Are You a Fan of Family Feud? Here Are a Few Buzzing Facts

Family Feud has been a wildly popular game show for decades. It was created by Mark Goodson and made its debut on ABC on July 12, 1976. The original program ran until June 14, 1985. The whole concept: two family teams of five compete against each other for cash and prizes.

Steve Harvey in Family Feud
Source: ABC

The show was later relaunched by CBS and produced in three syndication editions. The current series that people rave about is hosted by comedian Steve Harvey since 2010. Thanks to him, Family Feud became one of the top five most popular syndicated TV shows in the country.

Here are a few fun facts!

What Was the Worst Answer Ever?

There was an unaired clip with Steve Harvey, where the contestants were asked to name another way in which people say “Mother.” It started out well as the team won the face-off with “Mommy,” but then things went downhill.

Family Feud, Mommy
Source: YouTube

They quickly got two Xs: the first with “Nanny” and the second with “Nana,” which isn’t all that different. One strike in losing the round and the next family member’s guess is still… “Nana.” The audience giggled, and Harvey reminded her that it’s the same guess. And so she picked “Mommy.” Someone wasn’t paying attention.

The Kissing Bandit

Richard Dawson was the first host of Family Feud, and he had a habit that today would never fly. He would kiss all of the female contestants. Eventually, he was given the nickname “The Kissing Bandit.”

Richard Dawson
Source: CNN

In fact, the producers asked Dawson to knock it off. And so what he did was surveyed the audience, asking them to tell him what they wanted. 704 were against the kisses, and 14,600 wanted him to keep doing it!