Unexpected Discoveries That Left Us Speechless

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably made some unexpected discoveries before. Maybe you found $20 in a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a while, or you came across a unique family heirloom in your basement while cleaning. Just like your findings, the discoveries on this list all came by surprise.

A side by side of a safe closed and opened with cash inside
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They range from weird to invaluable, encompassing everything in-between. While some of these findings resulted from pure luck, others came from hard work and determination. Hopefully, this list inspires you to keep your eyes open and encourages curiosity. Maybe you’ll be the next one to make a valuable discovery.

Underground Pyramid – Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

Excavations by private companies and government agencies at the historical ruins of Tiahuanaco in Bolivia have led to some astounding discoveries in recent years, including an underground pyramid confirmed with the use of ground-penetrating radar in 2015. This discovery is particularly fascinating as it sheds new light on this ancient site.

Underground Pyramid – Tiahuanaco, Bolivia
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The site has also yielded monoliths that have been excavated. Ongoing excavations into the underground pyramid continue to uncover new finds. Tiahuanaco was once the most important city in ancient South America and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Excavations are still underway and have uncovered sculptures, stone monuments, palace ruins, and more.

“Witch Bottle” – Waterford, England

Do you like surprises? If so, you’ll love the one contractor in Watford, England, found while demolishing a former pub. They discovered a witch bottle among the rubble near where the chimney once stood. This mysterious artifact was full of an unidentified liquid, teeth, and shards of glass that could be from the 1800s.

‘Witch Bottle’ Discovered in English Chimney
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Some believe that the witch bottle found in the pub was placed there to protect it from witches. After all, legend says this was the birthplace of the Witch of Saratoga, otherwise known as Angeline Tubbs. She moved to Saratoga, New York, in 1761, where she made witch bottles to intimidate the competition.

Giant Lego Man – Yuigahama Beach, Japan

As we all worry about the health of our environment and the animals that live in it, a Japanese surfer made a chilling discovery on the shores of Yuigahama Beach. Laying among the seaweed and driftwood was a giant, eight-foot Lego man. But even more disturbing was his t-shirt, which read “No Real Than You Are.”

Giant Lego Men Wash up on Beaches
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Could this be a sign of something terrible to come? Not exactly. Ego Leonard is the mysterious Dutch artist behind the gigantic Lego that washed ashore. According to his website, Leonard comes from a “virtual world.” These interesting statues have also been found in Siesta Key, Florida, and Topanga Beach, California.

Giant Flower – West Sumatra, Indonesia

Conservationists discovered the largest flower bloom in the world in a remote jungle in the West Sumatra region of Indonesia. Rafflesia tuan-mudae is known for its massive, elusive blossoms that bloom for just one week at the end of the plant’s life span. However, it doesn’t have a pleasant smell like other flowers.

World’s Largest Flower Found in Jungle
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This giant flower is part of the “corpse flower” family, meaning it smells like rotting meat when it blooms. Rafflesia tuan-mudae is easily identified by its flesh-colored petals and white spots. It typically has a diameter of 3.6 feet, and its smell is milder than other flowers in the same flora.

Shark on a Golf Course – San Juan Capistrano, California

Laugh all you want at Sharknado, but maybe Thunder Levin, the film franchise’s creator, was onto something after all. A shark did actually fall out of the sky – a year before those movies came out – landing near the twelfth tee of a golf course in California.

Shark Found In Middle of Golf Course
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Workers at the San Juan Capistrano Golf Course were startled when a two-pound leopard shark fell out of the sky and onto the turf. The shark had been carried from the ocean by a bird that accidentally dropped it. It was still alive, so attendants returned it to the ocean.

An Underwater River – Cenote Angelita, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Divers have recently discovered an underwater river hidden beneath a toxic gas cloud off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It may seem like a paradox at first because the ocean is all water. What’s more astounding is that this river is teeming with life.

An Underwater River Found in the Ocean
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The eerie hydrogen sulfide cloud surrounding the Cenote Angelita has long been considered a gateway to Hell by ancient Mayans. The massive sinkhole at the river’s source is ninety feet deep and flows out to the ocean. This area is known for its creepy petrified trees and small skeleton.

Lost Ship – Oranjemund, Namibia

The desert is not usually a place where ships would be found, but the Bom Jesus was uncovered as the coastline receded. The remains of a Portuguese ship that sank 500 years ago off the coast of Namibia were discovered in the Namibian Desert in 2008.

Ship Found in Namibian Desert
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What makes the discovery even more interesting is that the ship is believed to have been carrying treasure when it went down. The Bom Jesus sank during a ferocious storm while en route to India, carrying gold and copper. Excavators have already found 2,000 pure gold coins in the wreckage.

Secret Underground Theater – Paris, France

The Paris Catacombs are a hidden labyrinth located in the heart of France. The Catacombs were originally built to house the dead, as the city needed a better solution than just piling up bodies on the streets. The grim solution began receiving bodies in the late 1700s.

Secret Underground Theater
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In August 2004, Parisian police officers discovered a hidden movie theatre while on a training exercise in one of the Catacombs’ uncharted caverns. The theatre had been carved out of the rock, featuring amphitheatre-style seating, a projection screen, and a variety of thrillers and noir films.

Ancient Chapel Under the House – Shropshire, England

Ever wondered what was behind that big, rectangular plate on your wall? Well, Pat and Diane Farla from Shropshire, England, had been wondering the same thing for years. But it wasn’t until their Good Friday party that one of them finally decided to take a look.

Ancient Chapel Hidden Under House
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They discovered an empty space, which turned out to be more exciting than you think. It was an underground chapel, complete with pews and a cross! They believed religious congregations may have used this chapel during one of England’s many religious wars when fleeing persecution.

A Buried Viking Ship – Edoy, Norway

Norwegian archaeologists using ground penetrating radar have uncovered an incredible find buried on a farm – a ship from either the Merovingian or Viking Period. It sat just two feet below the frozen earth. The farmer must have been shocked when they excavated his property.

A 1,000-Year-Old Viking Ship
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The team uncovered the ship while on an unrelated expedition. The thousand-year-old vessel was interred in a burial mound. This accidental discovery was made thanks to the same deep-radar technique used to find the GJellestad Ship. The discovery could provide valuable insights into ancient burial customs.

Hidden Wall Safe – Phoenix, Arizona

A couple in Phoenix, Arizona, found a strange safe hidden behind their kitchen wall while renovating. Inside, they not only found $50,000 and liquor but also directions to a treasure hunt. It was the last thing they expected to uncover while tearing down the walls.

50-year-old Safe Hidden in Kitchen Wall
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The $100 bills and a 1960s bottle of bourbon were found with a copy of E.F. Schumacher’s 1977 book, “A Guide for the Perplexed.” The book contained highlighted passages, including a map of Arizona and a bingo card with numbers circled. The couple hasn’t deciphered the clues hidden in the text.

Qing Dynasty Vase – Paris, France

Most people go through their attics and find old toys or photo albums, but this couple in France found something else. While sorting through their attic, they discovered a gorgeous porcelain vase. The couple took it to Paris for a Sotheby’s appraisal and found it worth a lot of money.

Qing Dynasty Vase
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Appraisers at Sotheby’s were astonished to find that the vase was an original from the Qing Dynasty. They initially valued it at $590,000 to $825,000—however, the vase sold for an astonishing $19 million when it went up for auction.

A Hidden Norman Rockwell Painting – Arlington, Virginia

After their father passed away, two brothers sorted through his house and made a shocking discovery. They found an original Norman Rockwell painting hidden behind a wall, matching the one hanging just a few inches away. Why would their dad have two of the same paintings?

A Hidden Norman Rockwell Painting
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Their father was divorcing his wife and didn’t want her to take his prized original, so he hid the real painting and replaced it with a fake. It hung on the wall for years until the father passed away. The painting, titled “Breaking Home Ties,” sold for $15.4 million at auction.

Original Mark Twain Script – Hollywood, California

This fascinating literary discovery was hidden for over a century until it was found in an attic in 1991. The 665-page copy of Huckleberry Finn, handwritten by Mark Twain, deviated greatly from its source text, throwing our understanding of modern literature into turmoil.

Original Mark Twain Script
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The discovery of the long-lost manuscript created a stir in the literary world. Many thought it was gone forever after it disappeared when Twain sent it to Buffalo, New York. The trunk owner was the granddaughter of Twain’s close friend, and she quickly turned it over to Sotheby’s.

Terracotta Warriors in a Secret Tomb – Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

The Terracotta Army, discovered by Chinese workers building a well in 1974, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This designation was awarded in 1987, and the Army was found near the mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang, the first Chinese emperor.

Terracotta Warriors
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The 8,000 terracotta soldiers are an incredible sight to behold. Each one is an intricately detailed replica of the king’s warriors. Only 2,000 have been excavated so far, but they were designed to protect the emperor when he made his journey to the afterlife over 2,000 years ago.

Findings of a Deep-Sea “Alien” Hunt – Baltic Sea

Swedish scientists looking for deep-sea aliens came across what many believe was a spaceship at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. This find has generated a lot of excitement and speculation, with people wondering what secrets the ship may hold.

Findings of Deep-Sea ‘Alien’ Hunt
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Ocean Explorer team discovered the strange anomaly in the ocean, and leader Peter Lindberg believed it was a natural geological formation, but many people aren’t convinced. People think it could be an alien spaceship since it doesn’t look like anything on earth. What will happen next?

WWII Plane With a Thermos – Rabaul, New Britain, Papua New Guinea

The story of the “Swamp Ghost” is one of heroism and tragedy. This Boeing B-17E bomber was lost in 1942 during a raid on Japanese forces in Rabaul, New Britain. The plane was hit by enemy fire and crashed into the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

WWII Plane
Photo by Carl D. Walsh/Portland Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

When the Swamp Ghost was discovered in 1972, it was still in amazing condition. The kunai grass and mire had preserved it so well that there was still coffee in the thermoses in the cockpit! The value of this plane today is even more incredible – it’s estimated at around $9 million.

The Antikythera Mechanism –  Antikythera, Greece

The Antikythera Mechanism is a two-thousand-year-old astronomical calculator consisting of thirty precisely cut bronze gears. Ancient Greeks invented this amazing tool, and scientists have only recently begun to unravel its mysteries. For instance, Cardiff University’s Mike Edmunds described the device as “more expensive than the Mona Lisa.”

The Antikythera Mechanism
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The mysterious ancient clock was discovered in 1900 by sponge divers looking through an ancient shipwreck near Antikythera, a small Greek island. Radiocarbon data has allowed scientists to date it to 65 B.C. When it comes to its total value, its historical nature makes it nearly priceless.

A Mummy Inside a Statue – China

When researchers were testing an ancient, thousand-year-old Buddha statue in 1990, they were shocked to find something hidden inside it. The statue was valuable enough on its own, and they were surprised it was in such good condition, despite its age.

Mummy Found in a Statue
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Surprisingly, the statue was more like a sarcophagus because the scientists found a human skeleton inside. The “statue” was not a statue at all. Instead of disturbing it, the team decided to leave the burial place untouched. Their research to determine the statue’s material turned out much differently.

Abandoned Burger King – Wilmington, Delaware

Many stores and restaurants have opened and closed in Delaware’s oldest mall, including Burger King. The chain opened in the Concord Mall in the late 1980s but shut down in 2009. It was once the mall’s prime eatery, and many were sad to see it go.

Abandoned Burger King
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However, the Burger King was walled over instead of being torn down. It was completely preserved, and a photo of the vintage interior went viral in 2022. People were amazed by its classic 1980s aesthetic. How did it go unnoticed for over a decade?

A Studio Under a Bridge – Valencia, Spain

As rent prices rise, people are looking for different living solutions. Some people have moved in with roommates or their parents, while others have adapted to the tiny living lifestyle. Meanwhile, Fernando Abellanas from Spain built a studio apartment under a bridge.

A Studio Under a Bridge
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Abellanas used some creative engineering to build his floating apartment. The small space has everything he needs, including shelving, a bed, a chair, and a desk. He’s like the troll that lives under the bridge in fairytales. However, we don’t know how he gets in and out of the apartment.

Moving Monoliths of 2020 – Utah, California, and New Mexico

Although we are trying to forget 2020, it was a wild year. A few strange sightings of identical metal slabs in 2020 quickly turned into an alien conspiracy theory frenzy. No one could explain why these monoliths suddenly appeared out of nowhere but believed aliens left them behind as some warning or sign.

Mysterious Metal Monoliths
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This bizarre phenomenon was seen all over the world, from Utah and California to Romania and New Mexico. People are still trying to figure out what these strange objects were. They could have been an art installation, a government mind control attempt, or a prank.

Third-Century Home Under Rome – Rome, Italy

Excavators in Rome were digging a new metro line in 2017 when they uncovered some interesting things! For example, they discovered the remains of an expensive third-century home that a fire had destroyed. This is just one of many fascinating discoveries made while digging for the new metro line!

Third Century Home Found Under the Streets of Rome
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The home was well-preserved due to the ash from the fire. An 1,800-year-old dog skeleton, which likely perished in the flames, was also discovered near the house. Experts believed a Celian Hill aristocrat owned the home.

Perfectly Preserved Fallout Shelter – Woodland Hills, California

The 1960s were a time of intense conflict and fear. As the Cold War continued, the possibility of nuclear war was always in the back of people’s minds. Some went as far as building fallout shelters in their backyards. In 2013, a couple discovered one of these abandoned shelters.

Perfectly Preserved 1961 Fallout Shelter
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They knew about the bunker when they purchased the home but thought it was empty. However, after investigating it, the couple discovered it contained bedding and other preserved supplies. They were shocked that everything was still intact after all those years.

4,500-year-old Ancient Goddess Statuette – Middle East

Nidal Abu Eid was working his land off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea when he discovered a limestone sculpture of Anat, an ancient Canaan goddess. The sculpture dates back 4,500 years, and Anat was known as the goddess of beauty, love, and war in Canaanite mythology.

4,500-year-old Statuette of Ancient Goddess
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The farmer knew it was important because of the snake on its head. According to legend, Anat wore a snake as a crown of protection and power. Some historians believe Anat inspired Athena, the Grecian goddess of wisdom and strategy, because of the shared snake imagery.

Ancient Roman Coins in a Japanese Castle – Okinawa, Japan

At Katsuren Castle in Okinawa, Japan, an unusual discovery was made of ancient Ottoman and Roman coins. Ten coins from various periods were unearthed at the imperial ruins by Toshio Tsukamoto, a researcher from Ganoji. This exciting find is shedding new light on the history of this region.

Ancient Roman Coins
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The discovery of coins in Katsuren, a southern Japanese castle-like structure, stumped archaeologists. The coins were not found until 2016, though the excavation of Katsuren began in 2013. Chinese ceramics and coins acquired through trading with China were also discovered at the site.

Man Spotted $100,000 Floating Down the River – Lincolnshire, England

While out for a walk with his dog, a man spotted bundles of cash floating in the Spalding River in November 2013. Who knows how much money he could have missed out on if he hadn’t walked that route! This lucky find provided a windfall for the man.

100,000 Floating Down River
Source: YouTube

After discovering the large sum of cash, the police department investigated its origins. Despite some water damage, most of the $100,000 were still in good condition. The forensic team attempted to uncover any clues as to where the money may have come from.

Underwater Skeleton Tea Party – Colorado River, La Paz, Arizona

La Paz County Sheriff deputies and the Buckskin Fire Department in Arizona joined forces when they received a call about potential human remains in the Colorado River. A diver went to inspect the site, finding two skeletons having a tea party.

Underwater Skeleton Tea Party
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It was a relief that the skeletons were fake, seated upright in lawn chairs with one sporting aviators and a bib. The other held a sign that said, “Dream in the River,” with a date of August 16, 2014. Was this a prank, old Halloween decorations, or an art installation?

Atari’s “E.T.” Video Game – Alamogordo, New Mexico

E.T. was one of the biggest blockbuster hits of the ‘80s. Therefore, video game maker Atari assumed their E.T-themed video game would be a huge success. Unfortunately, the game failed miserably, and in the fall of 1983, they took unusual measures to dump their leftover inventory.

Source: Wikimedia

The company threw away the extra video games in an Alamogordo, New Mexico landfill. Many thought the “Atari Dump” was a myth until someone unearthed a few of the games in 2014. The Atari Dump was real and confirmed how much people hated the game.

New Dead Sea Scrolls – Murabba’at Caves, Israel

The discovery of new fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Judean Desert is definitely a surprise, but it’s also very exciting. This is the first find in six decades, so it’s worth getting excited about. The Israeli Antiques Authority announced the finding in 2021.

New Dead Sea Scrolls
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The discovery of these new fragments, containing pieces of the book of the twelve minor prophets, including Nahum and Zechariah, was thought to be part of the Minor Prophets, a scroll found in the early 1950s that contains information about the End of Days.

WWI Love Letters – United States

World War I was a time of great turmoil for countries worldwide. The intense fighting, and the high number of casualties, made many people believe the world was ending. For the soldiers fighting in the bloody battle, all they could hold onto were letters from loved ones on the homefront.

WWI Soldier’s Love Letters
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As Phil Mathies excavated his home, he made an amazing discovery – love letters from 1918 written by a man named Clement to his sweetheart Mary. The letters were full of hope and happiness, and it was thrilling to track down Clement’s family and confirm that he did end up with Mary after the war.

A Hidden Room in Their Home – Logan, Utah

While finding a hidden room in your new home may seem thrilling, it’s important to be aware of the dangers that may await you. In Logan, Utah, one couple found a secret room hidden in their lounge behind a bookcase.

Secret Hidden Room
Source: Reddit

What they found was a concrete room with just one folding chair inside. Theories about what the room could be used for ranged from it being a dungeon to a panic room, but no one could explain the solitary folding chair. We would move out immediately.

The World’s Largest Diamond – Murfreesboro, Arkansas

There have been some pretty spectacular finds of diamonds in America in recent years. In 1924, a minor in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, discovered the largest diamond ever found in America. These discoveries are a testament to America’s hidden potential for diamond mining.

Largest Diamond in the World
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This 40.23-carat diamond was named Uncle Sam. In 1971, the white-colored and pink-casted diamond was sold by a Boston dealer for $150,000 to a private collector. That would make the diamond worth $1 million today. Arkansas State Park officials described it as a “one-in-a-billion gem.”

Family Finds $1 Million on the Road – Caroline County, Virginia

While traveling in Virginia, a family discovered two white bags on the side of the road. They believed the bags were filled with garbage and intended to clean up the litter. However, they were surprised to find out that the bags actually contained $1 million in cash!

Bags Stuffed with $1M Lying on Road
Source: YouTube

Although it was a big shock, the family turned the money over to the authorities. However, the money didn’t have interesting origins; it simply fell off a post office truck on the way to the bank. They did the right thing, but it didn’t have a satisfying end.

Sprawling Tunnel System Filled With Bats – Southern Italy

After purchasing a six-bedroom, two-bathroom home in southern Italy, a man discovered his home had a real-life bat cave. A few underground tunnels were listed as “storage” on the blueprints, and some were listed as dining rooms on the deed plan.

Sprawling Tunnel System Filled With Bats
Photo by: Sergio Pitamitz / VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The homeowner explored the tunnels and was shocked by how deep they went. The tunnel system consisted of three levels across thousands of square feet. While the discovery was cool, he realized the tunnels were filled with bats. He had to be very careful so as not to disturb them.

Attic Full of Antiques – Geneva, New York

You never know what you are going to find when you clean out your attic. When David Whitcomb purchased a building in 2020 in New York, he planned to renovate it as a law office. When he and his friend went through the building, they found a hidden attic.

Attic Full of Antiques
Source: LinkedIn

Whitcomb and his friend had no idea that they would find a bunch of valuable antiques. The space wasn’t on the blueprints. It turned out that famous photographer James Hale used the space. Whitcomb discovered original photos of historical figures like Susan B. Anthony.

Mysterious Rings – Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is home to more than 4,700 animal species and a wealth of secrets. Recently, scientists have discovered something in the Amazon that defies explanation – the Amazon Rings. No one knows how they got there, but they are a fascinating and mysterious discovery.

Earthen Rings Found in the Amazon
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The mysterious rings found in the Amazon jungle by aerial imaging have researchers puzzled. Who or what could have created these strange features? The rings predate the rainforest itself, so it’s unlikely that ancient peoples were responsible. For now, it remains a mystery.

City of Giants – Harlaa, Ethiopia

Excavations in Harlaa, Ethiopia, have uncovered an ancient city that reveals the long trade history between Asia and East Africa. The site became interesting to researchers after local legends spoke of a “city of giants” that existed long ago. Many wondered what it could have been.

Ancient “City Of Giants”
Source: Twitter

Though no evidence of a giant race has ever been found, the ruins of the city are filled with treasures from all over the world. These findings suggest that the city was a major center of trade and culture in East Africa.

A Reservoir of Hidden Water – Mars

Zhurong, a Chinese space probe, landed on Mars in 2021 in the same spot where Viking 2, a NASA lander, arrived in 1976. Zhurong’s mission was to find ancient civilizations, and it is still orbiting Mars. Although they didn’t find ancient life, the probe discovered something else.

Giant Reservoir of ‘Hidden Water’
Source: YouTube

The data from Zhurong had everyone excited because it proved Mars is not as cold and dry as we previously believed. Zhurong indicated a Utopia Planitia Basin filled with water. These findings could prove that there is or was life on Mars.

The Declaration of Independence – Pennsylvania

Like a scene out of National Treasure, a man at a Pennsylvania flea market bought a boring painting because he liked the frame. It only cost $4, but the contents were worth much more. When he removed the painting, he discovered a copy of The Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration of Independence
Source: Pinterest

Now, if you think Nicolas Cage had anything to do with this, you are sadly wrong. Just to be safe, the man had the print authenticated, and it turned out to be the first printing of the historical document. In June 1991, the copy sold for $1 million at auction.

Medieval Well Under the Floor – Plymouth, England

Nothing is more frustrating than an off-center painting or an uneven floorboard, which is why a British couple became so frustrated trying to figure out why their living room was not level. After trying many things, they pulled up the floorboards and discovered the unimaginable.

Medieval Well Under the Floor
Source: Pinterest

The couple found a 33-foot-deep well under their living room dating back to medieval times. They discovered the well was built in the 1500s by Sir Francis Drake to carry water from Plymouth to Dartmouth. The homeowners covered it with glass and added lights to show it to guests.

A Safe in the Middle of a Field – Barre, New York

If you wanted to list the strange events that occurred in 2020, you would have several pages of notes. On the list, you would have to include the discovery of a metal safe in the middle of a field in New York. Kirk Mathes found the 600-pound safe in an agricultural field.

Mysterious Safe
Source: Facebook

Mathes needed heavy-duty machinery to move the safe, but no one knew how it got there. A note attached to it said whoever finds it could keep the contents. Mathes never opened it because he thought it was a joke, and now no one knows what was inside.

A Giant Quartz Chunk – Coleman Mine, Arkansas

When you visit the Smithsonian Museum, you will find an 8,000-pound chunk of quartz in the National Gem and Minerals collection. The massive marvel was discovered in a mine in Arkansas in 2016 and named the Berns Quartz. Surprisingly, it is worth $4 million.

a sum of $4 Million Chunk of Quartz
Source: Pinterest

You might wonder why it is worth so much when a small piece of quartz is $14 on Amazon. Although quartz are common, a massive cluster of clear quartz is rare and valuable. It is thought that the Berns Quartz was exposed when the Ouachita Mountains started to erode millions of years ago.

Underwater Stonehenge – Lake Michigan

Archeologists were captivated when they discovered a Stonehenge-like structure forty feet below the surface of Grand Traverse Bay. They used remote sensors to scan the floor of Lake Michigan. The eerie and impossibly cool find has experts wondering how it got there.

Stonehenge-Like Structure
Source: Twitter

Lake Michigan is a source of endless intrigue for scientists and historians alike. The recent discovery of the ancient stone structure is not the only thing researchers found. They also uncovered a pier from the Civil War and sunken cars and boats. The underwater Stonehenge has baffled everyone.