting Rid of Odors from Your Sofa

Having a sofa that smells is uncomfortable, especially when we have visitors around. This could result from many things, like the accumulation of dirt, grease, and even food crumbs. It could also be due to a lack of proper aeration or moisture. There is a cheap and stressless fix.

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Baking soda is a very versatile household product. It is used for cooking, baking and is also quite helpful in cleaning the house. Therefore, to clean a sofa, baking soda can be used. Sprinkle it over the cushions of the sofa, leave overnight and then vacuum. This leaves the sofa fresh and clean.

Stop the Creaky Sounds Your Stairs Make

Squeaking stairs is caused by expansion and contraction of the wood of the stairs- due to wear and tear, causing a slight change in the shape. It also causes a collection of dirt caused by cracking and scratching of the wood. These creaky sounds can be so disturbing, hence the solution.

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All that is needed to fix this problematic issue is some amount of talcum powder. Sprinkle a generous amount of this talcum powder on the wood. Gently rub it in with your hand and dust off the excess. This will stop the creaky sounds by packing up the creases.

Cleaning Build-up from Hard Water

Hard water in the water supply can lead to calcium deposits, which can clog faucets’ spouts. This may reduce the water pressure or completely cut off water flow. To get rid of this build-up may be difficult and may require harsh chemicals or even the service of a plumber. But here is an easy fix:

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Place one and a half fresh lemons on the mouth of the faucet and wrap it with a plastic bag, and hold it firm with a rubber band. The build-up usually causes the formation of a white, chalky solid. After a few hours, citric acid from the lemon would dissolve the build-up.

How to keep the Garbage Bag from Spilling Out its Content

Of all the chores, taking out the trash is most people’s least favorite. Apart from how scary it gets when it’s dark, you may spill out the bag’s content if it’s loosely tied. Ewww! But there is a simple hack to help prevent this.

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The solution is a command hook: A command hook lets one hang a trash bag – or any other bag on any surface, due to the presence of adhesives. Use a command hook on both sides of the garbage can so the garbage bag can be hooked properly. This makes it easy to remove the bags and also to tie the knots.

Help Me! I Cannot Answer Nature’s Call. My Toilet is Clogged

Answering nature’s call should be comforting and pleasurable – even if you have a stomachache. Having an unstable toilet makes this task difficult. There is a simple DIY hack that does not require a plumber or any handyman to fix this. All that is needed are shims, and in the absence of these, pennies can be used.

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To do this, use some pennies and a tube of silicon gut. Place as many pennies as needed to keep the toilet stable underneath the foot of the toilet. Use a silicon gut to secure it to the floor. Allow this to dry, and yeah! Off to answer nature’s call without discomfort.

Having Troubles with Wooden Door Hinges

Most times, when door or window hinges get rusty from old age or exposure to moisture and air, they make disturbing and creaky sounds. These creaky sounds can be grate on your nerves, especially when you need to sleep and your spouse keeps getting in and out of the bathroom. Instead of spending a lot of money to fix it, there is a cheap and straightforward way to repair the hinges.

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You only need a bottle of olive oil for this trick. Lubricate the hinges causing problems with a few drops of olive oil. Wipe off the excess oil with paper tissue. Leave for a little while for the oil to sink in. The olive oil will let the hinges move smoothly, without friction-caused creaks.

How to Recycle Soda Can Tabs

Do you have a picture frame that needs fixing? Maybe it’s too loose, and the picture is almost falling out. What comes to mind is to replace the frame, but this is hard to do. Not when the frame is rare or even expensive. What do you do?

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Soda can tabs are helpful in this case. You would need the can tabs and a screw. Drill the screw into the bottom half of the tab and use the top half to hang it from a hook or a nail attached to the wall. You can keep your frame and also save money.

Fixing up Exposed Wires: Great Hack When You Have Children Running About the Home

Exposed wires at home can be dangerous and uncomfortable to have around. It could lead to accidents and also lead to damaged appliances at home. There is a way to fix them without spending so much or hiring an electrician’s service.

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How to fix this? Liquid electrical tape is all that is needed. It’s available at any local hardware store for a small amount of money. Wrap the tape around the exposed wires. Once dry, it will keep the works together and expose the lifespan of the charger.

How to Cover Up Nail Holes in the Wall

Are you renting and do not want to lose a deposit? Once all pictures and frames are unhung from the wall, there is a way to cover up the nail holes without buying filler and paint. All you need is a crayon! This trick is simple, inexpensive, and does not require any handyman experience.

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Get a crayon that is closest in color to the affected wall. Color in the hole; rub the surface with your fingers until it is smooth. Repeat this process for all holes in the wall. This trick will make your wall look as good as new. It’s easy and inexpensive.

How to Keep your Carpet Firmly in Place

Rugs/carpets are the perfect accessories to help enhance the look of a room. Apart from beauty, they also provide a comfortable feel to the feet. But they could also cause one to trip and have an accident since they do not always grip the floor. There’s an easy fix to this.

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To make the rug grip tightly to the floor, and prevent one from tripping, turn the rug upside down. Use a hot glue gun to make lines on the turned rug. Now press the rug down against the floor. The silicone glue will act as a grip and make the rug non-slip.

Washing Machine Cleaning Techniques that Will Blow Your Mind

Washing machines are a lifesaver: they make laundry work more accessible and reduce the time you would spend if you did your laundry with bare hands. But with time and constant use, they collect dirt, hair, and grease in the drums and pipes. This can lead to clogs, and sometimes, permanent damage. Therefore, these machines need to be cleaned out to extend their lifespan.

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There is a stress-free way to thoroughly clean the machine without harsh chemicals and without hiring a professional. Run a hot-water cycle using two cups of baking soda and two cups of white vinegar in an empty machine. This will remove all collected dirt and clean up the drums and pipes, leaving the machine clean and extending the lifespan.

Is Your Key Stuck in the Lock?

There are times your key may get stuck in the lock. More so, you may have considered if it was the right key you used or if you put it in the right way! Well, sometimes, the issue is that the lock must have gotten rusty and cannot freely move in it.

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However, there’s a cheap and easy fix! You may consider lubrication with oils, but this might cause clogging; hence, you can use a pencil. Put the tip of a sharpened pencil in the keyhole and rub it inside; the graphite lubricates the lock and prevents your key from getting stuck.

How Versatile is a Vegetable Peeler?

Vegetable Peelers can be found in most homes and are helpful and safer for peeling foods like potatoes. We would generally consider them a tool in the kitchen, but they can be handy for other household activities.

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If you do need to loosen a small screw and do not have a screwdriver lying around in the house, it would be stressful to get one from a store for that singular purpose. The tip of the Vegetable Peeler can serve as a screwdriver and gets the job done swiftly.

Removing Scuff Marks Has Never Been Easier

Have you noticed stains on the floor in the house, especially on the tiles? Scuff marks are caused by friction between the sole of a shoe and the floor. These may sometimes prove challenging to wipe off, more so when you lack the right tools.

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They can easily be wiped off with the help of a tennis ball! Simply make a hole in the ball enough to fit at the end of a mop stick or broom. The tennis ball has a material that picks up and cleans off rubber marks on the floor without leaving any scratches.

Restore Rusty Screws Like a Pro

Due to prolonged usage and oxidation (when water contacts metal and the metal is exposed to air), screws become rusty. Rusty screws simply cannot do their job as effectively. The parts they hold together may become loose, or if it’s part of a kitchen tool, it can contaminate food.

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Getting rid of rust can be done with minimal effort. Fill a glass jar with white vinegar and put in the screws. Cover the container and leave for a day (24 hours). From time to time, shake the jar well to get the vinegar better to do its job. This gets rid of the rust on the screw.

Easy Ways to Cover up Nail Holes

In a house, we have varying appliances and furniture, and they must all be hung. Imagine moving into an apartment only to find three hundred holes in the walls. While we may exaggerate, we are very serious about the DIY and cost-effective solution.

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Instead of hiring a handyperson, why not create a plastic filler? Yes, with an easy DIY method, you can create a plastic substance that can be molded to fit wherever you want it! All you need to do is add super glue to the hole or crack, then baking soda and press in with a cloth. It solidifies to form a durable plastic.

Making a Drawer Open without Noise or Friction

With time, everything is subject to wear. Wear makes it a little harder to use household furniture. Have you noticed that after a while, your drawers don’t pull out as smoothly? This may be because the runners wear and do not move so smoothly anymore.

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An easy fix is to use candle wax. Rubbing candle wax against the runners allows for smoother movement by simply reducing friction. This fix can extend your furniture’s lifespan by a few more years.

How to Get Rid of Oil Spills

Oil spills are usually challenging to get rid of, especially in the garage and when spilled in large quantities. If you do not take care of it, you can fall from the slippiness and suffer a bad accident. It also causes stains permanent floor stains, ruining its beauty.

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A fantastic DIY solution, in this case, involves the use of a cat litter. Pour the cat litter over the area of spillage. Use a brick to grind the cat litter to make it more absorbent. The cat litter absorbs all the oil completely. Then, sweep away the cat litter, leaving your floor clean.

Removing Toilet Bowl Stains in Easy and Quick Steps

Toilet bowls tend to get stained quickly due to the accumulation of dirt and hardware. This stain caused by hard water and dirt may prove challenging to remove. And as someone who would like every surface to be as clean as possible, this is a big issue. But there is a cheap fix.

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Kool-Aid is not just a yummy drink; it’s a very effective toilet cleaner. It’s also cheap, costing just about 25 cents, and easy to find. Sprinkle Kool-Aid on the affected areas, and scrub. Then flush the toilet and watch all hard water stains flush off. This is easier and cheaper than buying an expensive toilet wash.

Loosen Difficult Screws without Much Effort

Screws can be very tough to loosen, even after you apply lubricants. This can be pretty frustrating, energy-consuming, and also time-wasting. Rather than hiring a repairer, you can use a rubber band.

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How does this work? Place a rubber band on the surface of the screw, giving the screwdriver more grip with the screw surface. This will allow you to unscrew it without applying so much force. This is a very cost and energy-effective hack.

How to Fix Your Flushing Issue

Sometimes, it takes more than one flush of the toilet to get the job done. This is due to low water pressure, which prevents the tank from refilling on time. Plumbers call the term ‘Phantom Flush,’ leading to water wastage, as you would need a lot more water to flush. For all the plumber’s big words, you can use a simple lifehack to fix the issue.

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Find the water valve behind the toilet bowl and make sure it is turned counterclockwise until it is leveled to show that it is entirely on. This movement will allow the tank to refill more quickly than before, thereby flushing more quickly and reducing water wastage.

How to Open a Sealed Window: Let the Good Breeze into the Home

Do you have windows that have been sealed shut and seem impossible to open? This is for you. Most times, people are in a hurry and do not wait long enough for the paint of the windows to dry; the paint gets sealed to the window frame, making it almost impossible to open.

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Sure, there is a simple hack that can fix that. All you need is a chisel and a hammer from a hardware store. Place the chisel between the window frame and the frame where it is stuck, and gently hit the chisel with a hammer until you remove the dry paint clog.

How to Fix Holes in Skirting Boards

Skirting boards in homes are used to hide untidy joins in the wall and prevent the bottom of the wall from wear and tear. The purpose is defeated if there are holes or scuffs in the board due to nails or furniture bumping into it. As usual, you can fix this quickly.

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Get a wood putty from a hardware store. People use wood putty to fill in holes in wood. In the absence of wood putty, you can use clear epoxy glue. Use a generous amount to fill the holes and cover the scuffs. After that, remove any excess glue. This hack will save you from the stress and cost of repainting the entire skirting board.

How to Prevent Drag Marks Caused by Chairs

Often, when chairs are pulled in and out, they form drag marks on the floor. They also make scratching sounds which are usually disturbing. Scratch marks tend to damage the floor on which the chairs are placed. Also, the sounds they make can be distracting and irritating too. Here is how to solve this issue.

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Get some felt stickers from a hardware store. Place these stickers at the bottom of the chair legs; this will reduce drag marks considerably. It will also reduce the sounds made by chairs when they are dragged in and out. Change these felt stickers every month for the best results.

Fixing a Dent in a Wooden Floor

When there are dents on the floor, especially wooden floors, they may look challenging to fix. And one may begin to consider how much would have to go into fixing it, and oh, the time and discomfort. There is a simple hack that does not require special help nor extra cost.

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All that we need is water and iron. Clean the affected area; wet the area with a few drops of cold water. Place a moist towel over it, turn on the iron and slowly press the towel in a circular motion for about 4 minutes. Repeat until fixed.

How to Easily Make Grout Cleaners

Surfaces made with grout can get extremely dirty and may be difficult to clean due to the mixture of cement, sand, and water. Cleaning it might be difficult. While you may purchase a grout cleaner in a store, you can save some money from homemade materials.

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Rather than spending so much on expensive grout cleaners, you can make a homemade grout cleaner with some household products. Mix some baking soda and water to make a paste. Grab an old brush and scrub the grout with the paste. Spray some white vinegar on it and let it bubble; rinse the surface off, and the grout will be gone.

How to Remove Water Stains from Your Ceiling

Excess moisture is caused by heat or a plumbing leak that seeps through the ceiling and then evaporates. This leaves the ceiling with an obvious patch of dried, discolored mineral deposits that we call water stains. Rather than having to spend money hiring a repairer, there is an easy hack.

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Mix one cup of bleach, then add three cups of warm water in a bowl. Apply this mixture gently over the affected area. This solvent will remove grease, dirt, and anything that prevents the paint from sticking to the surface properly. This acts as a cleaner before the stain is now painted over.

Mesh Screen Doors are Aesthetically Pleasing, till they Tear: Learn this Amazing DIY

A screen door is used to keep out pests and insects and let in the breeze when it is warm. It is also aesthetically pleasing, as there are different designs to a mesh screen door. Once the mesh in the door is torn, these aesthetics and practical functionality disappear. Will you buy a new mesh screen or fix the old one, DIY style?

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If this tear is not attended to in time, it can lead to a bigger one that might not be easy to fix. Hence, this easy DIY solution. Small tears can be mended with a few drops of clear nail polish. Once this polish dries up, it acts as an invincible glue.

Let Some Warmth into Your Home

During winter, it is usually difficult to contain the heat inside the house. Heat finds a way to escape through the windows, doors, and under the house. Frost is unpleasant, and no one wants to die from hypothermia. In most cases, there are other serious and life-threatening health consequences from exposure to cold. Here is a way to keep cold out and warmth in.

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To prevent heat from escaping through the windows, cut a few squares of bubble wrap to fit window shapes. Wet the window frames with a bit of water and let the bubble wraps stick against the window. This will help trap heat, giving you a foolproof solution to stay warm.

Crayons on Walls May be Super-Annoying; They are Not Permanent

Children love to explore. Rather than on a drawing board, they will test their artistic skills on walls. You may end up with a sunflower-looking crayon stain on the wall. It will not be as frustrating to clean off if you had an easy way to go about it.

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You can easily clean it off with WD-40. Spray it on the crayon marks directly and let it stay for a few minutes. Then you can use a dry rag to wipe it off! Easy come, easy go! You can now have your toddler use their drawing book or have WD-40 on standby.

Keep Your Door Hinges Silent

Door hinges can get loud and annoying with time. This is caused by friction, whereas the moving part rubbing against the non-moving part makes a squeaky sound. There’s nothing pleasant about the sound, only a constant reminder of horror movie scenes.

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Since it’s caused by friction, a simple fix is a lubricant. Rather than oil, it’s better to use petroleum jelly as it sticks to the application area and doesn’t drip down the hinge (like lubricating oils will). You can now have peace around the house.

Cupboard Doors Keep Opening? Try This.

For several reasons, we just want our cupboard doors to stay closed when shut. For one, you don’t want your toddler getting their hands on something they should not. Simply, if you closed the cupboard door, you want it to remain that way.

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A stubborn cupboard door that just won’t stay shut can get on your nerves, but it can be fixed. Get heavy-duty magnets from a hardware store and attach opposite ends to the door and cupboard’s inside so that when they attract, the door stays closed.

Easily Remove Pet Hair from Furniture

Pets are cute. Cats and dogs make awesome companions so much that we allow them to roam our houses freely. Other than the peeing, pooing, scratching, and noises, there is shedding. Their furs get on furniture, and it is almost impossible to pick them all off

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Do not get rid of the pet, at least not because of the furs. You can easily sort out the fur issue. Get a regular window squeegee, rub it on the furniture, and the rubber end picks up the furs. This works well enough even to remove the hair you could not have seen! One less pet stress to worry about!

How to Unclog Your Drains Without Chemicals

Drains get clogged from time to time, which is not surprising considering what we wash or pour into them. In the circumstance where it gets drained, it’s an extra expense to get chemicals to unclog the drain, which may damage piping.

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Rather than spending on chemicals or call a plumber, an easy DIY fix can unclog your drain in a few minutes. All you need is to mix three cups of baking soda with white vinegar and pour it down the drain. After 10 minutes, pour in boiling water, and you have an unclogged drain!

How to Prevent a Flooded Basement

It’s cool when it rains – and you’re indoors with family and have no immediate plans of leaving your home. The weather leaves you with a cup of hot chocolate and hours of relaxation. But then the cloud gets darker and cries water, and you have to consider all the things that may go wrong. You should turn off your television and laptop because of the lightning that comes with storms; you should also think about your basement.

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We have gutters around our houses to channel rainwater, but then they drain close to the house, leading to our basements getting flooded. We can prevent that by installing a downspout extender that allows the water to drain further away from the house, reducing the risk of the water getting into the basement.

How to Deal with the Garbage

Nobody likes the smell of garbage. After a long day, you would have to walk into your house past the garbage can and wonder what it was you disposed of that smelled so bad. You have thrown out the trash, but sometimes, the smell just makes you want to throw it further out.

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It is probably spoiled food that’s causing all the fuss in the first place. How about you fix it with fresh food? You can get rid of the smell of garbage with a slice of bread and vinegar. Soak the bread in vinegar, then wrap it in a paper towel. Place it at the bottom of the trash can, and you don’t have to rethink throwing out your garbage anymore!

Fix Scratches with Just Toothpaste

Small scratches on surfaces are inevitable. You have your bunch of keys brushing against your smartphone screen in your pockets or your purse/bag. Same for your car; it certainly won’t always look the same way you left it parked; it certainly won’t look new.

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Are there cheap ways to conceal small scratches? Yes! Asides from cleaning the teeth, toothpaste can also cover up small scratches. Apply the paste on a clean cloth and rub in a circular motion on the spot with the scratch. In no time, it will look like nothing was ever there!

Don’t Replace That Squeaky Door Hinge Just Yet

You may not have to sneak in from a late-night party with friends or try to get into your house quietly. You just may find it very disturbing when your doors squeak and scream every time someone opens or closes them. You certainly are not getting in the house unannounced. And what if you do have to sneak in at midnight?

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Changing the door hinges is just an expensive and stressful fix when you have a jar of Vaseline. Vaseline is a lubricant with a special texture that allows for less friction without drying up. Just apply Vaseline on the hinges, and you can open and close that door as quietly as you want!

Unclog Your Toilet in 15 Minutes

Several things or activities can lead to a clogged toilet, from unflushed feces to hairballs to the bad habit of throwing trashcan items into the toilet. You may get away with a few tries, but eventually, this will clog the toilet, leaving you hanging when nature calls.

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We know dish soap belongs in the kitchen for washing but do you know it will easily unclog your toilet too? Pour in the toilet and allow it to stay for about 15 minutes. After that, pour in some hot water to clear it out, and you’re done! This can also be done with drains in less than 30 minutes with the help of dish soap!

How to Remove Ice Frosts from the Car

During the winter, there are enough issues to worry about. An ice frost in your car should be one less issue. Winter activities are time-sensitive; after all, you do not want to get caught up outside at the wrong time. Fixing an ice frost can eat into your schedule, but why fix it when you can prevent it from building up in your car?

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People often say that prevention is better than cure–and it’s true. It’s more expensive to repair than to prevent damage. With a WD-40 water-displacing spray, you won’t have to worry about taking extra time to remove ice frosts. How does it work? Spray your windshield with the spray the night before, and it repels snow or ice from sticking on the windshield. Now, you can make that appointment in time.