Secrets from Pretty Woman That Producers Don’t Want You to Know

It’s hard not to mention Pretty Woman when talking about the most popular (and one of the best) romantic comedies in history. The storyline is why we refer to it as our modern adult version of Cinderella. The movie is about dreams come true.

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The film became an instant classic, beloved by people all over the world and a huge Hollywood success. But everything is not always as it seems. And there are several untold facts and secrets you don’t know. We’ve uncovered some of the secrets about your favorite romantic comedy here!

Rejected by Ferrari and Porsche

Nowadays we see various branded products “advertised” in films. But that was unusual in the early 1990s. The producers of Pretty Woman offered car manufacturers Ferrari and Porsche deals to have their cars appear in the film, but both companies declined, claiming that their vehicles couldn’t be associated with picking up prostitutes on the streets.

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Although disappointed, Edward Lewis (a lead character in the film played by Richard Gere) drove a Lotus that belonged to movie producer Nancy Gross when he picked up Vivian Ward (the other star role in the movie played by Julia Roberts). Quite frankly, we cannot fault Ferrari and Porsche for declining. All companies have their principles. It’s good to see the producers found a solution.

The Title Could Have Been Different

It’s no secret that Hollywood movies go through several stages before the producers and directors settle on what we see on our screens. From casting to acting and all other aspects, everything must be perfect—or at least almost perfect—before the movie is released to the public.

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This was the case for the title. Originally, the title was $3000 because that was the amount agreed on between Vivian and Edward. Later, the producers and writers agreed that Pretty Woman was a better title for the film. What do you think?

Demi Moore Almost Played Kit De Luca

Demi Moore was one of the most famous actresses at the time Pretty Woman was being made. In fact, she gained notoriety for being a member of the famed “Brat Pack.” She was (and still is) a beautiful woman and great actress, having starred in many movies.

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It was not surprising, then, that the producers initially offered her the role of Kit De Luca. Demi turned down the offer on the spot and didn’t give any explanation why. Laura San Giacomo got the part instead, and she nailed it.

A Different Idea from the Outset

Just like the title of the movie that was supposed to be $3000, something else could have been different. And that could have shaped how we will view Pretty Woman forever. The original concept for the film was something entirely different. Yup, the plot was completely different!

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The film was intended to show the dark side of business escorts in Los Angeles during a time of drug addiction and urban danger. However, the producers ultimately decided that a romantic comedy would be more appealing to audiences. Could the first idea have been a blockbuster too?

A Blazer from the Corner Shop

Another important crew member is the costumer. It’s important that actors wear the best outfits that suit their roles and complement the specific scenes they are in. And just like other aspects of Pretty Woman, there’s a story behind one costume in the movie.

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The costumes in Pretty Woman adhered to strict guidelines. The shopping scene is one of the most memorable. We already know that the most well-known costume is the red dress. Another is the red vintage blazer. You’d be surprised to learn that the costume department paid $30 for it at a shop on the corner of the street!

Let’s See How It Goes

For some movies and TV series, the end of the movie is known from the beginning. But the ending of Pretty Woman had not even been written when production began, so there was plenty of room for improvisation on the set. For example, it was almost not a happy ending.

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One of the alternate endings had Vivian overdose. As Jeffrey Katzenberg, chairman of Walt Disney Studios, revealed, there was much debate about the ending. However, one beautiful scene where Vivian discussed her dreams of being a princess rescued from the tower persuaded the filmmakers to give the film a more pleasant ending.

One Avocado a Day

Actors go the extra mile to make sure they’re fit for the roles they play. Some lose lots of weight, and others put on some pounds and increase their muscles to be perfect for their character. Also, most of the time, actors have very tight schedules while filming.

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The crew of Pretty Woman worked nonstop, with little time to eat. Julia Roberts was no different. She was surviving on one avocado per day during filming and then became ill and fainted on the set. Director Garry Marshall dashed over, opened a can of tuna, and immediately fed Roberts.

Some Movie Errors You May Have Missed

Look, we’re not saying that everything needs to be perfect, but some errors really shouldn’t happen. Thankfully, one error didn’t take anything away from the movie, and it remained a classic. We’ll be the first to say that virtually every movie has some interesting errors.

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You may have missed one error in Pretty Woman. If you look carefully, one of the mistakes noticed by the audience is when Vivian unties Edward’s tie and exits the room for a split second. Upon her return to the room, Edward’s tie is perfectly intact.

We Are All Humans

You may think, “Well, it’s just one error. Who doesn’t make mistakes?” Yes, it happens. In fact, some of the best movies we’ve ever seen have some sort of error or another. The director and the production crew may have overlooked it, or maybe no one noticed.

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But Pretty Woman didn’t have just one error. Another error you may have missed happened when Vivian ate a croissant in one scene, and in the next moment, the croissant became a small pancake. We get the feeling this one was overlooked as “they won’t notice.”

The Famous Red Dress

We’ve all been there. You want to go out to an important event but can’t quite decide what to wear. You’re burdened with what might be “too much” or what might be “underdressing.” And just like that, there’s an untold story behind Vivian’s famous red dress in the movie.

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Vivian’s red dress for the opera was originally black. Fortunately, costume designer Marilyn Vance had a different idea. She knew a red dress would have a wow element that a black dress would not. Nonetheless, Vance designed three different dresses for that scene, with the red one ultimately winning.

We’ve Seen This Before

Have you ever had a feeling of déjà vu? Well, almost everyone has. And it also happens when we watch movies. Kinda. Sometimes you see a movie and instantly know you’ve seen something similar in the past. This time, there are just different characters.

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Many opera fans were already familiar with the plot of Pretty Woman. That’s because it is like the storyline of the famous opera La Traviata where a prostitute falls in love with a rich man. And guess which opera Vivian and Edward went to in the film. Yup, La Traviata.

Everyone Wanted Richard Gere’s Role…Except Gere

The job of a casting director is pivotal to how a movie turns out. Several other actors wanted to play Edward Lewis, the wealthy businessman. We can all agree that Richard Gere was perfect in the role. But many popular actors wanted the role.

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Daniel Day-Lewis, John Travolta, Christopher Reeve, and Denzel Washington are among them. They all auditioned, but the casting director chose Richard Gere. But wait! The casting director really wanted Al Pacino to play the role of Edward and approached him several times. Pacino always said he was too busy.

Gere Wasn’t Impressed at First

You may have seen the long list of actors who auditioned for the character of Edward and thought Richard Gere was lucky to be chosen. But the actor wasn’t particularly buzzing about the idea of playing the role. One could say he could have turned it down.

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Gere was so unimpressed with the Edward Lewis role that he infamously quipped, “Just put a suit on a goat and put him out there.” Well, we’re glad the directors and producers didn’t listen to him. He played the role to perfection!

A Nervous Intimate Session

If you’ve been on a movie set before, you know that intimate scenes are sometimes weird and can be uncomfortable. Even if you’re okay with them, you must have been with a crush before or had a nervous moment with someone you were romantically involved with. Something similar happened in Pretty Woman.

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Julia Roberts was so nervous while filming a romantic scene with Richard Gere that a vein appeared in her forehead. That was so noticeable that director Gary Marshall called a halt to the shoot and came over to massage Roberts’ head until the vein faded away.

Julia Roberts Wanted It to Be Richard Gere

Romantic movies can be tricky because the audience can almost sense when there’s no connection between the actors in real life. Julia Roberts was so desperate for Gere to play Edward that she begged him. Yup, despite the long list of actors who auditioned for Edward, she wanted it to be Gere.

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Richard Gere was on a call with the producer when he was contemplating whether to accept the role of Edward. Gere was also with Julia at the same time, and she handed him a note that read, “Please say yes.” He smiled and agreed to take the offer.

How to Make Julia Roberts Laugh

Directors must do all kinds of things behind the scenes to make something exactly as they imagine it. A scene must look exactly how they envisioned it. One of these instances is the scene where Vivian is lying on the floor watching the TV show I Love Lucy.

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Director Gary Marshall ran over to Roberts and began tickling her feet to get her to laugh. That worked because Julia was extremely ticklish. It was important that the laugh and the entire scene looked natural and not forced. Marshall knew how to make Julia Roberts laugh.

The Infamous Bubble Bath

Regardless of how trivial you may think a scene is, almost all scenes have a story you don’t know. While filming the bubble bath scene, Julia went under water. The director thought it would be hilarious if everyone ran off the set, leaving Julia alone when her head reappeared.

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Marshall was well-known for his pranks. Another fascinating fact about the bubble bath is that the crew used a lot of detergent to keep the bubbles going, and as a result, Julia’s hair dye started to fade. They had to recolor her hair the same day. What a bath!

A Relatively Unknown Laura San Giacomo

Laura San Giacomo made her claim to fame in Steven Soderbergh’s Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989), which also marked her feature film debut as a credited actor. Her role as Sandy in the 1988 movie Miles from Home was not credited. Director Gary Marshall had previously worked with Laura.

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Laura revealed in an interview how much Marshall trusted her.” I remember him giving me room to fill moments, giving a direction and then shouting rolling, no time to think too much, really demonstrating to me how much trust he had in what I would come up with on the spot.”

The Earthquake before the Opera Night

Edward and Vivian’s night at the opera was initially meant to be filmed in the San Francisco Opera House. But things changed right before it was scheduled to be filmed. The night before, an earthquake hit San Francisco.

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So the producers and directors decided it was better and safer to relocate. That meant they had to find an alternative venue ASAP. At the last minute they decided to move the scene to the History Museum adjacent to the University of Southern California. Thankfully, it didn’t affect the filming as far as we know.

Richard Gere Got a Bargain

Although we call it the modern adult version of Cinderella, emphasis should be placed on the word “adult.” That’s why many people have criticized Pretty Woman for glorifying prostitution in the plot. Julia Roberts was asked in an interview by the Guardian whether she thought Pretty Woman glorified prostitution.

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She responded directly and humorously, “What are you going to do? You can’t please everybody. That movie was a fairy tale. We did everything but put a glass slipper on. And I’ll tell you something else: for $3,000 a weekend, Richard Gere got a bargain.”

An Imposter on the Poster

Long before CGI (computer-generated imagery) and other editing became a big deal in the movie industry, filmmakers used a variety of editing tools. Photoshop was a tool they used even in the 1990s to make things look better. On the Pretty Woman poster, Richard Gere’s hair is black.

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But anyone who’s watched the movie will see it is grey throughout the film. However, the biggest deception was Julia Roberts’ body, which wasn’t hers at all on the Pretty Woman poster. Shelley Michelle, Julia’s double, is depicted on the poster. Julia’s head was edited onto Michelle’s body.

Drew Barrymore Wanted the Role

Before production, many movie directors invite actors and actresses to audition for the roles. They then choose who they feel is best suited for the character and what the director has in mind. We saw this with Richard Gere’s character, Edward, and how it drew high-profile actors.

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The same happened with Julia Roberts’ character, Vivian. Drew Barrymore was desperate to get the role. She had struggled with addiction and felt she fully understood that part of the role. But there was a snag. She was too young to be an escort lady—only 15 at the time.

The Director in Disguise

It’s not uncommon for directors to find roles for themselves in their own movies. One director who was most known for that was Alfred Hitchcock who appeared in minor roles in his own films. Gary Marshall decided that he, too, could do that.

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You may have missed it because it’s easy to miss, but Gary Marshall appeared in Pretty Woman. The homeless man in the scene where Edward is asking for directions is none other than Marshall himself. It was a pretty brief moment, but the famous director made sure he appeared in the film.

The Devil Is in the Details

A lot goes into moviemaking. While execution plays a crucial role, the script is the backbone of the movie. Viewers can forgive poor acting, but a poor script is unacceptable. The producers decided to hire Gary Marshall as director, but they also understood that the script needed special attention.

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So they assigned it to three good writers: Robert Garland, Stephen Metcalfe, and Barbara Benedek. After these three had honed the overall concept, the producers hired additional writers to work on specific scenes. That meticulous attention to detail made a significant contribution to the film’s success.

Gary Marshall’s Lucky Charm

We’ve all got that one thing we believe in so much. Sometimes it could be a ritual we have to do so every other thing falls in place. Gary Marshall was no different, and he had one ace up his sleeve: Héctor Elizondo.

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Marshall believed Hector was his lucky charm, so he hired him to play the hotel manager. Unfortunately, Walt Disney Studios refused to pay him the requested salary. Marshall paid the difference in salary to avoid losing his lucky charm. Following the film’s success, Disney admitted their error and compensated Marshall.

The Super-Talented Richard Gere

Richard Gere is one of Hollywood’s most talented and celebrated actors. He has been in many movies, and his talents are evident in each of them. But besides playing the rich and powerful corporate executive from New York City, Gere contributed more to the movie than we saw.

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As we found out, he is a multi-talented actor with many other skills. One of them is playing the piano. In fact, Gere composed the music for the piano scene. It’s no surprise that he received his second Golden Globe nomination for the film.

Ninth Time’s the Charm

Actors are familiar with the word “cut.” It’s almost impossible not to hear it multiple times while filming since the director wants to get the exact thing he envisioned. The final sequence on the fire escape had to be shot nine times.

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Something would happen every time they tried to shoot the scene. One time, Richard Gere’s suit got dirty from climbing the stairs, and another time Julia’s shoes kept falling off. Then, in another attempt, there was opera music jamming from a nearby house. In yet another shoot, there were pigeons flying all over.

A Sequel Was Born

Pretty Woman became an instant classic and a fan favorite, so it was only natural to consider a sequel. Many people felt it was necessary. Richard Gere, on the other hand, wasn’t convinced it was such a good idea. But he soon changed his mind.

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While Gere was traveling in Tibet, he spoke with a monk in a cave. The monk asked him, “So when are you going to make Pretty Woman 2?” It was at that moment that Richard decided that maybe a sequel wasn’t such a bad idea. So Runaway Bride was born in 1999.

Pretty Woman Was a Box Office Hit

Pretty Woman was definitely a box office hit. But no one expected it to be as popular as it was. It grossed $178 million in North America and had a budget of only $14 million. Overall, the film grossed $258 million worldwide, making Hollywood’s beloved dream team—Julia Roberts and Richard Gere—a moneymaking machine.

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It was not only a box office success, but it was also the third-highest grossing movie of 1990. It sold the most tickets in the United States for a romantic comedy, with Box Office Mojo ranking it the No.1 romantic comedy with the highest estimated domestic ticket sales.

Getting the On Set Experience

It’s not unusual for fans to visit places in their favorite movies. Some go there to recreate special scenes, while others want to have a feel of what it looks like there. Due to the film’s immense success, fans from all over the world have flocked to Beverly Hills.

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Their aim was to visit some of the movie’s popular sites. One of those locations was the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, which created a Pretty Woman VIP tour of Rodeo Drive, a couples’ massage in their spa, and a presentation of some of the costumes to satisfy the curious.

Some Free Advertising for the Hotel

Since it was the only hotel that allowed the crew to film inside the hotel, the Beverly Wilshire could have tried to profit from the film. When the film’s producers reached out to other hotels, they all demanded large sums of money, which was not in the film’s budget.

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They probably underestimated the free advertising they could have gotten from appearing in the film. Just like Ferrari and Porsche, those other hotels declined and lost out on the benefits of being featured in such a timeless movie. The Beverly Wilshire must be glad they made the right call.

We’ve Seen That Restaurant Before

If you’re a big movie lover and have seen many of the classics, there’s a chance you’ll see similar locations in them. Since the producers and director of Pretty Woman wanted the film to be as original as possible, they decided that all shooting would take place on location rather than on a movie set.

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One of those places was a downtown Los Angeles restaurant. In the film, it’s called Voltaire, but in real life it is called Cicada. The restaurant has also appeared in films such as Bruce Almighty and Indecent Proposal. If you didn’t notice it, maybe it’s time to rewatch!

Same Waiter, Different Movie

The business dinner scene where Vivian tries escargot for the first time has its own spin-off. Vivian picks up the escargot and awkwardly tosses it across the room, right into the hands of the waiter in. “It happens all the time,” said the waiter.

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Now look at the same waiter, different film. About 10 years later, director Gary Marshall directed Princess Diaries and decided that Princess Mia would do the same with the escargot, and the waiter would catch it and repeat the same line. Movies borrowing creativity is something we see all the time.

The Natural Southern Accent

Actors and actresses often have accents for their roles to make them appear more realistic. Many times, they have to practice the accent for months in order to play the role perfectly. Julia Roberts, on the other hand, didn’t need to learn her Southern accent. It was natural.

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Julia Roberts was born in Smyrna, Georgia. So instead of having her learn a different accent, director Gary Marshall decided that her character, Vivian, would be from Georgia too. That way there would be no fear of slip-ups since Julia would use her natural accent.

One Last Ride for Ralph

We’ve seen legendary actors die—ones we wished would have lived forever. There was just something about the roles they played that you get the feeling no one could have done it better. Ralph Bellamy was in the league of actors who made us feel that way.

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Bellamy, an Academy Award and Emmy nominee, made his final film, Pretty Woman, before passing away in November 1991 at the age of 87. He spent 62 years on stage and in front of the camera. Pretty Woman holds a special place in the hearts of his fans.

We Got to See Our Favs Again

Following the success of Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere teamed up for the sequel, Runaway Bride. It was only right that we got to see our favorite couple again. Thankfully, it happened. We often get to see our favs in other films or TV shows.

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Julia Roberts, Hank Azaria, and Larry Hankin—all Pretty Woman actors—were asked to appear as guests on Friends, one of the most famous TV sitcoms of all time. Even though they all appeared in different episodes, Pretty Woman fans were able to see their favorite characters again.

A Long Time Coming for Hank Azaria

Pretty Woman was the first film where Hank Azaria had any lines. He later played Phoebe’s scientist boyfriend, David, in Friends. At the start of Pretty Woman, he plays Albertson, a detective who is investigating a crime. He is now best known for his voiceovers in The Simpsons (1989–present).

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He has been heard as the voices of Moe Szyslak, Comic Book Guy, Chief Wiggum, Snake Jailbird, and formerly Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Carl Carlson, Lou, and Bumblebee Man. Since Pretty Woman, he has done well for himself and has had a successful career, winning six Emmy Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Pretty Woman Has Famous Fans

If a movie becomes a classic, it’s sure to have fans globally. Pretty Woman is one of those films that has fans all over the world. It’s not hard to imagine why because it’s such a good movie. Of course, there are celebrities who enjoy this film as well.

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One of them is pop star Britney Spears, who admitted that Pretty Woman is one of her favorite movies and that she enjoys watching it again and again. Miranda Cosgrove, a teen star, has also expressed her love for this film classic. Pretty women love Pretty Woman. We love it!

Making It All the Better

One of the best parts of acting is that you can conjure up lines that fit the scene. If the lines are good, the director will go with them. It’s also a mark of a talented actor. Filmmakers love working with performers who can make their creations even better.

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It’s also important to have a connection with your partner in a romantic movie. Gere and Roberts certainly did! When Edward took Vivian to the park in the romantic scene, he read a Shakespeare sonnet to her. This made a romantic date even more romantic. No wonder Roberts wanted him!

The Spaniards Love Some Romance

Along with France (and maybe Italy), Spain is up there as one of the many places where the language and environment exude love and affection. So it came as no surprise that Spain received the movie with wide-stretched open arms. There was definitely some Spanish fever for Pretty Woman in Spain.

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Although the movie was successful globally, no country had bigger fans than Spain. Pretty Woman is the most successful film shown in Spain. The movie is in its whopping 19th rerun in Spanish theaters. How unbelievable is that? Spaniards love some romance!

Some Big Names for Vivian

Some high-profile actors lined up to play the role of Vivian. Although it was Julia Roberts who eventually got the part and won the hearts of director Gary Marshall and everyone else, some big names were disappointed that they didn’t land the role of Vivian.

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Other actresses who tried out for the role included Sandra Bullock, Kristin Davis, Madonna, Meg Ryan, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Imagine what it would have been like to have any of them on set. The producers decided that Julia Roberts was the best of them all, and fans all over the world agreed.

A Support in Nudity

Remember when we said it could be a little awkward filming some intimate scenes? Well, it always is. But from what we’ve seen so far, filming Pretty Woman was as much fun as watching it. Something truly profound happened behind the scenes.

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On the set, actors and crew members, including the director, were constantly cracking jokes. And everything seemed fun. But on one occasion, Richard Gere stripped naked and walked onto the set in support of Julia Roberts who was often almost naked during filming while Gere remained in his suit.

The Joke Marshall Decided to Go With

As much as directors love everything to be as they envisioned, sometimes actors have some spontaneity that’s so good that the director adapts. While everyone was having a good time filming Pretty Woman, one practical joke in the film stood out. It’s when Edward gives Vivian diamonds.

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But when she goes to take them, Edward pulls them back and snaps the box shut. Julia Roberts was taken aback and burst out laughing because she was not expecting it. That scene was not in the script, but it was so good that director Marshall kept it.

Successful in All Ways

It’s always a good idea to associate yourself with successful people. Many people do it. Pretty Woman was so successful that it affected a popular song at that time. The song “Oh, Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison was already a big hit in 1964, but it got another successful run, thanks to the film.

Source: Touchstone Pictures

The movie title, which was motivated by this song, had to have helped. The soundtrack to the film sold 3 million copies and became triple platinum. Roxette’s song “It Must Have Been Love” hit the billboard charts and remained there for a long time.

A Favor from the Jeweler

It’s not unusual for filmmakers to want to do everything possible to cut the budget. That’s why they originally approached Ferrari and Porsche. And the famous “wow” red dress was accompanied by “wow” jewels. Gary Marshall wanted the necklace to be made of real diamonds and rubies.

Source: Touchstone Pictures

It was important for the necklace to look real. As a result, they used actual jewels in the scene. The necklace was worth $250,000 and was borrowed from a well-known jewelry store. The store was concerned, so they sent a security officer to keep an eye on their item.

A Broadway Musical in 2018

Fans of Pretty Woman must have been overjoyed when it was revealed in 2017 that Pretty Woman would premiere on Broadway in 2018. Screenwriter J. F. Lawton wrote the musical lyrics with the assistance of film director Gary Marshall, ensuring that they were as true to the film as possible.

Source: Twitter

Since this happened almost 30 years after the movie’s initial release, it further proved how successful the movie was at that time and how much of a timeless film it still is. The Broadway musical subsequently helped the movie gain more traction. Well deserved, Pretty Woman!

Working on a Tight Budget

No one could have imagined how successful Pretty Woman would become. Apparently, not even the studio was sure of its success. So, they didn’t commit a lot of money to the project. The film’s budget was very tight.

Source: Touchstone Pictures

The production team had to use streetlights as the lighting in several scenes instead of paying for studio lights. Marshall stated, “It was a little seedier. I had to shoot it fast. We didn’t have a big budget.” In the end, it all paid off, especially for Walt Disney Studios.

The Scenes We Didn’t See

A lot goes into making movies. And in the end, after filming is finished, some editing still needs to be done before the movie is ready for audiences. Pretty Woman went “under the knife” many times just to make it perfect for moviegoers.

Photo by Austin Neill/Unsplash

Not all the filmed scenes were used in the film. Some had to be cut, such as Vivian savoring her fancy steak with a packet of ketchup and Edward nearly getting into a brawl with a gang. We also missed out on a romantic horseback ride at sunset.

Lots of Crabs Out There

Here’s something else that lets you know what it’s like to film a movie. Mistakes happen, including tongue slips, mispronounced words, and forgotten lines. And despite the immense success Pretty Woman enjoyed, the actors in the movie weren’t immune to errors.

Source: Touchstone Pictures

While filming one of the first sequences, Roberts’ line was meant to be, “Yeah, I’m gonna grab a cab with my 20 bucks.” Instead, she said, “Yeah, I’m gonna grab a crab with my 20 bucks.” Gere replied, “Yeah, there are a lot of crabs out there.”

Open on Sundays Only

We’re no longer strangers to what it was like filming Pretty Woman. We already know that it was fun for the production crew. We also know the movie was produced with a rigid budget. But that’s not all…

Source: Touchstone Pictures

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills has restrictive filming regulations. So all sequences there had to be shot on Sundays. It seems that the stores there do not want to be bothered while they are open for business. It’s a popular, famous street, so we can understand.

Two Directors for Pretty Woman

They say that two heads are better than one. It looks like they weren’t wrong. As it turns out, Pretty Woman ended up with two directors, even though the second director only shot one scene—the polo match filmed at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.

Source: Touchstone Pictures

Since director Gary Marshall didn’t know much about horses, he let his son Scott film the scene. That shows how impressive Gary Marshall is as a director and how attentive he is to detail. Fortunately, everything went well, and the scene was shot successfully. Good job, Scotty boy!

The Real-Life Las Palmas Hotel

Although the restaurant’s name where Vivian spilled her meal was changed for cinematic purposes, one location in the movie kept its name. In the film, Vivian lives in an apartment in the Las Palmas Hotel, the same name in real life. The hotel is still in operation in Los Angeles.

Source: Facebook

At a time when hotels were refusing filmmakers, particularly Gary Marshall’s crew, to shoot scenes at their locations, the Las Palmas Hotel allowed the director and the studio to use its name. But we’re not sure if the hotel is entitled to any rights to profits like the Beverly Wilshire enjoys.

The Meanings You Missed

While we all enjoy watching our favorite movies and TV shows, we sometimes get so engrossed that we miss some meanings that provide more context. Directors and scriptwriters add scenes like that to give viewers more knowledge because you can’t explain things like you can in a novel.

Source: Touchstone Pictures

And it looks like there was a scene where viewers might have missed the context. We see Edward on the phone with a woman, who turns out to be his ex-wife. The moment demonstrates that although he seems to have it all, he is missing love in his life.

Some Interruption from the Canine Companion

Dogs are one of the best things to happen to humans. And they’re rightly called man’s best friend. Julia Roberts had a dog while she was filming Pretty Woman, and she brought it on set pretty much all the time. But although adorable, the dog caused some interruptions.

Source: Touchstone Pictures

The dog was not a fan of all the romantic scenes Roberts played with Gere and was constantly barking. They had to retake the scenes several times to make them perfect.

Looking Like a Normal Person

Another bit of context you might have missed is the scene where Vivian enjoys an episode of I Love Lucy. Many people might have watched this scene and overlooked it. But there was an underlying reason. Why do you think this scene was important?

Source: Touchstone Pictures

Or why do you think director Gary Marshall chose that TV show? Marshall explained that he wanted it to be relatable. In his words, “We wanted Vivian to enjoy what an average person enjoyed.” All these little details contributed significantly to how the movie turned out.

Daddy’s Girl Makes an Appearance

If you love acting and you’re lucky to have a dad that’s a director, then your path is probably easier than many others. Of course, you might not always get the big role you want, but it’s almost assured that you’ll have a role in your dad’s movies.

Source: YouTube

We reckon all you’ll need to do is ask. Director Gary Marshall cast his daughter, Kathleen, as the hotel clerk at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. She has appeared in several of her father’s other films, including New Year’s Eve, The Princess Diaries, Valentine’s Day, and others.

Putting in the Work

Actors and actresses go through a lot to bring their roles to life. In the end, it needs to be realistic. So they need to live their roles in order to truly play their part effectively. Julia Roberts nearly did that to bring her character to life.

Source: Touchstone Pictures

Roberts had thorough preparation for her part as Vivian. Gary Marshall’s wife used to work at a free clinic in Los Angeles where Roberts learned how to speak and act like Vivian. It’s no wonder she is so dear to Gary Marshall.

Struggling with Hotel Doors

They say that art is an expression of self. And that could be true in many ways. In one way or another, directors are artists too. And sometimes their works mirror who they are in real life. Gary Marshall injected a bit of himself into Pretty Woman.

Source: Touchstone Pictures

Marshall pulled an Alfred Hitchcock move by appearing in one of the scenes. We also learned that he struggles with hotel doors in real life. So, he decided that Gere’s character, Edward Lewis, would struggle with the same issue. Yeah, it’s okay. There’s no way you could have known that one.