Get to Know All the Secrets Behind the Hit Show Fixer Upper

There are many types when it comes to TV shows. There are some that focus on making people laugh and some that portray crime stories, and then there are reality shows such as Fixer Upper on HGTV. It is presented by real-life couple Chip and Joanna Gaines. With the success of this reality show that focuses on fixing up needy houses, the couple became celebrities overnight.

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While the show became incredibly popular, it wasn’t always what it seemed. There have been many incidents, and some say Chip and Joanna weren’t always as happy as they seemed. Let’s take a look at the secrets and what ultimately led to the demise of Fixer Upper.

It Wasn’t a Smooth Start

After the success of Fixer Upper, people started idolizing Chip and Joanna Gaines. They were the perfect couple. They were real-life real estate and design experts who had a happy marriage and a successful career. Both excelled at everything they did.

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Like most other couples, Chip and Joanna had problems. In an interview, Joanna revealed that Chip showed up an hour late for their first date, which was a big turnoff. However, back then, Joanna swept things under the carpet for the ultimate good, and they got married a few years later.

He Stupidly Didn’t Call Her

The fact that Chip had shown up late for their first date says enough. It was the first red flag for Joanna. But that didn’t end her interest in him. Chip made a bet with his roommate that Joanna would be the one to call him first. The bet was for $50.

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After three months, Chip grew frustrated and finally decided to give Joanna a call. When she asked him why he didn’t call earlier, he opened up about the bet he had with his friend. It only goes to show how important a second date with Joanna was—more important than the $50 bet.

They Had Huge Money Problems

Chip and Joanna Gaines are now considered a successful couple. They have a successful marriage, and they have a successful TV show. No matter what, these two compensate each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

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However, not everyone knows that before landing the reality show, Chip and Joanna were going through some tough financial times. Their bank balance was zero, and they had already taken out substantial loans. Just when they thought about giving up, they received a call from HGTV execs for the show Fixer Upper. But little did they know that the TV show would not solve all their problems.

Their Money Prayers Were Answered

If you are a newlywed couple, you know how hard it can be if you have no constant source of income. Before Fixer Upper was approved, both Chip and Joanna were unemployed. They were doing odd jobs just to pay the bills.

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It was Joanna who broke the news to Chip that they had been hired for a reality TV show. When Chip heard the news, he didn’t believe his ears. Would that be the end of their troubles? Well, as we already know, the couple was in for a wild ride.

Did the Show Turn Chip into a Traitor?

As we have already seen, Chip and Joanna Gaines were going through a tough financial situation before they landed the job on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. When you are living paycheck to paycheck, being offered a deal to star in a reality TV show with massive exposure is a dream come true.

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However, Chip Gaines had two business partners in his real estate business. When he received the deal for Fixer Upper, the first concern on his mind was whether he was ready to share the profits from the show with his two business partners, and the answer to that question was no. So he cut off his two business partners.

He Soon Went to Court

After Chip Gaines cut off his two business partners from the TV show deal, they both sued him. What would you have done? I guess everyone would have done the same thing. One of the ex-partners opened up in an interview about how hard all three of them had worked to make their business a success.

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They said Chip’s decision to cut them off as soon as he was offered a reality show was unfair and that all three of them should get a share of the profits. The lawsuit asked for $1 million in damages.

They Received Some Criticism

Chip and Joanna Gaines were in the feud with Chip’s ex-business partners, but they were also embroiled in some other troubles. After Fixer Upper started growing in popularity, more and more unwanted troubles came their way.

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They found themselves in the center of attention when critics started bashing them for never inviting any LGBTQ couples on their show. Advocates of the movement thought that was unfair. Any public figure, they said, with the same amount of fame and popularity as Joanna and Chip Gaines should show respect for minorities and the unprivileged of society.

The Situation Got Worse

Chip and Joanna Gaines were very happy with the success of the show. They were making huge amounts of money and building up a huge fan base. But some vocal viewers of the show kept pointing out the fact that they never invited an LGBTQ couple to the show.

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Things took a negative turn when it was discovered that Chip and Joanna’s pastor at their church was anti-LGBTQ and an advocate of conversion therapy. Both Chip and Joanna kept this part a secret, which only blew up in their faces later on.

Accusations of Faking It

There is a saying that there is no negative publicity. It does make sense to some extent, doesn’t it? Some people are still hardcore fans of this reality TV show. Even after this huge controversy, Chip and Joanna were happy and had all they wanted.

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Even though Fixer Upper is marketed as a reality show, many viewers started complaining that it had components that weren’t common to a reality show. For instance, the home-buying discussion was fake. The discussions had already taken place before the episode was filmed.

The Real Price of the Show

The core concept behind Fixer Upper is to give homeowners the complete home renovation they deserve. It was also marketed that the show’s producers paid for the entire renovation. However, that was not entirely true.

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It was revealed in several online articles that the homeowners had to put up a significant sum for the renovation beforehand. Then why would the show tell the world that the producers were paying for their renovation? No one likes liars, do they? According to another article, people who were interested in taking part in the show were advised to have a minimum bank balance of $50,000.

Only Certain Parts Were Renovated

In the show Fixer Upper, we get to witness the complete renovation of houses. But to what extent are the houses fixed up? As it turns out, the renovation primarily focuses on the surface level of each house.

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They never go as deep as fixing the plumbing or leaks in the basement. Also, not every room in the house gets a complete renovation. The producers only offer a complete renovation for a handful of rooms. While filming the episode, the producers gave these rooms the most air time.

Homeowners Had No Control

How did Fixer Upper become so popular? Why are people so happy to see other people’s houses being renovated? Well, as it turns out, the general population can relate strongly to someone else’s dream house turning into a reality.

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The joy of getting a complete home renovation is contagious. However, did you know that Fixer Upper would already have a plan for your entire renovation? Also, to appear on the show, you would have to sign an agreement that explicitly stated that you have to allow Chip and Joanna to make all the major decisions.

Contestants Were Frozen Out

Many contestants on Fixer Upper reported that not having a say in what their home renovation would look like was a big bummer. But it was the only way they could appear on TV, so they agreed to the terms.

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Also, the contestants weren’t even allowed to personally get in touch with Chip and Joanna Gaines. The contestants had to make an appointment to meet the hot stars of the show. That happened because right after the show became so popular, the host couple barely had time for themselves and their family.

Chip Gaines’ Role Was Exaggerated

A major part of the show is seeing Chip Gaines doing a lot of the renovation work. We see him taking care of the DIY tasks all by himself. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Does this mean Chip Gaines is not the skilled real estate agent he claims to be?

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Well, no. Chip is quite skilled. However, he delegated most of the work to his assistants. That helped him finish the renovation work more quickly by involving more and more skilled craftsmen in the project. The problem here is why would someone pretend they are doing most of the work when in reality they aren’t?

Slow Process for a Quick Show

Certain reality TV shows give the audience every small detail of the show. Some even include much behind-the-scenes footage to make the show more interesting. However, the concept behind Fixer Upper is different. Each episode of this TV show runs very fast.

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Starting from picking the land, finding a place, and then doing the renovation, everything is completed in a small amount of time, but the actual process takes months. Doing the renovation alone takes a minimum of six weeks. If you consider the time required to film each episode, the minimum time frame will be somewhere between seven and eight weeks.

A Sole Commitment to the Show

We as viewers aren’t concerned about the hardships the contestants have to go through to land on an episode of Fixer Upper. There is a huge waiting list to appear on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Also, you have to agree to several terms and conditions.

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One of these conditions is that you will not apply to become a guest on any other reality renovation show. If anyone does apply to other renovation shows at the same time they are applying for Fixer Upper, they will have to share this information in the application form. They would even have to mention the name of the renovation show.

A Time-Consuming Process

The experience that Fixer Upper wants to portray on the TV show is adventure. How fun is it to have a group of real estate experts find a nice place for your home, do the groundwork, and then do the renovation? Pretty fun, right?

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However, the truth is, the entire process can be very time-consuming and demanding. The shooting hours for Fixer Upper run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The entire crew is advised to have a tight work ethic. If any crew member was seen taking a break during the work hours, they were replaced.

A Very Odd Proposal

What is the right time to propose marriage? Well, there is no definitive answer. Depending on the chemistry you have with your partner and your plans as a couple, the time to propose might vary. But even after waiting for a solid few months, Chip Gaines didn’t receive the response he was looking for when he proposed to Joanna.

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She simply said “thank you.” He was mad at her in the beginning. They even had a heated argument afterward, but in the end, everything turned out in their favor.

An Unexpected Surprise Home

What do you expect to get from an episode of Fixer Upper? Well, viewers of the show expect a group of experts to help a random couple renovate the house of their dreams. When you are receiving assistance from a group of experts, there is not much you should feel concerned about.

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One couple who appeared on Fixer Upper was thrilled with the renovation they received. However, the place the real estate experts picked for their house wasn’t that friendly after all. They later found out that their neighborhood was famous for gang violence and drug smuggling.

You Get Some Temporary Furniture

Do we only get to see home renovations on Fixer Upper? Well, not really. Along with rebuilding entire rooms, Chip and Joanna Gaines also helped the contestants with new furniture for the newly renovated home.

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But here is the bummer. It was reported by many guest couples on the show that the producers took back the furniture as soon as filming for the episode was done. Not very nice, is it? Even the cushions and bed covers were rented. The couples had to return every piece of furniture to the producers.

Not Caring about Health and Safety

So far, we have seen that for the couples on Fixer Upper, the entire experience wasn’t always as pleasing as portrayed on the show. The couples had to sign a variety of non-disclosure agreements, and even then, they had to stick to strict privacy policies until the day the episode aired on TV.

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And who would have guessed that being on the sets of Fixer Upper posed many health dangers? During filming, the hosts had craftsmen and technicians directly exposed to lead, an ingredient in older house paints. The Environmental Protection Agency even rated the sets of Fixer Upper as unsafe for humans.

Crime Inspired by the Show

Yes, crime. But before we proceed, know that this was not a direct result of irresponsible behavior by Chip and Joanna. We’re not associating the nature of the hosts with what happened. And what was happening might even push you to become a better person.

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When the shows were being filmed, there were several cases of building material burglaries throughout the country. When the burglars were caught and asked why they did what they did, they admitted being inspired by Fixer Upper.

Fighting on Many Fronts

When you work hard, you deserve to rest. It is quite evident that both Joanna and Chip Gaines worked hard to make HGTV’s Fixer Upper a success. They worked regular hours, but when you are working in the entertainment industry, you have to learn to put up with public scrutiny and controversy.

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You have to train your mind to be so strong that even if you read a new controversy about you every morning, it will not affect your productivity. The Gaines couple had to put up with legal fights as well. They were sued by their former business partners, and then there was the couple from Magnolia Market who sued the show over a parking spot dispute.

Plenty of Toxic Fans

Having a new baby is always fun. There is a saying that babies are the best gifts from God. Both Chip and Joanna Gaines believe that too. Back in 2017, the couple reported that they were expecting their fifth child. The couple was very happy.

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However, their fans were not, and some went so far as to accuse them of overpopulating the world. Some pointed out that since the couple already had four children, they shouldn’t have another one. Pure nonsense! Just like every other celebrity, Joanna and Chip Gaines had their fair share of toxic fans.

Was the Criticism Justified?

Even before Chip and Joanna Gaines’ fifth child was born, the fans started bullying the couple on the Internet. They accused them of being irresponsible. Not only the fans but several news outlets bashed Chip and Joanna Gaines for putting their career before their family.

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Were the allegations true? Maybe yes, or maybe no, or maybe they have no grounds to make such allegations. And maybe the public shouldn’t have a direct say in what celebrities do to earn a living. After all, celebrities also have personal lives. They deserve to be happy too.

People Soon Took Advantage

People find joy in seeing other peoples’ dreams come true. Even if we do not know that person in real life, we can relate to that dream. In HGTV’s Fixer Upper, we see Joanna and Chip helping random couples build their dream homes. After the end of each episode, we expect the couple to live in that new home happily ever after. But that is far from true.

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As it turns out, the people sometimes rent the house out to tenants. After the success of the show, there were hundreds of people fighting for a chance to live in these homes with their families. Thanks to the high demand, the original house owners were able to make a huge profit by renting out the property. When Chip and Joanna were informed about this, they weren’t thrilled.

The Media Was Very Judgmental

Back in 2017 when Chip and Joanna Gaines shared with the public that they were expecting a baby, many people were critical. And then there was the media that wasn’t kind at all with their words.

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They accused the couple of having a baby to help them fix all their marital issues. Chip and Joanna had a successful marriage, but after the success of Fixer Upper, they reportedly had quite of a falling out. According to the media, the couple decided to have another baby so they could make amends, not because they genuinely wanted another baby.

Were They Getting Divorced?

When you get famous, you start to attract unwanted attention. You get noticed in public, and you get asked for a selfie. Most celebrities enjoy this public attention, but what would you do if both the media and the fans started scrutinizing your personal life?

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What if you got a media trial, one you never asked for? After Chip and Joanna Gaines revealed the news that they were having a fifth baby, the media bashed them and said they didn’t have a happy marriage. The media also reported that the couple was considering getting a divorce as soon as the last episode was filmed.

Would They Go Their Own Way?

Marriage and children were not the only aspects of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ lives that were put under the microscope. There are several other rumors and gossip surrounding the couple. There was a time when the media outlets started speculating about the future of the show.

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The fans started speculating about what the couple would do once the show was over. There was a rumor surrounding Joanna that said she looked forward to building a career in the beauty industry. People speculated that she would launch her own cosmetics brand as soon as the show was over.

The Fake Reaction Shot

Humans are good at picking up emotional cues. The slightest changes in facial expressions say a lot about how a person is feeling. In the reality show Fixer Upper, all the contestants had to go through training on how they should react when they first saw their renovated home.

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Even though Fixer Upper focused mainly on capturing the true emotions of the contestants, they often had to take multiple shots until they got that one perfect reaction. Contestants would even be asked to give the same reaction in different cameras multiple times.

Some False Rumors Flew Around

A few months before the show ended, a rumor started circulating that Chip and Joanna Gaines had decided to split up. The report stated that the couple had enough, and now they were planning to go their separate ways professionally and romantically.

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However, it was only later revealed that the couple was thinking about taking a leave from the show, not their marriage. After the fifth season of Fixer Upper started airing on TV, the producers of the show came out and said that it would be the final season of the renovation reality show.

It Wasn’t Because of their Marriage

After the news broke that Joanna and Chip Gaines had decided to make the fifth season of Fixer Upper their last one, people started speculating about their marriage and personal life. People started taking on social media and sharing what they felt about the end of the reality show.

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Some blamed their troubled marriage for this decision. Joanna and Chip Gaines made a public post where they answered every question from the fans. In that statement, they made it very clear that the decision to end the show had nothing to do with their marriage.

Were There Money Troubles?

Fans didn’t stop blaming their marriage for the demise of the show. They went so far as to blame the couple’s financial state. Months before the couple broke the news of ending Fixer Upper, rumors started circulating that the couple was almost broke.

Source: HGTV

Word was that to fix their dire financial situation, the couple asked for a sharp pay raise from Fixer Upper’s producers. However, when the negotiations went out the window, the decision was made to end the show after the fifth season. According to a spokesperson, the Gaines couple demanded an unreasonable pay raise. After the couple refused to lower the demand, the producers had no other option but to cancel the show.

They Needed a Long Rest

After the news broke that Chip and Joanna Gaines had decided to end Fixer Upper, there was a vacuum—and no one knew what the real reason was behind this decision. There were many rumors, but no one knew the actual reason.

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However, after a few months, the couple revealed the truth, and it wasn’t that earth-shattering. The couple revealed that they had been working very hard on the project for the past couple of years, and now they thought they deserved a vacation to recharge themselves. After the end of the fifth season, the couple didn’t wait long to go on an offshore vacation.

They Faced Many Lawsuits

When Fixer Upper was still being aired on TV, Chip and Joanna Gaines had to face several lawsuits. Before the feud and lawsuit with Chip’s former business partners got settled, the Gaines were sued by one of the contestants on the show.

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The woman sued the couple for a whopping $200,000 because she incurred an injury from a picnic table on one of the Fixer Upper sets. However, the entire production team present on the set that day, including Chip and Joanna, claimed that they had nothing to do with the injury.

The Drama Continues

Chip and Joanna Gaines had undergone a fair share of public scrutiny. They were bashed for their marriage, and when all that settled down, they were bashed for their decision to have a fifth child. If those weren’t enough, the couple also went through a public scandal involving their pets.

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One of their neighbors filed a case against them saying the couple let their pet dog roam freely around the neighborhood. That neighbor called animal control, which took the dog away and greatly exacerbated the situation.

Animal Control Got Involved

Chip and Joanna Gaines would have been okay if the entire situation involving their pet dog had ended with animal control sadly taking away their pet, but then they had to pay a fine.

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They were accused of letting their dog roam freely, but then they were accused of failing to pay the fine to animal control. After a few months, when the fine was overdue, Chip and Joanna were arrested and forced to pay all their debts.

Not Paying Their Taxes

Sadly, Chip and Joanna Gaines had to pay a visit to the police station when they failed to pay the fine to animal control, but that wasn’t the only time the couple got in trouble. A few years back they were accused of not paying their taxes.

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Who would have thought that a celebrity couple would make the mistake of not paying their taxes? And that’s not all. Just a few months ago, Chip and Joanna Gaines faced a lawsuit involving the allegation of a $12,000 debt. Not what you expect from a celebrity couple, right?

Not Paying Their Debts

Chip and Joanna had faced debt allegations in the past. The couple had taken a loan out for $12,000 but failed to pay it back. It was later revealed in the press that this was not the first time the couple was in trouble for failing to pay a debt.

Source: HGTV

As it turns out, the couple isn’t as skilled at managing their finances as we think they are. According to a report in the New York Post, Joanna Gaines tried to charge $150,000 an hour for her appearance and participation in her deposition.

Having a Rival TV Show

If you check the ratings for all the shows on HGTV, you will see that Fixer Upper easily takes the top spot. Any guesses on who takes the second spot? Well, the answer is Property Brothers, which is another home renovation reality TV show.

Source: Instagram/@propertybrothers

According to several reports, Jonathan and Drew Scott, hosts for Property Brothers, were involved in a serious legal battle with Chip and Joanna Gaines. According to the New York Times, the Gaines were offered to appear on an episode of Brother vs. Brother, an off-shoot of Property Brothers, which they turned down. But the brothers claim that all is well with Chip and Joanna.

There Was a Trick

There are several house-hunting shows on TV. Every show sticks to a set of rules. For instance, every one of them finalizes which house to renovate weeks before filming the episode. According to several contestants, the producers show the contestants several other options, but they have already decided on a house for them.

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This news was first reported in New York magazine by David Ridley, a contestant on Fixer Upper. Even when the producers had already chosen a house for the contestants, each episode of the show began by showing the contestants three homes to consider.

They Remained Close to the Family

If you are a die-hard fan of Fixer Upper, you already know that every house shown on the show is located in Waco, Texas. That was because the show would only renovate homes that were in a 30-mile radius of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ current home.

Source: Facebook

That was so the couple could remain close to their immediate family and relatives while filming the show. In a Facebook Live Q&A, Joanna Gaines revealed that as long as her kids are young, the show will take place in Waco, Texas.

Not Kept Completely in the Dark

It has been reported in various magazines that the contestants on Fixer Upper have no direct say in the location of their house or what material would be used to make the renovations. However, that is not entirely true.

Source: HGTV

Before filming each episode, each contestant is invited to Design Day when they discuss the renovation ideas with the hosts. On that day, the hosts showed the contestants a visual representation of how their homes would look after the renovation. In an interview with Country Living, contestant Rachel Whyte opened up about how helpful the hosts were in terms of picking the materials for the renovation.

Not All the Furniture Is Taken Away

It has been reported that the furniture used during each episode of Fixer Upper is rented and that as soon as the producers are done filming an episode, they return the furniture. However, there are exceptions. HGTV doesn’t take away all the furniture.

Source: HGTV

As it turns out, HGTV gave each contestant an option to pick just one piece of furniture. So yes, they get to keep one item of furniture. They can pick a bed, a dining table, or something else. It is totally up to them.

Furniture Can Be Bought

As we’ve seen, after each episode of Fixer Upper, the rented furniture is taken away after the big reveal, and each contestant gets to choose piece of furniture to keep for free.

Source: Instagram/@magnolia

But there is more to it. If interested, a contestant can buy any of the other furniture at a discounted price. Each contestant is given a list of all the items that were placed inside their house for the big reveal. They see the price for each piece of furniture and can buy whatever they want from the list.

Pinterest Boards Were Used

To be invited as a guest on Fixer Upper, each contestant needed to have a minimum bank balance of $50,000. In addition, each contestant was asked to prepare a Pinterest board and share it with Joanna.

Source: Instagram/@rachel_whyte

That helped Joanna get an idea of how the homeowner wanted their home to look like after the renovation. Contestant Rachel Whyte revealed in an interview with Country Living that she created a Pinterest board with white houses and grey backgrounds. That helped Joanna and Chip pick the material for her particular project.

A Stressful Filming Process

For each episode of Fixer Upper, the original homeowners had to move out of the house. That was mandatory for the renovation to take place. The entire Fixer Upper team needed to have the home all to themselves.

Source: Instagram/@magnolia

If you think about the homeowners, you can understand how hard it would be for them to move out and live somewhere else for more than a month. If things don’t go as planned, they might even have to live in another location for up to six months.

They Made Sure Reactions Were Genuine

How do you make sure to capture the genuine reactions of the homeowners when they see the renovated home for the first time? Well, that’s easy. You keep them away from the home until the big day. If they get the slightest sneak peek into what their renovated home looks like, you will fail to capture their real reactions.

Source: HGTV

Every contestant of Fixer Upper was asked to not drive near the property during the renovation. Although it might have been tough for the homeowners to resist the temptation to take a look at their home, it helped save the contestants’ genuine reaction at the big reveal.

You Need to Wait to Move Back

In each episode of Fixer Upper, viewers get to see a completely renovated home. They get to see a home that looks nothing like it used to before the renovation. But contestants cannot move back into their home right after the renovation is complete. That’s a bummer, right?

Source: Instagram/@magnolia

When you have been waiting for six weeks for the renovation to be finished, being asked to wait another two to three weeks is the last thing you want. But that happened with almost every contestant on Fixer Upper. After filming was complete, the production unit had to inspect the house before the contestants could move back in.

It’s a Very Long Process

There was a huge waiting list to be invited to appear as a guest on Fixer Upper. After filling out an application, would-be contestants had to wait as many as several months before they got a reply from the production team.

Source: HGTV

The application process was also quite lengthy. Applicants had to answer 60 questions and even submit some recent photos. Depending on the application, contestants could be invited to attend video conferences or in-person interviews. Some contestants were even asked to fill out an additional questionnaire before getting an invitation to be on the show.

There Are Many Rules

If you wanted to appear on Fixer Upper, you had to abide by some rules. First, as we already found out, you had to have a minimum of $50,000 in the bank. Second, you had to be okay with moving out of the property during renovation (six weeks minimum). You had to live in Waco, Texas, and be comfortable with Chip and Joanna making almost all the major renovation decisions on your behalf.

Source: Instagram/@chipgaines

But that was not all. Participants had to be at least 21 years old to be eligible for the show. And for some reason, we saw a lot of very young couples getting invited to the show.

Some Acting Skills Were Needed

When you are on a reality TV show, you are not expected to have extraordinary acting skills. That’s because, unlike other types of TV shows, reality shows can reshoot scenes and reactions over and over again.

Source: HGTV

However, if the contestants did come with some basic acting skills, it helped the production managers save some filming time. According to Rachel Whyte, the hardest part was remembering the lines. When you are asked to repeat the same words over and over again, she said, it can get quite irritating.

Many Homeowners Sold Their Homes

Just like the other reality renovation shows, the producers of Fixer Upper couldn’t stop homeowners from selling their homes once the renovation was complete. A good majority of the contestants put their properties up for sale on the Internet. People were willing to pay more for a home that had been on Fixer Upper.

Source: HGTV

And some homeowners were interested in selling their homes after filming because the way the houses looked after the renovation wasn’t quite what they were expecting. According to a spokesperson, HGTV does not pose any irrational restrictions on whether or not homeowners can sell their property or not after the episode airs.

The Poster Was Added Last Minute

Every episode of Fixer Upper includes a big poster that shows the older version of the property. The idea behind that was so you could see what the property used to look like, how it looks now, and easily identify the changes.

Source: HGTV

But who came up with that idea? As it turns out, the poster is one of the key features of each episode of Fixer Upper. However, it was only incorporated into the pilot episode at the very last minute. According to Chip Gaines, one of Joanna’s friends came up with the idea to print a poster 12 feet by 24 feet.

Homeowners Need to Wait Patiently

To make each episode of Fixer Upper interesting, the homeowners are taken to each room on the property one by one. That helps the crew members capture the genuine emotions separately. But that became a big issue since most of Joanna’s design ideas are open concept.

Source: HGTV

According to Rachel Whyte, the producers had the contestants walk from one room to another. She also said how hard it was to wait to see the other rooms. When you get to see your home for the first time in six weeks, anyone will be a bit eager and even impatient.

Contestants Had to Balance the Show with Work

Just like most TV shows, the shooting time for Fixer Upper ran from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Even when you know what your schedule is, it’s sometimes hard to stick to it. The homeowners were asked to either make time for the shoot during a workday or make time on weekends.

Source: HGTV

Most contestants preferred taking a day off from work to accommodate Fixer Upper. In an interview with Apartment Therapy, Jeff Jones revealed that the entire shoot had to be completed in a single day. Although it was exhausting, it saved time.

A Lot of Unwanted Attention

After being featured on Fixer Upper, every house started getting visitors. After all, who wouldn’t want to see a house that was renovated by the experts, Chip and Joanna Gaines? Many couples got annoyed with all the unwanted attention.

Source: Instagram/@sljwellness

According to Jeff Jones, a Waco tour bus started making rounds of his home five to six times a day. Once Jeff realized what was happening, he knew his home had become a popular tourist attraction. Some contestants got very annoyed and called the police for help.

The Final Cut Can Be Very Different

Like every reality show, not everything that has been filmed will be included in the final cut. Many of the participants were shocked after they got to see the final version of the episode.

Source: HGTV

Sometimes contestants were in complete shock to see the actual episode compared to what they had imagined it would look like. When it comes to what will be included in each episode, the production team has the final say. Many of the emotional segments are often cut from the final cut.

You May Not See Chip and Joanna Much

If you are a hardcore fan of Fixer Upper, you might dream about working with Chip and Joanna Gaines. However, this was not the case for those who appeared on an episode of Fixer Upper and expected to see what Chip and Joanna were like in person.

Source: Instagram/@magnolia

The homeowners mostly interacted with the design assistants and not Chip and Joanna. That makes perfect sense since Chip and Joanna had to look after their five kids and maintain their own home while working full time. That can be tough.

There Have Been Some Spin-Offs

After five successful seasons, Fixer Upper came to an end in April 2018. Luckily, the popular TV show has had two spin-offs. Fixer Upper: Behind the Design ran for only one season. And then there was Fixer Upper: Welcome Home that is in its first season.

Source: Instagram/@magnolia

The first episode of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home was aired in January 2021. That spin-off is still running and airs currently on Magnolia Network. The core idea behind the Fixer Upper: Welcome Home spin-off is to renovate old homes.