Facts about Ghostbusters: The Paranormal Staple of Our Childhood

As a franchise, Ghostbusters had an interesting and successful run. The first one is still considered a childhood treasure for a generation of kids. However, the last one apparently ruined the childhood of that same group of fans. No one really speaks about the middle one, but in my unpopular opinion, it’s the best one. Either way, if you grew up with it, Ghostbusters is one of the most creative films that brought together a comedy dream team- and again three decades later.

Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray, and Dan Aykroyd wearing full Ghostbusters uniforms posing
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Ghostbusters really has a way of taking audiences back to a simpler time, which is comforting… despite all the ghosts and stuff. If you grew up with these movies, you probably weren’t aware of some of the events that went on behind the scenes, and how the show got its start.

It’s time to get your proton packs on and get ready for some interesting facts about the Ghostbusters franchise.

It Runs in the Family

It’s almost like Dan Aykroyd’s destiny was to make Ghostbusters. The comedian’s fascination with the spirit world runs deep in his ancestry. You can trace his family’s obsession with the paranormal all the way from his great-grandfather to his father, and the Aykroyd boys have consistently been investigating ghosts and trying to communicate with them.

Dan Aykroyd dressed up in Ghostbusters
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Their love of the ghostly universe was passed down to Dan. The young Aykroyd saw the potential for a movie and created Ghostbusters! Shortly after, he starred in a show (created by his brother, Peter Aykroyd) titled Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal. It looks like Peter also got the paranormal fixation gene.

Mole People

Ghostbusters became iconic thanks to one particular factor- the amazing cast that Aykroyd put together. He created a comedic dream team that comprised of himself, Bill Murray, and Harold Ramis. The trio was beloved on screen, but that wasn’t the original cast. Initially, the cast included equally impressive John Belushi and Eddie Murphy.

Dan Aykroyd, Rick Moranix, and Ivan Reitman posing on the set of Ghostbusters
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Aykroyd completed the script way before Columbia Pictures gave it the green light, but it was very different from the finished product. The final script was written by Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ivan Reitman during a two-week-long writing session in the Aykrods basement in his home in Martha’s vineyard.