Strange Places That Are Still Unexplainable

We live in a very busy and fast world that is very demanding most time. Hence, we often seek ways to relax and unwind as often as we get opportunities. Two ways that have worked almost excellently for this purpose are camping and hiking. Of course, it is not all rosy always, considering the dangers that accompany these fun getaways.

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From exposure to wild animals to dangerous and unfamiliar territories; these activities can be pretty risky. Several strange disappearances and missing person reports have been reported, too, with some weird occurrences highlighting most of the scenes. Here is a list of the top mysterious places and park occurrences that have been recorded over the years.

The Devil’s Den Indeed

Amusement parks were introduced several years ago, and it didn’t take long before they gained fame and became popular around the world. Several more parks have since been built, and one outstanding park was the Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas.

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It beats the imagination how such a beautiful nature reserve built around the largest sandstone crevice in the United States could have gotten such a contradicting name. But in the year 1946, it lived up to that moniker.

The Child That Strayed Away

Not the perfect ending you would normally expect from a family getaway, especially not from one that was meant to be all fun. That was the case, however, for the Van Alst family that already started to mourn their little girl that went missing during a camping visit to the park.

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Reports were that eight years old Katherine wandered out of their tent and never returned. No sign of the Child was seen, despite desperate search attempts from different search parties.

One Week Of Unfruitful Search

Days passed, and the search became more intense, with several more search groups joining in. But after a week of fervent searching proved fruitless, morale started to drop, and some scouts pulled out of the search for several reasons.

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Who would blame them anyway, as a week of search in the wild may be too demanding. Especially considering that she was just a little girl and could probably not have survived that long alone in the wilderness. However, the determined minority continued with the search, hoping for the best and blocking away the worst thoughts.

The Most Shocking Discovery

With the bit of hope they have left slowly slipping away, the remaining search parties kept on looking. They were presented with the biggest surprise of their lives when they got to a cave, and what they found inside was nothing less than a shocking discovery.

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Who else, but the little Catherine Van Alst calmly walking out of the cave almost as if nothing had happened; she was as safe and sound as anyone could imagine. The shock on their faces was undeniable as they all wondered how this could have happened.

Unfortunate Loss Of Memory

Everyone at the scene was puzzled and lost for words, with the obvious question on their minds being, “how did she manage to survive for that long.” Only young Catherine can fill them in on what had happened, but their next finding was rather disappointing.

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All the little girl could come up to say was “here I am,” and further interrogations proved unyielding. The girl was safe, but she claimed she couldn’t remember anything that had happened to her during her mysterious disappearance.

The Incident At The Green Mountain Forest

What happened at Devil’s Den State Part wasn’t only shocking, but it was the first of many more strange occurrences to follow. The next unusual happening came a few years later, in the late 1940s, at the green mountain forest.

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This time, it involved a college student named Paula Welden, who went off on a hiking trip and headed towards the green woods uphill. Reports were that she made it to the trails and kicked off her hike as planned.

Nowhere To Be Found

It was supposed to be a fun hiking experience for Paula, who probably needed some alone time up in the mountains. But it started to lift many worried eyebrows when several hours passed and there was no sign of her.

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Hours turned to days, and before long, the search for Paula had lasted for weeks. The search parties soon dissolved after they couldn’t find her anywhere. Time passed, but the young lady was never seen again. And this incident is still remembered as the incident at the Green Mountain Forrest.

The Strangest Honeymoon Trip

A honeymoon is supposed to be a lovely, romantic couple getaway soon after marriage, and that is exactly what Glen and Bessie Hide expected when they left for the Grand Canyon in November of 1928. The couple had just been wedded when they packed up and headed out to have a time of their lives.

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They hopped on a boat and sailed down the Scenic Colorado River, hoping it would be more fun than hiking through the epic trails. But what transpired next couldn’t be further from what they had wished their honeymoon to be like.

Where Are The Lovebirds?

Nothing was heard from the newlyweds for a while, and no one could correctly tell where they were. Family and friends grew increasingly concerned about their whereabouts until their boat was discovered by the riverside several months later.

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Apparently, the couple never made it to their destination before their strange disappearance as the provisions they carried along were found untouched in the boats. And the condition of the boat was also exactly as it was when they set sail on it.

Speculations Surrounding The Disappearance

To date, no one can tell for sure what happened to the couple, and they have not been seen anywhere by anyone either. But many theories have been brought forth regarding their disappearance, while several speculations have also been heard here and there.

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However, a popular notion backed by many people suggested that one of them may have murdered the other halfway through the trip and made away to start a new life elsewhere. But the truth remains a mystery till today.

Mystery At The Umatilla National Forest

The Vistas of Oregon’s beautiful Umatilla Forest is generally steep, but this is just another factor that makes it an excellent location for sightseeing. Little did anyone know that there was more to this terrain than meets the eye.

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The next people to experience strange happenings firsthand in this article is the Parkins family, who went a little way into the forest for what was supposed to be a fun family getaway along with their 2-years-old child.

The Toddler Wandered Off

As soon as they arrived at their destination, young Keith took off and wandered deeper into the forest. The family was probably busy with setting up camp that nobody spotted the little boy walk away. And before anyone could notice his absence, the toddler was already out of sight.

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The search for little Keith kicked off immediately, and it took close to a day of intense searching before they finally found him. But it was amazing and equally unsettling because where they found him was pretty much unimaginable.

Over The Hill And Far Away!

They had found the boy, but not after crossing over several mountains in their search. And what’s more surprising? The little boy had unbelievably covered 12 miles in less than a day. How could a two-year-old have covered such a distance on foot in such little time?

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The boy was safe, but the puzzle was nowhere close to being solved. This is another strange happening that rescue teams still find impossible to provide answers to. Although some people suggest that he was taken, they can’t really figure out by whom.

A Prank Gone Wrong?

The majority of the weird occurrences we have mentioned so far have involved missing children, which is no different. However, there is a twist in this tale as it was only meant to be a prank but went awfully wrong.

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It all went down on the planes along the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where young Dennis went camping along with the rest of his family. But Dennis would later split from his siblings to plan a prank on his parents.

The Unusually Strange Tip

Dennis couldn’t pull through with the prank, though, and it only became evident that he has gone missing after he didn’t return for several hours. After days of fruitless searches by his family, they called on expert search and rescue teams to help.

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There was still no sign of the young boy, despite all the help from professional trackers. However, they did receive an unusual tip after several days, but the report was too strange. Whether they believed it or not, they could not get themselves to check it out.

Tales Of A Bear Man

The tip received was from someone who claimed they saw a very hairy human around the mountains with the resemblance of a bear-man. They also claimed that the image they saw had something slung around its neck, bringing about more confusion.

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This strange description could have easily been an actual bear in the mountains or a young boy in a bear costume. But this mystery was never unraveled, and young Dennis was never found either.

Missing Person At The Los Padres National Forest

This is a story of the strange disappearance and death of a hiker in the Los Padres national forest. It all started when Mike Herdman, a California-based firefighter, took off to hike in the greens of the Los Padres National Forest along with his dog.

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Shortly after, it was discovered that the pair had gone missing, but no one could accurately tell what had happened to them. And everyone was left to wonder how such an experienced duo could have lost their way in familiar territory.

Found, But Not Rescued

A search party of expert trackers was sent after the trails of the missing hikers, but no sign of them was seen until after the sixth day of the continuous search. Mike’s body was found along the paths of a hill deep into the forest.

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His hiking companion survived the trip, however, but the dog could give next to no details about what had happened. The rescue team later concluded that the athletic firefighter accidentally slipped and fell from a height, but they found some details sketchy and strange.

Where Had His Shoes Gone?

One very strange report was that Mike’s shoes were missing when they found his body. Apparently, he had taken off his shoes at some point in the trip. But altogether, it didn’t make much sense why a hiker would take off their shoes while hiking such a steep surface.

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Several suggestions were made, and a lot of unclear theories followed. But even the rescue team could not precisely tell what had happened to Mike, and neither could they understand why or where he had lost his hiking boots.

The Incident At The Yosemite National Park

We have learned to always keep an open mind for more mysteries, especially when it has to do with national parks. Stranger things have happened, but what occurred at the Yosemite National Park in 1957 has never been previously heard of in the history of the park.

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A two-year-old had gone missing during a family visit to the park, and the family wasted no time in calling for help. Before long, the whole park was flooding with individuals from different rescue teams along with their bloodhounds.

Found In The Strangest Place

After several search sessions, the bloodhounds caught the little boy’s scent and led the search party to him. The toddler was alive and well, but this was yet another mystery as he was found in a bizarre manner and place.

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The young child was without his pants, but the strangest piece of the puzzle was that he was found nearly 3,000 feet high, sitting on a rock a little further away from where he was last seen. No one could tell for sure how the little boy went up so high on his own.

The Mysterious Crone Statue

This slide tells a tale of one of the most recent strange occurrences that were witnessed. A group of hikers came across a cave along the Catskill Mountains in 2016 and could hardly believe what they found when they went inside the cave.

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It was a very mysterious Voodoo-like sculpture tied up deep in the cave. They took a photo of this sculpture and uploaded it as proof, but they also reported strange spiritual energy as they attempted to get closer to it.

Discovery Of A Tiny Society

More strange things were discovered in a cave somewhere in Indonesia, where a group of scientists was left rather shocked. They had found an incredibly tiny species of humans hidden in the caves.

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At an average height of 3ft, this society of tiny humans was very similar to the legendary Hobbits of ancient times. However, none of these tiny people were alive, and it remains a mystery where they came from and how they were wiped out.

The Mysterious Caves Of Cornwall

History has it that the Cornwall caves are the most mysterious caves the world has seen. Located on the Cornwall mountains in England, this ancient site has been well preserved since its discovery in 500 B.C. But what makes Cornwall caves so mysterious?

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Several visitors of the site have emerged with different shocking tales. While most claim to have witnessed a strange light movement characterized by strange sounds, others could only testify of life-changing experiences after their visit.

Neanderthal Jewelry Discovered By Explorers

We have heard tales of ancient pieces of jewelry and artifacts found after thousands of years. But none is as mysterious as those found in the Neander Valleys. The jewelry was first discovered by a group of explorers, but little did they know that their discovery was one of the strangest.

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The Neanderthal pieces of jewelry were famous for many things. But the fact that they dated back about 115,000 years, which is almost 20,000 years before the evolution of humans in Europe, is by far one of its strangest facts.

The Creepy Caves Of Wycombe

As far as mystery tags go, the Wycombe caves located in Wycombe, England, have had their fair share. But the most renowned is the “Hellfire caves” name tag that was dubbed because of its strange and creepy nature.

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Reports are that the caves often light up from time to time, but the strangest scene in these caves are the mysterious carvings on the wall. The carvings and marks resemble Satan, as many have reported. But whether it is manmade or not, it certainly is scary enough to keep people away.

The Cave Of A Thousand Haunted Hand Signs

It is a known fact that most caves around the world played home to many people in ancient civilization. But what we may not know is the reason for most of the signs and symbols left in these caves and what they truly represent. A typical example of these signs is found in a cave located in Argentina.

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The signs are popularly referred to as “The Haunted Hands,” and they were left by an ancient generation that lived there. This fabulous artwork was created with white and red chalk powder, and they amazingly date back about 10,000 to 13,000 years.

The Cave With The Shiny Lights

Another natural wonder of the world that is somewhat inclined towards the mysterious is the Reed Flute cave. Located in Guilin, “the palace of natural art,” as it is commonly referred to, was rumored to be part of the ancient Guangxi province of China.

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The cave is roughly 500,000 years old, and the strange thing about this cave is the blue and purple shades of light the rock formation reflects. It is also on record that a Chinese soldier used the cave as shelter during World War II.

Trails Of Ancient Footprints

We have heard tales of ancient beings like giants and the mysterious Bigfoot. And these strange prints that were found in the Cuir-Izbuc cave in the north of Romania had similar details. This discovery was made back in the 1960s, and the prints drew lots of attention.

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The prints found were from a society of huge homo sapiens, and 400 of them were discovered along the cave. Scientists used radiocarbon measurements to examine the prints and found they were left there about 35,000 years ago.

The Starry Caves Of Waitomo

Our next peep at the mysteries of the world tends to be more amazing than creepy, but it is still strange enough to make the list. In Waitomo, New Zealand lies a cave with a little star-like glow in substances that glow in the dark.

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This site has attracted so many tourists in the past who make trips on canoes and kayaks to witness the wonder. However, reports from scientists suggested that the glowing substances are not stars, but a rare breed of worms called phosphorescent worms.

The Mysteriously Looking Salamander

Missing persons, strange caves, and weird signs have been the highlights of our list so far, but this mysteriously-looking salamander makes our list of weird. Found in the caves of Slovenia and Croatia, this salamander breed is called the Olm salamander.

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This Amphibian mostly lives on land, but it has gills and can survive completely underwater. But the Olm salamander has to move around its surrounding using electro-sensation, as the creature is completely blind.

The Australian “Pearls Of Wisdom”

The famous wisdom pearls found in the caves of Australia are nothing similar to the grammatical pearls of wisdom. But these pearls are made of calcium carbonate and dolomite, and the strangeness is in how these pearls are made.

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These cave pearls are formed when the calcite-laden liquid that often drips down from the ceiling drop on dirt. When the droplets react with the dirt, the clumps solidify and form a smooth white rock known as the wisdom pearls.

The Lake In The Caves

Indeed, finding water in caves is not a very unusual occurrence, and many such instances have been reported often enough. But the body of water located in a cave just outside Melissani, a Greek island, is all kinds of weird, and here’s why.

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The cave houses a whole lake, which is quite unheard of, and the waters in this lake are said to be as sparkling as it gets. The cave walls around the lake have also been reported to be colorful, hence, the glow from the lake.

The Monfort Bat Sanctuary

Caves were known to be occupied by people of ancient civilizations several years ago. But today, several wild animals use these caves as shelter. One cave stands out, however, among these animal shelters, and it is the Monfort bat sanctuary.

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Located on the Samal island about 1km away from Deveo city in the Philippines, this sanctuary houses over 2.3 million bats. It is said that about 75% of the ceiling is often covered with bats, and it holds a record for the highest gathering of this species.

Leftover Of Ancient Neanderthal Structure

The Neanderthals were an ancient species of homo sapiens that walked the earth long before modern humans. And although this species has long been wiped out of the face of the earth, they left several footprints that tell us about their existence.

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This structure was found in a cave somewhere in France, and although scientists couldn’t wrap their heads around how it came about, they had a strange tale about it. It was believed to have been left by a Neanderthal community after conducting a ritual.

Mysterious Crystal Structures Found

The Naica mine in Chihuahua, Mexico, is the next step in our journey around mysterious places. And here, sitting at a depth of about 3,000 meters, is the cave of the crystals, known for the giant crystals that took form there several years ago.

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Scientists reported signs of life, as bacteria were found living off the giant crystals. But they also reported that the hot and humid conditions of the cave are quite harmful to humans, which is why tourists are prevented from visiting this amazing site.

The Unending Caves Of Georgia

More mysterious places have been found, and this one features the dark pits of Georgia. Ellison’s cave is a scary pit cave located on a mountain of Walker county in the Northside of Georgia, USA. It is only the 12th deepest cave in the United States, but here’s what makes it so special.

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This cave has a pit over 600ft deep, and you have to make it through 12 miles of extreme darkness to get to the pit. Housing the current deepest unobstructed pit, the Ellison’s cave is often referred to as the Abyss.

The Tabasco Caves Of Mexico

As creepy as dark caves go, the Cueva de Villa Luz earns a decent spot among the top picks. Located in the Tabasco State of Mexico, this cave has springs rich in hydrogen sulfide but smells like rotten eggs.

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The cave is famous for the discovery of snottite, a strand of mucous-like substance that hangs from abandoned cave walls and traps trespassing insects.

The Blind Cave-Fish

The blind fish is cavefish that are completely blind or have no eyes at all. This fish uses its central nervous system to navigate its way, and it can sense even the slightest change in water pressure around it.

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Legends have it that the blind fish could see before. But because they hardly ever used their eyes due to the constant darkness of the caves they live in, they eventually evolved to be a blind species of fish.

The Breathtaking Stalactites Of The Jeita Grotto

The Jeita Grotto is the longest cave complex in the middle east, with an estimated height of 300 meters above sea level. It is located in Jeita, a small city on the north side of Lebanon.

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Discovered in 1836 by an American missionary, the cave is not only famous for its height, but it is also home to the longest stalactites ever seen. It also holds a natural human-like statue inside, positioned directly opposite the 27ft long stalactites.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Scrolls were found very close to the dead sea in the ancient city of Judea in Israel back in the 1940s. The majority of the scrolls were missing, however, and researchers believe they were stolen by artifact thieves several years ago.

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Thousands of written fragments were also discovered in the area, and they undoubtedly represented little remnants of a larger manuscript that natural causes may have damaged. And these written fragments date mysteriously back to the fourth century BC.