Two Women Made Medical History When They Got Pregnant

With so many different methods and ways of getting pregnant these days, Ashleigh and Bliss Coulter from Texas were longing to see if their dreams of being participants of one pregnancy would be feasible. The time came when the couple was ready to add another member to their family.

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They quickly realized that they needed to come up with creative solutions to make it a reality, including heavy reliance on science. After meetings with multiple doctors and exploring different procedures, the Coulter couple became part of medical history and got a precious surprise.

Always Pictured Themselves As Mothers

Ashleigh and Bliss Coulter have become quite the phenomenon when it comes to having a baby. Their sensationalism has reached their home state of Texas as well as places all across the globe. For any couple considering bringing a child into the mix, all types of conversations and choices are brought up.

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The number of questions and choices to be made goes way up if we’re talking about a same-sex couple. Both Ashleigh and Bliss had always pictured themselves as mothers in the future, but this topic wouldn’t be something that either brought up for years into their relationship.

Anything but Shy About Their Love

Ashleigh took to Instagram to share an expressive birthday post all about how much she loves Bliss. She called Bliss the love of her life, her everything, and her gorgeous wife. She showered Bliss with praises and compliments, ending with a declaration that she had affected Ashleigh’s life in many ways.

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Ashleigh and Bliss met in the mid-2010s and immediately fell in love with each other. The two have always been very vocal about their love, and it’s beautiful. Little did they know the extent to which they would bring positive changes to each other and even strangers’ lives!

A Beautiful Summer Wedding

After a whirlwind romance, the two exchanged vows in the summer of 2015. Their wedding was an event filled with friends, family, and love. But getting married wasn’t the only shared experience that they were looking forward to. Most couples wait a little bit before trying to have children.

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But Bliss and Ashleigh weren’t most couples. They had discussed it, and Ashleigh had expressed that she was ready to start trying as soon as possible! Having and raising a child should be something that both parties in a relationship want. But how was Bliss feeling about all this?

Overwhelmed by the Pregnancy Logistics

Ashleigh was very open and forthcoming about how much she wanted to get pregnant. She had wanted this for quite some time and was thrilled by the idea of this next chapter in her life with her soulmate, Bliss. She told ABC News that she and Bliss weren’t 100% on the same page when it came to kids.

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Ashleigh shared that she was incredibly interested in having kids, but Bliss was more on the fence about it. Bliss was enthusiastic about the idea of having a baby around the house, but the logistics overwhelmed her – especially the pregnancy part.

Getting on the Same Page

When it relates to having kids, it’s crucial that partners be on the same page about everything to parent their children successfully. Luckily, Ashleigh and Bliss were a more ready team than ever to take things to the next level after they got married.

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But it’s not that easy! There are numerous questions to consider and decisions to be finalized before becoming pregnant. And the newlyweds needed to decide on a pregnancy plan that would best fit them before they officially started the process. What exactly were they deciding on?

Figuring Out Exactly What They Wanted

Everyone’s situation when starting a family is different, whether you’re in a relationship or single or somewhere in between. As a result, obstacles and wanted outcomes need to be identified. This has to happen before concluding and finalizing any pregnancy or birthing plan.

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Several of the questions that Ashleigh and Bliss were left to consider included conversations about who would actually carry the baby? What type of procedure would they opt for to impregnate the one carrying the baby? Were they set on the baby being biologically theirs? Were they open to adoption?

Tying Up Loose Ends

For most same-sex couples, their options for having a baby typically come down to adoption or using a donor and/or surrogacy. But in Bliss and Ashleigh’s case, they agreed that they wanted to carry their own biological child. But how would they choose who would carry their baby?

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It turned out to be one of their easier choices since Ashleigh had always wanted to be pregnant while Bliss wanted a biological child without having to carry it. Though it was clear that Ashleigh was more enthusiastic to carry the baby, this wasn’t the sole thing the couple wanted for their pregnancy.

Their First Child to be Biological

Bliss and Ashleigh really lucked out with their arrangement. Ashleigh was over the moon about becoming pregnant, and Bliss was more than happy to give her the opportunity. They both were in agreement about having a biological child for their first addition to the family.

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Even though Ashleigh wanted to be the one to carry the child, Bliss also yearned to play a part in carrying their unborn baby. So, essentially Bliss and Ashleigh wanted to have each of their DNA be present in the same child. But how exactly can something like that work for two women?

Can Both of Them Carry the Baby?

Now that the pair had come to a final decision and agreed on what they wanted, they were ready to move onto phase two—finalizing the logistics of how to make it a reality. They understood that it was viable for only one of them to use their eggs.

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The other would serve as a surrogate so both could participate in the pregnancy process, but the couple wanted to go beyond that. They both wanted to carry the baby. If they thought of it, other people had, too. So, was this a possibility? Had it been successfully done before?

Contemplating In Vitro Fertilization

Whether it’s for single women, women having fertility problems, or same-sex couples, the current prevailing procedure for impregnation is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The sperm fertilizes the egg in a lab and then is held in an incubator until the timing is right to place the embryo into the woman’s body.

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This process seemed to fit everything that Ashleigh and Bliss were searching for. But some of the largest problems with this procedure is that it’s incredibly pricey, but it isn’t even guaranteed to work for one thing. Was this the correct option for them?

Lacking the Proper Technology and Science

Despite initial hesitations, the couple was determined to start a family together. Their goal was to find a strategy where both of them would have the chance to carry the same baby and without going bankrupt. They started searching for a solution during their first year as a married couple.

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It wasn’t long before they realized that this would be much tougher than expected. Bliss told People that after extensive research, they learned that there just wasn’t the proper technology or science for what they wanted to do. This didn’t deter the newlyweds, who weren’t giving up just yet.

Finding a Promising Lead

Getting pregnant and birthing a child is a natural part of humanity. Yet, it’s such an amazingly magical experience—it makes total sense why we refer to it as the “miracle” of life. Bliss and Ashleigh both wanted to participate in this beautiful experience and play an important role in the process.

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The determined duo started to channel their internal investigative skills and search for someone who could assist them in thinking outside of the box. In 2017, they finally had some luck and found a very promising lead.

The Doody Doctors

They began speaking to numerous doctors about different options. Ashleigh went on the WFAA news channel and explained that as they were two women, it wasn’t something they had seen before, though they felt there had to be some way to make this a reality.

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The couple spoke to several medical doctors and finally came across two promising fertility specialists who could provide them with answers. Dr. Kathy Doody and Dr. Kevin Doody, fertility specialists out of Bedford, TX at the CARE Fertility, had been working on technology that would change the pregnancy world forever.

No Need for an Incubator

The two Texan fertility specialists had been developing a procedure called effortless IVF. The process is pretty similar to reciprocal IVF, minus one notable step—the use of an incubator is unnecessary. This was something that Bliss and Ashleigh had not heard from any of the other doctors they met.

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Instead of combining the egg and sperm in a lab, the doctors immediately perform the fertilization in a special device, the INVOcell device, and put the device into a woman’s body so that the embryo can grow in a natural environment. How incredible! But that’s not all; there’s more.

Understanding the Implications of Their Invention

The technological and scientific progress made recently has been incredible. Dr. Kathy revealed to WFAA that when she and Dr. Kevin were at home, they started to discuss the INVOcell device and its implications in practice. They both realized that this device could be used for a same-sex couple.

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With the number of startups and developments, it really feels like anything is possible these days. But the most amazing component of the process is that it would only cost Ashleigh and Bliss around half the price of reciprocal IVF. The biggest question was if it would work.

Doctor’s Confidence Eases Their Anxieties

The enthusiastic couple was looking for modern, cutting-edge technology and other options that would work towards their dream of creating their family together and succeeded in finding it! But with new kinds of medical procedures, most people might hesitate about running to try it out.

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So, did the lovely couple still want to go forward with this new method? Ashleigh shared with CBS News that Dr. Kathy really put them at ease. Her confidence as she described what would be done and how sure she was took the couple by surprise but excited them.

Level One Complete

Everyone was on board and thrilled about the effortless IVF procedure, but would it be successful? Bliss went through the process of stimulating her ovaries and harvesting her eggs. She was the first step in the process. And things couldn’t have gone better for the Coulters.

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The eggs that had been hosted by Bliss had fertilized inside of her body! After about a week, they returned to the doctors to remove the device and freeze the embryos. Amazingly enough, after only one try, the first level was successful—they had fertilized eggs that were ready to grow into embryos.

Embryo Transfer Between Wives

The first level of the procedure was successful. Dr. Kathy explained that their research, and now human patient, further proved that a woman’s body serves as an incredibly solid incubator. The fact that humans have key internal organs, like kidneys, means that they provide naturally what an incubator does mechanically.

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Now that there was a small and usable embryo at their disposal, it was now time for them to move into level two of the procedure—transferring the embryo from Bliss to Ashleigh so that Ashleigh could carry the child to term.

Alternative Methods Are Far From Easy

Alternative means of getting pregnant are rarely an easy ride. There is a high amount of trial and error, and you can’t be sure things are going to work out. So, you can picture just how delighted the couple was upon learning that the INVOcell device was actually successful!

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But the couple wasn’t in the safe zone just yet. Similar to reciprocal IVF, the second level of the procedure is to relocate the embryo to the woman who will be carrying the baby to term. This stage is especially tough since there is no promise it’ll actually work.

Miracles Do Happen

Bliss and Ashleigh were beyond thrilled and emotional that the first part of the process had gone so smoothly and were eager for the second part of the procedure. And the team of doctors was excited to let the two women know that the second part had also been successful!

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That’s correct; on their first attempt, Ashleigh was pregnant with their unborn baby. Miracles really do happen with enough belief and faith that things will work out! Ashleigh had waited such a long time to become pregnant, but now that it was finally happening, what was going through her head?

Smooth Sailing Throughout Three Trimesters

The caring and devoted mom opened up about what it was like during her pregnancy. Some women experience all kinds of side effects and symptoms during various stages of their pregnancy. Still, Ashleigh shared that she was fortunate enough to have a relatively smooth pregnancy during all three trimesters.

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In an interview with People magazine, Ashleigh confessed that she missed being pregnant since she had such a fantastic experience the first time around. A true blessing for such an exhaustive experience. Bliss also shared how appreciative she’s been for the process and how truly blessed she’s felt.

Stetson, the Miracle Child

After nine months, the couple welcomed to the world a handsome, healthy, 8.4 pounds baby boy. How wonderful! From beginning to end, everything turned out to be splendidly successful. The two call their son, Stetson, their “miracle child” and were thrilled to welcome a new family member.

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Bliss shared with WFAA just how adorable and perfect she thought their new baby was. This entire procedure and process was obviously an emotional one, even if it ended in great success. But it still begs the question of what things were like on an emotional level for the couple throughout everything?

Importance of Supporting Your Partner

Bringing a baby into this world and raising children can be incredibly stressful on a couple—especially when you have added hurdles of extra procedures and hurdles like the ones that Ashleigh and Bliss dealt with. But their steadfast love and loyalty to each other make their love story sincerely inspiring.

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In discussion with CBS News, Ashleigh happily explained to CBS News how having a child with anyone changes not only the dynamic but your whole life. She emphasized leaning on your partner for support as one of the most vital components to a successful experience.

Just Ultimate Couple Goals

Since 2018, the two new moms have taken to motherhood like fish to water! They’ve found themselves having a smooth transition to their new lifestyle with their little boy. They’re both filled with pride because of their family and are deeper in love than ever. A rare example of ultimate couple goals!

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Even their Instagram bios are serving as places to declare their love! Bliss’s Instagram bio mentions how in love she is with Ashleigh. Ashleigh’s bio goes even a step further, naming Bliss as her wife and writing that she’s a mom to both Stetson and their pet dogs.

Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

The two were so grateful for their son and the technological procedure that made it all possible. Ashleigh emotionally expressed how thankful they were that their idea of both being involved in the pregnancy was able to become a reality. Something that once seemed like just a dream.

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The fact that Bliss got to carry him for the fertilization phase and then Ashleigh carried him to term made the experience more special for them. The couple is considered the very first couple who attempted this procedure in Texas, which makes this entire story even more touching.

Making Babies and History

Medical fertility specialist couple Dr. Kathy Doody and Dr. Kevin Doody did their research and work at The Center for Assisted Reproduction. They had been working on developing this technique for some time, so they were beyond delighted and emotional that this procedure was a success.

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Dr. Kathy enthusiastically shared with CBS that Bliss and Ashleigh’s success marked the first recorded time that two women both physically carried their baby together. Dr. Kevin added that this kind of IVF is accessible, affordable, innovative, and just much more natural. They will study this case for years!

Wanting Awareness for All Available Options

Ashleigh and Bliss’ excitement that the procedure worked for them is only the beginning. They’re excited to have opened the doors to other couples and women in similar situations. Bliss shared with People that they have a lot of same-sex couple friends who are interested in both carrying the baby.

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She ended her statement with the sentiment that she and Ashleigh want their story to be widely known so that the LGBTQIA+ community is aware of their options. While the new mothers and the Doody doctors were overjoyed about this procedure, what was the community’s reaction to the news?

Responses From the Medical Community

Despite the successful procedure, public approval from everyone will not happen automatically. Dr. Kathy confessed that the medical community had mixed responses because doctors generally have a tough time with change. She and Dr. Kevin think that Bliss and Ashleigh should continue sharing their story.

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It takes a good amount of time for new technology to be well-received, and there’s always a backlash when something new is released – particularly in the medical field. But with Bliss and Ashleigh’s amazing and positive experience, this could be the push to improve effortless IVF’s accessibility.

Basking in the Joys of Motherhood

It’s vital to speak with your doctors before choosing which alternate conception method or option is best for you. Effortless IVF is significantly less expensive than reciprocal IVF. CBS News reported Ashleigh and Bliss’s reciprocal effortless IVF procedure cost $8,000.

Source: Instagram/@ashleigh.coulter

Comparatively, reciprocal IVF with lab incubators cost between $15,000 and $20,000. This will help many couples who typically wouldn’t be able to pay for reciprocal IVF treatments. Nevertheless, the two new moms are so happy with life with little Stetson and are basking in the highs and lows of motherhood.

Pregnant Doctor Hears Screaming From Another Delivery Room

OBGYN Dr. Amanda Hess was excitingly pregnant herself when one of her patients needed her the night before she was scheduled to give birth. Dr. Amanda worked until literally the last possible night of her pregnancy.

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But just when she thought she was good to go and prepared to be induced for labor, she heard a woman’s screams down the hall. Her motherly and medical instincts kicked in, and she went down the hall to help out. She had no way of knowing what was waiting in that room—or even who.

Working Until the Last Possible Moment

It was summer 2017 in the town of Frankfort, Kentucky when OBGYN Dr. Amanda Hess was pregnant with her second child, and her due date was fast approaching. Numerous working mothers take a leave of absence before they give birth, and Dr. Amanda did try and rest before going into labor.

Source: Imgur

However, she wasn’t willing to abandon her patients – even if they needed her the night before her due date. No one could’ve known that this specific patient wouldn’t be the sole person that would be requiring Dr. Amanda’s assistance at the hospital that night.

An Early Love of Learning

Being a doctor was something Dr. Amanda had always pictured as a future for herself, and she was honored to call herself part of the Frankfort Regional Medical Center’s team. When she was a kid, she was always captivated by her science classes and enjoyed learning about anatomy at school.

Source: Facebook

These classes ignited her passion for medicine. However, there was more to the story. The reason why she chose to pursue a career in the medical field had to do with much more than interesting science experiments in class and an intense interest in the subject.

Doctor for the Entire Family

Dr. Amanda felt that she was meant to be a doctor ever since she was a child. But the main reason why she became one wasn’t only because of an interest in anatomy, medicine, and science. There was a very heartfelt and personal reason that nudged her in that direction.

Photo by Morsa Images/Getty Images

Dr. Amanda’s grandparents had a family doctor that had a close relationship with the family. He didn’t just care for her grandparents; he was the doctor for every member of the family and was incredibly helpful when Amanda’s dad when he was young and endured spinal issues.

Witnessing an Inspiring Bond

Dr. Amanda was so impacted and inspired by the bond between her father’s side of the family and their doctor. She was so taken by their connection that she decided to be exactly that! Dr. Amanda shared how much seeing this bond impacted her life in a video interview through Frankfort Regional Medical Center.

Source: YouTube

She shared that even years later, her family remained close to their physician. Seeing that made her want to be a doctor. She was really taken by the concept of taking care of every member of a family and providing quality care for people throughout their milestones.

A Vital Member of the OBGYN Team

Dr. Amanda Hess didn’t just practice any type of medicine. The determined and caring hard-working woman became a crucial member of the obstetrics and gynecology team at the Frankfort Regional Medical Center. Dr. Amanda finds true joy in her work and loves being able to provide care to mothers and newborns.

Source: Facebook

The compassionate OG-BYN’s daily work was helping to bring new lives into this world, and that was an emotional reward that no words could truly do it justice for her. But what took place so close to the birth of her own baby would create waves across the globe.

Always Wanted Her Own Family

She assisted families in the delivery room in welcoming their new children into the world and posted educational videos online to help people outside of her local community stay informed and healthy. It was undeniable that Dr. Amanda’s dreams of taking care of patients of all ages were coming true.

Photo by Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images

But becoming a doctor was only one goal that Amanda was working towards. Work was an extremely large and important aspect of her life, but in addition to that, Dr. Amanda has always wanted her own family. She wanted to care for other people’s families as well as her own.

Balancing Doctor and Mom Duties

Donning a stethoscope and lab coat wasn’t the only thing this committed medical professional was up to! As we shared earlier, it was July 2017 when Dr. Amanda was preparing to give birth and welcome her new baby into the world. But this wasn’t her first rodeo as she already had a child at home.

Source: Reddit

The skilled doctor was also a very proud mother to her first child! Dr. Amanda and her husband couldn’t wait to grow their family and welcome another baby into the world. But soon, the knowledgeable OBGYN would see something she had never encountered before in a delivery room.

Switching Mindsets From Doctor to Patient

Dr. Amanda spends her days assisting other women to become mothers and welcoming cute babies into the world. But when summer rolled around, she was getting closer to her own due date and needed to get in the mindset to switch from doctor to patient—or so everyone assumed.

Photo by Catherine Delahaye/Getty Images

It turns out that giving birth to her baby wouldn’t be the only task she would be completing that day at the hospital. It all began when the night before Dr. Amanda was supposed to go into labor, she got a surprising work call while on bed rest at home.

Always Making Time for Patients

Most working, expectant mothers will take a leave of absence before giving birth, but Dr. Amanda’s received a work call the evening before going into labor and just couldn’t lie around knowing she could still help out someone. The caller was one of Dr. Amanda’s patients who needed her assistance.

Source: The Boston Globe

Always the dedicated doctor, Dr. Amanda drove to the hospital to help care for the patient. As soon as she was done caring for her patient, it seemed that it was finally Dr. Amanda’s time to switch into being the patient. She began preparing in her own delivery room.

Distracting Noises Moments From Being Induced

It was finally labor day! Not that one, the day that Dr. Amanda was finally getting ready to go into labor. On the night of July 23rd, 2017, she reported to her delivery room. She switched out her official white doctor’s coat for a typical patient gown.

Photo by Kemal Yildirim/Getty Images

But, while she was getting changed into her gown, and only minutes from being induced, she heard blaring screams coming from the hallway. Frightened, anxious, and concerned, her maternal and doctor instincts came out, and she felt compelled to go and see what the issue was.

Nervous Nurses and Continuous Commotion

Dr. Amanda wasn’t the only one who was frightened and concerned by all of the noise that was coming from another room in the hall. When she appeared on Good Morning America, Dr. Amanda shared that her husband literally asked her if what they were hearing were a woman’s screams.

Photo by Mayte Torres/Getty Images

With yelling outside of their room, Dr. Amanda overheard some nurses speaking about what was happening. Supposedly, there was another woman preparing to give birth that was in labor. But what was causing her to scream so loudly? Why did the nurses seem panicky?

Escalated to 10 Real Quick

The woman that was in labor was named Leah Halliday-Johnson, a 38-year-old mom of three who was about to have her fourth child. When Leah first arrived at the hospital the evening before, she was only 1 cm dilated—which normally indicates that it’s going to take time before she reaches the full 10 cm.

Photo by Martinns/Getty Images

But sooner than anyone expected, just one hour later, Leah’s body was basically prepared to fully push! Still, the reason behind her screaming wasn’t because she was pushing, as one would assume. She was screaming because the nurses instructed her to try and not push.

Unable to Take Pain Medication

Everything was happening so quickly for Leah, and she couldn’t come to terms that within the hour, her body was ready to have a baby. But, since everything was accelerating so fast, Leah was unable to get any pain medication, which clears up why she was suffering that much.

Photo by skaman306/Getty Images

Leah was interviewed by the WKYT TV station and confessed that she was not going to keep her voice down about how tough it was for her not to push her baby out. Additionally, the baby was in fetal distress, so she needed medical assistance fast. But why couldn’t she push?

Desperate Need for a Doctor

It’s horrible enough that this poor woman was unable to take any pain medications, but she was also concerned and stressed about her baby being in distress—and so was the medical personnel, including Dr. Amanda. Dr. Hala Sabry, another doctor at Frankfort Regional Medical Center, posted on Facebook about the event.

Photo by laflor/Getty Images

They wrote that Dr. Amanda had heard the nurses discussing a woman in labor whose baby was in fetal distress. To add additional stress to an already stressful situation, the medical staff were attempting to keep Leah from pushing because her OBGYN wasn’t free at that time.

Quick Switch Back to Doctor Mode

The on-call doctor took an off-campus break but was attempting to return to the hospital after receiving the call. But it didn’t look like he was going to return fast enough since Leah’s baby was coming fast. That’s when Dr. Amanda walked out of her own delivery room and into to Leah’s.

Photo by FatCamera/Getty Images

Dr. Amanda did a quick wardrobe change before delivering the baby. She explained to GMA that she simply added another gown to her backside to cover her body and slid on some boots over her shoes in an effort to keep any fluids from getting on her.

Always Putting the Patients First

How incredible is it that even when she was literally pregnant full-term and just hours away from having her baby, Dr. Amanda switched back into doctor mode? During her Good Morning America appearance, Dr. Amanda expressed that most doctors are constantly thinking about their patients.

Source: Imgur

For her, it wasn’t such a big deal because she always puts the patients first. Though that may be true, it doesn’t make it any less heartwarming for the people present to see Dr. Amanda get involved. But when Dr. Amanda entered Leah’s delivery room, she had no words.

So Much Happening at Once

With so many things happening at the same time, it was difficult for Leah to completely grasp what was happening all around her. But luckily, Dr. Amanda was well-trained and equipped for this kind of situation, even if she was about to have her own baby in a few hours.

Photo by Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images

Leah explained to NBC News that she was truly in her own world, so she didn’t notice anything strange about Dr. Amanda. But Leah’s husband picked up that something out of the ordinary was happening since this woman was in total doctor mode. When Dr. Amanda entered the door, she was baffled by who she saw.

Comfort in Seeing a Familiar Face

The moment that Dr. Amanda entered the delivery room, she had no clue that it was Leah who would be the one who was screaming. It turns out, even though Dr. Amanda wasn’t Leah’s regular OBGYN, she had examined her at a check-up just a couple of days earlier.

Source: YouTube

What are the chances a coincidence like this happens? How crazy! Even though Leah might’ve been distracted by her high levels of pain, it’s always comforting to see a familiar face, specifically when you’re going to have an emergency surgical intervention.

Ready As Ever to Start Pushing

Can you picture how reassured Leah was to see Dr. Amanda walk into the room?! Still, though, Leah was barely keeping it together, and the anxiety of not pushing was affecting her. As soon as she recognized Dr. Amanda, Leah said hello and asked if she could start pushing yet.

Source: Imgur

Dr. Amanda was ready to get started as soon as possible! But she wanted to inform Leah of the full scope of the situation. Dr. Amanda told her that she technically wasn’t working that night; she was also a patient but that she was going to help Leah deliver her baby.

Go With the Flow

When it comes to children, you need to expect the unexpected—even before you’ve physically given birth. Having a birth plan can be helpful, but things don’t always follow the plan. You have to go with the flow when things don’t follow expectations.

Source: Imgur

But it looks like, despite the intense pain and stress about the baby being in fetal distress, Leah had turned out to be pretty lucky to have had a doctor right across the hall. Dr. Amanda shared with WKYT that Leah was just relieved to be given permission to push and no longer wait.

Only Took Two Pushes

Leah couldn’t wait any longer, and Dr. Amanda showed up at the precise time to save the day! Amazingly enough, Leah’s agonizing labor was over after two pushes. At approximately 8:40 P.M. that night, Dr. Amanda delivered Leah’s healthy 8-pound daughter.

Source: Imgur

With that out of the way, it was time for Dr. Amanda to get ready for her own labor, and luckily, the on-call doctor made it back just in time to switch her out. He returned just in time to finish up Leah’s surgical intervention, which gave Dr. Amanda an opportunity to switch back into being a patient.

Women Supporting Other Women

The now mother-of-four might not have realized that Dr. Amanda was doing the procedure in a gown while she was on the table, but once she understood what had occurred after the birth, Leah was so appreciative and speechless about the selfless act that Dr. Amanda performed for her.

Source: Imgur

Leah shared with WLEX that their story was a beautiful example of women supporting other women in such a pure way. She said that Dr. Amanda’s actions made her feel excited about life and really highlighted how wonderful a person she is. But what happened with Dr. Amanda after Leah’s delivery.

Pushing It Until the Last Second

After assisting in Leah’s delivery, it was Dr. Amanda’s turn to transition from doctor to a patient about to give birth to her second child. Can you picture yourself working during the last night of your pregnancy? Well, that’s exactly what Dr. Amanda did!

Source: Imgur

She had planned on working throughout her third trimester but had no clue that would mean up until the final moment. Dr. Amanda explained to the TV station WLEX that she had taken a work call the day earlier, so she did work up until the last minute. But this pushed it until the last second.

Dr. Amanda’s Turn on the Delivery Table

Literally moments after delivering Leah’s baby, Dr. Amanda began having contractions—indicating that it was her turn to be on the delivery table. Dr. Amanda shared with WLEX that she is the most comfortable delivering other women’s babies than giving birth to her own children.

Source: Facebook

This is likely to do with the fact that she delivers people’s babies daily, so it’s become part of her routine. But luckily, everything ended up being just fine, and Dr. Amanda and her husband welcomed their second child into the world, a daughter named Ellen Joyce. What a wonderful end to a hectic day!

The Most Incredible Experience

Leah was obviously appreciative and felt in debt to the “Super Doctor Mom” stepping up to help her out in this highly stressful time. But the question still remains, how was the doctor feeling while all these multilayered things were happening?

Source: Imgur

Dr. Amanda humbly shared with Good Morning America that being able to help bring life into the world is one of the most incredible things that someone can be a part of and share with the family. She said that Leah’s delivery was especially memorable since they worked together right until the last moment.

Ability to Relate With Patients

As difficult as it is to become a medical professional, not everybody has the same kindness and empathy that Dr. Amanda has shown countless times. It’s blatantly obvious that she has a very unique talent when it comes to bedside manner, healing, and her technical skills.

Source: Imgur

What really makes her so great at her job is the fact that she has an uncanny ability to relate with her patients. She has experience as both a doctor and healing patients and also has firsthand experience as a mother! These parts of her all contribute to a well-rounded background in the OBGYN specialty.

Making the Local and National News

Dr. Amanda might’ve been an OBGYN in Frankfort, Kentucky, but news of her actions was spreading all across the country. From local news broadcasts to national channels, Dr. Amanda’s incredible and inspiring ambition and willingness to help out without zero hesitation connected with people from all over.

Source: Imgur

Dr. Hala Sabry, Dr. Amanda’s coworker at Frankfort Regional Medical Center, posted about the story on her Facebook page. Dr. Hala praised Dr. Amanda for showing compassion and strength as both a mother and a doctor. She hoped that many would see the post and aspire to act that selflessly.

Formed a Lifelong Bond

Quite a number of people have been moved by this thrilling story, especially those who are personal friends with Dr. Amanda herself. Dr. Hala Sabry continued her praise in her Facebook, saying that Leah and Dr. Amanda have forever bonded thanks to what they went through.

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She ended her statement with the sentiment that their kids will be entertained by the story when they’re older! Mothers who are doctors care for their own families in addition to their patients and their patients’ families daily. Dr. Amanda definitely deserves her maternity leave!

Well Deserved Time Off

Amanda might’ve had a tough time staying away from the delivery room while she was pregnant with her second child, but now that her adorable baby daughter was born, it was her time to get away from the hospital and enjoy some actual time off.

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Amanda chose to take off a full eight months as her maternity leave to have the time to raise and spend her days with her family and newborn daughter. She might be more comfortable delivering other women’s children than her own but switching from doctor to mother is natural for this special woman.