The Osmond Family’s Best-Kept Secret, Revealed

The Osmonds have been in the spotlight for nearly four decades, beginning as a small quartet and gradually rising to become one of the most well-known families in the world. The Osmonds were a collective comprising numerous performers, including Donny and Marie. Many members of the family are still in the public eye in some capacity.

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Think you know the Osmonds? With more than 40 years of popularity, they’ve amassed a library of secrets that the rest of the world is unaware of. Below, we’ve unearthed some of the family’s most absurd unreported stories. We’ll start with the beginning, when the family’s international fame first began, and work our way up to the present.

From the Glitter

The original Osmond quartet consisted of Wayne, Merrill, Alan, and Jay. Later, Donny and Jimmy Osmond joined the ensemble, and eventually, their sister, Marie, got involved, too. Despite spending so much time in the spotlight, there are still a lot of things many people don’t know about the Osmond family.

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For the most part, the Osmond family maintained a positive visage. The Osmonds managed to escape the usual traps of drugs, drinking, and the other pitfalls many movie stars and television personalities fall into, but it wasn’t enough to keep the issues completely at bay.

Endless Secrets

Even the best families aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. In the nooks and crannies, beneath smiles and flashing eyes, there are certain secrets. Many of them are surprising. A few of them are enjoyable. Once they’re out, it’s sometimes impossible to put the genie back in the bottle.

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Some of the Osmonds’ issues resulted from spending too much or too little time in the spotlight. Executives and bosses intimidated and harassed others. Surprisingly, for a family that has spent so much time in the spotlight, there are still mysteries. Here, we try to piece together the Osmond family’s jigsaw puzzle by delving into their most interesting secrets.

Encounter With Groucho Marx

The Osmonds were famous for a variety of reasons, and in the late 1970s, they had a television show. Throughout its two-year run, the Donny & Marie show was known for great guest star appearances. While this was wonderful for the show’s PR, it wasn’t necessarily so nice for Marie.

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Marie remembered a less-than-pleasing encounter with Groucho Marx. She recalls how Groucho used to pinch her when he was a guest. She said that “he was a filthy old guy.” It’s not exactly the ideal situation for a young girl like her to be in.

The Pressure of Fame

While many of us have fantasized about becoming wealthy and famous, with everyone knowing our names, fame isn’t always what it seems. Along with the opulent lifestyle — private planes, yachts, flashy cars, never-ending shopping sprees, and lavish mansions – comes a life under constant public observation.

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Marie recalls how difficult it was for her to stay slender when she was 15 years old. She and her brother, Donny, were offered a TV show on the condition that Marie lose weight. She weighed just 103 pounds at the time and dropped to 97 pounds when she quit eating entirely. She said she was “fat, filthy, and a disgrace to my family,” according to TV executives.

Donny the Nerd

Science fiction, fantasy, and video games are just a few of the nerdy subcultures to explore. It’s especially enjoyable when the things you enjoy, such as superheroes, become extremely famous overnight. You might either be arrogant about being ahead of the curve, or you can shine with your in-depth understanding of it.

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Donny was a technology aficionado of the highest kind. Backstage at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, he developed a video control room as well as other audio and computer devices. When he wasn’t on stage, Donny also sequenced all of the montages. “It’s my little universe here,” Donny explained. He admitted that he is a “complete geek” when it comes to Mac goods.

Details Behind Marie’s Book

If you look closely, you can see a lot of anguish behind someone’s eyes. These aches and pains exist even if we choose to ignore them. In a shocking statement that stunned the world, Marie disclosed a dreadful truth hidden behind her gorgeous eyes and naive look.

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“Behind the Smile,” her autobiography, exposes the story of a sexually abusive upbringing. The accounts contain graphic descriptions of her ordeals, and Marie has refused to name the abuser, instead clearing her family and friends of any guilt. Hopefully, she will receive the justice she deserves in the future.

A Very Giving Family

We are forever amazed by generous people, because true generosity takes vision and dedication, as well as the capacity to write (very) large checks. It’s never easy to consistently give a piece of yourself away, no matter how affluent you are. However, some people, notably the Osmonds, appear to have found a way around this.

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The Osmond Family found the church to be a haven of quiet and meditation, so they contributed 10% of their earnings to it a church that helps people in every part of the globe. Marie is a significant participant in the Children’s Miracle Network, while Donny runs the family charity, the Osmond Foundation for the Children of the World.

Bellagio Bridge

Donny is known as “Uncle Donny” to almost everyone who knows him personally, but if a buddy or a group of youngsters he worked with came to watch his act in Las Vegas, he had to show them “a bit more than Uncle Donny right now,” as he put it.

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Everyone who visits Las Vegas gets to see “Uncle Donny” at the Bellagio Bridge, where a giant Donny and Marie are projected onto the Flamingo. In the projected picture, Donny’s eyes are 6 feet tall and 10 feet wide.

Not the Regular 9 to 5

Donny was 17 years old when the Donny & Marie show began in 1976, but unlike other late teens, he didn’t have a 9-to-5 job due to the family’s hectic schedules.

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Give the Osmond kids a busy celebrity schedule and they’ll beat it. Donny and Marie were known to work 20-hour days, learning new songs, dancing techniques, and reading piles of screenplays. The amazing thing was that neither showed signs of tiredness nor a negative attitude.

Not Donnie, but Donny

No one likes having their name tinkered with. People despise it when it’s misspelled, mispronounced, or rhymes with something bad. The lovely sound in a person’s ears is their name. Their moniker accurately describes who they are.

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Making a mess of someone’s name is like throwing trash in their living room. Donny was no exception. The Flamingo crew decided it would be funny to misspell his name on the gold star on his dressing room door, and he was furious when he saw his name spelled “Donnie.”

A Singer with Some Dance Moves

“Sweet & Innocent” was Donny Osmond’s first successful song, when he was 14 years old. Later hits included “Go Away, Little Girl,” “Puppy Love,” and “Too Young.” Donny has sold more than 100 million records over five decades and is recognized for leaving it all on the stage as a natural performer.

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In interviews, Marie has revealed that her brother occasionally goes off the rails during their Las Vegas act, especially when he starts dancing on people’s tables! What is her recommendation? Keep your beverages in your hands. And if you’re in the first row, you’d best have a plastic cup!

A Typical Donny Day

We all need to keep our bodies active to keep our minds engaged. Stretching, exercise, or a mix of the two are the best ways to wake up your muscles in the morning. Do you want to know how Donny spends his day? According to those closest to him, he gets up at 6 a.m. after just four hours of sleep to play chauffeur to his son.

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Donny calls his business manager before taking a morning snooze, and then it’s time to record for his Disney program. After that, it’s time for a workout before joining Marie on stage for their performance. When on tour, the routine is different, with bus rides, rehearsals, and then the concert. He loves to read on the bus between gigs.

Prioritizing Health

Marie prioritizes her health above anything else. However, she also says she doesn’t worry about her fitness and nutrition because staying positive is a lifelong decision. Marie claims she shed approximately 50 pounds as a result of her performances on Dancing with the Stars and at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.

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It seems like a lot of work! “I have to be healthy,” Marie said. “My family has a history of heart trouble.” Her mother and grandmother died of heart illness, and her father had two pacemakers, she said. When her kid remarked, “Mom, you’re all we have,” she recognized the gravity of the situation.

Weight-Loss Goals

Marie battled obesity for decades and insists she has regained her strength and is looking forward to what the future brings. When the cameras are turned off, all she wants to do is spend time with her family. As it turns out, Marie isn’t the only member of the duo who has watched the pounds melt away.

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Since the two began doing concerts at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, Donny has shed two inches off his waist. The hour-and-a-half variety performance gets very hectic at points, so Donny gets some cardio and leg work in while he’s on stage. And he enhances this “exercise” by going to the gym regularly for a full-body workout.

Going Their Separate Ways

Donny and Marie have been in the entertainment industry for almost as long as they’ve been siblings. Donny began appearing on “The Andy Williams Show” when he was 5 years old and went on to become a teenage superstar. At the age of 3, Marie also made her debut with Andy Williams.

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Donny and Marie haven’t always been such yin and yang on stage as they were in the 1970s and today in Las Vegas. In the 1980s, the two decided to break up their act to pursue solo careers. Many fans missed the duo together and were overjoyed when they announced plans to reunite in Vegas. Donny admitted that he always believed they’d end up together again and that when he saw the Flamingo, he contacted his sister and told her, “This is it.”

Reconciling Their Differences

However, it was the “Donny & Marie Show” that brought the two together. “It’s chemistry, like an acid peel!” Marie said. “She’s always cracking a joke,” Donny said. With Donny’s admission that he was no longer dictating the partnership, the two had no idea how difficult it would be to work together again. In an interview, he said, “I’m dealing with somebody who is in charge of their own career today.”

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Barry Leather, a director, and choreographer, was hired to arbitrate their working relationship. After more than three decades apart, they were reunited in Vegas, and their show at the Flamingo has won an award for best show for three consecutive years.

Separate Existences

A lot has changed since they were so close 40 years ago. Donny and Marie have both stated that they don’t see each other much outside of the program. Their admirers hadn’t vanished; they had returned in force. Donny and Marie, on the other hand, have chosen to call it quits after 11 years.

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Even though their dressing rooms are right next to one another, they don’t hang out all the time. It’s incredibly unusual to see the two together outside of business hours. When Donny has free time, he prefers to spend them with his wife and children.

Unusual Habits

We all have our peculiarities, doing things others might find strange, regardless of our background, personality, or even how visible we are in the eyes of the public. Nevertheless, there are occasions when a well-known figure exhibits a peculiarity that perplexes the audience. We hear about celebrities’ outlandish habits all the time, but Donny’s is one for the ages. He enjoys licking salt.

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“Donny licks the salt off pretzels before he eats them,” Marie told journalists about her brother’s strange behavior. She added that he has never explained why, but that it’s something he has done his whole life. At the very least, Marie is convinced that he consumes them after licking them rather than returning them to the bag.

Shelves Filled with Gold

Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay were the founding members of the Osmond quartet. Among their many achievements, the Osmonds have a large collection of gold records, having earned four. “Leaving it all Up to You” was released in 1974 and was one of the first albums to be certified gold.

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The album “Featuring Songs” was published in 1976, and songs from their TV program were also gold certified. Even though they are performing again, the Osmonds haven’t released an album since 2011. We would love it if they returned to the studio to make more magic!

Living the Life

The entertainment industry is a difficult one to break into, yet some celebrities’ children have renowned parents who can assist them. Not every celebrity has a fortune in the millions, but those who do tend to buy a lot of goods. Marie was raised in luxury, having achieved the level of success she did at such an early age.

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She seemed to have a Louis Vuitton fixation, as she was never spotted without one of their notorious bags. Spotted between acts with curlers in her hair and an apple in her hand, Marie was seemingly unconcerned about anything else. When money isn’t an option, of course, you can buy some really outrageous and costly items.

Family Man

Donny’s five children with his wife, Debbie, are more important to him than his singing and acting career. In truth, the singer of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is overjoyed to be the father of his grown boys. While Donny’s family went through some difficult times, he has made it his duty to ensure that his own family does not make the same mistakes.

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Donny married Debra Glenn in Salt Lake Temple when he was 20 years old and already famous. Donald Clark Jr., Jeremy James, Brandon Michael, Christopher Glenn, and Joshua Davis are the couple’s five kids. On vacation or on the road, the family is frequently seen having the time of their lives.

Broadway Accomplishments

Donny is undeniably committed to his roles as a caring husband and parent. Aside from being a family guy, he’s enjoyed a considerable bit of success on Broadway, having featured in three productions. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, in which he played the main character, was by far the most successful.

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He was also the main character in Little Johnny Jones. In his most recent production, he played the villainous Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. Based on the images, Donny appears to have enjoyed the challenge of playing the bad guy for a short time.

Secret Admirer

Isn’t it true that celebrities have hidden crushes? We can’t help but wonder why a person gives off the impression that they like us. You’ve probably had a secret crush in the past. Donny made a guest appearance on The Kumars at No. 42 and had no idea that he had a hidden admirer waiting to see him.

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Sanjeev Bhaskar, the show’s star, said his wife had always wanted to marry Donny and even converted to the Mormon faith when she was younger. Sanjeev joked that she could go off with Donny if she wanted because he was on the show, and her joy flared.

A Fantastic Children’s Celebrity

Animation is a fantastic genre. It’s more than merely repositioning the character. Yes, animators produce the movements, but there’s a lot more to each animation than just having it follow the rules of physics and moving realistically. Many super fans are unaware that Donny has appeared in several animated TV shows and films throughout the years.

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His silky-smooth voice is just as wonderful when he’s on stage as when he’s not! Captain Li Shang, from the Disney film Mulan, is a part that almost everyone has heard of. In the movie, he sings “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” He also appeared in The Osmonds in 1972 and in Cartoon Network’s huge smash, Johnny Bravo.

Record-Breaking Artist

Let’s take a break from Donny for a moment and look at some of the other members of the Osmond family. Take, for example, Jimmy, the youngest member of the Osmond family, who set records in the United Kingdom that he still retains to this day. Jimmy was just 9 years old when his song, “Long Haired Lover from Liverpool”, hit number one in the UK singles charts in 1972.

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Jimmy became the youngest musician ever to top the British charts. The youngster, now a man, laments: “The house I grew up in was a succession of motels throughout the world. My first house, which was someplace in Los Angeles, I don’t recall.” Sad!

Music for Hearing Aids

Getting a hearing aid for the first time is a unique experience, and for many people who think they need one, it’s something they’d like to know more about before proceeding. Older brother Tom, and family patriarch George Osmond, were born deaf. The family couldn’t afford hearing aids, so the other brothers banded together to perform and collect money for them.

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This is how the musical journey began: traveling from place to place to save money for hearing aids. Isn’t that adorable? What a thoughtful thing to have done.

Jessica Blosil

Most admirers and followers of Marie are familiar with Jessica Marie Blosil. She was adopted when she was just 2 years old, and she grew up in the care of an American singer. According to Marie in her tell-all book, Jessica came out as homosexual to Marie without hesitating.

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Marie admitted that she sobbed when Jessica came out to her when she was 17 years old and was chosen as Person of the Year by Diane Sawyer. She said she didn’t want that for her child, claiming that she grieved because of the condemnation she received from others, despite having many homosexual friends.

Pushing Back Against Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a natural part of life, but some individuals are more prone to succumbing to it. Growing up, Donny was often teased for being uncool. He could have had any female he wanted and become a major rock and roller, but he was too young and worried that it would taint his Mormon ideals.

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Before he married, Donny didn’t drink, use drugs, smoke cigarettes, swear, or have sex. He has remarked that he is proud of himself for overcoming the temptations that come with celebrity, and he has found himself guiding other up-and-coming artists at the time such as Prince and Michael Jackson.

Making God a Priority

Distractions may easily lead you wrong, but some people have found a way to cope with them effectively. God has always held a particular place in the Osmond family’s lives. In their daily lives, they consistently proclaim, “God comes first.” Donny is frequently asked how he has managed to stay successful in the tough world of show business.

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And his answer is always the same: “God first.” So, what’s the second option? Of course, there’s the family. Despite what some might have believed, he claims that this method has benefitted them over the years. He has stated that his opponents are not gullible. “I grew up quickly.”

Becoming at Peace

There are several methods and strategies for calming yourself, quieting your thoughts, concentrating your energies, and maintaining a happy attitude. On the other hand, Marie has seen ebbs and flows in her life but stays contemplative about it. Recently, it appeared that the Hollywood star has come to terms with everything that has happened to her.

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She said in one interview that she didn’t have a childhood, a traditional dating life, or even friends. “I don’t know that anyone’s life is ideal,” she says at the same time. That’s a terrific viewpoint for someone with her level of expertise, displaying the kind of maturity that only comes with age.

MJ’s Acquaintances

Friendships have a significant influence on one’s mental health and well-being. They ease stress, bring comfort, and delight, and keep us from feeling lonely and alone. Who do celebrities like to hang out with? Other celebrities, of course. As a result of their fame, the Osmonds made numerous notable acquaintances, the most renowned of whom is undoubtedly Michael Jackson.

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Donny was good friends with Jacko and remembers their time together fondly. The finest recollection Donny has is of asking Michael Jackson if he was hungry after the American Music Awards when he was 17 years old. They drove Donny’s limo to purchase tacos and ate them while cruising down Sunset Boulevard, hanging out of the sunroof.

Making Bizarre Requests

Being a celebrity has its advantages. Celebs may get anything from high-end liquor to gourmet cuisine and even high-end furnishings. When Marie makes TV appearances, she has her own set of requests, but nothing as bizarre as having only the blue M&Ms in her green room. It has everything to do with the lighting.

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Her request isn’t the strangest, but it’s certainly the most surprising. According to Donny, Marie requests that the lighting be altered every time the two of them give an interview. While this might sound diva-like, it is really quite normal, and even ordinary celebrities make lighting requests.

Having No Income

To be honest, we wish we had a fraction of what some of these celebrities earn so we could live in a luxury mansion with a chauffeur. (Or, perhaps, we could just pay off our college loans.) But, amusingly enough, superstars don’t always gain money from their employment. As previously said, Jimmy Osmond was the UK’s youngest-ever No. 1 artist, yet even though you might expect fame, wealth, and millions of dollars to follow, Jimmy didn’t make much from the album’s sales.

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Jimmy has stated that show business is not fair, even though things have improved recently. “We sold 100 million albums, and the money we made on record sales is nothing,” he continued. He said that the profits were equivalent to what might be generated currently by just selling items.

High Performance Fees

We all have access to the financial details of the affluent and famous thanks to business journals like Forbes. Making money is fine in and of itself, but headlines about celebrities’ net worth sometimes conflate riches with wisdom and success. The story is also shaped by social media. Many celebrities promote unrealistic lives by posting photos of designer clothes, luxury automobiles, and traveling to exotic destinations.

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Fortunately for Jimmy, he did make some money—$80 million to be precise. This richness came through live appearances, films, and television shows, among other things. This money has allowed the family members to support their businesses, feed their families, buy homes and excellent cars, and generally live extremely affluent lifestyles. It’s a shame they didn’t make much money from their record sales.

The Standard Dressing Room for a Diva

When musicians attain a particular degree of interplanetary renown, they get access to specific benefits when performing at a location. A rider is a set of requests an artist might make to the host of a place where they will be performing. Marie has avoided the traps that so many celebrities face, including those that include being a diva.

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Before agreeing to play at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, she had a request (demand) for a more spacious dressing room. She said the area was for all of her children and that she was essentially living there. Marie claims to have 15 to 20 people in her dressing room at any given time, including her children and dogs, who keep themselves occupied by playing.

Jimmy and His Cars

Big names necessitate big-name automobiles, right? Take, for example, Batman. If he didn’t have the Batmobile, he’d have to use Alfred’s 1986 Ford Taurus whenever the Penguin was around. While it would be less obvious, it’d also be rather pitiful. The Gotham Gazette would have a field day with this. Celebrity automobiles are no exception. To maintain their position and brand, the wealthy and renowned need the greatest vehicles.

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Jimmy did a great job of building a name for himself. He’s a vehicle enthusiast, so when the family’s profession was at its pinnacle, he lavishly indulged himself. He bought his first property at the age of 14, ostensibly to have somewhere to put all the cars he was buying. This is a picture of Jimmy with a DeLorean that looks like the one he owned in the 1980s.

The Purple Frenzy

It’s unusual, but true, that practically all successful individuals have odd habits. Fundamentally, creative people place little value on their actions and thoughts, allowing them to explore new things that do not conform to societal conventions. Many hypotheses circulated regarding why Donny wore purple socks all the time, including OCD and the possibility that they were his good-luck charm.

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Donny clarified everything by explaining that it was his mother’s idea for practicality. She devised a system in which each child had their own-colored socks, ensuring that there would be no arguments or confusion about who owned which socks. Donny wears purple all the time as a tribute to his mother.

Accepting Lucille’s Teachings

Sure, being brilliant at what you do—and especially becoming recognized for it—is remarkable. That, however, is insufficient. What’s more striking is the ability to solicit and accept ideas from other experts on the subject. When Marie was 16, Lucille Ball taught her a few tactics she’d picked up over her long and distinguished career, and they’ve stuck with her ever since.

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Fairly enough, this advice has helped her in her career advancement. Marie was a guest on Lucille’s show once, and Lucille taught the kid some cosmetics and lighting techniques. This might explain why Marie is still adamant about how she is lit. Imagine getting advice from a seasoned veteran like Lucille Ball!

Donny’s Drug Controversy

Donny is calm and confident whenever he recounts major accomplishments in his career and becomes reflective about the difficult times. Surprisingly, he doesn’t appear tired or bored. But does Donny the Performer ever turn off after a lifetime in the spotlight?

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Surprisingly, Donny has stated that he was under a lot of pressure to create a drug controversy to make him appear more like a rock star or TV personality. Donny was signed to Virgin Records about this time as a favor to Peter Gabriel, but his name wasn’t mentioned on the radio after his songs were aired. Donny held strong, sticking to his ardent beliefs and refusing to participate in the PR hoax, remaining clean.

Reality’s kernel

Some partnerships begin on the sweetest possible note. Some news is simply terrible, no matter how we look at it. Others, on the other hand, are amusing and need a grin. As it turns out, the song “Could She Be Mine?” has a kernel of reality. In 1975, Donny was dating a girl named Tammy, and his brother was dating a girl named Debbie.

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They went on a double date to an Elton John concert, and during “Your Song,” Donny thought to himself, “I’m going to marry her someday.” Debbie ultimately consented, and the two have lived happily ever after. Maybe that’s where the song’s inspiration originated from.

Celebrity with a Multiple Personality

Celebrities, like everyone else, have several personas. For years, celebrities have created entire albums under their alter egos or creative personalities, and we, as fans, have loved it! Donny may appear to be a wild man on stage, but his home life is everything but. When he’s onstage, he doesn’t let the big projections of his face distract him from being impassioned in the moment.

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It’s a different story at home. He is a wonderful father and husband and a down-to-earth guy. He mows the lawn when most celebrities have it taken care of for them. He’s even been quoted as saying that he’s a “capable electrician” at home.

Marie’s Nutrisystem Tale

Marie’s weight has fluctuated in the past, but the last time she realized she was gaining weight, she resolved to make a permanent change. According to her commercials, she seems to have dropped a lot of weight on the Nutrisystem diet. “You have to eat something. You don’t have to worry about what to eat because it’s simple and done for you. There will be no weighing of food or counting of points,” she stated.

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She had dieted for years and had yet to find her groove until she came across Nutrisystem. She began this pioneering diet at the same time she began her run on Dancing with the Stars, which demanded six hours of effort every day from her. She also joined a jogging club. “As a result, I’ve kept my weight loss going for the past 14 years,” said the Paper Roses singer.

A Proud Father of Five

As previously stated, Donny is a proud parent and has five boys with his wife, Debbie. Donny Jr., the oldest son, is over 20 years older than Joshua, the youngest. Jeremy, the second-born son, was the first to marry and give Donny a grandson, followed by Brandon and Chris. Donny is a happy father who frequently posts images of his boys on social media.

Source: Instagram/@donnyosmond

Donny and his five sons went on a fishing vacation to Alaska, and Donny shared many photos from the trip. We’re sure you did a double take when looking at those photos because Donny’s boys are all very similar to him! Each one is their father’s child.

Dealing With Postpartum Depression

Marie has a long and illustrious career ahead of her. Despite enduring multiple losses in her life, including bulimia, postpartum depression, and the death of her son, Michael, when he was 18 years old, she is usually happy, exuberant, and modest. Marie was concerned that she could be suffering from the “baby blues” after giving birth to her son Brandon.

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This frequent ailment develops when the baby’s hormones are no longer present in the mother’s system, causing an imbalance. However, in Marie’s instance, the sentiments did not go away as quickly as they should have. She now emphasizes the significance of women getting treatment if they suspect they might be suffering from postpartum depression.

The Infamous Disney Start

Through a fortuitous accident (or an act of God), the famed Osmond brothers found that their career would begin at Disneyland. In an attempt to seek a large record deal, the Osmond family traveled to California to speak with record producers and executives.

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Because an appointment with one of these producers was canceled due to George’s hectic schedule, he decided to take everyone to Disneyland instead. The youngsters saw the Dapper Dan Disney barbershop quartet and began singing with them almost immediately. Tommy Walker, the park’s director of visitor relations, was among those who gathered. He inquired if they wanted to perform that night at Disney After Dark.

The Osmond’s Bankruptcy Scare

Donny has withstood it all in his six decades in show business, from chronic anxiety to professional failures and near bankruptcy, and has come out on the other side with a lucrative new solo residency in Las Vegas. The family was on the edge of bankruptcy in 1975, especially after two of their albums failed to chart.

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To re-establish their fan base and revenue flow, they erected a TV set near their home in Utah for the Donny & Marie show. After it was canceled by the network, they recorded two albums to recoup their studio expenses. These also didn’t go as planned, but instead of declaring bankruptcy, they paid back every dollar they’d borrowed and continued on.

They Began Selling CDs in 2008

You can’t dispute that the Osmonds have a place in pop music history and in people’s hearts. Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay, who recorded their debut album in 1963 and then added Donny, Marie, and Jimmy, have collectively and individually put out nearly 200 albums since their appearance on national television. There are 200 albums!

Source: Tumblr

This is possibly the most startling of all the revelations. The Osmonds didn’t start releasing songs on CD until the first year of Barack Obama’s presidency! That’s right, they decided in 2008 that it was finally time to put the albums away and dive into the early 1990s. Regrettably, MP3s had already swept the globe.

Alan Osmond Decided to Join the Army

Alan was the band’s behind-the-scenes leader for much of the Osmonds’ career, playing piano and guitar, co-writing many of their songs, co-producing most of their albums, and coordinating the dance choreography. As many young adults in the church do, Alan opted to leave the band and embark on a Mormon mission, but something wasn’t quite right while he was there.

Source: Twitter

For several days, he fasted and prayed for direction, and after considerable soul searching, he recognized that the mission wasn’t for him. In the end, he opted to join the army and serve his nation in Vietnam, working as a colonel’s secretary on a post in the United States.

He Won Awards in Boot Camp

Alan found that entering the army was a lot easier than he had anticipated. Alan knew he wouldn’t be fighting, but everyone in the army had to go through basic training. Every member of the military, from the surgeon to the mechanic, has been educated to fight and kill, and current wars have shown that combat and killing can happen at any time.

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His years in the spotlight, it just so happened, might have given him an advantage at boot camp. His expertise in choreography aided his bayonet abilities, and his harsh travel schedule prepared him for being sleep-starved in boot camp. He was also a superb shooter. He graduated from basic training with three awards.

David Osmond Was Diagnosed With MS

David might have been born with music coursing through his veins. When he was younger, he and three of his siblings formed a musical quartet known as the Osmond Boys. David was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 26. Donny’s nephew, who is also a singer, was confined to a wheelchair for a period and could only walk with the aid of a cane.

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He did, however, obtain a large dosage of steroids so that he could marry his fiancée. David felt significantly better after the injection, and while pain is still a part of his life, he is no longer in a wheelchair. He continues to have great memories of life to his best ability.

Jay Osmond Authored an Autobiography

Jay was the drummer in the family band and was the youngest of the original group known as The Osmonds. Jay delivered lead vocals on the group’s smash hit “Crazy Horses”, taking on the position of drummer since the hard rock song suited his more guttural voice. When Donny left to pursue a solo career in the 1980s, Jay stayed with Merrill, Wayne, and Alan as a member of The Osmond Brothers. Since then, Jimmy, their younger brother, has occasionally joined in.

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He authored an autobiography called “Stages” much later in life, in which he weaves the reader through the family’s various trials and accomplishments while on the road together during the 1970s. There are also tales regarding the family’s collaborations with celebrities like Elvis Presley and the Beatles. The book was even designed to be a play on the concept of stages.

Collaboration and Competition with the Jackson 5

Donny, Marie, and the rest of the family weren’t the only ones to perform as a family in the 1970s. The Jackson Five, from Gary, Indiana, was another extraordinarily gifted family. The two groups used to collaborate on concerts. Both families once stayed at the same hotel in Toronto, and their children played football against each other.

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The reality remains that the Osmonds copied the Jackson 5’s sound to achieve widespread popularity in the 1970s. When the Osmonds’ first single, “One Bad Apple,” triumphed over the lads from Gary, and their smash “Mama’s Pearl” did the same in the winter of 1971, the Osmonds reportedly saved the Jackson 5 from achieving their fifth straight No. 1 song out of the gate.

Above Everything Else, Family Comes First

We’re confident that you’re familiar with Donny and Marie by now. But did you know they have seven other famous brothers?! In the previous three generations, the Osmonds have expanded at an exponential rate. Olive and George were the catalysts for the whole thing.

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The family has nine children, 55 grandchildren, and 70 great-grandchildren since 2013. That’s 124 descendants in the family! No one has been forced to stay in the music industry. Some of the children have gone on to become physicians, while others have excelled in academics and other fields.

Talk About a Super Fan

The Osmond family has entertained us for years and has a fantastic musical heritage that was begun by a remarkable pair. George and Olive Osmond had nine children, who had 55 children, who had 48 offspring! The family had several funny events throughout the years, some of them coming from the fans.

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They would have a lot to laugh about if they reminisced. People would climb over just about anything to get close to the Osmonds in the past. According to one weird anecdote, someone really sent themselves to the family’s hotel room where the brilliant family was staying. What a rabid follower!

Jimmy Was Good Friends with Michael

The Osmonds and the Jacksons were often perceived as competitors as they moved through the ranks of celebrity in the 1970s. Jimmy, a Provo, Utah, resident, said the two families were “always cordial.” “It’s a great loss for each and every one of us,” he remarked of Michael Jackson’s death in June 2009.

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Jimmy, like his brother Donny, was a close friend of Jackson. The two families collaborated on several projects and spent a lot of time together. Many songs composed for one family might have passed to the other as a result of this connection. To receive tips, each family watched the other’s performance.

Weird Fans, Indeed

There’s no denying that celebrities appreciate their fans, but some of their most ardent supporters sometimes go a bit too far. Even if these fans have the greatest of intentions, things might quickly spiral out of control — which is exactly what happened to these celebrities. Whether it’s an unusual present, a strange request, or simply a case of mistaken identification, the Osmonds have had their fair share.

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The fan interactions, on the other hand, become far creepier. For example, after a performance for their adoring fans in Florida, the family returned to its hotel room to recover and discovered ropes dangling from their balcony. The family called security at the front desk to check on what was going on, only to discover that two fans had climbed to the top of the building and repelled down to their room!

Brilliant Musical Influences

Was there ever a group as good as the Osmonds? They not only made the transition from kid stars to adult performers, but they also experimented in genres that would have put Spinal Tap to shame, ranging from harmony to disco. They were squeaky-clean Mormons who, by all accounts, never succumbed to showbiz’s more well-known temptations. Their hair and teeth were eerily similar to those of John F. Kennedy.

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Some think it impossible for musicians like the Osmonds to have musical influences since they were so close-knit and didn’t have access to CDs or MP3s back then. They accomplished this by absorbing and loving all of the music they heard at the many different events they attended. They were aware of many genres and utilized them in their performance.

Check Under the Stage Instead of On the Bed

As previously said, the Osmonds had their fair share of strange fan encounters. When it isn’t hanging in the hotel room, the fans have come up with something else that is both inventive and odd. Another insane thing a little girl did to meet the Osmonds was to sneak under the stage and hide.

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She hid beneath the stage, where the drum set was, and as the drummer began a solo, she sprung to her feet and wrapped her arms around his legs. Did you suppose we were talking about backstage, where she may have met the Osmonds? No, she had a whole other idea.

Attempting to Perform Opera

Jimmy began his career as a performer when he was 3 years old, on Andy Williams’ television show. Jimmy celebrates his 50th year in show business this year. The Moon River Band, with special guests Charlie Green and Emily Penny, joins the youngest member of the world-renowned Osmond family. Of course, a night with the Osmonds would not be complete without some of the chart-topping classics that made Jimmy and his brothers famous.

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Jimmy appeared on Popstar to Operastar, a British reality program on which aging pop artists are forced to sing opera songs. He described it as one of the most difficult things he had ever done, but one that he thoroughly enjoyed. He has been singing in the same style since he was 3 years old, and he said it was incredible to hear his voice in a new light.

Is There a Curse on the Osmond Family?

They made millions by projecting a holy image, but behind the smiles, there was mental illness, bankruptcy, and even sexual assault. Marie is typically attributed as having experienced the most adversity in her life. When her adoptive son, Michael, committed suicide in 2010, this was further proven. He stated in his statement that he wanted to put an end to his depression demons as well as his long battle with drugs and alcohol.

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As she battled to cope with the pain of her son’s death, Marie had sealed herself away with her renowned family and with God, as she has done before. Marie tried to commit suicide in 2006 while suffering from postpartum depression. Rumors abound regarding an Osmond family curse, and if it has been handed down to the next generation as a result of their own traumatic childhoods.