Photographs of the Most Shockingly Buff Animals

Whale Sized Abs

It’s not a regular occurrence to see a whale popping its head above the water. It’s even more of a rarity, so spot one of these creatures looking like they’re training to be a bodybuilder. However, some fortunate Canadians were in for a surprise a few years ago when they spotted this beluga whale in the water.

Source: Reddit

Appearing to have a large set of abs, the whale seemed to be putting on a show for its captivated audience. Who can criticize them? If our abs looked as fabulous as this, we wouldn’t be able to stop showing them off.

Not Horsin’ Around with Bad Workouts

The horse is another creature that’s famous for loving exercise. Still, unlike dogs, they typically have the added weight of a human to deal with when they’re brought out of their stable. Clearly, their bodies are sturdy enough to withstand being ridden, and the extra weight just means they build muscle over time.

Source: Pinterest

If they spend substantial amounts of time running around with extra weight on their back, they’ll end up with huge muscles, right? This horse is definitely rocking an extraordinary amount of muscle, with the animal allegedly weighing in between 1,000 and 1,500 pounds!

Always Ready for a Walk

Most dogs enjoy going for walks, so it’s unsurprising that they can grow up to be really muscular. If you’re taking them on daily walks for numerous hours and having them run around constantly, they’re bound to build some muscle.

Source: Twitter

Some breeds are typically known for their muscular bodies, like the American pit bull terrier and Dogo Argentino, as perfect examples of this. Clearly, this dog is one that is always ready to go on a walk. They’ve got so many muscles that they could take their owner for one if they wanted to.

Putting in Work on the Wheel

It’s pretty common for children to receive hamsters as pets. Parents think these animals are a fantastic introduction to caregiving, with the creature’s needs not as taxing as that of a dog’s, for instance. Most kids can be trusted to care for hamsters without any assistance from their parents.

Source: Tumblr

After all, they’re tiny, harmless animals that don’t do much with their time. Still, it appears this little guy might be trickier to take care of than the other hamsters. They’ve been dedicating plenty of time running on their wheel, and now they’re ready to fight for their food.

Animalistic Optical Illusions

While there are countless buff animals worldwide, some end up looking much stronger than they actually are. Take this fox, for instance, who seems to have some massive biceps. From this angle, the snoozing animal looks like they’re lying on their strong arms, which are crossed.

Source: Reddit

Sadly, the reality is that they’re actually just resting on one of their friends and using their backside as a replacement pillow. They don’t seem so muscly when you realize what’s actually happening. Still, we expect the photographers were still surprised when they initially caught a glimpse of the creature.

Training to Enter the Ring

Kangaroos have quite a reputation for being the boxers amongst wild animals, so it’s not a shock that they can grow to be quite strong. Despite most of their strength being in their legs, it appears this inquisitive animal has been focusing on its upper body as well.

Source: Facebook

Those bulging veins show you that this guy never misses a chance to hit the weights. They’re prepared to become the boxing champion of their area; they simply need to find some competitors who are ready to face them in a fight. We will help them search for a worthy opponent!

You Want a Piece of Him?!

What would you do if you spotted this animal speeding toward you? We wouldn’t be prepared to stick around and see what their problem was. In this position, they seem like a ball of muscle ready to take down the first thing that comes close. Obviously, it’s another case of perfectly angled photography.

Source: Reddit

In the picture, their wings are positioned at an angle that makes it appear that they have muscular arms ready to lash out. They also look like they have legs that they’re allegedly running on, but something tells us this is just trick photography and good timing.

Don’t Start Beef with Him

While some creatures are subtle about their strength, this cow has no problem showing off its strength. We don’t believe we’ve ever laid eyes on a cow with as buff a body as this one. They’re bulging with muscle from every angle, and that makes them really intimidating.

Source: Facebook

Could you imagine getting up close and personal with this beast? You’d wonder how much trouble you’d be in if it turned against you. This creature is from the Belgian blue breed family, which is well-known for being overly muscular and hyper-sculpted. So there are plenty more cattle like this one running around.

Cats Plotting Against Us

Do you ever get the feeling your cat is plotting against you? It’s a known fact that felines aren’t always the nicest pets. They’re typically more hesitant to show love to their owners compared to dogs, with cats tending to prefer to live their own lives.

Source: Reddit

While they’re able to be friendly and cuddly, they also have violent tendencies that they feel comfortable acting on. Sadly, this photograph only shows the second scenario. It looks like it’s flexing and attempting to intimidate someone. And it’s working! Especially when combined with that scowl – they aren’t joking around.

Leg Day Every Day

Running a farm is not a simple feat. There’s so much you have to think about on a daily basis, especially when you have loads of livestock to look after. Sadly, things only get tougher once you get into buff animal territory. Better prepare yourselves because apparently there are super strong pigs.

Source: Pinterest

We imagine that this animal would certainly put up a fight if someone attempted to turn them into bacon. Maybe that’s why they worked to get such a buff body. They wanted a strategy to defend themselves so they wouldn’t turn into food.

Man’s Best, Chill Friend

We say dogs are man’s best friend, but we didn’t know that was because they’re essentially human in furry form. But, according to this photo, we have a lot more in common with them than we initially thought. We’ve seen lots of people sit in their vehicles like this with one arm resting out of the window.

Source: Reddit

It can be seen as a display of strength because the people who do it normally have a lot of muscles. Apparently, this canine wanted to join that exclusive club by following their lead and chill out in the passenger’s seat.

Tall, Thick, and Loving It!

If there’s one thing that sets giraffes apart, it’s their lengthy necks. It makes them the tallest mammals on the planet, with an average height of about 20 feet. Still, while they might be best known for being tall, they have other noteworthy qualities too.

Source: Pinterest

For instance, they’re able to get buff like the giraffe in the picture. We’re used to seeing the creatures pretty slim, but this animal seems to be straight muscle. Based on that look they’re giving the camera; they don’t mind if they’re a little thicker than normal. They’ll handle anyone who has an issue.

Serious About Personal Space

Cats are very specific about personal space. They will invade yours, but they don’t like it if you attempt to enter theirs. If you try to cross the line, they will lash out and teach you a hard lesson. That’s definitely the impression this cat is giving from its AC stoop.

Source: Reddit

With their tail dangling over the edge, they look like they’re shaking a muscular fist that’s prepared to strike. If you even think about entering their turf, you’ll be seeing spots for days. This cat is serious, and nothing will make them change their mind.

The Legend of the Eight-Pack

Anyone who’s ever scared a squirrel knows that they’re quick animals. They can run across the ground and climb trees with little resistance, making them tough for predators to catch. Fortunately for the squirrels, all that sprinting has paid off.

Source: Imgur

If this small animal is an example, the species is rocking some remarkable abs. This squirrel has developed the legendary eight-pack; something that many humans attempt and fail to achieve when they workout at the gym. We imagine this little squirrel is the envy of many, both among other squirrels and other woodland creatures.

Doggy Said Knock You Out

Typically, dogs are very friendly animals. Their affectionate nature and love for humans have made them the favored pet of millions worldwide. Still, while the species is commonly affectionate towards their owners, that isn’t a promised situation.

Source: Reddit

Dogs can fight back, and they pack a big punch when they do. This Shiba Inu appears to have quite the arm on them as they swing at the camera. Well, at least that’s how we’re interpreting the photograph. The adorable dog is actually just trying to catch its tail, but the blurred picture tells a different story.

Watch Out, Here Comes the Bird

There’s something perplexing about seeing birds walk around like people. It makes us wonder if we’re on the verge of an uprising that will see birds of all sizes rule the roost. This bird definitely appears to be smirking as they walk towards the camera, their buff physique on display for everyone to view.

Source: Twitter

There’s a glint in their eye that says “watch out” as they saunter closer. We hope this photographer got out of there in one piece because this bird doesn’t look like they were taking any prisoners. We wouldn’t be surprised if they were out for blood.

Uncomfortably Modified Rainbow Trout

We’re so used to fish looking a certain way that something like this completely catches us by surprise. After all, aquatic species aren’t widely known for being super muscular. Still, due to scientific intervention, there are now rainbow trout that packs quite the punch.

Source: Twitter

The fish were genetically modified to enhance muscle so they’d have better market sales. The bigger the fish is, the more money can be made from it. It’s interesting to see the lengths some scientists will go with their job, and it has us a bit worried.

Nightmare of Muscular Rodents

Unless you’re a person who has rodents as pets, seeing a rat in your house is a worst-case scenario. There’s generally more than one of them, and they crawl into all the places you wish they wouldn’t. If having a rat infestation isn’t nightmare enough, though, just picture what it would be like if all of them were this muscular.

Source: Facebook

Suddenly, it’s not only a bunch of rodents you have to worry about but rather a group of them that could possibly beat you in a fight. You can guarantee they’d use their strength against you.

The Tiger Gym Regimen

Tigers are naturally one of the more intimidating species on the face of the planet. They’re powerful, quick, and capable of tearing almost anything to shreds. Yet, we never realized just how strong these creatures are until we saw them training like a person at the gym.

Source: Pinterest

This tiger looks like they’re easily doing a set of planks on a perch. We can see every muscle bulging on their body as they flex, even though it’s difficult to look away from their face. That eye contact is the most captivating part of the photo.

Is It a Dog or a Human?

We never knew how many dogs enjoyed doing this pose. It doesn’t matter their location – whether it’s a vehicle or a cage – they can’t stop themselves from sitting like this. It’s surprising since it can’t be comfortable for dogs to have their leg positioned like this.

Source: Reddit

Nonetheless, that apparently doesn’t stop the canines from attempting to copy us. It’s like we’re in Animal Farm, but it’s the dogs acting more like people rather than pigs. They’re starting to copy our behavior and actions until we can’t tell who’s a dog and who’s a human. That’s a creepy reality.

Fighting for Their Safe Space

As we mentioned before, felines are protective of their territory. They don’t adjust well with others entering into their personal space, no matter if they’re strangers or not. That is especially the reality when they’re relaxing in their bed. This is the space they’ve made their own, so nobody else is allowed to enter.

Source: Reddit

To prove they’re serious, they’re willing to physically defend their space in a fistfight. They may not always desire to resort to violent tactics, but they’ll do what’s necessary in order to keep their safe space. Some issues can only be figured out with action.

When the Running Pays Off

Lions are another feline that we already know are muscular, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive seeing their strength in its full glory. Some of the ferocious creatures are more muscular than others, and this lioness definitely isn’t lacking muscles.

Source: Facebook

Those are strong shoulders that she’s rocking, and we imagine those come in handy when she’s running after prey. These creatures can reach speeds of about 50 mph; it’s not surprising that she’s so buff. All that sprinting was bound to have an impact on her physique, especially because she probably runs every day.

Feline Physique of a Bodybuilder

Although most of the muscular felines we’ve seen have been tricky photography, this is a genuinely buff cat. They’ve clearly been utilizing their gym membership when they’ve left the house, and their hard work has not gone unnoticed by the public.

Source: Reddit

The cat probably can’t fit through the cat flap because of the added muscle. We wonder if this creature is still as agile as other cats or if the extra weight has kept it on the ground. We can’t imagine this feline getting into some of the smaller spots we’ve seen other cats squeeze into.

A Buff Dog Is a Well-Walked Dog

It’s fascinating how much of an effect that walking can have on a dog’s body. This canine is bulging in spots we didn’t realize you could have muscles. Their owner clearly does a great job of giving them daily exercises because they’re rocking a very excellent physique.

Source: Twitter

It makes us want to work out and prove that we can be just as buff as them. However, that’s easier said than done when you have such a busy schedule. Dogs are fortunate – going out for walks is one of the main things they have on their schedule all day.

We Are Over This Bull

Bovine creatures tend to be noticeably enormous, and they frequently have the temper to match their large size. They’re not animals you want to get on the wrong side of because you may not make it to the next day. That’s definitely the case with this muscular beast which looks to be solely muscle.

Source: Pinterest

Males of this species can end up being seven feet tall and weigh as much as 3,300 pounds, so you’d likely stand no chance fighting it. You’d definitely be intimidated if they began charging at you, especially with those intimidating horns on their head!