Yearbook Quotes from High School Grads That Are Legendary

While not everyone can say they had the best time in high school, yearbooks are a great way to remember your time there. Years after graduation, you can reminisce on the good memories during those four years. And using a funny quote makes you stand out in your yearbook.

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Some people can’t remember their yearbook quotes anymore. Others can because they made sure they used something noteworthy. We’ve compiled a list of high school seniors who came up with the most hilarious yearbook quotes. Grab a seat and laugh with us as we go through these quotes.

High School Wasn’t as Fun as They Said

Let’s face it, not everyone has fond memories of their high school days. In fact, it was terrible for some, and we wish it was better. It looks like Mr. Chung Randey can relate to that. He had a vivid way of describing how terrible high school was for him.

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We can’t imagine what he must have gone through to describe his experience this way, but it certainly wasn’t good. The smile on his face shows someone who can’t wait to get out of that place. Wherever he is today, we hope life is treating him better.

Nobody Noticed Her New Haircut

Getting a new haircut in high school is one of the best (or worst) moments. If you get a good one, then you’ll be the coolest kid, at least for the day. And if, unfortunately, you get a bad haircut, then we’re sorry about whatever you go through.

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You can hardly change your hairstyle without at least one person noticing—but not this girl. No one noticed her new haircut, and we think the reason is obvious. She looks gorgeous in her stylish hijab. We bet no one would notice if she had a bad haircut.

We Are Not Related

Nguyen is a common surname globally. It is shared by more than 400,000 people in the United States and by more than 30,000 people in Australia. However, even with such numbers, what are the odds that four people in the same class would share the name?

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It’s cute that they coordinated their yearbook quotes so no one will look back and maybe think they are quadruplets. Looking at this yearbook, if they didn’t tell us, we would certainly think they were somehow related. Apparently, they aren’t. Now we can laugh at their simple quotes.

You Should Never Use the Forbidden Curses

This young man drew inspiration from his favorite fantasy series, Harry Potter. Honestly, his name sounds like he was truly a former Hogwarts student. Our guess is that he was in Slytherin. Perhaps he was trying to make Horcruxes when they realized he was another Voldemort in the making.

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This also reminds us of the infamous Key and Peele skit as he takes attendance but says everyone’s names wrong. We won’t be surprised if his teachers have messed up his name before. Either way, this is one thoughtful and funny yearbook quote that’ll make him laugh years later.

He Looks Really Happy Then

Look, we don’t mean to be racist, stereotypical, or anything, but we see what this guy did here. It’s hilarious how people make jokes about the stereotypes that abound about their ethnicity. This dude is going places because he knows how to make a joke at his own expense.

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When you’re laughing and are generally happy, your eyes squint. Now, imagine you already have smaller eyes. That means he can barely see! It makes his yearbook quotes even more hilarious. We bet he was really happy to be graduating from high school. Hopefully, life still makes him happy.

The Punchline of the Year

Wait a minute. If this fine young lady marries someone with the surname Hum, then she can become Ho-Hum if she wants. Or she could marry someone with the same last name as hers, and she could become Ho-Ho! Santa Claus would be proud of that.

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If there’s ever one time that you can turn a Ho into a wife, this is it. Michelle Ho has been a Ho all her life, but it’s the kind that makes her family proud. Now we bet she has made her family even prouder by graduating from high school.

Do Not Let Him Fool You

Ah! The infamous Nigerian prince. Has anyone ever gotten a spam email from a shady sender saying they’re a prince or princess but need help? Usually, they’ll ask you to send money with the promise that you’ll be richly rewarded. If you have, we hope you didn’t send the money.

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This guy may have Nigerian roots, but we doubt he’s a prince. However, no one could pull off the joke like him. It’s creative. We only wish the next person wrote, “I’m not falling for the scam a Segun time.” It would be the yearbook of the decade.

Sibling Rivalry Never Ends

Siblings will be familiar with this. If you have an older sibling, chances are they can’t wait to rub in your face how old they are at any given opportunity. And if you’re that older sibling, well, you’re not the only one in this game, as this yearbook proves.

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Older siblings are always trying to remind others of the age gap. Yes, we get it! Lauren has always made Allison know she’s older, even if it’s by a few minutes. And she couldn’t wait to do the same in their yearbook. Now she’ll be reminded of it forever.

Self-Irony Makes You Powerful

The ability to laugh at yourself is a powerful thing. Once you can make fun of yourself and your condition, no one can hurt you. We wonder if he can wiggle his ears just like Alfalfa from The Little Rascals. Well, he says he can hear anything.

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So if you want to keep something a secret, don’t dare whisper it around him. We know the attention is on his ears, but those eyebrows are pure perfection. The things some people would do to have such finely drawn brows! We hope Mr. Mendoza is doing fine today.

One Letter Can Make All the Difference

We can’t imagine what this young man must have gone through in high school. He must have had to repeat this every time he had a new teacher, a sub, or a new friend. And since he had to repeat it numerous times, he made it his yearbook quote.

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This way, it will be set in stone, and he may never have to tell anyone again. Well, if he never told us, we would pronounce something entirely different. So kudos to him. Now we know his name is pronounced as “Pareekseet,” not what we had in mind.

He Has a Point

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but this young man has a point. Of course, while his illustration may be hilarious, he drives home the message nicely. He should really consider a career as a motivational speaker. It takes some skill to turn being called trash into a compliment.

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Nobody wants to be called garbage, but it now sounds positive because of this fine gentleman. On the one hand, he does not deny that you may truly be trash, but he’s just saying that it doesn’t mean you completely suck. Nicely done, Mr. Yunosuke Shigeta. We can’t stop laughing.

What Is the First, Conner?

We wonder how this yearbook quote got approved. Most schools wouldn’t allow it. So it’s either the yearbook coordinator can take a joke, or they didn’t understand it at all. Chances are that it is the latter. We can almost hear his parents scold him.

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Conner, is this the legacy you want to leave behind after graduation? Do you think this will be funny in twenty years? Left to us, we would still laugh thirty years from now. It’s a dirty joke, so he’d better keep this book away from his kids.

Max Crankshaw Prefers Tea

This would be incredible if he came out this way. It would’ve been the greatest coming out of all time. Everybody seems to like coffee, so we’re really happy that he stayed true to himself and admitted it just wasn’t his thing. Max is more of a tea guy.

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Also, we hope this isn’t an attempt at misogyny. It would really turn his quote sour. But we’ll choose to believe it has nothing to do with that. Let’s just say that Max Crankshaw made one of the best yearbook quotes we’ve ever seen. He’ll smile at this in a few years’ time.

Young McDonald Didn’t Have a Farm

“Old MacDonald Had a Farm” is a popular children’s song about a farmer and the numerous animals he breeds. Do you remember the lyrics? “With a moo-moo here and a moo-moo there, here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo-moo.”

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This McDonald has clarified he didn’t have a farm. Maybe it was his grandpa that owned the farm. Well, the classic song says Old McDonald had the farm anyway, and this young man doesn’t look anywhere near old enough to own a functioning farm. So we believe him.

Langston Hughes Would Be Proud

Now that we mention it, he does look like a younger version of the great Langston Hughes. Okay, maybe not. However, there isn’t much to say about this young man other than he is surely a wonderful poet. He has constructed his lines really well.

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And not only are they finely written, but you also can’t argue with his logic. These are all true statements. We’ve all heard many “roses are red” jokes, but this guy’s short and factual sentence just makes us laugh. We’re sure Nick will laugh at this again in the future.

You Should Have Listened to Your Mom

How many of us have been told not to do something by our parents and still went ahead and did it? This is what happens when you go against your mom’s orders and do something just to annoy her. Now, it’s in your high school yearbook forever.

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You can’t get rid of it, and your children will probably stumble upon it in the future. And they’ll know you didn’t listen to your mom. At least he got to show off his muscular legs, which is what we think he was desperate to do.

Megan Is Now a Free Elf

Isn’t it hilarious when high school graduates say they’re finally “free.” Technically, you’re free from high school, but do you realize what’s coming? Not to scare anyone, but if you plan to go to college, freedom may not be the word we’ll use—especially with student loan traps.

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And once you get free from those loans, you’ll still have to pay bills. Okay, we won’t burst Megan’s bubble. At least she gets to be a free elf for the two months after graduation. And after that, reality can hit as she gets trapped in school again.

We Would Hate the Name Too

Jay-Jay Okocha is a former soccer player with the chant “so good they named him twice.” It looks like this guy’s parents drew inspiration from that chant. On the one hand, it’s a good name. This way, anyone who knows your first name will also know your last. And vice versa.

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Saying “I hate my name” in itself isn’t funny, but it’s quite hilarious to have the same first and last name. We can’t imagine the awkwardness that will happen whenever he tries to introduce himself to a new person. Poor boy. We would hate the name too.

Will You Thank Your Hips for Not Lying?

Considering the times that we’re in, it’s refreshing to see someone who actually appreciates their body and is thankful for it. Mr. Bumb Avkit recognized that his time in high school was a team effort. And we’re not talking about the work in groups and class projects.

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The team included his hands, legs, and fingers for all their efforts while he was in school. We think he may be forgetting a few parts of his body, but he should remember to thank his hips too! They say honesty is the best policy—and hips don’t lie!

Massa Has No Bad Hair Days

It can be mortifying when people laugh at you. But when you start laughing at yourself, there aren’t many things that can actually offend you anymore. It looks like Julianna Massa mastered this and made light of herself in her high school yearbook. It became a classic quote.

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In a society where everyone is obsessed with their looks and how they appear on social media, this gal is a breath of fresh air. We think she’s a positive role model who doesn’t subscribe to the many beauty standards. She looks great (and funny too)!

Jessica Enciso Makes a Good Point

Honestly, there are not many better feelings than a good night’s rest. We don’t think a partner can compete with that incredible feeling because everyone needs to sleep. Apparently, Jessica Enciso agrees, and she even made it her passing message. She makes a good point.

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Sleeping is not only fun but is also good for your brain and health. Add these together, and you have something that makes you happier. So why fall in love and risk heartbreak when you can just fall asleep and improve your health? Well said.

Unplanned but Still Loved

If you ask parents of multiple children, they’ll probably confess one of their kids wasn’t planned. That doesn’t mean they love the child any less. They say that “two is better than one.” So the parents now have more children to love—and two college tuitions to pay as well.

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We wonder how these twins know which one was planned and which one wasn’t. Could it be that they flipped a coin to decide who the original embryo was? Or maybe they played a game of rock, paper, scissors. We will never know, but they’re hilarious.

Zachary Knows Being a Single Mother Is Hard

This is quite possibly the most random quote we’ve seen on this list so far. It is so unexpected but hilarious nonetheless. How did he come up with such a brilliant quote? It’ll surely go down as one of the best yearbook quotes in history.

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It would certainly make it to the yearbook Hall of Fame. We can imagine his kids seeing this a few decades from now and wondering what their dad was thinking. Well, we’re not entirely sure what he was thinking either, but we know something—Zachary Chastain is one funny dude.

Two Yearbook Quotes in One

This is what happens when you’re both a smart girl and a daddy’s girl. She used her intelligence to get around a slight loophole. Now she technically listened to her dad by not using “fries before guys” as her senior quote. But she still used her preferred quote.

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This gal is our hero! Do you think her father still got mad after seeing what she put in the yearbook or maybe just laughed the way we’re laughing right now? We bet it was the latter. She’s a smart girl, and we wonder if she stayed true to fries.

That Sounds Like Professor Quirrell to Us

Wearing veils is a vital part of all three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). Muslim women specifically wear hijabs as a symbol of modesty. If you remember, Professor Quirrell wore a head cover in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to hide that Voldemort had possessed him.

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This Muslim woman got tired of people always asking her why she wears a hijab. So she chose to give the reason in her yearbook quote. We guess it’s easier to tell people you’ve been possessed by Voldemort than give them the real reason.

It’s Only High School, Dad

We’re not trying to be stereotypical, but Asian parents have a reputation for demanding a lot from their kids. This isn’t bad, and as long as it isn’t toxic, we think it could actually be a good thing. But this isn’t the kind of “expectation” we’re talking about.

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You can’t be a recent high school graduate and have parents that expect you to already have a full-time job, especially one that requires years of schooling. It doesn’t look like Mr. Zhang is patient. It also sounds like he already has a career in mind for Daniel.

She Found Herself in High School

Many things happen in high school, and one of them is finding out who you really are. There are several opportunities to reinvent yourself, try new looks, have different hairstyles, and develop your personality. Well, Amberlyn discovered her sexuality during her four years in high school.

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We have no problem with this, only that we hope she regains her brilliance in college with straight A’s. Once you’re comfortable with who you are, you can show your true self. Life is so much better this way, and we think she’s on the path.

This Is What Guys on Dating Apps Say

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but not always. Sometimes you have to explain yourself. For example, if you’ve gone through a dating app, you’ll find people saying their pictures don’t do justice to how they truly look in real life. That could be true . . . or not.

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But the truth is that not everyone is photogenic, and that’s fine. This guy believes his yearbook picture isn’t the best representation of his looks. Whether or not he looks better in person, he still looks great to us. Not everybody is going to be a model.

The Neighbor Won’t Be Too Happy to See This

Something tells us that this young man will do everything in his power to keep his neighbor from seeing this yearbook. It is one of the most bizarre quotes we’ve seen on this list or any other. Does he actually roll around pretending to be a carrot?

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Or was it just a lighthearted joke? Why would they pretend to be a carrot of all things? How come the neighbor never found out? So many questions! We’re not sure how this quote came to be. But whoever thought of this must be quite an interesting person.

Is That Your Excuse for Poor Grades?

Look, your high school grades don’t define who you are. There’s so much more you can do in life. However, sometimes you just try really hard to improve your grades. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. What do you do then? You can borrow a leaf from Irfan’s book.

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Just put your grades up for adoption, and someone else will raise them for you. We’re not promoting cheating, but who knows? Maybe someone can help improve them for you. This is hilarious, but unfortunately, that’s not how grades work. You need to put in the work!

Did They Plan This?

Our first question after seeing this was if it was planned. Did Noah and Mason sit together while deciding their yearbook quotes, or was this one incredible coincidence? Or maybe the yearbook coordinator saw the two quotes and thought it would make sense to put them together.

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If that’s the case, then we agree. It was, indeed, a good idea to put both together because now we laugh and still wonder if this was a coincidence or not. We wonder where Noah and Mason are today. They’re probably still convincing people they didn’t plan this.

Putting Things into Perspective

That is a lot of time to spend in school just to have to go to more school. And 113,880 equals 4,745 days and around 13 years. All that time to only be qualified to work in a fast-food restaurant when you graduate.

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When she completes college, we wonder what her quote will be. “I spent four years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and no employment chances for a piece of paper.” That sounds like a long time. No wonder some people think going to college is a waste of time.

His Reason for Being a Vegetarian Is Hilarious

While there are many reasons to choose a specific diet, some people choose a vegetarian diet because they don’t like the gruesome killing of animals. But have you ever heard of someone who decided to eat plants because he hates them? No? Well, we give you Ankit Jain.

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Apparently, the young man harbors a deep hatred of plants and feels the only way to get back at them is to eat them. There’s nothing wrong with a vegetarian diet, but his reason raises a few eyebrows. Either way, he’s got some jokes in him.

Brooke Did End Up on Top of Blake

How many of us had high school crushes? Practically everyone. Some people were lucky to date their crushes or even end up as life partners. Others were not so lucky. Blake has had a huge crush on Brooke throughout high school. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a chance with her.

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But he wasn’t going down without a fight, and this was his golden chance to shoot his shot. We admire his brave attempts to attract Brooke’s attention because the yearbook may be his only opportunity to be close to her. This is Blake’s best chance at a home run!

Copy and Paste Saved Many People in High School

Many high school graduates will remember their school days as a time when they indulged in copying assignments. Whether from the Internet or from their peers, some people didn’t get through high school without cheating here and there. These identical twins are carbon copies of each other.

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Since it’s difficult to tell them apart, they made a joke about it. However, we can’t help but wonder why someone named their child “Dollar.” We didn’t know that was a thing. But we’re sure one of these guys will end up making dollars as a comedian.

The Triplets Made It

Everyone is different, even twins and triplets. So it’s not uncommon for them to be in different classes throughout their school year because everyone is unique. However, these triplets stuck together from the womb until they graduated high school together. And they got creative in their yearbook.

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They couldn’t wait to leave school so they would stop being addressed as “the triplets.” We wish our high school yearbooks had quotes as funny as these. People usually don’t get creative like the people we’ve seen so far and instead use inspirational quotes. We’re glad these grads didn’t.

This Is Why Christopher Goes to School Late

Dressing well is great, and we have no problems with it. But if you claim to dress well, shouldn’t you have worn something different? From what we can see, Christopher, you’re wearing the same tuxedo every other male in your class is wearing. How do we judge your style?

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We don’t know if you’re as good as you say you are. We salute you for coming out and hope you are finally living your best life, but wearing a black tux is not exactly an inspired fashion choice. Still, we won’t cramp your style. So enjoy your day.

Why Ask When You Can Just Ask for Forgiveness?

They say it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission. It looks like Jaylen Moore strongly believes the statement and applies it to his daily life. Instead of asking God to provide the bike, he took the fast route and just stole it instead.

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He’ll just ask for forgiveness later, and he’ll have a clean slate again. But really, do you think he’ll be forgiven for taking the bike? Well, maybe by divine powers, but certainly not by the owner or the law. Maybe it wasn’t a smart idea to ask for forgiveness.

Paige Redefined Yearbook Quotes Forever

It looks like Paige has just changed how yearbooks will look forever. We’ll admit we didn’t know this was possible, and we can’t be the only ones. Now that people are aware that emoticons may be used in yearbooks, the senior quotes will become even more fun.

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She is a pioneer, and yearbooks will never be the same again. We wonder how long she kept this a secret, not revealing what her senior quote would be despite all the questions from her friends. They must have been stunned to turn the page and see Paige’s surprise!

That May Never Happen, Miss

Many African children and natives of other non-English-speaking countries will find this relatable. This is what happens when you’ve suffered through thirteen years of high school and your teachers mispronounced your name every day of the week. You will either get used to it or be tired of it.

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Miss Agboke Toluwalope got sick of having her name mispronounced despite all the corrections. So she took matters into her own hands—or frankly, her yearbook quotes. She ensured before leaving that she called out her teachers for not even trying to pronounce her name correctly.

Playing Tricks on Our Minds

This one is quite hazy. It looks like Steven and Kristian enjoy a little bit of mind games and don’t mind taking it into their yearbooks. Kristian agrees that the previous quote is telling the truth. But there’s a catch. Steven says the next quote is a lie.

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So who do we believe? The more we go deeper into the analysis, the more confused we become. These guys have succeeded in puzzling us. We thought high school was the end of the brain quizzes! If you understood this, then kudos to you. We’re still trying!

How Did They Come Up with That Name?

Have you ever heard someone’s name and wondered what could’ve made their parents name them that? This is one such instance. On the one hand, the chances that he shares this name with thousands of other people are quite minute. So he’s a unique guy in high school.

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But uniqueness can be a blessing or a curse in high school. Just like Carlos Carlos who hated his name, Christopher Gaylord will rue being born into this family. He didn’t choose his surname, and now he has to live with it and the jokes that come with it.

You Can’t See Me

He waves his hands in front of his face and says, “You can’t see me.” Does that sound familiar? Yep, it certainly does because that’s exactly what John Cena does when he’s in his element. It’s incredible how these students can make a joke out of anything.

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And it’s even better that they’re joking about things that quite possibly made them look like the oddball during their time in high school. It’s an important lesson. We love Maliha’s self-irony. She’s right. We can’t see her. She’ll certainly be laughing years from now.

This Makes Us Think Deeply

Although this list is about hilarious yearbook quotes, we couldn’t resist adding this. While it may not make you roll in laughter, it’ll cause you to sit back and think deeply. You don’t have to tell us; we already know this girl was a nerd in high school.

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The quote makes you think about life and your personality. Which would you prefer—to be born good or to overcome an innate evil inside of you? The idea of overcoming something bad sounds good to us, but is it possible we already hurt many people before our victory?

She’s Grateful for the Changes

We mentioned earlier that many things happen in high school, and one of them is puberty. That is what happens when you’re flat-chested at the start of high school but are now slightly less flat-chested at the end. It’s what many females want anyway, so no wonder she’s smiling.

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Many females go through puberty in high school, so it’s understandable. Even though her grades went down during the process, it doesn’t seem like she’s too bothered about it. There’s only one B that matters to her— it’s the one for her body, and she’s happy about it.

Four Years down the Drain

Some people are gym rats. It’s okay to want to stay fit or build muscles, but not at the expense of education. You shouldn’t care more about flexing your muscles than focusing in class. Obviously, school isn’t a priority to many people, and Eric Gomez is one of them.

Source: Reddit

Of course, we know he’s just joking. But honestly, there are real people out there who care more about looks than brains. But everyone has a right to choose what they want. As for this quote, we’ll just laugh and wonder if “importanter” was also part of the joke.

Gingers Are Nice People

Regardless of where you’re from, there’s possibly a stereotype that you’ve had to live with most of your life. For example, redheads are perceived as being heartless and nasty, yet this is merely a stereotype. According to some, gingers live longer than those with other hair colors.

Source: Reddit

Other common stereotypes about gingers include the idea that they are all Irish, freckled, or look like the Weasleys. This high school grad must have been called soulless all through high school. So, she decided to make this her parting word since no one could interrupt her self-defense here.

The Resemblance Is Uncanny

Who remembers Frozone from The Incredibles? Well, this guy looks exactly like him. We could almost swear that whoever created the character had Jason Distant in mind while drawing. He must have also heard about the comparison so often that he chose to use this quote for his yearbook.

Source: Reddit

Imagine if he wore the Frozone costume instead of the tuxedo. Can someone please get this man his super suit? It would immediately be the greatest senior quote in a yearbook in history. But we’ll have to settle with this funny image and the accompanying quote.

He’ll Make a Great Dad

There are many incredible things about this yearbook quote. First, we know Amith’s true personality with the drum picture. And then, when you add the quote, you can tell he truly is a living legend! You can already tell he’ll make a great dad with those dad jokes.

Source: Reddit

Never stop, Amith! Keep making those dad jokes to the very end. We love how this school allowed grads to submit multiple pictures. So we’re going to give a nice shout-out to the yearbook coordinator for this incredible gesture. This deserves to be in the yearbook hall of fame.

Do You Mean These Are Two Different People?

Besides high school graduates, teachers can have their images in the yearbook, and one particular teacher managed to do it twice. One was for his regular self, and the other was for his hip personality. We already know he’s possibly the most loved teacher at the school.

Source: Reddit

After seeing this page, his students probably thought he had a twin they didn’t know about. We would really like to see his real high school yearbook. Chances are that he did something incredible in that too. This is the kind of teacher we like.

He Really Has Been Constrained

Although freedom of speech is a thing, there are certain rules that still constrain our free speech. One of those things is the character limit. We’re sure you’re familiar with it from some social media platforms such as Twitter. And high school grads also know it from their yearbook.

Source: Reddit

Aditya Tammana wasn’t happy with the senior quote character limit that constrained him from making his true quotes. Maybe he wanted to say something more profound and inspirational, but he couldn’t. So he decided to lash out at the rules instead. Unfortunately, even that was too long for the ru . . . .

Eat Good; Feel Good

This is someone who doesn’t care about what other people think and tells it like it is. What does it matter if you gained a few pounds in school? She was probably mocked for the weight she added, so she decided to get back at her bullies.

Source: Reddit

Her revenge had to be one they’d remember forever, and she chose the perfect stage—her yearbook quote. Yep, she’s not pregnant; she’s just eating well. It’s not her fault you can’t relate to that! If anyone out of curiosity thought she was pregnant, she has cleared that up.

Remember to Always Be Yourself, but There’s a Catch

Staying true to yourself is something we’ve heard countless times. Oscar Wilde famously quipped, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” We couldn’t agree more. At first, it looked like this guy wanted to say the cliché “be yourself.” However, there was a catch this time.

Source: Reddit

Mitchell agrees that you should also follow Oscar Wilde’s words, but he added a twist to his quote—be yourself unless you’re a bad person. It’s hilarious. But instead of pretending to be someone else, why not look inward and figure out what you should do to improve yourself?

Reality Is Different Than the Movies

If you watch certain high school and teenage movies, it always seems like high school is a fun place to be, and everyone has a great experience. High School Musical is one of those movies that made high school seem like it was about dancing and people randomly singing.

Source: Reddit

It’s safe to say that it’s absolutely nothing like that. Poor Seth watched the movie and had starry eyes. But after spending four years in high school, he realized that reality is quite different from what happens in movies. We understand your pain. You’re not alone because the movie got our hopes up too.

The Making of a Villain

We can almost read this guy’s senior quote in the voice of Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Like everyone else, Kevin wants to be successful, but apparently, that’s not enough for him. No one else should succeed. It’s such an evil statement that it’s hilarious!

Source: Reddit

If he’s succeeding, everyone must fail because he should be the only one on the planet doing great things. Don’t be like Kevin because others should flourish too. We wonder if he ever thought about what the world would look like if he was the only successful person.

He Had His Kids in Mind

When you see certain quotes, you already know the person didn’t think about their kids when they chose the statement. But here’s someone who felt his kids would one day see his yearbook. So he referenced them in his high school yearbook. His kids will certainly love this one day.

Source: Reddit

We wonder if he has any children yet and has shown them this page. He must have rubbed off on them when it comes to how good-looking he was in high school. And then one day he’ll pull out this yearbook and say, “I told you so.” Well played, Barry Ponder.

When in Doubt, Quote Spongebob Characters

Everyone has their favorite cartoon, and Spongebob is high on the list for many people. It is one of the greatest animated series ever. Although Plankton was a complex character, he was probably the most relatable. We’ve all been around people and felt we needed to charge them for therapy.

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High school may be fun to many people, but it could also make you need therapy. A lot of changes happen in your life, and it could get rough. When Faith Woods was asked to submit her yearbook quote, there was nothing more relatable to her than Plankton’s famous words.

The Symbol for Each Element Has a Message

Students are usually either so book smart that they aren’t trendy or the other way round. It looks like this high school grad is brilliant and hip. If you are confused, the symbol for each element spells “F**k b*****s, get money.” You aren’t allowed to curse in yearbooks.

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If you’re so desperate to curse, then you need to find a creative way to go around the rules. Jessica did. Years from now, she’ll look back on this legendary quote with pride. And she’ll have an evil grin spread across her face as she remembers how clever she was.

Did Her Shoulder Distract You?

Pretty much everyone knows about school dress codes. Usually they prevent females from wearing what they really want. It could even go so far as not allowing them to bare their shoulders. Unsurprisingly, girls have a problem with these rules because people should control themselves, especially around innocent shoulders.

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Madison was clearly annoyed by the time picture day arrived and opted to voice her frustrations in her quote. She used the words “I’m sorry, did my shoulders distract you?” to express how ridiculous she found this dress rule, and we think she nailed it.

There Is One Thing That Can Separate Twins

Siblings in the same graduating class are usually side-by-side in the yearbook because they share the same last name. This happens with twins. However, what happens when you have the same surname as the set of twins in your class? In that case, you’re listed alphabetically according to your first name.

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That means this guy’s picture went between the twins’ pictures. At first glance, you might think these are triplets. But when you look at their senior quotes, you’ll know this isn’t the case. The kids made sure to clarify that the young man separating them was not related to them.

Describing High School in One Sentence

Here is a high school graduate, Faizon Graham, describing his high school experience in one sentence. We’ve already mentioned that high school isn’t like movies such as High School Musical. Sometimes it can even feel like a prison with all the rules and strict schedules.

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So you might feel like you’ve been released when you graduate. And that’s exactly what Faizon felt. We don’t mean to burst your bubble, Faizon, but if you have plans to go to college, you might not be free yet. High school isn’t rough compared to what happens outside of it.