The True Story of the Incredible ‘Octomom’ and Where She and Her Family are Today

In 2009, the world looked on as an incredible phenomenon occurred – childbirth. But this wasn’t a standard delivery. One may gush when encountering a mother with twins or triplets, but in this case, it was more than a few babies. As her nickname suggests, Octomom birthed eight infants in one pregnancy.

Octomom Nadya Suleman & Her 14 Children Launch Their Shake At Millions Of Milkshakes
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Many people were intrigued just by the sheer oddity of the occurrence. In contrast, others were genuinely interested in the actual experiences of Nadya Suleman, or ‘Octomom.’ This article will delve into the details of Nadya’s life like never before. Plus, we’ll also update you on Nadya and her children’s lives today!

A Family of Her Own

Growing up, Nadya had a childhood devoid of a loving, supportive family, and she yearned for one. As a kid, she decided that her life goal was to have a family of her own someday, that she would treat lovingly and provide with the compassion that had been denied to her.

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Someone should have told Nadya to be “careful of what she wished for,” but no warning would have sufficed even then. Young Nadya had no idea the whole world would look on as she finally got her dream family. Becoming pregnant marked the beginning of her miraculous journey.

Goals for Graduation

Not long after graduating high school, Nadya began working towards her goal of creating her dream family. Some people believe that it’s better to wait until you’re older and more experienced to have children, but not newly graduated Nadya Suleman – starting a family was her number one goal.

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Most young adults were more interested in work and higher education, but not Nadya. Building a supportive, loving family to care for was more important than college or a career for Nadya, which means that when she started dating, she searched for a guy who was marriage material, someone who wanted kids.

Head Over Heels

Being gorgeous and intelligent, Nadya had her fair share of men vying for her affections. Though in the end, one young man stole her heart. The lucky guy was Marcos Gutierrez, a produce manager at a neighborhood shop. Nadya and Marcos started to date, and she felt herself falling for him fast.

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As Nadya had clear priorities, she needed to make sure that Marcos was on board from the get-go. Luckily, Marcos soon proposed, and the two got married and began to work towards their goal of having children. Sadly, things didn’t go as planned; a terrible disappointment awaited Nadya.

Risky Business

Nadya decided to pursue a degree at Mt. San Antonio College; she studied to become a psychiatric technician. The degree would allow her to work at the Metropolitan State Hospital, a psychiatric institute, and develop a career that would back her financially enough to support a family.

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Nadya’s job was far from average and secure; she treated patients daily with mental health problems from schizophrenia to mania and depression. It was scary to be locked inside all day with patients displaying mental troubles. The patients were usually harmless, though sometimes tricky circumstances arose. Despite this, Nadya wanted to help.

Eruption of Chaos

In September 1999, twenty of the patients at the hospital where Nadya was working incited a riot. She got stuck in the center of the uproar, and violent anarchy reigned. While attempting to defuse the situation, she caught the eye of a rioter who threw a table that hit Nadya in her lower back.

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Nadya was severely injured; the hospital said she had a herniated disk. Since she couldn’t work, she filed for compensation and received around 200,000 dollars, which would support her in the meantime. But Nadya was far more worried that the injury may have impaired her chance of getting pregnant.

Dreams in Jeopardy

It wasn’t only the physical pain that Nadya felt; she was also shaken emotionally. Not only did her back require time to heal, but so did her soul. It was incredibly traumatizing to have been injured by a patient she knew and trusted, someone that she had cared for herself.

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Recuperating wasn’t a simple process for Nadya. Her inability to go back to work was frustrating and bewildering. Nadya felt rejected and lonely. Worst of all was her fear that the injury had caused Nadya more than her job, but her potential ability to create her own family.

A Hard Blow

Despite their fears, she and Marcos tried their best to conceive, but to no avail. The newlyweds were feeling entirely down and approached several doctors to learn about their options. They tried every approach that was suggested to them, but nothing succeeded. Nadya began to feel incredibly melancholy.

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Nadya’s dismay and resentment weighed upon her, and she sunk into a deep depression. From there, things only got worse; Nadya and Marcos’s most profound fears were confirmed. Their inability to conceive was because Nadya was infertile; she would never get pregnant using traditional methods.

Alternate Options

Her unfortunate infertility didn’t deter her; she wouldn’t give up that easily. Having a family was her utmost goal! The determined young woman started looking into alternative ways to have kids. Sadly, Marcos hated the idea of alternative conception, and the couple bickered and grew apart.

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Nadya decided to attempt having a baby using in vitro fertilization. In vitro means taking eggs from the subject’s ovaries and fertilizing them, using sperm, in a lab, after which the eggs are returned to the woman’s uterus, potentially leading to pregnancy. Marcos objected and threatened to divorce Nadya if she followed through.

Him or Her Dreams

Nadya now had to choose between her marriage and her dream of having children; this was the most challenging choice she ever made. Nadya resolved to divorce her husband to go forward with her goal of raising a family of her own. She chose to try in vitro fertilization.

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Nadya was sad to give up her marriage, but in 2000, the two ended their relationship and moved on. Though she felt grief over this loss, Nadya was giddy about her future. Nadya had faith that all would turn out well, but she knew that it wouldn’t be easy.

A Complex Process

There were hurdles to Nadya’s plan; in vitro didn’t have a 100% success rate, and it was a costly investment. Each round of the procedure costs about 15,000 dollars. Nadya wouldn’t let these obstacles stop her from trying. It was the third problem that worried her.

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Doctors usually advise using a few eggs from the subject to raise the chances of insemination in at least one. More eggs cost more money, which Nadya was willing to spend, but there was an additional risk that many potential parents fear. What could happen, and would Nadya choose to risk it?

Taking the Plunge

The challenge that Nadya had to risk before beginning the in vitro process was that the more eggs she tried to fertilize, the more may succeed and be inseminated. More insemination meant that there was a chance Nadya could end up with more than one baby, a prospect that often scared trying parents.

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But, for Nadya, the idea that she may have more than one baby wasn’t scary, rather exciting. She had waited so long to have children that she felt ‘the more, the merrier.’ Even so, Nadya never expected she would have as many children as she did.

Hello Elijah!

Nadya wasn’t bothered by the prospect of having more than one baby. Therefore, she offered as many eggs as she could to be fertilized, and it worked! In no time, Nadya was pregnant with a baby boy. In the year 2001, she gave birth to Elijah, the first of her many kids.

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But she’d only just begun; Nadya knew she wanted to have a big happy family. The success of the in-vitro and the warmth and contentment she felt caring for Elijah prompted her to continue. Nadya absolved to use the remaining eggs and attempt to have another baby.

Keep Them Coming

It worked, and the following year Nadya gave birth to a daughter, Amerah. Excited for the prospect of more kids, Nadya tried again soon. This time she was pregnant with twins! But enough wasn’t enough; Nadya kept going and had a total of six kids within a few short years.

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Many families would consider six children too many; even religious people statistically stop there. But Nadya wasn’t done yet; the joy and bliss of mothering her six kids only made her more motivated to have more. This drive, along with a controversial moral choice Nadya took, made her famous.

More Children!

Nadya had six eggs left and wasn’t taking any chances. Nadya spoke to her doctor to Michael Kamrava, who had treated her through all her previous pregnancies. She wanted to get pregnant again. This mother’s love for her children kept driving her to have more; this was her lifelong dream.

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Being an ardent pro-life advocate, Nadya decided to use all the eggs she had left this time instead of one or two. She knew she wanted to have many more children and didn’t mind the consequences. If this doesn’t seem bizarre enough, read on for her next wild choice.

World Record

Doctors typically recommend using two eggs at once when doing in vitro. But Nadya asked Dr. Kamrava to use all six fertilized eggs she’d frozen. She didn’t know if it was a good idea to ask for three times the recommended amount. She wasn’t scared of the idea that she may become pregnant with six babies.

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Nadya didn’t stop there; she decided to ask Dr. Kamvara to inject her with another six eggs aside from the frozen ones. It was unheard of to inject a dozen eggs into one mother. It meant that she might have twelve babies at once.

Carrying Eight

Dr. Kamvara had reservations but agreed, and it worked! He succeeded in implanting twelve fertilized eggs in the ecstatic Nadya’s uterus. Low and behold, Nadya became pregnant with eight babies and was overcome with joy. But it wasn’t that simple, would she be able to carry eight babies successfully?

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Nadya may have six children, but the most she’d carried at once were twins. Doctors were worried about whether she was physically able to carry and give birth to octuplets. Being the first woman in history to do this, she received ample media attention, adding mental strain to her physical struggle.

Welcome ‘Octomom’

Nadya quickly gained national media attention, and her drama went viral. From the news to social media, the story of ‘Octomom’ was everywhere. She got her unique nickname from the media, and it stuck. The nickname was so catchy that it gained her more exposure.

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When you hear the name Octomom and find out about a mother carrying eight babies, it’s natural to want to know more. But this wasn’t easy on poor Nadya; it was hard enough physically and emotionally being pregnant with eight. All the media exposure put her under loads of stress and incited widespread judgment.

It’s a Miracle

Nadya Suleman successfully gave birth to all eight infants, and there was a feeling of international relief. We are sure that women everywhere celebrated the immense physical effort Nadya must have had to use to pull off their birth. Octomom did it!

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Nadya’s were the first octuplets ever to survive for more than a week. The mother couldn’t wait to bring her new eight babies home to their six older siblings. Their big happy family had grown from seven people to fifteen. The babies were healthy, so the media and medical community began to speculate and inquire.

Fame Overnight

Nadya became a celebrity overnight. She was photographed by paparazzi, taped, questioned, and written about on every platform. Her story was still a mystery to the public, and everyone was writing about it. Taking into account that she now had to support fourteen children, Nadya knew what she must do.

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She brought in a PR team to Nadya hired a professional public relations team to aid her in controlling the narrative and making money off the media attention she was receiving. She needed money to help care for her fourteen kids and had to turn her fame into capital.

The Struggles of Celebrity

The Octomom persona started taking over Nadya’s life. She was constantly documented and criticized. People misjudged her intentions, thinking that she did the whole thing for fame and fortune rather than for the love of motherhood. Furthermore, the sympathy and support she had gained in the beginning also started to fade.

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Her integrity was under severe judgment. It got to the point that she was harassed on the street for being an immoral parent. People saw her as an example of the degradation of America. Her choice to have fourteen children by herself also incited a conversation about government-funded assistance.

Telling All

As the burden of her extensive media attention grew, Nadya felt defeated and was ready for the continuous surveillance and judgment she was haunted by to be behind her. She understood that she needed to make an extreme move to end the speculation. Nadya needed to tell her story on her terms.

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The famous mom of fourteen kids agreed to be interviewed for People Magazine. Nadya finally revealed to the public the real woman behind the Octomom persona. She shared the struggles of single motherhood, her lack of sleep, and her wishes to move forward in the interview.

Money Problems

Opening up in her interview only led to more criticism of Nadya. Her Octomom persona and the attention it brought her helped her make money for her 14 kids but cost her time and caused fear and pressure. If she quit the media, they’d lose the income it provided.

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Nadya was nearly unable to function due to stress and no sleep. She had no choice but to apply for welfare; this choice further increased her public criticism. Things went from bad to worse, she was reported to child protective services, and her children were almost taken from her.

Heinous Rumors

The judgment and antagonism Nadya’s story attracted had caused the public to wonder if she was an incapable or abusive mother. From playing at the park to shopping for food, people watched her every move. Child Protective Services were alerted and began to investigate whether Nadya was a competent parent.

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Nadya and all her children were questioned, their home was thoroughly examined, but in the end, no proof of foul play was discovered. Nadya’s home was declared safe and sound for her fourteen kids to live. Though the authorities had cleared her, Nadya’s struggles were far from over.


Just as she thought things were finally looking up, Nadya’s landlord demanded that she evict her apartment immediately. The landlord alleged that they had broken their contract. She was aghast and did what she could to keep their home. But once the media became involved, she was forced to leave.

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Life was terribly frightening for Nadya. With fourteen children and nearly no income, they were kicked out of the only place they’d known as home and felt safe. This hurdle forced Nadya to the unthinkable, and she further monetized the Octomom persona to support her family.

Desperate Times

Her time was running out; she had to find a way to care for her children. Her landlord had evicted them, and to afford a home, she would have to take advantage of the media attention she’d received and use it to get the funds her family needed.

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Nadya ended up doing much she’d regret, including movies, music videos, and more sinister things. She almost ruined her image and proved those who had ridiculed her right, but her fifteen minutes helped her survive financially. Would she recuperate after being offered $250,000 to make a documentary about her life?

From Nadya to Natalie

Finally, she had enough money to support her children. Nadya jumped at the chance to get her life together and become the mom she had dreamed of being. Nadya was ready to leave behind the persona of Octomom. All she wanted was to live a private, regular life with her kids.

Octomom Nadya Suleman & Her 14 Children Launch Their Shake At Millions Of Milkshakes
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Nadya first and foremost changed her name to Natalie. She wanted to make it harder for the media to find her while also excited to have a fresh start. Secondly, Nadya went back to school, working towards a master’s in counseling; this allowed her to work as a family therapist.

Plant-Based Parenting

These days, all of Natalie’s kids are over the age of ten and doing great. You can see posts about her kids and the nutritious plant-based meals she prepares for them on Natalie’s new Instagram account. The whole group is happy, healthy, and vegan. She advocates the health benefits of vegan food strongly.

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Natalie openly shares the story with her children, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The older of the bunch vividly remember the media attention and still hate having their pictures taken. She empathizes but still believes that every choice she made was for her children’s long-term benefit.

Life Saver

Natalie made a tremendous change in her life from media sensation to nonpublic mommy. When asked about this transformation, she tells of the moment that gave her the strength to become who she is today. Natalie confesses that her conversion began when a “guardian angel” saved her life.

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At the time, Nadya was working doing shameful things at questionable nightclubs. One night at the club, a man approached her, looked her in the eyes, and firmly told her repeatedly that she didn’t need to do this. Natalie proceeded to break out in tears, knowing it was time to change.

Happy and Healthy

In retrospect, Natalie has accepted that her choice to have so many children at once was “foolish, immature and selfish,” understanding that she should have been more altruistic. She knows that she didn’t deliberate enough at the time. But Natalie doesn’t regret her choices; her children mean everything to her.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

At present, Natalie has become a mature and moral woman. She shares her family’s journey on Instagram with more than 100,000 followers. It is clear from her posts that she’s grown into a great mother. Natalie is celibate, intent on putting all of her energy into caring for her kids.

The Simple Life

Even though she knew it would put her income at risk, Natalie chose to leave behind the Octomom media character. Even with her part-time job and welfare, the family still had to downsize without the media. They live month to month and take all the government help they can get.

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She hopes to teach parents to make smarter choices for themselves and their children; Natalie’s journey sets an example of failure, endurance, and maturation. She begs others to refrain from calling her Octomom now, explaining that selling out to survive almost broke apart her family and had her contemplating suicide.

Moving Forward

Life keeps improving for Natalie, who spends her time caring for her kids. A recent article described their home as being run “like a military operation,” orderly and organized. Good for Natalie for maintaining order and control over fourteen youngsters all by herself. She’s happy she finally escaped the Octomom burden.

Source: Twitter

Despite the drama finally behind her, Natalie still needs to support her kids financially, without help from the media buzz, making her further appreciate any free time she has with her kids. Natalie’s family decided to return to Laguna, her hometown, where they live a quiet, low-profile life.

Beautiful Bond

Raising fourteen children is an immense responsibility; even just keeping track of where they all are, seems impossible. Natalie’s up for it and tries to be as involved in each kid as possible, helping them reach their potential. She has to parent uniquely since some are more extroverted while others are introverted.

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Natalie has one autistic child, Aiden; this is less of a challenge than in a regular family. Natalie’s kids chip in to take care of Aiden, especially Makai, who shares a special bond with her brother. Natalie does her best to teach her kids that being different is good.

Holiday Cheer

Natalie finds it essential to raise her children with strong value systems. She teaches them the significance of giving and sharing. She teaches them to be grateful for what they have by giving them each only one gift during the holidays.; this teaches the children humility.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

Their imperfect financial state is just one more reason to buy each kid one gift. Any parent would be distressed at the thought of purchasing fourteen presents on every holiday. Natalie feels that her kids must learn the importance of a good work ethic and self-sustainability.

Back to School

Sending kids to school induces anxiety in all parents. Attempting to get eight kids ready for their first day of school at once was a nightmare for Natalie. She even kids around that she’s the school’s official bus driver since she takes fourteen kids to school together every day.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

Natalie recently shared that her oldest six children refused to sit for their school pictures, still traumatized by cameras, because of the paparazzi that followed them and violated their privacy as youngsters. Thank goodness that these days the only pictures they have taken of them are by their mom.

Exercise Therapy

Natalie has managed to remain a physically fit and healthy woman. It always inspired envy and applause from women in her life that she managed to maintain her skinny, well-muscled figure despite her six pregnancies, one of which was with octuplets. How did she stay healthy while raising fourteen kids?

Source: Tumblr

Natalie shares that she finds it extremely important to dedicate around two hours daily to working out at the gym. She has used exercise to work through the anxiety and stress of raising her large family. It’s also helped her move past the pressures she was under from the media.

Quality Time

Although she knows how to discipline her kids, Natalie is also notoriously fun and understands that quality time is elementary. She likes to watch scary movies and do sports with her sons while also bonding with her girls, with fun stuff like trying out makeup and skincare on their “spa nights.”

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

During her many years being a Mother, Natalie developed ways to have quality time with all her kids at once. She has found that group activities are a great way to have fun together while giving each kid the personal attention, appreciation, and love they deserve.

The Dr. Oz Show

In May 2018, Natalie was invited to the Dr. Oz show with some of her children to discuss their crazy story and Natalie’s struggles to reach where she is now. On the show, Natalie told all, from her choice to try in vitro fertilization, her insistence to implant twelve eggs, and more.

Source: TV Guide

She explained in detail her transformation from determined Nadya to the Octomom media persona to today’s happy, healthy Natalie. During the Dr. Oz show, Natalie also promoted her new YouTube channel full of plant-based food contests, video blogs, and much more.

Their Genes

Interestingly, genetics play a far more prominent part in the way children look than we may initially believe. The scientific concept “genetic variety” means that not every one of a person’s genes are “active” in their children; this explains why sometimes siblings look nothing alike.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

Natalie gets to experience the wonders of genetic variety firsthand. With fourteen children, statistically, some of them are bound to look completely different. Of course, Natalie loves her children equally no matter how they look or act. Their variety just adds more aspects to their unique and colorful household.

Fit Fam

Natalie knows that making sure your children are healthy and physically fit is an essential factor in their development into seasoned, joyful adults. She keeps them on the right track by maintaining a vegan household. Furthermore, they exercise regularly and join in a variety of sports, such as running marathons.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

They try and join events that are for worthy causes and raise money for people in need. Natalie’s big merry band is always excited to contribute to their community; she did her best to raise them to be helpful, humble people. Let’s hope they keep up the excellent work.

Happy Mother’s Day

Every mother loves Mother’s Day, but for Natalie, it’s gratifying. Considering all the compassion, effort, and sacrifice that Natalie has made for her kids, it must be wonderful to feel how grateful and loving they are. It must be awesome to get fourteen cards, presents, and hugs for Mother’s Day.

Photo by Chris Hondros/Newsmakers/Getty Images

Natalie’s journey as a mother has inspired her to pen a memoir. She will detail her many hurdles and adventures, beginning with her choice to have fourteen kids and bringing up her wonderful autistic son Aiden. She is ready to tell her story and no longer afraid.

Soul Sisters

Natalie’s ten boys all look pretty different from each other, while her four girls are almost identical. Since they are only four out of fourteen, Natalie’s daughters Amerah, Calyssa, Maliah, and Nariyah have tons of time together. They love to make dinner together, put on makeup and play dress-up.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

The four girls recently went out to celebrate Amerah’s ‘Sweet Sixteen.’ Amerah. As the oldest daughter has always been a help to Natalie in raising the rest. Natalie tries to carve out quality time to spend with her daughters, but the whole family also has a tradition of hanging out altogether.

Full Family Fun

Their tradition is important to Natalie and is a way to bring everyone together despite their chaotic schedules. They have “Family Fun Night” when they all join in various fun and games on Saturdays. The whole family loves the tradition, and make sure to never miss it, unless of an emergency.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

Often on Family Fun Night, they watch a horror movie, play a fun new game, or have an exciting family debate. Natalie shares that one of the family’s all-time favorite movies to watch is ‘The Shining,’ a 1980’s cult classic; they also all love to play chess.

Halloween Times Eight

Each of Natalie’s children is special in their own way. One way they like to stand out is on Halloween by wearing different crazy costumes. They also like to act in school plays. Though, of course, impressive and extraordinary separately, Natalie’s octuplets make a great, powerful team together.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

The octuplets are pictured above as a group before their performance in the school play. The children all look cute and intelligent, and the photo brings to light the differences they display. Even though they don’t look alike, it’s still easy to see that all eight are related.

Camera Shy

With fourteen children, it’s near impossible to get a picture of them all at once. The hyper young ‘uns are never in the same room all at the same time, so imagine trying to get them all to say cheese together. Plus, the older kid’s hatred for the camera doesn’t help matters.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

The most kids Natalie has managed to photograph as once is eleven out of fourteen. However, she hasn’t succeeded in getting even one picture that everyone focuses on and faces the camera. The family does not seem to mind, and neither do their loyal social media followers.

Viral Family

Aside from her viral Instagram account that has accrued over 100,000 followers, Ms. Suleman had started a vlog on Youtube that shared more of her family’s unique journey. The first post she put on the blog is a video of her oldest daughter Amerah, giving a speech to her mother.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

Natalie wanted to have a fun, regular vlog with recipes and recommendations and some personal family stories. Her followers seemed to love it, but Natalie ended up deleting the channel and removing all the content she’d shared. She did so at the request of her kids, who wanted privacy.

Thankful to Run

There is no time like Thanksgiving to come together as a group and give back to those in need. Natalie always teaches her children that humility and charity are essential parts of becoming a good person. So every year that join Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, a fundraising marathon.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

Natalie loves to dress her kids in matching outfits. Maybe that’s how she makes sure to keep track of them all during significant sporting events. All of her kids did great during the last marathon, and some even won first place. Natalie can be proud of them all for participating.

Healing Natalie

It’s a miracle that Natalie is alive and well after carrying and birthing octuplets. But Natalie isn’t as fit as she looks; she was seriously injured due to her pregnancy. Doctors say she’s suffered nerve damage in her back, ruptured discs, bone trauma, and severely disrupted pain receptors.

Source: Reddit

Natalie largely attributes her healing to the physical exercise she does for an hour or two every day. She believes that exercise also helped her repair and regain balance emotionally, aside from helping her recover from her physical ailments. Full recovery could take years, but luckily Natalie has an extensive support system.

All Grown Up

Natalie recently shared a photo of herself as a kid, then Nadya, in 1978 dressed up for Halloween. Natalie says that her mother had sewn her clown suit and hand-made all her Halloween costumes. It’s unbelievable that the young girl in the photo has overcome so much.

Photo by Jason Mitchell/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Her journey of becoming a single mother of fourteen children, raising them in the media spotlight, and finally freeing herself and growing into who she is today unimaginable. Her story is an inspiring one, about passion, endurance, and understanding consequences to become a less selfish person eventually.

Cat Person

Even during her lonely childhood, Natalie always had cats. She’s the opposite of the stereotypical cat lady, not alone with her cats, instead, with fourteen kids. From all the many feline friends Natalie has adopted throughout her life, one of them holds a special place in her heart.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

His name is Boots. At first sight, Boots looks like an average cat in old photos. But in truth, her childhood pet weighed over fifty pounds, and her stomach would touch the floor while she walked. Even today, Natalie’s still housing many kitties. Her kids love them, especially her daughter Calyssa.

History and Tradition

The person in the photo below may look to you like Natalie’s son Caleb, but it’s her mother. The photo was taken in 1940’s Germany, and her mother looks like a Russian doll. Her eastern European genes could explain why Natalie’s children have such a wide variety of skin tones.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

Her family history, culture, and traditions are an essential part of Natalie’s life. She makes sure that they celebrate every holiday and family tradition, as well as upholding family values. Furthermore, coming from a mixed background, Natalie teaches them to accept and love those who are different than them.

10 Times 8

The most exciting time of year at Natalie’s house is the birthday of her octuplets. In January 2019, the octuplets celebrated double digits; all eight of them turned ten! For their party, Natalie took the family to the Orange County CircusTrix amusement center for family fun.

Source: Youtube

Even in light of their money troubles, Natalie’s family is doing well. Her kids are growing up to be wonderful young adults, each unique and talented in their way. It is incredible to realize that they were the first octuplets born without complications and that they’re all alive and well.

Productive Household

Natalie understands the importance of chores. She keeps an organized home, and her kids have learned how to take responsibility and care for themselves. They each get weekly chores equally distributed. Everybody chips in; some cook while others clean and straighten. Her system seems to work, and the household is orderly!

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

On Inside Edition, Natalie shared that her kid’s chores are given out depending on each child’s strengths and preferences. Jeremiah is a perfectionist, so he gets laundry, while Jonah is energetic and likes washing dishes. Nariyah is the house chef; she loves cooking vegan meals for her family.

Practice Makes Perfect

Natalie’s catchphrase is “work hard – play hard.” She does her best to drive her children to have fun while still developing their talents. Natalie says that her children often push each other to improve at math. And lucky for Natalie, they love to sing and play music together.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

The Suleman family are all highly talented when it comes to music. Noah, one of the octuplets, is an up-and-coming violinist. The gifted young man practices dedicatedly. It is apparent in the picture above that he genuinely loves his instrument and also likes some attention from the camera.

Truly Blessed

The Suleman’s are a fun-loving, cheery bunch, inspiring their followers daily. Natalie has educated her children well; they are each special in their way. Natalie loves sharing how truly blessed she feels to have overcome her struggles and have such a fantastic family. All her dreams came true.

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

In a lovely picture taken on Mother’s Day 2019, you can see the beautiful presents and drawings her children gave her. With so many feelings in just one photograph, no wonder the single mom uploaded it to Instagram. Her followers make sure to flood her with daily love and support.

18th Bday

As astonishing as it may seem, Natalie just celebrated the eighteenth birthday of her oldest son, Elijah, the first legal adult in the family. Many more of her kids will soon be adults, starting families of their own. Was that Natalie’s master plan- to form a small country within a few generations?

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

In a photo captured at Elijah’s Birthday, it’s easy to see how joyful and wonderful the kids are. It looks as though having fourteen kids is an excellent way to learn to become an amazing mother. Natalie has far surpassed her goal of having a big, warm, loving family.

Sperm Donors

Now that her children have blossomed into young adults, Natalie must consider a life-changing question about the children’s paternal fathers. Because she was impregnated using in vitro, the children will have to decide whether they want to meet the donors. We wish them the best!

Source: Instagram/@nataliesuleman

Natalie isn’t in touch with her sperm donors and claims that she’ll support her children’s choice if they decide to make contact when over eighteen. Proof of Natalie’s moral compass is that she was offered a million dollars to reveal the father and chose to keep his identity secret even though she needed the money.