Photos That Make You Go “Aww” & “Huh?” At the Same Time

Do you remember the most recent time you laughed so aggressively that milk came out of your nose? Or had a full-body cry that you had, what can only be described as an out-of-body experience? Oftentimes, these are brought on by something other people do.

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Well, these pictures are as authentic as it gets, capturing a variety of emotions that we weren’t even sure existed. All of the feelings you’ve become familiar with, and some that might be new for you, will be felt with this photo collection. Prepare yourself for some quality entertainment.

The Moment the Tequila Hits

Simply based on the guys’ tuxedos and what we’re assuming are young ages, our educated guess is that this is from a wedding of high school sweethearts. We’ve all been there when our first friend gets married, and everyone’s a little too eager for the open bar.

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This group of friends seems almost too excited about their friends getting married or how much alcohol is flowing. When you mix overexcited wedding guests with unlimited booze, you never know what kind of pictures you’ll get. We can only imagine what everyone looked like right after this picture was taken.

Sesame Street: Present Day

One of the most internationally known children’s shows, Sesame Street, has been on TV screens nearly everywhere since the 1970s. They mastered the perfect mix of childlike wonder with education on important topics. But, not everything there is sunshine and rainbows.

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But if we told you how to get to Sesame Street, you’d realize that the people there have their fair share of struggles like the rest of us. This photo of Big Bird is really tough to look at, and all we want to do is run over and give that big bird a big hug!

GPS Isn’t Always Right

Obviously, these people didn’t watch the episode of The Office when Michael Scott drives his car straight into a lake because his GPS told him to turn right. We shouldn’t have to remind you, but if your GPS instructs you to drive down a narrow bridge like this one, you should not listen.

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It’s confusing why this driver thought their car would be small enough to fit through this small little driveway, and we cringe thinking about how they got their driver’s license. But to be frank, the rest of this group is also to blame for letting it happen!

You Can Feel the Mess

Some photos hit too close to home that all you can do is cringe. Now, this particular mess is so awful that you can feel your stress levels rising on behalf of this homeowner. Along with seeing it, you can basically hear the crashing of the jars on the tile.

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And let’s be honest, there’s a pretty good chance that you smell some trash there too. There’s a classic saying that when your area is a mess, your mind is a mess. This seems so true with this photo because anxiety is rising just by looking at it.

Next Time Include Some Vegetables

Some establishments need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask themselves what they’re trying to do. We’re here to embrace the “quality over quantity” attitude—but this feels like it crosses the line. Almost sacrilegious to both salads and restaurants everywhere.

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The first questionable thing about this picture is that this restaurant is serving water in an old alcohol bottle, but that’s beside the point. The main point is that if someone orders a $12 salad, they deserve to get $12 worth of food, not just three tomatoes and a ball of mozzarella.

A Gentle Tug and Dry

How many times have you been in a public restroom and seen a paper towel dispenser like this, attempted to yank the paper towel, only to come away with a minuscule piece? Sadly, we completely understand this person’s struggle and what they’re feeling at this moment.

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Or perhaps, just to be devil’s advocate here, we all just need to quit taking these dispensers so freaking seriously. For Pete’s sake, it’s a paper towel, not a metal door to a jail cell. A tip from us? Just tug on it gently, and then you can finally dry your hands off!

Recreating Scenes From James Cameron’s Titanic

Back in the ’90s, people rushed to the movie theaters to catch the film Titanic, and all left pretty heartbroken. How sad were you during the film when Rose is on the floating wood and is holding onto Jack as she promises never to let go?

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Not only did that moment spark a debate (there was definitely room for both of them), but it was one of the most quotable parts. These adorable kittens obviously have a deep passion and appreciation for popular cinema, as they worked together and recreated this exact scene with such emotive expressions on their faces.

Hazing or Odd Animal Behavior?

It looks like it’s not just cute cats that draw enough attention to be photographed. Dogs are an obvious choice to join this trend, but the real surprise is the chickens! Apparently, this person’s chickens have a habit of pranking, and according to their owner, they do it a lot.

Source: Reddit

Not only do these chickens frequently come up behind this dog and poke him in his butt, but there’s nothing they can really do to stop it since they’re not about to start training their chickens! It looks like hazing, or maybe this is how chickens think dogs play.

Happy It’s Not Our Sink

It doesn’t happen every day where a typical household item fits perfectly in another one – but in the absolute wrong place. In this photo here, a tuna fish can slipped from this person’s hands into their sink, and when they checked the sink, they were really surprised by what they saw.

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On the one hand, it’s pretty neat since what are the odds that a tuna can would land perfectly in the sink drain? On the other hand, just looking at this photo is giving us ridiculous amounts of anxiety. How are they going to remove it? Wish them luck!

Public Plaque Celebrating 30 Years

Hey Jeff, hats off to you, pal thanks for setting the bar way too high for the rest of us! But seriously, setting aside any jokes or sarcasm, Jeff is an absolute icon for thinking of such a thoughtful present and then giving it to his wife Pam in celebration of their 30th anniversary.

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It seems that he bought and dedicated a plaque in a well-known park where many people walk together. Not only does the plaque proclaim Jeff’s love for his wife, but it also sends well wishes to all of the other couples who are enjoying park walks.

Can We Join You?

There’s something charming about owning pets who love you so much that they never want to leave you alone. But there need to be some boundaries at a certain point. In this particular case, this pet owner obviously felt a little overwhelmed.

Source: Reddit

Prepared and mentally ready to go into the bathroom to sit in the bathtub, this pet owner found their three cats hanging out around the toilet. Is it a little weird to have three cats stare you down? Yes, it would, but we also think it was the most adorable thing ever.

A Different Strategy to Clean

These days, it is pretty easy to find car washes with the amazing drive-through option where you remain in your car and ride through the machine while your vehicle gets a thorough deep clean. It’s actually really fun, and the last thing we’d ever hope to happen is an interruption of this magnitude.

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According to eyewitnesses at the scene, another car rammed its way straight into the brick wall. Did they not see the obvious brick wall? Regardless of the reason, the collision caused the whole car wash to stop itself. Someone page the cleanup crew!

Not Parting Despite the Death

Anyone who has entered a marriage knows that one day, they’ll have to face the reality of parting ways with their beloved life partner. Still, the only difference is that we are left living in the physical realm—and even when our loved ones pass over to the other side, who says that we are unable to connect with them?

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This cute older gentleman was captured having an immensely precious moment with his late wife by bringing a photograph of her to the restaurant with him. Our hearts can only take so much preciousness, and we are approaching the limit!

Right Outside Her Front Door

A classic misstep in today’s society is that we spend less time identifying the plants by our homes and more time buying overpriced products from Trader Joe’s. This woman had been purchasing bay leaves for quite some time before reaching a shocking conclusion: she actually had a bay tree in front of her own home!

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There’s a specific kind of failure that can make someone feel silly, and this is definitely one of those times. She really messed it up for herself here, but she’ll likely take more time to take in her surroundings in the future!

Hurting Us at Our Most Vulnerable Spot

Odds are good that you’re reading this on your cell phone because these days, we do absolutely everything with our phones. It seems odd that we’ve managed to make such impressive advancements so far technologically, and companies still can’t find how to make chargers that won’t let you down.

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Phone cases are such a successful accessories business because they’re meant to protect the bulk of the phone but have to leave holes for the charging port. Sadly, this scenario proved that the charging port is the most vulnerable spot and needed the most protection. Hope she gets her phone fixed!

Trouble With the Paparazzi

This picture has two main focuses, but let’s start with the guy on the right. Now we’ve been on our fair share of rollercoasters and have never managed to be caught looking as calm as this guy. Did he have no fear or no interest in screaming? His complete level of calm is strange and, honestly, kind of unsettling.

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Let’s turn our attention to the person on the left who is getting nailed in the face with some random hat. Our primary question is, whose hat is that, and are they aware that it ruined a perfectly nice photo?

There Goes Half an Hour of Work

For the average young professional, cooking in the kitchen can be tough after a full day of work. This small accident is like a metaphor for life. We work our tails off every single day, yearning for some type of salvation in our lives, only to have our hard work flipped on its head and fall onto the floor.

Source: Reddit

Looking at this photo, we feel for this person and completely understand their pain right now. We’ve experienced the same thing in the kitchen, and we’ve experienced it in our lives. Be strong; you got this!

Signs You’re Getting Older

If you’re a product of the ’90s, or if you know someone who grew up in the ’90s, you most likely recognize this video game controller. At one time, it belonged to a PlayStation console, and we purposefully used the term “once” because video games have come a long way since then.

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This controller is grey and covered in years’ worth of dust. Looking at it now, it’s a strange combination of heartbreaking and beautifully nostalgic. Wow, such fun times—and the dad who found this among his belongings is probably remembering them too.

Before Sliding into a Split

If you’ve ever been on a scooter, a bike, or anything that had wheels, you may understand that this look on the young man’s face is a look of pure fear and chaos. It’s never a good time when you recognize that you’re going to fall, and our bodies prepare themselves for the painful dismount.

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Despite the fall, this guy seems to have bounced back after his little tumble. We can appreciate this man’s ability not to take things too seriously. At least he’s willing to laugh at himself and share this picture with his friends and social media followers!

Can You “Feline” the Love, Tonight?

Oh my goodness, this might just be the most adorable thing we’ve seen this week. Love and friendship make the world go round, and it’s pretty cute to see these cats trying to further their strong bond despite the fact that they’re caged and separated.

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It’s perfectly clear that these two have more than just a strong bond. The fact that they are both so willing to reach out to each other against all odds both tugs at our heartstrings and makes us eager for their reunion. If we had anything to say about it, we would house them together!

When They Don’t Understand What Sharing Means…

As any pet owner knows, it can be pretty difficult to get pets to along. But when you have both cats and dogs together, it’s even more likely that they will butt heads and fight over things. Although they live in the same house, this dog seems pretty upset with this cat, all because the cat has taken over the dog’s bed.

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Hey, we get it. If someone came into our home and took over our bed without offering to share it, we’d be as pissed off as this dog. But we can’t help but “aww” at his adorable reaction.

Cat Wants Monopoly Over the Cuddles

Speaking of dog and cat relations looks like we’re getting our second edition of cats and dogs not getting along. But this time, it’s the cat who’s not happy with the dog. The cat doesn’t seem too enthused that his canine roommate is being showered with love by their shared owner.

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If this cat had his way, this dog probably wouldn’t be a part of this small family for much longer. Attention is gold in a pet’s world, and this feline may be planning something evil for their next family car ride.

Fast and Too Furious: Neighborhood Drift

When we’re young and gullible, we tend to find ourselves involved in dangerous yet thrilling antics. Drifting is an invigorating activity and definitely became more popular after the Fast and Furious franchise came out. Unfortunately, it is pretty risky—and now this young man is going to have to deal with the consequences of his actions.

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How does this guy plan on explaining this time to his insurance company? Or better yet, his mother when he returns home that night? Luckily for him, he will have this memorable photo to show his buddies and a hilarious story for his grandchildren.

The Unexpected Strength of a Turkey

We can honestly say this was the last thing we thought we’d see from a family Thanksgiving celebration. Honestly, we are left speechless by this picture, and we don’t even know where to begin. For starts, let’s talk about this ridiculous mess. All things considered, we now know for any future turkey intrusions that we can never underestimate the strength of a turkey.

Source: Reddit

Which brings us back to the star of the show… the turkey. Why was it there? Why this particular window? How did it break through a window? This bird is looking like a bird version of Rambo.

An Undercover Feline Cop

If you’ve ever had a confrontation with the police while driving your car, you know that it can be quite the overwhelming experience. It looks like whatever took place here, there’s certainly some odd tension, and we need a lot of explanation.

Source: Reddit

Do we begin with the guy lying face down on the ground with his arms handcuffed behind his back, the adorable cat sitting on his back, or his troubled friend attempting to explain the situation to the police? We don’t know about you all, but something tells us that these two aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Nice Morning View From the Window

“What happens in Hollywood stays in Hollywood,” states the caption of this picture. While this is quite humorous and all, we wouldn’t be honest with ourselves or to the readers of this article if we said we weren’t a little disturbed by this entire thing.

Source: Imgur

Alright, so we can piece together that this young lady had a bit too much to drink last. But what is the reason that not a single person helped her find a nice bed inside somebody’s house? Her family is definitely worried sick about where she is!

Mere Moments Before Disaster

Cats are clever, but there are times when they can be a little bit too adventurous for their own good. This particular cat found himself in quite a situation when he maneuvered his way in between these numerous glass ornaments, and we’re holding our breath, waiting to see what ends up happening.

Source: Tumblr

As it just so happens, this photographer didn’t leave a lot to the imagination, so we don’t have to make any guesses. The caption says “moments before disaster,” which leads us, viewers, to believe that this cat created a much bigger mess than he bargained for.

Eyes on the Road, Buddy!

Our day-to-day life is full of distractions, and thankfully someone was able to snap a perfectly timed photo of some guy getting distracted by a random stranger on the street. There is so much to unpack here: from the tower of full egg crates he’s carrying, to the banana peel he’s going to step on, to the woman he’s looking at.

Source: Reddit

We can only hope for the best with this outcome, but something tells us that several bad things are about to happen. Neither the man’s eggs nor his back is likely to make it through this slip.

Everyone Following the Leader

The biggest issue when it comes to parking is that when one person parks incorrectly or just plain poorly, everyone else has no choice but to follow suit. In a hilarious turn of events, one driver parked almost perpendicular to the lines, and everyone had to follow suit.

Source: Imgur

The person who snapped this picture jokingly wrote that the one person we should all blame is the person who drew the lines because they are all in “the wrong direction.” Maybe he just wasn’t the greatest at identifying and implementing future trends.

Four Generations in One Picture

Now, this picture is a nice entry amongst the unfortunate ones. According to the caption, our heart is being warmed by the sight of four generations of a family. The oldest woman holding the baby is probably the baby’s great-grandmother, and we’re basically in tears thanks to cuteness overload.

Source: Imgur

This is the type of photo that feeds the soul. Some moments are just too precious to deny, and this family has already captured our hearts. It’s just so rare these days to have so many generations of one family all gathered together in one room. Does anyone have tissues?

Epitome of Patience and Understanding

Here is just another photo that is especially heartwarming. As documented by the person who shared it on the internet, this older gentleman is teaching his wife each letter in the alphabet because she lost her memory in a tragic accident and now has to learn everything over again.

Source: Imgur

The love here is clear, and it’s pretty obvious how much love he has for her in this picture. It makes no difference where we are in life if we are surrounded by loved ones who’ll support us through thick and thin. As they say, through sickness and in health!

Dog: 1, Spray Bottle: 0

Dogs are one of our favorite animals for countless reasons. They are some of the most adorable and intelligent species on the planet. Besides being ridiculously smart, their sense of humor seems to have developed pretty well, as they always tend to know what to do to get the people around them laughing.

Source: Reddit

It’s likely that this pup had no clue what was inside of the spray bottle, but we would guess that this dog knew he wasn’t allowed to touch it. They always remember the things that they can’t have, and the irony is not lost on us.

Visual Form of Desperation

For anybody who used to play sports as a kid remembers how frustrating it can be when a ball is kicked too hard, or hit by a bat too aggressively, only to land directly on the top of a roof. It is a tradition every young athlete goes through but doesn’t make it any less annoying.

Source: Tumblr

This photo depicts that frustration absolutely perfectly. A young kid longingly gazing out of his window at the darn rooftop that stole his ball. Joke’s on this kid as the cursed roof is also home to almost twenty other sports balls!

The Most Skilled Photobomber

At first glance, you may not catch anything out of the ordinary with this photo. It’s just a normal picture of a man and a woman posing next to each other with big smiles at a tennis game, right? Well, take a second look, bud, because you’re missing someone else in this picture!

Source: Imgur

If you look again and with extra attention to detail, you will actually notice that there’s a small, young boy poking his head in between the woman and man. Those are some top-notch photobombing skills if we have anything to say about it!

Not the Ideal Fortune

One of the many reasons that we love going out for Chinese food is obviously the fortune cookies! We all enjoy fortune cookies because they’re hilarious and fun. But there is no scientific reason to really take them seriously… correct? For this couple’s sake, we sincerely hope that they’re just for fun.

Source: Reddit

This guy jokingly shared that his fortune cookie is attempting to start some drama with his wife because it reads, “A new romance is in the future.” Round of applause to his wife for playing along for the picture! Or is she actually angry with her husband?

Long Wait Until Spring

Drivers know the worst season to drive in is winter, and we all just collectively wait for it to be over. It’s never enjoyable to find your car stuck anywhere, but this placement is just absurd. We’re not entirely sure how it occurred, but it appears that this driver was on the wrong end of melting snow.

Source: Imgur

The most confusing thing about all of this is that only part of the snow melted. The only section of snow that didn’t melt was directly below the car. Some would call it a miracle, while this driver would call it a curse!

When a Reflection Wrecks the Picture

Upon first glance, this might look like an innocent family picture. On a holiday like Thanksgiving, it’s extremely impressive that they managed to pull off such a great photo. It’s obvious that this family of four has a lot of love for each other, and their bright smiles suggest as much.

Source: Imgur

But there’s another face in this picture that’s in the shadows, easily hidden. You may not see it at first, but if you zoom in and look in the middle of the children’s faces, you’ll spot the reflection of a woman taking the photograph. This photo got much creepier!

Truly Despicable Vinyl Delivery

When you order anything online, you hope to get exactly what you ordered. If it’s a vintage item, you pray that things will be treated with extra care and respect in the mail. Specific items are susceptible to getting chipped or broken on the way to your home, and that’s definitely the case with vinyl records.

Source: Imgur

Picture this: you push aside all of the negative thoughts and finally order a vinyl version of your absolute favorite rock record. You wait weeks for it, and when it does finally arrive, you receive it all bent and basically unusable. Disrespectful and unacceptable!

The Pure Magic of Sports

When it comes to emotions in sports, you either fully understand it, or you don’t. The emotions all over this professional hockey player’s face are the exact same look that you get after the first time you score a home run in Little League Baseball. It’s tough to describe to someone who wasn’t on a sports team.

Source: Reddit

The photographer did a fantastic job capturing this athlete’s pure feelings in such a genuine and beautiful way. It’s like his face can’t decide which emotion to express, and that’s where the magic is at. This picture will even get sports critics excited!

Capturing the Purest Type of Happiness

Children are the cutest and most adorable due in part to their inability to hide their true feelings and emotions. The look on this young child’s face is a look we should all yearn for in our lifetime. If we’re fortunate enough to feel like how he’s feeling once every few months, we think we should be all set in the long run.

Source: Reddit

Pure, unadulterated joy is the emotion that is bursting from his face, and there’s absolutely no attempt to mask it or tone it down. Give him a break; it’s a brand-new PlayStation. Honestly, we’d react similarly.

Satisfaction of Conquering the Trail

Anyone who enjoys the great outdoors has felt a sliver of this photographed feeling. For those who love mountains, trails, or general hiking, known that there are some kinds of adventures that need more than just one day to finish. In this specific scenario, this couple took just over four months to complete their journey!

Source: Reddit

They embarked on the legendary Appalachian Trail hike, which is no small feat. They were generous enough to share this photo with the online community as it perfectly captures the boyfriend’s pure reaction of having reached the end. Well done to both of them!

Pure Joy, Sponsored by Ice Cream

Children are especially talented at recognizing something is really good when they see it. You don’t even have to explain it to them. Desserts are their specialties: anything with ice cream, milkshakes, chocolate chip pancakes, you name it—this little kid is mentally prepared for some sweet action, and it’s obvious!

Source: Imgur

What makes it even more hilarious is that the glass cup looks like it is bigger than the child’s entire torso. It seems like it will be just enough ice cream for a sugar rush that will keep him awake until a 2 AM crash.

Pure Happiness for Time Outside

There is a lot to unpack with this photo. This woman had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, and after 24 long days inside, she finally got permission to sit outside on their outdoor patio. It is abundantly clear that she is overjoyed to feel the sunshine on her face finally.

Source: Imgur

But it’s her kid who likely has a range of emotions going on. The initial anxiety and fear of having a parent in the ICU. The feeling of relief when you see their health start to improve. And to top it off, the happiness of seeing them smile.

Thought He Nailed It…

This man should be used as an amazing example of not letting your fears hold you back from experiencing anything, and you can’t tell us otherwise even if you tried. Not only was he determined to confront his fear of heights, but he did so by going all the way to the top of the Sears Tower!

Source: Reddit

Just to make sure people didn’t think this was all just for attention, he hilariously added that he was beyond frightened when he got up there but genuinely thought he covered it up for the picture. But his face says otherwise.

When You Really Know Your Wife

If you think this photo is adorable, cute, or heartwarming, just wait until you hear the story of how this came to be. As it states in the caption, this young woman has had a genuine obsession with giraffes for a very long time. So how did her husband decide to celebrate this?

Source: Reddit

When they first began dating, he brought her to a place where she could participate in an intimate, close encounter with actual giraffes! This guy knows how to plan a quality date! A tiny bit of a humblebrag, but totally earned.

Ice, Ice Baby

We mentioned the horrors of wintertime, but there are some positives as well. For instance, the fact that lakes freeze over and we’re able to cross them on foot is pretty neat. Here’s one guy who is either very brave or just plain reckless.

Source: Reddit

He sat himself down onto an ice-covered lake or river and joyfully posed for the camera while a frightening alligator snapping turtle swam underneath him. Let’s hope that, for this man’s sake that the ice is thicker and more supportive than it appears. At least he got a pretty epic picture out of the experience!