The Dark Side of Football: 50+ NFL Quarterbacks Who Are Long Forgotten

What comes to mind when you think about NFL quarterbacks? Do you think of a shooting star or just a flash in the pan? Some NFL quarterbacks used to be either one or both of these. However, they are largely forgotten today. We had high hopes for them.

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Unfortunately, they fizzled out of the limelight due to poor play, personal problems, and injuries. Don’t forget how quick an athlete’s aging process is, especially in the NFL. Seeing your favorites playing beyond 30 is a big deal for them and us! Here are some players that you’ve likely forgotten!

Byron Leftwich Struggled with Injuries

Who remembers Leftwich from the infamous playing-with-a-broken-bone incident? Playing for Marshall against the Akron Zips, Leftwich bravely finished a drive with a broken shin bone! However, if you are a die-hard fan of the NFL, you are undoubtedly aware that injuries are a reality for NFL quarterbacks.

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Leftwich was Jacksonville’s seventh overall pick in 2003. Although he played for them for four seasons, he never had the good fortune to play a full season because of numerous injuries. He then played for Pittsburgh and even won a Super Bowl as a backup in 2009.

Leftwich Stayed in the Game After Retirement

Leftwich did not leave football completely after hanging up his cleats: He became a coach after his retirement. He started as a quarterbacks coach intern in Arizona. However, his luck shone within a year, and Leftwich was offered the role of a full-time coach. Things were shaping up well.

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When the Cardinals selected Josh Rosen as the 10th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, it presented Leftwich with a challenge. Many felt Rosen’s performances could shape Leftwich’s bid to become head coach. However, he left in 2019 and is now the offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Joey Harrington Was Once a Savior

Harrington was first deemed as a “savior,” but then “bust” after he didn’t meet expectations. He even graced the NCAA Football 2013 cover. Unfortunately, his college football successes didn’t reach the professional football level. He was the third overall pick for the Detroit Lions in 2002.

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Most people would say this was the peak of his career, but Harrington has different feelings about his time there. He claimed his four seasons in Detroit made him lose interest in football altogether. Sometimes, it seems Detroit has a reputation for toying with people’s emotions, whether players or fans.

What Happened to Harrington After Retirement?

When you look at how things turned out, it seems Harrington’s life after retirement is more successful than his years on the field. He played for three teams across six years, all of which were unsuccessful. But he didn’t fade away completely when he retired.

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After retirement, he started a fancy sports-themed bar that ran for a bit before closing. Then, he became a TV personality and even worked for Fox Sports. After that, he founded the Harrington Family Foundation. He still works with the foundation, helping Oregon students secure funds.

Daunte Culpepper Was Plagued By a Knee Injury

Culpepper had it tough. He suffered a terrible knee injury and lost his mojo. The Vikings selected the UCF quarterback with the 11th overall pick in the 1999 NFL Draft. Culpepper built a record-breaking career throughout his time as a Viking by overthrowing the legendary Randy Moss.

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His career took such a leap that he was chosen as the cover player for Madden 2002. However, Culpepper’s performance suffered a significant decline in 2002. He suffered one of the NFL’s worst injuries after a tackle by Chris Gamble, which forced him to miss the rest of the season.

Culpepper’s Form Was Great, but His Knee Issues Continued

After the catastrophic injury, he was forced to battle to stay in shape and was only ever effective in six games each season. In addition to the multiple injuries, Culpepper faced severe opposition from the authorities. To get back in the game, Culpepper signed with the Sacramento Mountain Lions.

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Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t regain his old status, and no NFL team wanted him. Even after he retired, Culpepper’s life was not easy. He closed his eponymous restaurant in Florida and lose one of his mansions in South Florida due to foreclosure.

Brady Quinn Was All the Rave

Brady Quinn was one of the most hugely anticipated talents to emerge from college. But his career never really took off. He graduated from Notre Dame as one of the most decorated players in school history, and in 2007, the Cleveland Browns chose him as the 22nd overall pick.

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However, Quinn’s time with the Browns was brief. He played for just three seasons before being moved to four other teams. Quinn never played more than nine games a season, which isn’t great for a seven-year career. And he only had 12 touchdowns against 17 interceptions.

Quinn Has Done Well Outside Football

When closely examined, it is clear that Quinn’s professional success rate differed significantly from his college success rate. It’s a story we’ve heard many times. Fortunately for him, his life off the field is a different and better story. He married gymnast Alicia Sacramone, an Olympic silver medalist.

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In 2011, he founded the 3rd and Goal Foundation. The non-profit organization has three goals for veterans: Operation Home, Operation Joy, and Operation Education. These missions provide housing, gifts, and quality education to veterans. When he’s not busy with his foundation, Quinn is on Fox as a television analyst.

Rex Grossman Wasn’t Durable

Although he played for the Bears for almost six seasons, Rex Grossman was only ever available for just 16 games. It was so bad that fans started calling him Rex “Glassman” due to his durability problems. And he couldn’t hold himself together after the Bears decided to move on.

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He was the Bears’ first-round pick of the 2003 NFL draft, but they decided enough was enough before the Houston Texans signed him. He then spent three out of his four seasons as a Redskin playing primarily as a backup and a coach. This helped Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin III.

Grossman Is Now a Businessman

While Grossman may not have been the most successful quarterback ever due to injuries, his current endeavors are more stable. Now that we don’t see him throwing the ball downfield to whoever is willing to take it from him, the former QB spends his time in the business world.

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He established the Florida Medical Staffing Foundation, which supports nurses looking for employment in Florida. Although it hasn’t been reported in the media as of yet, insiders claim that the foundation has been successful so far. However, we hope the nurses aren’t intercepted on their way to their new jobs.

Marc Bulger Could Never Shake Off the Injuries

Bulger’s rise to stardom was unexpected but still remarkable. The Saints drafted him in the sixth round in 2000, but he was waved before the season ended. Then, he signed as a practice squad player in Atlanta and got waived again before being accepted in St. Louis.

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However, a long list of recurring injuries hampered his progress. Fortunately for him, he was part of two Pro Bowl teams and led the Rams to two playoffs. To his credit, Bulger is the fastest quarterback in NFL history to 1,000 completions. This feat earned him a new contract!

Bulger Is Satisfied with Life Outside Football

Bulger was the Rams’ highest-paid player ever, but he never could match people’s expectations. Several injuries and constant changes to the coaching staff made his career go downhill. After nine years in St. Louis, Baltimore signed him for one year as a backup. But Bulger never played again.

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After Bulger’s retirement, his supporters felt let down. However, the former player leads a happy personal life. He and his family reside on a lush, expansive farm in Southeast Missouri. Bulger also founded the Marc Bulger Foundation. It supports other charities that provide financial aid to children and veterans.

Everybody Pinned Their Hopes on Jason Campbell

The Washington Redskins have been one of the most-criticized NFL franchises in recent history, with former players even calling the management out. However, after Campbell led Auburn to a perfect season in the SEC and a Sugar Bowl victory over Virginia Tech, the Redskins drafted him in 2005.

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This lifted many people’s spirits, and fans saw a ray of hope. Campbell’s plays were quite efficient, but he could never boast a winning record with Washington. He experienced several life changes, a slew of injuries, and coaching changes that ultimately made his career in Washington go downhill.

Campbell Continued to Struggle Until Retirement

After he was traded to Oakland in 2010, many thought he could resurrect his career. But injuries marred a promising season. He spent two seasons with the Raiders before moving on to three teams in three years and retiring. Ever the athlete, Campbell moved to golf.

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He now lives in Atlanta and works as quarterbacks coach for a local high school team, which is a side gig. The word on the street is that Campbell regularly advises aspiring players to never play for Washington and that they should turn down the opportunity by all means.

David Garrard Was a Shooting Star

Many Jacksonville Jaguars fans will know Garrard as a star. However, the 2009 Pro Bowler could only hold his spot for a few seasons. He was drafted out in the fourth round by East Carolina University in 2002, as Byron Leftwich’s backup.

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However, because of Leftwich’s issues, we saw Garrard on multiple occasions. He was inevitably offered the starting position, but he struggled with injuries and an inept offensive line. As one of the NFL’s most incompetent franchises, the Jaguars released Garrard in 2011, choosing Blaine Gabbert as his successor.

Injuries Forced Garrard Out of the Game

The last time Garrard played in the league was in 2010. While he still signed for two teams as a free agent, his recurring injuries never allowed him to play again. After retirement, Garrard didn’t give in to lethargy. He established fitness centers to keep his NFL-fit body.

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He currently owns several Retro Fitness gyms and loves being the head of a business. Garrard has also struggled with Crohn’s disease. He has begun active efforts to raise awareness against the disease. He prides himself in being a mentor to many professional athletes, including NBA player Larry Nance Jr.

Kyle Orton Always Failed to Impress

Kyle Orton’s rise was quite conflicting. You hated him at first, but he eventually grew on you. He had an unconventional look, and few people liked the odd haircuts and strange neck beard. While he played for 10 years as a consistent starter, Orton never really took charge of games.

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He began his career as a backup in 2005 with the Chicago Bears. After starting quarterback Rex Grossman was injured, Orton got his opportunity and ran with it, initially. However, he never really made a significant mark throughout his career despite starting for several teams.

His Retirement Was Dramatic

Orton never really grabbed the headlines during his career, so he made sure he did before retiring. It was dramatic but without emotion. Apparently, he went into a filled locker room, told everyone he had to attend a meeting, picked up some of his stuff, and that was the end.

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Orton has maintained a private life since then. He enjoys the low profile with his family in Baton Rouge. It looks like marriage has changed him as he got rid of the weirdly shaped signature neck beard. Many people will remember him as one of the NFL’s most frustrating quarterbacks.

The Buccaneers Had Big Dreams for Josh Freeman

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Freeman, fresh out of Kansas State, 17th overall in 2009. They thought their squad would advance deep into the playoffs behind his 6-foot-6, 240-pound frame. But what went wrong? The Buccaneers didn’t know that this quarterback would only play for them for five seasons.

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And for seven years in the league! He went so far below expectation that everyone was shell-shocked when he wound up in the Fall Experimental Football League with the Brooklyn Bolts. Freeman was released in his fifth season in Tampa after they found no suitors willing to trade.

Freeman Has Stayed Out of the Limelight Since Retiring

After his time in the FXFL, the Vikings signed him just for one game. He then jumped around before signing with the Colts but only played one game with them as well. It was obviously an inevitable end to his playing career. Since his retirement, he has been largely out of the spotlight.

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Although he got a two-year offer from Montreal in the CFL, Freeman chose to hang up his cleats instead. He held the record for most touchdowns thrown in Tampa Bay franchise history, but many knew he wouldn’t hold that record for long with Jameis Winston around.

Jake Locker Had Huge Potential

Jake Locker was one of the best players at the University of Washington and astounded the scouts with his remarkable potential. In 2006, the Titans were bemoaning their poor selection in Vince Young and had jumped all over Locker. But his career didn’t live up to the hype.

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He only started 23 of the 64 games he was eligible to over more than four years. The former collegiate star endured numerous injuries to the upper and lower parts of his body. Going through so many injuries wasn’t really worth it, considering how small his paychecks were.

Locker Now Spends Time with His Family

Locker eventually retired during the 2014 season. He then returned to Washington, where he now leads a private life with his family. Locker stays out of the spotlight and avoids meetups with fans. He prefers to spend time hunting, caring for farm animals, and being a doting father.

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Every Titans fan flinches when they think about what could’ve been. It’s awful that they had to pick three quarterbacks in the top 10 to evaluate their options and determine which one would be successful. However, Locker’s decision to end his football career might have been for the best.

Injuries Got the Better of Tim Couch

The Browns entered the NFL as an expansion team in 1999 and drafted Tim Couch. He had played a crucial role in the University of Kentucky. Most people see him as a bust, but some fans could make a case for him. Honestly, he was drafted to an expansion team.

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The team was building from scratch at the time. His offensive line was usually compared to a porous rock. The rock would do a better job at blocking than Couch’s line! He also struggled with severe injuries and, in five seasons, only had one season with more touchdowns than interceptions.

Couch Could Never Make a Comeback

He signed with several teams to make a return to the NFL, but he was never able to get through a preseason. Like many of his fellow quarterbacks, Couch chose to announce his retirement. Since calling it quits, the former QB has stayed in the game.

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A few years ago, he became the Browns’ announcer for preseason games and had also announced the SEC games. Although many people expected Couch to lead the Browns into relevancy, they were left disappointed. His wife, Heather Kozar, a well-known Playboy model, has offered unflinching support for his announcing career.

Jeff George Was All Over the Place

George’s nasty arm and even nastier mullet are his most notable characteristics. He was the top pick in the 1990 NFL Draft thanks to these advantages and an outstanding college career. The Indianapolis Colts had also taken a chance on the gunslinger at this time. But he was less impressive professionally.

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He only succeeded in leading two teams into the playoffs despite being drafted first overall. While he had some success, most people saw him as a fickle person who changed eight teams in 14 seasons! Except for four seasons, he never started all 16 games during any other year.

Christian Ponder Left Fans Pondering

Ponder was a highly rated quarterback when he left Florida State in 2011, and everyone wanted to see more of him! He was given such high hopes that it was thought he would be the only one to captain the Vikings’ ship! He won his teammates’ respect by setting rookie records.

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But he soon suffered a serious injury. He entered the league as a quarterback in a draft that was shockingly weak overall. Blaine Gabbert and Jake Locker, who were also picked in this draft along with Ponder, had a difficult time in the first round.

Jeff Garcia’s Bittersweet Career

Jeff Garcia has a respectable number of fans, and deservedly so. He spent 12 seasons in the league and made four playoff appearances and four Pro Bowls. He became one of the most successful quarterbacks, earning the respect of many NFL fans. He spent five years with the San Francisco 49ers.

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He proved in the CFL that he could succeed in the NFL! Garcia had a bittersweet relationship with Terrell Owens after the latter commented on his sexuality and even called him a rat. After he left the 49ers, Garcia shuffled around several teams and suffered many injuries.

What Has Garcia Been Doing After Retirement?

Garcia struggled for a while until settling down in Tampa Bay, where he was chosen for his fourth and final Pro Bowl. He did all of this while leading the Buccaneers to the playoffs. Garcia’s life has been mostly fulfilling since his retirement. He runs a non-profit …

Photo by Hunter Martin/NFLPhotoLibrary/Getty Images

… like many other players. He is also married to Carmella DeCesare, a former Playboy Playmate of the Year. Along with a couple of stints in the CFL, he has also tried his hand at coaching, working as a personal coach for players like Mark Sanchez and Tyrod Taylor.

He Had to Retire Due to Injuries

When Ponder joined the Vikings, everyone could see flashes of talent, but the injury bug killed those hopes. After his sophomore season, he began to start no more than nine games, which forced him into the role of backup. He had signed with two teams as a backup.

Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

But he retired pretty quickly. His injury rendered him almost ineffective on the field. After formally leaving the NFL, Ponder relocated to Minnesota. Nevertheless, he has taken to life after football. Ponder enjoys a happy home with his wife, Samantha Steele, an ESPN reporter, and their two children.

There Was Once a Carr

Although the Raiders are proud of their star quarterback Derek Carr, there was once another Carr on NFL scouts’ radar – David. The brothers graduated from Fresno State, and David was considered a massive potential with sky-high expectations. The Houston Texans, a new expansion team in 2002, made him their No. 1 overall pick.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Texans got off to a great start in the history of the team, winning 19-10 at home against the Dallas Cowboys, another Texas team. The team finished Carr’s rookie season with a record of 4-12. The rough start was a telling sign of his career.

Carr Now Works as an Analyst

He was sacked a record 79 times in his rookie season and had the league’s most sacks in two more seasons. Carr is seen as a draft bust. His career highlight was playing as the New York Giants’ backup quarterback during the G-Men’s win over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI.

Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

He has consistently been on lists of the worst overall picks in history. The former quarterback and his high school sweetheart, Melody Tipton, have six kids. Three have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, which Carr also has. He presently works as an analyst for NFL Network.

Did You Forget Jon Kitna?

John Kitna’s NFL career was quite long, with some successes along the way, but it wasn’t always pretty. He shot to fame after graduating from Central Washington, but shockingly, he went undrafted in 1996! Kitna started as a backup and slowly worked his way to a starting position by 1999.

Photo by Owen C. Shaw/Getty Images

He established himself on the Seattle Seahawks’ practice squad early on and even won MVP honors in NFL Europe. Rising from an undrafted status to a starter position and then going on to end the season with a winning record was a huge accomplishment!

It Wasn’t Smooth Sailing for Kitna Until Retirement

However, Kitna experienced some rough patches in four games in 2008. He was a doomed player for the Detroit Lions, who went 0-16 that season. However, he is renowned as a warrior because, during his 14-year career, he consistently advanced from a backup to a starting spot.

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

In 2011, Kitna announced his retirement, but it wasn’t the end. Since his retirement, he has worked as a coach at Lincoln High School, Waxahachie High School, Brophy College Preparatory, and the Dallas Cowboys. Kitna now works as the head coach and athletic coordinator for Burleson High School.

A Ghastly Accident Hindered Chad Pennington

Pennington shot to stardom as the Jets’ starting quarterback in 2002. He improved a 1-4 club to 9-7, which led to the playoffs. But a ghastly accident the next season gave him a rotator cuff injury. The next season, he suffered another severe rotator cuff injury and he underwent two surgeries.

Photo by Ezra Shaw/ALLSPORT/Getty Images

In 2006, the man made an incredible return and was named Comeback Player of the Year. The Dolphins signed him despite a not-so-good 2007, and he had a 67.4 completion percentage. Pennington was considered for MVP, and he is the only person to have won Comeback Player of the Year twice.

Chad Should Have Looked After His Body More

The single flaw in this exceptional player was how poorly he took care of his health, which had a negative impact on him. He sustained numerous injuries, underwent a number of surgeries, including one on his shoulder, and had an ACL tear. However, he decided enough was enough.

Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

He ultimately chose to allow his body a much-needed break. Pennington lives in Kentucky and works as a middle school football coach. He began a football program at Sayre School in Lexington and led his team to a 3-5 record in his first year.

Vinny Testaverde’s Two Decades May Have Been Forgotten

Everyone recognizes Testaverde as the real Iron Man. He enjoyed an outstanding start to his collegiate career with the Miami Hurricanes. Later, he was picked first overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1987 NFL Draft. Testaverde played the game for 21 years. That in itself is unbelievable!

Photo by Sporting News/Getty Images

In his 10th season in the league, Testaverde was chosen for the Pro Bowl for the first time. He was 33 years old and in his first season with the Baltimore Ravens. His second pick was two years later, in 1998, his first season with the New York Jets.

Testaverde Withdrew From the Limelight

Testaverde’s football career was so promising that in his final season with the Carolina Panthers, Jake Delhomme got injured, and he took charge at the age of 44! How incredible is that? After he announced his retirement, Testaverde returned to Florida.

Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

His son Vincent participated in the football program at Tampa’s Jesuit High School, where he later took a coaching position. Aside from that, Testaverde hasn’t been in the news since he called it quits on his career. Despite his long career, his successes as a quarterback are moderate.

Kordell Stewart Failed to Impress

Due to his outstanding successes while playing for the Steelers, Stewart attracted a sizable following. Although his arm was average, his scrambling ability set him apart from the rest. Stewart served as Pittsburgh’s quarterback in the late 1990s because of his extraordinary talent.

Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

As a second-round pick, he wasn’t all that successful and frequently turned out to be a letdown. Stewart always failed to impress and never really made his mark in his NFL career. However, he was identifiable and always seemed likely to break a highlight reel play.

Stewart Is Frequently on Radio

Stewart’s career ended in 2005, but he had not officially retired. He kept working out at his home, preparing for the upcoming preseason. Later, he entered free agency, but no team picked him. And ever since, he has analyzed many NFL games for many outlets.

Photo by Moses Robinson/WireImage/Getty Images

Stewart even hosts his own radio talk show. There was a rumor that he might pick up football again after a break, but it soon died down. Also, Stewart has made cameos on the television shows Pros vs. Joes and Deal or No Deal.

Kerry Collins for the Carolina Panthers

Collins was selected by the Panthers as the fifth overall pick in the 1995 NFL Draft. He was one of the most hyped and anticipated quarterbacks in NFL history. Carolina forced him to leave after a set amount of time because he had a serious alcohol addiction.

Photo by Sporting News/Getty Images

However, he returned as a starter with the Raiders, Giants, and Titans and used his incredible talents to carve out a successful career. He is well-known for ranking among the top 20 NFL quarterbacks in total yards passed, which is an impressive feat.

Collins Chose a Different Part

While most quarterbacks on this list either started a foundation or became coaches, Collins went a completely different route after calling quits on his football career. After his retirement in 2011, the former QB wanted to become a songwriter. He has a great passion for music.

Photo by Frederick Breedon/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Collins has many of his songs recorded by many country artists. He also owns a farm in Tennessee and a ranch in North Carolina. The former NFL player seems to be leading a content life after being in the spotlight for 16 long years. Not bad, right?

Trent Green Is Underrated and Largely Forgotten

Trent Green is one of the most underappreciated quarterbacks of his generation. Although he had a difficult start, having to experience a low-round pick in the draft as well as a stint in the CFL, he overcame the hardships. He ultimately fought valiantly for his career and had a good one.

Photo by Otto Greule Jr./Allsport/Getty Images

He was a reliable option for the Chiefs and on the verge of some of the greatest seasons in the franchise’s history. He is currently tied for the record of the longest touchdown pass. Green is a Super Bowl champion (XXXIV) and was selected for the Pro Bowl twice.

Green Is a Humanitarian and Football Analyst

Green never really got the recognition he deserved. He was an underrated QB who was overshadowed by more glamorous stars of the Y2K era. It goes without saying that he didn’t have a long career and soon moved on to broadcasting and football analysis after his retirement.

Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Green has won several humanitarian awards and is also an analyst for CBS. Although he didn’t make a huge mark anywhere, his career was never at a standstill. Green has a daughter and two sons, Trent Jr. and Derek, both of whom are quarterbacks for Northwestern and SMU, respectively.

The Dallas Cowboys Are Culpable for Quincy Carter’s Disappointing Career

Quincy Carter shot to stardom when he replaced Troy Aikman. However, the Dallas Cowboys are at fault for not developing him into a franchise player. This guy could have been something great! He had an immense love for football which made him try several times to bounce back.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Despite failed stints with the Jets in Dallas, Carter continued to play in several peripheral leagues in an attempt to return. While he faced many roadblocks along the way, he never stopped and tried his best to play the game anywhere and in any way possible.

What Is Carter Up to After Retirement?

During his playing days, Carter also was a freelance youth coach in his native Georgia. His most recent team is the American Indoor Football League’s Corpus Christi Fury, which he signed with in 2015, but that ended in 2016. The team played only one game that season.

Photo by Sporting News/Getty Images

It looks like his career is done, but everyone can agree that he left no stone unturned while trying to play. His son is named Quincy Carter Jr., and he attends Southwest DeKalb High School. Carter currently trains youth at his quarterbacks school and recently celebrated his sobriety.

Jake Plummer Was Great In His Day

Plummer was a quarterback who lacked the aura and strong personality you would expect from an NFL quarterback. The QB always maintained a low profile. He didn’t have a flamboyant personality that would get him into the news, like many other players in the league!

Photo by Robert B. Stanton/NFLPhotoLibrary/Getty Images

The Cardinals did everything they could to make him into a franchise quarterback while he was with them, but he never lived up to the sky-high expectations set by fans and critics. However, when he was at his peak, Plummer was actually fairly good in the field.

Plummer Has Moved to Handball

Plummer currently works as a PAC-12 commentator for the conference’s network, where he first began around 2013. After quitting football, he played handball and participated in some competitions. He also made a career switch as a mushroom farmer at MyCOLove Farm in Fort Lupton, Colorado.

Photo by Robert B. Stanton/NFLPhotoLibrary/Getty Images

He and former UFC champion Rashad Evans founded UMBO. Since 2009, Plummer has been an assistant coach at Sandpoint High School. He is a medical cannabis advocate and signed an open letter to the NFL in November 2016 calling for a reform in the league’s cannabis laws.

Jake Delhomme Was a Good Quarterback

Delhomme was a true underdog in NFL history, and his story can serve as inspiration for many. He began his career as an undrafted rookie with the Saints and climbed the ladder of success to eventually become a franchise quarterback for the Panthers, like many of his contemporaries.

Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Image

Achieving this in just five years is inspiring! Delhomme could play, and he regularly pushed Carolina to challenge even though he didn’t break any records or defy any charts. In 2004, he successfully got them to the Super Bowl, where they ultimately lost to the Patriots.

Delhomme’s Life Outside Football

Following his time on the board of directors, Delhomme is currently the chairman of the board of MidSouth Bank. Since he is not at all ready to rest on his laurels, his post-NFL career can be viewed as being quite successful. Delhomme has additionally appeared in numerous advertisements.

Photo by Tom Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images

He also served as the spokesperson for the restaurant chain Bojangles. The Panthers announced on July 9, 2019, that Delhomme would be inducted into the franchise’s Hall of Honor alongside other great names. He was also named the color analyst for the franchise’s radio team on Aug. 14, 2019.

Rich Gannon’s Story Will Inspire You

One thing Rich Gannon was known for was his perseverance! This man’s patience and endurance ensured he could come back and have a place in Oakland, several years after he was a spot-starter for the Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins, and Kansas City Chiefs.

Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Everyone believed that Gannon would not have the opportunity to play quarterback for a top franchise, but when he finally joined the Raiders in 1999, Gannon proved everyone wrong. Gannon gained notoriety when he led Oakland to the Super Bowl in 2003 and won an NFL MVP award.

Gannon Chose Broadcast Work After Retirement

Gannon has moved on from football into other endeavors. His story is hailed as one of the best comeback efforts in NFL history and is highly inspirational. Injuries plagued Gannon for a large portion of his final two seasons (2003 and 2004), which resulted in losing records for the Raiders.

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images

After quitting football before the 2005 season, Gannon started a career in sports broadcasting like many other retired quarterbacks. He worked as an NFL sports analyst on CBS sports through the 2020 season. The year he retired, he was inducted into the University of Delaware athletics hall of fame.

Who Remembers Donovan McNabb?

McNabb was the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles for 10 years, from 1999 to 2009. His time with the Eagles was so successful that he even led his team to four NFC Championship games between 2001 and 2004! It was such an incredible run, but there was more.

Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

He also led the Eagles to their second Super Bowl appearance in Super Bowl XXXIX. When McNabb was traded away in 2010, it was clear that he had become an all-time leader for the Philadelphia Eagles in passing yards, pass attempts, completions, and touchdowns. A legend.

McNabb Has Dabbled in Different Things

McNabb pursued a career in television broadcasting after his retirement and has worked for Fox Sports 1, NFL Network, and ESPN Radio. However, he suffered a rough patch in the summer of 2015 when he was arrested for DUI in Gilbert, Arizona, for which he got an 18-day jail sentence.

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

He was also asked to pay a $6,000 fine and complete 30 hours of community service. To spread awareness of diabetes, McNabb founded a non-profit organization, the Donovan McNabb Fund, in 2000. The organization has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for diabetes awareness.

Drew Bledsoe Used to Be a Hit

Despite being the New England Patriots’ savior, the world managed to quickly forget Bledsoe. He was the Patriots’ first overall pick in the 1993 NFL Draft and guided the franchise to Super Bowl XXXI. His career truly came into the limelight when he lost his role to Tom Brady.

Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

Honestly, you can’t argue with that, considering Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. Bledsoe moved on to two other teams. After playing for the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills for the final five years of his career, a rookie quarterback named Tony Romo took over as the starter.

Bledsoe Has Aged Like Fine Wine

Bledsoe retired in 2007. At the time of his retirement, he ranked fifth for most pass attempts and completions in NFL history, seventh in passing yards, and 13th in touchdown passes. He has also been associated with fine wineries. He founded the renowned Doubleback Winery with his close friend.

Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The winery is so popular that one of the wines from the vineyard was named in Wine Spectator’s Top 100 wines in 2010. His first vintage, 2007, which only had 600 cases at first, rapidly sold out. Bledsoe has a happy life away from football.

Not Many People Remember Vince Young

Vince Young was ranked number one among all University of Texas quarterbacks and was one of the NFL’s strongest players. He was still a junior when he attained this level of prominence and had many wins to his name. The future already looked bright, but that wasn’t all.

Photo by Rob Tringali/SportsChrome/Getty Images

He had also led the Longhorns to the 2005 BCS National Championship, and in 2006, he won the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. But after numerous awards, the promising player’s career ended quickly due to several off-field incidents and a bitter relationship with former head coach Jeff Fisher.

Young Is Now a Development Officer

Although he mainly got himself out of the NFL in 2014, Young made an unsuccessful attempt to return to football. Another injury derailed his desire to join the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL. Young made his retirement announcement on June 14, 2014, after several attempts to return to the NFL.

Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

After announcing his retirement, the former quarterback mentioned that he would come out of retirement for a “guaranteed offer.” Young was last seen working as a development officer for program alumni relations at the University of Texas. For such a promising career, not many people remember Young.

Do You Remember ‘Hail Flutie!’?

Doug Flutie was a Heisman Trophy winner at Boston College. In fact, his infamous touchdown against the University of Miami was so popular that the pass was named a “Hail Flutie!” In November 1984, he made this well-known touchdown throw and transferred to the Chicago Bears.

Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

His accomplishments throughout his stint in the CFL were so exceptional that he held the honor of being the league’s Most Outstanding Player six times. Following this, Flutie returned to the NFL and achieved notoriety for winning the championship while playing as the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.

Flutie Is Now an Analyst

After a brief stint with the New England Patriots and then the San Diego Chargers, Flutie decided to end his career. Later on, Flutie worked as a college football analyst for ESPN and ABC. He also provided color commentary for NBC Sports’ coverage of Notre Dame football.

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images

In 2007 and 2008, Flutie was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. He became the first non-Canadian inductee into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in 2007. Flutie’s parents, Dick and Joan, died from heart attacks in 2015, one hour apart.

Mark Brunell’s Move to the Jaguars Was a Good Decision

In the 1993 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers selected Brunell from the University of Washington in the fifth round. Unfortunately, Brunell did not have much room to express his skills because Brett Favre was already a player for the Packers. At this point, Brunell’s career wasn’t going great.

Photo by Andy Lyons/Allsport/Getty Images

He only appeared in two games for the Packers before he was traded to the Jaguars. However, his fortune changed for the better while playing for Jacksonville. He developed into one of the most versatile quarterbacks ever. Brunell had three Pro Bowl trips and several lucrative contracts he couldn’t refuse.

Bad Luck with Investments

As a well-known investor, Brunell put his NFL earnings into several other business enterprises. However, these ventures were not profitable, and by 2010, he had lost his money ($50 million) due to unsuccessful ventures and had gone bankrupt. Legal papers show that the player invested his earnings in nine companies.

Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Five of the companies failed badly. Most of his wealth was wasted on fast food franchises and building projects in the Jacksonville area. The Detroit Lions hired Mark Brunell as their quarterbacks coach on Jan. 28, 2021. He has also worked for ESPN as an NFL analyst.

Do You Remember Brad Johnson?

Brad Johnson is one of the NFL’s most popular quarterbacks ever. He initially played in the World League of Football but moved to the Washington Redskins, playing as a division-winning quarterback. Johnson also joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he became a Super Bowl champion.

Photo by Rich Gabrielson/NFLPhotoLibrary/Getty Images

Besides the Buccaneers, he had two stints for the Minnesota Vikings and played for the London Monarchs and the Washington Redskins. Additionally, Johnson made NFL history by becoming the first player to complete a touchdown pass to himself in a game against the Carolina Panthers in 1997.

Brad Johnson Has Left Field Activities

Besides his Super Bowl victory, Johnson had two Pro Bowl appearances. After he began to play as a backup for the Dallas Cowboys, his career fell off, and he eventually retired in 2008. Johnson has largely stayed out of football-related activities since his retirement.

Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Instead, he supports charities like Brad’s Buddies, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Gillette Children’s Hospital, and the Children’s Miracle Network. He is also an active part of United Way’s Hometown Huddle and Toys for Tots. Johnson hosts a golf event that benefits the Ronald McDonald House.

Michael Vick’s Legal Troubles Affected His Career

Vick experienced several highs and lows while playing with the Virginia Tech Hokies after moving to Blacksburg, Virginia. He was selected first overall in the 2001 NFL Draft because of his exceptional talent. Many people thought Vick was one of the youngest players to display these abilities on the field.

Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

However, he became involved in various crimes and legal issues, which made him have to spend some time in jail. Vick got a second chance to play, for the Philadelphia Eagles, and in 2010 he won the Comeback Player of the Year award and was selected for the Pro Bowl.

Not Much Happened After He Left the Eagles

Vick was released by the Eagles during the Chip Kelly era. He spent one year each for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Jets in his final two seasons, mostly as a backup. After spending the whole 2016 season a free agent, he made his formal retirement in 2017.

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Then, Vick appeared on Fox Sports during the FOX NFL Kickoff program. His stint as offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Legends of the Alliance of American Football in 2018 was short-lived. In 2022, there were rumors that Vick wanted to return to football, but he refuted this.

Matt Hasselbeck Made a Great Move in 2001

The world was first introduced to Matt Hasselbeck in the late 1990s when he played as Brett Favre’s backup in Green Bay. The Seattle Seahawks subsequently acquired him before the beginning of the 2001 season. This was where he spent the majority of his NFL career.

Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Hasselbeck remained a starter for the Seahawks for the entire decade he was with them and won three Pro Bowl selections. He also led the team into Super Bowl XL in 2005. Hasselbeck played for the Tennessee Titans for one year and the Indianapolis Colts for two years.

Hasselbeck Went into TV Commentary and Analysis

It was reported on Feb. 28, 2016, that Hasselbeck would not rejoin the Colts. Hasselback announced his retirement from football that same year and began working with his brother Tim, an ESPN analyst. No surprises, really, considering many former quarterbacks do something similar after their retirements.

Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Hasselbeck successfully displaced the incredibly well-known head coach Mike Ditka on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown Show. He also appears on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown broadcast. Hasselbeck signed a one-day deal with the Seattle Seahawks to formally retire with them. It looks like post-football life has been good to him.