All the Behind-the-Scenes Secrets Game Shows Try to Hide

Everyone enjoys a good game show. Whether it is Spin the Wheel, Daily Double, or Big Brother, our eyeballs can’t help but be drawn to the colorful, wacky entertainment and the fun prizes. Regardless of what type of game it may be, a game show hosted by an attractive person with a big smile holds your attention throughout the game.

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But have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes? These are television programs, similar to any other show. And just like any other program, a bunch of strange things happen to people on the other side of the camera. Exhausted hosts, funny pranks, different filming times, and several other bizarre events have led to funny and even uncomfortable situations backstage.

This Deal Just Has to Be Broken

You might not think it, but Deal or No Deal can be a pretty exhausting show, especially if you’re one of the models at the back that hold the cases with the numbers. They are well-known for passing out on the sets due to exhaustion after filming nonstop for several hours.

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These models also apparently get quick foot rubs and brief massages between shots to gear up for several hours of shooting and holding cases. Others even need more than just a foot rub, though!

It’s Like an Action Movie

People born with super-natural athletic abilities are pretty impressive! It seems like they have abilities that we are not able even to imagine! And how do you think these strengths are tested? Try for American Ninja Warrior! So many athletes compete on that show.

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ANW is not an opportunity of a lifetime for people with hidden talents. It is a massive playground for people with a mission. Seeing people attain a goal they have worked for an entire year is a thrill!

Immediate Money? More Like ‘A Few Months Later’ Money

Pretty much everyone dreams of getting lucky and becoming a millionaire overnight on TV. The thrill that your life could change in less than half an hour is exhilarating, isn’t it? A lot of people barely even think about how they’ll spend their winnings. And some others feel that they’ll get their money immediately.

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People generally know that the money probably won’t come as soon as they win. Many are willing to wait a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks. But getting the money in your bank is a long waiting game. There is tons of paperwork, and it can take several months.

Superstar Judges are Edited in the Final Shot

Audiences love talent shows. Pearl Ridge Elementary’s talent show was top-rated in the 90s, and people slowly realized they could get a lot of money on these events. Soon, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, X-Factor, and other similar shows came up.

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These talents show great fun, especially when cash is on the line and celebrities watch the performance. But the truth is, not everyone gets to see the stars judging the shows! Now that’s some excellent editing.

A Great Wardrobe Refresher Show

A channel with some great programming was Nickelodeon. Their shows starred cat-dog creatures and sponges, and they were fantastic! There was a time they even had a show about exercise, and they also had their clothes.

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A famous sighting in a Nickelodeon show was a slime that looked radioactive. It was in a lot of programs, and it showed up everywhere! It often left a lot of stains, but it wasn’t a big deal. Many kids with slime on them would go with a pair of dry duds.

A Useful Supply for a Whole Lifetime

A lot of the rewards on game shows are a little unusual. Dinner sets and automobiles are pretty typical. A favorite of many people is cash. But have you thought about the campy prizes that no one thinks about? Do some individuals still win free items for their whole lives?

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Usually, when they say ‘lifetime supply,’ they don’t mean your demand and how long you plan to live. They mean a limited supply that may last you a few months or a few years at most.

This Ain’t a Simple Old Drive Around

In New York, cab calling is a very regular thing. But some people are yet to master the art. When Cash Cab stops on the side of the road, people think they can just get in and get to the next street. But it’s not that simple. The idea of getting into a taxi and leaving with money is nice.

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But it’s not that safe, and when you apply, you have to hope it picks you! Complicated is the new last name of rideshares. Plus, looking at the driver is equally as important as keeping the passenger safe.

Nickelodeon’s Slimy Goo Had Flavors!

The slimy goo that was present nearly all the time on Nickelodeon was the only important thing for many kids in their childhood. All the best shows were on Nick. More than the games or the reward on the show, all the kids wanted the slime!

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The slime that covered contestants and almost looked radioactive was the best part of the show. The losers would be covered in it. Losers? More like winners! The slime came in different flavors – from vanilla to pineapple.

One Whole Season at a Time

By far, one of the best shows was Jeopardy. The show made a legend of Alex Trebek and made us feel highly intelligent and stupid all at once. People would tune in just to check if their guesses were correct. Usually, people have no clue what is happening.

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You would think that the different episodes would be shot on different days, but really, multiple show rounds are filmed in a single day!

From Audience to Contestant?!

It is almost a life-changing experience to be called by a huge audience to participate as a contestant. Imagine just going about your day, and suddenly, you’ve been called to bid on items on The Price is Right!

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Unfortunately, this isn’t something that just happens. There’s an application process, and you have to earn it. This is why other regular Joes who make it on the big stage are that much more glamorous.

Not the Best Option for a Stable Side Gig

Tell me your family is better without telling me your family is better. Get on Family Feud. We still don’t know why the McCoys and Harfields weren’t able to settle down. It is possible that they didn’t have references. Perhaps that’s the easier way to make problems go away. Either way, people sometimes come together on the show.

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The other option is being torn apart. You can, however, make a lot of cash even though you have a lot of taxes. Even though your family may be the best at trivia, networks keep changing contestants to keep the audience more engaging and entertained.

Harvey Brought the Show to Atlanta!

Some pretty popular hosts have been on Family Feud over the years, and even though they all had their lovable quirks, no one does it like Harvey. He’s the reason the show was so successful. He is, without a doubt, a comedic genius and has built an audience base that loves him.

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To make his schedule easier, he suggested that the show be brought to his hometown in Atlanta with his radio show and Family Feud. And lo and behold, the network agreed! He stayed on the show, and viewership increased like never before. What a win-win!

New Family on the Feud Show

Cash is what the world runs on, but it’s also where all bad things come from. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. It might not be the best option to offer cash as a prize because some people are just better at the particular game. Sounds like a sure-shot way into a monopoly.

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That is, however, a lot of money for one single family. If champion families keep coming back, you might have to give them a recurring cash prize. But better to avoid that and give out prizes to give other people a chance.

Cash Cab but Without the Cash

Although we all love TV, it might not always be the best idea for a person. Everything is not always factual, and you shouldn’t abandon the news for TV! Game shows don’t always reveal the truth. Like in Cash Cab, when you see people jump out with huge wads of cash.

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It turns out that’s not real. When winners jump out of the vehicle with handfuls of dollar bills, it is usually just for the cameras. Most of it is just to make the show more enticing and entertaining. Remember: don’t always believe what you see on the idiot box.

Is Alex Trebek a Knight?

When a celebrity wins a prize in a show, it’s not usually very new and exciting. But when a celeb gets a medal of honor, it is a whole other ball game. This is probably the reason Alex Trebek was awarded an honor in Canada! Yes, he’s from the Great White North. Not only do they have winter all year round, but they also have one of the best TV hosts.

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Because Canada is still connected to the British Empire, he might be a real-life knight. Who knew! There are knights all over the world. If Alex isn’t already a part of the King’s round table members, he should be. He slays the beast of boredom every night, after all.

Go Get That HW, Kid

Comedy veteran Jeff Foxworthy is not just a hilarious dude, but he’s also one of the best TV game show hosts out there. If you have watched that show about being more intelligent than a fifth-grader, you’re probably a lot more insecure about your intelligence now.

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These game show hosts are a lot more than just that. They also invest in their futures. They make so much of their money for knowing trivia online and through savings bonds for school.

Fifth Graders and Uniforms on Set

Most people didn’t have uniforms, and even if they did, they wouldn’t like to wear them. The scratchiness and repetition of costumes is not everyone’s idea of a good time, and they never really fit perfectly. These are imposed so that there is some kind of uniformity and coherence.

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Did you know that in Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, many people were asked not to wear a uniform but to wear similar clothes throughout a whole season? Talk about having a strict school principal. Yeesh!

We Think it Matched the Game Pretty Well

Regarded as one of the most classic game shows, Match Game defies categorization, and many people usually dismiss it as just an entertaining program to watch during dinner. Put a few celebrities on a panel, give them a glass of scotch, and let them drone on about anything they want. Add a handful of newbie participants to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a cultural landmark in the history of game shows.

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A lot of people who were nobodies then are somebodies now, that’s for sure. Take, for example, the legendary actress Kirstie Alley. She used to be on Match Game before her time in advertising and films. Perhaps that was an audition? Either that or Alley was expecting a bag of some television cash.

Secrets of the Hidden Temple Gameshow

In the 1990s, Legends of the Hidden Temple was the game show everyone wanted to participate in. Children from all across the globe wanted to run the temple and score a portable television or whatever. It was similar to being present in a real-life videogame as the audience roared while figuring out the maze.

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A lot of it was simply excellent editing. These youngsters were, as we found out later, left to their own devices. It takes a reasonable amount of time to record these, and it is not possible to retain the attention of the spectators for that long. On the other side, the participants seemed to be rushing about for their shots on screen.

Running for Beers Like One Does for Temples

A big crew was involved in making Legends of the Hidden Temple. Adults must have found it excruciating to watch the youngsters enjoy the fun times. It seems like the temple would have been a lot of fun to run into.

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Probably everyone watched the silver snakes win and thought to themselves that they could run faster. An opportunity was in the hands of the working crew. They just had to close things. One would wonder how many artifacts they could get their hands on in the time before and after tapings?

Now The Product Placement Makes Sense

It seems like marketing is a whole other world. In the 90s, bringing products to peoples’ homes was like the wild west. The biggest names had to be brought in to top the trending charts.

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Was there a way to market kids’ snacks and still have them run around? Working out and yummy snacks aren’t the best combo. But cookies and slime go better. Nickelodeon’s Double Dare was awesome even without the cookies.

SNL vs. Nick Gameshow Host

Back in the day, SNL’s Dana Carvey was offered to do the job of hosting a kid’s game show. But he also had the job offer to be a fixed cast member of the comedy classic Saturday Night Live. We wouldn’t have had the best sketches on prime-time TV! Can you imagine?

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We sometimes wonder what would have happened had he chosen to be the host of Double Dare. Life probably wouldn’t have been as awesome. Or would it?

Shoplifting in Supermarkets

A boring chore can be an adventure! Especially when you’re on Supermarket sweep, America’s favorite gameshow about supermarkets! It was about remembering the numbers on the price tag and running as fast as you could. Its strangeness is probably what made it so exciting. A little-known fact is that a lot of participants shoplifted a whole bunch of items every episode.

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Further, to ensure authenticity, almost all the food was real. The production team didn’t even replace the snacks. The stinky fungus on the foods added value!

Reality Show But Make it a Pre-Planned Story

Reality shows might as well be gameshows that go on for too long. A megatrend of reality TV shows started in the 2000s where the winners would take home big prizes. These include Road Rules, Survivor, and other classics. The excitement of a game show combined with the excitement of real people pushing themselves.

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It might surprise you to know that the narrative of all these gameshows has already been planned out way beforehand. Many participants are actors and are paid for their time, and many reactions are not always natural or genuine.

FDA Approved Eating Bugs on Fear Factor

Probably the most uncomfortable watch was Fear Factor, where participants often would have to eat strange bugs, suspicious meats, and other weird items. Viewers were terrified, intrigued, and entertained at the same time.

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Roaches, Grimey cheese, and all sorts of things had to be eaten to take home a lot of cash. Show makers were always safer than sorry, though, since they wouldn’t want to take a trip to the hospital. The FDA gave everything on the menu the green light.

Interested in Climbing Cash Mountain?

Many moments on game shows are quite memorable. The show’s name is often enough to remind of a specific moment. No matter how many answers you knew or how sure you were of them, everyone wanted a chance on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

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It’s impossible even to imagine a million dollars, and many of the memories came close to not ever happening.

Free Ride on Cash Cab

The show Cash Cab was like something out of a dream. All you have to do is get in a cab and maybe grab some money at the same time. Plus, you get a free ride while simultaneously becoming popular on national TV!

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Even better than the ride is free, and you don’t have to shell out your cash. Taxi Cab with Cash might be a better name even! The rides are logged as they are in regular taxis. It is probably dumb to ask people to pay while asking trivia questions.

Cooking Show Judges Eat Cold Food

Delectable entertainment can be seen on cooking shows where home cooks do their best to make 5-start dishes in under an hour. But it is way over an hour before the judges get to taste the food a lot of times.

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We want to think that piping hot food would taste excellent at night. The truth is, judges usually eat cold food that has been sitting out for a while. Don’t forget the TV is TV and the first shot of the plate of food isn’t always the best, so they always do a brief photo shoot.

Audience Members Are Happy About the Payslip

It wasn’t always a tradition to have trophies. Some people get rewards only for participating, and that was the best part of a show. It is still fun to watch even though you were never selected. Being a member of an audience can also be seen as a paid project. Talented and petty people are needed on TV for a specific reason.

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If you’re into that, this might be a good career option. Job title: Professional audience member. Instead of lines, you can practice clapping, smiling, and laughing in front of the mirror.

Carmen Sandiego Had No Pacing?

Gameshows generally go well with geography. A famous school subject paired with a buzzer can be called a good time. Some like Carmen Sandiego, who was a goal globetrotter. Of course, her ultimate goal was thievery, but at the same time, kids learned landmarks.

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Half an hour of entertainment, trivia, and puzzles was pretty awesome family fun, but it often took more than 30 mins to get all the shots. The show had about 300 episodes and went on for five years. Each episode managed to take six months.

Same Height is Only Fair

Often, contestants on game shows don’t look like they do in real life. They are quite different. This is a camera trick you might have seen, especially on Wheel of Fortune. Having the same height gives all contestants equal spin. It might be harder for someone short of reaching the wheel (which is heavy).

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If you’re ever on the show, don’t worry about your height! Production will take care of your TV image!

Lifesavers on WWTBAM are Vetted!

The SOS call on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire isn’t that much of a lifeline. Your first instinct before getting on the show would be to ask your genius buddy to stay on standby. It looks like an excellent solution if you’re in a rut.

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But the catch is that all your lifelines and potential callees are vetted before you’re allowed to call them. And believe me, everyone is not given the green light. Creators of the show won’t allow you to win that easily.

The Bachelor Gone Rogue

If you’re that person, you might be excited about finding true love on a game show. That is, however, what the creators are trying to tell you. The contestants end up with an awkward date and no follow-up.

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It must have been super creepy to see when producers had no clue Rodney Alcala would be such a creep in the Bachelor. Can’t imagine how hard it must have been for Cheryl, who was almost his girlfriend. Thank goodness for her instinct.

Judged on More Than Their Voice

Are you even surprised that people in singing contests are checkout thoroughly before coming on screen? People you see on TV in American Idol pick out a crowd maybe ten times bigger who don’t get a chance to meet the celebrity judges.

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You might also be surprised that often, people are segregated based on attractiveness. Yeah, tough. I wonder if people would be okay with being at the front or if they’re cool with being at the back and living in the moment.

A Number with More Than One Meaning

More than just entertainment, Jeopardy seems like a show that might be about education as well. There might be moments when we feel dumb, and other times we feel like geniuses. The most nerve-wracking part is seeing how contestants wager and how likely they will lose or win.

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The show has been on since 1964, and it is possible that more than just a few people tried to be naughty with a suggestive number.

Peter Abbey Was Behind the Shadow the Whole Time!

In Deal or No Deal, they don’t follow the standard format. Even though they have a host that communicates with the contestants directly, they have a significant number of models along with other characters. A suspicious figure (the banker) speaks only to Howie Mandel and tries to get a player to drop asap.

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While it is possible that anyone could have been behind the shadow the whole time, it was actually actor Peter Abbay, who has previously appeared on a show as House MD and Punk’d.

How Big Must Her Closet Be

Vanna White is the essential element of a wheel of fortune watching session. Many games show all indifferent people to keep things interesting, but we’re glad Vanna stayed for a while.

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She started to get more and more important, and since then, she has also had a closet backstage. I guess that’s what you expect when you make 34,000 per episode.

Genius Behind the Jeopardy Screen

I’m sure you’ve often wondered to yourself who comes up with all these questions. Most of them are so niche that you ask yourself if anyone needs to know these things. The production team is a lot smarter than you think.

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The BTS of Jeopardy is a full-time gig, and you really get your money’s worth for the big brain cells in your skull. They aren’t allowed as participants because they’re way too smart to participate, and the show would probably lose all the money they have!

Wiped Out For Real

Most game shows are full of light jokes and exciting action. We hold our breaths as the contestant on-screen races to the finish line before the timer runs out. They usually get past the course with no physical harm, but that is not always the case.

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We often wonder about the kind of vetting people do before a show like Wipeout, first aired in 2008 and reignited in 2020. This was unfortunate for a show to be discontinued, and we hope similar occurrences don’t repeat. Safety first, kids.

Y’all Get the Same Amount

If you’d ever watched Family Feud, you’ve probably wondered who you’d have on your team if you ever went up there. Maybe your sibling who got it all? It is also likely that you’ll have one member who just sits and freeloads. You might try to stop them from giving dumb answers, but the prize is shared at the end of the day.

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Regardless of how many questions you may have answered, you get the same amount as all the other people in the group, just like group projects we used to have in school. The whole group gets the same grade.

The audience Won’t Make You a Millionaire

In the case that you’re not sure about what to answer when you’re on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, you have two options. You have the choice to either phone a friend or ask the audience. If you choose the latter, it is possible that the large audience doesn’t help you because they’re not on your side.

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Sometimes audience members consist of friends and families of future contestants. So it makes sense that their motive is to see you lose so that the next person can get on as soon as possible.

Producers Won’t Play According to Your Strengths

It is not all the time that producers want you to win. Generally, they want you to lose, so obviously. They sometimes pretend to root for you, but they are always up to something to ensure contestants get the hardest questions.

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In future game show interviews, keep in mind that they are less likely to give you questions that you say you’re good at. If you say you’re good at greek mythology, they may throw one at you in the beginning, but it probably won’t be your make-or-break question.

Keep The Glass Case Clear

One of the most honest shows has got to be Jeopardy. It has been on for the longest time and probably has the best host, better than any of us could ever dream of. It is simply not possible for our beloved Trebek to be a part of something shady.

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This step may seem a little over the top, but it ensured that he was neutral – both for the show and the contestant. It might be a little upsetting not to talk to him, but they probably got to chat after taping was over.

Audience or Crowd of Extras?

Have you ever observed that the ‘live’ audience is usually a little too happy or too sad during a game show? We’re almost not paying attention to our end, but they’re way psyched when a contestant spells their name right.

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The truth is, these aren’t real, and they are paid actors. Often, these don’t even happen in reaction to what we see on screen. They’re only inserted into the frame when it’s time to edit the pictures. The implication is that they manipulate the audiences’ “reaction” to a certain post. Remember that a cringe or clap could be entirely staged.

No Entry for Big Brains

Most gameshows will search for participants with abnormal or out-of-ordinary features and quirks to ensure they won’t win the competition. In Jeopardy, most people who filtered out are those smart enough to play and win.

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The prescreening, however, isn’t just to test your intelligence. It gives you the chance to practice answering questions in real life along with the host. It can be quite disorienting to have a camera looking at you when thousands of dollars are at stake.

Don’t Say “Final Answer” Too Soon

It might seem like these shows are only about the fun stuff, but some things need to be taken seriously. When producing a show, the filming process can be quite stressful and also very complicated. There are specific phrases that may be a safe word of sorts for the production team.

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“Final answer” should not just be said when you feel like it. It might come off as a trigger word with the intention that you don’t mean. Really, you might be ruining your chances to become a millionaire. Many contestants have spoken too soon and regret their actions seconds later.

Jokey or Smarty, There’s a Game Show For All

While some shows may want to be intellectually stimulating, others might just be a big goof! Some shows want people to be stupid on TV, while others do it for intellectual value. A show like Wipeout may be looking specifically for people who are willing to be goofy on national TV.

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Athletic abilities are most likely a priority for American ninja warriors, while quiz shows may have more intellectual types.

Can’t Depend on The Host all the Time

A lot of people don’t know what it is like to compete on Tv. It can be quite stressful and, paired with a Q+A, might even make you want to throw up. To add to that, and there’s a whole lot of cash on the line. This might make contestants confused and look for help even when there isn’t really any.

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Contestants have confessed that they tend to look for hints in the host’s actions or face. They have to be reminded by production that really, they have no clue what’s happening. The host’s job here is just to ask questions and charm your pants off.

Happy All The Time?

It is impossible to always get along with your family, and some people might even face off money. Strangely, this isn’t often seen on Famil Feud, even though the name describes it.

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Family feud usually promotes togetherness and forces everyone to hype up their team members, even though they ruin the group’s chances of winning.