The Pictures of Insta Golf Girl Paige Spiranac

We are impacted by social media daily, and some have even gained a considerable following, especially on Instagram. Utilizing that following and self-promotion creates numerous financial and other professional opportunities. Professional golfer Paige Spiranac is one celebrity that has exploded on social media with 1.5 million followers.

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Paige started with trick-shot clips but shifted to more suggestive photos of herself. Was she adding to the sport of golf or negatively impacting the image of female golfers with her revealing clothes. Despite her message of body positivity, some of her photographs have drawn controversy. Let’s see why!

Always Practicing

Golf is not a simple sport, and you never know what kind of game you’ll have. Paige said that she loves going to the golf course because golf is the toughest sport. This photo has her looking dazzling, so she could be before or after her game.

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She’s dressed in an athletic outfit of a tight shirt and athletic leggings. Talent alone isn’t always enough in sports and you need to put in practice time to succeed. Paige manages to add something extra that helps (at least with her photos) and that’s good looks.

Night on the Town

After working on the golf course all day, we’re sure that Paige has days when she needs to let off steam and have a fun night out. It seems like she’s about to do just that when she snapped this picture.

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Wearing a skintight gray dress, the athlete proves she can clean up nicely. We love this side of her, with her hair parted on the side and her makeup all done. It appears that she’s about to have a great night!

Paige is actually newly single, after divorcing her husband, athletic trainer Steven Tinoco. They married in 2018, and managed to keep a low-profile marriage. Now, she’s single and ready to mingle!

Cute and Casual

One of the reasons users love seeing their favorite celebrities on social media is that it gives them a peek into their real lives. They get to see what they are actually like when they are with their families, grocery shopping, or at home in pajamas.

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Paige shows us what she looks like when she’s lying around at home. She took and posted this selfie in her bathroom mirror, wearing a golf t-shirt. She looks fantastic lounging around like this!

Confident Golf Clothes

Paige has received a lot of comments on the outfits she wears on the golf course. They consider her outfits revealing and go as far as to question what she brings to golf. Critics have alleged that she sexualizes women’s golf.

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Despite the critics, we love how Paige dresses, and it appears that she feels super confident in her style of clothes. Plus, her clothing choices definitely do not affect her talents out on the golf course, and she still brings her best to every game.

Promoting Sportswear

One of the benefits of being an athlete on social media is that you can make thousands from promotional work. Here Paige is promoting the new sports clothing line, Chive Golf Polos and Gear. Though the tank top and shorts are revealing, the golf socks are not.

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We are pretty confident that this outfit is meant for around the house and not for the golf course because it would most likely distract other players. Nevertheless, Paige would be the person to replace the classic golf wear with her own provocative and trendier look.

Snuggles in Bed

Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing in bed on a weekend morning, reading a good book, or sometimes even getting in our giggles with a comic book? Though I believe that most of us don’t look as good as Paige while snuggling up with some comics.

Source: Instagram

Paige shares her love of Iron Man with her Instagram followers as she lounges in a red bralette and fuzzy blankets. Is this her way of inviting us to cozy up with her? We’re optimistic that many fans wouldn’t need much convincing!

Little White Dress

Paige celebrated New Years’ with a flowy, short white dress, which she has been spotted wearing in a couple of her Instagram posts. The dress really accentuates her long legs, and the tanned shoes work to elongate them even more.

Source: Instagram

Paige admitted to her followers that she bought these shoes to try and make her feet appear more tanned, as they are paler than the rest of her body because she’s always wearing socks on the golf course. We’re sure some people can’t relate to that problem!

Importance of Training

Golf is the primary form of exercise that Paige does, but she also works out a lot during her downtime to stay in shape and competitive. Paige is dazzling as ever here in a matching workout set, baring some midriff as she is doing an outdoor workout.

Source: Instagram

She braided her hair to the side to keep it away from her face. Whatever jump rope workout she is going to do, her position as a social media influencer is guaranteed to attract additional followers.

Santa’s Favorite Helper

Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the time to eat festive food, spend quality time with loved ones at home, and dress in the holiday spirit. So, it comes as no surprise to see that Paige is ready to celebrate the holiday.

Source: Instagram

Paige is wearing a Christmas Santa hat, a green, low-cut sweater, red lipstick, and a genuine smile. She looks incredibly adorable, ready to spread the Christmas spirit, and her happiness is contagious to her followers.

Iron Man Fangirl

Paige shows off her geeky side in the photo, and we must say that she pulls it off quite naturally. Once again, she’s showing off her love for Iron Man, this time wearing denim shorts, an Iron Man tank top, and even an Iron Man phone case.

Source: Instagram

But let’s be honest – as nerdy as the gorgeous golfer tries to be, nothing, not even an Iron Man shirt, can make her look like a geek. We think that she would even rock a full Iron Man suit.

Enjoying Some Time Off

You’re not alone if you have ever felt jealous while browsing Instagram. People share the best parts of their lives and all of their fabulous vacations. Looking at other people’s trips can be super interesting (and painful), especially when you aren’t able to travel yourself.

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Paige looks impeccable while on her vacation, wearing a long yellow maxi dress, and of course, showing followers some leg through the dress’ slit. We love the nature background. Paige looks like she’s having a great time!

All We Want for Christmas Is Paige

There is nothing more thrilling for a kid than Christmas morning when they get to run downstairs and see their gifts under the Christmas tree. Christmas brings out a childlike quality in Paige, which we can see in the photo she posted.

Source: Instagram

Paige crouches next to her Christmas tree with all of her gifts and looks so excited to open all of her presents. She looks especially cute here, wearing a plaid onesie whose colors are perfectly festive for the holiday.

Afternoon Naptime

Who doesn’t love just lying in bed? Athletes have grueling and hectic schedules, frequently flying around the world for competitions. That kind of schedule can be insanely draining, so it’s crucial to take advantage of downtime. Paige appears to be enjoying herself.

Source: Instagram

Paige is cozied up with a pink fuzzy blanket. Her caption on the post included how much she loves lazy movie nights with snacks at her home. As a golf player, she probably loves her time in the sun, but as she said, she also loves lazy nights at home.

White Workout Set

It’s clear from her Instagram account that she has a lot of workout clothes. And that’s not surprising. Since she’s an athlete who consistently needs to work out, she requires a lot of proper gear for her workouts. She doesn’t shy away from posting her workout clothes.

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In this photo, she highlights her shape in an all-white ensemble featuring white gym shorts and a white ASU tank top, which is where she played collegiate golf. And we must admit, we’ve never seen someone’s hair look so glamourous during a workout.

Gym Rat

In this picture, Paige is showing off how she stays in shape when she’s not on the golf course but posted up at the gym. It’s crucial to keep up with your fitness goals as an athlete. Here, Paige appears to be focusing on her arms.

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Her golf swing would not be as powerful as it is without having strong arms. And of course, she does it looking beautiful and with a full face of makeup on. Heck, she doesn’t even look like she’s breaking a sweat!

Every Woman Is a Wonder Woman

We aren’t sure if Paige was attempting a superhero Wonder Woman outfit, but that’s the result, and she totally works it. You know that you look great when you can pull off a Wonder Woman look.

Source: Instagram

The photo is from before the U.S Open golf tournament. It’s inspiring that she is able to maintain a successful career with 1.5 million followers on social media, all while being criticized for outfits like this strapless red shirt and these short denim shorts.

Paw-sitively Adorable

We adore this selfie that Paige took of her and her dog, Niko, driving in the car together. It’s evident that she genuinely loves her Australian cattle mix puppy that she brought home in April 2021 when he was seven weeks old.

Source: Instagram

She wrote on her Instagram account and captioned this photo by saying how much she loves this dog. We have to say that these two are super eye-catching together, and we love that she’s advocating for adopting dogs!

Looking Exquisite

Paige manages to look good no matter what kind of look she’s aiming for. Here she’s looking a bit more refined as opposed to her typical workout or golf looks. She’s wearing a tight, patterned dress that shows off some side cleavage.

Source: Instagram

She accessorized with a headband with her hair down and some soft, minimal makeup. It’s good to see her enjoying the weather, not on the golf course, on what seems like a bright and summery day. And she certainly looks like a model in a fashion magazine!

Pretty in Pink

Paige looks absolutely fantastic in this Valentine’s Day photo that she posted, not to mention her charming facial expression. She is festively dressed in a light pink shirt which she paired with light pink lipstick – the perfect shade for Valentine’s Day.

Source: Instagram

She shared with her followers how happy she was that it was Valentine’s Day, though she was most looking forward to the day after the holiday when all of the heart-shaped boxed chocolates would be on sale. It’s apparent that Paige is not only gorgeous but also hilarious!

Grab Your Surfboard!

Few things are more entertaining than having quality girl time and taking some Instagram pictures together. It is even more fun when your friend is professional surfer Anastasia Ashley, who also has an admirable number of followers on her personal Instagram page.

Source: Instagram

Paige posted this snap of the two friends and wrote a caption about how she was excited to be getting surfing lessons from Anastasia. What we would’ve done to be there!

Summery Florals

We love transitioning into summer mode by wearing bold colors and floral prints, and Paige is pulling off both wonderfully. She’s wearing a yellow-orange floral sundress and wore her hair in two braids. Though enjoying summer, Paige loves everything but the heat.

Source: Instagram

She wrote along with the photo that while she was in Arizona, it reached over 100 degrees outside. She said she’s ready for the summer season in general, minus the heat. It’s awesome that she looks that good during a heatwave, all with a smile.

Golf Meets Fashion

There are a lot of talented professional golfers out there. But what sets Paige apart from the others is that she is beyond being a very talented golfer and became an influencer and model through her social media platforms.

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It’s really impressive to look that stunning while playing a sport. We love her sense of fashion; some may say it’s provocative, but whoever said it was a bad thing to be offbeat? We imagine that people are just jealous.

Naturally Beautiful

Paige radiates natural beauty, and this picture is proof as she is showing it off. With her glorious long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, this athlete was destined to take and share selfies.

Source: Instagram

Here she is showcasing what she’s got in a light pink tank top that has crisscross ties in the front. Still, Paige keeps the outfit looking classy. Her followers can’t get enough of these photos, and we can understand how she’s gained such a large following!

America’s Next Top Golfer

Another photo where Paige is suggestively eyeing the camera, serving us her best model look. Did she get personal lessons from the famous supermodel, Tyra Banks? Because the professional golfer’s over-the-shoulder glance seems to suggest that she knows what she’s doing.

Source: Instagram

Here she’s wearing a white, low-cut bodysuit that showcases her back and cream-colored lace shorts. She appears to be in summer mode, which we are certain she loves because it then allows her to show off her fantastic figure.

Beach Babe

Paige loves showing followers her fun side, and that’s what she’s doing in this Instagram picture. Here she is going to the beach in a pastel pink one-piece bathing suit and a red beach coverup. It looks like Paige can pull off any color, and the pastel pink matches well with her skin tone.

Source: Instagram

We are obsessed with her high ponytail; it just exudes summer flirtiness. It appears like she’s about to go have some fun in the sunshine, and she looks glowing!

Pumped to Pump Iron

Working out is much more enjoyable when you are in a cute workout outfit. It makes you feel confident and ready to knock out an excellent workout. Having quality workout clothes actually makes you revved up to go to the gym rather than cringe at the thought.

Source: Instagram

We love this workout set that Paige has chosen to wear, a matching set made of pink leggings, and a gray and pink sports bra. She certainly appears pumped to go pump some iron.

Good Hair, Good Day

One aspect about herself that Paige truly seems to love is her hair. And we totally get why. It seems like this professional athlete is always having a great hair day, whether she’s playing a game on the green or especially in this picture.

Source: Instagram

A good hair day is something special, but Paige’s hair is only the beginning. Besides having an amazing hairdo, Paige is also showing off some of her collarbone and midriff in this cute floral shirt. She looks beautiful and ready to take on a great day.

Collarbone City

In this picture, Paige is looking sensuous as she gives her fans a clear flash of her collarbones in her cream, off the should sweater dress, and wavy hair. We assume that she’s not going to choose this dress to wear to play golf.

Source: Instagram

A nature walk seems like the activity for such a very comfortable look. She’s showing her fans a different, more serious side of herself, and she still looks just as stunning as always and very confident.

Abs of Steel

Everyone has taken a classic mirror selfie. But not many of us can do it while showing off an intense set of abs like Paige. It’s no secret why she chose to pose in a sports bra and spandex shorts because she has the body to pull it off.

Source: Instagram

If we had those abs of steel, we would also be uploading photos of ourselves every day. It looks like all the workouts that Paige is putting in are definitely getting results, on the green and in of the mirror.

Sports Modeling

Paige’s modeling isn’t exclusively her mirror selfies. The athlete has booked some pretty big modeling jobs, including a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated, only the most popular and most prominent name in sports magazines out there. The experience boosted her already confident persona even higher.

Source: Instagram

She shared with her followers that every woman feels empowered by doing different things. Her photoshoot was such an empowering experience for her. We love that she’s serving as an example to women all over the globe to love themselves.

Black Is the New Black

In this picture, Paige is giving us a woman whose best friend is the color black. Her ensemble is super flattering of Paige’s body and curves but still keeps things appropriate for an LPGA tour.

Source: Instagram

Though based solely on the photo, we cannot tell if she is just in practice or playing in an actual tournament. The only thing missing from this all-black outfit is removing the white visor to replace it with a black one to complete the look.

Black And White

Paige is pictured at the golf course on a beautiful sunny day, because where else, and it could be for one of two things. One, she could be there to practice her golf swing. Or two, she could be practicing her poses with golf clubs.

Source: Instagram

Paige is looking really cute and sporty in her outfit, consisting of her black tank top, black visor, white tennis shoes, and white mini skort. We love this minimalistic look and wonder if she kept all the black pieces and white pieces together for a reason.

Eyes on the Prize

Paige does a great job of consistently showing her fans her silly and flirtatious sides. One that we don’t see so often is her serious side. This picture captures her in a more serious light, concentrating during one of her practices.

Source: Instagram

Here she looks to be focusing hard on her positioning, or she is just posing for the camera. She is wearing a form-fitting pastel pink tank with a tye-die design on it. She exemplifies the total package, and then some!

Flaunt What You Got

When you’ve got a good body, show it off! And when you put in hard work for the results, that’s even more reason to flaunt it. We see from Paige’s Instagram account that she works hard for her body.

Source: Instagram

And the dedication is noticeable. She is getting some killer abs, as she’s showing followers in this picture. She has been putting in reps of her core workouts, so she has a consistent and more stable golf swing. It’s absolutely inspiring to see her level of dedication.

Piercing Eyes

This Instagram post once again finds Paige on the golf course, though we can’t tell if she’s here for a practice or a photoshoot. Her outfit of a brown scoop neck t-shirt and short shorts aren’t helping us clarify the circumstances.

Source: Instagram

We’re also unclear if she’s giving us a look of confusion or seriousness here. Is she trying to determine whether the putt is breaking right or left? Or sassily smiling for the photo? Whatever the reason, she still manages to look great.

Short Skirt

Being a skilled collegiate turned pro athlete comes with a long list of perks that most of us can only ever dream about. You get to meet other famous athletes and get the chance to participate in really excellent opportunities.

Source: Instagram

It must have hurt when you learned about the contest to play golf in Dubai with Paige as your caddy. We empathize with the agonizing disappointment you felt when you found out that you didn’t win the opportunity to face off against One Direction’s Niall Horan and PGA golfer Roy McIlroy.

Just a Pink Lady

Every shade of pink that Paige has ever posed in has looked stunning on her. And pink is a tricky color to pull off. She paired her light pink tank with a red and white striped skirt while her hair was pulled back into a half-up hairdo.

Source: Instagram

Golf has taken Paige to all kinds of places all over the world. She loves to post some beautiful pictures of herself in these faraway places on her Instagram. Always the one to flex her funny muscle whenever she can, she always adds a fun caption to her posts.

Bright White

If we thought pink was a tough color to pull off, white is even more of a challenge. It can get dirty so quickly and holds onto grass stains for years. Neither color has managed to scare off Paige, who looks fabulous in both.

Source: Instagram

In this Instagram post, Paige can be seen looking super sporty in her ensemble. She put together an outfit of a white visor, a black tank top, a white zip-up jacket, and a black mini skirt. She’s able to play her game while staying fashionable at all times.

Selfie Sunday

This Instagram photo highlights Paige’s stunning face, even underneath a hat! Here we see Paige looking like she is taking a break between holes on the golf course. She managed to make time to squeeze in a selfie, so we were blessed with this picture.

Source: Instagram

Not only does she know her angles, making her modeling work a no-brainer, but she knows how to get her best angles when she’s the photographer. She’s a beautiful professional golfer, every part of her!

Spring Has Sprung

It looks like Paige takes advantage of every single opportunity outside of golf games to wear what she actually wants – extremely snug and revealing clothes. Paige appears to be in good spirits, happy, and carefree as she plays a round of golf.

Source: Instagram

It’s nice and refreshing to see a professional athlete not taking their sport too seriously and recognizing when to have some fun. Plus, her fans most definitely enjoyed the outfit she chose for the casual golf outing.

Black and Red

A lot of women love the combination of black and red for a fiercely seductive and sexy outfit. It’s such a classic color combination for all occasions. It’s safe to assume that if a woman can’t find any white items in her closet, then she’ll reach for black and red.

Source: Instagram

Here, Paige looks stunning in the color combination. She is rocking a red sports bra and snug black workout leggings. She topped her look off with a white hat that had some red embroidery to tie into the color scheme.

Workout Ready

Paige is flexing her abs, and the rest of her body, for us in an onyx blue sports bra and black fitness leggings. She has posted numerous suggestive and steamy photographs of her on the golf course and working out for her followers.

Source: Instagram

But she also keeps it real with her followers. She has confessed to them about her experiences with cyberbullying. It’s great that she isn’t trying to put on a facade and can be genuinely honest with everyone.

Neutral Tones

Playing golf has been a massive, transformative part of Paige’s life. She entirely loves golf and has been playing the sport since she was 12 years old, where she eventually went on to play at the collegiate level at San Diego State University.

Source: Instagram

Her Instagram activity got her some incredible modeling opportunities, like with Sports Illustrated. Still, it has also accumulated criticism ranging from middle-aged men to female journalists on whether this type of woman has a place in golf.

Happy With a View

When you’re spending years of your life honing your craft, there is always time to pause what you’re doing and pose for a picture during the middle of practice. Here we see Paige doing just that, taking a breather from practicing her swing.

Source: Instagram

The picture is beautiful for a multitude of reasons. Paige looks beautiful, per usual, and is rocking her signature enthusiastic smile. Her cream and red ensemble highlight her figure, and the mountains in the background bring everything together.

Fitness Queen

Paige loves posing for the camera, no matter the time or place. The athlete looks radiant with her hair tossed up into a bun and a bright peach tank top. It looks like Paige’s workout of choice in the picture is running, is there anything she can’t do?

Source: Instagram

It’s evident that Paige uses a lot of her time to work out, which is typical if you want to be on top. The 25-year-old poses assuredly for the camera and shows off her toned body. We can think of a number of people who would love to join Paige on a run.

Another Day, Another Selfie

Paige’s social media followers are blessed with several selfies of the pro-golfer. It’s nice to see how she relaxes at home, still donning, of course, a revealing outfit and finishing off the look with glasses.

Source: Instagram

Here she looks beautiful and very toned, so it’s not surprising that so many people want to follow Paige and see what she’s up to every day. She manages to look both intelligent and flirtatious in the picture, which we know for a fact guys are eating up.

Zombie Apocalypse Training

Paige posted this picture on Instagram along with a caption, stating that she doesn’t enjoy cardio workouts, so she imagines a bunch of zombies running after her. It looks like her strategy is working, as the pro-golfer often posts photos of her running.

Source: Instagram

She appears as if she’s a fitness model rather than a LPGA pro in this picture. We are here for the fact that she inspires other women to view strength as sexy. The world ought to have more of that type of inspiration.

Selfie at Home

In this very adorable picture that Paige posted, she begs for forgiveness from followers due to her recent lack of golf-related posts recently. We can’t imagine that too many people mind seeing this side of Paige, her more authentic self.

Source: Instagram

With a picture like this, it’s clear as to why she has so many followers. Followers love seeing their celebrities in their normal lives and not just when they’re doing their jobs. We are living for this striped dress, knee-high socks, and glasses outfit.

Futuristic Fashionista

Paige is portraying her future self in this picture. In the Star Wars-themed picture, Paige seems ready to switch over Sith Lords to the light side of the Force. It must’ve been fun to swap her normal workout photos and selfies for something a bit different.

Source: Instagram

As a comic book fan, we can imagine how much she loved the chance to model for Golf Digest. This photo series made the cover of the prestigious magazine. Paige looks absolutely fabulous in this shiny silver suit. We are sure followers would volunteer to travel to space with her.

The Lean Swinging Machine

Women who work out love yoga pants, and not only for yoga. Paige is spotted in several photos wearing yoga pants, and there’s a reason for that; the pants are appropriate when you’re required to be at the golf course for hours.

Source: Instagram

It’s tough to find someone who can pull them off better than Paige. She is flawless in this photo as she concentrates on her target and looks ready to make a winning swing. She has our attention, and she sure got a lot of looks on the golf course this day.

True to Form

If this picture can serve as proof, it proves that this pro-golfer is always true to her form. Paige looks absolutely stunning in this sultry golf dress as she follows the golf ball flying towards the target.

Source: Instagram

The 5-foot-6 San Diego State alum looks great in everything: a swimsuit, a workout set mid-workout, or her standard golf attire. She is definitely a dynamite, and putting all of the criticism she deals with aside, no one can argue with that fact.

Fairway or Runway?

Many LPGA golfers have an issue with this outfit, but we can only assume that they’re just jealous. Paige looks freaking incredible, and she brings her A-game, so what’s the big deal here?

Source: Instagram

Golfers may say that this outfit is comparable to a WNBA star running onto the court in a bikini, but we think their reactions are a bit exaggerated. We think it’s just that Paige has such a curvy figure that it looks all the more scandalous.

Small Skirt

In this Instagram picture, Paige is wearing a short skirt which she paired with a red scoop-neck tank top but seems to be very concentrated on her swing. It appears to be only an issue for spectators who are distracted by her outfit.

Source: Instagram

The small skirt perfectly highlights her rock-solid figure and shows the world just how hard she’s worked to get this body. She has worked to embrace herself, what she brings to the table, and continues to set personal goals.

Gymnastics Career Pre-Golf

Paige’s abdominal muscles have been in the works for years, and it’s blatantly obvious to everyone she sees based on how ripped she is. With all of the time that she spends working out, it’s no wonder her abs look this good.

Source: Instagram

Her abs remind us of Team USA’s Aly Raisman’s, and not just by some coincidence! Paige used to be a gymnast who had big dreams of going to the Olympics and competing at the global level before she became a professional golfer.

A Casual Resting Spot

In this photo, Paige is giving the camera a very different type of pose, laying down and crossing her long legs. She looks gorgeous in this charcoal gray dress, black booties, bold gold jewelry, and a messy high bun.

Source: Instagram

Paige is one of the celebrities and professional athletes participating in a charity event. She is offering the opportunity to play golf with her in the silent auction. How much would some hardcore Paige Spiranac fans pay to play a round with her?

Featured on YouTube

Paige looks wonderful in this video still in her red tank top and tight pink skirt. With her fashion choices and magnetic personality, it’s not so surprising that every single one of her posts has hundreds of thousands of likes and viewers.

Source: Instagram

She posts a range of content over her multiple accounts across several social media platforms. Paige is known for everything from intimate and selfie pictures in the bathroom to more professional videos where she shares expert golfing tips.

Appearing On the Red Carpet

My goodness, who is that Hollywood star? She is reminding us of Anne Hathaway, but with her hair dyed blonde and a nose job. With her loose waves pushed to one shoulder and her makeup flawlessly done, Paige looks incredible.

Source: Instagram

She looks like a real movie star as she stopped for an interview at a charity event that she was attending. We’re confident that she blew the interviewer away with her conversation like she is blowing us away with this look.

Sporty and Sassy

Somebody needs to sign this beauty to a modeling agency and get her to sign a contract, or they are seriously missing out. She knows her angles and has already proven that she knows how to work them in front of a camera.

Source: Instagram

She has had an amazingly successful golf career, but it looks like she could also have a ridiculously successful modeling career! Just leave the golf world behind, girlfriend, because with your look, you are destined to model.

A Vision in White

Those women at the LPGA must have a real hateful issue with this woman. Paige is beautiful, like a movie star. They cannot keep up with this. They have commented about her outfits on the golf course, so just imagine if she showed up in this.

Source: Instagram

Her choice of clothes on the golf course has been incredibly controversial, and we can only imagine what these naysayers would say if she came to play a round of golf rocking this low-cut and flowy dress.

Sports as a Coping Strategy

Paige often shares with her followers that despite her popularity now, she was the subject of bullying when she was younger and sometimes even now encounters bullies. One of the strategies in which she worked through this was by playing sports.

Source: Instagram

She had hopes of competing as a gymnast at the Olympics, but after fracturing her kneecap twice, she was compelled to give up the sport. So, she had a discussion with her parents about which sport she should start instead.

Not A Fan of LPGA’s Dress Code

The LPGA, the female golf world’s governing association, is the one that writes and enforces all of the rules. Last July, they released a document containing the new dress code. To say that the dress code is a strict one would be a bit of an understatement.

Source: Instagram

The dress code outlines the dos and don’ts of women’s professional golf attire. A couple of the rules stated that leggings weren’t allowed (unless worn underneath a skirt or shorts), no joggers, and plunging necklines are prohibited. Essentially, Paige’s whole wardrobe.

She’s a Natural Beauty

There’s a solid reason why Paige enjoys posing without makeup – it’s an excellent opportunity for her to showcase to her followers that her beauty is 100% natural. She doesn’t require a lot of makeup or filters to look gorgeous.

Source: Instagram

Indeed, not every person in the world can rock the natural look, and even more definitively, they aren’t posting pictures like these on the internet for hundreds of thousands of people to see. We’re wondering what changes we need to make to our nightly regimen.

“Stranger Things” Shout Out

There is an endless amount of shows on Netflix of all different genres. The golfer has proven that she’s a bit of a nerd at heart with her love for Iron Man, but in this photo, she’s showing her love for Netflix’s “Stranger Things” by rocking their t-shirt.

Source: Instagram

Paige posted this picture to Instagram and included a caption about the show’s second season. She reached out to her followers to see their thoughts on the show and even joked that she had to take some time away so she didn’t binge it all in one sitting.

Paige vs. Her Critics

Paige is not one to let critics change who she is. She has come a long way to love herself, and it’s something she continuously works on. She often speaks about the impact that cyberbullying has had and how it continues to impact her.

Source: Instagram

She said that every time she’s feeling great about herself, it seems like someone always has something rude to say about how she looks. She recognizes that she dresses provocatively but applauds her parents for raising her to be resilient and independent.

Advocating for Self-Love

Paige has posted many pictures of herself online highlighting her body, showing off some skin, and seeming like she is very comfortable while doing so. Something that isn’t as easy as one might assume just from looking at her pictures.

Source: Instagram

She has been the recipient of outrageous amounts of unsolicited comments and judgment for posting these kinds of pictures. She wears what she’s happy in and encourages other women to do the same, even if that means showing off certain parts of their bodies.

Paige Nailed Sports Illustrated

Professional athlete, spokeswoman, self-love advocate, social media influencer, and new model? What can’t this woman do?! You would assume that Paige has been a model her entire life solely based on the photos she shot for Sports Illustrated.

Source: Instagram

While her resume of modeling jobs has been exponentially growing, by far, the proudest moment so far in her career was being asked to participate in the shoot for the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She blew everyone’s expectations out of the water.

Embracing Her True Self

It can get tiring dealing with all the negative comments and history of relentless bullying. Paige decided that she had enough of pretending to be the perfect little girl that the media wanted to portray her to be. She just wanted to be herself and encourage others to do the same.

Source: Instagram

She is rocking an understated white V-neck tank top and black skinny jeans in the picture she posted to Instagram. She paired this picture with a caption that shared with her followers that she wasn’t going to change herself to please other people. We are all about that message!

Enjoying Golf From the Other Side

What a breathtaking view…of that mountain range and 18th hole? Paige looks gorgeous in this picture in a red and cream striped dress that shows off her body’s curves and cleavage. She also curled her hair and let it cascade over her shoulders.

Source: Instagram

It’s a refreshing change to see her enjoying the sport from the spectating point of view. I think even those who aren’t huge golf fans wouldn’t mind watching a few PGA tours as long as Paige was along for the ride.