Popular Products We’ve Been Using Wrong All This Time

It is almost impossible to keep tabs on all the products we have used in the past. But there is no doubt that we use various products like gadgets and tools every day to help simplify our lives. While most of these gadgets and equipment are pretty easy to utilize, others may seem complicated to use at the initial stages. We only get the hang of it after misusing them on a couple of occasions.

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However, there is some equipment that we’re familiar with but have been using the wrong way. Here’s a list of some of these items.

Soda Cup Lids

We have all opted to eat out at one point or the other. It saves you the stress of having to prepare a homemade meal. Food service at most restaurants often comes along with a fountain drink, and you are expected to pop it open, slide in your straw, and drink.

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However, there’s more to this seemingly uninteresting cup, as you can use the lid as a coaster to help prevent water or spilled drink from ruining the table. All you have to do is remove the top cover, then place your drink on it, and it will hold automatically.

Little Plastic Tags on Bread Bags

The little tags placed on bread bags as part of the seal to help keep the bread fresh for as long as possible have more use to them than we are aware of. In addition to writing reminders on them to help you remember how long you can keep them, these little tags can do more.

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As unbelievable as it may sound, these little tags can play a significant role behind your computer to help keep the wires arranged and unscrambled. You can keep your cords organized by placing each wire through a hole on your bread tags and identifying each wire by writing the device name on the bread tags.

Drink Cartons and Containers

One of the biggest struggles you go through with drinks in cartons is pouring them into a glass when they are filled up without creating a mess from spillages. The drink can come out too fast sometimes, making it difficult to prevent it from spilling.

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This struggle is solely because you have been holding the carton the wrong way. The right way to hold the container is by positioning it so that the spout is on the top side. This position gives you a lot more control and prevents all unwanted spillages.

The Rearview Mirror in Your Car

Rearview mirrors are used to see vehicles coming behind you to help you adjust your driving accordingly. However, these mirrors can become a problem at night, especially when the vehicles coming behind you have their headlights on the brightest.

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The light tends to reflect into your eyes off your rearview mirror, making you see less. This is very risky, but it is also preventable if you understand how to use your mirror well. You can flip the little tab at the bottom of your rearview mirror to redirect the lights and help you drive safely.

Stapler Removers

Staplers are becoming less common today as the world is becoming more and more digitalized. But several businesses and offices that do a lot of paperwork still utilize them to hold papers together, and stapler removers are also used to remove the stapling pins when the need arises. But stapler removers have other uses as well.

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Did you know that you can save your fingers from bruising and your nails from breaking when you remove keys from keyrings? Just work the teeth of your stapler remover through the keyring, and the metals will quickly become part for you to fix or remove your key.

Vegetable Peeler

We often make the mistake of thinking that most of our equipment and utensils only have one use. But contrary to that notion, most of the pieces of equipment we use daily in our homes can do more than we imagine.

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A perfect example is the vegetable peeler we use to skin potatoes, carrots, and their likes in our kitchens. They can do more than just peel veggies, as you can also use them to cut your onions into tiny slices. It is a lot safer, and it saves your fingers from accidental knife cuts.

The Wings on Apple Laptop Chargers

Your laptop charger is meant to be used to charge your laptop battery when it gets low, and that’s unarguable. But gadgets like this often have other components that help to ease usage and storage.

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For Apple laptops, the charger often has two small plastic wings on top of the white bricks. And it may come as a surprise to Apple laptop users that these little wings are not just there as design, but you can flip them up and wrap the power cord around them to keep them intact when not in use.

Spaghetti Spoons

Who doesn’t like a spicy bowl of spaghetti on a good day? It even gets better because it takes only a little time and effort to prepare this delicacy. However, the real challenge is in guessing the right amount to make, as what seems like a little can end up being too much in the end.

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It will amaze you to know that there’s a way to measure how much spaghetti to prepare accurately, and it involves using the slotted pasta spoon you use for draining your spaghetti. The hole in the bottom is meant to help you measure how much pasta to cook per person.

The Fuel Tank Gauge

This is another item that we don’t take full advantage of. Many of us go to the gas station for a refill at least once a week, and we often do this because of the warning we get from the fuel tank gauge on the dashboard. But this fuel gauge has another use that we overlook every time.

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The small arrow on the fuel gauge display is meant to be a pointer to the direction of the fuel tank. Imagine how much confusion this information would have saved you if you knew about it all along, never mind the time it takes to reverse and turn your car around when you park wrongly.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are a trendy item that can be found in most homes. They are used to drink coffee, and the soothing feeling you get from drinking coffee served in a coffee mug is the best! But this widespread household item has a function that people rarely ever notice.

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When you turn it over, the tiny notch you see at the bottom of your mug is not a defect. It is a deliberate addition from the mug makers, and it is meant to make the water drain out from your mug after washing, rather than allowing the water to clog up at the bottom of the mug.

The Dishwasher Detergent Tablet

A dishwasher detergent tablet is a tablet-like detergent that is used to remove tough stains from surfaces. Most of us use these detergent tablets in our homes daily, but a recent viral video suggests that most of us are not using them to our full advantage.

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The dishwasher detergent tablet is not limited to dishwashing alone, but you can use it to clean other items in your home. You have to place it inside a sponge by making a small cut around the side. Then you can use it to clean any surface, so long as the surface isn’t dry.

Heinz Bottles

Most, if not all of us, are very familiar with Heinz products. It is doubtful to walk into a kitchen and not find a bottle or two at least. The glass bottles are famous for the treatment on the side that allows you to use every drop of the condiments.

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However, the number on the side of the bottleneck has been a mystery. However, information has revealed that the number indicates the best spot to tap to get all your cream or ketchup out instead of tapping needlessly against the bottom of the bottle.

The Hole at the Back of iPhones

One of the most enjoyable features of iPhones is the camera, and taking pictures with your iPhone device is always a pleasure. But have you ever stopped to wonder what the tiny hole close to your rear camera is meant for?

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While some are convinced that it is the flashlight, it cannot be as the flash is located just next to the cameras. The tiny hole you see is another microphone planted close to the cameras to get clearer sounds when taking videos.

Toblerone Chocolate Bar

Known as one of the most famous chocolate bars, the Toblerone chocolate bar is always a delight to the taste buds in our mouths. But this amazing delicacy is so strongly held together that it makes it difficult to break off a piece without creating a mess.

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We have been told that it is this way because we are doing it wrong and are pulling it the wrong way. Try pushing the triangle inwards to the other direction and see how easily it breaks away. Now you no longer have to get yourself all dirty before eating your delicious chocolate.

Tic-Tac Containers

Tic-Tacs are little fresh mints that require no introduction whatsoever. These tiny sweets are so popular and sold in small containers that can be easily carried around. But there is more to the tiny containers than we know.

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Because of how difficult it is to get the mints out, the Tic-Tac company devised a way to make the process easier. Now, all you have to do is turn the container on its side so that the opening is positioned towards the top, then open it, and the groove on the lid will present you with one mint.

The Tabs on Soda Cans

The little tin tabs on top of soda cans that we use to open our soda are not meant to open cans alone. But many of us don’t know this and end up removing the tabs while others neglect them.

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You probably didn’t know that these soda can tabs have a secondary use: to hold the straw in place while you take sips. It helps eliminate the need to hold your straw with your hand each time you want to take a sip of your soda.

Saucepan Handles

Cooking is a fun activity for those who participate in it, and it is also a necessity since we can’t be stuck eating raw food. Pots and pans are used for this purpose, and we also use cooking spoons to stir the food so it doesn’t get burnt. But figuring out where to keep the spoons after stirring your food to avoid making a mess can be challenging.

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We can’t keep rinsing the spoons each time we stir, so saucepans have been made to have handles that offer a solution to this problem. The holes in your pots and panhandle are meant to hold your spoons while you cook.

Sports Shoe Lace Holes

A pair of shoes is very important in any sport. It is one of the primary requirements in most sports, especially athletics. However, getting the best out of your shoes accounts for more than obtaining the shoe, which is why different people have various ways of lacing their sports shoes.

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While some people lace up their shoes to the last hole, others choose to neglect the last hole. But what they do not know is that the last holes at the top of your sports shoes play a key role in how your shoe fits, and they help to avoid blisters as well.

Slushy Cup-Lids

Grabbing an ice cream or a frozen drink on a hot summer afternoon can be all it takes to make your day better. But the takeaway cups at convenience stores are often not as big as you want, which means less drink.

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The lids of the cup do not just function as a cover for your drink. Turning the lid upside-down will guarantee you more frozen drinks at the same price. This may look weird, but the slushy lid will help hold more of the drink for your maximum satisfaction.

Slime for the Toilet

This is one for the pranksters and YouTubers, but you can also use it as a little trick of your own. When slime meets water, the resulting solution is a jelly-like substance. Here’s a trick you can perform with it.

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While it is not very advisable for plumbing, introducing slime into a toilet can be a perfect practical joke for the cameras. This is a trick known by only a few people, and you can see videos of it on YouTube.

The Analogue Watch Trick

Computers are programmed to go into screensaver mode if they are left idle for a while, and it takes a while to get out of it as well. Imagine being busy at work and needing to get something done quickly; your computer could turn out to be a great nightmare.

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To avoid this situation, you could use the analog watch trick by simply placing your laser sensor mouse on your analog watch, and it will keep reading the ticks as movements. This way, your computer won’t ever go into screensaver mode.


There’s no doubt that you’re going to find at least one bottle of aspirin in most homes today, and this is very much understandable as it helps in cases of emergency headaches. However, these painkillers have another superpower besides relieving pain.

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It has been discovered that aspirin has a special effect on the life span of flowers. If you crush up aspirin and put it in the water you use to water your flowers, it makes them fresher and allows them to last much longer than they were initially meant to.

Aluminum Foil Boxes

Preserving your food is one thing but keeping it warm until you are ready to eat it is something else. The best option for covering your food to retain its properties is aluminum foil, but foil can come with difficulties.

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Getting the foil out without the entire tube coming apart can be tricky, especially if you are unfamiliar with the foil box tweak. Just push the upper end of the foil tube to hold the roll in place while you remove the foil very easily.

Measuring Tape Diamonds

We are all familiar with measuring tape, and we make a lot of use of it in our work and homes every day. We use it to measure walls, shelves, and spaces, while the metal ones are mostly used in construction sites and workshops.

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These metal measuring tapes have a unique feature that many people fail to notice unless someone shows them. The tiny black diamond shapes along the length of the side of your tape are called stud finders, and they are used to locate the center points between two studs on your wall.

The Loops in Shopping Carts

Shopping is a very popular activity, and many of us use carts while we shop. These carts are very important as we stack up the items we have selected and carry them along easily as we shop for more items.

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But we hardly ever notice the loops along the side of these carts. The small loops are there for a reason, as you can use them to hold more bags. Just hang the handle of your bags around them, and you are good to go.

The Extension Cord Hack

We use electrical appliances to carry out almost every task in and out of our houses each day, and these appliances can only function when connected to a power source. But the power cord can only offer limited lengths; hence, the introduction of extension cords.

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These extension cords provide extra length and enable you to use your appliances far from the power source, but they may disconnect with the slightest disturbance. However, you can tighten the connection by looping your cords around each other in a loose knot.

Multi-Purpose Coca-Cola

No, this is not a special type of Coca-Cola. It is the regular refreshing Coca-Cola we drink daily. The “multi-purpose” tag is just an indication that it can be used for way more than just refreshment, and this is a secret to most people.

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Many people have tapped into to versatility of this product, and they are reaping the benefits. They use it for various domestic purposes like scrubbing tiles, unclogging toilets, and cleaning pennies. It has also been used on some occasions to remove rust from old metal tools.

Cupcake Sandwich

There are only a few things more enticing than cupcakes and getting a cupcake after a hard day of work. If you are lucky enough, you’ll get a freshly baked one from a bakery near you.

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But you may find it a bit difficult to bite through your cupcake without having butter or chocolate on your nose. No worries, because the sandwich trick helps you avoid this, and all you have to do is break your cupcake in two and place each half upside-down around the frosting.

Easy-to-Use Applesauce Spoon

Apple is a tasty fruit, and applesauce is even better because it serves as a sweet-savory snack. It gets more fascinating because it can be a ready-to-eat snack consumed anywhere, with or without a spoon. Here’s a little hack on how to do this.

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The applesauce container is often small with a tin lid on it as a covering. This tin lid is light, yet it is solid enough to be folded into the shape of a spoon and be used as a hand utensil.

The Paper-Tape Hack

Tapes are one of the most common tools used for quick fixes in and around the home, and different types can be used for different purposes, depending on the complexity of the fix. But one problem that we face with tape is finding its ends.

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The paper tape hack is a trick that helps you find the tape edge very easily. It is done by placing a small piece of paper under the tape after each use. This way, you can easily locate the tape end next time you need it without risking its potency.

Storing Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is very delicious, and a lot of people prefer it natural for obvious reasons. This reason is that natural peanut butter is much healthier and contains more vitamins and less saturated fats.

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It contains less fat means it has more oil, which makes it difficult to open the container without making a mess. But you can avoid this by storing the peanut butter upside-down.

The Loop on Men’s Shirts

This is an amazing fact about men’s shirts that is often unnoticed no matter how much the shirt is worn. If you observe your shirt, you will notice a small loop around the back of the shirt. These loops were introduced way back in the 1960s.

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The loop was first introduced by the GANT Co. Men’s Clothing Company, and it is intended for hanging the shirts to avoid wrinkles. Although pressing irons have reduced their use, it is still used in some parts of the world.

Ketchup Cups

Everyone is familiar with ketchup cups because they serve our favorite ketchup at fast-food restaurants and eateries. But a survey has shown that most people that use this ketchup cup do not use it to its full potential.

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Did you know that you can expand your ketchup cups to almost double their size by stretching out the folds around the corners of the cups? This will make them bigger, and it adds more space for the condiment.

Keychain Bottle Openers

Having an opener in your keychain means you do not have to struggle to open bottles whenever you come across one. But there is more that this keychain opener can do beyond opening bottles.

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Are you a fan of canned drinks, but you always find that your nails get ruined each time you attempt to open a can? Well, it will amaze you to know that you can also use keychain openers to uncap your favorite canned drinks as well!


A plunger is a device made of a stick and a rubber cup attached at one end of the stick. It is often tagged “a plumber’s friend” and is used to clear out dirt in the passage pipes of sinks and toilets. But using the wrong plunger can make your work very frustrating.

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Being able to spot the difference between a sink and a toilet plunger can go a long way to make your plumbing work easier and less frustrating. The key difference is that toilet plungers have a fold at the center, while a sink plunger does not.

The Plastic Container Lid Cutting Trick

Tomatoes are juicy, and they probably are the world’s most popular vegetable. They are, no doubt, tasty and can be used for a lot of recipes in the kitchen, including ketchup and salads. But the stress of slicing tomatoes one after the other may be too much.

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However, you can reduce this stress by using plastic lids to make the slicing process easier and faster, and here’s how. Place as much tomato as you can to cover a chopping board and place the plastic lid on it. Press on the lid and slice through as many tomatoes as possible at a time.

Chinese Takeout Containers

Takeout is food that people order from the comfort of their homes, and it is delivered to them in no time. There are many reasons why people order takeout, and Chinese takeout is one of the most popular fast foods around.

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One reason why Chinese takeout is so popular is because of the uniqueness of their containers. Did you know that Chinese takeout containers can be unfolded completely and used as a plate?

Wooden Spoon Water Wage

Wooden spoons were once the leading utensils in the kitchen until stainless steel took over. However, these wooden spoons have secret magic that helps a lot in the kitchen and prevents damages. A fact about dry wood is that it is hydrophobic and does not absorb water.

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We have all witnessed a situation whereby you turn to do something else, and your boiling pot of food begins to overflow. You can prevent this unwanted situation by simply placing a wooden spoon above your pot, and it will force the boiling water to retreat once it makes contact.

Toothpaste Usage

This one has to do with something that we all use every day, and it is beneficial to oral health. While it is good to brush with toothpaste, using too much is bad for the teeth. A study showed that most of us use our toothpaste wrongly.

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Contrary to popular belief imposed by adverts that suggest we brush with a toothbrush full of toothpaste, a statement backed by several verified dentists advised that we use toothpaste in an amount as little as the size of a pea to brush.

The Strawberry Straw Trick

When it comes to sweet fruits, the strawberry ranks among the very best. But slicing the strawberries and removing the little green leaves on top can be too much work.

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You can remove the green leaf with this easy trick. Place a strong plastic or metal straw at the pointy end and push it in, and the leafy green part will fall off on its own.

Greek Yogurt Containers

Many of us may be unfamiliar with this yogurt, but it has been here for many years. Greek yogurt has a unique taste and contains a lot of nutrients with less cholesterol. But with all that, it seems its popularity mostly exists in America.

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The Greek yogurt container has two chambers; one is for the yogurt, while the other is for toppings like honey, fruits, nuts, etc. Yogurt fans may not know this, but this container can be folded in half so the topping can mix with the yogurt, rather than scooping it with a spoon.

The Empty Ink Cartridge Trick

For most of us who have a printing machine or are familiar with printers, you will know the frustration that accompanies not finishing a project because the ink ran out. You may have to restart the printing process after you install new ink.

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Normally, the device has a memory chip that notifies the device that the ink is finished. But you can reset the memory by using a metal paperclip to bend out one of the ends at 90-degrees. Reinsert the cartridge into the printer with the paperclip end, and you will be able to continue printing again.

Pipe Cleaners

Did you know that those extra-colorful, soft, bendable straws that you use for playtime crafts with the kids are known as pipe cleaners? They are, and they are called that for a reason, as these straws are very useful for clearing out pipes.

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These colorful straws can be used to reach and clean the nooks and crannies of any pipe, and it doesn’t take much time. These straws are also very efficient for cleaning dirt from other tight spaces that are usually more difficult to reach.


Microwaves are used to heat food, especially when you are too engaged to cook and want to fill up on leftovers. But if you ever tried warming up two foods at once, you will find that the microwave platter is not wide enough.

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Here’s a hack that can help you manage this feat. Place the first plate of food on one side of the microwave platter, then place a mug upside-down on the other side of the platter and put the second plate of food on it.

Dental Floss

Dental floss is used for interdental cleaning to remove residues that are stuck in-between the teeth. According to dental guides, you should brush your teeth twice and floss at least once daily. But the flossing process can be very uncomfortable and painful to your fingers.

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But there is a way to avoid straining your fingers while you floss, and it is a very simple method. All you must do is tie the floss into a loop and make a simple knot to secure it. Then use it to floss and enjoy pain-free flossing.

The Oreos and Milk Hack

Oreos are a very popular chocolate crème biscuit, and they are best enjoyed when dipped in milk before eating. However, it is almost impossible to dip the entire circle into the milk without getting your fingers dirty.

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A recent video on Instagram revealed a simple hack to dip all your Oreos into milk without getting your fingers in as well, and we all wondered how we didn’t think of it before. The simple method involves sticking a fork in the crème section and dipping it into the milk.

Bobby Hair Pins

Bobby pins are one of the most wrongly used items you can find. Most people do not know how to place these pins on the hair, while others are negligent in caring. Hence, most people position the smooth side downwards on the scalp, which is genuinely wrong.

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Bobby hair pins are designed to have one smooth side and one slightly grooved side, and the right way to use these pins is by placing them so that the grooved side rests against your scalp. This way, the pin will stick more tightly, and you’ll lose fewer pins.

Making Grilled Sandwich with a Toaster

If you have had a grilled cheese sandwich before, then you can agree to the fact that they are always a delicacy regardless of the time of the day you choose to eat them. But what do you do when you don’t want to make the grilled cheese in a pan?

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It is quite easy if you have your toaster on hand. Just put the cheese on the bread, turn your toaster to the side, and put the bread in each slot with the cheese face facing upwards. Place the bread slices on each other with the cheese side, and your grilled sandwich toast is ready.

Loading a Blender

Smoothies are great drinks. Not only are they delicious, but they are a healthy and nutritious drink compared to other alternatives like milkshakes. But getting a smooth blend of homemade smoothies can seem like a far-reach.

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When your fruits are not well arranged in the blender, your smoothie will not come out as smooth. The right way to load a blender is to put the liquids like milk and juice first before adding the fruit components. This way, the blender’s motion can blend the fruits better while sucking them down gently.

Dental Floss for Cutting Cheese

A string of dental floss is often used for removing particles that are stock up between your teeth. The idea of using this floss as a cutting tool doesn’t sound so bright, but it works just fine, especially in the absence of a fancy cheese knife.

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If you have tried to cut cheese without using a cheese knife before, you will know that it is a very tricky task because of the soft nature of cheese. But dental floss has proven to be very instrumental for this purpose.

Peeling Bananas

Monkeys are very knowledgeable about bananas, and we could learn a thing or two from our less evolved friends. Many people opt to peel a banana from the stem part, which may seem logical, but is it the best way?

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It has been found through several experiments that the best way to peel your banana is from the non-stem bottom. Taking off banana peels from the bottom leaves a smoother result than peeling it from the stem top.

Toilet Seat Covers

The toilet is not a pleasant place, and it gets worse if it’s a public one. Many people often dread the idea of having to use a public restroom, and they choose to avoid it, using it only for emergencies.

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The consolation, most times, is the seat covers that most public toilet seats have. But the covers are not very easy to keep on unless you are very familiar with them already. The best way to make them stay positioned is by positioning the cover, so the flap is in the front of the toilet.

Post-It Notes

Post-It notes have been in use across several countries for quite a while now, and they are used to attach notes on documents or other surfaces temporarily. However, most people often make mistakes while cutting a note and end up doing it wrong.

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While cutting out a post-It note, you should peel it off from the side rather than pulling it up from the non-sticky top. This way, you can avoid having a bent sticky note that falls off too easily.

The Little Pockets on Jeans

While on wrongly used items, the little pocket on jean trousers is an inevitable mention. These tiny pockets are rarely used correctly because most people do not even know the intention behind them.

Photo by Alicia Llop/Getty Images

However, these tiny pockets behind the main pocket were introduced in the early 1890s when pocket watches were still a thing. The pockets were meant for, but they remained even though the watches went out of style.

Mesh Orange Bag

Oranges are one of the most consumed fruits in the world. It is many people’s favorite because of the sublime taste and the various nutrients it offers. A mesh bag is a small red bag that is often used to sell oranges in supermarkets.

Source: Pinterest

These mesh bags have other uses after taking out your oranges, and one of them is for scrubbing pots. You can just use a ribbon to tie the opening, and your DIY pot scrubber is ready for use.

Binder Clip

Money is the most acceptable method of making transactions worldwide, but people hardly carry cash around these days, with the hope of making payments with credit or debit cards. It saves them the hassle of constantly having to be aware when they carry cash around.

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However, it doesn’t have to be so as there are safe ways to carry cash around and not worry about misplacing it. You can just put it in the binder clip attached to your key, and you can be assured it will be held firmly.

The Holes on Pen Caps

We make use of pens to write down things every day. And while the world is quickly going digital, it is impossible to write off the importance of pens. But have you ever wondered why pen covers have tiny holes on the top?

Source: Reddit

Pen makers acknowledge that people bite down on these pen covers and risk swallowing them mistakenly. The holes on the pen cover are meant to allow breathing through the cover to avoid suffocation.

The Hole on Elevator Doors

There are many false theories about why elevators have holes in them and what they are meant for. And most of these theories are inspired by action and horror movies where criminals stalk their victims by peeping into the hole.

Source: Pinterest

All of these notions are wrong, and the real reason for the holes is in case of maintenance or emergencies. Sometimes, when an elevator gets stuck or damaged, professionals use the hole to access and operate the elevator from outside.

Long Neck Beer Bottles

Not many people have wondered why most beer bottles have long necks, but the conversation still attracts interest from lots of people. While some people feel it is just a design, others have several hilariously inaccurate facts.

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However, the real reason beer bottles are made to have long necks is to retain coldness for longer periods. Holding a beer bottle by the neck will reduce the heat transferred from your hand to the bottle, thereby keeping the beer cold for long.

Juice Box Seams

Juice drinks are always refreshing when consumed, regardless of where and when you drink them. All ages also enjoy them. Juice boxes are a popular packaging for juice that kids mostly prefer.

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There’s a function of juice boxes that many people do not know about, and it is the seam that folds out at the side of the juice box. You can unfold the seam and hold on to it while you drink your juice to avoid making a mess by squeezing onto the box instead.

Paperclip Bracelet Fix

Jewelry is amazing for bringing out beauty, and bracelets are the perfect example. However, a broken bracelet can ruin your mood anytime, especially when you are already away from home. It gets worse when this piece of jewelry easily gets lost once it is off your wrist.

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Here is an easy way to fix your bracelet, so you don’t have to take it off when broken. All you need is a paperclip and steady hands. Fit the ends of the bracelet through the paperclip and twist it, so it fastens, and your bracelet will stay in place for as long as you need to get a permanent fix.

Water Bottles

Egg whites are often the top choice for dieters who try to stay away from the calories present in the egg yolk. However, separating the yolk from the white may seem impossible without making a mess.

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Here’s a simple way to separate the egg constituents without making a mess, and it only involves an empty water bottle. You just have to squeeze the water bottle slightly, place it on the yoke, and release it. The yoke will automatically get stuck in the water bottle.

Button Storage

Earrings are fancy fashion items that promote beauty, but the problem is that they get lost easily. If you need to pack earrings for a trip, you can’t just throw them into your bag as they can easily be misplaced in a corner.

Source: Tumblr

Here’s a button trick to help you keep your earrings in place. Get a button for each pair, put the earrings through the buttonhole, and fasten them behind the button. You can easily keep track of them when they are kept together in pairs.

Other Uses of Beer Koozies

There’s no denying the amount of refreshment that comes from a chilled bottle of beer. A beer koozie is a foam sleeve placed around a bottle of beer to keep it in its cold state for as long as possible. But these koozies are capable of a lot more.

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Do you often notice scratches on your fruit after transporting it in your bag to work or school? It is a result of excess friction with surrounding items. You can put your fruit in a beer koozie to prevent it from any unwanted scratches.

Empty Tissue Boxes

Did you know that an emptied tissue box can still be used for other domestic purposes? The empty tissue boxes in your house that you consider useless can store other smaller items in the house, and a perfect example is plastic bags.

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Because we often take home the things we buy in plastic bags, there is always an excess of bags lying around the house that you cannot just throw outside. You can save up these plastic bags in an empty tissue box until the need for them arises again.

Empty Wine Bottles

Because wine bottles are not recyclable, we often find empty wine bottles sitting around the house because we cannot comfortably throw them out. But these bottles can prove to be quite useful in the garden.

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You can fill up empty wine bottles and place them upside-down into a plant pot in your garden so that the opening is buried in the dirt. The water in the bottle will continue to empty slowly into the soil and keep it watered at all times.

Another Use for Empty Liquor Bottles

We saw in the previous post that wine bottles are not easily disposed of, and liquor bottles are not much different. But like wine bottles, there’s a thing or two that you can do with empty liquor bottles.

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For example, if you are a baker, you can use the liquor bottle to roll your dough when you do not have a rolling pin close by. The weight of the bottle makes it appropriate for smoothening the dough.

Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are often utilized in homes by people who prefer to make their coffees by themselves. They use it to filter coffee particles from the brewed coffee, but most people aren’t familiar with another use of the filters.

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You can lace the bottom of a crack plant jar with a coffee filter before adding the soil and the plant to the pot. By doing so, you no longer have to worry about a mess being made when you water the plant.

Lollipops Redefined

Lollipops are very popular in almost all parts of the world, and they are many people’s favorite candy. They come in a variety of unique flavors, each as delicious and lovely as the others. And they can be used for other purposes too.

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Since we often seek ways to spice up our parties, we can use lollipops as stirrers for our party drinks, rather than the less eco-friendly plastic stirrers that end up littering the entire place. You also get free candy at the end of every drink.

Case of Glasses

If you are an eyeglass user, you must have accumulated many old glass boxes over the years. If you have been storing them up with the hope of finding a use for them someday, today is that day.

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Did you know you can use these glass boxes as a mini package box for your carry-on items when planning a trip? For instance, you can pack a few necessary make-up items in an eyeglass box.

Improvising with Soap Boxes

While items have their designated uses, you can always find another way to take advantage of them. Soapboxes are used to keep soaps so that they do not mess around the bathroom after use. But what else can this portable container be used for?

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Once again, you can use this item as a carry-on container when planning a trip. But this time, this box serves as a portable carriage for your camera. You can just put your camera in the box to keep it safe all through your trip.

The Hidden Uses of a Wine Crown Cork

The soft wooden corks used to cover wine bottles are always the first component that we throw away once we have finished the bottle’s contents. But like most seemingly useless items, these corks have use that most of us do not know about.

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Pins are one of the most easily misplaced items in the house due to their tiny nature. But you can make use of wine corks to store your needles and pins. Just place the wine cork in a secure place and fasten the pins to it.

Multi-Purpose Dryer Sheets

It is impossible to get rid of dust from your house permanently. It’s a continuous process of wiping off the dust from surfaces, and dryer sheets are well suited for this purpose.

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Dryer sheets are made of polyester or cellulose fiber materials, and they do more than just wipe the dust off surfaces. The soft texture makes it harmless to surfaces, and the fragrance coating helps to give your surfaces a nice smell as well.

Green Aviator Lenses

Aviator sunglasses are a unique model of eyeglasses that have special green lenses. They were first introduced for military pilots in the 1930’s, and they quickly gained prominence among civilians after World War ll.

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These sunglasses are still very much in use today, and they have been modified to be a classy fashion addition. But most people that use aviator lenses today are ignorant of the primary use; to protect the eyes from bright lights and increase its contrast and sharpness.

Real Intention Behind Brass Doorknobs

If you live in an older house or have visited an old structure built in the 19th century, you will notice that the doorknobs are made of brass. At first glance, you are bound to appreciate the cosmetic appeal of the metal, but that is not the deciding factor for the material selection.

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Various research made us understand that brass was selected back then for several reasons that included that brass is very durable and has high corrosion resistance. It was also discovered that brass shields against the spread of bacteria.

Red Solo Cups

The sight of these cups is a very common one, and it has been so for years. You can find them almost everywhere, from houses to frat parties, and they are used for serving drinks. But the cup was recently found to have a secondary use.

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This party favorite has three lines in it, and it has been confirmed to be for measurements. The first line measures up to an ounce and is used for shots. The second is five ounces for wine, and the third is twelve ounces, which is the average serving measurement for beer.

Prescription Bottles Cap-lock

Prescription bottles are tiny bottles used to package drugs portably for trips or arrange drugs in doses. The bottles are often yellowish, with a cap on top of it. The cap is made a bit difficult to open as a form of child-proof, and rightly so.

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If you are an adult that lives alone, and you are not so fond of this tight cap, you can undo it using this simple trick. Just flip the cap, then put it back on, and you will find that the child-proof lock has been undone.

Backpack Buckle

Backpacks are common items that we use every day to pack our personal belongings. It is a bag meant to be hung around the back as we travel. We wear them everywhere for different occasions, but most of us are not aware of the amazing special feature.

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Backpacks have buckles along with the straps, and if you take a closer look at them, you’ll notice a small whistle there. This feature is meant to be used for emergencies like missing persons. The missing person can blow the whistle to notify search parties of their location.


Lemons are widely known as a fruit that can be used for several purposes due to their acidic contents. However, it will surprise you to know that despite its several known uses, lemons can be used in many other unknown ways.

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For example, lemon can be used to lighten hair color because it can change dark brown hair into blonde. It can also be used as a room freshener, while a freshly squeezed lemon can help eliminate acne and blackheads when applied correctly.

The Coin Hack for Sink Faucets

Do you know that you can perform some big tasks like doing your laundry in the sink? Imagine finding yourself in an apartment with no access to proper laundry; this hack can make it possible for you to utilize a sink for this purpose.

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You can make the water pile up by placing waterproof nylon over the sink’s faucet and putting a coin or two on it. The nylon will restrict the flow of water, while the coin’s weight will hold the nylon from floating away.


Wristbands have a couple of uses that they are well known for. They are used as protective gear for the wrist while working out and can be worn as a fashion accessory. But what people do not know is that it can be used to clean sweat drips.

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It is normal to sweat while you work out or during a sports game. But it often gets annoying when the sweat starts to drip down your face uncontrollably. You can use your wristbands as a temporal scarf to wipe the sweat off your face.

Toothpaste for Cleaning Headlights

Toothpaste is exceptional for brushing your teeth and removing stains from your mouth. Dentists advise that we brush our teeth at least twice a day, but we don’t know if the toothpaste can be used to clean other surfaces.

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Yes, toothpaste can be used to clean other surfaces. Toothpaste contains abrasive agents that make them exceptional for cleaning mirrors. You can also use toothpaste to wipe your headlights and make them sparkle.

Labeling Keys with Nail Polish

Do you know the situation where you are in a hurry to go out, and you pick up the wrong key? Or do you want to get into your house, but you have to keep trying different keys because they all look alike? It’s one that we have all experienced in the past.

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You can simply label these keys so that you always know which unlocks which door at first glance? It’s simple. You just have to label the bottom of each key with a different color of nail polish.

Oatmeal Packets as an Instant Bowl

As far as healthy meals go, you cannot get it wrong with oatmeal, especially as it contains fiber and whole grains. But a common challenge is the fact that this instant meal becomes less instant when you forget to carry a bowl along.

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But even the absence of a bowl should not hinder you from enjoying your oatmeal delicacy, and this trick will show you how. Oatmeal packs can act as an instant bowl, and all you need to do is flip the packet, so the upside faces down. Then open and add warm water, and your oatmeal is ready.

Make-up Labels Display Expiry Dates

It is not always a pleasant scene when we mistakenly use expired products. And while some have minimum effects, others can be threatening to one’s health. When make-up products expire, they tend to build up bacteria which can affect your skin.

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It is hard to spot the expiry dates on some products, while others may not be displayed on the label. But make-up labels often display expiry dates in short forms. You’ll see a figure followed by the letter ‘M’ somewhere on it. It represents the number of months that the product can last from the time of purchase.

The V-Shaped Stitches on Sweatshirts

If you pick up any sweatshirt and look closely, you are likely to find a V-shaped stitch along the neckline, and it is called the V-stitch or the “Dorito.” While some people already noticed this, they do not know why it is there.

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Although the design is slowly fading away, these V-stitches are often introduced to keep the sweatshirt in shape irrespective of how many times it is stretched.

The Indent in Wine Glasses

It is often a mystery to us when companies introduce certain features to their products. Especially those that are not very understandable, like the indent underneath wine bottles that often get people wondering.

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The indent came about back when wine bottles were made with hand-blown glasses, and it was difficult to make the glasses flat. Although bottles are now mechanically made, many manufacturers choose to stick with the indented bottom.

The Metal Rivets on Jeans

The metal rivets on jeans are not much of a secret. You must have noticed a lot of it in your jean outfits. But did you know that these metal pieces are not used for promoting fashion but for a more significant use?

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When denim was first introduced, it was commonly worn by farmers, laborers, ranchers, and other hard laborers. So, the rivet was introduced to strategic places to prevent the jeans from ripping easily when subjected to difficult conditions.

Extra Tiny Square Fabric

Many of us have noticed the small square-shaped extra fabric and button that comes with our newly purchased clothes, but not many of us know what they are meant for. The button is a replacement in case any fall off, but what about the fabric?

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Suggestions have pointed to the fact that the fabrics are used to test detergents and make sure they aren’t harmful to the fabric before washing. It can also be used to patch up any tiny hole in the original fabric.

Aspirin for Skin Treatments

Aspirin is a very common pain relief pill that can be bought over the counter in every pharmacy, but they do more than just relieve pains and ease headaches. They can also be used as a skin treatment substance to clear acne and stubborn face bumps.

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You can grind the aspirin tablets to powder form, mix it with a little water, and apply the paste solution to your skin. The salicylic acid in the aspirin is very effective for clearing acne, dead cells, pimples, and redheads.

Grocery Cart Loops as Extra Carriage

We have used carts for shopping in grocery stores and supermarkets dozens of times before. But only a few people have noticed the loops on the side of the cart, while fewer people have figured out its use. Try to look next time you go shopping.

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The loops are not just a patterned design for the carts, but they are also meant as an extra carriage space where you can put delicate items like eggs to keep them safe while shopping. Just place the item in a plastic bag and hang it around the loop.


Toothpicks usually are straightforward items that don’t require any manual for use. However, a type of toothpick referred to as the Japanese toothpick may require a little explanation. These toothpicks have grooves at one end, and it’s always tricky for first-time users to understand why.

Source: Reddit

The grooved end is somewhat soft, and you can snap it and use it as a stand for other toothpicks if you do not wish to place them on the tabletop. This way, you can maintain good personal and table hygiene.

Book Margins for Rodent Control

Humans are attracted to good books, and so are rodents. But unlike humans, these rodents are not after what’s written in the books. Their only appeal is the taste of the books, and they just want to munch through the papers.

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Bookmakers sought a way to prevent this menace, and they came up with margins for the papers. Somehow, these margins protect the books as the rats can only nibble on the margins and not the writings in the book.

Detachable Headrests

Headrests are found in cars, and you can use them to rest your head when you feel tired. The headrests are made with soft fabrics that increase comfort, but what puzzles people most is why these headrests are made to be removable.

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Several indications have pointed towards the fact that these headrests are removable for emergency reasons. It is said that the metal from the headrest can be used to break the window of the car in case of an emergency that requires immediate escape.

Audio Jack Rings

Audio jack rings refer to the rings around the part of your headphone that you connect to your phone. And although most people use earphones to listen to music daily, we do not know how the headphones work.

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The headphone jack is tasked with securing the sound signal while transferring from your phone to the earbuds. And although the jack cannot improve the original quality of the sound, it works to protect the sound transmission as best as possible.

The Hole in Airplane Windows

Try to recall the last time you were on an airplane starring out at the cloud formations through the window. Do you remember the tiny hole you saw at the bottom of the window? The function of this hole has been a source of so much curiosity.

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However, that tiny hole is called a pressure hole, and it is very important to the well-being of the passengers on the plane. It functions as a balance for the air pressure and oxygen levels available to the passengers on board.

Silica Packets

A silica packet is a small white packet containing tiny particles, and it is mostly found in new product packs. If you are vigilant enough, you must have seen a few in the packaging of your new shoes, clothes, and even food. So, what are these silica packets used for?

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The silica packet is desiccant, which means it can act as a drying agent effectively. Therefore, they are packaged alongside these new products to absorb moisture if water finds its way in.

Tire Replacement Indicator

Generally, it is advised that you change your vehicle tires after six years of use, and it becomes even more crucial when the tires have served you for up to 10 years. But did you know that you can track the life span of your tire by just looking at it?

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When you get new tires for your car, you’ll notice a tread depth of 10/32” or 11/32, depending on the tire and car type. You can use these thread depths to monitor and determine if you need a change of tire. Once it gets to 2/32, your tire needs a change.