What Happened to Our Favorite Stars of CSI?

“CSI” was a huge show. Its main series ran for 15 years with a total of 337 episodes. Along with that, we saw many spin-offs as the franchise grew to the locations of Vegas, New York, and Miami. There was also a “Cyber” series, set in Washington, DC.

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With so many shows, we were graced with a wide number of amazing characters. The audience fell in love with them, and you’re probably wondering what they are up to these days. Here we see what the stars of “CSI” are up to today.

Louise Lombard as Sofia Curtis

Louise Lombard played the character of Sofia Curtis; she first appeared in season five. Louise was developing her career as a detective when she was invited to work on CSI and included in the main cast in the seventh season. Her last appearance was on season 11.

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Her time on the show was a lot shorter than many fans would have hoped for. We followed her story as an investigator who is on the path to becoming a homicide detective. Then her character disappeared without any explanation, which was a great shame.

Louise Lombard Since CSI

The beautiful and versatile actress Louise Lombard started in movies by appearing in TV films and BBC TV shows, like “The House of Elliott.” This drama depicts two sisters running their own hat-making business. Besides CSI, Louise has also starred in the “Hidalgo” film but has mostly been on TV since then.

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Most recently, she appeared in a TV series named “Lethal Weapon.” She will also appear on the big screen in the film “After We Collided.” After CSI, she mostly guest-starred in smaller roles and currently resides in London, England, with her boyfriend Alejandro Sol and their children Alejandro and Rafaela.

Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle

Initially, Sara Sidle appeared as a recurring character on CSI but became a regular cast member in the final five seasons. In CSI, her character has a shady past, yet she rose to be regarded as one of the most important forensic scientists. Over time, the character gained popularity and became everyone’s favorite.

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Jorja Fox got her big break on the show “ER” in 1996, starring as Dr. Maggie Doyle. Four years later, in 2000, Fox landed the role as Sara. Over time, the character gained popularity and became everyone’s favorite.

Jorja Fox Since CSI

Jorja Fox has appeared in many television series, including “The West Wing” (playing Secret Service Agent Gina Toscano). Initially, she began her career as a model before moving to acting in the mid-90s. Jorja has largely been in smaller projects and TV movies since the show. Most recently, she appeared in the film “3022.”

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She is the co-founder of the production company Seafox Productions and also an animal and human rights activist. After leaving CSI, Fox produced the musical “Stay Forever: The Life and Music of Dusty Springfield.” Recently Fox joined the cast for the sequel to CSI, “CSI: Vegas,” which premiered on October 2021.

Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows

Marg didn’t get her fame from CSI, as she had already done dozens of movies and TV shows. She starred as Katherine Charlene (KC.) Koloski on the ABC show “China Beach.” In 1990, she got an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

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In 2000, she landed the role of Catherine Willows on CSI. The character was based on a real-life forensic scientist, Yolanda McClary. McClary worked for the LAPD for 26 years and was a hugely important part of the show.

Marg Helgenberger Since CSI

After CSI, Marg has kept busy. She joined a television series called “Intelligence,” which lasted one season. From there, she was in the TV movie “CSI: Immortality.” Thankfully she’s been able to stay busy with her career.

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Her most recent work is from 2019-2021. She was in a TV series called “All Rise,” where she played Lisa Benner. The show was originally canceled but has since been picked up again. She has also been cast for another upcoming show, “Getaway.”

David Caruso as Horatio Caine

David’s name became known when the police show “NYPD Blue” came to TV. It aired in 1993, and in one year, David’s popularity catapulted, which led to him leaving the show after just one season, and he had a desire to be in movies.

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However, the movies did not do well, which led David back to television. He became very popular in his new role on CSI, as Horatio Caine. He remained in this role until the series ended and was one of the most iconic characters across the franchise.

David Caruso Since CSI

David chose to retire from acting after CSI ended. Perhaps a couple of factors played a role in his decision to leave acting. His high salary demands possibly meant that he was reluctant to take smaller roles with a smaller paycheck.

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While we can speculate on his reasons for retiring while he was still in his mid-50s, it does appear that he has happily settled into a new life in the art business. He’s worked with many galleries and has even commissioned work himself.

Emily Procter as Calleigh Duquesne

As with many in the business, Emily Proctor started her career working on smaller productions and TV movies but did manage to land a small role in the huge film “Leaving Las Vegas,” in which Nicolas Cage starred. Eventually, her career would see her land a role in “CSI: Miami.”

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On “CSI: Miami,” she played the role of Calleigh Duquesne, who had the nickname of bullet girl due to being a ballistics expert and having an incredible knowledge of firearms. She became a pivotal part of the show, appearing in 232 episodes in total.

Emily Procter since CSI

After “CSI: Miami,” her career didn’t really take off, and she has only had a handful of roles since leaving the show in 2012. One of those roles was a film called “Love Everlasting,” She was also in a TV series called “White Collar.”

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She has many other interests away from the acting roles, such as being a singer and a poker player. Procter is also a philanthropist who enjoys her life outside the spotlight with her husband and daughter. It seems as though she’s more than happy to be away from our TV screens.

Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Ray Langston

It’s fair to say that Fishburne was a huge star before he ever landed the role of Dr. Ray Langston. For many, he’ll always be known as Morpheus from the Matrix franchise, but he’s also appeared in many other great films.

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The character of Dr. Ray Langston bought a calmness to the show and helped to glue it all together. He appeared in 61 episodes in total, but in a surprise move, he was written out of the show to the dismay of many fans.

Laurence Fishburne since CSI

While many stars of the show have struggled with getting acting jobs, the same can’t be said for Fishburne. Being such a huge star, he was always going to be in high demand, and so it proved to be with a long list of great roles.

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It was a shock when he wasn’t asked to reprise his role as Morpheus in the new Matrix film, but with all the jobs he currently has, it’s no issue for him. Fishburne continues to showcase his immense talents in whatever movie or TV show he’s in.

Aisha Tyler as Mia Dickerson

Aisha Tyler played the memorable role of Mia Dickerson during season five as a DNA lab technician. Mia was portrayed to be a highly dependable DNA expert who produces results quickly, mainly because of her impressive organizational skills.

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However, Dickerson seemed to have OCD of bacteria and microbes in general. She often scolds her co-workers for contaminating her workspace. After 13 episodes, Tyler left in Season 6 and was replaced by Wendy Simms. She had an episode in CSI Miami but then moved on from CSI altogether to embrace the other projects coming her way.

Aisha Tyler since CSI

Aisha Tyler went on to a wonderful career in different media, from acting for TV shows and movies, hosting, modeling, voice acting, podcasting, performing as a stand-up comedienne, and the long list would go on. She also became an author, director, and producer.

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Her first book came out in January 2004, titled “Swerve: A Guide to the Sweet Life for Postmodern Girls,” but her next book, “Self-Inflicted Wounds: Heartwarming Tales of Epic Humiliation,” became New York Time’s bestseller.

Lauren Lee Smith as Riley Adams

Lauren Lee Smith joined the cast of CSI during season 9 as Riley Adams, replacing Jorja Fox’s Sara Sidle. Adams was a former policewoman in St. Louis whose main reason for joining the police force was to rebel against her parents, both psychiatrists.

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Adams initially seemed to fit the team well and got along with her colleagues. She was tough and rebellious and was often combative even with her superior, Catherine Willows. She left the series following the change of leadership from Grissom’s to Willows, her last appearance shown in a damning exit interview where she heavily criticized the leadership of Willows.

Lauren Lee Smith since CSI

Lauren Lee Smith was born in Vancouver, Canada, who had a good childhood moving from place to place across Europe, Central America, and finally to the United States, where she began her acting career. The brilliant actress has been married to German photographer Erik Steingröver since 2009.

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After CSI, Lauren enjoyed success on more TV shows like the fantasy drama “The Listener” from 2011 until 2014 and “This Life” from 2015 to 2016. She also had the lead role in the CBC series “Frankie Drake Mysteries,” which aired from 2017 up until 2021.

Elisabeth Shue as Julie “Finn” Finlay

After Catherine Willows left the series, the producers decided upon Academy Award nominee Elisabeth Shue to take her place. She was cast as Julie “Finn” Finlay, a blood splatter specialist, a unique specialty among casts.

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Finlay’s first episode was aired on 15 February 2012, and she stayed on the show for four seasons until the last episode of the show, which happened to be also on 15 February 2015, 3 years after her debut in the series. The character of Finlay fell into a coma following a brutal beating before the series reached its final episode.

Elisabeth Shue since CSI

Before Elisabeth Shue joined CSI, she was already an experienced and well-known actress starring in big movies and various TV shows. She took a role as the love interest of Daniel LaRusso in the movie “Karate Kid” in 1984, which was a great hit and shot her to fame. She was best known also for playing the role of Jennifer, Marty McFly’s girlfriend, in “Back to the Future.”

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Aside from the movies “Battle of the Sexes” in 2017 and “Death Wish” in 2018, she also had a major role with Tom Hanks in the World War Two drama film in 2020, “Greyhound.” She also joined various TV series like “The Boys” and “On the Verge.” She continues to have a very active career.

Paul Guilfoyle as Captain Jim Brass

Paul Guilfoyle’s role as Captain Jim Brass started from his first appearance on 6 October 2000 and for the next 316 episodes until the producers decided to write off his character before season 15 began. He was greatly missed, but Brass returned in the special series finale in season 15.

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Brass’ nickname is ‘Squeak’ because he always plays by the rules. He is the ever-dependable one when making arrests or when there is a need to issue a warrant. He is a very good protector of his team members. But no matter how colorful his work was, his personal life was always a mess.

Paul Guilfoyle since CSI

After CSI, Paul Guilfoyle starred in “The Good Fight” and “The Colony.” He became a multi-awarded actor through the drama film “Spotlight,” where Guilfoyle played the role of Pete Conley and helped the film take home two Academy Awards.

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He starred in several more films like the sci-fi horror “Pandemic” and the family comedy “Turnover.” Recently he joined the franchise again for CSI Vegas with two episodes. Guilfoyle has been acting since the 1980s, and it seems that he does not have any plans of retiring yet.

Elisabeth Harnois as Morgan Brody

Elisabeth Harnois appeared in CSI Miami as Jill Gerard in 2006. Five years after, Harnois was guest cast in CSI Season 11, this time as Morgan Brody, and then became a regular cast of the show from Season 12 until its final episode in Season 15.

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Originating from the Los Angeles Police Department, she became part of the Las Vegas team, and it was revealed that Brody was close to Catherine Willows when she was a child. Despite the flirtatious look of Brody and being popular with male co-workers, she said she doesn’t want to date guys on the job.

Elisabeth Harnois since CSI

Elisabeth Harnois was a multi-awarded child actress, known for her roles in “One Magic Christmas” in 1985 and as Alice in Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” in 1991. She already had more than 20 years of acting experience before joining CSI, but her career was not as stellar when the series finally ended.

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After CSI, she took part in several television films like “My Baby is Gone!”, “Twisted,” “The Christmas Contract,” and “Christmas Cupid’s Arrow. It seems like she’s struggled to find great roles in the last few years.

Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders

Eric Szmanda played the role of Greg Sanders, a DNA expert and investigator, to become one of the most casted actors in all CSI franchises, appearing in 333 episodes. His CSI immortality started as a recurring role in the first two seasons and then got regularly cast in Season 3.

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Greg Sanders’ role provides the audience with the very much welcomed comic relief on highly dramatic murder scenes. Greg’s humor was not often welcomed though by his superior, Gil Grissom. His role as a trainee on the homicide department but worked hard on his way into being one of the better field investigators on the Las Vegas CSI team.

Eric Szmanda since CSI

After CSI, Eric Szmanda hasn’t had much luck getting many major roles. He was cast in a sci-fi thriller film “Shangri-La: Near Extinction” in 2018. He did recently have a minor role in the film “Adverse,” but it didn’t get much love from the critics.

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Outside movies and films, Szmanda is active in various community engagements like supporting refugees and promoting animal welfare, which he often does together with co-star Jorja Fox. While his acting career may not have taken off, he’s clearly a great guy.

Wallace Langham as David Hodges

Wallace Langham played the brilliant Lab Technician, David Hodges. It was an interesting show for his character. It wasn’t until season three that he entered into the show and spent a long time as a secondary character before becoming a main character from season eight onwards.

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It took a while for many fans to warm to the character of Hodges as he was a germaphobe and a bit of a suck-up. Over time, however, his character became increasingly important and became a vital part of what made the show so good.

Wallace Langham since CSI

While CSI was a brilliant role for Langham, his career started way back in the mid-80s and continued to have minor roles in many TV shows over the next few decades. His most prominent role was probably on “Fast Times,” where he played Mark Ratner.

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Over the last few years, Langham has remained very active and played roles on huge shows such as “Veronica Mars” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Langham is also in his third marriage and has two kids from his first marriage.

Robert David Hall as Dr. Al Robbins

Robert David Hall was a vital member of the CSI team for 15 years, from 2000 to 2015. He played the role of Dr. Al Robbins, who was the Chief Medical Examiner. He entered into the show in the first season and ended up completing 328 episodes.

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That gives him the honor of having the most cases of anyone across the CSI franchise. He was notable on the show for providing visibility for disabled characters. Hall had both legs amputated in 1978, and the show never shied away from showing his disability.

Robert David Hall since CSI

That accident nearly took his life as his car collided with an 18-wheeler truck, also causing severe burns to his body. Hall didn’t want to let it affect his acting great and got his first credited role six years later and has been acting ever since.

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Hall hasn’t worked much since leaving the show, but now in his 70s, it appears he’s happy to have a quieter life. Away from acting, he is impressively proficient in many instruments, including guitar, piano, and mandolin—a truly talented man.

Liz Vassey as Wendy Simms

It wasn’t until the sixth season that we got to see Wendy Simms, played by the talented Liz Vassey. It was able to add an extra dimension to the show, especially with her rivalry with David Hodges, as fans were interested in how it played out.

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In the end, she developed feeling for him, and we got to see that tension play out. Vassey was in the show for five years and appeared in 77 episodes before leaving in season 11. The character of Wendy Simms certainly left her mark on the show.

Liz Vassey since CSI

Ever since leaving CSI, Vassey has remained busy. She’s had a great career, which started way back in the 80s before bursting into life in the 90s, with “Brotherly Love” being her most notable role in that time.

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Since CSI, she’s appeared in many shows such as “Two and a Half Men,” “9ine,” and “Riley Parra,” among others. Along with her various acting roles, Vassey also started her own T-shirt company and has been married since 2004.

Jon Wellner as Henry Andrews

Jon Wellner took a very long time to get the main role he wanted in “CSI.” We didn’t see his character until season five, but he had a bit-part role until eventually; he got the main role in season 13. Many fans were happy with that decision.

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His character was Henry Andrews, a zookeeper who became the toxicology expert for the department. He loved his character for his terrible attempts as jokes, along with being far too uptight. Leaving the show in 2015, he appeared in 126 episodes.

Jon Wellner since CSI

Unfortunately, Wellner hasn’t had many looks at getting acting roles since leaving the show with only one acting credit to his name. That acting credit came in 2021, so hopefully, it’s the start of a career revival for Wellner.

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Despite the lack of roles in recent years, Wellner has still had an excellent career and has appeared in a few other forensic shows such as “NCIS,” “Drop Dead Diva,” and “Bones.” He also worked on the hit film “Ocean’s Thirteen” alongside some huge names.

Gary Sinise as Mac Taylor

When creating “CSI: NY,” the producers wanted a star to lead the show, and they turned to the incredibly talented Gary Sinise. Playing the role of Mac Taylor, Sinise perfectly spearheaded the new show and ended up starring in 197 episodes.

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Along with the New York show, he also appeared in another spin-off, the “Beyond Borders” version of “CSI.” He was a huge part of the show as he was an excellent leader while remaining likable, along with having an incredible backstory.

Gary Sinise since CSI

It’s fair to say that Sinise has had an incredible career and did so way before becoming Mac Taylor. Many will remember him most fondly as Lieutenant Dan Taylor in “Forrest Gump,” but there were also memorable roles in “Apollo 13” and “Of Mice and Men.”

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Since leaving the show, he’s remained active and has even gone back into the movie business. Along with movies appearances, he’s also starred in the TV show “13 Reasons Why”. The brilliant actor has been married since 1981 and has three children with his wife, Moira Harris.

Ted Danson as D.B. Russell

How can you not love Ted Danson? He came to the show quite late as they looked for a star to replace Lawrence Fishburne in 2011. They turned to Danson, which turned out to be the perfect call as he played the role of D.B. Russell.

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His calm presence was a huge part of the show, and he also played a role in “CSI: Cyber” too. He appeared in 84 episodes of the show and led it brilliantly until its end in 2015. Fishburne was a hard act to follow, but Danson did it very well.

Ted Danson since CSI

Ted Danson is another who has had a great career. His most famous roles have come at various periods of his life as he starred in “Cheers” in the eighties and has recently had huge success with “The Good Place.”

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In between those roles are many other great parts in other brilliant shows such as “Fargo” and “Becker.” Despite now being in his 70’s, he remains very active. He’s been married three times but has been tied to the amazing actress Mary Steenburgen since 1995.

David Berman as Dave Phillips

It was in the fifth episode of the first season when we met Dr. Robbins’ assistant. Who does he play? The handsome and very diligent Dave Phillips remained in the role until the last episode. His nickname Super Dave will be remembered by all. He established with his character the prototype of the astute and collaborative forensic investigator.

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Berman also shares the character’s investigative skills in real life. In many episodes, the research for writing the show’s scripts was done by Berman himself. In addition to being a great actor, he stood out as a creative force in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

David Berman since CSI

The versatile actor also has great business skills. He recently acquired a property in Los Angeles that he resold for a hefty profit, which may be the reason for the slowdown of his artistic career. Although his participation in the TV series “The Blacklist” was an excellent return to the screens in 2020.

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Despite his great role in CSI, Berman hasn’t had a huge role in his acting career. He’d only done a handful of roles before appearing on the show, but he also has another job as a researcher, so the acting jobs must seem like a bonus.

Archie Kao as Archie Johnson

An extremely brilliant Asian biker was in charge of the audiovisual crime work in CSI; Archie Johnson was a great character. That’s all the more interesting as he was never meant to be a huge part of the show initially.

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For the second season, executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer asked Archie to star in one episode, but his performance was so exceptional that he was hired as a regular character. As an audiovisual surveillance specialist, he was involved in solving dozens of cases throughout eight seasons.

Archie Kao since CSI

Many people love Kao because he was the Blue Ranger in “Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.” Before CSI, he also dubbed video game characters along with other minor roles. His career became even more successful when he was chosen to play a cop in the “Chicago P.D.”

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He left the show in 2012, and he probably doesn’t regret it. Ever since, he’s been immensely busy, and the great roles keep coming. Whether it’s in English or Chinese language productions, he’s still a highly sought-after actor.

Larry Mitchell as Officer Mitchell

Since season six, Larry Mitchell played the officer of the same name. As a member of the Las Vegas Police Department, he stayed until the end of the series. He became a great part of what made the show special.

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His job was to not tamper with any evidence and preserve all evidence by cleaning up the crime scene. The “No Way Out” episode was probably his most memorable one where his character was the hero in a hostage situation.

Larry Mitchell since CSI

Mitchell’s character understands forensic science and knows the importance of evidence. And in real life, he handles himself very well behind the camera.

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For seven years of filming, he was a technical advisor on the series, bringing the same shrewdness that he imposed as a character. This vast experience led him to be hired in 2018 on “Snowfall,” where he was also behind the scenes.

Marc Vann as Conrad Ecklie

Marc Vann played the strict deputy commissioner of the Las Vegas Police Department. He went from being the deputy chief of the crime lab in the early seasons and the later seasons became the sheriff of Clark County.

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While not playing a huge role in the show, characters like Conrad Ecklie help glue the whole thing together. He appeared in many episodes throughout the show’s history, ending up in 67 episodes in total.

Marc Vann since CSI

Since 1992 this actor, who began his career in theater, has racked up hits on series such as “Lost,” “Modern Family,” “Without A Trace,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” He was a talented and sought-after actor in the early part of the century.

Photo by John M. Heller/Getty Images

Now in his late sixties, we may have seen the last of Marc Vann on our screens. He had one minor role after the show ended but hasn’t had any acting work since 2016, but we’ll always remember him as Conrad Ecklie.

Alex Carter as Louis Vartann

From 2003 to 2013, Louis Vartann was a controversial homicide detective in the series CSI. Starring in 41 episodes across the ten years, he was one of the important recurring roles that a show such as CSI needs.

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The series narrates that in his past, he was an alcoholic. He had sex with an alleged victim but then investigated her murder. However, none of this stopped him from gaining the trust of the team leaders.

Alex Carter since CSI

Drama and crime are definitely his elements because he has not stopped participating in projects with those profiles. The last few years have been prosperous for Carter, and it seems as though he’s constantly going from one project to the next.

Source: Twitter

CSI gave him the recognition to later be recommended for series such as “Magnum,” “Bloodline,” Pilot,” and “At All Costs: The Conrad Costas Chronicles.” It’s an impressive career for another important case member.

Paula Francis as the News Anchor

Paula Francis provided a realistic touch to the series. You need to add those special touches in every drama show, like watching a “real” news story. It was Paula Francis who helped to make that happen.

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The award-winning journalist starred for a dozen episodes as a news anchor. Her career in television news began in Madison but catapulted in Las Vegas. She gained her fame as a nightly news anchor alongside Gary Waddell and later for her appearance on CSI.

Paula Francis since CSI

The eight-time winner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Best of Las Vegas award retired from her journalism career in 2016. She had a great career over many decades anchoring the news.

Source: Reddit

In Nevada, she is known for her community work and serves on the Shade Tree Endowment Fund board. A particular highlight of her career was her performance in the horror-comedy Fright Night in 2011.

Romy Rosemont as Jacqui Franco

Playing a role of a fingerprint lab technician, Romy Rosemont was Jacqui Franco in the show and her time on the show was brief but memorable. In total, she appeared on three seasons, from three to five, before she departed.

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She was one of the more serious characters on the show but did have some lighter moments where she got to show off some personality. In total, she appeared in 14 episodes before moving on to different things.

Romy Rosemont since CSI

Before “CSI,” Romy had roles in many other projects, including “Fringe” and “Brother and Sisters.” That is only a select few of the roles she’s had as, in total, she has over 150 acting credits to her name, which is very impressive.

Photo by Ben Horton/WireImage/Getty Images

Her role in “CSI” brought her important projects in her acting career, such as Carole Hudson on “Glee.” Currently, she is part of the television series “A Million Little Things” and “Big Sky.” She’s never been out of work since leaving “CSI.”

William Petersen as Gil Grissom

William Peterson played the role of Gil Grissom. Gil was a major character of “CSI” who appeared in every episode from the premiere to season 8. Without him, the “CSI” franchise wouldn’t have been the same.

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Gil, the team’s supervisor, turned from humorous and energetic to irritable due to his hearing loss. Despite being the show’s significant character, he was replaced by Lawrence Fishburne in season nine, but he’ll forever be a fan favorite.

William Petersen since CSI

William Peterson appeared in 196 episodes of “CSI.” He left the show in 2009 as an Emmy-nominated actor but stayed on the show as a producer. He’s not had many roles away from the show but was a part of the cast of “Manhattan” just for ten episodes.

Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Unfortunately, the show was canceled at the end of that year. Thankfully he saw the glorious return of Gil Grissom in 2021 as he took on a role in the reboot of the franchise, “CSI: Las Vegas.” For many, it was hugely exciting to see him back.

Gary Dourdan as Warrick Brown

Warrick Brown, played by Gary Dourdan, is one of the most well-known characters of “CSI.” Throughout all first eight seasons, he was featured in every episode. It was a shocking move; Warrick Brown was killed off in the show.

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In season nine, Grissom discovered Brown’s death, making his final appearance on the show. As one of the show’s most popular characters, his death stunned many fans and critics. Many thought the show wasn’t the same after he left.

Gary Dourdan since CSI

Gary Dourdan resigned from “CSI” due to issues with CBS over his contract. His personal life began to crumble around the same time. Later on, Dourdan was arrested for illegal drug proprietorship and was charged with the proprietorship of paraphernalia after a car accident.

Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis/Getty Images

Sadly, Dourdan’s personal life spiraled even further when he was sentenced to five years of probation for domestic assault and subsequently declared bankrupt in 2012. It seems like he has got his act together in recent years as he’s a busy actor once again.

Eva LaRue as Natalia Boa

Eva LaRue debuted as Natalia Boa in season five of “CSI: Miami” in 2005 and remained on the show until the end of the season. She joined the plot with a mysterious past that is disclosed when she is revealed as an FBI spy at the end of the season.

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After becoming a regular part of the show, she earned the trust of the on-screen team and as well as the “CSI” viewers. Once her character settled into the show, she became much loved and ended up in 153 episodes.

Eva LaRue since CSI

Eva LaRue was previously recognized on “All My Children” as Dr. Maria Santos Grey. Unfortunately, after “CSI: Miami” was canceled in 2012, Eva only appeared in a few TV shows in the years that followed, but work has been steady.

Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

In 2019 she returned to TV as Celeste Rosales on “The Young and the Restless.” She also appeared on “Finding Love in the Quarantine” in 2020. It hopefully shows that the actress can continue to have a good career after “CSI.”

George Eads as Nick Stokes

George played Nick Stokes on the show. With his handsome looks and charm, he soon became a huge favorite. He was a vital part of the show from the beginning to last, appearing in an amazing 335 episodes.

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Nick Stokes had an excellent rapport with his co-workers and was seemingly loved by everyone. It was sad, therefore, that his character didn’t quite make it to the series finale. He deserved it, but contract issues got in the way.

George Eads since CSI

Eads surprisingly quit “CSI” after a dispute with the show’s writer over the direction of his character. Following the show, Eads starred as Jack Dalton in a revival of the classic sitcom “MacGyver,” appearing in 59 episodes.

Photo by Leon Bennett/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Since leaving, “MacGyver” he’s not appeared in many roles, but he was in the Korean War drama “The Battle of Jangsari” along with having a minor role in the TV show “This Is Us.” The divorcee has one child who was born in 2014.