The Most Paused Movie Scenes in Hollywood History

Has there ever been a time when you’re watching a movie, and you blink for just a second, and you’ve missed a scene? Or, when you watched a scene that was cinematically so enjoyable that you just had to pause, rewind, and watch the whole sequence again?

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Film lovers will know what we are talking about. Some scenes in movies are so iconic and oh-so-pause-worthy that you just can’t help watching them a second, third, or even fourth time!

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

The Wolf of Wall Street is memorable for dozens of reasons, not least for its slo-mo scene of Jordan Belfort abusing the Quaaludes. This 2013 movie had people in raptures, and there was one particular moment that people felt compelled to hit pause!

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It was the scene in which the most sensual seduction occurred by the movie’s leading actress, Margot Robbie, as she tries to seduce Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. A scene worth a second watch indeed!

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Fans of the band Queen went crazy with the release of Bohemian Rhapsody in 2018. Not only was Rami Malek’s performance as the lead singer and rock legend Freddie Mercury brilliant, but there appears a cameo in the movie, which drove fans wild.

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You guessed it! It’s the cameo made by Adam Lambert, the singer-songwriter who now words with the band itself. In the movie, he portrays the trucker with whom Mercury becomes infatuated!

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

The movie is not known for its cinematic excellence. However, Hollywood lovers worldwide are familiar with this one particular scene with jaws dropping all over the floor.


The most paused moment occurs when Linda Barrett, Phoebe Cates’s character, steps out of the pool in her drop-dead gorgeous red bikini… what a treat for the eyes!

Basic Instinct (1992)

Surprise, surprise. Sharon Stone’s most significant moments as an actress have made it on this list! While “Basic Instinct” has given us some groundbreaking cinematic moments, including a criminal mastermind who keeps her murder under the wraps, it has also given us this delectable moment!

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To confuse Michael Douglas’s character, the detective, Stone, attempts to cross her legs seductively in a stunning dress…, and of course, the shot was highly successful!

Sleeping With Other People (2015)

Alison Brie is known for her quirky and unexpected moves on screen. And in her 2015 movie, “Sleeping With Other People,” she doesn’t disappoint!

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Lainey, the character played by Brie, reunites with her old college friend Jake (Jason Sudeikis). The scene was a flash of a dance sequence during the time that Jake starred at his former college fling, leaving viewers craving for more!

Zootopia (2016)

This animated movie is at the top of our list for giving us an iconic creative moment worth watching more than once! “Zootopia,” a film about animals that attempt to live like humans in the big city, treats us to a quirky story of some animals that begin to uncover a conspiracy in their midst.

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The movie has a scene where one of the characters takes a peek at the iPod, and a closer look reveals the iPod to be displaying a list of famous musicians. What’s unique about that, you ask? The musicians have all been renamed in honor of the animal theme of the movie!

The Seven Year Itch (1955)

Marilyn Monroe, an icon herself, has given us some of the most classic moments in Hollywood history, and this scene from “The Seven Year Itch” is perhaps, one of the best. This particular scene has been paused to such an extent that it is now remembered almost independent of the movie.

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Of course, we’re talking about the scene in which Monroe attempts to seduce Richard Sherman’s character, and a vent below the ground begins to blow her dress up. And thus is born – the most iconic image that Monroe is remembered for!

The Exorcist (1973)

One of the most-watched horror movies of all time, “The Exorcist,” is memorable for so many reasons, least of all being the transformation of Linda Blair’s character from a sweet and innocent girl to a horrifying demon. While most of the movie is exceptionally gripping, there is one scene in particular that viewers paused!

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This is the scene in which the demon, Pazuzu, deigns to show his face for just the briefest of moments – causing viewers to pause for a better look at his face!

Iron Man (2008)

This is the one that only hardcore fans might have caught in a first-time watch! Perhaps one of the most popular Marvel movies out there, “Iron Man” alludes to another character in the Marvel Universe for just a brief moment,

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This is the scene in which Tony Stark is being disassembled with the help of his robot, and in the background, you find… that’s right! A glimpse of the symbolic shield of Captain America!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

We can thank “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” for giving us one of the most bodacious and sensual animated characters of all time. Each time she passed by, people all around her in the film stopped and stared.


This is exactly what happened off-screen as well, with pretty much the whole movie being littered with pause-worthy moments, courtesy of Jessica Rabbit!

Total Recall (1990)

Besides having acted in the Former Governor of California’s capacity, Arnold Schwarzenegger has also acted in this exemplary movie, “Total Recall,” giving us a scene that caused viewers to take a second look!

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In Schwarzenegger’s survey of Mars, his character happens upon someone completely unexpected, causing viewers to pause and ogle at the screen!

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

This one is for the Spanish reading audience of Hollywood. “Anchorman,” known for its subtle and crafty jokes in almost every scene, has given us this tongue-in-cheek scene of a Mexican restaurant with a strange name.

It is one of those movies that crafts subtle jokes into every scene they could fit. For the audience that can read Spanish, this joke is enough to make anyone pause to read. In this scene, there is a Mexican restaurant with a pretty odd name.

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The restaurant’s name, translated into English, reads as “We spit in your food.” Spanish speakers definitely paused at this scene and chuckled their appreciation.

Before I Go to Sleep (2014)

While film critics criticized the movie, Nicole Kidman’s 2014 psychological thriller, “Before I Go to Sleep,” gave us one pause-worthy moment to die for.

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This scene included the one in which Kidman stands nude, in front of a wall filled with hanging photographs. Watch this scene, and you’ll find yourself pausing to admire the aesthetic beauty of this scene!

Three Men and a Baby (1987)

“Three Men and a Baby” is a stellar film, despite its slightly corny sounding title. And the movie has one scene in particular that raised some eyebrows for its strangeness.


This is the scene in which there appears a cardboard cutout of the famous figure of John Stamos! Viewers paused the scene just to take in this bizarre appearance!

The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

Chris Hemsworth is hardly known for his role in horror movies, but this one is worth a watch! The 2011 film “The Cabin in the Woods” has one scene that delighted movie lovers.

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In this modern horror movie, the pause-worthy scene occurs when the controllers of the monsters display the different monsters that they control. The extent of the fine details in this scene is a work of art, calling for a pause and a long stare!

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999)

Director George Lucas is known for the delightful Easter Eggs he places in most of his films. The first prequel of the Star Wars franchise is no different!

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This eye-opening moment occurs when the senators and other politicians are having a meeting. A pause at this scene will afford you a glimpse of a family of alien friends, lifted straight from another popular alien movie, E.T! Movie lovers, you can’t miss this allusion, for sure.

TRON (1982)

“TRON” is noteworthy in Hollywood cinema for its first-rate computer graphics that showcase a hacker in his universe. This fascinating and innovative 1982 movie was lightyears ahead of its time, giving us several scenes worth pausing.

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One of these scenes is one that gamers would cherish. This is the scene where the protagonist, Sark, stares at a glass screen as he plays the iconic video game, Pac-Man!

The Graduate (1967)

How could we have made a list of the most paused moments in Hollywood history without including “The Graduate”? This Oscar-winning film caused quite a scandal back in the day, when the character of Dustin Hoffman, a graduate fresh out of college and struggling to find his purpose in life, is seduced by the unforgettable Mrs. Robinson, a woman twice his age.

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You know the scene that we are talking about! This scene caused many heads to turn and many eyebrows to rise in shock. That’s right. It is the one in which Mrs. Robinson locks up Ben in a room and strips naked for him.

Teen Wolf (1985)

Touted as a family-friendly flick, “Teen Wolf” might just have unintentionally become a PG13 movie. The scene that makes it so appears just minutes after the film opens and the ones who notice are bound to gasp out loud.

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The scene in question occurs when Scott Howard, played by Michael J. Fox, emerges victorious from the basketball match as the camera pans around to the audience cheering from the bleachers… and we catch a glimpse of an extra with his pants and underwear around his ankles! Gasp!

The Matrix (1999)

“The Matrix” installments have been widely considered the best movie franchises of all time, not least for Keanu Reeves’s exemplary performance in the film. In the first of these films, fans might notice a particular scene that reflects a door-knob shot.

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Look closer, and you might notice something unusual. Instead of reflecting a camera, the movie’s ingenious director decided to do something completely unexpected. The camera in question was dressed up as Morpheus in the shot. Watch out for this next time you go on a Matrix marathon!

American Beauty (1999)

“American Beauty” will go down in film history for introducing one of the most defining moments of Hollywood cinema. This is the scene, which, if you have seen the movie, is hard to forget

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In the scene in question, Lester, the protagonist of the film, becomes infatuated with his daughter’s best friend, Mena Suvari, and can’t stop staring at her. The camera follows his gaze as the spotlight highlights the young girl, and everything else fades to black. If this scene doesn’t make you pause and ogle, we don’t know what will!

Titanic (1997)

This is a scene that even non-movie buffs would be familiar with, for “Titanic” has transformed itself from one of the most successful movie blockbusters to a straight-up cultural phenomenon. Rose and Jack have now become the epitome of romance, and it’s hard not to fall in love with their love story.

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However, the scene in question is when Rose, played by Kate Winslet in one of her most defining film moments, asks Jack to ‘draw her like one of his French girls’ and lies down completely naked except for a necklace around her neck. Worth a pause? Um, heck yes!

The Lion King (1994)

“The Lion King” might just go down as Disney’s most beloved movie of all time, having given us the several hidden messages that Disney is known and loved for. And the scene that is considered pause-worthy is not the one where Mufasa is killed ruthlessly by his brother, but another such hidden message.

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Look closely during the movie, and you will notice a scene with a cloud of dust that briefly spells out a message in the sky… something to look out for the next time you’re in the mood for some amazing Disney wonder!

Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club has moved effortlessly from the category of movie blockbuster to the most popular movie classics of all time. This 1999 movie continues to be admired even today for its raw and visceral portrayal of its classic characters, especially that of Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt.

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The scene that induces a pause or two from viewers is extremely subliminal and extremely easy to miss, for it occurs within the mere blink of an eye. We’re talking about the scene when we are given a quick shot of Tyler Durden in the movie even before introducing him – a scene that vanishes within a frame!

Psycho (1960)

No one can deny that this 1960 psychological thriller has set the bar for many horror movies for all time to come. One scene in particular, however, remains etched in the brains of those who watch this movie for its shock value.

Source:, Copyrights: Shamley Productions

This particular scene involves the superimposition of Norman Bates’ (the protagonist of the movie) mother’s face over his own. Unexpected and horrific, this is one that caused viewers to pause to ascertain that their eyes aren’t deceiving them!

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Harrison Ford became the legend he is today, all thanks to the 1981 movie “Raiders of Lost Ark.” The movie has given us not only a new appreciation for this gifted actor but also this one particular scene that is cinematically oh-so-pleasing!

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In this scene, Paul Freeman’s character, Belloq, is seen giving a speech when a fly buzzes by close to his mouth and then flies right inside. Not surprisingly, many viewers watch this scene more than once!

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Would this list even be complete without Quentin Tarantino in it? Pulp Fiction, an exemplary example of his non-linear plotlines, has made it into this list, not for its iconic scenes but one particular goof-up by the moviemakers!

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Can you guess? That’s right! This scene occurs in one of the most infamous moments of the movie when Jules and Vincent (played by Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta, respectively) are dodging bullets in front of a wall that is littered with bullet holes… even before they are shot at!

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977)

If there’s something “Star Wars” is known for, it’s for incorporating timeless themes into an unforgettable cinematic experience. These groundbreaking films have given us so many scenes worth pausing, but one, in particular, is worth noting!

Source: YouTube

A New Hope has this one scene in particular where a bunch of Stormtroopers march out of their cargo ship, only to have one of the Stormtroopers… bonk his head! Uh-huh, this is one of those scenes that call for a pause and a giggle!

Jurassic World (2015)

Cameos are usually a movie lover’s treat, which is the same case in this movie! “Jurassic World” is not only a revival of the Jurassic Park franchise but a modern take on the same, with a cameo by Jimmy Buffet that is quite unforgettable.

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In this particular scene, while a flying pterosaur attacks civilians, Jimmy Buffet flies alongside it with something unexpected in his hands. They’re margaritas! Could this be a subtle hint from the movie’s director to grab our own margaritas?

Deadpool 2 (2018)

“Deadpool 2” has long since established itself as one of the best anti-hero movies out there, and a Cameo by one of the most popular Hollywood actors makes this movie even more compelling.

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Who is the cameo by? Well, none other than Brad Pitt, of course, who appears as the character of the Vanisher on screen. As Vanisher is electrocuted and lies dying, we catch a glimpse of Brad Pitt, forcing us to pause and do a double-take!

Signs (2002)

M. Night Shyamalan is known for his out of the world plots, with “Signs” being one of his better films, starring Mel Gibson in one of his most significant roles before his downfall in the eyes of the public. The scene that is considered pause-worthy is not only creepy but extremely brief, causing viewers to pause for a better glimpse.

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The scene occurs when an alien creature is caught on tape, lurking eerily in Mexico’s alleyway. The creepiness of this scene has viewers hooked, and rightly so!

Scanners (1981)

This 1981 movie may not be as familiar to you as some of the other films on our list, but “Scanners” has built up a pretty wide fanbase for its story, which revolves around psychic powers and how the characters deal with these powers.

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You won’t find any spoilers here, but the scene that we consider worth a pause is pretty gory (be warned!), entailing the archetypal horror tactics of the 80s. Beware, you might just find this scene full of head explosions, along with ground beef and… ketchup?

Toy Story 3 (2010)

This animated wonder has had fans gaping at its creative art overages. The third movie in this animated franchise sees Woody and the gang being donated to daycare. One particular scene during this movie has fans, both young and old, stopping to stare!

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With a sharp eye and keen gaze, you might just be able to catch this! Look closely, and you’ll come across a sanitation worker in this who is none other than one of the old villains from the past movies!

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

There is no denying that Disney is one of the greatest masters of storytelling and foreshadowing, and the 1991 movie “Beauty and the Beast” is no exception.

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The scene that employs foreshadowing is the movie’s climactic scene, where the villainous Gaston attempts to kill The Beast. Moments before he plunges to his death in the depths of the vast abyss below the ledge, tiny skulls appear in his eyeballs. Pause the movie and admire this beautiful piece of art!

Wizard of Oz (1939)

“Wizard of Oz” has long been a classic and beloved story of young and old alike, and fans have been drawing obscure references from this movie since its release in 1939. One of the most peculiar observations made by a fan occurs in the background when the gang walks down that class yellow brick road.


What is spotted in the background was actually a bird (according to official sources), but this wild theory suggests that the background figure is actually a munchkin attempting suicide. “Wizard of Oz” just suddenly turned dark, didn’t it?

Dirty Dancing (1987)

“Dirty Dancing” is a movie that is entirely filled with pausable moments. However, there is one in particular that stands out to viewers. This scene makes the movie the classic that it is, and of course, a perfect image for dancers around the world to recreate.

Source:, Copyrights: Great American Films Limited Partnership

We’re talking about the climactic moment in the film when Jennifer Grey is lifted into the arms of the protagonist, Patrick Swayze, while “Time of My Life” plays in the background to a crescendo. This image is etched into the minds of everyone who watches this movie, purely for the fact that most of us pause just to re-watch this iconic moment!

Burn After Reading (2008)

Known popularly for its atypical cast of characters, “Burn After Reading” has had lots of moments where viewers had to pause, especially when a bizarre and unexpected character appeared awkwardly on stage. But the scene that has put this movie on our list involves Hollywood’s heartthrob, Brad Pitt, as he lingers about in a closet.

Source: YouTube

This scene involves a too sudden and unexpected plot-twist for Pitt’s character, causing viewers to do a double-take when this scene comes around.

Boogie Nights (1997)

Unique in its portrayal of Mark Wahlberg’s character, Dirk Diggler, as he tries to make it big in the adult movie industry, this 1997 Paul Thomas Anderson movie has one scene in particular which drew our attention.

Source:, Copyrights: New Line Cinema

If you have watched the movie, you will surely guess the moment we are referring to. It occurs when Diggler gets entirely naked for the film crew. Sources prove, however, that what you see is all prosthetic!

Cruel Intentions (1999)

This 1999 movie has had movie fans going crazy for its young and beautiful characters, experiencing love for the first time. As is evident from the movie title, they are also full of cruel intentions, and Kathryn, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, had heads turning in almost every scene.

Source:, Copyrights: Columbia Pictures

The scene which we consider worth a second watch is… you guessed it! The scene in which Kathryn teaches Cecile, played by Selma Blair, how to kiss. Need we say more?

Wild Things (1998)

While this 1998 movie was never critically acclaimed, the movie gave us one highly recognizable scene, which has now come to represent the movie itself. This scene has caused fans to forget the film’s shoddy work and had them reach for the pause button.

Source:, Copyrights: Mandalay Entertainment

Of course, this is the scene when the two main characters of the film (played by Neve Campbell and Denise Richards) share a steamy kiss in the swimming pool.

Man of Steel (2013)

“Man of Steel,” the origin story of the long-beloved superhero, Superman, showcases none other than Henry Cavill at his best. Another movie franchise that specializes in its little Easter eggs, this movie lives up to its expectations.


The scene in question is when Superman has a battle with General Zod, the supervillain, and as the two of them crash into a satellite, we catch a glimpse of a gem that leaves fans in raptures. What might it be? Well, the Wayne Enterprises logo, of course!

She’s the Man (2006)

“She’s the Man” follows the age-old trope set by the famous William Shakespeare of a girl dressing up as a boy in order to get around. Here, twins Viola and Sebastian switch places, with Viola dressing up as her twin brother to bag a spot on the all-male soccer team.

Source: Reddit

Most people pause at the scene where Viola is forced to reveal herself as a girl – by flashing everyone as proof. No wonder people paused at this scene, huh?

Spider-Man (2002)

The first “Spider-Man” movie has yet to go out of style, despite several new and brilliant remakes being made in the last few years. Known for its brilliant action sequences and for Tobey Maguire’s brilliant portrayal as the friendly neighborhood superhero, this movie is unforgettable.

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The pause-worthy scene from this movie is hardly a surprise – of course, it is the iconic upside-down kiss that Spiderman and Mary-Jane share in the pouring rain. Simply classic!

Aladdin (1992)

Disney makes it onto this list again for its numerous hidden Easter eggs and its brilliant intertextuality. This 1992 film has aged beautifully, mainly for this particular reason. The scene in question, particularly, involves one such Easter egg that fans absolutely adore.

Source: Pinterest

When Alladin asks Genie to turn him into a prince, Genie, in all his hilarity, pulls out a book to look up a recipe to make a prince, and in the process, pulls out a sea creature. That’s right. It’s Sebastian, the crab from The Little Mermaid.

Back to the Future (1985)

“Back to the Future” is one of those movie franchises that become a subculture in itself – with an entire fanbase forming under it, along with fan theories that enriched the movies like no other. And, of course, the film is full of pause-worthy moments, but one, in particular, stands out.

Source: YouTube

The movie’s subtle sense of humor comes out in this scene, when Marty, the protagonist, runs over a tree near a store called “Twin Pines,” which later (in the future) comes to be called “Lone Pine” as a result of Marty’s misadventures.

The Little Mermaid (1989)

We have another Disney movie on the list, yet again, and this time, it’s the classic 1989 movie, “The Little Mermaid.” While most people view Disney movies as children’s movies, they fail to notice the adult innuendos hidden in every corner.

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For instance, the film’s defining moment is when Ariel is granted legs in return for her beautiful voice. Viewers paused at this moment when Ariel’s legs, and more, was shockingly shown for a brief moment on screen.

Finding Dory (2016)

“Finding Nemo” was a fan favorite for several years before its much-awaited sequel, “Finding Dory,” hit the theatres. And this 2016 movie lived up to the hype of its former predecessor, as we follow the story of the beloved forgetful fish, Dory.

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The scene you might have to pause occurs when Dory has been encased, and if you look close enough, you see a photo of the “Finding Nemo” villain, Darla, on the wall behind her.

Grease (1978)

This 1978 movie set the bar for musicals in Hollywood for ages to come. Not only were the songs an instant hit with fans, but the delectable high school drama provided infinite entertainment, and of course, several pause-worthy moments.

Photo by Paramount Pictures/Fotos International/Getty Images

The moment that caught our eye, in particular, is the one that captures the complete makeover of the film’s protagonist, Sandra Dee, in the very final scene of the movie. What a memorable moment in the history of musicals!

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Another “Spider-Man movie makes it onto our list, and this time, it stars up-and-coming actor Tom Holland. While the film has earned its reputation as a critically acclaimed Marvel movie, the reason it has made its way onto this list is somewhat unexpected.

Source: Twitter

Concentrate on all the movie’s final details, and you might just notice that one of the movie’s characters is found at one point of time to be reading a piece of literature that is highly unusual for a teenager.

Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Here’s another Marvel movie for us to pause, and yet again, it’s one of the delightful Easter eggs that has been artfully placed in this 2013 film. Remember that scene when Dr. Selvig is in a mental health ward and scribbles gibberish all over a chalkboard?


Well, it turns out that it’s not really gibberish after all. They are incredibly complicated mathematical and astronomical equations, and hidden inside them is the name of the place, Nidavellar – a place that is well known from another famous Marvel movie, “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Iron Man 2 (2010)

A Marvel movie makes our list once more, with the sequel to the first “Iron Man” movie, “Iron Man 2.” This one, in particular, has a scene that references several other Marvel movies simultaneously and that is definitely pause-worthy.

Source: Reddit

When Nick Fury and Tony Stark meet, the background is extremely interesting. It involves a map that reveals hotspots of Superhero action, including Wakanda, New Mexico (where Thor’s hammer lies), as well as Greenland, which hosts Captain America’s frozen body.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

As we have already mentioned, Disney is notorious for its Easter eggs and multiple inter-textualities, and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is filled with these. The moment to look out for, however, is when high above the city, the protagonist, Quasimodo sings into the sky.


Focus on the city streets instead, and you will be pleasantly surprised with Alladin’s Carpet, Belle reading a book, and even Pumba from “The Lion King.”

The Back-up Plan (2010)

Jennifer Lopez has made her reputation as a brilliant singer and an enchanting actress and as someone who rocks a sensual body. “The Back-up Plan,” here 2010 movie, shows her character undergoing pregnancy and dealing with a new relationship while showing us a glimpse of J-Lo’s much-admired behind.

Source:, Copyrights: CBS Films

While J-Lo looks at herself in the mirror, viewers have paused for a better look, of course. However, you might be disappointed to know that the person in the scene is not J-Lo at all, but her body double.

There’s Something About Mary (1998)

A comedic classic that is still much admired amongst fans of the current generation, “There’s Something About Mary” gives us a glimpse of one scene that viewers have been pausing for more than 20 years since its release.

Source:, Copyrights: Twentieth Century Fox

This might just be one of the most painful moments, but people still choose to pause at Ben Stiller’s mishap with his zipper in the movie! Why? Heaven knows!

Ghostbusters (1984)

Unique in its theme and plot, “Ghostbusters” proved an instant hit when it was first released. However, the reason it has made to this list is actually entirely unexpected and one that you may not have noticed the first time around.


Amid a ghost outbreak, you can find a special cameo by a famous 70s adult film star, Ron Jeremy, who appears in the crowd. The next time you watch the movie, be sure to pause to get a better look!

Peter Pan (1953)

A Disney classic, “Peter Pan,” is loved by old and young viewers alike. However, a pause-worthy moment occurs in this movie when, surprisingly, something scandalous is shown on screen.

Source:, Copyrights: Walt Disney Productions

While Peter dances to show how he is bound to his shadow for life, keen observes may notice an outline of his private parts… and of course, pause to digest this Disney scandal!

American Pie (1999)

One of the most celebrated teen movies of all time, “American Pie” has given us several pause-worthy moments, including the characters’ young, wild and free experiences.

Source:, Copyrights: Universal Pictures

One of these moments was when one of the movie characters, Nadia, assumes that she is alone in the room and undresses. And, of course, viewers had to hit pause!

Trading Places (1983)

Jamie Lee Curtis was shot to fame as the “Scream Queen” after her iconic role in the popular horror film. “Trading Places” completely flipped her image inside out, with people admiring her gorgeous figure, dubbing her “The Body” instead.


The scene we are talking about is the one in which Jamie’s character looks at herself in the mirror in all her glory, and of course, viewers were quick to notice her absolutely perfect figure!

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

This movie’s heartwarming story has been capturing hearts ever since its release in 1982. It has also caught the cinematic audience’s interest in the classic image it has come to be remembered by.

Source:, Copyrights: Universal Pictures

During the ride to freedom, E.T uses his powers to lift the bicycle into the air, leaving the characters silhouetted against the sky. A breath-taking moment on-screen and a pause-worthy moment off-screen!

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

This movie has been able to capture the brilliant Stanely Kubrick’s directorial creativity, particularly in the scene where Dave Bowman, the protagonist of the movie, is seen to be surrounded by blinding lights at the center of the frame.

Source:, Copyrights: Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Kubrick has masterfully used camera viewpoints, lighting, and symmetrical framing to allow the viewers to feel as if they are directly behind Bowman. Thus, as a part of the narrative themselves, viewers simply had to pause at this innovative genius.

Alien (1979)

Extra-terrestrial movies have always been fascinating, and “Alien” is no exception. However, the scene that viewers found most thrilling occurs right after the introduction of a baby Xenomorph.

Source:, Copyrights: Brandywine Productions

The gory effects that ensued, along with the look of pure horror on the faces of the characters, as well as the thrill felt by viewers themselves, caused them to hit the pause button to allow themselves a moment before continuing with the film.

Speed (1994)

One of the most popular thrillers of all time, “Speed” is just like its title says. An extremely fast-paced action, it requires the viewers to be on their toes to notice all the nitty-gritty of the action.

Source:, Copyrights: The Mark Gordon Company

Movie lovers might have noticed this tidbit in particular when Payne gets beheaded after his battle with Jack Tavern. Focus your attention, and you might just notice that what gets beheaded is not the actor but a dummy!

V for Vendetta (2006)

Adapted from the popular graphic novel, “V for Vendetta” has not always stayed true to the original. Natalie Portman, for instance, does not go topless the way Evey does in the original graphic novels but gives us a glimpse that is worthy enough to pause.

Source:, Copyrights: Warner Bros.

If you have watched this movie, you will know that this scene occurs right after Evey’s attempt to escape, when the camera gives us a peek into what she is wearing beneath her clothes. Does this call for a pause? Viewers certainly think so!

The Rescuers (1977)

“The Rescuers” was originally meant to be a family-friendly flick, just like most other Disney movies. However, this movie’s particular mishap caused the company to recall more than 3 million copies once the movie was released.


What’s the mishap? Well, on Bianca and Bernard’s ride to Orville, you might just notice the image of a topless woman in the backdrop of New York. The pause button might help you notice this little controversy better!

Men In Black (1997)

“Men in Black” is a cinematic classic, and Will Smith elevates this movie to a new level. The cinematic genius within this movie has caused us to include it within this list. The moment in question occurs when Jay takes a look at holographic images of various aliens’ locations.

Source: Pinterest

The aliens in each of these images are celebrities, and some very recognizable ones honor us with their presence, including Sylvester Stallone and Danny DeVito.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Another Stanley Kubrick graces this list again, with this 1999 movie full of deception and lies. An extraordinary and unusual event within this movie has been considered pause-worthy for more than 20 years. This involves the scene that Bill Hartford (Tom Cruise) witnesses at a hidden cult.

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With the peculiar intimate ceremony of the cult unfolding before our eyes, this scene has been sketched in the minds of viewers, mainly because of the number of times it has been paused.

Inception (2010)

Christopher Nolan is considered one of the greatest directors of all time, and “Inception” is one of his unforgettable masterpieces. The scene that fans have paused is a cinematic and artistic genius and one that critics will be talking about for years to come.

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The scene in question involves Cobb’s young student, Ariadne, flexing her skills of creation in her world of dreams as she builds an architectural giant of a city within Paris, causing fans to pause and marvel at this work of art.

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Quentin Tarantino is a director for all ages, and “Reservoir Dogs,” his first feature film, is one that has been extensively studied and analyzed by film students and enthusiasts alike. But the scene that has caused fans to pause is not a pretty one.

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This strangely horrific scene occurs when the infamous Mr. Blonde injures a police officer, and amid his act, begins dancing to music from the radio. A moment that will indeed cause a chill down your spine!

The Matrix (1999)

A science-fiction masterpiece, “The Matrix” has redefined action cinema itself. Not only were the visual effects of the movie exemplary, but the plot was one-of-a-kind. The idea of a simulation in a post-modern world is highly symbolic and wonderfully revolutionary, and “The Matrix” has been able to carry off this theme in the unique way possible.

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The scene that has been paused most by viewers is a predictable one. It occurs when Keanu Reeves’ character, Neo, discovers his extraordinary powers for the first time. This slo-mo scene just didn’t cut it for the viewers. They simply had to pause to soak the moment in!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

“The Star Wars” franchise has been long-loved by fans, and this recent revival of the movies had fans speculating in the very last scene of the movie. Here, Luke Skywalker is seen in a rock statue figure, standing next to what looks to be a gravestone.


This open-ended frame has caused fan theories to go wild. Is Rey Luke’s own daughter? Is that Luke’s wife’s gravestone? Pause the movie at this scene and ponder for yourself!

Doctor Strange (2016)

“Doctor Strange” is one of Marvel’s most innovative works of art, and Benedict Cumberbatch has now come to become synonymous with this superhero. While the movie has several pause-worthy moments, the scene that we would like to highlight occurs at the movie’s very climax.

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Here, Doctor Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to save the world by manipulating time… and living the same moment over and over again countless times. Will the Eye of Agamotto have a role in future Doctor Strange movies? Fans of the movie pause the movie here to try to answer this very question!

Star Wars – Return of the Jedi (1983)

“Star Wars” returns to our list with one of the older films this time. This 1983 film is timeless for its brilliant visual effects, which continue to be admired even today. While the whole movie is worth a second watch, there is one scene that viewers have been pausing for all these years.


This scene occurs when Darth Vader is attacked by the Emperor with a bolt of lightning, illuminating Vader’s skeleton underneath his armor.

Nerve (2016)

This 2016 movie caused viewers to go wild, with its scandalous scene that has something to do with cheerleading. It’s difficult to forget this scene, and viewers around the world will agree. Do you remember it?


It occurred when the movie’s character, Sydney, a cheerleader, moons the crowd while the crowd yells in a frenzy. And, of course, viewers had to pause to allow for this scandalous act to sink in.

The Greasy Strangler (2016)

“The Greasy Strangler” is notorious for the extremely uncomfortable moments that it has delivered to its audience, and the scene that has been most paused might just be the most awkward moment in the whole movie.


You guessed it! It’s the scene that involves strangulation and… eye-popping. Particularly squeamish viewers have found themselves pausing at the horror of what they have just witnessed on screen.

The Brothers Grimsby (2016)

“The Brothers Grimsby” recalls to all our minds only one scene – that of Rebel Wilson’s character daring streaking across a football field.

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However, you might be surprised to find that the person who streaked was not Rebel Wilson after all. After her refusal to do the scene, a blonde body double was used for the take, but viewers continue to pause at this scene!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Reddit comes to our rescue when it comes to spotting obscure Easter eggs, and the one that has been spotted in this 2014 movie is definitely worth a pause. This scene occurs at the very beginning of the scene, where you will find Captain America making a to-do list for himself.


Pause, and you might notice something strange. This list changes according to the country in which the movie was released. Of course, this requires you to watch several different versions of the film, but who’s complaining?

Frozen (2013)

“Frozen” took the world by a storm (pun intended) when it was released and has induced fans to pause several times throughout the film, but one, in particular, harks back to a critically acclaimed television show.


That’s right, the scene where Anna and Hans discuss sandwiches is highly reminiscent of the popular “Arrested Development,” causing fans to wonder at Disney’s ability to weave in different references in its movies.

Tarzan (1999)

Tarzan shook the world before the 2000’s hit, and the soundtrack melted viewers’ hearts like no other. But of course, as you might have predicted, the reason this classic jungle film has made it onto our list is… you guessed it, an Easter egg!


A keen eye might observe that the teacup and the teapot within the movie are highly reminiscent of a teacup and a teapot from another Disney movie. That’s right; it’s “Beauty and the Beast’s” pitiable yet adorable duo, Mrs. Potts and her darling son, Chip!

The Crying Game (1992)

This 1992 movie proved to be a critical hit worldwide for its progressive plot and creative genius. Set in Northern Ireland, the film was littered with several thrilling moments, but the scene that viewers have deemed pause-worthy is the plot-twist that no one expected.

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In this scene, in a bizarre twist of events, Jaye Davidson’s character, Dil, announces that she is transgender, to the shock and awe of viewers who paused to do a double-take on the scene.

Passengers (2016)

A Morten Tyldum movie makes it onto our list, with this 2016 film that dropped some Easter eggs upon movie lovers that they picked up on fairly quickly. Tyldum, a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick, makes subtle references to “The Shining” in this movie.


Morten modeled the set of “Passengers” to resemble the one from “The Shining,” including the bartender as well as the carpet of the ship.

Black Panther (2018)

Marvel has done it, yet again, with this Academy Award-winning movie, and the scene that no one saw coming, and had everyone pausing for breath, comes when the throne of Wakanda was being battled for.

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T’Challa and Killmonger fight to the death for the throne, and in a surprising turn of events, Killmonger wins the battle. Pause, rewind, re-watch? Definitely!

The Favourite (2018)

“The Favourite” has proved capable of showing the most complex human relationships with relative ease and effort, with Queen Anne and her two supporters. Can you guess the scene that has been paused the most?

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It involves the deadpan scene wherein Queen Anne, played by Olivia Colman, explains to Lady Sarah why her favorite remains her dear cousin Abigail. The complexity shown within this scene had viewers reaching for the pause button.

Free Solo (2018)

This is perhaps the only documentary to have made it onto our list, and rightly so! “Free Solo” documents the story of solo climber Alex Honnold as he makes it to the top of Yosemite National Park’s giant, El Captain, officially becoming the first person to accomplish this feat.


Of course, the scene that is pause-worthy has to be the one where Honnold completes his climb and stands at the top, allowing viewers to take a moment and register the history-making moment that they have just witnessed.

Hereditary (2018)

‘Intense’ is a word that hardly captures the essence of this 2018 movie. The movie was so unpredictable that viewers had no idea which direction it would go. And, of course, it delivered several scenes that were worth a second watch.

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The scene that made our list involves a blood-curdling moment when Charlie eats some nuts. What’s so special about that? Since she is severely allergic to nuts, she had to be immediately rushed to the hospital. Needless to say, this scene stopped the hearts of fans for a moment, causing them to pause for breath.