Seeing Double- The Story of Twin Sisters Who Married Twin Brothers

Identical twins Brittany and Briana Deane had always shared everything. These two peas in a pod have always dressed alike; they do the same hairstyles and even share an office. The only thing the twins could not share was their boyfriends. Because of this, something felt incomplete for these carbon copy sisters.

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Things finally came together when the girls met Josh and Jeremy, identical twin brothers. These two starry-eyed sets of twins got along right away. Was this the answer to Brittany and Briana’s life-long problem? Would the twins share a wedding day as they had always dreamed?

Two of a Kind

While the bond between regular siblings may be close, identical twins possess the ability to feel and sense one another at a higher level, beyond our understanding. Sometimes this connection seems almost magical. Some even say that the twin bond has telepathic qualities.

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Having precisely the same genetic makeup, twins basically experience life in the same manner and have essentially the same body. In the case of the Deane sisters, who have shared everything their whole lives, this sounds accurate. It is no surprise that these birds of a feather have the same taste in men.

Look-Alike and Act Alike

Identical twins, Briana and Brittany, were inseparable even as young children. They stayed equally close while growing up and have lived separately only for a short while when they briefly worked towards their law degrees at two different universities.

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The two of them have more than the same genetic makeup; they’ve pursued the same course in life as well. Both twins studied law, and both are now lawyers and, surprise! They both work at the same firm. The pair wear matching outfits every day and have the exact same haircut.

Different Directions and Deal Breakers

These mirror-image ladies have lived parallel lives in every aspect, aside from their love lives, which has caused them distress. When dating guys who aren’t brothers, Brittany and Briana are forced to go their separate ways, spending time with different families and friend groups. The twins found this uncomfortable.

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The twin sisters even have a nickname for guys without twins; they call them “singletons.” Dating “singletons” has caused problems for them. One twin expressed that non-twin men never understood that when she would have children, her sister would be their mother and vice versa.

To the Twin Festival!

When the inseparable pair dated singletons, they felt disappointed by their relationships, as if something critical was missing. Briana and Brittany deliberated and concluded that the only way to solve their problem was to find twin guys for them to date.

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Therefore, in August 2017, they went to the Twins Festival, amusingly held in Twinsburg, Ohio. It was in Twinsburg that they set the Salyer twins: Jeremy and Josh. Brianna explained that all four of them believe in soulmates and instantly felt a connection. She described their first meeting as if it were magical.

The Moment of Truth

Josh and Jeremy were walking past the twins when they caught Brittany’s eye. As if watching a movie in slow motion, she grabbed Briana’s hand and directed her sister’s attention to the two identical men. There was no need for discussion; Briana instantly understood.

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The Deane sisters agreed that they had to find a way to meet these handsome twin guys. But the pair were forced to hold on to their excitement for a while. Only towards the end of the Twin Fest did Briana and Brittany work up the courage to approach Josh and Jeremy.

Sooner Rather Than Later

When the look-alike ladies finally approached their male counterparts, the four got along right away. They all added one another on social media and started chatting and getting to know each other. The girls were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to see their dream guys again.

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But after the Twin Fest, the male twins only wrote to Briana and Brittney that they were excited to see them again at next year’s festival in Twinsburg. Unabashed, the twins answered with a flirty “Why wait?” Charmed by their forwardness, Josh and Jeremy traveled to Virginia to see the Deane sisters again.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

The double meet in Virginia went better than anyone could have imagined. All their expectations were exceeded, and it seemed like love at second sight for the pairs of twins. After the fantastic second meeting, the four became inseparable, spending as must time in each other’s company as they could.

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Time flew by, and the twins fell deeply in love. Finally, the sisters had found men who understood the special connection they felt as identical twins and felt it too. Josh and Jeremy had also dreamed of dating twin sisters but couldn’t have predicted how fantastic their luck would be.

The Loving Hand of Fate

The Deane Twins share many common denominators with their male matches, Jeremy and Josh. The male twins also have the same initials as one another and have followed the same career path in business manufacturing. The brothers admitted that they had known they would never marry unless it were to twins.

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Brittany and Briana also confessed that they had always known they would marry identical twin brothers. They wouldn’t have it any other way. These duos certainly have a lot in common. The only question is if it’s enough to support two romantic relationships.

I Do! Times Two!

On a trip to Twin Lakes, Virginia, a camera crew joined the double couples. Briana and Brittany had agreed to be in a commercial for Inside Edition. Therefore, when their boyfriends showed up on the February 2nd trip wearing tuxedos, the girls weren’t surprised.

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However, they were absolutely taken aback when Jeremy and Josh simultaneously got down on one knee and held out identical rings to the sisters. The twin men had pulled off their surprise proposal perfectly. Briana and Brittany were astonished and happily said yes to their matching suitors.

First Together, Second Together

Many have speculated as to how twin coupling works. Despite their inseparable reputations, these matching couples do not literally share relationships but are two different couples. Briana is Jeremy’s fiancé, while Brittany is Josh’s. The reason for each twin couple’s choice may surprise you.

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Briana and Jeremy chose each other because they are both firstborn twins, while Brittany and Josh both younger twins. The pairs may keep their romantic liaisons separate, but they still live together and have a very close friendship. These cloned couples intend to continue maintaining their close relationship forever.

When It’s Fate, There’s No Reason to Wait

The Deane twin’s “why wait?” attitude has been a big part of the two relationships. Following the Sayler brother’s proposals, the twin couples were excited to get married. Therefore, they set a date, six months in the future, and started to plan the wedding.

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Even with the lack of time, the four of them wanted to make sure that their nuptials would be unforgettable. They had to plan a ceremony that their family and friends would remember forever. Would this celebration for the ages happen to include a double wedding?

A Twin Themed Wedding

The twin couples wanted to have a themed wedding and, of course, chose the theme “twins.” They decided to have a double ceremony and wanted to say their vows in unison and pronounce their “I Do’s” simultaneously. This wedding was the most crucial moment of their lives.

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The moment had dual significance because it was more than just a profession of love between man and wife; the most important person in each of their lives shared it, their other half. Even when married, the love of an identical twin’s life will always be their sibling.

The Suburb of Twinsburg, OH

The couples took the twin theme of their wedding exceptionally seriously. The brides opted for matching wedding dresses, and the grooms wore identical suits. They even had twin wedding cakes. The couples took on a big challenge when they decided to be married by twin ministers.

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Luck was on their side; the couples found a pair of twin ministers who were happy to conduct the marriage ceremony. When it came to choosing a venue, they decided on the place of their first meeting. Of course, this setting was the town of Twinsburg, Ohio, where they had attended the fateful Twin Festival.

Double Vision Leads to Double Trouble

The town of Twinsburg had all the qualities they had looked for in a venue. It was the place they had first met and elevated their theme. But they had failed to consider that none of them were Ohio residents; this was an issue bureaucratically because of state laws.

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Fortunately, the couples quickly found a loophole with the help of the girl’s law savvy. A more troubling problem was their opposing tastes. Briana and Brittany had an extremely particular vision in mind regarding their marriage ceremony. But that was just it; Josh and Jeremy did too!

All Their Dreams Came True

Despite the issues that had cropped up, the two couples had solved everything together and were ready to join in holy matrimony. Working together as a group, they could solve anything they put their minds to; the four were wholly prepared to begin their lives together.

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Josh and Brittany were pronounced man and wife in unison with Jeremy and Briana. The two pairs of twins smiled, happy to be finally married. The ceremony and the reception were a twinning win! These identical twins had made their dreams come true by marrying identical twins.

A Twin Themed Reality Show

Aside from the two pair’s friends and family, the wedding was also attended by the media. Due to the unique circumstances, the TLC network was interested in the event and asked to film the marriage celebration. They planned to release the footage as a documentary about the two couples.

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Aside from the documentary, TLC also offered the couples their very own reality TV show. The network was doubly captivated by the dual duos. A reality show would allow the married couples a platform to share their experiences with a larger audience.

The Twin Marriage Documentary

After some consideration, the newlywed couples decided that they would stick with just the documentary. None of them wanted to change their lives that drastically and be filmed 24/7. But they were happy to share their unique wedding ceremony with an audience.

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The documentary premiered in February 2019 and is Twinsane! The double couple’s special day was a real extravaganza, and best of all, it was double the fun, with matching brides, matching grooms, matching ministers, and more. Furthermore, this heartwarming documentary gives an inside look at the two couple’s relationship.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Live Together?

After tying the knots, the two pairs of twins needed to discuss their intentions regarding their future living arrangements. Luckily, Briana, Brittany, Jeremy, and Josh were of one mind, and all agreed that living apart was not an option and that they wanted to live together.

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Logistically this was the best plan, considering that the Sayler brothers work together and the Deane sister’s practice at the same office. Living all together, the two pairs of twins would maintain their lifestyles of inseparable fun comfortably. But would the newlyweds’ rhythms create a harmonious home?

Let’s Have Twin Twins

An issue that has risen threatens to disturb these turtle dove’s equilibrium; their plans to have children. How could they ensure that the two wives become pregnant simultaneously? What would happen if one couple gave birth to twins while the other couple gave birth to a singleton?

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Jeremy has been adamant about his wish that both couples have twins. He even went on to explain that they want them all to be born on the same birthday. They all agree that no matter what, the four of them will raise their children together.

The Same Identical DNA

Even if, from a technical point of view, Brittany and Briana’s kids will be considered first cousins, genetically, they will be siblings. Sharing the same genetic makeup from the sides of both their mothers and their fathers, they will be a match. How crazy is that?

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The four prospective parents also find this scientific rarity incredibly exciting. They explain that since both couples have the same DNA, their children will share matching DNA, too, really a dream come true for them. The phenomenon of identical twins honestly never ceases to amaze.

Four Supportive Parental Figures

Can you wait to see what happens when these identical parents have kids of their own? Will they also look the same? Will the double couples both have twins someday? Will their children be as inseparable as they are? Stick around to find out.

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These two sets of newlyweds have been busy enjoying married life. They have made it quite clear that they will raise their children altogether and lend each other support. With four doting parents, these lucky kids will be dually loved and well cared for, surrounded by so many caring adults.

Twice Upon A Time

Many brands and influencers have their own social media hashtags. Wanting to participate in the tradition above, they invented the hashtag “TwiceUponATime” for tagging pictures of their wedding ceremony. But since the wedding, it’s stuck around.

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They still use the hashtag when uploading pictures of their lives together. A take-off on the phrase “Once Upon a Time,” their tag is meant to be reminiscent of a fairytale; the reason for this being that their lives are like a fairytale dream come true. Plus, it has a great ring to it!

Kellie Pickler and Ben Aron

TLC wasn’t alone in their interest in the couples. The ABC chat show Pickler and Ben, hosted by country singer Kellie Pickler and talk show veteran Ben Aaron, invited the two duos to the talk show in April 2018. The show was known for hosting ordinary people with interesting life stories.

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The episode aired before they were married, and throughout their interview, they shared the plans for the wedding and exciting facts about their relationships and twin lifestyle. The brides-to-be also reminisced about the compelling way their future husbands had proposed to them, thrilling their curious viewers.

The Twinfinity Rings

Perhaps the biggest challenge any prospective groom must face is choosing the perfect ring for their future bride. In Josh and Jeremy’s case, the stress was multiplied by two; these grooms needed to find perfect rings for two identical ladies. Luckily, the brothers had each other’s help.

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Since their wives to be Brittany and Briana, always wear matching everything, the brothers decided to buy them identical engagement rings. Their choice paid off, and their matching diamond rings overjoyed the duplicitous sisters. The winning rings are a pair of diamond-encrusted bands topped with diamond-covered infinity symbols.

The Brides Wore White

Briana and Brittany’s engagement rings were far from the only matching thing at their wedding. Josh and Jeremy wore identical black tuxedos with cute baby pink bowties and brown leather shoes. The two brides were fitted with identical white shiny gowns and sported matching long sparkling, translucent veils.

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Considering that the twin women dress the same every day of the year, it only makes sense that they would do so at their wedding. Both couples ended up looking absolutely stunning at their nuptials. The only problem is that we can’t tell them apart in the pictures!

Why Question Your Destiny?

Because of the two couple’s uncommon circumstances, they are constantly bombarded with questions. Everyone wants to know what would have happened if Briana or Brittany had said no to their boyfriend’s proposal; this seems like a silly question.

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Why would one of the twins decline their destiny? The twins were both heads over heels with their boyfriends from day one, and it was obvious that they would accept. They had finally found their perfect match after years of struggling with singletons; why on earth would one of them back out?

Twin Men with Good Timing

Getting down on one knee and popping the question to your girlfriend is never easy. For Josh and Jeremy, it was even more complicated than usual. Aside from each of their future wives, the brothers had to overawe the film crew from Inside Edition with their proposal.

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Therefore, the Sayler twins planned the moment meticulously. The twin men even practiced their lines together to ensure that they proposed in perfect synchronicity. No chances were taken on the proposal; the boys had rehearsed flawlessly, each kneeling on one knee in exact unison.

Are the Deanes Dopplegangers?

Identical twins are not an infrequent occurrence, though the Deane and Sayler twins seem more than just similar. These two couples look eerily alike as if they are clones or doppelgängers. They seem to do their best to appear like mirror images of one another.

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Their friends and loved ones have trouble telling them apart as is, and these twins haven’t made it easier on them by always wearing matching outfits. Sometimes looking at photographs of the twin couples is like looking at a carbon copy. But we assure you these are four different people!

Not the Same Would Be a Shame

The twin sisters have dreamt of getting pregnant at the same time since they were girls. Neither wants to go through the experience of pregnancy without the other. The girls elaborated that they don’t want to go through physical changes at different times because it would make them less identical.

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The two women have been perfectly identical their whole lives making it hard to imagine going through serious physical changes separately. One of them even said that she would attempt to put on the same weight just by eating if the other got pregnant.

Hearing From the Hopeful Grandparents

Debra Deane, the loving mother of Brittany and Briana, is thrilled for her daughters to have found love with the Saylers. She fully supports their preference to marry men who understand them and accept them for who they are. Debra also knows that her daughters are in love.

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Though Debra does raise some concerns, wondering what life will be like for their children and how growing up with four parents will impact them. Debra ponders how they plan on disciplining their kids if the authority of aunt and uncle will be equal to the authority of mother and father.

Haters Gonna Hate

The twin couples gain mostly positive attention regarding their lifestyle from the public but still encounter some judgment. It seems that most people are supportive of the idea of twins marrying twins. Although, some find the fact that they live together and plan on raising their families together misguided.

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The two couples know that they cannot please everyone and think that their business is their business. If they raise their family with loving support, nothing else should matter. They are unaffected by their haters and know that it’s their life and they should live it as they please.

Mirror Image Identical Twins

The duplicitous Deane twins are actually “mirror image” identical twins. What Brittany does on one side; Briana does on her other side. The mirror effect is also true regarding their looks, what Brittany has on her left side, Briana has on her right side. About 25% of identical twins are mirror-image twins.

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Often in the case of mirror-image twins, one is left-handed while the other right-handed. In extreme cases, the internal organs of one of the twins will be the opposite of what humans usually manifest, and this can lead to quite the surprise if they undergo any medical procedures.

What are the Chances?

Statistically, the fact that these two couples of twins met and fell in love the way they did is highly improbable. Luckily for them, they were the one in a million, for otherwise, both sets of twins may have ended up never getting married.

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Both couples had agreed that marrying non-twins hadn’t been an option for them. They know how fortunate they are that all the elements lined up the way they did. The fact that all four were single, around the same age, and physically attracted to each other was a miracle.

Finally Found True Love

Before meeting Josh and Jeremy, Briana and Brittany had begun to lose hope that their dream to marry twin brother would never come to fruition. Already in their thirty’s, the girls feared that it would be too late for them to have kids if they ever met the one.

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Jeremy and Josh had resigned to the bachelor’s life before meeting the Deanes and were just as pleased as the girls to have found twin sisters. Josh couldn’t believe that he’d found the girl of his dreams and that she had a twin sister for his twin brother.

Not in a Million Years

Inquisitive people always feel the need to ask the double couples if they’ve ever had any mix-ups. People seem to think that because of their similarities, at some point, someone must have kissed the wrong twin. Rest assured, there have been no mix-ups.

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Brittany gets angry every time someone asks her questions like that one. She thinks that it’s weird that people would ever think that and is disturbed by comments of that sort. Remember that just because we cannot tell these identical twins apart, this says nothing about whether they can.

Two Sides of The Same Coin

The most important thing for the two sisters is that they both found the loves of their lives together. This way, neither twin must watch their other half be left out and alone. Both Brittany and Briana can enjoy their good luck without worrying about their sister.

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Brittany and Briana love just about everything about one another. They are like two sides of the same coin; they complete each other. The girls have explained that they don’t know what they’d do alone; together, they have a unique energy that’s lost when separated.

Unique Twin Blog

Though their lifestyle feels only natural for them, the twins know that they are considered quite unique. To give curious bystanders some insight into their family’s situation, Brittany and Briana created an Instagram page called @salyerstwins dedicated to their doubly exciting lives.

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Anyone curious to see what life is like for the twins married to twins can tune in and see things from their perspective. Their page also allows them a platform to explain to those who have passed judgment on them for their choices why they live the way they do.

Just Five Minutes Apart

Despite their identical status, Brittany and Briana Deane were born a few minutes apart; this only makes sense, considering that they can’t have been birthed at once. Briana is the older of the two and was born just five minutes before Brittany.

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To their great surprise, the twin wives found that their husbands, Jeremy and Josh, were also born precisely five minutes apart. Jeremy being the elder of the two. These two pairs of twins have so much in common it is incredible that they ever found each other.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Since their wedding was documented and shown on TLC, the twin couples have become quite well known. Because of their exceptional circumstances and happy ending, fans can’t get enough of their story. They’ve been invited on more than one talk show since their episode on Pickler and Ben.

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The twins were even invited on an international program- UK’s This Morning with Phillip and Holly. Furthermore, they have recently decided to take TLC up on their offer, and in April 2021, the girls were featured in the network’s new show Extreme Sisters.

Twin Belly Bumps

In the summer of 2020, the four announced that both couples were pregnant! The expecting Briana and Brittany expressed their mutual excitement. Guess what? They were even due around the same time! The girls posted the cutest photo with matching pregnancy bulges on their social media, delighting followers.

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The twins also explained that their children would be quaternary multiples and full genetic siblings. Namely, that being the offspring of two pairs of identical twins, their DNA will display more sibling-like similarities than cousin-like traits. What a unique connection their kids will share!

Quaternary Multiples Jax and Jett

Brittany and Josh welcomed their son Jett into the world in January of 2021. They announced the birth on Instagram and assured their followers that the love of four parents would surround their baby boy. The happy parents couldn’t wait for Briana and Jeremy’s baby to be born too!

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Finally, in April of 2021, Briana gave birth to her son with Jeremy. The new baby was named Jax, which goes well with his quaternary multiple’s name, Jett. We wish this happy family of six the best of luck in balancing their double marriage and raising their two adorable sons!